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Juris Doctor Program

The Juris Doctor (JD) Program at Pace Law School is a full-time or part-time day academic program that provides solid preparation for students who wish to become lawyers. The program offers an integrated curriculum designed to ensure the development of appropriate academic, procedural, and lawyering skills.

Required courses
Required courses account for a minimum of 36 of the 88 credits necessary for a JD degree for students matriculating in 2016 or thereafter. Below you will find the schedule of required courses for full-time day and part-time day.

Second. third, or fourth year

Upper level writing requirement
All Pace Law Students must complete a writing project under the supervision of a professor. It is each student s responsibility to register for a course or a seminar in which the professor is willing to supervise a qualifying writing project and to inform the professor at the beginning of the semester that a course is being taken to satisfy the writing requirement. The professor must certify to the Registrar at the end of the semester that all the elements of the requirement have been met. Only faculty-supervised writing may satisfy the requirement. Participation in Moot Court competitions or contests does not satisfy the requirement. The necessary permission forms can be found on the Registrar s website.

  • The following may be used to satisfy the requirement:
    Courses Any course that is certified by the Academic Dean as satisfying the requirement may be taken. A list of courses that have been certified will be included in the registration materials each semester. This list includes:
    • All seminars
    • The Federal Judicial Honors Program
    • Advanced Appellate Advocacy
    • Guided Research with a full-time faculty member
    • Any other upper-level course or clinic, if approved by the full-time or adjunct professor teaching the course or clinic and the Academic Dean.
  • Law review notes Notwithstanding the requirements for other means of satisfying the upper level requirement, students who are members of any of the law reviews may satisfy the requirement by writing their note or comment. A full-time professor must review and certify that student notes and comments meet the substantive requirements for the requirement as set forth below.
  • Requirements of the written product: The written product must be in the form of a scholarly article, a legal memorandum, or a trial or appellate brief. The written product must be at least 25 double-spaced pages, exclusive of footnotes. It must also demonstrate an appropriate level of legal research and analysis, be well-organized and well-written, and ordinarily, it must contain ample citation to legal authority. Journals, diaries, and other writings that do not reflect such research and analysis do not meet this requirement. Except for the suggestions of editors and faculty, the written product should reflect the individual work of the student.

To satisfy the requirement, a student must :

  1. Complete a research and citation workshop (students who matriculate in the fall of 2013 and thereafter)
  2. Submit a draft
  3. Get feedback on the draft in any combination of the following forms: oral, written, checklists, and audiotapes
  4. Submit a final product

To satisfy the requirement, the written product should include:

  1. A required writing text
  2. Research logs (not necessarily graded)
  3. An outline (not necessarily graded)
  4. A self-critique or peer-critique experience
  5. Either (a) a minimum of two hours of class time devoted to the teaching of writing, or (b) individual student-teacher conferences. Feedback on further drafts at the option of the professor.

Required Research and Citation Workshop: As part of the Upper Level Writing

Requirement, all students must complete a Research and Citation Workshop with the Law

School s Reference Librarians some time during the second, third, or fourth year of Law School.

Completion of the Advanced Legal Research course or one of the Advanced Research Skills

intersession courses will satisfy this requirement. In addition, some upper level seminars used to

fulfill the Upper Level Writing Requirement that also incorporate a Research and Citation

Workshop will satisfy the requirement. All students must submit a Certificate of Completion,

signed by a Reference Librarian, in order to complete successfully this research and citation

component of the Upper Level Writing Requirement.

