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Write Your Way to a Win: Business Proposal 101 #small #business #loans #for #women

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Write Your Way to a Win: Business Proposal 101

It’s a tough world these days, especially for entrepreneurs who have stiff competition in their business niches. Keeping current clients and adding to your client portfolio is the only way you both stay afloat and grow, and no matter how good your products and/or services may be, there are always competitors who want your current business and will go after the same potential clients you do.

Many calls for business proposals are pretty impersonal – governments and public agencies may advertise for bids on projects, products, or other services, give a bid deadline date, and publish the details of their needs. They do this because, by law, they are required to.

For example, a public school district looking to build a new school will publish a “call for bids” for the project. Local and regional contract management firms will then put their proverbial “hats” in the ring and present their proposals. The local school board will receive the bids and make a decision on the contract award, and they are accountable to the public for this decision.

Not so in the private sector. A company is free to make contract decisions as it wishes, having only minimal accountability to their Boards for poor performance and/or cost overrides. Still, business owners seeking new clients and customers must perform well if they intend to keep those clients.

Before You Put Pencil to Paper

Writing business proposals involves a lot of initial legwork. Once you become aware that a potential client is looking for proposals in your business niche, you know you will want to develop a sound, clear, and precise business proposal, and there are many pre-panning activities you will want to conduct.

  • Do Your Research: If you don’t know much about the potential client, you need to study up! Go to the website and read everything! You will get names of decision-makers, get an idea of its business model, how long it been in business, its goals, and it financial picture – all good information to have!
  • Arrange a Meeting with Management: You may not get into see the CEO, but you should make an appointment with as high level a manager as possible. During this meeting you want the client to clarify goals and needs, so be a good listener and take notes! You really want to get clear budget parameters too, so you have a financial framework for your proposal. While the focus of this meeting must be on the client, try to tout yourself a bit – talk about your successes with similar organizations/industries.
  • Develop Your Solutions: Once understand the goals and needs, you are prepared to brainstorm and to develop the most effective and cost-effective ways to serve the client’s needs. For example, if you are in the property management business, and you have become aware that a large apartment complex owner is looking for a new outside property management firm, you meet with that owner or his rep. You ask about his issues and problems and what made him unhappy with the previous management. These will be critical points in your solution proposal.

Writing the Proposal

Writing a business proposal is a lengthy and time-consuming process, so plan enough time to do it right! And if you don’t know how to write a business proposal, you need to be a quick learner. There are templates and samples online that you can study; visit a fellow entrepreneur who has experience and ask for his/her help. Generally, though, your sections will be as follows:

  1. Describe the client’s current situation: In the case of the apartment owner, repair and maintenance have not been acceptable; perhaps screenings of tenants has not be thorough enough; perhaps the management company has not been responsive to tenant issues. These make up the current situation.
  2. State your goals, objectives, and methodologies for meeting the needs of the client and remedying the current situation. Perhaps more resident maintenance staff are required; perhaps the office is under staffed; perhaps there are not clear and consistent policies and practices to respond to repair calls and to conduct those tenant screenings – systems and accountability need to be put into place!
  3. Time and cost: Here is where you get to the heart of the matter. How long, and along what timeline, will you implement the changes, install the equipment, etc. And, critically important, the costs must be carefully and clearly broken down, so that each facet of your solution methodology has a specific cost. In this way, if the client has to cut back on something, he can make informed decisions.
  4. Your conclusion: Do not be afraid to praise yourself. What are the benefits of choosing your company? Point out your successes with similar projects and provide references.
  5. Binding: Make certain that your proposal is bound in a professional manner and submit several copies so that decision-makers can all have their own.

A Word About the Prose

If you are not a good writer, get someone who is. You never know who will be reading your proposal, so make sure there are no grammatical, punctuation or spelling errors. And above all, keep it simple. No one wants to struggle through long and complex sentences with academic-level vocabulary.

