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Overview Of Sap Crm Architecture – Sap Crm Tutorial (7992) #overview #of #sap #crm

Basics And Architecture/Overview Of Sap Crm Architecture 7992

This lessons explains the architecture of SAP CRM and the components that make up the landscape.

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

Explain the architecture of SAP CRM and the components that make up the landscape.

In order to optimize your customer interactions, you intend to implement different channels within your company, such as Internet, telephony, field sales, and partners. You therefore have to become familiar with the SAP CRM system landscape.

Additionally, you wish to provide your employees with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to carry out their daily work.

SAP CRM Architecture Concept

The SAP CRM solution is the sum of all CRM functions and incorporates CRM components as well as the components SAP Business Intelligence (SAP BI), Supply Chain Management (SAP SCM), and SAP ERP (SAP ECC or SAP R/3).

A central CRM server with system access through various channels and a connection to other systems are both contained in SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a part of the SAP Business Suite. The following application components are supported in SAP CRM:

Interaction Center: Using integrated Interaction Center solutions, clients can contact sales or service representatives by telephone, fax, or e-mail.Web Channel (Internet): Internet users may configure and order products or services using SAP CRM Internet components.Mobile Clients/Handhelds: Mobile sales representatives and service engineers can access the SAP CRM system from their laptops or other mobile devices to exchange up-to-date information with the central CRM server. The SAP CRM solution offers you the following, fully-integrated connections:The SAP CRM system as a central CRM server with corresponding application componentsThe SAP ERP system (SAP ECC or SAP R/3) as a back-end system with tried and true ERP functionsThe SAP BI system as a data warehouse solution with comprehensive statistical and analysis functionsThe SAP SCM system as a global Available-to-Promise (ATP) check and demand planning solutionThe SAP NetWeaver Portal as a tool that provides you with integrated access to all systems

SAP CRM and Other SAP Systems

Data is exchanged between the CRM system and a connected ERP system (minimum SAP R/3 Release 3.1I) using the CRM Middleware. A plug-in installed in the SAP ERP system acts as a counterpart to the R/3 adapter in the SAP CRM system, supporting data communication between the two systems. The data exchange includes the initial transfer of Customizing, master, and transactional data to the SAP CRM System, and the transfer of delta data in both directions. Also a non-SAP ERP system can be connected to SAP CRM.

Sales orders can be entered in the Internet Sales application component, the Interaction Center, a mobile device, or the CRM server. To confirm whether the requested items can be delivered on time, you need to run the Available-to-Promise (ATP) availability check. The SAP Supply Chain Management component performs these functions.

The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) is used as a data source for parts of the SAP CRM solution, and also contains data for consolidation and analysis.

As of SAP ECC 6.0, the plug-in will be contained directly in SAP ECC. Until SAP ECC 6.0 the plug-in is delivered separately and has to be installed.

The SAP CRM solution supports the handling of CRM business objects (such as customers and prospects, activities and opportunities, and products and product catalogs) in a variety of application components including Internet Sales, Service Interaction Center, Telesales and Campaign Management. Some of these components require external extensions for communication and integration. These components will be described in more detail in later sections.

The middleware layer supports the controlled data exchange with other systems such as mobile clients, back-end systems, and data ware houses. A replication procedure guarantees consistent and up-to-date data in the distributed local databases, especially for mobile users. Message queuing ensures data delivery and processing.

Software adapters are used to connect to external systems. These adapters are responsible for assigning data and converting it to other formats. Both the ASCII adapter and external interfaces are provided for this. The SAP CRM application components also exchange data with the middleware layer using a CRM adapter. The SAP CRM component builds on the SAP Basis system, which provides a proven development platform, scalability, platform independence, and various other SAP tools. Therefore, the SAP CRM solution can be configured just as flexibly as an SAP ERP system.

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How to Start a Candle Making Business (with Pictures) #business #documents

#candle making business


How to Start a Candle Making Business

Decide what type of candle you would like to make. When you’re first starting out, it’s best to stick with one or two products. In candles, making container candles is probably the simplest, but you can also make mold candles or taper candles. [1]

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Pick a wax to work with. Waxes come in several main groups. Which group you choose is mostly based on preference.