Upper level skills requirement
Students must successfully complete a total of 6 credits of coursework in an approved upper level skills courses as a condition of graduation. The following courses may be taken to meet the upper level skills requirement:

  • Live-Client Clinics
    Barbara C. Salken Criminal Justice Clinic
    Environmental Litigation Clinic
    Equal Justice America Disability Rights Clinic
    Immigration Justice Clinic
    Investor Rights Clinic
    Neighborhood Justice Clinic
  • Externships
    Corporate Law Externship
    Criminal Justice (Prosecutorial) Externship
    Environmental Law Externship (NY and DC)
    Family Court Externship
    Federal Judicial Honors Externship
    Legal Services/Public Interest/Health Law Externship
    Mediation Practicum
    Prosecution Honors Externship
  • Simulations
    Advanced Appellate Advocacy
    Advanced Real Property
    Advanced Research Skills in Criminal Law and Procedure
    Advanced Trial Advocacy
    Commercial Leasing
    Drafting Legal Documents
    Environmental Commercial Transactions
    Environmental Skills
    Federal Criminal Pre-Trial Simulation
    Intellectual Property Agreements and Licensing
    Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation (ICN)
    Law Practice Management
    Patent Practice and Procedure
    Pre-trial Civil Litigation Simulation (PCLS)
    Survey of Dispute Resolution Processes (for up to 15 students per semester)
    Trial Advocacy

Professional Development Requirement

All students entering in the Fall 2015 semester or thereafter are required to fulfill a Professional Development Requirement in order to graduate. Students will satisfy the requirement by:

  1. Registering with the Center for Career and Professional Development ( CCPD ) by December 1 st of their first year at the Law School,
  2. Attending at least one in-office meeting with a CCPD counselor before the beginning of their final year in law school, and
  3. Earning six (6) professional development ( PD ) credits, in addition to their 88 academic credits, before graduating from law school. One PD credit will be awarded for mandatory participation in a day-long seminar organized by CCPD, to be held early in the second year of law school.

Examples of programs attendance at any one of which will earn students one (1) PD credit are available in the Academic Regulations or from the Registrar s office.

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Webster University Louisville #university #of #louisville #online #degrees


Webster University Louisville

About Location

Convenient to downtown and located off I-71 at exit 2, many students find that the location, small class sizes and individual attention result in better networking opportunities and successful learning outcomes within their profession or local community.

Webster personalizes education to meet specific goals and schedule demands while maintaining full-time employment or actively serving in the military. In Louisville and around the world, Webster University is recognized as a leader in global education and a pioneer in adult and military education.

Webster University’s Louisville campus location:

  • The MHA program is one of the top graduate degrees for healthcare administrators in the region
  • Faculty members are working professionals, not just “professors”
  • Class schedules are convenient for employed professionals
  • Real-world, project-based teaching and learning experiences

Student Resources

– Truc Ly, MA Counseling Student

“Webster was able to help me put most of my concerns and anxiety with returning back to school behind me. The professors are awesome; they bring their personal experience to the classroom and really made going back to school a great experience for me. Not only did I earn my MA in counseling, I developed long-lasting friendships with professional people who work in the same field.”

– Kenisha, MA Media Communications ’11

“Webster provided me great guidance and instruction from experts in not only the field of Media Communications but from Business as well. Whenever I needed guidance on an internship, or even a professional project, I was confident in reaching out to the faculty at Webster because I understood they’re not only my professors but also members of my network who want me to succeed.”

– Sean, MA Management and Leadership Student

“Webster University has a solid reputation and has many degrees compatible with future employment. Classes and breaks are about half as long as traditional university courses and are only 9 weeks long. This degree makes me a better leader for the Air National Guard and will help me transition to civilian employment.”

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Accounting, PhD Program, Berkeley-Haas #university #of #california, #uc, #berkeley, #haas #school #of #business, #business



PhD Program


As an academic field, accounting has experienced a substantial infusion of new concepts and quantitative methodologies. These developments have aligned accounting with economics and finance more closely than ever before. Our program is geared towards providing an interdisciplinary approach to capital markets research in accounting.

Program Overview

A deep understanding of accounting research requires substantial background in mathematics, probability, statistics, economics, and finance. This background is acquired through formal coursework during the first and second years. Students gain additional exposure to research through workshops as well as through research assignments and joint projects with faculty. In addition, the accounting group links students with the real world through the Center for Financial Reporting and Management. It is common for doctoral students to also serve as teaching assistants and, occasionally, instructors for undergraduate accounting classes.

