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How To Build Business Credit #latest #business #news

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Building Business Credit

Business credit scores help lenders, suppliers and other creditors quickly evaluate whether a business will pay its bills on time. Get your Experian Credit Score report today.

How to Improve Your Business Credit Score

Credit scores are complex statistical models for predicting credit risk. While there is no guaranteed way to improve a business credit score, here are a few steps you can take to ensure that your business credit report reflects the best scores possible for your situation.

  • Check your business credit report regularly and verify that the information in it is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Establish business credit with companies that report trades. Remember, not all business creditors report their trade information.
  • Pay your creditors on time. Historical payment behavior with previous creditors plays a major role in calculating your business credit score.
Building Business Credit: How Business Credit Scores are Calculated

Business credit scores range from 0 to 100, with 0 representing a high risk and 100 representing a low risk. Scores are based on a number of factors contained in your business credit report.

  • Number of trade experiences
  • Outstanding balances
  • Payment habits
  • Credit utilization
  • Trends over time
  • Public record recency, frequency and dollar amount
  • Demographics such as years on file, Standard Industrial Classification codes and business size

Build business credit and improve your business credit rating.

Experian requires minimum information to generate a score. So if a business doesn’t meet these requirements, a score is not generated. Minimum information is at least one tradeline and/or one demographic element.

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Louisville Business First: 20 People to Know: Trey Riddle #online #business #degree

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Louisville Business First: 20 People to Know: Trey Riddle

Favorite way to spend time away from work:

Describe your company:

Sunstrand is a manufacturer and supplier of biomaterials for a variety of technical and industrial applications. Our focus markets are polymer composites, plastics and technical nonwovens. Basically, we take raw agricultural feedstocks (bamboo, kenaf, flax, hemp) and manufacture our products that take the form of fibers and fillers (particulates).

Our customers (upstream manufacturers) then incorporate these materials into their products. Ultimately, our materials will be used in a variety of applications, including consumer goods, automotive, building materials and sporting goods.

What is the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs in the area?

Acquisition of capital is probably the No. 1 most challenging issue facing startups in the area. The community has done a really good job of highlighting some of the bigger names in local investment, but that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

How do we get below the water line? Additionally, there are way more companies needing capital than investors, and that breeds deal partiality.

What is some advice for people who want to start a company?

Seek out help. I have found that people are generally willing to have open discussions with you about a variety of business-related topics if you just ask nicely. The key in those situation is to not push product, but rather reach out for advice. Be dedicated and stay vigilant — there will be ups and downs. It is not all about the money. If you are not passionate about the business, don’t even think about starting it.

What’s the most interesting question a potential investor has ever asked you?

What is your plan? Not what is the business plan, but where do I see myself personally in 10 years. I think the key here was that the potential investor was interested in my personal goals because he knew that it would affect the business in the long run.

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Drug Addiction – Parents: How to get help, where to get help for heroin


How to Help a Friend or Family Member Addicted to Drugs

Everyone around an addict knows he or she needs help, but often the addict can’t see it. Many die exactly that way. Our goal is to try to provide the family with as much information as possible relating to the intervention process.

If you are ready to get your loved one into recovery now, contact Narconon.

Very often, an addicted person will know deep inside that he or she needs help but be unable to break the cycle long enough to receive the needed help. An example that is very common is when an addict encounters some major problem (e.g. they get arrested, kicked out of house, lose job etc.) and at that point is completely willing to discuss the addiction with loved ones. Unfortunately, if this opportunity is not quickly seized, the drug cravings and overwhelming environment will force the individual back into using drugs and it will be some length of time before he/she will encounter forces that again yield cooperation towards rehabilitation efforts.

What is the Ruin of the Addict?

The addict has things in his or her past or present that seem like devastating events and that have something to do with drugs. One example is a person that has lost his best friends due to his addiction. Another example is a person losing his wife and child over drug abuse. A family member can look at an addict’s life and see hundreds of reasons why he/she should quit using but unfortunately these reasons are not REAL to the addict. There are, however, problems the addict encounters that are real or significant in the addict’s life, which he/she sees as reasons to quit using drugs. These are important to identify because they can be used during the intervention to remind the addict why he or she must seek help.

What Pressure Does the Addict Feel Now?

The addict doesn’t necessarily have the same reality about their addiction that non-addicts might. For instance, he or she may have semi-serious health problems, no friends and no job or income but feel like they are ‘doing okay’. Many addicts have actually overdosed on drugs coming very close to death and are right back using drugs the very next day. This may appear crazy but in fact is only part of the pain for the addict.

