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Fewer stocks listed on the stock market are vanishing #stockmarket #today

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The stock market is vanishing

The stock market isn’t what it used to be.

As noted by Steven DeSanctis, equity strategist at Jefferies, the sheer number of companies listed on stock exchanges has been dropping off precipitously.

The number of firms with shares publicly listed in the University of Chicago’s Center for Research in Security Prices aggregate index has fallen to 3,267 from a peak of 6,364 in 1997.

This, in fact, is the lowest number of listed stocks since 1984.

There are a number of possible reasons for this. Here’s DeSanctis’ breakdown:

“Between the lack of IPO activity. the pick-up of M A, and buybacks, the US equity world is becoming smaller and smaller, and this could be one of many reasons why active managers are lagging behind their indexes. Companies may not want to come public due to the additional cost of Sarbanes-Oxley or the fact that the private market has become a bigger source of financing than it has been in the past.”

While the answer is probably some combination of these factors, DeSanctis also thinks that the declining number of stocks may be affecting the performance of many professional stock pickers.

The argument is that with fewer companies to choose from, active managers are forced to crowd into certain stocks. Crowding makes it impossible to differentiate returns and causes these managers, in DeSanctis’ mind, to fall short of their benchmarks.

SEE ALSO: ALBERT EDWARDS: The crutch holding up the US economy is about to be ‘kicked away’

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Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party #designing #business #cards

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Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party

If you are a direct sales or home party plan consultant, you know that the power of your business lies in the party. However, there are times when your calendar might be a little bare due to the season or cancellations or you might not be able to do as many in home parties or demo s. There are many ways that you can build your direct sales or home party plan business outside of the home party. These ideas can be used for incremental sales every single month or to rev up your business when home parties are low.

Here are Seven Ideas to Build Your Direct Sales or Party Plan Business outside of the Home Party:

1. Host a Mystery Host Party at your house one night or afternoon! Everyone who attends and orders is entered to be the host of the party and get all the host credits and bonuses OR you could even draw for a winner of a FREE Business Kit use part of your commission from the sales to pay for the kit keep part of the host credits for yourself to gain a new recruit!

2. Set up a Stop n Shop party at your office or a local restaurant after work one day (or offer to do this for your customers, friends, hosts)! Set up your kit, set up some games and prize drawings and let your friends stop in and see the newest products, catalog and sales fliers and shop! If you have or can sell cash carry, bring some products and offer them as bonus buys with a minimum purchase amount.

3. Mini Parties! Get 12 friends or customers to collect $150 in orders for you. Put all the orders in one party order split the host credits between those who collected and submitted orders. Depending on how your host program works, each person would be able to receive $20-$50 in free items! (You’ll make a great commission from this too!)

4. Set up an online party and share the link on Facebook, your website, networking groups, your customer email list Offer daily order specials, share product tips and gift ideas on the event. You could do a mystery host party through the online party too. (Be sure to personally invite people, don t just add them to the event and if you do this in a FB group, definitely do not add people without their permission!)

5. Hold a fundraiser for your church, school, favorite charity or family in need. If your company does not offer a Fundraising program, consider donation a portion of your commission to a worth cause.

6. Hold a special themed / seasonal sale sale! (back to school, valentines, labor day, etc…) Offer for customers to get 15% off any 1 item of their choice when they place at least a $15 order with you by a certain date OR everyone who places an order by a certain date gets entered to win a $25 surprise pack OR gets free shipping or a free gift… Get creative be excited (but don’t give away too much of your commission either you don t want to devalue your products or lose income).

7. Don t forget about vendor events look for festivals, bazaars, fundraisers, events you can set a booth up to work to get leads, meet new people and market your business. Read more about how to have Successful Vendor Events here.

The bottom line though is to Just do it ! We can do and achieve anything we put our minds to. If we want to make something happen, we will. Be excited, share the excitement and believe that you can earn all the great prizes promotions that your company offers plus a great income. Get to work! You can do this!

