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Accountants, Administratiekantoor Arts en Accountant, accountant websites.#Accountant #websites


Gecertificeerde accountants

Accountancy: uw boekhouding uitbesteden aan specialisten.

Belastingadvies voor de medische sector

Belastingen: uw praktijk profiteert van een optimale belastingaangifte.

Professionele adviseurs

Advies: de beste ondersteuning door experts in accountancy.

Salarisadministratie goed geregeld

Salarisadministratie: de complexe loonverwerking rond uw personeel uitbesteden.

Met behulp van onderstaande Benchmark tools kunt u binnen uw beroepsgroep uw eigen praktijk afzetten tegen het gemiddelde van uw branche.

Medisch financieel specialist

Wij geloven in eenvoud. Complexe materie overzichtelijk maken zodat u de juiste beslissingen kunt nemen, daar staan wij voor.

Ziekenverzorgster die AWBZ-zorg verleent is geen ondernemer

De inkomsten die een ziekenverzorgster die AWBZ-zorg verleent uit werkzaamheden bij een drietal inst.

‘Merendeel zorgwebsites gebruikt onveilige verbinding’

Het merendeel van de websites in de zorg zou geen gebruikmaken van een beveiligde HTTPS-verbinding.

mr. Wim Bastiaansen RB


Kijk samen met ons naar uw medische praktijk als onderneming.

Jeffrey de Jonge

Sr. Assistent-Accountant

De accountants van Arts en Accountant zijn betrokken bij uw zaak en bewandelen met u de financiлle weg die bij u past.

Richard van Velzen RSa


U heeft het druk met uw praktijk. Wij zorgen dat u tуch op de hoogte blijft van fiscale ontwikkelingen.

Bas Dalmulder FFP AA RB

Accountant en Belastingadviseur

Belastingen en aangiftes kunnen u de nodige hoofdbrekens bezorgen. Met de belastingadviseurs van Arts en Accountant is dat verleden tijd.

Theo Janssen RA bc

Accountant en Belastingconsulent

De ervaren professionals van Arts en Accountant geven u het beste, onafhankelijke boekhoudadvies op maat.

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Web Design Newcastle #cms #websites #newcastle, #craft #websites #newcastle, #ecommerce #newcastle, #ecommerce #websites #newcastle,


Web Design

To ensure your website is successful we work with you to understand your needs, provide creative and functional options, review, launch and report on the success of your site.

Email Marketing

Our own proprietary email system enables us to design an email template that is consistent with your website and proactively communicates with your existing and prospective clients.

Hosting Domains

Looking for website management services? We have teamed with one of Australia’s largest leading hosting companies to provide you with a quality hosting solution.

Why Redback

Redback Solutions is a leading provider of premium responsive website design, graphic design, SEO and eMarketing solutions in Newcastle and Sydney.

We provide specialist services across a number of CMS platforms including Craft, WordPress, Umbraco and Visionscape. We can also host your website, currently providing quality hosting services for over 600 websites.

With clients throughout Newcastle, Sydney and Australia, Redback has the expertise to provide all your digital marketing needs.

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Work With Us

Redback Solutions is currently looking for an enthusiastic Web Designer / Front-end Developer to join our team.

Just a Few of Our Clients

See what they say

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Real Estate Websites – Real Estate Marketing Software #real #estate #marketing, #real #estate #software,


Real Estate Websites – Real Estate Marketing

Self-Customizable Real Estate Websites

Customize and make updates to your own real estate website with our easy-to-use web interface. Choose your design and color. Easily insert graphics, logos, photos, and text. Our tools make it simple to do yourself! You can update or make changes an unlimited amount of times. We have experienced designers standing by to assist you, if you have any questions.

Unlimited pages! Unlimited listings! Unlimited pictures! Unlimited hits!

RapidListings has created an impressive professional and corporate website solution that will not limit you, in your efforts to effectively market on the web. Why pay thousands of dollars for a designer to create a real estate website that is not even as good as the real estate site you can create yourself? RapidListings will provide you the tools to establish an effective online presence and enhance your professional image.

