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If you are looking to make a reservation for limousine services please click here to go to our
Aladdn Limousine Service

Limousines limo for Sale, New and Used LimosWorldwide No matter your need of ground transportation for your company Aladdin Coach Builders is able to assist you finding that one perfect SUV Limousine , Super Stretch Limousine. Corporate Limo or Tiffanys. Contact: Archie at Aladdin Auto Sales- Aladdin Coach Builders to see what Aladdin can build for you.

Limo Insurance
Phone: 610-622-1954
Cell: 856-577-9360
Fax: 610-622-2083 Pres: Thomas McCusker
Transportation Insurance Placement Svcs.
7178 Marshall Road Upper Darby, PA. 19082

Brenner Financial provides Best in Class lease products and term loans to livery professionals nationwide. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to customer service makes us the number one choice for limousine funding.

Advantage Funding
is the leader in automotive and equipment leasing and financing. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence guarantees you the highly professional service you require. We strive to obtain the best value for your money while maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Financing your automobile or other equipment is our specialty.

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Fleet Telematics System, GPS Vehicle Tracking Software – Enterprise Fleet Management #vehicle #fleet #management

Fleet Telematics Tracking System

Fleet Telematics Tracking

A small plug-and-play telematics device can drive big fleet efficiencies, by letting you track fleet vehicles from almost anywhere in real-time. The fleet telematics system provides a wealth of data including GPS location, speed, fuel usage and engine performance capturing details needed to improve fuel usage, optimize routes and plan maintenance.


With its easy-to-use resources, fleet telematics software can build fully customizable dashboard reports capturing GPS fleet tracking data to keep tabs on everything from the current dispatch situation to long-term driving patterns. It is valuable data you can use to streamline operations.


Simple to install, the fleet telematics system makes it just as easy to keep track of your fleet vehicles via GSP tracking software. The system s real-time data can be used to generate instant notifications and customizable dashboard reports, among other applications. Fleet Telematics can deliver alerts to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, too, so you never miss a beat even when you re on the go.

Get the right vehicles at the right price without sacrificing safety or productivity. Our industry experts negotiate the best incentives and help you plan proactively to acquire at the lowest possible cost.

Improve your cash flow by establishing your own line of credit with us. You ll free up capital to invest in your business and receive a custom financing plan based on your holding period and mileage.

Through multiple selling channels, Enterprise Fleet management sells more used vehicles than any other company in North America. Take advantage of our resale process to get your vehicles sold for the highest return quickly and efficiently.

Reduce downtime with our streamlined maintenance process, utilizing our nationwide network of 65,000 service centers and accredited team of ASE certified technicians.

Track usage, set limits and find the cheapest fuel to provide convenience for your drivers and the controls you need to drive down cost.

Handle accident claims quickly with risk management services that are available 24/7.

Programs that handle license and registration for your entire fleet ensure you will meet every regulation without investing personal time.

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Commercial Auto Insurance #commercial #auto #insurance, #commercial #vehicle #insurance


Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance for small business

We’re the #1 commercial auto insurer in America *. insuring more than 1 million commercial vehicles

Customized coverage to match your business

We have the basics like Liability and Physical Damage, and more specialized options like Any Auto, Non-Owned Vehicle, Drive Other Car and others. We can also adjust your policy to reflect seasonal changes to keep your rates low and your coverage steady.

We provide special benefits including customized coverages. competitive rates, discounts, exceptional claims service and more. Commercial Auto insurance covers:

Business autos

Includes cars, light trucks, SUV’s, vans and more. Business auto insurance customers enjoy advantages including discounts and access to service centers throughout the country.


From dump trucks to tractor trailers, we have the experience you’re looking for. We offer 24/7 claims service with an extensive truck repair network. discounts and more.


We cover a wide range of commercial trailers ranging from pickup truck utility trailers to large dump body trailers pulled by a tractor.

Do you need a commercial policy?

Use our simple commercial vs personal auto insurance tool to find out if you need a commercial policy or not.

Commercial auto insurance cost

Several factors affect the cost of your commercial auto insurance. Such as:

  • Your business type
  • Your location
  • The types of vehicles you drive
  • The drivers driving histories
  • The amount of coverage you need

These factors can significantly increase or decrease your premium. For example, a farmer with a perfect driving record who infrequently uses his work vehicle will typically pay less than an over-the-road trucker with a poor driving record.

Luckily, getting a quote that matches your situation is easy to do. Just start a quote online. or simply call us. Our licensed commercial representatives are specially trained to help you decide which commercial coverages and limits you need to match your exact level of risk.