How to Write a Business Proposal Letter

A business proposal letter is really a formal and much more dignified “cold call.” You are trying to drum up business by introducing yourself to potential clients who may or may not have heard of you before. The format of the letter should, of course, be business formal and should be impeccable in grammar and style. Here are some pointers:

  1. Find out who the decision-maker is before you write the letter. It should be addressed to that individual.
  2. Your opening paragraph should catch their attention quickly. Using saving money will do the trick, so tell them that you can save them money and/or make their operations more cost-efficient.
  3. The next paragraph should provide more detail about your product or service and describe how it saves money or is more efficient.
  4. The third paragraph should speak to your qualifications. How long have you been doing this? Name past and current clients who have experienced cost savings and greater efficiency with your help. Be certain that you have the approval of these clients to use their names, for they may be contacted.
  5. Closing paragraph should be short and give some call to action. Either ask them to call you or tell them you will call in a few days for an appointment.

Happy proposal writing!

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How to write a perfect professional email in English in 5 steps – Global

#business emails


How to write a perfect professional email in English in 5 steps

For most of us, email is the most common form of business communication so it s important to get it right. Although emails usually aren t as formal as letters, they still need to be professional to present a good image of you and your company.

How to write a formal email

Follow these five simple steps to make sure your English emails are perfectly professional.

  1. Begin with a greeting
  2. Thank the recipient
  3. State your purpose
  4. Add your closing remarks
  5. End with a closing

Download our free ebook: Everyday English Vocabulary 38 pages which points useful words and English phrases to help you have a better understanding of what’s going on around you.

Begin with a greeting

Always open your email with a greeting, such as Dear Lillian . If your relationship with the reader is formal, use their family name (eg. Dear Mrs. Price ). If the relationship is more casual, you can simply say, Hi Kelly . If you don t know the name of the person you are writing to, use: To whom it may concern or Dear Sir/Madam .

  • Thank the recipient

    If you are replying to a client s inquiry, you should begin with a line of thanks. For example, if someone has a question about your company, you can say, Thank you for contacting ABC Company . If someone has replied to one of your emails, be sure to say, Thank you for your prompt reply or Thanks for getting back to me . Thanking the reader puts him or her at ease, and it will make you appear more polite.

  • State your purpose

    If you are starting the email communication, it may be impossible to include a line of thanks. Instead, begin by stating your purpose. For example, I am writing to enquire about … or I am writing in reference to … .

    Make your purpose clear early on in the email, and then move into the main text of your email. Remember, people want to read emails quickly, so keep your sentences short and clear. You ll also need to pay careful attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation so that you present a professional image of yourself and your company.

  • Add your closing remarks

    Before you end your email, it s polite to thank your reader one more time and add some polite closing remarks. You might start with Thank you for your patience and cooperation or Thank you for your consideration and then follow up with, If you have any questions or concerns, don t hesitate to let me know and I look forward to hearing from you .

  • End with a closing

    The last step is to include an appropriate closing with your name. Best regards . Sincerely . and Thank you are all professional. Avoid closings such as Best wishes or Cheers unless you are good friends with the reader. Finally, before you hit the send button, review and spell check your email one more time to make sure it s truly perfect!

  • Aren t you an EF English Live student yet? See the general and business English course in action by requesting a one month for only one dollar* trial. Find more information about essential professional English tips here .

    Wil is a writer, teacher, learning technologist and keen language learner. He’s taught English in classrooms and online for nearly 10 years, trained teachers in using classroom and web technology, and written e-learning materials for several major websites. He speaks four languages and is currently looking for another one to start learning.


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    Cupcake Business, How to Start a Cupcake Business, Sell Cupcakes #business #startup #loans

    #cupcake business


    Cupcake Business

    • Does everyone rave about your cupcakes when you bake for family and friends?
    • Are you known as the Cucpake King or Cupcake Queen amongst your friends?
    • Have you ever thought you could start your own cupcake business?

    If you answered YES to at least two of these questions then this page is specially written to answer all your questions.

    I am often asked how to sell cupcakes and how to start a cupcake business.