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Altierus Career College Chesapeake – Call to Enroll Today (757) 361-3900, chesapeake university.#Chesapeake #university


Altierus Career College Chesapeake

Chesapeake , VA 23320

Fax: (757) 361-3917

Mon – Thu: 8:30 am to 7 pm

Fri: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Sat: 9 am to 1 pm

Campus Overview

You know you want more out of life. You also know education can open doors previously closed to you. At Altierus Career College in Chesapeake, located in Northern Virginia’s (NoVa) Hampton Roads, you can boost your earning power by getting a diploma or associate degree in one of several popular career fields, including health care, skilled trades or business.

Altierus has a team dedicated to your success by supporting you in your education and by helping you gain the skills and experience you need to be an attractive job candidate to local employers. Class sizes are limited to make sure you can get the personal attention you may need. You also learn from a hands-on approach with simulated workplace settings so you can really get the feel of what it’s like to apply your new knowledge and skills to real-world situations.

You can learn from instructors who are industry professionals and who will share practical knowledge along with your academic education. And once you graduate, you will receive assistance from our trained and dedicated Career Services staff who will provide help with job-hunting support, including resume writing, interview preparation and setting up appointments with local employers.

If you’re serious about improving your future and your life through practical career training, Altierus Career College in Chesapeake is the school for you. We serve students throughout NoVA, including the Hampton Roads communities of Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Portsmouth and Norfolk.

Programs Offered at the Chesapeake Campus

The Facility

Enter our modern 26,900-square-foot campus and prepare to change your life. Here you’ll find a student library, student lounge, Internet cafe, six lecture rooms, five computer labs, three medical laboratories, a dental lab, pharmacy technician lab, and electrician and HVAC labs. These labs give you the opportunity to learn by doing. Further support is provided by our library/resource center, administrative offices, student lounge and book store.

All facilities are easily accessible to both day and evening students with ample parking and comply with the guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The campus is conveniently located in the center of seven cities of Hampton Roads and is within a short walk to the Chesapeake Conference Center and close to the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center and the Greenbrier Mall. You can reach us easily by interstate or by bus.

Campus Activities

Altierus Career College’s Chesapeake campus offers a variety of activities and events to give you the complete student experience. These include our:

  • Igniter Ambassador Program Have a question? Need help? Need a friend? Ask an Igniter ambassador. Ambassadors are fellow students who volunteer to give you support when you need it. Don’t hesitate to approach an ambassador when you have a question about school facilities, tutoring, study tips or any other concerns.
  • Career Workshops These events are hosted by Career Services staff and program directors who can help you better understand how your new knowledge and skills can be put to use in the working world.
  • In-House Program Clinics Prepare yourself for the working world with hands-on workshops in the skills you need to get a job and get ahead!
  • CARE Program We understand that life’s challenges can sometimes impact your college experience. Our CARE program can help provide solutions to your transportation, child care and other personal challenges so you have more time and energy to focus on your education.
  • Holiday Activities Celebrate the holidays with your fellow students and their families through coordinated activities such as dinners and other functions. With a culturally diverse population, we appreciate all the advantages this can bring to our campus and community.

Community Involvement

At Altierus Career College in Chesapeake, a great education means more than just learning a marketable skill. By helping others, you’ll help yourself by learning responsibility, empathy and interpersonal skills that can last a lifetime. We provide you with opportunities to grow through our involvement and support of important community groups and events such as:

  • Toys for Tots
  • Food Bank of Hampton Roads
  • Urban League of Hampton Roads
  • Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce
  • Chesapeake Public Schools
  • Hampton Roads Workforce Development Board (Opportunity Inc.)
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

American Red Cross National Technical Honor Society

Please feel free to drop by our Chesapeake campus at any time for a tour. We’d love to see you!

Campus Resources

At Altierus Career College’s Chesapeake campus, we have made every effort to provide you with the tools and resources you need to stay focused on reaching your educational goals. Our on-site resources include:

  • A library open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, with computers available for student use.
  • Tutoring available from instructors during regular school hours.
  • Drinks and snacks available from vending machines in the student lounge.

