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[Editor’s Note: Grasshopper is now offering an exclusive deal to NextAdvisor readers. When you sign up for the service from our site, you will receive a $75 credit towards your Grasshopper account. There is no coupon code required, simply click on any Grasshopper link on NextAdvisor.com to take advantage of this amazing deal.]

Grasshopper is another Virtual Phone Service that is a great option for businesses because it offers an unlimited number of extensions. Your Grasshopper phone number can be used for receiving faxes as well. Though there were some minor glitches that we will point out in this review, we liked the customizability of this service as well as the many features it offers.

Interface and Setup

In general, the user interface is clean and simple to use. There are separate tabs for everything that you need to configure. You can add users and limit access to certain extensions. It is also easy to check missed calls and voicemail from your Grasshopper home page.

The setup process is very intuitive and easily lays out each step. With Grasshopper, you can choose between a toll-free number, a custom toll-free number ($30 one-time activation fee), or a local number. The first step involves setting up a greeting template. There are two default options both include the usual, “Thank you for calling, if you know your party’s extension. ” You can change these later and even choose to record your own greeting, but this is a later step in the setup process. After choosing a greeting, the next step is setting up your extensions. With Grasshopper, you can have as many as you want! You can also choose to have a directory option, where callers can type in the first few letters of a name instead of dialing an extension. During the setup process, you will be asked to add a call forwarding number. You can forward each extension to the same number, or use a different call forwarding number for each extension. This is extremely useful especially if you have employees in different locations that need to get calls on their cell phones – simply enter their phone number for their respective extension! You can check voicemails on the Grasshopper page as well as your email – voicemails will be sent as audio attachments.

Service and Features

The overall call quality is very clear. Grasshopper features a free integrated virtual fax service. Your number can receive faxes, which are then converted into PDF files and emailed to you immediately. Unfortunately, they do not have the functionality for sending faxes. There is also a feature that transcribes your voicemails into words. This is a paid feature, but you can get a free 30 day trial. If you have more than one call forwarding number on an extension, “Call Blasting”, which is an extra $10 per month, will ring them simultaneously to reduce wait times for callers.

There are several greeting options as well. For a one-time fee of $75, you can write your own script and have Grasshopper’s “voice studio” create a greeting for you. Other options include recording a greeting over the phone, uploading an audio file, or recording a greeting via computer. This is where we experienced some glitches, as we mentioned in the introduction. Because the instructions for recording a greeting over the phone seemed lengthy, we decided to record one through our computer microphone. This didn’t work out too well. Most of the time when trying to play back our recordings, the “play” button would not work, making it difficult to test out which greetings work and which don’t. Other times, the recorder wouldn’t even record what we were saying. We ended up using the default greeting that Grasshopper has set up.

Pricing and Minutes

Grasshopper is definitely on the pricier side, with each plan having more features and minutes than the next. The cheapest plan, which is $12 per month, includes one toll-free or local number and all of Grasshopper’s features, but does not include any minutes per month. Instead, you are charged 6 per minute. The next plan up, which includes 500 minutes per month, is $24 per month. Grasshopper says that its most popular plan is the $49 per month option, which includes 2,000 minutes, two toll-free or local numbers and two number ports. Finally, Grasshopper’s most expensive plan is $199 per month for 10,000 minutes and three toll-free or local numbers.

With the cheapest plan not including any minutes, Grasshopper is not as good a value as other virtual phone services like Phone.com. who charge the same but include 300 minutes in their monthly fee. The setup process is easy and we love that you can have an unlimited number of extensions. Though Grasshopper allows you to receive faxes, it unfortunately cannot double as your business’s faxing service because there is no fax send function. Thus, you may need to look into getting a seperate Internet Fax service for your office. Overall this is a comprehensive service with some great features and quick customer support, but there are definitely other virtual phone services that are a better value if you are looking to use a lot of minutes.

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Thread: Godaddy (VDS) Virtual Dedicated Server Review

I just got the new Godaddy VDS and after moving 26 sites over there I have had it crash more than ten times in one month. Tech support says that it may be because of low memory but I checked and that’s not why. BTW Tech support is only offered via chat and they are very brief and reluctant to help at all. It took several days of work to move all the sites and get setup so now I am wondering if I made a bad decision. Can anyone here share their experiences with Godaddy’s Virtual Dedicated Server before I waste more of my time?

Sad to hear your experience with them, there heaps of far better providers than them here at WHT. all the best!

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I agree with bryanhost1. Stay away from godaddy.
BTW what is your servers config. How much you are paying.

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I would be more surprised at a positive comment about Crawdaddy.