Want more tips, tools training to help you with building a successful direct sales business?
Sign up for my FREE 8 Day Online Success Course Below:

Ready to take your Direct Sales Business to the next level? Want to develop the Mindset of a CEO of Me®, master authentic Marketing online offline, Vendor Events, Parties, Recruiting, Team Leadership more without the struggle of learning the hard way? Would you like to get 1 on 1 coaching from me and small group mastermind support from other like-minded and driven direct sales leaders? Enroll in my Direct Sales Party Plan Success Course!

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The Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015 #business #development #plan

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The Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs in 2015

As a small business owner myself, I know how important it is to stay up-to-date with the ever changing trends that the business world throws at us.

Because I watch very little TV, and rely heavily on the internet for keeping up-to-date with the news, it s somewhat obvious that I d also use the online medium to learn, consume and also produce and market my own content. Bloggers (and increasingly, podcasters, as well as video producers and many are wearing all three hats!) have the ability to express themselves in somewhat ‘real time’, and in an evergreen way, by keeping their content fresh, and sharing their opinions with the world.

However, in the world of business blogging there s a lot of noise. A lot of content marketers are gagging to get your attention, and with only so many minutes a day to devote to learning and consuming content (personally, I put aside around 30-45 minutes daily), you’ve got to be very strict with who’s content you make time for.

This is the reason why I’ve put this list together. This collection are the best small business blogs I know of right now. My personal favorite / go-to people in the world of small business blogging and online business building. Individually they strike a chord with me enough to keep me coming back for more, together they act as an ever-growing encyclopaedia of business brilliance.

Note: These blogs are listed in no particular order of preference, or influence.

Chris Brogan s Blog

Chris is the only repeat awardee on this list, from last year. I ve known this man for several years and he has continued to deliver quality, helpful, thoughtful and inspiring content to every business owner wise enough to tune into what he has to say. I m assuming (heavily!) that you re one of them!

Must Read: Dear Podcaster Chris lays it down in true Brogan fashion. Letting podcasters know exactly how to approach expert guests, record with them and the importance of respecting their time. This SO needed to be said!

Smart Passive Income

It s no secret that Pat and I are very close friends. Known for being the crash test dummy of online business he s launched and grown several business, meaning you can learn what works and what doesn t, directly from watching him. We recently started a new partnership together, 1-Day Business Breakthrough. too!

Must Read: And They Thought I was Stupid – In this post from early 2014 Pat reflects on his decision to starting podcasting and what it s done for his brand along with the 468 comments on the post itself!

Gary Vaynerchuk s Blog

In 2010 I picked up a copy of Crush It! by Gary and became an instant fan. Since then I ve had to chance to have him on the podcast twice, as well as hanging out in the US a little together. Ballsy, to the point and with a BS detector like I ve never seen before, he s an influencer in every imaginable way.

Must Read: Cloud Dirt: How I Do Business – This is a fantastic short film that Gary and his team produced to explain how he feels about business today and why he doesn t focus on anything that won t bring him closer to his goals.

Amy Porterfield s Blog

I often refer to Amy as the Queen of Social Media . But, she has become so much more than that in recent years. Now focusing on everything from list building to product marketing, Amy is paving the way for other entrepreneurs in a crowded space that needs to hear it like it is. She s simply awesome.

Must Read: 3 Strategies to Rapid List Building – I often say that the health and overall success of your online business is directly tied to your email list. This post (and podcast episode) is compulsory consumption for everyone!

Entrepreneur on Fire

Talk about taking the bull by the horns! John Lee Dumas hit the scene a couple years ago and hasn t looked back. In 2014, along with his partner in crime (and life!), Kate Erickson, he turned his podcasting empire into a thriving million dollar entity something rarely seen in the online infomarketing world.

Must Read: 2014: The Year in Review – John and Kate (some would say the real boss at EOFire!) had a remarkable year. In this post they show you exactly how they did it, along with warts and all! Great annual review write-up.


Copyblogger have long been a guiding light in the very dark tunnel that is content marketing . Brian Clark and his team are still leading the way, with decisions such as cutting comments from their blog, deleting their Facebook page and reinventing content publishing by developing the New Rainmaker platform.