100 s Of Real Estate Website Design Options To Choose From

Why get stuck with a design company that will not grow with your business? RapidListings is constantly adding new templates and features to give it s clients the competitive edge. We offer a huge real estate template selection, in which we are constantly adding new and fresh designs to. You can easily switch the design of your real estate website with the click of a button and not lose any of the information or pages that you have added to your real estate website. Take a look at our Real Estate Template Selection .

Here are some examples of Websites that Real Estate Agents have created with our program-

Domains and Email Accounts

Lead Generating IDX/MLS Feeds

You may import an existing frameable MLS feed from your local MLS Board to use in our IDX Module with any Professional or Corporate account, or opt to use our own IDX solution instead. Our IDX solution offers you an unbelievable amount of flexibility and cutting edge lead generating tools for your real estate websites. Each feed comes with Automatic E-mail notification and User Search Save features. E-mail notification automatically notifies your visitors when new homes are entered into the MLS that match their criteria. User Search Saves will keep your prospective clients returning to view their saved listings. You are provided an administration panel to view the activity generated by your IDX solution. More information on IDX Features and IDX Coverage Area .

Create Your Own Listings Database

Easily Add listings to your website in just minutes, with our easy to use control panel. Create your own virtual database of listings that you can easily set-up to share with other RapidListings websites for more exposure. Small offices or partners can easily share their virtual database with the listing share program .

Lead Capturing Tools

Your professional real estate website solution will be loaded with proven lead generating tools, to help turn those visitors into a stack of leads that will need to be followed up with. Each time a lead is generated with one of our real estate websites, they are stored in a contact manager and you are instantly contacted via e-mail, cell phone, or text message. Easily set-up an auto-responder to help incubate your leads until you are able to contact them directly. See more on Lead Generation Tools .

Search Engine Optimized

RapidListings real estate websites are highly optimized for the search engines. When you create your website, it is automatically generated with the proper meta-tags for your individual selling area. Easily adjust your meta-tags in your control panel with our custom website meta-wizard.

The On-page Optimization of your real estate website will help bolster your site through the search engines for the keywords you want to come up for. Your control panel is packed with tips and resources to obtain the results you are looking for.

Real Estate Content Pages

Turn on the pre-loaded content pages to provide an abundance of real estate related information for your website visitors. These content pages can be easily be edited to suit your individual needs. The extra content will hold the visitors to your site longer, and help increase the importance of your real estate website in the search engines. The Custom Pages feature will allow you to create your own content pages as well, complete with photos, flash files, or PDF files.

Experienced and Friendly Support

Our support and sales staff is comprised of experienced designers. Our program is one of the most flexible and easy-to-use systems offered. After using our online real estate software program to create your real estate websites, you will probably ask yourself why you didn t start this sooner. We encourage our clients to contact us anytime they have a question. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer your questions.

We offer Support Monday-Friday 8am 12pm / 1pm 5pm Central Time.

Get up and running in under 5min!

To start simply select the real estate website plan that fits you best below or click more features to view more features of the selected package. We have included a few of our client sites to show you just a little of what our sites can do for you.

Note: Because of the flexibility we give agents with their sites, some of these examples may or may not have all of the features turned on on their sites. Or some of the content they have placed on their websites may not be included with your website package.

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OHosti – Best Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel – Powerful Unlimited Free Reseller Hosting WHM


Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel

Free Unlimited WHM Reseller Hosting

Free Domain Name !

Free VPS Hosting (90 Days)!

OHosti Powerful Features!

Free Unlimited Web Hosting Features :

Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel . Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Build your website using the latest languages including PHP, Ruby, PERL, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more. We also provide SSH access on all Business Hosting plans and have enabled WP-CLI for easy WordPress management.

Why is Our Free VPS Hosting different than Shared and Dedicated?

With our OHosti VPS, you get an entire server. This is optimal for people that have very high traffic to their websites or need to setup their server in a very specific way. Not everyone needs to have a fully dedicated web server however. If you’re just getting started with your website, you can save quite a bit of money if you get a free small portion of the server. Shared hosting is when you share a portion of the server with other users rather than rent an entire server to yourself. If you are considering a dedicated server and are unsure if it is right for you, perhaps you will need to get Free VPS Hosting.