  • One group is paraffin, which is a by-product of petroleum. You can find it in a variety of melting points, depending on what type of candles you are making. For instance, you need a higher melting point for tapers than you do for container candles. [2]
  • Another type of wax is beeswax. Beeswax is a product that bees make, so it has a natural, light honey smell. Some people prefer this wax because it is all-natural, though others will mix beeswax with other waxes for their candles. [3]
  • A third category of waxes is vegetable waxes, where soy is probably the most popular. One benefit of soy wax is it is pure white, and it also doesn’t shrink up when you pour it, which means you don’t have to pour wax more than once. Bayberry wax is also in this category. [4]

Learn the technique. One of the simplest ways to learn how to make candles is to take a class in your community. You may be able to find one with your local parks and recreation department or even at your local community college. However, you can also find a wide variety of tutorials online. In fact, you’ll likely be able to find all you need to know online if that is your preference. [5]

  • You can also check out books from your local library about candle-making.

Practice the technique. Before you start selling, you need to take time to build up your skill. Try working a little bit each day on your business, starting with practicing a bit each day.

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Compliance with hipaa #compliance #with #hipaa


HIPAA Compliance Program Template

SIMBUS Brand HIPAA Compliance Program is nothing like you’ve ever seen.

Finally your company, association, law firm or anyone looking to deliver cloud based HIPAA compliance policies and procedures will now have a delivery system for HIPAA Compliance that is branded to your own identity. You will receive access to a brandable dashboard with administrative privileges where you can add your logo and colored header and use, (if you prefer) our set of policies, procedures, forms and tasks that can be managed by you to offer to your client base.

Have your own set of policies, procedures and forms? Not a problem, we give you access to our powerful backend where you can install your own set of P/P/F and offer them to your clients. Our HIPAA Compliance Program is perfect for firms who conduct onsite risk assessments then need an inexpensive system for their clients to maintain compliance once the assessment is completed.

We can build your own private checkout page and private shopping cart where you can send clients for secure checkout. We manage memberships, payments, cancellations, billing, all policies, procedures and forms and give you admin access to view your clients, add new clients, send notifications, use internal email and fully manage your account. Build a solid residual income and create value to your existing business.

This is a license relationship and we charge a monthly fee per user.

In addition to the setup and monthly fee, we are licensing the platform to you for a monthly fee per user and in return we will supply the software, create a branded to your organization landing page and checkout page, manage the members, handle all accounting and cancellations, send monthly reports, update and backup the software, respond to trouble tickets and manage the forum.

What you are free to do is simply drive traffic to your landing page where clients can purchase your program and enjoy the use of our software under your identity. We’ll even help you market if you need us to. The product is perfect for groups, associations, insurance companies, law firms, developers of HIPAA Compliance policies and procedures who need a delivery engine and anyone who would like to maintain their brand and offer value add to their existing clientele.

If this program doesn’t suit your needs you might consider becoming an affiliate with us instead. It’s easy and all you do is send clients to us with a code and we send you checks. Click to read about our affiliate program.

We have 2 options for branded solutions. Click to See

This HIPAA Compliance Program is ideal for:

Law Firms, Large Groups, Associations, Non-Profits, Insurance Companies, Health Care Agencies or anyone who has a large database of prospects who need to be HIPAA Compliant.

Your clients can go through their compliance project and edit, review and attest to the policies and procedures in the program to get compliant. By devoting a few hours a week, your clients can quickly get compliant, stay compliant, and prove compliance with the help of our powerful software.

Once compliance is achieved your clients begin maintenance and may periodically receive tasks that need to be completed in order to maintain compliance. In addition they may receive updates and revisions to their policies, procedures, and forms as standards change and evolve. Each client attests to their own organization’s compliance with monthly attestations. Their compliance level is displayed through our Compliance Gauge which is displayed on their dashboard.

See our HIPAA Compliance Program Template

Features of SIMBUS Brand Include:

  • Private branded dashboard with full administrative privileges
  • All Policies, Procedures, Forms and Tasks (Omnibus updated) installed*
  • All Policies, Procedures, Tasks and Forms can be edited
  • All Policies, procedures, tasks and forms can be printed as Word, PDF
  • Ability to add employees and set account privileges and send tasks
  • Ability to load all compliance documentation in one central, secure location
  • Compliance Gauge to show visual representation of progress
  • Full attestation feature to keep track of project dates for audits
  • Breach section to note breaches and store remediation records
  • Audit section to note audits and upload important docs relating to audit
  • All Forms can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded
  • Frequently used forms may be downloaded to the desktop for distribution
  • Ability to frame 3 rd party websites and view within the dashboard
  • Can provide regulators and auditors read only access to compliance documentation
  • Fully mobile responsive which looks great on tablets or smart phones
  • Ability to brand dashboards with color scheme, logo and content
  • Help videos and documents available through dashboard
  • Internal accounting access to view status and make changes
  • Calendar feature to add important dates and milestones
  • Full Account Support via Tickets, Forum, Internal Mail System
  • Private shopping cart and secure checkout pages

* Brand Custom comes without P/P/F/T so you can install your own.