    Bake for family and friends

    My first suggestion would be to make cupcakes for family and friends at every possible opportunity. Wherever you go, take cupcakes. It won’t take long before your friends and family will start asking you to make cupcakes for them. Then their friends will ask and so on and so on.

    It may take a while to build up orders but you can have lots of fun trying new recipes and deciding the easiest way for you to frost the cupcakes.

    Choose reliable recipes

    Choose recipes that are fool-proof and always please your customers. In the beginning it is probably best to concentrate on two or three favorite recipes that you know are crowd-pleasers.

    I love my Chocolate Obsession recipe as it keeps really well. This is important if you have to bake an order a day before it is due so that you have plenty of time to frost without the cupcakes going stale.

    Distribute flyers and sell at local malls and swap meets

    You can put up notices at local shopping malls advertising your cupcakes. Going to local swap meets, car boot sales or taking a stall at a fete are other ways to advertise and start selling cupcakes.

    Print up some flyers and do a letterbox delivery in your local area. These are all relatively cheap ways to get started but they also bring good results.

    Give out free samples

    I know you don’t want to give away your profits but make mini cupcakes and give them away at local shopping areas. Attach a small flyer or business card to each cupcake that contains all your contact details.

    Give cupcakes away at local charity events so that your name can be listed amongst the sponsors. Nobody knocks back free cupcakes.

    Price cupcakes properly for your market

    A cupcake business can be started with very limited funds if you are able to work from home. If you price your cupcakes properly you should see profits very quickly.

    Don’t try to undercut your competitors with your pricing. Even if you are working from home make sure that you include all your overheads. You have to think big and realise that if this business venture takes off and you need staff or bigger premises (or both) you can’t double prices overnight to take extra costs into consideration.

    Is it a hobby or full-time business?

    You need to decide if you want to sell cupcakes as a hobby or past-time or whether you can see yourself making cupcakes 6 or 7 days a week. Do you want this to be a full-time occupation and can you make arrangements if you are sick or need holidays?

    Note: The ability to work from home is dependent on local laws as some countries do not allow goods to be sold commercially from a home kitchen so you will have to research your local by-laws.

    If you are unable to bake from home and need to operate from a commercial kitchen your cost of production immediately skyrockets. This is not, however, an insurmountable problem. Just look around at all the cupcake bakeries that are succeeding and know that you too can be successful.

    There are lots of great resources available if you are interested in starting your own cupcake business. Because I have been asked so many times about the best way to start a business I have prepared an ebook which will help you from the beginning stages of thinking about starting your own business through to checklists for completing orders on time.

    Some of the chapters include:
    – Getting Started;
    – Marketing your Business;
    – Tools of the Trade;
    – Pricing your Cupcakes; and
    – Time Management Secrets.

    And don’t forget to come back and let us know how your business is going. We would love to hear from you.

    Have you started your own Cupcake Business?

    Have you started your own cupcake business and have some great tips or suggestions for other readers?

    Do you bake from home or from a commercial kitchen and have some great selling techniques to share with us?

    Do you work for yourself or have you joined a franchise?

    We would love to hear your stories.

    What Other Visitors Have Said

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    Sell Cupcakes
    I have met a friend of mine when studying at University, she can bake cakes and muffins. We decided to open a business for our Saturday classes at University

    Best Cupcake Recipes
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    Start a cupcake business
    Hello! My name is Shelbi. My two sisters and I want to start a cupcake business, but we dont have alot of time with school and jobs. Our mother

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    Ways to advertise your business #business #portal

    #small business advertising


    Ways to advertise your business

    On this page

    • What to do before you start advertising
    • Get some free and low-cost advertising ideas
    • Make sure you don’t break the law

    You don’t have to spend lots of money to advertise and promote your brand. However you should always make sure your advertising considers where your target audience is. If you don’t know the answer to this you should be doing market research and writing a marketing plan. This includes measuring your efforts and only continuing if it’s working.

    Some popular and easy options to consider are:

    Use the local press

    Consider placing an ad in a local weekly newspaper, that is delivered free around your area. They are read by a wide variety of local people and a big advantage is that advertising in local papers is still quite cheap.