Must Read: Why Copyblogger is Killing its Facebook Page – With social media changing at a drastic pace, sometimes equally drastic decisions are required. Copyblogger shows you the facts behind this big decision.

Convince Convert

It s not one of the top ranked social media and content marketing websites on the internet for no reason! Jay Baer and his team consistently publish amazingly thought-provoking and inspiring entrepreneurial content. Whether it s a blog post, podcast, or an episode of JayToday TV subscribe now.

Must Read: Can You Build a Content Marketing Super Brand – I said thought-provoking for a reason. This ll get ya thinking! A deep dive into Jay s mind as he discusses the in s and out s of developing your own super brand.

Marie Forleo s Blog

I do not know Marie. We ve not met, and other than a few brief social media exchanges, we ve never even spoken. But, boy, oh boy can this lady market the hell out of herself and everything she stands for. Want to build a personal brand? Watch what Marie does, rinse and repeat. She s simply awesome.

Must Read: Can t Turn Off Your Bizself? 2 Quick Steps to Flip the Switch! – In this video (she vlogs, instead of blogs) Marie discusses the importance of switching off as an entrepreneur, and gives us a couple of great tips to get started.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch is an all-star, old school marketing player that has continued to deliver the marketing and sales goods over and over again. His team produce a blog that s a mix of his experience, coupled together with the new in s and out s of online marketing all thrown into one.

Must Read: How to promote Every Piece of Content Your Create – I loved this birds-eye view of how John and his team cross promote their content archive. This shows you the power of on-going marketing for older content.

Michael Hyatt s Blog

When I think of Michael Hyatt, I think of a Leader s Leader . With over two decades of experience in the publishing world, he has since taken online entrepreneurship to a whole new level with his blog, podcast, products and membership communities. He s a one-man leadership, walking talking workshop!

Must Read: Advice to First Time Authors – This is about as real as advice gets. It s short, sharp, to the point and timeless. Michael s take on everything from finding an agent to considering self publishing is must-read material.

Don t Forget THIS Blog, Too!

Along with these awesome bloggers, podcasters, online video producers and all-round content marketing rock stars, please don t forget to continue to tune into this blog and my podcast on a regular basis. I promise you lots of content to help you become the most productive and profitable entrepreneur possible.

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The Financial Express – Business News, Industry, Personal Finance, Stock Market News #business #day

#stock market news today


The Railways need to evaluate whether it should continue to have 125 hospitals, 600 polyclinics and 100 schools directly under its wing, he said.

Outgoing RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan today rejected the idea of the government taking a special dividend from the central bank for recapitalisation of public sector lenders, saying there is no free lunch .

India and Vietnam today called for a reform of the UN and an expansion of the Security Council in both the permanent and non-permanent categories of membership, with enhanced representation from developing countries.

Country s largest two-wheeler maker Hero MotoCorp plans to launch 15 new products in domestic as well as international markets this fiscal, a top company official said today.

Find the Jeep pricing absurd? Here s the reason and why it isn t necessarily bad

New Jaguar sets record as fastest selling car for Tata Jaguar Land Rover

Stable regulatory framework important for investment in auto sector

The system, which would utilise the same machine learning technology used in Microsoft s artificial intelligence (AI) assistant Cortana, is designed to have a long lifecycle.

Samsung announces swap for Galaxy Note 7 with Galaxy S7 variants

Xiaomi Mi Max: Phablet with long-lasting battery for heavy users

From UrbanClap to OTJ247, take to tech to slay the chores and really enjoy the festive season

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today launched the Biju Kanya Ratna Yojana (BKRY) and inaugurated 1,000 anganwadi buildings here as part of the celebration marking birth centenary of legendary Biju Patnaik.

The extraordinary life of Mother Teresa, who worked relentlessly for the upliftment of the destitute and who will be declared a saint by the Roman Catholic Church, must be brought alive on the silver screen, says India s acclaimed veteran filmmaker Shyam Benegal.

