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Looking for cheaper insurance?

Search over 40 different van insurance providers

Quotezone increases your chance of finding a great deal by searching the market for you.

  • Over three million users

    Join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers today.

  • Buy online or by phone

    Purchase your Van Insurance policy quickly and easily, monthly and annual payment options available.

  • Norton secured

    Our quote form uses 128-bit SSL encryption for your peace of mind.

  • You could save time and money

    Get your quotes by filling in one simple form, compare prices, and start saving.

  • Independent and unbiased service

    We aren’t owned by or have any investment from any insurance company.

  • Compare Van Insurance

    Compare Van Insurance

    Compare van insurance quotes – we search over 40 companies with one quick quote form

    Quotezone’s UK Van and Commercial Vehicle Quote Comparison System could save you time and money.

    About the Quotezone van insurance comparison system

    Quotezone’s UK van and commercial vehicle quote system could save you time and money. You just have to fill in your details once to compare the market, and you could receive up to 60 quotes back from our panel of UK insurance providers which includes insurers such as Gladiator, More Th n, Direct Choice. You should see the quotes appear online in around 60 seconds, each motor quotation shows the prices offered including discounts, then you can select the best quotes that suit your budget from our website.

    Why use Quotezone to compare van insurance quotes?

    We compare UK van insurance providers so you could get cheaper prices.

    You can buy online or buy by phone with options to pay monthly (some companies may offer no deposit van insurance schemes) or to pay annually.

    Most of the quotes will be displayed on your screen within 1 minute, you can find insurance for vans of all kinds if you are researching before purchasing a new large, small, business or private van and we will also email you the quotes online so you can consider them at a later date – so you won’t need a calculator immediately to see if the rates are within your budget!

    Van insurance guide

    With increasing costs of living and budgets stretched everywhere in the UK, saving money might be a priority for some households. This may be especially true when shopping for the best vehicle insurance products as prices increase due to a rise in uninsured drivers. Put this together with escalating fuel costs and driving might seem prohibitively expensive for some. This is why more and more people are choosing to compare van insurance companies to ensure they get the best van insurance at a low cost.

    Driving without insurance is illegal so unless an owner has declared a vehicle off road via a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) then they could well fall foul of the law.

    Having appropriate vehicle insurance in place could be extremely important for a persons livelihood, especially if driving a white van or other commercial vehicle for business purposes, so finding the cheapest van insurance quote possible may be a priority.

    Different types of cover

    With any type of insurance quotation there tends to be different levels and types of cover. People might search for cheap van insurance in order to save money but getting the right type of commercial van insurance that is appropriate for a vehicle is likely to be more desirable. Cutting corners on insurance could be costly so using a UK van insurance provider that has a reputation for quality may be the best option long term.

    The types of motor cover available when searching for van insurance quotes tend to be fully comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft. Each one has different aspects of what a policy might cover; therefore it could be wise to explore the benefits of each one carefully before committing.

    Fully comprehensive van insurance

    Price wise, fully comprehensive cover is usually the cover that costs the most money. This is because it typically offers protection for the van, the driver and any property. Its still possible to acquire a very cheap van insurance policy which is fully comprehensive. It might also be possible to add on additional cover, such as breakdown protection or legal cover.

    People often opt for third party cover as this could offer the cheapest van insurance available. This offers the basic cover that is legally allowed in the UK and could be ideal if the van to be insured is a low value or if a person only has a small budget.

    Taking out only third party van insurance might be risky as it means being liable for the costs associated with replacing or fixing the vehicle owned by the policyholder. This type of policy tends to only pay out damages to the other parties involved. Choosing a greater level of cover might offer more peace of mind as third party van cover is likely to be just basic insurance protection.

    Third party fire and theft

    Like the above this type of van insurance cover offers basic protection at a low cost. However it also could provide cover for a van that is stolen or fire damaged so has extra benefits and is typically a lower cost than fully comprehensive cover.

    Finding a suitable policy

    Searching for very cheap van insurance to compare online tends to be the way many people choose to find cover. Comparing prices to find the cheapest van insurance is very typical before deciding on a particular policy to go with. What is useful about comparing quotes on van cover is that it could be tailored to different circumstances and therefore take into account individual details before returning the results. For example a young driver might think they will be charged a great deal for a van insurance policy. In reality it might be much easier to compare cheap van insurance UK and get a policy that takes into account their unique needs. The same might be said of a driver that has previous convictions and a comparison service could help them secure an affordable insurance rate.

