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ORBCOMM Acquires inthinc

Powerful Technology Combination for Fleet Safety, Efficiency and Compliance

ORBCOMM, a leading global provider of industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, will expand inthinc’s core telematics services to its transportation and heavy equipment markets and broaden inthinc’s global footprint and distribution channels. ORBCOMM’s increased scale in customer service, installation, engineering, sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain will support inthinc’s immediate growth objectives.


The Proactive Approach to Vehicle and Driver Safety

inthinc leads the industry in safety improvement because of its dedicated focus on the driver. Driver behavior contributes to over 90 percent of crashes and while many solutions approach safety with a series of policies and reactive measures, inthinc is the only proactive solution to verbally coach drivers in real-time to form safer driving habits.


Real-Time Intelligence to Improve Fleet Performance

Managing a productive fleet is all about receiving the right data at the right time and the tools for immediate action. inthinc fleet management capabilities give managers direct insight into fleet analytics and provides the tools to increase the efficiency of drivers. Discover the data intelligence needed to power your business decisions and cut down on operational costs.


Ensuring Corporate and Legal Compliance

Most organizations have internal corporate safety policies and may also be required to adhere to guidelines set by government agencies. inthinc compliance solutions are designed to work hand-in-hand with commercial fleets to ensure fulfillment with internal and external regulations, while also improving fleet productivity and reducing operational costs.


waySmart 850

Fuel Efficiency

Idle Monitoring

Verbal Coaching

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