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Specialist Roofing Contractors & Repair Services

Roof 101 provides specialist roofing contractors for all roofing needs, including roof installation and roof repair, at highly affordable rates.

Why Choose Roof 101?

Our roofing services are offered to you by reputable, professional roofing contractors, each specializing in different roofing aspects, including all roof repair and roof installation types. Our roofing contractors provide quality roofing services, workmanship and customer service that surpasses industry standards and customer expectation. No longer are you required to shop around for reliable roofing contractors, and fair business practice – we’ve already done it for you!

Our SPECIAL Offers

From residential to commercial roofing, we provide all roof installation and roof repair services for flat and sloped roofs.

Roof 101 to the Rescue!

We provide specialist roofing contractors for both emergency and day-to-day roof repair services. Whether your roof has suffered extreme weather damage, long-term weather exposure, or simple lack of maintenance, our roofing contractors are always on call to come to your aid. Our roof repair services are efficient and long-lasting – we take care of all damage and affected areas, and prevent further development into more serious problems. Roof repair should never be put on hold – contact Roof 101 today by phone or online, for a professional inspection and superior roof repair services.

Roof Installation for Every Situation

Roof 101 roofing contractors specialize in all forms of roofing installation for residential roofing and commercial roofing types. We offer a wide variety of roof installtion services for both flat and sloped roofs, including shingle, compostion asphalt and metal roof installation, flashings, guttering systems, skylights, fascias and a whole lot more. With years of experience and undisputed repuations for professionalsim and good workmanship, our roofing contractors will provide you with quality roofing installation that meets and exceeds industry standards. Call or write to us online to begin your roof installation project the right way – the Roof 101 way!

Roof Replacement

Having a though time deciding between repairing your roof and replacing it all together? If your roofing system is older than 20 years you might want to consider replacing it. Roof 101 Contractors will assist you in selecting the most suitable roofing material based on local climate conditions and the style of your home. Whether you are in the market for a new flat or hipped roofing system, our contractors specialize in all types of roof replacement for both commercial and residential applications. We stand by our work! Your new roof will not only be esthetically pleasing but also provide perfect insulation against heat and cold in addition to withstanding heavy snow, rain and hail.


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Expert Tulsa Tile Cleaners

Dynamic Carpet Care is a family business that has been proudly serving the Tulsa community since 2002. We know that you have several options for Tulsa tile cleaners. Dynamic Carpet Care can offer top-notch service and superior results.

Tile and stone are popular flooring choices. The great thing about tile and stone floors is that they do not hold allergens or dust. However, once your tile is laid, regular cleaning is required to keep it in prime condition. That is why you need to know about the best Tulsa OK tile grout cleaning company today.

The Risk of Standard Tile Cleaning

Too many standard cleaning options actually do more harm than good. Harsh cleaners may seem effective at first, but these chemicals strip your tile or stone down. This destroys the sealant, and it can even damage the stone or tile underneath. Once this happens, your floor is exposed to all the elements. Dirt, grease and soil will collect, settling deep into the surface. At this point, your efforts to mop will become completely ineffective.

A Better Tile Cleaning Alternative

As a leading Tulsa tile cleaner, Dynamic Carpet Care can offer a solution that cleans more effectively without damaging the tile and grout. Our cleaning system is designed specifically for hard surfaces, safely removing dirt and grime without damaging the sealant. This not only provides a safer clean, but it reduces your workload as well. When you trust us with your tile, you will no longer have to get on your hands and knees to scrub your floor clean. Our tile cleaning will save you time and money.

Grout Care That Lasts

It is not just about your tile. When you clean your tile, you need to take care of your grout as well. The grout is often the first part of your floor to show signs of age. That is why we have developed a dedicated grout cleaner. When you hire us to clean your tile floors, we will take the time to scrub every grout line. To eradicate every trace of grime, we rely on special tools and a high-impact spinner. When we finish, we take care of sensitive areas by drying them with a soft cloth.