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Sorry for the late reply but to answer your question Troboy my server specs are 256mb ram with 1g burstable (whatever that means) and I think that seems to be my problem. I’m paying $29/mo. That being said, its only crashed 3 times since I made this post which was 4 months ago so I guess I can’t complain too much but the way my sites are growing I will still need to migrate to a new server soon Im just dreading it because its a ton of work

Sorry for the late reply but to answer your question Troboy my server specs are 256mb ram with 1g burstable (whatever that means) and I think that seems to be my problem. I’m paying $29/mo. That being said, its only crashed 3 times since I made this post which was 4 months ago so I guess I can’t complain too much but the way my sites are growing I will still need to migrate to a new server soon Im just dreading it because its a ton of work

Get at least 512mb. and go with someone like KnownHost, Servint, or WiredTree and you’ll be sorted.

And it’s no work at all. they’ll do the migration for you.

Yes. it will cost you more, but you get what you pay for.

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  • Centralize business-oriented reporting across Hitachi Command Suite to ensure storage service levels for business applications are being met
  • Track storage system health and application performance with global storage management dashboard
  • Analyze key metrics across Hitachi Command Suite products to improve performance, capacity utilization and planning of Hitachi storage environments

Hitachi Command Suite consolidates management of virtualized, heterogeneous storage resources by eliminating administrative interfaces and simplifying multivendor storage resource management. Virtualized external storage can be grouped into tiers based on availability, performance and cost as if it were internal storage. The Hitachi Command Suite actively tunes and balances the workloads within this common storage pool, and lets administrators manage and move data across the entire storage pool, including third party storage systems.

Hitachi Command Suite simplifies and automates management tasks to streamline application availability, performance and access to critical data. By optimizing data management, you can:

  • Make your data center more agile
  • Improve information availability and performance
  • Lower costs
  • Build a sustainable foundation for future growth

Command Suite lowers IT costs with 3D management for all data types. Its usability, scalability and sustainability leverage leading Hitachi storage virtualization technologies. You can maximize your return on virtualized storage and server assets while you minimize operational costs.

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Telephone Answering Service Solutions

Messages by e-mail, text or patch

Inbound Call Center Services at Affordable Pricing

Select Answering Service and our call center affiliates are committed to offering very affordable call center services through highly trained, professional speaking agents that will answer your customers calls live, just as if the were an actual extension of your company. Representatives will answer the call in your company name and can function just as if they were located right in your office. Messages will be taken and delivered instantly by text to phone, email, online, fax or a call transfer.

For as little as $12/week you can start enjoying a professional telephone answering service 24 hours a day 7 days a week! For a small fraction of the cost of a receptionist, your phone calls from important customers will be greeted by a remote receptionist 24 7, after hours, holidays, and anytime you can t answer your phone. Our specialties are medical answering service, attorney answering service, contractors HVAC and much more. Never miss another opportunity again.

Signing up is Fast and Easy. Contact us today and receive free pricing from suppliers withing an hour. We will help access instant solutions for any small business in need of 24 hour call overflow customer support or after hours answering service.

Here are actual problems our visitors had solved through an answering service.

I am looking for an answering service that can take our calls to set appointments for our patients. Currently we take the calls during the day and just have an answering service that takes the calls during lunch and overnight paging the doctor on call if needed or taking messages. However, we have 2 providers and are beginning to get very busy so our phones ring all day long and we have 6 lines and only 3 people that can answer phones, therefore, it seriously interrupts our daily duties requiring us to stay late and on weekends.

Our law office has around 5000 calls a month. Looking for pricing as well as to hear more about the quality of the calls.

Need bilingual support in answering patient calls for our medical office(daytime business hours).

We are a very small software company with international clients in Europe. In the event there is a system outage with our product we need someone to be able to answer a call 24/7 365 and then fire off an email that will trigger our internal paging system.

A non-profit organization looking for pricing for answering calls to our main number then transferring to up to 10 extensions.

I will be running some ads soon and want to make sure that I don t miss any potential sales calls. Never know if advertising will bring in calls but don t want to rely on my part time office staff or voicemail for the near future.

I am a solo practitioner in Illinois. My focus is criminal defense law. I need a phone answer service for morning, late evening and weekends. Please provide plan options and cost.

The call center will pickup the call and answer in our company name. They will take down a description of the issue, and inform the customer that our escalation team will be calling them back within the next 10-15 mins. Then after they are off the phone with the customer, the call center calls a designated person on our team. They pass the information about the issue and the number to call the person back to our agent. Our agent will then call the customer back.