    With any insurance policy it is more than likely that the policyholder could be required to pay the first part of any claim. This is known as the policy excess and could be variable depending on the insurance quote. A lower excess could in turn mean a higher premium and again using a comparison might be a good way of surveying the companies available to van drivers.

    Paying for a van insurance policy

    Many people like to stagger payments for their insurance policies and pay monthly which could cost more overall than paying in one go but might be more convenient. By paying a deposit and spreading payments over time it could make life easier although a policy tends to be cheaper overall if it is paid up front. To save even more cash there could be the option with some insurers to have a no deposit van insurance policy which might give people the option to distribute payments evenly over the term of the cover.

    Getting even cheaper van insurance

    People may drive a van as a second vehicle or use it for work rather than pleasure. As such they might have built up some years of no claims with a different vehicle. It could be possible that these be used on a new UK van insurance policy or transferred providing their benefit isn’t already being used elsewhere. It might also be possible to protect a no claims discount depending on the insurer used which could mean keeping the no claims benefit at renewal even if a person has had an accident during the previous year.

    Sealing the insurance deal

    It is always a good idea to read the details of a policy fully before committing. This way the policyholder knows exactly what they are signing up for. A van insurance comparison site could direct a person to the terms and conditions prior to finalising a deal so they can be certain the policy is right for them.

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    Hawaii Car Donation Information to Donate Car in Hawaii #used #car #boat #truck #donation,


    Hawaii Car Donation Information

    It’s easy to donate your car, truck, boat or RV in Hawaii. We provide fast, free pickup of your vehicle with no cost to you and you are eligible to receive a tax deduction for your vehicle donation.

    Where do you pick up car donations in Hawaii?
    We pick up car donations throughout the state of Hawaii, including Ewa Beach, Kaaawa, Hilo, Wahiawa, Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Pearl City, Kahului, and Wahiawa.

    Is my car donation made in Hawaii tax deductible?
    Vehicles donated on this site will benefit a nonprofit classified with the IRS as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and are tax deductible.

    What paperwork do I need to donate my vehicle in Hawaii?
    In most cases we need the title to the vehicle. But, if you do not have title papers please check with the Hawaii Motor Vehicle Department to determine whether you can donate your vehicle without the title. Please visit the Hawaii Motor Vehicle Department web site to obtain the necessary forms before donating.

    How do I release the liability of my donated vehicle in Hawaii?
    For information on how to release the liability of your donated vehicle, please refer to the Hawaii Motor Vehicle web site.

    If you still have questions
    call toll-free 1-888-573-7033

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    O-Fleet – Car Rental Management Software – Rental Management #car #rental #software, #car #hire


    Rental Management

    Handle your reservations and rentals in a seamless way

    Manage your reservations, plan your fleet utilization and keep tabs on your deliveries and returns calendars efficiently

    Availabilities calendar

    • Display your vehicles availability calendar with regards to the commercial class, the transmission type and the ACRISS code of each vehicle.
    • Use the “Drag-and-Drop” feature to easily replace vehicles assignments on any rental.
    • Display your vehicle’s planned work orders in the availabilities calendar along with the reservations and avoid any overlaps or mix-ups.

    Rental management tools

    • Handle short or long-term reservations from different sources (phone, walk-in or via the website’s booking engine).
    • Manage additional extras (equipment and insurances/waivers)
    • Get an at-a-glance view on the current status of each rental.
    • Keep everyone informed about your clients’ special requests, comments or delivery/drop off information. Save their arrival/departure flight numbers as well as their staying hotels.
    • Record all accidents, tolls and fines occurred during the reservation. Bill the amount directly to the client.

    Vehicle Inspection

    • Define your own inspection checklist with items such as radio tape, lifting jack, seatbelts.
    • Create and fill online pick-up and drop-off inspection sheets to compare the vehicle state before and after rental for any loss or damages (scratches, dents, dings and cracks).
    • Record vehicle delivery and return information including the agent, the odometer value, the fuel level and the vehicle condition before and after rental.
    • Display and print the scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs of the day and assign the vehicles delivery or return to agents.