Off-Site Resources

  • A variety of restaurants located in the nearby Parkview Shops shopping center and the Greenbrier Mall.
  • Several day care facilities situated within minutes of the campus. Recommendations are available from the campus upon request.

Safety & Security Are a Priority

At Altierus, we’re committed to creating a safe learning environment free from preventable harm from physical assault, threatening behavior, theft, or other security-related issues. Our campuses have multiple safety precautions in place including a professional security staff and physical security measures such as cameras, alarms, and secured access where appropriate. Additionally, we maintain and regularly test emergency response plans that will help us to effectively manage any type of on-campus emergency.

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Thomas Edison State University #thomas #edison #online #college, #thomas #edison #state #university


Why Thomas Edison State University?

Dedicated Exclusively to Serving Adults

  • A partnership with Study.com to guarantee transfer credit
  • Helpful staff who provide personalized student service
  • Online classes and programs that fit your busy schedule
  • Transfer previously earned credits and apply them to your degree
  • Earn credit for what you already know through prior learning assessment
  • Regionally accredited, senior public institution

Partnership with Study.com

TESU has a transfer partnership with Study.com that provides an even more flexible option by letting you earn your degree faster and at a lower cost. Here’s how it works:

  • Take online courses through Study.com
  • Complete proctored finals to earn credit
  • Transfer your Study.com credit to TESU
  • Finish your remaining credits with TESU

Study.com courses are offered entirely online and are self-paced, making it easier for you to fit earning college credit into your schedule. Quizzes along the way will help you test your knowledge leading up to your final exam, and you can get help from expert instructors on topics you’re not as comfortable with.

Get Started on Your Degree Right Away

Through the partnership between TESU and Study.com, you qualify for 30 days of Study.com courses risk-free. You can get started on your degree right away, with no money down!

Submit your information on the right, and an enrollment advisor will speak with you about taking courses on Study.com. They can also help you with transcript review and guidance counseling to ensure you feel supported on your path to a college degree.

About Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University provides flexible, high-quality, collegiate learning opportunities for self-directed adults. The university offers associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs and certificates in more than 100 areas of study and has pioneered the use of the latest technologies to develop and deliver academic programs that work around the unique needs of adult learners.

Degrees can be customized to meet your needs, through options like online courses, independent study courses, transfer credits earned from other regionally accredited institutions, dual enrollment, earning credit for professional and/or military training, and by demonstrating college-level knowledge acquired outside of a traditional classroom through examination programs, portfolio assessment, and other forms of prior learning assessment. The New York Times called Thomas Edison State University ‘the college that paved the way for flexibility,’ and Forbes magazine identified the college as one of the top schools in the nation to use technology to create learning opportunities for adults.

Student Testimonials

‘I have two small children and when we talk about the importance of education one of the things my husband and I always like to tell our children is you finish what you start. It was kind of hypocritical for me to say that when I didn’t finish what I started so for me to have the opportunity to come back and do that in a way that didn’t disrupt our family, didn’t hurt our pockets, was just a really good thing for me. The professors, or mentors as they’re called, were awesome. They were always available. It really defied my stereotype of what it would be like to go to school online.’

Tiffany Jenkins ’10

‘I chose the college because it afforded obviously that wonderful flexibility, brought your classroom to your home or wherever you happened to be. It offered what I was looking for in my nursing program. I was very impressed with the fact that if you did need to speak to someone there was someone on the other end of the phone line when you called. They have a tremendous support online as well.’

Leslie Beck, RN ’09, ’12

‘My experiences as a student were nothing short of wonderful. The flexibility that the college provided was fantastic. I finished 18 prior learning assessment portfolios. Also Thomas Edison State College was able to take my credits – CLEP credits, they took credits from communicate college and they took ACE credits.’

