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Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is technology that enables voice calls to be made over the Internet. It is associated with several terms, including IP telephony, Internet telephony, and Voice Over Broadband (VOBB). VOIP transmits voice data using Internet Protocol (IP), namely the most common set of rules that standardize how data is transferred over the Internet. This means that VOIP can interact with any devices and systems also operating through IP. VOIP is not limited to voice communication alone: its IP backbone makes it possible to relay images, video, and text. Continually bolstered by advances in computer technology, VOIP has emerged as a tremendous communications tool.

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. Your phone service shouldn’t be one of them. Traditional phones systems can be complex and expensive.

Demanding call center environments require reliability, consistency, and scalability. Globex Telecom provides on-demand dialer termination, voice broadcasting termination, and SIP service to call centers,

We have a special pricing model that allows us to provide the highest quality short duration termination. Everyone knows dialer traffic has the ability to overload network infrastructure.


The main advantages of VOIP technology lie in cost savings and increased efficiency. VOIP effectively streamlines communications by combining voice and digital data onto one network, reducing both equipment and calling expenses. Rather than receiving a separate phone bill that charges by the minute, VOIP users simply pay for their monthly Internet use.


  • Pay-as-you-go plans
  • Customers can use their own VoIP equipment or rent/buy from Globex
  • Offers a number of services for residential, business as well as wholesale customers
  • No need to prepay or add credit to an account for
  • No contract or sign-up fees

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