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40 Small Business Ideas with low investment #good #business #names

#small business idea


40 Small Business Ideas with low investment

Business Ideas – Today we find several young dynamic individuals who are aspire to start small business and they are always looking for business ideas with low investment. In order to help them we are herewith 40 small business ideas with low investment. If you are doing job and looking for part time opportunity to make more money you may go through our one of the most visited article best business ideas for making more money .

Business Ideas

1. Personalized Custom made Gift Store – Today we find demand of personalized custom made gift is increasing you may think of starting your own gift store providing this type of gifts.

2. Gym or Fitness center – In today’s world everyone is bother about fitness, so starting small gym or fitness center in good area will always rock.

3. Event Organizer – Starting small company which organize event could be good idea but here you may need special expertise and manpower for the same.

4.Interior Designer – Everyone today want services from interior decorator, so starting interior designer business could be best deal but remember here you may need special skills.

5. Small Grocery Shop Starting small grocery shop is another good idea here you do not require any special skill and you may start from small shop and gradually expand as per need.

6. Match Making or Wedding planner – It is said that marriages are made in haven but celebrated on earth So in order to celebrate/enjoy marriage many people today go for wedding planner. In today’s scenario match making or wedding planner is good business option to start with.

7. Tuition Class Education is essential today hence business of education will never stop. Starting Tuition class is good idea to start with.

8. Mobile Shop – Today everyone use mobile and looking at need mobile demand is ever increasing hence starting small mobile shop is good Investment idea.

9. Ice-cream Parlor Starting ice cream parlor is another good business idea to start with.

10. Xerox Book Binding – Many college area and school area don’t have this facility and could be good potential business in that area.

11. Mobile Food Shop – Today we are living in mobile generation starting mobile food shop is very good business idea.

12. Jewelry maker With increasing gold price demand of jewelry is ever increasing doing course of jewelry making and starting something in that line could be good option.

13. Insurance Consultant Starting small insurance consultancy or taking insurance agency is another good business idea.

14. Freelancer – If you are good at programming there are multiple websites available which can give you freelancing work and you will be paid for the same.

15. Book Store – Book lover always purchase multiple books making idea of starting book store attractive.

16. Catering service – For marriage and party people always look for good catering service if you are good at providing good food and catering service this could be another good business idea.

17. Computer Trainer If you are good at providing computer training this could be good business idea as knowing computer is must in today’s world.

18. Yoga Center – In today’s stressful life many people prefer to go for Yoga. so starting yoga center will be good business option.

19. Baby Sitting Services – This business idea is specifically for woman who want to start some home based business. Many working couple may be in need to service like this.

20. Real Estate Consultant – Real estate is ever growing business so starting consultancy for providing guidance about real estate and buy, sell and rent option is good business option.

21. Game Parlor Todays generation likes play station game station very much hence starting game parlor with certain unique game is best business idea.

22. Photographer – If you are good at photography you can start photography business with low cost investment.

23. Motivational Speaker If you have skill you can become motivational speaker and turn this in to good business opportunity.

24. Travel Agency – Starting travel agency is good business opportunity with low investment.

25. Computer Shop – If you have IT related knowledge than starting computer shop for sealing IT related item or computer is good business opportunity.

26. Relaxation Center In today’s stressful life relaxation is must and people always look for option of recreation center or relaxation center hence starting relaxation center is good business option.

27. Courier Company You can do tie-up with existing Courier Company and start small business or maybe you can opt to start your own courier company.

28. Resale Auto Dealer – Many people has requirement of sealing old car or bike you may opt to become good auto dealer.

29. Recruitment Firm – Today job is prime requirement for anyone and people usually opt for recruitment firm to get good job. Starting recruitment firm could be good business option for you.

30. Security or Spy Agency – With growing security need you can start your own security agency another good option is to work as spy.

31. Advertisement Agency – Starting Advertisement agency is one of the ever green business opportunity which can earn you big money.