Rolando Gorostiza ’07

‘The professors were very timely if I had a question and they got back to me right away. They got back to me with answers that were easy to understand. If I didn’t understand via email or electronic means I was able to contact them via phone and talk the problem out, which was very necessary when you got into some of the more complicated classes.’

Brad Brezinski ’04

‘It was a wonderful experience. The online program really does give you some flexibility. It provided me with the flexibility to keep my full-time job, go to school full-time and complete this in seventeen months.’

Michele DeNoia, RN ’12

‘They have a non-traditional means and medium for delivering quality education that enabled me to realize both my academic and personal dreams and goals.’

Dean Clemente ’11

‘I looked around at a lot of schools and evaluated them when I was in the military and from what I saw Thomas Edison offered me the best means to accomplish my degree. I transferred a lot of my credits; Thomas Edison accepted all of them. I’m glad I chose this school.’

‘When I looked at other schools for finishing my degree Thomas Edison really had the edge over all the other schools, even looking at private colleges near where I live just north of Philadelphia.’

Brian Fogarty ’98, ’11

Earn Credit

You can transfer credit from any of the following Study.com courses towards your Thomas Edison State University undergraduate degree. Click to view the courses in each subject area.

Note: The transfer guide will be updated in January 2018.

  • AS in Business Administration (ASBA)
  • BS in Accounting
  • BS in Accounting/CPA
  • BS in Computer Information Systems
  • BS in Entrepreneurship
  • BS in Finance
  • BS in General Management
  • BS in Human Resources Management/Organizational Management
  • BS in Marketing
  • BS in Operations Management
  • BS in Organizational Leadership
  • Certificate of Accounting
  • Certificate of Finance
  • Certificate of General Management
  • Certificate of Marketing
  • Certificate of Operations Management
  • Certificate of Organizational Leadership
  • BA in Communications
  • Certificate of Communications
  • AAS in Applied Computer Studies
  • AAS in Applied Electronic Studies
  • ASAST in Computer and Information Technology
  • ASAST in Electronics Engineering Technology
  • ASAST in Nuclear Engineering Technology
  • ASNSM in Computer Science
  • ASNSM in Mathematics
  • BA in Computer Science
  • BA in Mathematics
  • BS in Electronics Systems Engineering Technology
  • BS in Energy Systems Technology
  • BS in Information Technology
  • BS in Nuclear Energy Engineering Technology
  • BS in Nuclear Engineering Technology
  • Certificate of Computer Information Systems
  • Certificate of Computer Science
  • Certificate of Electronics
  • Certificate of Gas Distribution

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Texas A – M – Commerce (GMAT can be waived – it s AACSB-accredited)


Thread: Texas A M – Commerce (GMAT can be waived it’s AACSB-accredited)

Teachers play an important role in fostering the intellectual and social development of children during their formative years. The education that students acquire is key to determining the future of those students. Whether in elementary or high schools or in private or public schools, teachers provide the tools and the environment for their students to develop into responsible adults.
Teachers act as facilitators or coaches, using classroom presentations or individual instruction to help students learn and apply concepts in subjects such as science, mathematics, and English. They plan, evaluate, and assign lessons; prepare, administer, and grade tests; listen to oral presentations; and maintain classroom discipline. Teachers observe and evaluate a student’s performance and potential. They are increasingly asked to use new assessment methods

�Public school teachers must be licensed, which typically requires a bachelor’s degree and the completion of an approved teacher education program; private school teachers do not have to be licensed but may still need a bachelor’s degree.
�Job prospects are best for teachers in high-demand fields, such as mathematics, science, and bilingual education, and in less desirable urban or rural school districts.
�Teachers must have the ability to communicate, inspire trust and confidence, and motivate students, as well as understand students’ educational and emotional needs.

Click Here
to find FREE information on schools offering this course of study.

Lewis offers the following online degrees: Bachelor�s Degree in Fire Service Administration; Certificates in Nursing Administration and Nursing Education; Master�s Degree in Organizational Leadership (Higher Education, Management, Not-For-Profit, Public Administration, and Training), Information Security (Managerial and Technical); and MSN in Nursing Administration and Nursing Education.