    Electronic Documents

    • Generate automatically a printable rental agreement, inspection statements and customer invoices.
    • Enable your clients to sign electronically the rental agreements and inspection sheets on a signature pad device.
    • Print the rental contracts with both the signatures of your clients and assigned agents without having to ask them to sign again.

    Invoicing management

    • Generate automatically your rental invoices and send them to your clients.
    • Track your clients payments, visualize your clients balances and display paid and outstanding amounts.
    • Manage your long-term rentals and generate recurring monthly invoices automatically.
    • Integrate O-Fleet invoicing with your favorite accounting software. We currently support Quickbooks and Xero software.

    Ready to boost your fleet productivity ?

    Try O-Fleet for free and learn how to unleash the power of your fleet.

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    How Do I Donate My Car To Charity #donate #my #car #to #charity,donate #car


    Donate My Car to Charity

    Donating a vehicle to charity not only gets rid of an old vehicle for you, but also gives you a way to help people.

    No matter which state you live in, Goodwill Car Donation is happy to accept the gift of your unwanted vehicle.

    How to Donate a Vehicle

    We make it very easy to donate a vehicle to charity. This is how the process works:

    1. Choose to donate any type of vehicle. We take cars and trucks, in addition to a variety of recreational vehicles. Feel free to give us your RV, motorcycle, boat, plane or jet skis. If the vehicle no longer works, that’s perfectly OK, too.
    2. Get in touch. Just give us a call at (866) 233-8586 or contact us through our website vehicle donation form. When you get in touch, let us know when will be the best time for us to come tow the car away.

    That’s everything that’s needed on your end. Our team will show up on the date and time you specified to retrieve the vehicle. We then auction it, using the proceeds toward the many Goodwill programs and services in your state. You’ll also receive a top tax receipt for your deduction.

    Which Charity Should You Choose?

    Maybe you’re thinking, “I want to donate my car to charity,” but you’re not sure which charity to work with.

    First, when you decide to make car donations to charity, you need to make sure you’re giving to a legitimate charity that is registered as tax exempt with the IRS.

    Below are some commonly thought of nonprofits that take car donations:

    Goodwill Car Donation: Goodwill organizations direct the proceeds of vehicle donations towards many programs and services for job seekers, youth, seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, and other specialized needs. A common saying you’ll hear from Goodwill organizations is “A hand up, not a hand out”. One fantastic benefit of choosing Goodwill is that all vehicle donation proceeds are distributed to the local community where the donation took place.

    Kars4kids.org: Directs the proceeds of vehicle donations towards programs and services for Jewish children and their families.

    National Kidney Foundation: Directs the proceeds of vehicle donations towards programs and services that have to do with the awareness, prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

    The Salvation Army: Directs the proceeds of vehicle donations towards rehabilitation programs. This charity is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church.

    American Cancer Society: Directs the proceeds of vehicle donations towards cancer research and advocacy.

    There are many more options you can choose to donate a vehicle to, including Big Brothers/Big Sisters of America, Make-A-Wish Foundation, United Way of America and Alzheimer’s Association.

    Why Choose Goodwill Car Donation?

    When you donate a vehicle to Goodwill Car Donation, you ll be supporting programs that help disadvantaged people gain employment.

    We are flexible with the vehicles we accept. and we go out of our way to make the donation process stress-free for you.

    To get rid of your vehicle and help those around you, simply contact us today!

    Donate Your Vehicle Below

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    Rewards Mastercard #car #insurance, #motor #vehicle #insurance, #car #insurance #quote


    Rewards Mastercard

    Reward yourself

    Rewards for you

    Coles Rewards Mastercard

    Collect points everywhere, everyday.

    Ready to apply?

    Terms conditions

    1 flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Mastercard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition to flybuys points awarded by flybuys partners. Eligible transactions are explained in the Coles Mastercard Loyalty Terms Conditions found on coles.com.au/creditcards. Eligible transactions exclude cash advances, BPAY payments, credit fees or charges, credits, refunds, reimbursements, business purchases or balance transfers into your account. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see flybuys.com.au. Note that partners’ earn rates vary.

