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Celebrate • Encourage • Inspire

Women in Business celebrates, encourages and inspires successful and aspiring business women in the south.

This campaign is not about the exclusion of men, but the inclusion of women. It celebrates and spotlights organisations and individuals who have excelled in their specific business, profession or organisation. We acknowledge the real value that diversity can add to our businesses through productivity and profitability and recognise those who are championing change.

A strong lineup of #WIB16 finalists

The strength of the Women in Business finalists in 2016 demonstrate the diverse range of strengths of women in the business community.

Women in Business 2016 has broadened its scope to recognise the contribution of men in championing change.

The WIB Awards have brought together a very strong group of women with extraordinary stories. I was fortunate to win the 2015 Award for Director Large Business, and was thrilled at the reaction from our clients and customers. The award is important to me personally and to the Ceuta Group as an endorsement of how we drive our business. The processes of nomination, ceremony and involvement following the event have been energising, and there is a real sense of continuing to build something here for women who see success as a constant journey.

“In terms of what winning the award has meant to me: I was overwhelmed and delighted to be announced winner, it really validated so many life choices, sacrifices if you will, and made me feel that someone recognised the effort and sheer graft it has taken to get my business to where it is now. It was a virtual pat on the back, and it has helped strengthen my confidence; I feel less likely to think “I can’t” and more likely to think “How can I…?!” It has opened doors to me such as taking part in the roundtable discussion last month, and speaking at enterprise events. I have met a host of inspiring and motivating women, and I have been able to share my award and success with my team of predominately women – they have celebrated my win with me and have been proud that such an overlooked, yet vital, industry was suddenly being talked about in business terms.”

“Clarify is proud to be associated with the Business Magazine’s Women in Business awards. We have had the privilege to experience the impact of the awards from both sides – as an award recipient and latterly as a sponsor of the Rising Star category. The war on talent is a key issue for today’s employers and the valuable contribution women make to UK business should not be underestimated. The Women in Business awards is a celebration of talent and provides inspirational role models for both women and men entering the workforce. The response to our award win for ‘Woman of the Year’ has been overwhelmingly positive. It has opened up a host of opportunities for our business from a marked increase in recruitment candidates to brand awareness, networking and business enquires.”

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