32. Web Designing hosting- If you have knowledge about various IT tools and programming language you can opt for career as web designer firm.

33. Starting online Blog If you are good at content generation and had good knowledge about any field you can start your online blog and earn good money.

34. Antique Article Shop Today many people believe that keeping antique statues and article at home is fashion symbol, so Opening Antique article shop is good business option as

35. Fast Food Parlor – Today’s generation mostly eat fast food, starting fast food parlor could be another business option.

36. Data Entry services – Many companies today earn money by doing data entry work you may start providing service like this.

37. Resume Writer – If you are good at designing resume and had deep knowledge you can become resume writer.

38. SEO Consultant – Search Engine optimization consultant is required by mostly all websites. If you can build up capability you can become good SEO consultant.

39. Dairy Sweet Parlor – You can think of starting small dairy parlor in your area serving need of dairy products and sweets.

40. Packers Movers – You can think of starting business of packing and forwarding which can turn in to good business opportunity.

Readers, what is your opinion about these investment ideas with small investment? Do share your feedback in comment section.

40 Small Business Ideas with low investment

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Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software #business #journal

#real estate business


Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software

Due to its eye popping attractions, glamorous lifestyle, and internationally acclaimed real estate, Dubai stands as being one of the strongest hubs for real estate agents. The ever-expanding construction projects in the UAE have brought rise to hundreds of real estate agencies that are focused on bringing a world-class experience to anyone buying property in the UAE.

Available real estate in areas such as Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Al Warqaa, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and many others are being offered by real estate agents to not only those living in Dubai, but all over the world.

What are Real estate websites why are they used?

Real estate websites are known to provide a database of available property, villas, apartment, land, etc. to anyone seeking looking to purchase.

For real estate agents and brokers, it is becoming challenging to deal with the increasing traffic on their real estate websites. This has resulted in web development companies developing what is known as real estate management software. This software has been created to help manage the overwhelming records and data of property being offered on a relator’s website.

Some known property management software:

Many companies that work on web application development are hence developing property management software that is used by real estate agents to facilitate their business. AppFolio Property Manager, MRI Residential Management, Propertyware and roomMaster are some of such software that is widely used, more can be found here.

Benefits of Using Real Estate Management Software

Real estate management software provides a platform to manage properties, payments, accounting, selling record and all such utilities at one place no matter what platform you are accessing from (phone, tablet, PC). It provides you the tools that you need to manage your real estate.

It includes management tools that are helpful in managing your properties in less time thus allowing you to focus your time on revenue optimization by offering a self-automated process. They are designed to facilitate leasing, renting, and purchasing activities carried out in one place.

These platforms are also helpful in networking with thousands of property management companies, investors, real estate managers and others worldwide. This will help you to promote your property as well as enhance sales and attract more visitors to your business.

Real estate applications are used to help businesses become more organized while also increasing productivity. This software offers website integration, smart electronic payments, and online file management along with recurring transactions.

Property management software is also used to speed up the working process of property selling or renting by tracking multiple accounts. This process shortens the document processing time by offering maximum credibility to maintain data confidentially.

For real estate in Dubai, the property management software mentioned above is helpful in boosting your business with automatic and built-in features. At eTek Studio, our services offer web development in Dubai that also includes the designing and development of real estate management software.

Call us now to get your property management software professionally developed by eTek Studio.

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Expert Interview with Noah Wieder on the benefits of owning an ATM #business #loan

#atm business


Expert Interview with Noah Wieder on the benefits of owning an ATM

Cash is still king in plenty of places, which is why ATMs are more popular than ever, says Noah C. Wieder, CEO of ATM Depot .

ATM users prefer to pay with cash to avoid credit card debt and interest charges, and merchants also prefer cash users; so having an ATM nearby helps them lower their credit card processing fees.

“So it’s a win-win for merchants who either own and operate their own ATM or who contract with an IAD to operate one for them,” he adds.

Noah recently checked in to tell us about the benefits of investing in an ATM machine and give us a crash course on becoming an independent ATM deployer. Here’s what he had to say:

Tell us the story behind ATM Depot. What’s on your site? Who should be reading it?

ATM Depot caters to individuals, investors, entrepreneurs and independent ATM deployers (IAD’s) looking for a flexible, friendly, experienced and honest ATM company. We believe in transparency in an industry where we see a lot of secrets and scams .

Who can invest in an ATM machine?