We Want to be Your Tulsa Tile Cleaners Tile Cleaning Company

Keep your tile clean without compromising its integrity. How would you like to see your tile and grout look as new and clean as the day it was laid? DYNAMIC CARPET CARE CAN DO THAT FOR YOU! Contact Dynamic Carpet Care to learn more about our innovative tile cleaning today.

Let Dynamic make your tile sparkle like new. All you have to do is Make The Appointment !

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Clean windows gutters fireplaces chimneys High Pressure cleaning services Cheerful Cleaning Garden Route Western


Comprehensive cleaning services in GEORGE and the Garden Route

Cheerful Cleaning is a dynamic young company established to meet the growing need for specialised cleaning services in George and the Garden Route area of South Africa. Cheerful Cleaning provides cleaning services to the prestigious Fancourt Hotel Estate and has managed Fancourt’s car wash facility since 2007 (see Fancourt’s recommendation here). Cheerful Cleaning also provides specialised cleaning services to residential areas, as well as a number of businesses, banks and schools.

As a company we place the customer’s needs first and endeavor to provide excellent and professional service at all times. Specialised cleaning services, including high-pressure cleaning jobs (for both commercial and residential clientele) is where our expertise provides excellent value for money.

Intensive high- and low-rise exterior and interior window and frame cleaning
Waterfed Poles with purified water for exterior window cleaning
Tiles, ceilings, carpets and upholstery
Chimneys and fireplaces
Exterior washing of buildings and houses
High pressure cleaning of all surfaces and roofs with Anti-fungal treatment

As an additional service to our clientele we have introduced a Group Booking system. Introduce at least 3 of your friends or businesses close-by to our services and receive a reduced rate on combined transport costs. We divide travel expenses between the participating parties to offer unrivalled value for money.

For example: we can offer four residential homes in Knysna a great price on window cleaning, or any of our other services. We offer custom solutions to residential and holiday homes, factories, hotels, shops or office buildings for once-off cleaning work or set up a cleaning cycle to fit your requirements. For a fixed cleaning cycle we can confirm a fixed price for 1 year.

If you would like a quote on, for example, window cleaning, simply take pictures from 4 angles around the house. Be sure to include all windows that require cleaning. You can e-mail pictures or send it via WhatsApp to help us save costs, and allow us to give you a fair price.

Authorities and insurance companies in South Africa prefer chimney / fireplace cleaning once every two years.

Cheerful Cleaning

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Cleaning – Restoration Services #linoleum #cleaning #laconia, #carpet #cleaning #laconia, #rug #cleaning #laconia, #tile


You guys were great! They were very professional and go to work right away! My wife and I are very clean people and I was impressed by your staff! I will not hesitate calling you whenever I need something done! Well done guys!

Eric Jordan, Gilford

We’d just like to thank you so much for your great effort involved with all those circled “5”’s. Your company is honest, trustworthy, please be proud!

D. A. B. Laconia

Everyone was very prompt in responding. Very helpful with advice on what we should do next and what All Brite would be doing. Dorm fire was at 6:30 and your company was here by 9:00. We were not an established customer that didn’t matter to you, you got here very quickly. I hope we don’t need your services after a fire again. I wouldn’t hesitate to call for other needs.

Pam Bliss, Director of Housekeeping, Holderness

I was impressed with my entire experience with All Brite especially with the technicians concerns for exactly what I was looking for in my carpet cleanings. Even a spot they were concerned they could not remove, I was thrilled that they did. I am glad I did not let my husband do it himself . My carpets look great! Thank you.

Tom Heather Hickey, Gilford

The technicians were exactly on time. What a pleasant surprise! The call taker was very pleasant, professional and helpful. The cost was less than I expected! I will definitely tell my friends about this fine experience!