Where to get help for heroin addiction

With this in mind, the addict from time to time will encounter added pressure, which forces him/her to make an actual decision about whether to seek help or continue to use. Pending legal charges that could easily lead to jail time, threat of losing spouse, pending loss of job, all are possible situations where a person has enough pressure to fight the addiction and seek help. Although any one in particular may not work in your situation, there are pressures that can come to bear which will help prod the addict into a decision to seek help. It is easy to assume the addict is “only seeking help to avoid jail” or some other evaluation which in many cases is true. The fact remains that an addict will only seek help when someone or something pushes him out of his “addiction comfort zone” and forces him into a decision. Addicts with access to money, a place to live and people who agree with their usage rarely seek help. They “don’t have a problem”. This is very important to understand and will be crucial in any attempt at intervention.

Who Should be There to Help?

One of the major considerations involving intervention is selecting who will be there. This matter should be well thought out beforehand. The number of people there is less important than who is there. If at all possible, the person in the family whom the addict respects the most should be there. This person is an opinion leader to the addict and needs to be there fully supportive of getting the person help and informed well about the actual agenda.

As many family members as possible should be there as long as each and every one are completely in agreement about the fact that the person needs help and supportive of the general agenda. If someone in the family is antagonistic against the addict and is not capable of restraining themselves from arguments and blame then you might consider leaving that person out. Usually, the addict has many enemies and has done wrong to most of the family but arguments and upset will not benefit the cause of getting the addict to seek treatment. In fact it will usually result in stopping this from happening because the focus of attention gets placed on the argument and not on the matter at hand.

The overall goal is to bring the addict up to a point where he or she realizes there is a problem and is willing to seek help. When this has been achieved, be prepared to get them to treatment without any delay.

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Filing an Identity Theft Police Report, how to file a police report for identity


Filing an Identity Theft Police Report

How to file a police report for identity theft

How to file a police report for identity theft

Identity theft affects millions of people, results in the loss of billions of dollars, and is growing worse every year. Advances in technology have made it easier for criminals to access personal information, and in most cases, victims don t discover that they re victims until they see collection notices and arrest warrants in their names. For identity theft victims, one of the first steps in recovering from this crime is filing an identity theft report with the police department, either in the town or city where they live or in the location where the identity theft incident occurred.

If you re a victim, reporting identity theft to the police is something you should do immediately as soon as you ve reviewed your credit reports and while you re in the process of contacting a credit bureau, requesting a fraud alert on your credit files, and closing any accounts that the thief opened or compromised. In order for police to help you, you need to help the police by providing documentation like a current credit report. To begin an investigation, cops need information, and your current credit report can show them what new accounts are open, when someone opened them, and which current accounts the thief has used.

The importance of reporting identity theft to the police can t be overstated. A copy of an identity theft report lends credibility to your claim when you need it the most i.e., when you re contacting creditors and following up with correspondence proving that thieves ran up huge balances, not you. As you begin the process of recovering and rebuilding relationships with banks, credit card companies, merchants and other fraud victims, an identity theft report is your best weapon in the fight to regain your identity.

Some police departments are unable or unwilling to help victims file an identity theft report. If you encounter any obstacles like this, remain calm, and request a Miscellaneous Incident report instead. If that isn t an option, you may have no recourse but to contact the local county sheriff s department or, if necessary, the state police or the state attorney general s office.

How to file a police report for identity theft

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How to Start a Blog and Make Money From It #find #a #business

#work from home ideas


How to Start a Blog and Make Money From It

This post includes affiliate links.

If you want to work from home and make money blogging, then you need to have the right tools, resources, and information to guide your way.

With an overwhelming amount of information on the web it’s often confusing figuring it all out. Listed below are some of the resources that I use, recommend, or that I’ve found helpful on my blogging journey.

These tools will not only help get you started but they’ll make the process easier so you can start making money faster.

First, grab my FREE Blogging e-book. it will teach you how to write great content, get tons of traffic to your blog and most importantly, how to make money from it!

To start the process you ll need to choose a blogging platform; or in technical terms a content management system (CMS). There are many different CMS platforms to choose between, but I highly recommend WordPress. It s ideal for beginners as it s easy to use and modify, it has tons of functionality, and it s free to use all you need to do is purchase your hosting and domain name.

WordPress is what I use for this site.