    2 Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to enable the transfer of their flybuys points to Velocity Points. Linked households may transfer a minimum of 2,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 870 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) per redemption and a maximum of 138,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 60,030 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points per household, per calendar year. flybuys points can only be transferred in increments of 2,000. Visit at www.flybuys.com.au/transfer to transfer flybuys points. flybuys points transferred for Velocity Frequent Flyer points will be credited to the linked Velocity accounts. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply to the collection of flybuys points available at www.flybuys.com.au/about/flybuys-terms-and-conditions. Standard Velocity Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions available at www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/content/TermsConditions apply once points are transferred to Velocity Frequent Flyer. To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time. flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Mastercard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition.

    4 No international transaction fees on purchases applies to purchases made when shopping online or overseas. 1.5% applies when you obtain funds outside of Australia or in a foreign currency. Across-border assesment fee and a currency conversion assesment fee is charged when you withdraw cash from an automatic teller machine outside Australia or when you make a cash advance at international merchants in a currency other than Australian dollars.

    5 Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits. In non-promotional periods the earn rate for Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will be 1 Status Credit for every $100 spent (including GST) each calendar month in total across Coles, Coles online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor. No part Status Credits will be allocated, only whole Status Credits per $100 spend. The Velocity Frequent Flyer member linked to the flybuys program membership (as at the end of the calendar month) will be awarded the Status Credits. The nominated linked member may earn up to a maximum of 10 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits per calendar month. Spend excludes tobacco and tobacco related products, charity donations and gift card purchases. Please allow up to 2 weeks after the end of each calendar month for your Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits to be credited. Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will not appear on your flybuys statement; see your Velocity account for your total Status Credit balance. Velocity members also need to fly on Virgin Australia marketed flights to earn Eligible Sectors in addition to Status Credits to upgrade or maintain a new level of membership.

    6 That’s 2 standard flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Rewards Mastercard on eligible transactions (see exclusions 1 above) and 1 flybuys point awarded by flybuys partners. Standard flybuys Terms Conditions apply see flybuys.com.au .

    7 2,000 flybuys points are required to redeem $10 off at the checkout each time. Excludes Coles Express and Coles online. Minimum spend is $10.05 after savings and discounts in one transaction at Coles Supermarkets and BI-LO (excluding smoking/tobacco related product purchases and all gift cards).

    8 Receive free delivery each time you spend $100 or more, after savings and discounts, with a Coles Credit Card at shop.coles.com.au. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Offer excludes tobacco and tobacco related product purchases and remote delivery orders. To see if we deliver to your area, visit shop.coles.com.au and enter your postcode. Normal delivery terms and conditions apply.

    9 Balance transfer minimum amount is $100. Balance transfer exclusions include credit cards issued outside Australia, other Coles Mastercards and Latitude Financial Services issued credit cards. The special balance transfer rate is valid for 6 months from the date your account is opened on our system. After that time the remaining transferred balance will revert to the standard annual percentage rate for purchases. Standard terms and conditions apply for new transactions. Account must not be in default of your credit contract when the balance transfer is processed. Minimum monthly payments during interest free period apply. Paying only the minimum monthly payment of 2.222% will not pay out your balance transfer within 6 months.

    10 These benefits include complimentary access to our 24/7 worldwide concierge service, as well as Merchandise Protection Insurance, which protects the items you buy with your card in case they’re lost, stolen or damaged. See the Insurance Benefits section in the Conditions of Use for details. Merchandise Protection cover is provided by Hallmark General Insurance Company Limited (ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478).

    All rewards are subject to availability.

    Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Credit facility provided by Wesfarmers Finance Pty Ltd ABN 58 601 282 455, Australian Credit Licence number 470916.

    Money magazine award: The Coles Rewards Mastercard won Best Non-Bank Rewards Credit Card, 2017.

    Canstar award: The Coles Rewards Mastercard received 5 Stars for Outstanding Value in General Rewards across all spending categories and Frequent Flyer Rewards with a $24,000-$120,000 annual spend, in 2017.

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    California DMV Paperwork When Buying a Car #california, #buying #a #car #in #california, #california


    Paperwork When Buying a Car in California

    After buying a car in California, you will need certain documents from the seller before you can properly transfer ownership.

    Use this guide to learn more about the paperwork required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for vehicle transactions.

    Paperwork for California Car Buyers

    Once you purchase a car in California, you’ll have 10 days to title and register it with the DMV to avoid penalty. This will vary depending on if you bought it from a dealership or a private party. as dealerships will file your paperwork for you and make it unlikely you’ll have to visit the DMV post-transaction.

