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Death of a dictator

German politics

Latest audio and video

Personal transportation

France’s identity politics

The war on Syria’s doctors

Mexico and its northern neighbour

Brexit and immigration

Brazil’s new president

Fertility and demography

Peace talks and violence in the Philippines

Academic freedom

Federal Reserve symposium

Pollution in Asian cities

Colombia’s peace accord

Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The 2016 games

Housing in America

Islamic education in Europe

Data analytics

African democracy

Instability in Turkey

From Aaban to Zyva

What will we say to aliens on their “Arrival”?

A Himalayan ascent

Making airline safety sexy

A cool shirt

Donald Trump and the Catholics

What is Africa’s “Great Green Wall”?

The dangers of tweeting in Dubai

The real “Narcos”

A spot of localist bother

The Anthropocene

Public transport in London

Obituary: The Reverend Roly Bain

Politics in Karachi

Pack your golden parachute

The postmodern bard of Mexico

Not so bonny

A horror confronted

Robots in space

Belles of the ball game

Screenin’ in the rain

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