What is our free reseller hosting included?

Everything you need to get started is included in our Reseller packages for a single, no price (free) :

Free cPanel:
Unlike other hosting companies, we never charge you or your clients a fee to manage the content and setup of their websites. cPanel makes that easy.

Free Domains Resales:
Not only can you sell web hosting, our Reseller Program also gives you the ability to sell domain names.

We offer a variety of email protocols, meaning your clients can check emails anywhere, on any device, easily.

Free Backups and Installers:
We include the Softaculous auto-installer totally Free, so you and your clients can set up websites at the click of a button, and we back your sites up every 24-36 hours, automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is it all free on OHosti? How do you earn?

We’ve been providing leading free cPanel hosting services with No Ads. All this is made possible by our Paid Dedicated Servers services, including upgrades for those who need more room for growth, as well as donations from our community of users.

How long will your hosting be free?

Forever! We have provided Paid Servers services since 2010 and we have been in free hosting business since 2009.

What are your guarantees?

1. Our hosting will always be 100% free!

2. We own all our servers and locate them in high quality data centers, so no one can shut down or reload any server with your data.

3. We utilise dedicated connections to ensure we can provide enough bandwidth for all our users.

Free Domain Name Privacy

Did you know that whenever a domain name is registered, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your personal information be published in the WHOIS database? This includes your mailing address, phone number and email address!

With Domain Privacy Protection from OHosti Hosting we will make our information available to the public instead of yours. This can help protect you from potential spammers, telemarketers and even identity thieves. This wouldn’t cost you any thing only $0.00 annually! (Fully Free). Otherwise we would have to use the information we currently have on file for your account.

Your name will remain as the registrant contact so that you retain complete ownership of the domain.

You can register a free .com. net. org. tk. ml. ga. cf. gq (including Special Domains).

Domain Privacy Protection is available with all hosting accounts, including shared hosting, vps hosting, and our dedicated servers.

Create New Website?

Build your website in 4 easy steps:

  • 01 Login to Site Builder
  • 02 Select Web Template
  • 03 Publish to your hosting account
  • 04 Select web template search etc.

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Business Websites #business #first

#business websites


Business Websites

What our customers say.

Sealink Group ( http://www.sealink.co.nz/ )

From start to finish, MediaCore have been a pleasure to deal with. With our new website launched, the feedback we have received from our customers has been great. The site is easy to navigate from a customers point of view and the integration with our online booking system lets them seamlessly book their transport online. MediaCore coordinated with our booking system provider to get our online booking process up and running. This was never going to be an easy thing to accomplish being so complex, but MediaCore played a big part in linking it with our website successfully. Now that this is all set up, we are aiming to transact much more of our business online. Based on the experience I have had, our relationship with MediaCore will be a long term one. Mike Cockroft – Online Marketing Coordinator.

Recent examples of our work.








Contact Us

MediaCore – The Web Specialists
Level 1, 2 Waipareira Ave, Auckland 0610, NZ
PO Box 121 068, Auckland 0650, NZ

Copyright 2016 MediaCore – The Web Specialists

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Technically Works: Load Testing SharePoint (MOSS) Sites with JMeter #load #testing #websites


Load Testing SharePoint (MOSS) Sites with JMeter

I have used JMeter for load testing few non-ASP.NET web sites before, however I could not get it to work with ASP.NET web sites. This is mainly due to ASP.NET ViewState and event validations, which stops a recorded JMeter script from being played back.

Recently I worked on a MOSS project and we were looking for tools to perform load testing on the server. Many people said the load testing tool in Microsoft Team System for Testers works well with MOSS. However, it is quite expensive so I decided to give JMeter another go. After several hours of hacking, I actually got it to work and here s how I did it.

My test page is the pretty standard MOSS edit document property screen with few extra text fields added and the goal here is to use a JMeter script to change the document properties. Once I have a working script, I can configure JMeter to fire hundreds of instances of this script simultaneously to simulate the user workload.