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The importance of ethics in business – Ethical business practices – Cadbury Schweppes #internet #home #business

#ethics in business


Ethical business practices
A Cadbury Schweppes case study

Page 1: The importance of ethics in business

Ethics concern an individual’s moral judgements about right and wrong. Decisions taken within an organisation may be made by individuals or groups, but whoever makes them will be influenced by the culture of the company. The decision to behave ethically is a moral one; employees must decide what they think is the right course of action. This may involve rejecting the route that would lead to the biggest short-term profit.

Ethical behaviour and corporate social responsibility can bring significant benefits to a business. For example, they may:

  • attract customers to the firm’s products, thereby boosting sales and profits
  • make employees want to stay with the business, reduce labour turnover and therefore increase productivity
  • attract more employees wanting to work for the business, reduce recruitment costs and enable the company to get the most talented employees
  • attract investors and keep the company’s share price high, thereby protecting the business from takeover.

Unethical behaviour or a lack of corporate social responsibility, by comparison, may damage a firm’s reputation and make it less appealing to stakeholders. Profits could fall as a result.

Along with good corporate governance, ethical behaviour is an integral part of everything that Cadbury Schweppes does. Treating stakeholders fairly is seen as an essential part of the company’s success, as described here: ‘A creative and well managed corporate and social responsibility programme is in the best interests of all our stakeholders – not just our consumers – but also our shareowners, employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners who work together with us. *’

Ensuring that employees understand the company’s corporate values is achieved by the statement of ‘Our Business Principles’ which makes clear the behaviour it seeks from employees.

Cadbury Schweppes’ good practice was recognised when it was voted one of the ‘most admired companies for community and environmental responsibility’ by Management Today magazine in 2003. It was also ranked second in the Food and Drink sector in the Business in the Community ‘Per Cent Club’ Index of corporate giving for 2003, with an investment in the community of around 3of its UK pre tax profits.

* Cadbury Schweppes Corporate and Social Responsibility Report 2002

Cadbury Schweppes | Ethical business practices

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An Honest Stock Market Update – The Motley Fool #business #card #printers

#stock market update


An Honest Stock Market Update

Aug 12, 2014 at 11:16AM

NEW YORK — Stocks gained momentum on Monday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing up 48 points, reversing losses from last week’s decline.

Experts hailed both moves as a “remarkable, textbook example of pure statistical chance,” chalking up Monday’s gains to a couple random marginal buyers being slightly more motivated than a few random marginal sellers.

“Imagine you pick 1 million random people from around the world every day,” said Toby McDade, chief investment officer of Momentum Fee Capital Management. “Some days, 51% would be in a good mood, 49% in a bad mood. The next day maybe it’s the opposite. Other days, random chance could mean 8% of people are really pissed off for no real reason. This is basically what the market is on a day-to-day basis,” he said.

Asked what his clients thought of this view, Mr. McDade laughed. “Oh my God, you think I could tell my clients that? How could I justify my salary?” Clients were told Monday’s gain was caused by a mix of reversing geopolitical instability, shifting uncertainty patterns, a risk-on atmosphere, and a perfect storm of beta meeting sigma. None knew what those words meant.

American corporations earned $4.62 billion of net income on Monday. Financial advisors, analysts, and brokers, collected $630 million in fees. No media outlet reported these figures, despite being the two most important numbers necessary to understanding investing.

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the economy added 209,000 jobs last month. An economist from a right-leaning think tank called the report disappointing. Another at a left-leaning organization called it encouraging. Neither has a reputable track record. Both yelled. The jobs report has a margin of error of plus or minus 100,000, and will be revised seven times in the coming years. No one whose outlook was swayed by the report said they care about these details.

Marc Faber appeared on TV predicting a 20% stock market crash within the next six months, repeating a call he has made bi-weekly since the Carter administration. Another pundit explained that his last failed prediction would have been right if only he hadn’t been so wrong. Executives of financial TV networks met to discuss why ratings are at decade lows.