Literally, anyone can invest in an ATM. Retailers; commercial landlords; city governments looking to increase revenues at parks, museums and other public places; entrepreneurs; and anyone who can count money.

The cost to enter the ATM business is amazingly low. Many ATM models can be purchased for under $2,500 including shipping. The cost of not working with an experienced ATM company is the expensive part. The cost of learning from mistakes can get expensive.

A better question is who can operate an ATM. Most investors and entrepreneurs can invest or operate an ATM business unless they have a felony criminal record or have been involved in any type of financial crime.

What are the benefits of investing in and managing ATM machines?

It’s very similar to most passive income business models. Benefits include:

  • Working your own hours
  • Excellent annual returns (even on locations that only have three or four users per day)
  • Minimal investment, relatively low risk
  • Getting to meet and work with great people
  • No more trading time for money
  • Great ROI

What considerations should someone who’s interested in investing in an ATM machine make before purchasing one?

They should read everything they can about the business. A couple of links to some of the papers I’ve authored:

Of course, I recommend my book, The Amazing Money Machine, where I explain the entire business from start to finish. ATMdepot.com also offers serious investors a private members’ area where they can get proprietary information, forms and videos that are reserved for our IADs.

Get a handle on your cash with Mint.com .

What are the disadvantages and/or risks associated with these machines?

As with any business, the biggest risk is loss of capital; however, with the ATM business that risk is minimized since the biggest investment is the ATM hardware, which is an asset that can always be moved to a new location.

Another risk is vandalism and/or theft, but inexpensive insurance is available; and in my 20+ years in the business we’ve experienced very few of those issues (but they can occur).

Machines do need to be serviced and cleaned regularly to make sure they remain in the best working order. While not usually an issue, there can be cash jams, printer jams, communication problems or electrical surges that can bring the ATM offline (a good surge protector is key).

ATMDepot.com offers toll free 24/7 tech support and most issues can be resolved over the phone, but if an ATM investor owner-operator needs more help, a field service call can be arranged quickly.

Where are the best locations for ATM machines?

This is a big question and also varies by geography.

While everyone knows that convenience stores, casinos, supermarkets and adult retailers are great locations, they are difficult to obtain.

The best locations are high traffic places where people need cash, like stores that don’t accept credit cards or where a bank might be several blocks away.

My book has an entire in-depth chapter dedicated to this topic. A good ATM company can help their IADs evaluate locations using a variety of tools including Google Maps (satellite view) to help access the area, Zillow or SearchBug Tools to hone in on certain neighborhoods and geographic characteristics to further evaluate the potential of a location.

Where do we go to purchase an ATM machine?

ATMs can be purchased from several different ATM companies; it’s important to compare features and models carefully. New laws and compliance requirements are forcing existing ATM operators to upgrade machines, and some non-compliant machines that should be recycled are showing up for sale on websites. Some machines are non-ADA compliant, some ATMs have old software and hardware that cannot be upgraded; so it’s important to purchase ATM machines from reputable firms with the most updated information on what ATM models are outdated.

I wrote an eBay guide about the five questions to ask before buying an ATM since I saw so many scams on eBay for used machines.

How are the machines stocked? Who handles stocking them?

There are several ways to load an ATM. It’s as easy as loading a napkin holder.

The person loading the ATM is called the vaulter. Vaulters could be the ATM owner, a professional independent cash vaulter, an armored car service, or a trusted third party. The important thing to remember is that if the vaulter is not consistent and lets the machine run out of cash, then the ATM owner and the store lose money and customers get upset. So vaulting is a very important component of the business.

The most costly vaulter is an armored car and a cash management service, but it’s also the most reliable. So for a very busy machine, this can be beneficial; but the ATM also requires a significant lock upgrade for armored car auditing.

The additional lock can increase the cost of the ATM by $600 to $650, which can be significant on a $2,500 machine. The least expensive solution is to have the location be the vaulter and share the revenue or pay a set per transaction fee.

What types of machine models are available?

We currently like the Hyosung and Genmega ATMs as they are fairly priced and very reliable. There are many different models, many of which suited to different applications. It’s best to work with someone from our office once a location is selected.

Recommendations can then be made based on available space, traffic estimates, cash needs, visibility, and indoor/outdoor or freestanding/through-the-wall models.

There are many questions that should be asked and answered before a specific machine is ordered by an investor. Preservation of capital, ROI, and profit potential should all be considered.