The school is regionally accredited, the most widely recognized accreditation.

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to receive FREE information on this school.

Colorado State University – Global Campus

Colorado State University – Global Campus

Colorado State University offers accredited Bachelor completion and Master programs in a variety of fields, including business management, organizational leadership, a Masters in Teaching and Learning, and a BS in Social Sciences (degree completion)

The school is regionally accredited, the most widely recognized accreditation.

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to receive FREE information on this school.

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Hi! Has anyone on here heard anything about the MS in Accounting a TAMU-Commerce? I am interested in the program. Thanks!

Argosy offers online Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate in Business Administration, psychology, and HR-related degrees, with many specialty degrees, including organizational psychology, exercise psychology, HR, public administration, higher education administration, and many more.

Argosy also offers the same degrees and more from 19 locations across the U.S. and is a leader in the distance/online education field.

Argosy has one of the largest graduate student communities in the nation, and is regionally accredited, the most widely recognized accreditation.

Click Here
to receive FREE information on this school.

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Hi! Has anyone on here heard anything about the MS in Accounting a TAMU-Commerce? I am interested in the program. Thanks!

There is already an active thread about this.

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Stanford Department of Mathematics #stanford #university #mba #online


Professor Akshay Venkatesh has been invited to speak at the upcoming International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM), to be held in Rio de Janeiro in August 2018. Several other ICM 2018 invited speakers have Stanford Mathematics connections, such as former faculty members Zhiwei Yun and John Pardon. In addition to Pardon, who received his PhD in 2015, other PhD alumni Robert Lipshitz (2006), Jason Miller (2011), Emmy Murphy (2012), and Maksym Radziwill (2013) have also been invited to speak at the ICM 2018.

The recipient for the Undergrad Research Award: Andreea Georgescu ( Representation Theory of the Symmetric Groups Advisor: Daniel Bump). This departmental award is given to a top honors thesis. The recipient for the Firestone Award: Zi Yang Kang (“Strategy-Proof Bilateral Trade” Advisor: Jan Vondrák). This university award recognizes the top ten percent of all honors theses in social science, science, and engineering from graduating seniors from across the University.

The Math Department s 2017 Vice Provost for Graduate Education (VPGE) Fellowship Award recipients have been announced. Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS): Zev Rosengarten Diversifying Academia, Recruiting Excellence (DARE): Lisa Sauermann Abigail Ward ARCS Fellowship: The ARCS Scholar Fellowship recognizes outstanding students in the natural sciences and engineering who demonstrate the potential to make significant contributions to the scientific and technological strength of the nation.

The Pólya seminar last year was generously supported by Two Sigma Investments. Their support allows us to give out cash prizes for the many students who performed excellently in the Putnam competition. The recipients of this award are (pictured in no particular order): Morris Ang Andrew Chen Ursula Hebert Johnson Richard Heru Harrison Ho Luis Kumanduri Pengda Liu Yelena Mandelshtam Nitya Mani Boris Perkhounkov Huy Pham Raj Raina Pras Ramakrishnan Patrick Revilla Ethan Sussman David Xing Nina Zubrilina Not pictured: James Allen, Bryce Cai, Albert Zhang

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Florida international university online degrees #florida #international #university #online #degrees


Steven J. Green
School of International
Public Affairs


Online Master of Public Administration

  • Students have convenient online access to the MPA program at FIU
  • Courses are offered online on an annual rotation
  • Students can take one, two, three or four graduate classes at a time
  • Fall Admission Only