As shown in the screenshot below, the test plan contains two HTTP requests recorded using the JMeter HTTP Proxy component and four JMeter Regular Expression Extractors in between them.:

The main trick here is to capture four key MOSS fields from the HTTP response of the Load Edit Property From HTTP request and send them back to the server AS IS in the Submit Edit Property From HTTP request along with new property values. These key fields are:

  4. control ID _owshiddenversion

Load Edit Property Form

The Load Edit Property Form step is a simple JMeter HTTP Sampler generated by running the JMeter HTTP Proxy component and recording the HTTP request created by click on the Edit Properties menu item in the SharePoint drop down.

The response from the MOSS server will contains the four key fields that can be captured using JMeter Regular Expression Extractors.

Extract Event Validation

Extract View State

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Business Websites #business #loans #for #bad #credit

#business websites


Business Websites

What our customers say.

Sealink Group ( http://www.sealink.co.nz/ )

From start to finish, MediaCore have been a pleasure to deal with. With our new website launched, the feedback we have received from our customers has been great. The site is easy to navigate from a customers point of view and the integration with our online booking system lets them seamlessly book their transport online. MediaCore coordinated with our booking system provider to get our online booking process up and running. This was never going to be an easy thing to accomplish being so complex, but MediaCore played a big part in linking it with our website successfully. Now that this is all set up, we are aiming to transact much more of our business online. Based on the experience I have had, our relationship with MediaCore will be a long term one. Mike Cockroft – Online Marketing Coordinator.

Recent examples of our work.








Contact Us

MediaCore – The Web Specialists
Level 1, 2 Waipareira Ave, Auckland 0610, NZ
PO Box 121 068, Auckland 0650, NZ

Copyright 2016 MediaCore – The Web Specialists

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Tired of Yelp? 7 Alternate Business Review Websites #secured #business #loans

#business reviews


Tired of Yelp? 7 Alternate Business Review Websites

For small business owners, an online collection of honest, authentic customer reviews can help boost both the company s search rankings and reputation. Most consumers check out what others have to say before deciding to patronize a local business, so it s in your best interest to encourage customers to write a review based on their experience with you.

Yelp.com is the current go-to for most local-business reviews, but it s far from the only place consumers are looking. If you want to take greater control of your business s Web presence, here are seven other websites where you can list your company and collect customer feedback.

Angie s List

One of the longest-running and best-known review sites on the Web, Angie s List has become a household name in providing consumers with honest, accurate information about local businesses. Users pay a membership fee to read and write reviews, which are given in the form of a letter grade. Once businesses are signed up, they can add details to their profiles, respond to reviews and interact with members. Additionally, highly rated businesses can earn eligibility to advertise deals and discounts. If you re not listed yet or want to claim a business profile created by a consumer, you can sign up at the Angie s List Business Center. [How to Get Your Customers to Write Reviews]


While customers who like your business s Facebook page are able to leave their feedback in the form of posts and comments, you can also have them leave formal reviews and ratings. Starred Facebook reviews first debuted in late 2013, and now any page categorized as a Local Business that lists its physical address can enable the review feature. Since many small businesses use Facebook as a primary method of connecting with customers, it s a smart and convenient platform to encourage, showcase and respond to customer feedback. To learn how to set up Facebook reviews, visit the Facebook Help Center .


Foursquare is best known for its check in feature, which allows people to share their locations via social media. Local businesses who have claimed their listing give customers the ability to not only check in, but also leave ratings and tips (reviews) for other customers when they visit. Signing up for Foursquare for Business lets you access user analytics data, add your own tips and offer customer rewards.


The Goodsnitch app is more than just an alternative to Yelp. In fact, the company views itself as the anti-Yelp because it enables customers to give private feedback about an organization. Good feedback, such as outstanding customer service or a high-quality product, is publicly posted, while negative feedback is delivered directly to the business, allowing the company to privately address the issue with the customer. With its mission to recognize hardworking employees and business owners for their good work, Goodsnitch isn t about covering up consumer complaints it s about creating a culture of encouragement and positive feedback among businesses and their customers.