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Sell My Business For Free – Easily Sell A Business Online With Bizdaq #business

#sell my business


Sell Your Business. Free

Business agents take a hefty slice of your sale price as a commission fee. With Bizdaq you cut out the business transfer agent.

You’re in control all the way. You can send and respond to messages, arrange viewings at your convenience, negotiate offers and drive your sale towards completion. Imagine selling your business in double-quick time online for a great price, at the same time saving more than £11,000 – it’s all possible with Bizdaq.

“The last time I sold my business it cost me over £10,000. Using Bizdaq means I have an extra £10,000 in my pocket!”

Here’s How Bizdaq Helps Small Business Owners
Achieve a Fast Sale Get a Better Price

Completely Free To Sell Your Business

We built Bizdaq to remove the hefty cost of selling or buying a business in the UK. Our incredible platform is free to use from start to finish!

Fast Selling Process

You are instantly notified of any activity on your sale including viewing requests, messages and offers.

What do I need to know about selling my business?

Just because you run a successful business, doesn’t mean you know everything about how to sell one, right? This is why we’ve put together a comprehensive resource bank of advice and information to guide you through every step of the process, from planning your exit strategy to negotiating a sale. Tap into our expertise in our Knowledge section.

Our team have over 30 years experience helping small business owners sell, while maximising the value of their business, so we’re well positioned to help! You can benefit from our experience at every step of your sale with our comprehensive guides that simplify the process of selling a business. We truly believe that with our guides, any small business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq and save thousands on agents fees.

Our Expert Selling Guides

  • How to prepare your small business for sale
  • Top 5 financial details that your buyer will want to see
  • How long will it take to sell my business?
  • Three tips for a fast business sale
  • The definitive guide to selling your small business

Selling My Business Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Bizdaq be FREE?

Bizdaq was built by a team of entrepreneurs who know how expensive and challenging it can be to sell a business. We wanted to provide somewhere for business owners to sell a business without the cost or hassle of traditional options. It’s free for sellers and free for buyers, no strings whatsoever!

2. Do I have to be a certain size of business to use Bizdaq?

Any micro to small and medium sized business owner can sell their business on Bizdaq. We generally recommend that any business in the UK with a valuation of between £5,000 and £2 million would benefit from selling with Bizdaq.

3. How long will it take to sell my business?

Typically it takes between 6 and 12 months to sell a business from putting the business on the market to completing the sale. Although with the right preparation you can achieve your sale in a shorter time frame – at Bizdaq we’ve sold businesses in as little as three weeks. We generally recommend that you price your business right, prepare your key document with your accountant as soon as you put your business live and generally look to present your business in it’s best light. If you’re unsure of how to price your business view our guide here or get an instant valuation of your business using our valuation guide tool here.

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Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy #rti #nwea #aimsweb #rit #scores #remediation #tutoring #research-based


Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.

Begin your search in the Advocacy Libraries and Law Libraries. You will find thousands of articles, cases, and resources about dozens of topics

Newsletter. Subscribe to the free, weekly Special Ed Advocate.

In this issue of the Special Ed Advocate you will find Wrightslaw Summer School 2017, Session 2. Summer School is a four week series of self-study readings, written assignments, and maybe even a quiz or two, that will help you prepare for the next school year. When you complete the series, you’ll get a certificate for a job well done! This week – parents must learn how to design accurate and up-to-date Present Levels. Learn why parent input is so important during this part of developing the IEP. Download the Present Levels Checklist.

Special Education Legal News

Breaking News! – On March 22, 2017, the Supreme Court in Endrew v. Douglas County unanimously rejects the de minimis standard (read the Decision ) for one that is markedly more demanding than the ‘merely more than de minimis’ test applied by the 10th Circuit. In his opinion, Chief Justice Roberts says a student offered an educational program providing merely more than de minimis progress from year to year can hardly be said to have been offered an education at all.” Click here to see Pete’s discussion and analysis of the SCOTUS decision.

Breaking News! – On February 22, 2017, the Supreme Court issued a unanimous decision for child and parents in Fry v. Napoleon. On October 31, 2016 after Oral Argument, Pete met the Fry family. For our discussion about the case, click here.

**New!M.C. v. Antelope Valley Union School District . ** First Court of Appeals decision since the Supreme Court issued the decision in Endrew F. The M.C. v. Antelope Valley will be a Wrightslaw 2017 Case of the Year.