You can save up to 15% on your commercial auto policy if you qualify for some of the special discounts made for our commercial auto customers. **

Quote online or call for expert advice.

Copyright 1995 – 2017. United Financial Casualty Company. All Rights Reserved.

Discounts not available in all states or situations.

* No. 1 truck insurer from SNL Financial’s 2013 national written premium data.

Package Discount – Business Auto customers with an in-force General Liability or Business Owners Policy could be eligible for a discount up to 5 percent.

Quote save today!

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GPS Tracking Devices – GPS Trackers #gps #tracking, #gps #trackers, #gps #tracking #device, #gps


GPS Tracking – Tracking Systems

LiveView GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver. We provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and systems, which thousands of businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust.

Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption. Web management interfaces are easy to use, high-resolution image mapping is standard, and built-in features include live & real-time position updates, instant alert notifications, historical playback, customizable reporting and more.

For those who need tracking systems which are able to provide detailed reports, accurate position updates, effective results and more, our GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution.

Live And Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

Each LiveView GPS tracking device is designed and tested to work right out of the box, from one of our powerful back-end web based GPS platforms. All of our GPS tracking devices are government and network certified, laboratory tested – no additional software is required.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related – our GPS devices are a cost-effective solution. With our GPS vehicle tracking devices you’ll receive exceptional value and unparalleled service.

GPS Tracking For Business Vehicles & Assets

Live Vehicle Tracking System For Business Use. Live Vehicle Fleet Tracking: Live Trac® GPS Tracking Platform.

Live GPS Vehicle Tracking with 5 or 10 second position updates! See current vehicle data: speed, direction of travel, ignition status, watch your vehicles move on your screen turn by turn. 90 day comprehensive historical playback, start/stop reporting, idle times, speed, zone alerts, idle alerts, maintenance alerts and more.

Live Trac® Vehicle Tracking Systems:

Portable Live GPS Trackers: PT-10 Series

Use Your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Or Any MOBILE DEVICE TO TRACK ANY LIVE TRAC DEVICE! Also available, is a dedicated iOS/Android app available for use with our Live Trac platform.

Real-Time GPS System For Business Use. The Fleet Tracker Tracking Platform.

The fleet tracker platform provides comprehensive real-time GPS tracking for businesses seeking powerful telematics monitoring at very affordable price with no contracts.

Fleet Tracker OBD – plug and play, CDMA GPS tracker, passenger cars and light duty trucks manufactured after 1996.

Fleet Tracker HW – hardwired, CDMA GPS tracker, can be used on all vehicles.

Increase Business Productivity & Efficiency

For business users small or large our enterprise level tracking interface is feature rich and extremely easy to use. You’ll receive comprehensive reports to more effectively manage your organization. Information that you will use to reduce and eliminate “hidden” expenses. Expenses and costs that will have a dollar for dollar impact to your bottom line. From asset tracking to GPS fleet tracking, we will provide you with definitive answers to efficiently and effectively manage your business.

Acquire, Measure & Evaluate Employee Driving Behavior And Vehicle Operation Data, To Increase Productivity And Boost Profitability.

LiveViewGPS sets itself apart from other GPS tracking companies by offering a selection of uniquely different back-end software systems. We’ve learned that one size does not fit all. Give us the opportunity to guide you to a LiveViewGPS tracking solution that fits your specific need whether its based on software or device features. We promise to provide you with value driven solutions that you can trust. Overview: GPS Fleet Tracking

Hours Of Service – Electronic Logs

Cost Effective, FMCSA Compliant and Simple To Use:

GPS Equipment & Asset Tracking

Affordable asset tracking for your powered and non-powered equipment. We can help you track the locations of your expensive job-site equipment for both management and billing purposes.

Track engine run-time, and quickly schedule maintenance from the convenience of any web enabled computer. Our selection of gps asset trackers include both GSM and all satellite based solutions.

GSM/Cellular Battery Powered Asset Tracker: Battery Asset Tracker
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Powered Equipment: Asset Tracking Powered Equipment
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Trailers: Asset Tracking For Trailers

Theft Protection

Protect Your assets. Portable GPS tracker with built-in alarm. Covertly monitor property, and valuable goods and cargo. Get tamper, temperature and vibration alerts, locate on demand for real-time location information – MobileLock

GPS Tracking For Personal Use

Alzheimer’s and at risk individuals, Monitor Your Teen Driver, Protect Your Family Members Who Drive, Recover Your Stolen Vehicle.