    Create and distribute niche flyers

    If you focus on a particular area, flyers are a cheap way to advertise. Find someone in your business, or a friend or family member, who can help design the flyer for free or at a low cost, then you can print the flyer in at home and distribute them on bulletin boards and anywhere else your target market may be.

    Win over an influential blogger

    Find influential bloggers in your industry and ask them to review your product or service in return for a useful and free product and resource for them to use. If after some investigation you still can’t a blogger who will review and write about your product for free, consider looking for ones who will do so for a small fee via websites such as Elance. The endorsement from an expert in industry can be quite influential. Another option is building your own blog.

    Invest in Google AdWords

    There is the potential to really increase the amount of customers that visit your business website using Google AdWords if you are have a structured and well planned campaign. A benefit of AdWords is you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

    Try social media advertising

    Facebook Ads give you the option of being able to target specific demographics. This means you can target people you haven’t reached yet and try to engage them. Even if users don’t always make a purchase due to your Facebook ad, they can still end up ‘liking’ your business, which gives you the opportunity to create a database of potential customers.

    Social media advertising is measurable, through insights and other analytics. It’s also ideal for short-term strategies and to generate traffic to your website or other channels.

    Create a Google Places listing

    If you list your business on Google My Business. it will pop up on Google Maps searches, and give users the opportunity to share reviews and give your business a rating. If you do decide to list your business, make sure you have a Gmail account specific to your business, then start there.

    Honest advertising practices

    The marketing messages that represent your products or services should be accurate, true and able to be substantiated. Honest advertising practices are governed by law and there are fines for businesses that mislead consumers, whether intentionally or not.

    There are a number of laws which govern advertising to ensure honest practices – the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) website has more information on advertising and promoting your business in accordance with the Australian Consumer Law.

    Case Study: How to get free editorial in the Herald-Sun

    ‘The best form of marketing by far is word of mouth, so making sure the customer has a great experience is the first priority.’ Timna Fried, Sweet Crumble cafe and patisserie

    What’s next?

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    BCIT: BUSA 1005 – Introduction to Business #catchy #business #names

    #introduction to business


    BCIT Part-time Studies


    Search bcit.ca

    BUSA 1005 – Introduction to Business

    Course Details

    You need to enable JavaScript in your browser to be able to fully use this page.

    Introduces the external forces in the business environment and the resulting implications for organizations. Examines the place of business in BC and Canada. Focus is on the issues arising from government policies, economics, ethics, social environment, forms of businesses, and the basic components of business operations.



    Fall 2016

    CRN 31282

    CRN 31638


    1. Internet delivery format.
    2. Students must submit e-mail address when registering. To be successful in our online courses, plan to spend 7-10 hours per course each week on your studies, starting Week 1. Our courses are paced and highly interactive with participation requirements weekly. This online course is NOT self-paced. You must have an e-mail address and access to a computer capable of downloading basic documents. You are not required to be online at a specific time of the day; however you are required to submit all assignments on their due dates.
    3. Important course information will be sent to you prior to your course start date. Check your myBCIT email account to access this information.


    Learning Outcomes

    The participants will gain an understanding of the interdependence between businesses and organizations and their environment (ex. political, economic, and social). The participants will understand the basic forms of business and the benefits of the different structures. A general overview will be gained of the basic components of most organizations and their functions.

    Effective as of Fall 2003

    Related Programs

    BUSA 1005 is offered as a part of the following programs:

    School of Business

    Books Supplies

    The BCIT bookstore carries textbooks, general reference books, software, and stationery. Please visit bcit.ca/bookstore for more information.

    Fall 2016

    Books for Fall 2016 offerings of this course are available in the following BCIT online bookstores. Please choose the bookstore appropriate for the offering you are considering.

    BCIT Distance Online Learning Bookstore

    If you are taking this course through either Distance Education or Online Learning, please purchase books for this course at the BCIT Distance Online Learning Bookstore .

