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Writing a Business Etiquette: Useful Tips

Writing a business etiquette can be quite complicated for someone who has never had any experience in this particular field. By following several important tips, you will be able to write the perfect cubicle etiquette. All you have to do is follow a few close-call rules. First and foremost, you have to know that when you start your message, you should not sound too harsh, nor too mellow. Start it with a casual greeting that is commonly used, including the name of the recipient. Use something like good morning , good day , good afternoon or a simple hello.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is send the e-mail to the appropriate recipients. Include all of the recipients who are supposed to read the e-mail, but aren t truly required to give you a reply. Include them in the cc section.

When you are writing your e-mail, make sure that your subject line is meaningful and descriptive. You can craft some interesting subject line which is going to give the recipient some info about the true content included in your e-mail.

While you are writing, make sure that your message is totally concise and clear. Stick to just one important topic while you are writing. Do not go off on different tangents based on all kinds of unrelated subjects. Also, proofreading is a must. Your e-mail should always be checked for all kinds of grammatical or spelling mistakes before you click the send button.

Think of computer viruses, too. They can be transported by a simple exchange of e-mails. That is why you should always protect all of your recipients by carefully scanning your attached photographs, documents and all kinds of files with your laptop or computer antivirus program.

Always avoid using some of those popular emoticons. Emoticons are not supposed to be used if you are writing a business etiquette! They come off as extremely unprofessional and should never be included in e-mails which are supposed to be sent to your boss or manager. Also, do not send some inappropriate jokes which you are going to be sorry for later on. What may be funny to your closest colleagues might not be that intriguing to your boss.

Use your signature in the e-mail you are writing. Write a thank you or sincerely , and of course use your business logo, alongside some personal info like your phone, e-mail, or some link that can connect the recipient to your profile on a social network. Another thing that you should always have in mind is that you are supposed to respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Do not let your boss wait around your e-mail for too long. The most appropriate time is in just a couple of hours after you have received the e-mail.

The perfect time would be within one hour after receiving the e-mail, but if you have not seen it, respond immediately after seeing it. Just don t do it late at night or on a Sunday, because that can sometimes seem a bit inappropriate and out of the blue. Respond in a normal timely manner.


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