Program Highlights

  • Top-Quality Faculty. The FIU MPA Faculty is the largest in South Florida and is the only full-time public administration department in Miami-Dade County. The majority of the program’s courses are taught by full-time FIU Public Administration professors who are also top scholars in the field of public administration.
  • Top Quality NASPAA-Accredited Curriculum. FIU’s MPA program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA). The FIU MPA program is the only NASPAA-Accredited Program in Miami-Dade County.
  • Top Quality Students. Our students are very well accomplished academically and professionally. The MPA program is very selective.
  • Best Reputation in the Region. The US News and World Report ranks the MPA program at FIU the best in the South Florida region.
  • Networking. Best Public Administration and Non-Profit Alumni Network in the Region.
  • Quality Career Services. Access to FIU’s extensive Career Services Department provides students with the tools, skills and knowledge to be successful in today’s competitive job market. The Program has its own dedicated Career Development Coordinator housed in the Department of Public Administration.
  • Public Service Internship Option. All students without sufficient public service experience will have the opportunity to complete a 300-hour public service internship at a location and position level approved by the MPA Internship Instructor.

Degree Program Hours: 42 Credit Hours

Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), the program requires a completion of 42 credit hours.

Admission Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution;
  • Three letters of recommendation from undergraduate faculty or work supervisors;
  • Current resume;
  • Three page essay; *Note:The essay should demonstrate graduate level writing competency and should address long term career goals associated with earning a Master of Public Administration.Students may also discuss passions for public issues or policies and may communicate potential for success in graduate school.
  • GRE, GMAT, or LSAT score if undergraduate GPA is less than 3.25 in the last 60 credits of upper division coursework; *Note: The GRE score may be waived at the discretion of the MPA Director for students :
    • who have completed at least 18 credits of graduate level coursework, or
    • who have significant work experience (at administrative analyst or higher level) in the public or non-profit sectorexperience in the public sector.
  • All documents must be submitted by the application deadline.

How to Apply:

In order to be officially considered for admission to the FIU MPA program, students must complete the following steps:

  • Submit an application online. Click here to start an application online via the FIU University Graduate School ;
  • Submit an application fee. A $30.00, non-refundable, application fee payable by check, money order, or credit card is required;
  • Submit official transcript/s. Transcripts of all degree granting institutions must be sent directly from each college or university either electronically or in a sealed envelope to the Graduate Admissions Office (Note: If your undergraduate degree was from FIU you don’t need to do this because your student records are accessible by computer from the Department);
  • Submit three letters of recommendation, resume, and essay to the Graduate Admissions Office;
  • Submit GRE scores if required;
  • Submit all above documents by the application deadline

General Requirements

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA. A grade of ‘C’ or better is required for every core course. Note: A ‘C-’ is not acceptable. The program reserves the right to withhold the awarding of credit for course work taken out of sequence and without appropriate prerequisites.

MPA Core Requirements: 8 Courses (24 Credits).

  • PAD 6053 Political, Social Economic Context of Public Administration
    • (Note; This course must be taken in the first semester)
  • PAD 6306 Policy Analysis Program Planning
  • PAD 6417 Human Resources Management Policy
  • PAD 6701 Quantitative Applications
  • PAD 6227 Public Finance the Budgetary Process
  • PAD 6434 Leadership Decision Making
  • PAD 6726 Applied Research Methods for Accountability in Public and Non-Profit Organizations
    • (Note: The prerequisite for this course is PAD 6701)
  • PAD 6056 The Practice of Public Management
    • (Note: Prerequisites: Completion of MPA Core or last semester of course work status)

Electives (18 credits)

Students may specialize in Human Resources Management, Public Management, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Community Development, Comparative and International Public Administration, or an Outside Field. NOTE. Students must have a “C” or better in all courses; a “C-“ is not acceptable.

PAD 6946, Public Administration Internship, may be used as an elective. Students with less than 3 years of professional (public/non-profit service at “analyst” or higher level) may be required by the admission committee to complete a public service internship.

Tuition and Fees

Visit the Office of Student Financials to use the online Tuition Fee Calculator tool. Please note that there is an additional $160 fee for online courses.

Contact Us

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University Business Forum Austria #small #business #administration #loans

#business forum


University Business Forum

It was a great honor and pleasure for us to welcome you to the University Business Forum to Vienna on February 25-26, 2016 !

The event was a joint effort of the European Commission, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy.