    Understanding Canadian Business with Connect with SmartBook COMBO


    Find Courses

    Search Courses

    Recently browsed.

    People are also viewing.

    Course Navigation, Related Links Tools

    About This Course

    Related Links

    Page Tools

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    Top 10 Online Business Opportunities to Make Money #small #business #websites

    #online business opportunities


    Top 10 Online Business Opportunities to Make Money

    Great ways to increase your income directly from your private computer

    Money makes the web go around. Whether you’re on a mission to find a new source of income or just looking to increase your paycheck with a side gig, the internet can offer a variety of solutions for you to choose from.

    With such a great selection it’s easy to get lost. And although trial and error is a method we usually would recommend, it’s probably not a good idea to invest time and resources on experimentation when something so crucial as your income is at stake.

    The solution? Research, and fortunately for you we can save you time with that. Below is a list of 10 online business opportunities that have a high potential for generating profit. Read through and consider which of these options might work for you.

    1. Teach Online Classes:
    Your expertise and knowledge can be very useful to you when you start your online business. Whether you’re a certified chemistry teacher or a knitting master, you can create an online course and charge students for access to the study material.

    2. Do Affiliate Marketing:
    On the web, affiliate marketers are people who promote various online services and receive a commission for making sales. Many online services have an affiliate program Wix.com has one as well! This type of business is especially worthwhile if you already have a blog or a website set up and can simply start working on promoting your affiliate goods.

    3. Write for Pay:
    If you happen to be a gifted writer, your skills could be valuable to a huge variety of target audiences, from companies that need tech manuals, to college applicants who need help writing their resumes, or small businesses looking for good newsletter content.

    4. Design Wix Websites:
    You have no idea how many times we’ve seen this pattern a person in need of a website creates one using Wix’s web publishing platform, is very pleased with the process and the outcome, publishes the website and then receives offers from friends and acquaintances to design a site for them as well. The idea behind Wix is that everyone can create websites, but not everyone has the time or the will to do it, so why don’t you step in and fill the need? Check out WixEd. our very own online course where Wix users can become certified web designers and start their own business in web design.

    5. Open an Online Consulting Agency:
    Provide professional and specialized observations based on your field of expertise health and wellness, finances, law and more. Here you can choose whether you want to work solely online or combine face-to-face service with your digital one.

    6. Use Your Research Skills:
    The internet created a neverending source of data. Companies searching for business intel, an individual interested in family genealogy or an author in need of background material do not always have the ability to search this vast pool of knowledge with a fine-tooth comb. In these examples and others, they would prefer to hire someone to perform online research. Might that someone be yourself?

    7. Get with the Retail Program:
    With online sales continuously on the rise, selling products to web shoppers is definitely a worthwhile path to follow for business purposes. Using Wix to create your own online store. you can set up a retail business with minimum effort and costs. We even have a guide that can help you choose the best products for your online store.

    8. Offer Text Editing Translation Services:
    It’s the most straightforward process you can imagine. A customer sends you a text for proofreading, literary editing or translation purposes, you do your work and send them a document back. This kind of hassle-free operation will leave you plenty of time to focus on promoting your service.

    9. Become a Social Media Marketer:
    Small business brands and professional freelancers often require help with promoting their work on social media platforms. You can train yourself to understand the fine art of social media marketing and offer to either take over their social marketing efforts or to provide consulting services on the matter. The Wix Blog will provide you with an abundance of reading material on how to market on social media .

    10. Create Custom-Made Art or Music:
    If you want to support yourself as an independent artist without having to take on an office job or wait tables, why don’t you use your talent to make extra money? You can offer people from all over the world the option to commission illustrations, caricatures, sculptures, video art, designed candles, custom-ordered songs or anything that your creative force is able to produce.