G. Tapply, Sanbornton

Thanks very much to you and your crew for the fine job you did cleaning and drying my basement. I d like you to know that I was particularly impressed with Tim, who worked with me on the first day after my basement flooded. He explained throughout his work what the team was doing and was sensitive to the fact that I lost several irreplaceable items due to water damage. During that afternoon my cat became ill and I needed to leave the house to take her to the vet. Sadly, I had to have her put to sleep. As you can imagine, this was a difficult moment for me. I wanted to let you know that when I told Tim of this he very gently asked if I wanted him to dispose of the litter box in the basement. While this may seem a small thing, it meant a great deal to me in the midst of a tough day emotionally. I really appreciated his kindness. Thanks again for a terrific job.

M. T. Moultonboro

We were very appreciative of the prompt, efficient response to a water extraction that I needed on a Sunday morning. The follow-up process of over a week was thorough and thoughtful. We were impressed with the friendly and caring approach of the technicians and would not hesitate to recommend your services. The telephone conversations with the office (Dawn) were always very helpful, informative, cordial and caring. Thank you for the service oriented approach!

P.M. Wolfeboro

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North Coast Roofing Systems: A Leading Distributor Of Commercial Roofing, Residential Roofing, Garden Roof


North Coast Roofing Systems Is A Leading Distributor Of
Carlisle SynTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec
Sure-Seal EPDM Ideal for use in fully adhered and ballasted assemblies, Carlisle’s non-reinforced Sure-Seal EPDM membranes have a strong track record of performance and dependability. Sure-Seal EPDM membranes require no special equipment for installation, making them a contractor-friendly option for both new construction and re-roofing projects.
Learn more.

Carlisle SynTec
Sure-Weld TPO Carlisle’s Sure-Weld TPO is a highly reflective, single-ply roofing membrane that has become increasingly popular in warm, southern climates. The energy-efficient Sure-Weld membranes feature heat-weldable seams and are accompanied by a number of pre-fabricated, laborsaving accessories, saving contractors and building owners money through increased installation speed.
Learn more.

Carlisle SynTec
Tapered Polyiso Carlisle manufactures tapered polyiso, an energy-efficient insulation designed to minimize heating and cooling costs while promoting positive rooftop drainage for virtually any roofing application. By directing water to drains and scuppers, tapered polyiso reduces water infiltration and minimizes the negative effects of ponding water, ultimately lengthening the service life of a roof.
Learn more.

Featured Residential Roofing Shingles

Project Of The Month:
Hydropack Roof Garden System

Located along the north branch of the Chicago River, the site for the new state-of-the-art 57,550-sf McGrath Acura Dealership of Chicago underwent extensive renovations. The Missner Group incorporated numerous sustainable design elements to the final plan including a greenroof which receives full sun and using permeable pavers for the parking lot. The pavers are designed to reduce the impervious area of the project and allow for storm water management in keeping with the City of Chicago’s best management practices.

HYDROPACK, the patented, innovative tray system for green roofs from Vegetal i.D. was used as the greenroof system, installed on April 26, 2012 on a 55°F windy and sunny day. The installation team consisted of 7 persons plus one Vegetal I.D. representative, and it was estimated to take one person to lay down 260 sf per hour. Access was from inside using a ladder to get to the roof.

The HYDROPACK® is both the best solution for creating a living, breathing green roof and the optimal storm water management tool. With more than 5 million square feet installed on over 1,500 rooftops, HYDROPACK® is the most widely used tray system in existence.

Learn more about this project

North Coast Roofing Systems: A Leading Distributor Of
Commerical Roofing And Residential Roofing Materials!

As a wholesaler we understand that you need to have the right products in stock to meet the needs of your retail customers. It is our goal here at North Coast Roofing Systems to make sure you have those products on the shelf or in stock ready to meet the demands of your customers. If you need it there yesterday, we will do our best to turn back the clock and get it there ahead of time. Many customers will visit us to view samples up close when deciding on a color and style that is right for their project.

Learn more about North Coast Roofing Systems

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