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Why I did the Distance learning MBA / Luciana Silvares explains how studying for an MBA at WBS allowed her to maximise her commuting time and continue with her busy family and work life.

Why I did the Executive MBA / Amelia Price describes how the Executive MBA enables her to study flexibly and how the programme has boosted her knowledge, confidence and network.

Why I did the BSc International Management / Undergraduate Rachel Knott describes how she fell in love with the campus and how a year abroad prepared her for the world of global business.

Inspirational research insights

Wise beyond your years / Can wisdom be taught? What is the ‘correct’ leadership style? Is it ok to makes mistakes? What makes a wise leader? How can you become one? Professor Hari Tsoukas has the answers. read more

If the face fits, hire it / What does a leader look like? Research has found people are able to assign accurately faces to the right industry, throwing the old adage of never judging a book by its cover out of the window. read more

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