    Other Cool Stuff

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    How to Get Funding from Angel Investors – Small Business #business #website

    #small business investors


    How to Get Funding from Angel Investors


    • Angel investors can be an option for start-ups with the potential to earn high profits.
    • Expect close scrutiny. Many angels are former entrepreneurs and like to be involved and give business advice.
    • Angel investors tend to specialize, so look into their investing history to ensure there’s a good match.
    • Related How-Tos


      Small businesses looking for financial help from an angel often turn to individuals willing to invest in promising, start-up opportunities. Angel investors can be a good funding source to consider after you ve tapped your friends and relatives. But angels usually don t write blank checks. They ll want to see progress and a way to exit the deal down the line with meaningful profits. So expect angel investors to do a lot of research and careful investigation into your business plan.

      Be thoughtful in approaching potential investors. Biotech investors, for example, don t want to hear about a clothing manufacturer. A scattershot approach is likely to turn them off. Industry associations, local trade groups or, in some states, business-incubator centers can help point to potential angels.

      Angel investors often invest through groups or networks. These provide due diligence, extra research, access to potential deals and shared expertise that one person operating alone generally doesn t have. For instance, one member of an angel group might have background in a particular industry or the know-how to set up deal terms, sharing that knowledge with the other investors.

      Angel investors are usually thorough, so don t expect to get your money quickly. It could take several months to meet with different individuals or groups and answer all of their questions. (There are exceptions, including the case of Google, which got funding from an angel before its cofounders finished their presentation to him.)

      Because they ll own a part of your company, they ll likely want a say in major decisions, and they ll watch to see whether you listen to them. Don t expect them to write a check and walk away. Many angel investors are former business owners who want to help people like themselves. They may be able to provide good advice based on their previous experiences.

      Getting funding from angel investors isn t easy, but it can be done if you take the right approach and are a good match with their interests. And the benefits can beyond the money for your business, but their expertise in both in business operations and your industry niche.

      Related WSJ Articles and Blog Posts:

      Online Tools:

      • Bplans’ Free Sample Business Plans — Dozens of example business plans from Palo Alto Software, a seller of business-planning software.
      • Finance Primer: A Guide to SBA’s Loan Guaranty Programs — An online training course on financing for a small business and loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration, a federal agency.

    Additional Resources:

    • Angel Capital Foundation’s Listing of Angel Groups — Links to dozens of angel networks, capital databases and matching services, and other resources, from an organization founded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, a promoter of entrepreneurship.
    • National Business Incubator Association — A directory of business incubators.

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    What business to start in 2015: Starting a business advice and business ideas #simple

    #businesses to start


    What business to start in 2015

    The desire to become your own boss and work for yourself is growing and in election year the economy will inevitably be a key policy battleground, meaning small business-friendly pledges will be made.

    With signs of revival and chancellor George Osborne’s recent promises of renewed business support and an extra £1bn funding for regional growth some might argue the climate for starting a business has never been better, making 2015 a great time to take the plunge.

    Action point: Need a loan to start a business of your own? See how we can help here and here

    This appetite for starting a business isn’t just hype; StartUp Britain reported a record 581,173 new businesses for 2014. markedly higher than 2013 and 2012, and the UK’s eco-system appears to be in good health with ONS figures showing a 6% drop in the number of British firms leaving the Companies House register.

    Britain is expected to be the fastest growing G7 economy in 2015 – the IMF has predicted a 3.2% overall rise – and while London remains the start-up capital. regional start-up hubs are beginning to flourish with Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow fast gaining reputations as top cities to start a business in .

    It’s on the back of these positive indicators that we look to the coming months and the hot sectors and businesses opportunities that could prove fruitful for those looking to start a new venture. We’ve studied and assessed businesses which are gaining market traction, sought insight from leading research bodies such as Mintel, and analysed consumer trends to bring you our predictions of 14 top businesses to start in 2015.

    From foods and fitness to technology, cycling, and even cafes with a twist, there’s a host of start-up prospects to suit a range of skills and backgrounds and this extends to part-time businesses that can offer supplementary income such as starting a niche social network .

    With the freelance workforce now over four million strong and more firms than ever before looking to hire freelance talent, we’ve also identified opportunities for freelancers and “solopreneurs”. This includes starting up as a growth hacker ; a combination of smart marketing and tech development which is becoming increasingly sought after in the start-up world.