Alzheimers, Wandering, Elderly & Children

GPS Tracker locate on demand, includes 24/7/265 monitored call center – 2-way communication at the push of a button, take a look at MyShield Personal Emergency Response System.

Family Cellphone Locate

Locate Any Mobile Phone On Demand! No Software, Or App To Install: Mobile Phone Locate

GPS Tracking Devices For Personal Vehicles:

Covert GPS Tracking Devices

Live Trac PT-10 – Battery Powered Live Covert GPS Tracker

Protect any vehicle, your trailers, boats, motor homes, ATVs, and other mobile property from theft with our GPS Locator Alarm and phone notification.

Parents Of Teen Drivers

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Fleet Maintenance Planning Software, workshop planning software #vehicle #fleet #maintenance #software


FM Planner- Fleet maintenance planning software

Fleet maintenance planning software

FM Planner is a dual functioning workshop loading and fleet maintenance planning software. For fleet operators it provides a visual planner similar to the traditional Sasco maintenance planner however it updates when a task is done and sends automatic reminders to ensure your vehicles don’t miss scheduled maintenance and inspection dates.

FM Planner – Workshop planning software

The Fleetminder workshop planning software incorporates a daily labour loading utility for the workshop. It provides a graphical planner /scheduler that can replace the old paper based diary system. Each labour line has a start time that can be traced all the way through to completion.

  • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the scheduling of standard jobs, e.g a vehicle inspection
  • The planner can be customised for the required number of workshop bays
  • Job cards can be created with just one click
  • Search by customer, registration number, chassis number or any other pre-defined asset reference
  • Job status can be monitored using a colour coded progress system
  • View full history of current year, last year or view next years scheduled task assigned to the vehicle

FM Planner Vehicle Maintenance Planner

The Vehicle Maintenance Planner is a complete fleet maintenance and compliance planning system. It is a graphical planner and scheduler that replaces the old Sasco wall planners.

It allows transport operators to plan their fleet maintenance programme in line with their operational requirements and ensures compliance with all DVSA roadworthiness legislation.

Some of the features include:

  • Automatically schedule inspections and maintenance based on pre-defined parameters such as mileage, time intervals or hours consumed
  • Distribute reports internally for transport planning, detailing what vehicles are due for their DVSA test, service, maintenance or an inspection
  • Generate and distribute automatic reminders to both external and internal parties via SMS, email or letter.
  • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the act of scheduling of periodic jobs, e.g. a vehicle inspection or an MOT
  • View full history of current year, last year or view next years scheduled tasks
  • Search by vehicle reference number, registration number, chassis number or any other asset reference
  • Drag and drop tasks into chosen time slots

FM Planner has a comprehensive list of reports that enables transport operators to create a predictive maintenance programme based on the most common defects found during inspections and maintenance job cards.

Focused Keywords

Fleet maintenance planning software, Vehicle Compliance planning software, Sasco maintenance planner

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Transports Friend – Commercial Vehicle Dimensions #overall #length #of #vehicle, #overall #width #of #vehicle,



Construction and Use Regulations set out the maximum Length, Width and Height of motor vehicles. The exemptions to these requirements are also noted below and in cases where exceeding these dimensions is the case, the factor that dictates this concerns abnormal loads which is dealt with under STGO (Road Vehicles (Authorisation of Special Types) (General) Order 2003), which can be accessed here STGO.

Overall Length of Vehicle
Regulation 7 Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 states that the overall length of a vehicle or combination of vehicles shall not exceed the maximum length specified below :-

  • wheeled motor vehicles other than buses 12 metres,
  • a bus with two axles 13.5 metres, a bus with more than 2 axles 15 metres (from 1 4 2003)
  • tracked motor vehicles 9.2 metres,

Trailers (see Note 1 below)