A lot of people ask me about Blogger, Google’s blogging platform. I’ve heard it’s easy to use. But I also know a lot of people who started out on Blogger, but then had to make the switch to WordPress later on. Do yourself a favor and use WordPress from the beginning, you ll save yourself a lot of headaches down the road.

Once you decided on a blogging platform you ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting. When choosing a hosting company you’ll want to make sure that you get one that’s reliable, affordable, and that has excellent customer service. Right now I m using a virtual private server (VPS) through, Liquid Web. They have a wide variety of hosting plans, which makes it easy to upgrade your service as your site grows. If I weren t using them, I would probably use Bluehost or Synthesis. as they were created with WordPress users in mind. Over the years, I ve had to switch hosting companies three times which is no fun.

Need help installing WordPress to your host? Here s an EASY way to be up and running in 30 minutes or less!

When I first launched my blog, I had a graphic designer create a custom design for me. And while I loved my design it was very expensive! If I were just starting out again, I would use Bluehost with their 1-2-3 easy upload and a template from StudioPress (which is what I m using now). Not only are these templates affordable (like $99), but they look great and they re super easy to modify. To help make your site stand out, I do suggest getting a custom logo designed. If you re launching your blog on a shoestring budget, try Fiverr where freelancers only charge $5 for their services. I haven t used Fiverr for logo design, but I have used them for other sorts of images, and I ve been happy with the results.

To get traffic to your blog you’ll want to utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Instagram, and Google Plus. Seem overwhelming? To help manage all of these social media platforms, I use HootSuite. I’ve tried other applications, but this one has the most functionality, and it is the easiest to use. You can schedule updates and manage all of your accounts in one place, and best of all it s FREE!

The one network that you can’t manage from HootSuite is Pinterest. For Pinterest, I use BoardBooster to manage my pins. It s only $5 a month and so worth it! You can schedule pins and re-loop your pins so that they receive maximum exposure.

For tips on how to maximize your Pinterest efforts, check out these resources:

To create pin-friendly images for your blog posts, I recommend PicMonkey or Canva. I started out using PicMonkey, which is easy to use, and it gives you professional looking images in a flash. But now I mostly use Canva. It has premade templates and font combos which help me create professional looking images quicker. Each platform is free for basic usage with permeium features costing just a bit more.

For stock images I use StockFresh and DepositPhotos not only do they have high-quality photos, but they re affordable.

Part of getting traffic is writing awesome content. To make sure your content is excellent you ll need to edit your posts for punctuation, grammar, and spelling. Now you can do this manually, but I ve found that even when I go back and proofread two or three times I often miss typos. Of course, you can hire an editor to proof your content, but that can get expensive. A more affordable option is to use an editing software or program. I ve tried a few different platforms out and by far my favorite is, Grammarly. It s easy to use and catches errors that word processing programs miss. It also tightens up your copy so you re using an active voice.

From the first day, you launch your blog you need to make sure that you’re building an email list. SEO rules and social media platforms are constantly changing. But with an email list, it is something that you own, and that can always be used to reach your audience. Personally, I use Constant Contact I love them! They have lots of professional looking templates to choose from, it’s super easy to use, and they have added features like auto-responders. They even offer a FREE 60 trial so you can test them out without any obligation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The majority of my traffic comes from Google, and this is because certain keyword phrases on my site have ranked well with the search engines. Search engine traffic is free, and you’ll want to take advantage of it. I used to recommend Holly Klaassen’s e-book, 50 SEO Secrets for Mom Entrepreneurs, but she s no longer selling it.

So to get familiarized with SEO here are some useful articles on the basics.

I have read a ton of blogging books over the years, and these are the ones that have SERIOUSLY helped me on my journey!

There are so many ways to earn money from your blog, from direct ad sales and ad networks, to affiliate marketing and digital earning so make sure to check out these must-read articles.

As a career blogger, you ll need to keep meticulous records of your income and expenses. The first year I started out, I made the mistake of keeping all of these transactions in a spreadsheet which made tax time a nightmare. Since then I ve been using GoDaddy Bookkeeping (formerly, Outright) which has simplified the whole process because it automatically updates your transactions from your PayPal and checking account. The online platform is super easy to use, and I highly recommend it for all monetized bloggers.

Hope you found this roadmap helpful. Good luck on your blogging journey!

This post includes referral and affiliate links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies that we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. See our disclosure policy for further information.

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UK Visa Information – United States of America – Frequently Asked Questions, visa to


Visa to usa from uk

Visa to usa from uk


  • Premium Application


  • User pay

    • English
    • EspaГ±ol
    • Home
    • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I apply for a visa?