    When buying a car from a private seller, you’ll need certain documents from the seller before titling and registration can be completed. These include:

    • The vehicle’s title .
      • Fill out each of the transfer sections, including:
        • Signatures from the buyer and seller.
        • The purchase price .
        • An odometer disclosure statementIF the vehicle is under 10 years old.
      • If the title is missing, a new title can be obtained by the seller by completing an Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title (Form REG 227).
    • A smog certificate .
      • Required if the car is more than 4 years old.
    • A bill of sale .
      • Though not required by the California DMV to transfer ownership, a bill of sale can help you prove transfer of ownership and the purchase price.

    CA Car Registration Paperwork

    To title and register your vehicle in California, bring the following paperwork to your local DMV within 10 days of the purchase:

    • The vehicle title. smog certificate. and bill of sale as described above.
    • A completed Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343).
    • Payment for the fees due, including:
      • Registration fee: $46 .
      • California Highway Patrol fee: $24 .

    For information about registration, please visit our guide to registering a car in California .

    Registering Out-of-State Vehicles

    In some instances, you may have purchased a vehicle outside of California. or the owner has just arrived in the state and is selling their car. In these instances, the following paperwork may also be needed in addition to the documents outlined above when registering an out-of-state vehicle in California:

    • Out-of-state registration documents .
    • Current license plates .
    • A completed Verification of Vehicle (Form REG 31) completed by any of the following:
      • An authorized DMV agent.
      • Law enforcement.
      • A licensed vehicle verifier.
    • A completed Statement of Facts (Form REG 256).
      • You will need to fill this form out if you have previously paid sales or use tax in your former state of residence.


    Complete this form to request a duplicate CA title OR paperless title, which you can use while transferring ownership of a vehicle.

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    Ravelco Anti Theft Device #anti #theft #device, #anti-theft #device, #car #anti #theft #device, #car


    The Best Anti Theft Device For Your Car or Truck. Period!

    In 41 Years – Not One Vehicle Ever Stolen!

    The Ravelco (pronounced Ruh-vel-co) Anti Theft Device is installed in an easily accessible place beneath or flush mounted in the dashboard of your vehicle. A removable 16 pin male plug (which when not in use connects to your key chain) makes all the electronic connections. A hidden armored steel cable protects the wires from the rear of the RAVELCO base on through to the engine compartment where all the connections are made and camouflaged. When the plug is removed from the RAVELCO, it is impossible to start the vehicle. There are more than 100,000 different combinations. NO MASTER PLUGS. An impossible obstacle for even the most persistent thief. No Bells or Whistles. Just Results!

    Latest News
    F – 250/350/450 SUPER DUTY
    The Ford Super Duty Trucks are taking the lead in recent stolen vehicle theft reports. READ MORE

    The Pros Cons of the other so called alarms and security systems. READ MORE


    Be sure to read about us in:

    To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

    RAVELCO Anti Theft Device – Copyright 2017

    6920 Oak Knoll Drive
    Richmond, Texas

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    Boat Donation Wisconsin #donating #vehicle #tax #deduction


    Boat Donation Wisconsin

    Is it time to send your boat off into the sunset or trade up to a newer model?

    Looking to save docking fees for the winter on a boat you no longer want?

    If so, consider donating it to help at risk youth and families turn their lives around. How? When you make a boat donation in Wisconsin to Rawhide Boys Ranch, 83% of the proceeds directly fund programs that help troubled youth change their lives. And you get a tax deduction for your donation.

    Bart Starr helped found Rawhide in 1965 and has been an active participant ever since. In fact he may have been the first vehicle donor when he raffled off his 1968 Corvette that he won as MVP. It raised around $60,000 for Rawhide that year. You can help continue Bart s legacy by donating your used or unwanted boat.

    3 Easy Steps for Making a Boat Donation in Wisconsin

    1. Fill out the form on the right for a boat donation in Wisconsin; it takes about 1 minute to complete.
    2. We will arrange a free pickup service at your convenience.
    3. Say hello to your tax receipt.