Google Reviews

Most small business owners understand how important it is to be findable via online search, especially Google. One of the best ways to boost your search rankings is to establish a presence on Google+ Local and encourage customers to leave reviews. An active Google+ business page signals to Google that customers are engaging with and searching for you plus, higher customer ratings means better search visibility for you. To learn more, visit BND s Google+ Local guide .


Manta is a small business directory that helps local American businesses connect with their customers and each other. While reviews are not the primary function of the site, visitors who find your free business profile can leave a recommendation for other users. Manta does offer tips and marketing tools for its business members, but one of the site s most valuable features is the Manta Community, a highly active forum for business owners to ask for and share advice.


Established in 2005, MerchantCircle.com aims to connect customers with deals, advice and price quotes from local small businesses. The site s search functions are structured primarily by city and business category, and by default, it populates a list of the best (highest rated and most frequently reviewed) merchants in the area. The MerchantCircle Help Center has numerous articles to help new businesses get set up on the site, and offers free business listings and marketing tools to its members.

Nicole Fallon Taylor

Nicole received her Bachelor s degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. She currently serves as the assistant editor. Reach her by email. or follow her on Twitter .

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  • Website Design NJ, Internet Marketing Wayne NJ, eCommerce Development NJ, SEO NJ, Social Media


    Small Business Specialist

    We focus on small to mid-size businesses looking for a seasoned Internet marketing company to manage their online marketing efforts and would like their account to have the attention not available at bigger agencies or web dev companies. Our strengths are in our experience, a results-oriented approach to our campaigns and more importantly, listening to our clients needs.

    E-commerce: Sell Online

    Everybody s selling online. With the right system, it is a secure low-cost option that makes online shopping easy and streamlines administration.

    Our E-Commerce Solution is designed with all the tools required to build a successful online store and shift your products. You will be able to launch your virtual store without having to invest lots of money at an early stage.

    Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing

    We provide expertise in all forms of internet marketing strategies for big and small businesses alike. Two of the most important strategies include SEO SMO.

    If you want your company to be searched for and found on the web, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial. We offer wide-ranging experience in obtaining high level ranking with the major search engines and keep current on the latest developments and changes on search tools.

    Social Media Optimization (SMO) is all about building relationships with your target audiences and developing a two-way dialogue. You talk directly to those who buy your products/services, getting immediate feedback on what you are offering. We include services such as setting up your company s Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Apollo Online Inc.

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    Professional Small Business Website Design Packages from $99 Australian Web Design Company – Websites

    #small business website


    when you need to sell your products online
    with a glossy modern website you can self manage

    Using your logo and content we will create a glossy rich content website with the ability to create endless categories and products to sell online. With all of the features of the brochure package plus automatic invoicing, shipping calculation, wish lists, customisable products, multi product images, stock control, take payments with PayPal or Credit Card*. We complete all of the necessary setup and testing and will train you on loading products and maintaining the website so you can become an online merchant!

    All-Included Package. Business Email, Web Hosting, Built in Website Editor, Mobile Friendly
    *Credit Card Processing requires additional security features and banking requirements
    Free Website User Manual

    the E-Commerce

    Includes 12 months Website Hosting
    + Free Domain Registration

    Ongoing cost is $360 Per Annum
    + $49 Domain Renewal every 2 Years

    we Design for Mobility

    In 2016, any website that is created must be responsive on any number of devices that it is viewed upon.
    If your website is not mobile responsive talk to us about a redesign today!

    Website Hosting

    Website Design Quotes

    Convert CMS

    Specialised Small Business Website Solutions – Website Development in Language YOU Can Understand

    If you have been delaying developing your own website for your business and think you don’t have the budget, time or web design skills STOP! Our small business website designs can be are fully developed with special attention to meeting your goals of achieving a functional, profitable site. Our sites are affordable websites – tailored to your specific business needs.

    Everything you need to have a professional website built plus ongoing support and maintenance by our experienced and award winning team of website designers and developers. Many small business owners who have tried to design a website themselves or used “free websites builders’ have been frustrated and let down by the end result. What if you could manage your own website after it is all built? That is where we come in. We do the techy design parts and train you on keeping your website up to date. You can make changes to it anytime you need!

    Important Links

    Contact Us

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