  • drawbar trailer with at least 4 wheels drawn by goods vehicle over 3500kg gross 12 metres
  • agricultural trailer with at least 4 wheels 12 metres
  • semi trailer (except a car transporter or a semi trailer which is normally used on international journeys any part of which takes place outside the United Kingdom) 12.2 metres (see Note 4 below)
  • composite trailer drawn by a goods vehicle over 3500kg g.v.w. or agricultural motor vehicle 14.04 metres
  • agricultural trailed appliance manufactured on or after 1st December 1985 15 metres including drawbar,
  • any other trailer 7 metres
  • motor vehicle + 1 drawbar trailer 2 18.75 metres (see Note 3 below)
  • showman s motor vehicle + 1 drawbar trailer where the trailer is living accommodation 22 metres
  • motor vehicle + 2 trailers 25.9 metres (motor vehicle 9.2 metres max, only one trailer may exceed 7 metres),
  • motor vehicle + 3 trailers 25.9 metres (motor vehicle 9.2 metres max, no trailer may exceed 7 metres),
  • articulated bus and a bus drawing a trailer 18.75 metres (from 1 4 2003)
  • articulated vehicle + semi trailer (see Note 2 below) 15.5 metres, (see Note 4 below)
  • articulated vehicle + semi trailer which is a low loader manufactured on or after 1 4 91 18 metres. (see Note 1 below)
  • Note 1 Except trailers and combinations including trailers constructed and normally used for abnormal length loads or plant trailers for road construction.
  • Note 2 Except combinations involving towing broken down vehicles or trailers constructed and normally used for abnormal length loads.
  • Note 3 If motor vehicle manufactured before 1st June 1998 18 metres unless certain conditions apply until 31 12 2006.
  • Note 4 Up to 14.04 metres trailer or 16.5 metres combination (16.69 metres for car-transporters) if semi trailer meets turning circle requirements (Regulations 13A or 13B).

Maximum permitted length
The table below shows the relevant vehicle type and its maximum permitted length.

Maximum Permitted Length

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Web Network of Recovery Experts #repossession, #repossession #service, #repo, #recovery, #repoman, #collection #agency, #bill


Join 100s of other companies and get your company listed. There are no contracts to sign and no memberships to join. FREE 30 Day Trial! Click on the banner to join our diverse storage network. A place for Repoman.com members and those in the repossession community to ask questions, share wisdom and shoot the bull. We want to encourage everyone to support our vendors. Repoman.com is a community that survives on participation. As we continue to grow, everyone should benefit. Our vendors are big supporters of the recovery industry. You can t go wrong by utilizing the services our vendors provide. USAWeb features state of the art internet advertising tools and resources for repossession companies and the vendors that provide industry products services.

Check out RepoHQ!

A private group for Repoman.com members and those in the repossession community to ask questions, share wisdom, and shoot the bull.

Join us on Facebook!

Join over 500 other companies and get your company listed. There are no contracts to sign and no memberships to join. FREE 30 Day Trial!

Insurance Requirements
USAWeb.com clearly marks the listings of recovery agencies that have submitted proof of insurance.
Submit Proof of Insurance: Click Here

Advertising Information
USAWeb feature state of the art internet advertising tools and resources for repossession companies.
See Listing Options for Repo Companies: Click Here

Vendor Advertising
USAWeb feature state of the art internet advertising tools and resources for vendors that have products and services used by Repossession Companies.
Vendor Information: Click Here

Repoman.com List – Repo Companies

If you need a Repo Man, repo company, or repossession, Repoman.com is the repossession company directory to find one. Repoman.com has the largest and best directory of repo companies and repossession agents. Repoman.com was started in 1995 making us the largest and most established online repo directory for lenders, creditors, lawyers, banks, private individuals, and corporate legal teams. They use our repo man directory to find the right repossession agent or company that offers the repossession services they need. The repo companies on Repoman.com offer numerous repossession services in including: Car Repo / Boat Repo – Automobile Repossession / Car Repossession – Asset Recovery – Car Auction – Recovery – Vehicle Recovery – Skip Tracing – Collection Agency – Auctions – Vehicle Transportation – Locksmithing – Auto Keys

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Signs Banners San Antonio TX Custom Signs, Banners, Graphics, Flags #signs, #banners, #signs #express,


Welcome to Xpress Signs. We Get Your Message Noticed.

For all types of signs, banners and graphics, Xpress Signs™ is your reliable source!
  • We utilize state of the art CAD/CAM sign fabrication technology and good old fashioned craftsmanship to professionally produce your signs and banners in a wide variety of materials for any application
  • Licensed, insured & bonded Installations. Commercial Sign Erector License # SC-915156
  • San Antonio and surrounding area’s premier sign, banner and graphics supplier

Alamo Downs Business Park
7042 Alamo Downs Parkway
Suite 250
San Antonio, Texas 78238
210.523.1003 / 800.804.4716

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Different kinds of Vehicle Insurance in Saudi Arabia ~ Life in Saudi Arabia #comprehensive


Need for Vehicle Insurance in Saudi Arabia

It is very important in Saudi Arabia to cover your vehicle with the vehicle insurance. In the below lines, we have explained some reasons why it is very much important to insure yourself and your vehicle. If you want to check the validity of your vehicle insurance, please click here.