The yield on 10-year Treasury bonds fell from 2.42% to 2.38%. Nobody knows why.

An FDIC report showed banks increased lending last quarter. Analysts called this a new bubble created by the Fed, though it’s what any rational person would expect to see happening during a recovery after a deep recession.

In Nevada, 52-year-old Ronald Palmer put his life savings into gold after spending 10 minutes reading something on Google about inflation written by a guy who learned about inflation by spending 10 minutes on Google.

Nineteen-year-old Travis Baker spent the afternoon day-trading penny stocks because his prefrontal cortex isn’t yet fully developed and he couldn’t recognize risk-reward trade-offs if they hit him in the face.

An army of bloggers reported from their parents’ basements that Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t understand technology. Reached out to for comment, Cook giggled, shook his head, and said one of his main regrets in life is not taking the advice of unemployed anonymous bloggers.

Long-term investors finished Monday one day closer to their goals.

Analysts expect the news to be no different tomorrow.

Check back every Tuesday and Friday for Morgan Housel’s columns on finance and economics.

*This article is fake, but just barely.

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The Business Continuity Institute #best #business

#business continuity


What is the future of BC?

The BCI and PwC have been considering the future of business continuity and the challenges to us as professionals. The growing emphasis on resilience has led us to consider what the future holds, and we’d like to understand what you think too. Please do complete our short survey and share your thoughts. All respondents will be in with a chance of winning a £100 Amazon gift card.

New BCI Executive Director

The BCI is delighted to welcome David Thorp as its new Executive Director, taking over from Lorraine Darke who steps down at the end of the year in order to enjoy an early retirement after 12 years at the BCI. David is set to join the BCI on the 3rd October when he leaves his current role as Managing Director of the Security Institute. Read more here .

Salary Benchmarking Report

The BCI Salary Benchmarking Report is a global study of business continuity professionals, and an analysis of their remuneration to highlight variations between location, education, gender and industry. The report can be downloaded from the members’ area of the BCI website. If you are not a member, but would like to join as an Affiliate in order to gain access to the report, just click here .

The impact of Brexit

With the UK voting to leave the EU, is your organization prepared for Brexit? The BCI has published two papers to help you consider what steps you need to take to make your organization more resilient during this period of change. Download you free copy of ‘Horizon scanning post-Brexit: What should businesses prepare for? ‘ and ‘Brexit: Analysing the impact of change ‘ to give you some ideas to think about.

BCI World Conference

We believe we have created our best programme yet for the BCI World Conference, one for seasoned professionals and new, one that encompasses all of the current thinking, and one that includes keynotes, case studies, panel sessions, workshops and research. From ‘how to build organizational resilience’ to ‘cyber security’, from ‘getting buy-in’ to ‘building a response capability to deal with the threat of terrorism’, we have it all covered, see for yourself .

How To Guides

The BCI is pleased to present a new range of ‘How To Guides’ which can act as further study and reference resources. The six guides, each based on one of the stages of the BCM Lifecycle, are consistent with the current GPG and contain examples and advice which may be adapted to suit your working environment. The guides are available in the BCI Shop and BCI members are entitled to a substantial discount.

Continuity Magazine

The latest edition of Continuity Magazine has now hit the shelves – an edition packed full of news, research and opinion on the continuity and resilience industry. With articles on pandemics, GDPR, crisis management, BC metrics, disaster recovery, and resilience in the community, there is something for everyone. Download your FREE copy today.

Cyber Resilience Report

The BCI Cyber Resilience Report is an analysis of cyber security incidents experienced by organizations across the world, and how they respond to them. These types of incidents are not rare occurrences with two-thirds of organizations experiencing at least one during the previous year. The report, sponsored by Crises Control, can be downloaded for free by clicking here .