    To apply for a visa to enter the UK or some Commonwealth countries and British overseas territories you will need to complete a visa application form online. To complete the form, please visit AccessUK .

    How do I apply for Refund for UK Visa application fee.

    Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service

    During the payment process, I received the error message, “GWF number already exists in the system” OR “my payment is not completed”. How do I complete my payment?

    If you have received this message, your payment did not go through. To try your payment again, please click here. Select “Track Previous Order” and enter your GWF number and email address. After submitting these details, you will be able to attempt your payment again.

    I did not receive an email with my receipt of payment OR I forgot to print my receipt.

    To generate a copy of your receipt, please click here. Select “Reprint Receipt” and enter your GWF number and last name. After submitting these details, your receipt will appear on the screen to be printed or emailed.

    • Applicant name
    • GWF Number
    • Type of service purchased
    • Date of attempted purchase
  • I would like to request a refund for Priority Visa Service/Settlement/Priority Visa Service. How do I submit this request?

    Do Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service include Courier Service?

    No, the Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service DO NOT include Return Courier Service or Round-Trip Courier Service. Both the services can be paid together by selecting check boxes in the shopping cart while making the purchase.

    Can I purchase Priority Visa Service/Settlement Priority Visa Service if I have already submitted my application at the UKVI?

    No, you cannot purchase the Priority Visa Service/Settlement Priority Visa service once you have submitted your application to the respective UKVI Consulate for processing.

    Can a Settlement Priority Visa /Priority Visa Service Applicant submit his/her application or Biometrics at the VFS center?

    No, the applicants applying for Settlement Priority Visa Service OR Priority Visa Service cannot visit the VFS center for application submission. It is solely for the Gold Premium Package, Silver premium Package and Super Priority Visa Service applicants.

    Return Courier Service / Round-trip Courier Service

    How can I purchase the Courier Service?

    Courier service can be purchased to submit your application and also to receive your documents back to your home or office. Either courier service can be purchased with your Visa or MasterCard by clicking here.

    Can I purchase Courier Service if I have previously purchased Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service OR Vice-a-Versa?

    Yes, you can purchase the additional service at any point i.e. once you have purchased a service from VFS Website or after you have submitted your application to the respective UKVI Consulate for processing. Please follow the below instructions to add another service to your previously purchased service:

    Advisory– However, if you are applying in a Group application and only one member of your group wants to purchase Priority Visa service, then a separate purchase has to be made for the Priority Service applicant and the rest of the members in the group for Courier service since different service type cannot be combined together in a Group Application.

    What is the difference between Return Courier Service and Round-trip Courier Service?

    If you purchase Return Courier Service, the UPS Shipping Label that you receive will be used by the UKVI Decision Making Centre to return your documents to your home or office only. A Return Courier purchase cannot be used to mail in your application to the UKVI office.

    What do I follow once I receive my UPS Shipping Label?

    If you purchased Return Courier, you will mail the printed copy of the UPS Shipping Label, along with your visa application and supporting documents, to your designated UKVI Decision Making Centre indicated on your Visa Application Form for return of your processed passport.

    This package can be dropped off at any UPS location. To find your nearest UPS location, click here.

    Can I apply for Courier Service for a Group of Applicants (More than 1 applicant)?

    If applying for Settlement Priority Visa Service, a separate Courier Service must be purchased for each individual Settlement Applicant. However, you may include the passport of a dependent child, if it is part of your Settlement Application.

    How do I track the shipment of my package?

    To track your package, please visit the UPS website by clicking here. Simply enter the tracking number found on your UPS Shipping Label.

    Can I change my address for delivery once the UPS Shipping Label has been generated?

    No, once the address is confirmed on our system while updating the Address of Applicant details the address cannot be changed or altered at any point.

    I did not receive any PDF file or UPS Shipping Labels, even though the payment was processed.

    • Applicant Name
    • GWF Number
    • Type of service purchased
    • Date of attempted purchase

    How do I locate the package if it is lost or untraceable on the UPS website?

    • Applicant Name
    • UPS Tracking Number
    • Drop-off location
    • Date of drop-off

    How do I claim a refund if I do not want to use the UPS courier service that I purchased on VFS Global website?

    The UPS courier service is a Non-Refundable service.

    Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package / Super Priority Visa Service

    I paid for Priority Visa Service / Settlement Priority Visa Service, can I give my biometrics at the VFS Premium Application center?

    No, the VFS Premium Application center is ONLY for applicants who purchased Gold Premium Package, Silver Premium Package or Super Priority Visa Service.