    While several of the business opportunities listed aren’t new, the potential to innovate and target an established market with a disruptive new solution – take protein products for instance – are plentiful.

    Follow the buttons above and below to find out what business you should start in 2015…


    Useful business start up tools

    Forum post of the week

    Want to run a more profitable business?

    More from Startups

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    How to Form a Corporation or LLC – Start Incorporating a Company #business #stationery

    #incorporating a business


    How to Incorporate or Form an LLC

    incorporate.com makes it easy for you to form a corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC ) in any state. Most small business owners decide to incorporate to protect personal assets, gain credibility, and save on taxes.

    How Do I Incorporate?

    To get started incorporating a company, follow these simple steps below:

    1. Decide to incorporate. Before you set up a corporation, it’s important to understand the benefits of incorporating or forming an LLC. Knowing just what incorporating entails for you as a business owner – including financial and administrative expectations which may need to be reported periodically – can help you decide if incorporating is the right move for your company right now.
  • Select incorporate.com. It’s simple to form a corporation online. Rather than sift through endless piles of complicated paperwork and confusing terminology, we have helped countless businesses through the process of incorporation. Our thorough understanding of incorporation practices nationwide can assist you with making the process of forming a corporation as painless as possible.Learn why we think you will benefit from our services.
  • Choose a business structure. If you’re wondering, “Just how do I incorporate my business,” we will help guide you through the process and let you know what sort of business structure may best suit your needs of your corporation start up. C Corps, S Corps, and LLCs all provide different benefits. We can describe the differences which may help you choose the best structure for your company’s current needs and anything that arises in the future. Need more information about the differences between business structures? Check out our Business Comparison Chart .
  • Choose a state. Once you’ve decided that it’s time to start your own corporation, depending upon your company’s needs, you may want to incorporate in a state other than the one where your business currently resides. Additionally, some states have strict guidelines around unique names for corporations. When registering your corporation, we can help with naming that follows state guidelines. Get more information about choosing a state in which to start a corporation.
  • Choose a package. With a firm grasp of the options various company structures and states provide when forming or setting up a corporation, you’re well on your way to carving out a well-planned future for your new business. View our package options and begin incorporating a business online today.
  • Place your order. You can incorporate or form an LLC online or by phone with a Business Specialist at 800-818-6082 (toll-free) or 302-636-5440.
  • What Happens After You Place an Incorporation Order?

    Once you submit an order to start a corporation, we take care of the paperwork for you:

    • We assign your order to a Business Specialist, who will contact you if there are any problems with the preliminary name search.
    • We complete Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation) or Articles of Organization (for an LLC) on your behalf. A few states require us to get your signature on the completed documents before submission. Normally, we submit documents directly to the state.
    • We file your documents with the state in which you wish to start a corporation or an LLC.
    • We forward the state approval notice to you (generally within 5-10 business days, although turnaround times vary by state).

    Ready to Incorporate or Form an LLC? Check Pricing

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    What You Need to About Small Business Templates #e #business

    #business templates


    What You Need to About Small Business Templates

    There was a time, long ago, when the company opened a new process which was relatively unexplored. When you look back to the colonial times it was not very many businesses. The town Baker was not very competitive because it was probably the only baker around. Fast forward to today, and the small business has become a very big business. Small companies have already started so often that there are many small business templates available when starting a business or perform functions within the company.

    There are templates out there today to help a person in the process of launching new businesses. If you look at the franchises available today, many of them are opening every store in a certain way. It help investors to rationalize certain functions and marginal costs. If you do not do something the same way every time you all can do it much faster and often save a lot of money at the same time.

    Small shops, where the ownership remains in the hands of large corporations are well known to the following pattern. They are able to benefit even more from the individual store, because the corporation owns a very small store fronts. Many times they ensure the creation of new shop windows and buy in bulk. This saves even more money. Creating a cookie cutter store and perform the same function, and save a lot of time.

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