    Benefits of Wisconsin Boat Donations to Rawhide

    • 83% of donation proceeds directly fund treatment programs for at risk youth
    • Receive a tax deduction to lower your taxes
    • Make a difference in your Wisconsin community
    • We arrange a free boat pickup service for you, so that donating your boat is never an inconvenience

    Your donation will fund Rawhide treatment programs that help at risk youth and families turn their lives around.

    Rawhide offers a full continuum of programs and services that provide prevention-based programs for youth and families, and includes more intensive residential services for at-risk young men. Rawhide staff is caring, professional people who are committed to achieving positive outcomes for every youth or adult we serve.

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    Limousines Limos for Sale #limos #for #sale, #limousines #for #sale, #used #limo #sales, #used


    If you are looking to make a reservation for limousine services please click here to go to our
    Aladdn Limousine Service

    Limousines limo for Sale, New and Used LimosWorldwide No matter your need of ground transportation for your company Aladdin Coach Builders is able to assist you finding that one perfect SUV Limousine , Super Stretch Limousine. Corporate Limo or Tiffanys. Contact: Archie at Aladdin Auto Sales- Aladdin Coach Builders to see what Aladdin can build for you.

    Limo Insurance
    Phone: 610-622-1954
    Cell: 856-577-9360
    Fax: 610-622-2083 Pres: Thomas McCusker
    Transportation Insurance Placement Svcs.
    7178 Marshall Road Upper Darby, PA. 19082

    Brenner Financial provides Best in Class lease products and term loans to livery professionals nationwide. Our experience, expertise, and dedication to customer service makes us the number one choice for limousine funding.

    Advantage Funding
    is the leader in automotive and equipment leasing and financing. Our extensive experience and commitment to excellence guarantees you the highly professional service you require. We strive to obtain the best value for your money while maintaining a long-lasting relationship. Financing your automobile or other equipment is our specialty.

    Website updated daily
    Today’s Date Is:

    Subscribe Here

    Want to know of new vehicle listings as they come in Subscibe here for new listings

    limos forsale, limousines,limousines for sale,limos for sale, limos, used limos for sale, limousine sales,limousine 4 sale, limos, limos,used limousines, used limos, manufacturers, industry, insurance, used limos, used limousines, buy used limousines,used limousines for sale,buy limos, buy used limos,used limos to buy, limos sales, new limousines for sale,hummers, krystal,limo 4 sale used,chrysler limousines, transportation,limosines,luxury limouzines,lincoln limousine, lincoln towncar limos, super stretch limos,super stretch limousines,stretch limos,services, advertising, limosales,

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    Fleet Telematics System, GPS Vehicle Tracking Software – Enterprise Fleet Management #vehicle #fleet #management

    Fleet Telematics Tracking System

    Fleet Telematics Tracking

    A small plug-and-play telematics device can drive big fleet efficiencies, by letting you track fleet vehicles from almost anywhere in real-time. The fleet telematics system provides a wealth of data including GPS location, speed, fuel usage and engine performance capturing details needed to improve fuel usage, optimize routes and plan maintenance.


    With its easy-to-use resources, fleet telematics software can build fully customizable dashboard reports capturing GPS fleet tracking data to keep tabs on everything from the current dispatch situation to long-term driving patterns. It is valuable data you can use to streamline operations.


    Simple to install, the fleet telematics system makes it just as easy to keep track of your fleet vehicles via GSP tracking software. The system s real-time data can be used to generate instant notifications and customizable dashboard reports, among other applications. Fleet Telematics can deliver alerts to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, too, so you never miss a beat even when you re on the go.

    Get the right vehicles at the right price without sacrificing safety or productivity. Our industry experts negotiate the best incentives and help you plan proactively to acquire at the lowest possible cost.

    Improve your cash flow by establishing your own line of credit with us. You ll free up capital to invest in your business and receive a custom financing plan based on your holding period and mileage.

    Through multiple selling channels, Enterprise Fleet management sells more used vehicles than any other company in North America. Take advantage of our resale process to get your vehicles sold for the highest return quickly and efficiently.

    Reduce downtime with our streamlined maintenance process, utilizing our nationwide network of 65,000 service centers and accredited team of ASE certified technicians.

    Track usage, set limits and find the cheapest fuel to provide convenience for your drivers and the controls you need to drive down cost.

    Handle accident claims quickly with risk management services that are available 24/7.

    Programs that handle license and registration for your entire fleet ensure you will meet every regulation without investing personal time.

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