High Mortality Rate

Saudi Arabia is one of those places where accident ratio is very high so you should never ever even think to drive your car without vehicle insurance. According to Arab News. 19 people die daily in Saudi Arabia due to road accident. It means 1 out of every 86 persons die in Saudi Arabia every 5 years due to road accidents in Saudi Arabia. If you are driving car without vehicle insurance, you are actually putting yourself in high risk. This is just mortality rate which is in the cases of severe accidents. Number of normal accidents is at least 20 times more than that.

It is an Islamic rules that if someone is died due to you, accidently or intentionally, you will have to face the consequence which may lead to death. Now this point should be noted that even if someone died in a road accident and it was not even your fault, still then you will have to pay the blood money. According to recent calculations made by Saudi Government, Blood Money (Diya) is set to be SR 300,000/- for unintentional cases and SR 400,000/- for murder cases. It is actually value equivalent to 100 camels. If you don t pay blood money. you will be hanged to death. Now just think, if you are not insured and more than one person dies in a road accident involving you, how would you arrange money?

Claiming Blood Money for someone who has died in KSA is not an easy task to perform. I have explained it in this article for your ease. “Death Compensation Procedure “

Third Party Insurance

This insurance is must for your vehicle. It covers the other party in case of accident involving your mistake. Now days, coverage of insurance companies is enough to provide for blood money of 3 persons. When getting the vehicle insurance for your vehicle, make sure to check how many persons are covered in it. What is the coverage amount? Coverage amount in case of third party insurance which my friend booked was SR 10 million. If you want to see the list of approved insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, click here List of Approved Insurance Companies .

Special Tip: You are going to insure the other party s vehicle in case of accident involving your mistake. It means other party will have to look for the insurance claim. So, even if you take the insurance policy of some low rated company for the lower rates, it will be perfect for you. There is no need to contact insurance companies with premium rates like Tuwaniya.

In comprehensive insurance, both parties are covered in case of any accident. If your vehicle is damaged in case of accident involving your fault, your insurance company will provide you all the repair and maintenance. People purchasing new cars should take comprehensive insurance. Normally insurance companies don t insure your vehicle for comprehensive insurance if it is more than 10 years old. If you want to see the list of approved insurance companies in Saudi Arabia, click here List of Approved Insurance Companies

You can also add some features in your vehicle insurance by paying some more money. These features are;

  • Provision of a courtesy car if the insured vehicle needs repairing
  • Roadside assistance and recovery services
  • Off-road driving (in an off-road vehicle)
  • International cover when driving in Bahrain, Qatar or other Gulf Co-operation Council countries

Special Tip: You are going to insure your vehicle in case of accident. It means you will have to go through all the processes of claiming the money. Now you should look for a well reputed company since your personal stake is involved. Even if you have to pay some more money, you should pay it for some premium insurance companies.

Documents Required for Insurance

Following documents are required to be submitted to the insurance company if you want to insure your vehicle in Saudi Arabia.

  • Valid passport
  • Iqama (residence permit)
  • A valid driving licence
  • Istimara (vehicle registration)
  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • Proof of any no-claims discount

I am highlighting again, you should check for the clauses of blood money in the insurance policy before signing it.

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Recreational vehicle insurance #recreational #vehicle #insurance


About Insuret

Insuret is an underwiting agency whose ultimate purpose is to deliver market leading insurance products and services within specific industry segments. Our team of professionals are focussed on delivering you tailored insurance programs that are designed to meet your individual needs. We are large enough to offer you the ultimate peace of mind protection and small enough to offer you personalised service.

Insuret offers products in the following market segments:

  • Car rental insurance for fleet owners
  • Peer 2 Peer motor insurance
  • Commerical motor fleet insurance
  • Small business motor insurance
  • Recreational vehicle insurance (Caravan Motorhome)
  • Caravan insurance

We have your back

We believe in delivering good old fashioned personalised service based on developing personal relationships. At each point of contact you will speak to an insurance professional via direct dial telephone who is accountable for answering your query. We provide a further personal touch by enabling you to choose the features of your policy as well as the benefit of using the repairer of choice when you need to lodge a claim.

The Insuret service proposition

Our simple but compelling proposition is to provide:

  • Security over your portfolio – great products underwritten by an APRA licensed insurer you and your clients can trust
  • Certainty of service – we are focussed on providing fast, efficient underwriting and claims service
  • Consistency in pricing – competitive premiums and no knee jerk reactions to claims!
  • Consistency in process – streamlined distribution which is low touch, low cost and effecient for all parties

News Copyright 2012 Insuret. All rights reserved. Terms Conditions | Privacy Policy Website Design by Shivam Technologies

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