Basic small chiropractic office with limited hours 3 days a week. We need off-hours phone coverage, with forwarding access for emergencies, and dismissing sales calls. Estimated average 100 calls/month.

We are looking for a appointment setter to either call and set appointments for our sales staff to meet. Plus we are looking for them to sell over the phone, whatever works for the customer.
What we are selling is ad space for a weekly publication in a certain zip codes. You will need to get the phone numbers for the business’s in those zip codes. If this works we will give you more zip codes to call on.

Start up heating air business in need of assistance with potential incoming calls while I still work my current full time job until my business is well established.

6025 Royal Lane

Dallas TX 75230

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Virtual offices in los angeles

First month FREE No further obligation!

Top Virtual Office Services All Wrapped Up Into One

Servcorp’s Virtual Office services in The Virtual Office package provide you the combined benefits of the Communications, Address and The Membership packages all wrapped up in one cost-effective monthly rate.

  • A receptionist to answer your calls in your company name and transfer to your office, mobile, unified messaging system, or anywhere in the world
  • Dedicated telephone number
  • 16 hours per month complimentary use of a PRIVATE OFFICE or boardroom (home center, 4 hour increments; USA only; New York locations include only 4 hours Private Office use, 2 hour increments)
  • Voicemail to email message delivery system*
  • 24/7 interactive personal voicemail
  • SMS messaging*
  • Access to Servcorp Onefax, our secure fax to email technologyвЂ
  • Prestigious city business address
  • Management of mail, faxes and couriers
  • Allocated multilingual personal assistant*
  • International access to boardrooms and private offices
  • 3 hours per day in any Servcorp executive coworking space worldwide‡
  • 3 days per month use of an office or executive coworking space in any other Servcorp city‡
  • Book our services online
  • Detailed invoices online

Save 20% when you sign up for a 12-month membership. Call for details.

* Available in most locations

†Available on a pay-as-you-go basis when you need it

‡ Non-accumulative and subject to availability

A Virtual Office is everything you need; for less. With month-to-month contracts, you can quickly and easily change packages to suit your business needs.

SIGN UP ONLINE or Virtual offices in los angelesCall 1 833 363 4778 for more information

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We offer your business a 5 star corporate image with our virtual offices in Sydney at simple and affordable monthly rates.

If you have been searching for a convenient, cost effective solution to a permanent presence in Sydney, allow Servcorp to efficiently manage your business image with a Servcorp virtual office package.

Servcorp provides world renowned corporate solutions in every major capital city and business district across the globe. Our virtual office solutions provide your business with a distinguished Sydney business address in highly sought after locations such as the Sydney CBD, Western Sydney, North Sydney, and Norwest Business Park.

Enjoy a corporate presence in the heart of Sydney CBD surrounded by world renowned restaurants, cultural icons and excellent entertainment venues from any of our esteemed locations such as the MLC building, Market Street, and Gateway.

Our locations in North Sydney,Norwest and North Ryde provide your company and clients with access to a growing business and financial hub, excellent parking opportunities, as well as stunning scenic views of the river and local National Parks.

Managing coveted business spaces fully furnished with crisp, luxury facilities, Servcorp offer your business a complete virtual office solution for all of your corporate administration requirements.

Available in a range of packages catered to your precise needs, Servcorp offer a comprehensive reception service including telephone answering, mail forwarding. a local business number and call forwarding, as well as access to fully furnished corporate suites in convenient, centralised business districts.

Our administration and secretarial teams are impeccably presented specialists trained to provide for your business with the very highest standards of service.

Our solutions include everything from dedicated secretarial and virtual reception team through to ideally located facilities for client meetings, general team and board meetings, and private work space for when you have need of it.

Select from one of Servcorp’s full virtual offices in Sydney to manage your Australian business presence distinction and ease.

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Sydney Virtual Office & Mail Forwarding Service in Australia Square #sydney #virtual #office


Level 32 & 33, Australia Square, 264 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia

Local Amenities & Businesses

Our Business Centre in Australia Square is strategically located in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District, overlooking Circular Quay, Sydney Harbour, The Botanical Gardens, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. One of the most prestigious buildings in Sydney, this multi-award winning architecture is known as ‘the beautiful building in Australia’ and is designed by world-renowned architect Harry Seidler.

The offices are situated in amongst international financial institutions and multinational corporations and are within easy walking distance from retail malls and a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels and public transportation. The benefits of such a central location are that you are always in easy reach of all of Sydney’s famous sites and tourist attractions.

This Sydney Business Centre provides the perfect Virtual Office solution, located in a truly stunning setting, ideal for advancing and fulfilling the potential of your business.