    What should I bring with me?

    When you attend your appointment, you should bring

    • Your appointment confirmation (this can be an electronic copy on your phone, tablet or a hard copy),
    • Visa fee receipt and user pay visa application centre service fee receipt.
    • A valid passport or travel document with at least 1 page that is blank on both sides.
    • For applicants who are exempt from giving biometrics: 1 recent passport-sized (45mm x 35mm) colour photograph of your face, which meets the requirements of UKVI’s photograph guidance
    • A printout of your online application form, signed and dated.
    • If you are applying under the points-based system, a completed self-assessment form, signed and dated.
    • Payment receipts for any pre purchased user pays services
    • All supporting documents (please ensure documents are removed from any bulky folders such as ring binders as these cannot be accepted as part of your application)
    • Supplementary application forms.

    I purchased the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package, but did not receive my courier airway bill/ shipping label?

    Once you purchase the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package, please visit the VFS Premium Application center with your appointment letter and rest of the documents. The VFS staff will provide you with the shipping label details during the submission of application.

    Is the Return Courier service fee included in Super Priority Visa Service?

    No, the Super Priority Visa Service fee DOES NOT include the return courier fee. Please ask the VFS staff member to add the additional charges for same when the application is being submitted.

    What services are included in the Gold Premium Package / Silver Premium Package / Super Priority Service fee?

    To know in detail about the services offered at the VFS Premium Application Center and the difference between them so you can accordingly make a decision on which package suits you best please click here

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  • 7 Ways For Women to Win and Succeed in Business #cupcake #business

    #women in business


    7 Ways For Women to Win and Succeed in Business

    EHStock via Getty Images

    1.You Can’t Do Or Have It. One of the downfall of many business and professional women is the “Superwoman Complex.” Once you hang up the Superwoman cape and the Wonderwoman belt and recognize and accept this fact, your job will get a whole lot easier. Every successful person needs a dedicated support team or at the very least a wing man or woman. You don’t have to do everything yourself! Trust your team to do the work, after all that’s what you hired them to do. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, a great way to expand your staff is by engaging college students as interns. They can provide that extra help when you need it. Additionally, don’t rule out family and friends. And do not wait until a project is in jeopardy or you are on the verge of being burned out or a nervous breakdown. Remember that delegating empowers others and allows you to focus on the future as well as the big pictures.

    2. Positive, Positive, Positive. A negative attitude will never yield positive results. Having a positive attitude helps you to succeed. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage, inspire, support and motivate you. They will carry you through the tough days and cheer you on when you feel like giving up.

    3. Add Humor To Your Work Research shows that laughter affects health, creativity, relationships and the quality of life. Poke fun at yourself, not at others. When your day gets too high-stress, lighten up! Lightening up the workplace reduces conflicts and stress and builds teamwork and productivity. Not to mention it’s great for morale. Converting your staff and customers from unhappy to happy is good for business.

    4. Keep Up With Current Events And News. Staying informed about what is happening in the world and in your local community is critical to your personal and professional development. No matter what business you are in, current events have an impact on your industry and your clients. Do not be caught off guard because you haven’t taken ten minutes to read the morning paper. Daily papers are good sources of industry and corporate news, as well as contacts.

    5. Be Generous To Your Community, Your Staff, And Yourself
    Reward yourself and your employees for hard work and success. Take time to give back to your community through volunteer work and charitable contributions. Let this quote by Winston Churchill you — “you make a living by what you do, but you make a life by what you give. Keep a brave heart and a beautiful spirit.

    6 Become A Life-Long-Learner Learning and growing both personally and professionally is a lifelong process that drives our creativity, intelligence and ambition. Make it a priority to take courses and adopt new techniques that help you and your staff think out of the box. Innovation and reinvention are the order of the day. Set aside time for brainstorming and idea sharing. Most important, don’t be afraid to try new things and introduce yourself to new people. When you forego investments in yourself and your staff, you run the risk of allowing complacency to take root. How many times have you found yourself staring at the messy piles of paper in your office? Make sure to invest in an organizer to help clean your space. You will find this will lead to greater efficiency. Check out Napo.net (National Association of Professional Organizers). They offer a list of certified and reputable organizers like Hub Neat Organizer and Charles River Organizers both of whom are in my hometown. I am using them to help me better organize my office and my home.

    7. Stop And Smell The Roses Take a minute for yourself every day. Get some exercise, read a good book, take a hot bath or socialize with friends and family. Your work is important, but it is not everything in life. Appreciate all that life has to offer, and your energy will radiate at work, at home and through everything you do.