Judge Neil Gorsuch: Nominee for the Supreme Court by Pete Wright. Predicting that Judge Gorsuch would likely be the nominee, Pete looked at his record in special education cases.

OCR Section 504 Guidance The U.S. Department of Education released three new sets of guidance (re: discrimination, restraint and seclusion, charter schools) about interpreting and enforcing federal civil rights laws protecting the rights of students with disabilities. Guidance clarifies the responsibilities of educational institutions in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn.

You are Invited to visit the Wrightslaw Way Blog. Help us create a unique online community. Recent posts and comments below.

Hot Topics in Special Education Law Advocacy

Guidance on FAPE – IEP Goals Must Be Aligned with Grade Level State Academic Content Standards **
If a child is performing below grade level, the child needs to receive specialized instruction; IEP team needs to develop annual goals to close the gap. (Policy Guidance from OSERS, 11/16/15)

Guidance Publication on Educating Students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia The USDOE issued guidance about the need to address the unique educational needs of children with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia and the legal requirements for ensuring that these students receive a high-quality education. Please make copies and share!

Cool Tool! IEP Pop-Up – IEP Pop-Up: Resolving Disputes teaches strategies to resolve disagreements, steps to take if you disagree, and options you have if unable to resolve your dispute.

* New to Wrightslaw? * In this short video, Pete Wright gives you a tour of Wrightslaw and shows you how to find answers to questions.

Sound Familiar? Charles wrote, All of this is new. I’m overwhelmed. Where do I start? In Game Plan for New Parents. we give you a checklist of what you need to do tomorrow, next week, next year.

Listen and Watch Pete’s video about the case AC v. Shelby County. In April 2013, the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit issued a decision about retaliation against a child with Type 1 diabetes. The case focused on false allegations of child abuse by the school principal.

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Signed December 10, 2015 – (391 pages in PDF), click here to download

Law School Exam – Give it a try. Take the Final Exam that Pete and Pam administered to their students at the William Mary School of Law. To see one of their students during oral argument in an LRE case, click here.

2017 Institute of Special Education Law Advocacy (ISEA) July 30 – August 4, 2017. Registration is open.
Find conference details and download the application. Applications will be considered on rolling basis bi-monthly, from February 1, 2017-July 15, 2017. Highlights from ISEA 2016 .View the Slideshow – ISEA 2016 .

Books, Training Downloads, DVDs Websites

For a year and a half, Pete and Pam Wright were Adjunct Professors of Law at the William and Mary School of Law where they taught a course about special education law and advocacy and assisted in creating the Law School’s Special Education Law Clinic. They are co-founders and faculty at the William and Mary Law School Institute of Special Education Advocacy (ISEA).

Wrightslaw: All About IEPs (ISBN: 978-1-892320-20-9, 192 pages) by Pete Wright, Pam Wright, and Sue O’Connor.

Wrightslaw: All About Tests and Assessments (ISBN: 978-1-892320-23-0, 200 pages) by Pete Wright, Pam Wright, and Melissa Farrall.

Wrightslaw Multimedia Training Programs – Understanding Your Childs Test Scores (1.5 hrs) and Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy Training (6.5 hrs).

Wrightslaw: Special Education Legal Developments and Cases 2015 (ISBN: 978-1-892320-37-7, 104 pages) available in two formats, as an immediate PDF download. Print copy is available from Amazon.

Pete and Pam built several websites to help parents of children with disabilities in their quest for quality special education programs.

Fetaweb.com. the companion website to Wrightslaw: From Emotions to Advocacy, has advocacy information and resources to supplement the FETA book.

IDEA 2004 at Wrightslaw provides current information about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004). Learn about new requirements for IEPs, IEP teams, IEP meetings, eligibility, evaluations, eligibility for specific learning disabilities, child find, reevaluations, parental consent, accommodations, alternate assessments, transition, and more.

No Child Left Behind at Wrightslaw offers accurate, up-to-date information about the No Child Left Behind Act – research-based instruction, proficiency testing, parent involvement, tutoring and supplemental educational services, highly qualified teachers, and public school choice.

At the Yellow Pages for Kids with Disabilities. you’ll find listings for educational consultants, advocates, advisors, psychologists, diagnosticians, health care specialists, academic tutors, speech language therapists, and attorneys. You’ll also find government programs, grassroots organizations, disability organizations, legal and advocacy resources, special education schools, and parent support groups.

Last revised: 08/01/17

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