This two-day forum brought together a diverse range of representatives from business, public authorities and universities. Around 520 participants from all over Europe jointly developed ideas and formed creative collaborations.

During the upcoming Forum opinion leaders shared with us latest developments and recent innovations.

You had been inspired by high-profile speakers as:

  • Tibor Navracsics, Member of the European Commission in charge of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
  • Harald Mahrer, State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy
  • Christoph Leitl, President of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
  • Alexa Wesner, US Ambassador to Austria
  • Jörg Dräger, Executive Director of the Centre for Higher Education and Board member of the Bertelsmann foundation
  • Paul Rübig, Member of the European Parliament
  • Werner Wutscher, Founder and CEO of New Venture Scouting, Austria

You had been activated by lively exchange at interactive breakout sessions, informal networking slots and debates about:

  • How can cooperation between business and universities be structured to best drive innovation? How can we scale up models such as “dual studies”?
  • How can an entrepreneurial mind-set among students, teachers and researchers be encouraged? How can science, business and policy support start-up creation?
  • How can a university operate in an entrepreneurial way? What is the role for universities when it comes to lifelong learning, knowledge exchange and regional growth?

Download pictures, power point presentations, the report and the conference programme.

We relyed on the most meaningful participation of many colleagues from all over Europe in order to make our forum a milestone in University-Business-Congress history. The Forum took place in Vienna, one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe but in the entire world.

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Managing My Money – The Open University #business #careers

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Managing My Money

0:11 Skip to 0 minutes and 11 seconds My name’s Martin Upton. I’m director of the Open University’s True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance. And this eight-week course provides a step-by-step practical guide to managing your money. Before I joined the Open University, I was treasurer to the world’s largest building society. So I hope my experience to understanding of finances can help you when it comes to managing your money. The journey starts by putting together the basic building blocks of financial planning, using real-life facts and figures. We look at everything from planning a pension to taking out a loan. And we also look at the bad habits that can lead to poor money management, and the things you can do to avoid them.

0:53 Skip to 0 minutes and 53 seconds We need to better understand what products exist, how they work, what they mean for us, and then taking the right steps to choose a match, maybe to products and the actions that we take to our own individual circumstances. There are some great videos, and audio quizzes, and discussions, and practical online tools. And all of these will allow you to assess your own financial position. The course will provide a financial workout for anyone who wants to take charge of their financial future, regardless of age or level of confidence. It’s important to get to know lenders. There are banks and building societies, but also many others. And they’re all different.

1:31 Skip to 1 minute and 31 seconds Finishing the course will give you the confidence to deal effectively with the firms that offer financial products, from credit cards to pensions. You’ll be better placed to make your own decisions when shopping in the financial supermarket.

About the course

With real incomes falling and personal debt at a record high, there has never been a better time to improve your personal financial skills – Managing My Money aims to do just that.

This free online course starts by giving you practical guidance on how to compile a budget and use it to make good decisions about your spending. You’ll explore debts and investments, and find out how mortgages are used to finance home ownership. The critical issue of pension planning is explained, with guidance on different pension products.

The course concludes by examining different types of insurance and offers practical advice on how to make rational decisions about which insurance products to buy.

Using up-to-the minute data from the UK, you’ll develop financial skills and approaches that are relevant globally. The course is rich in high-quality text, images, video, audio and interactive elements to support your learning.

You can use the hashtag #FLMyMoney16 to join and contribute to Twitter conversations about this course. And you can get a taste of some of the advice this course offers in Martin Upton’s blog post: 10 Christmas spending tips: how to avoid a financial hangover in the New Year .

This course is presented on FutureLearn with the kind support of True Potential LLP.

The True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance (True Potential PUFin)

The True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance (True Potential PUFin) is a pioneering Centre of Excellence for research in the development of personal financial capabilities, based at The Open University Business School. The establishment and activities of True Potential PUFin have been made possible thanks to the generous support of True Potential LLP, which has committed to a five-year programme of financial support for the Centre totalling £1.4 million.


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