  • Located at 264 George Street, in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District.
  • Australia Square is one of Sydney’s most prestigious buildings, designed by world-renowned architect Harry Seidler.
  • Right next to international financial institutions and multinational corporations, with quick access to retail malls, food and beverage outlets and basement parking.
  • Minutes away from Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and The Rocks area.
  • Located on 32 and 33 levels, with spectacular panoramic views.
  • Fast and secure internet access.
  • Professional and helpful support staff.

Centre Services

  • 1 to 50 workstations.
  • Manager’s suites.
  • Meeting rooms and Videoconferencing room.
  • Facilities area.
  • Contemporary café and breakout areas.
  • 24/7 Access and security.
  • Hot desks.
  • Executive standard modular furniture with plentiful filing and storage.
  • Award winning CISCO data infrastructure.
  • CISCO IP telecommunications.
  • Ergonomic Herman Miller chairs.

Note* The full address details are supplied to clients only.

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JDK Tools and Utilities

  • General Information (file structure, classpath, how classes are found, changes)
  • Enhancements

Standard JDK Tools and Utilities

  • Basic Tools (appletviewer, extcheck, jar, java, javac, javadoc, javah, javap, jdb, jdeps)
  • Security Tools (keytool, jarsigner, policytool, kinit, klist, ktab)
  • Internationalization Tools (native2ascii)
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI) Tools (rmic, rmiregistry, rmid, serialver)
  • Java IDL and RMI-IIOP Tools (tnameserv, idlj, orbd, servertool)
  • Java Deployment Tools (javapackager, pack200, unpack200)
  • Java Web Start Tools (javaws)
  • Java Troubleshooting, Profiling, Monitoring and Management Tools (jcmd, jconsole, jmc, jvisualvm)
  • Java Web Services Tools (schemagen, wsgen, wsimport, xjc)

Experimental JDK Tools and Utilities

NOTE – The tools described in this section are unsupported and experimental in nature and should be used with that in mind. They might not be available in future JDK versions.

  • Monitoring Tools (jps, jstat, jstatd)
  • Troubleshooting Tools (jinfo, jhat, jmap, jsadebugd, jstack)
  • Scripting Tools (jrunscript)
  • Java SE Troubleshooting web site (tools, options, and other items for use in analyzing problems)

NOTE – The Windows and Solaris, Linux, and OS X references pages for some tools have minor differences in configuration and usage — for example, the character used to specify directory separators may be different.

General Information

The following documents contain important information you will need to know to get the most out of the JDK tools.

Generates .java files that map an OMG IDL interface and enable an application written in the Java programming language to use CORBA functionality.

Provides support for clients to transparently locate and invoke persistent objects on servers in the CORBA environment. ORBD is used instead of the Transient Naming Service, tnameserv. ORBD includes both a Transient Naming Service and a Persistent Naming Service. The orbd tool incorporates the functionality of a Server Manager, an Interoperable Naming Service, and a Bootstrap Name Server. When used in conjunction with the servertool. the Server Manager locates, registers, and activates a server when a client wants to access the server.

Provides ease-of-use interface for the application programmers to register, unregister, startup, and shutdown a server.

Java Deployment Tools

Utilities for use in conjunction with deployment of java applications and applets on the web.

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USF is committed to promoting globally-competitive undergraduate, graduate and professional programs that support interdisciplinary inquiry, intellectual development and skill acquisition. Every department and administrative unit at the university – from the cashier’s office and physical plant, to academic departments and residence life – is committed to student success. Through a series of programs and initiatives, the university strives to create a positive teaching and learning environment designed to engage students and enrich all aspects of the student experience.

USF’s academic programs are designed to meet the needs of all learners, including traditional learners, special needs learners, adults interested in advancing their careers, veterans and distance learners. The university offers 180 undergraduate majors and degree programs at the graduate, specialist and doctoral levels, including the doctor of medicine. Undergraduates are strongly encouraged to take advantage of a wide range of undergraduate research opportunities and study abroad programs.

The university has 14 colleges falling under the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. From medicine and the arts to marine science and business, each offers an extensive range of degree and specialty programs, many allowing students to focus on a particular discipline while exploring other areas of interest across the university.

Honors College at USF offers high-achieving, academically motivated students extraordinary opportunities to develop their thinking, reasoning, and analytic skills, regardless of major. The program encourages interaction among students and top faculty through small classes and unique on-campus opportunities.

Innovative Education extends the reach of USF’s academic programs through continuing education programs, graduate certificates, distance and online learning, workforce development, noncredit education, pre-college programs and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

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