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    Find My Mobile #find #my #mobile,smartphone #lost #tracking,lost #smartphone #locator,samsung #galaxy #lost #phone #finder,samsung


    Find My Mobile

    Management service for personal information on device

    If you lose your device, then Find My Mobile lets you minimise the possibility of your personal information becoming public by using the Lock my device and Wipe my device functions. In addition, you can locate your lost device by using the Locate my device function.

    Find My Mobile

    Find My Mobile

    Where is my device? The Find My Mobile feature helps you find the current location of your device.

    Lock my device

    Lock my device

    Lock your device remotely to prevent it from being used by others and to minimise the risk of personal information theft. You can also set a message to be displayed on the screen of your locked device and set a phone number that can be dialled even when the device is locked.

    Ring my device

    Ring my device

    The Ring my device feature sounds the default ringtone of your device at its maximum volume for 1 minute, regardless of any sound or vibration settings. By sounding the ringtone, you can get people’s attention around your lost device, increasing the chances of your device being found.

    Call logs

    Call logs

    The Call logs feature allows you to check the recent calls to and from your device for the last week. By using Call logs, you can check whether you missed any calls or whether someone made a call you didn’t know about.
    *Message logs aren’t currently supported.

    Wipe my device

    Wipe my device

    Use the Wipe my device feature to protect your information as a last resort. This feature wipes all data saved on the device’s internal memory, external memory, and SIM card. It also deletes all the data saved on your device and resets the device to its factory settings.
    *Find My Mobile is not available after wiping and resetting your device.

    Unlock my screen

    Unlock my screen

    Forgot your PIN, password, or lock pattern? The Unlock my screen feature allows you to remove the Lock Screen settings of your device remotely.
    *For certain models, this feature can be used to cancel the Lock my device feature.

    SIM change alert

    SIM change alert

    If the SIM card from your lost device is changed, there is a high risk of personal information theft. Find My Mobile notifies the owner when the device’s SIM card has been changed. Also, a text message that your SIM card has been changed is sent to the number set for the Lock my device feature.
    *Certain features may not be supported, depending on the model and region.

    Register a personal guardian

    Register a personal guardian

    Register a family member or friend as a guardian in case of an emergency. The guardian can activate Emergency mode on your device, which enables the device to be easily located.

    Emergency mode to save battery power

    Emergency mode to save battery power

    You can use Emergency mode to reduce the power consumption of your device and prolong the battery life. If the device that you have been registered as a guardian for must remain active for an extended period of time, activate Emergency mode on that device. Emergency mode will reduce the screen brightness and disable most of the apps and functions on the target device, extending the battery life.

    The images of devices shown on the introduction page may differ for each country. The features described above may slightly differ depending on the country, mobile provider, or software version.

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    How to Get Into a Good College With Bad Grades, Synonym, grades to get


    How to Get Into a Good College With Bad Grades

    Grades to get into college

    Having bad grades in high school makes it difficult to get accepted into a good college, but it is not impossible. You need extra motivation when you have bad grades, because the application process becomes more difficult. Often the traditional way of applying to a college will not work; you will need to take extra steps in order to gain acceptance.

    Step 1

    Find colleges that do not have strict admission requirements. Some colleges are flexible when accepting students.

    Step 2

    Talk to the dean of the department that you want to join. Explain to the dean why you did not do well in high school. Provide a detailed plan that you will follow to get better grades. If the dean is convinced, he can help you get accepted.

    Step 3

    Take classes as a non-matriculated student. A non-matriculated student is allowed to take classes and receive credits, but has not been accepted into the college. The dean may recommend taking classes as a non-matriculated student. Doing well in the classes is extremely important, because it can determine if you get accepted. You can also gain the favor of professors, who might be able to help with your admission. Taking classes on your own shows the college that you are serious about attending.

    Step 4

    Apply to the college where you have taken classes as a non-matriculated student. You still need to provide your high school transcripts, but now you can prove that you have the ability to do well in college.

    Step 5

    Enroll in a two-year college and earn good grades. Sometimes taking classes as a non-matriculated student is not enough. Enrolling in a two-year college will allow you to raise your grades and obtain an associate s degree. Upon completion, apply to a four-year college.


    About the Author

    Silvia Mendes has been writing articles for eHow since 2010. She has a joint Bachelor of Arts in history from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. Mendes is pursuing certification in teaching English as a foreign language and a master’s degree in public administration.

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