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Price Volume – Stocks with the highest price volume ratio #best #small #business

#stock prices


US Exchanges Price Volume Leaders Fri, Sep 2nd, 2016


US Exchanges

  • US Exchangest
  • –By Market Cap–
  • Large Cap
  • Mid Cap
  • Small Cap
  • Micro Cap
  • –By Price–
  • Price $10
  • Price $10
  • –By Exchange–
  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • Nasdaq
  • ETFs
  • OTC/BB
  • Pink Sheets
  • Toronto (TSX)
  • Toronto Venture
  • London (LSE)
  • Australia (ASX)

Volume’,’Price Volume: The price multiplied by the volume represented in 1000’s.’,’int’,’right’,’asc’]=2886959.313,2146646.145,1915747.91135,1734880.075,1685000.616,1615897.504,1540889.28,1531264.389,1487701.16955,1396339.882,1329536.611,1215307.252,1181122.382,1089922.68867,1075615.126,1009727.029,926003.36149,866540.94954,827390.85,780789.555,774104.185,701982,700465.983,692783.852,688982.875,665902.716,651063.546,641171.145,620647.032,612282.79,611536.926,603495.728,586010.25,577921.395,561518.477,556354.17,550969.7,525480.6,508140.114,505092.328,501932.80077,479479.336,471989.052,459847.875,449638.93981,423212.622,418052.234,417104.30984,413524.17,411228.029,410104.464,403059.015,402258.462,400739.43,397476.048,395990.77,394991.883,394070.794,391867.509,389189.304,388781.075,385837.6,380360.31,379204.623,375632.4,373669.68,372050.20875,369406.115,363179.432,359380.401,353766.726,348119.16816,346073.562,345448.103,345195.144,345081.96,344278.305,340355.904,332530.243,331295.076,328690.136,327922.231,326552.544,319592.52,319427.056,317627.592,315363.984,314779.311,303944.66,303530.7,303393.138,303042.605,295625.132,294163.116,294019.488,291055.072,291032.04,290356.464,290143.532,289944.2,289303.616,287983.777,287817.684,284783.343,279458.738,279341.808,269060.904,268844.95,268037.331,267175.624,266829.255,264701.255,263725.92,263448.75,263330.126,262936.884,260579.97,259660.08,258699.176,255107.008,254650.24,251812.236,251478.43,249355.062,249093.712,248198.888,244397.16,243581,242150.925,241957.664,239917.899,238806.32182,238622.7,238488.39,238440.174,229417.98,229214.967,226033.766,224674.95,223269.557,223041.069,222072.224,219878.478,218232.168,215516.086,214332.936,213002.592,210434.718,210015.978,209648.493,208847.646,207903.744,206858.971,204356.656,204149.004,203828.142,203493.579,201096.757,200429.74,200220.088,200083.317,199687.824,198885.584,198303.105,197488.557,196113.965,195493.635,194918.415,194044.1,191249.424,190778.376,190688.316,190533.624,188845.784,188302.656,187406.9,186163.704,185192.55,184775.82,184154.912,184017.616,182899.854,182317.528,181945.08,178058.57,178057.544,176522.892,176302.828,175381.884,174296.896,174084.36,173779.032,173554.71,173537.208,173286.752,172515.47691,172334.253,171797.71913,170947.765,170701.19;” data-pageSize=”100″ data-perfLinks=”N%3B”>

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The stock market has already picked the next U #business #card #template

#the stock market


The stock market has already picked the next U.S. president

The GOP is traditionally known as the party of Wall Street, but this year investors, for the most part, are betting against the Republican standard-bearer.

“The market appears to have decided not only that [Hillary] Clinton will win, but that it won’t be close,” David Woo, a strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, said in a report distributed Monday. “Investors like landslide victories.”

Woo noted that the S P 500 has risen more than 4% since July 5, which marks the beginning of the 90-trading-day countdown to the election on Nov. 8. During years when presidential candidates won by a margin of more than 80% of Electoral College votes, the S P 500 posted average returns of 8.4% in the 90 days leading up to the election, as this chart illustrates:

The last time stocks outperformed the current rally at the halfway point was when Ronald Reagan won in a landslide against Walter Mondale in 1984.

“To us, this implies that the market is expecting Hillary Clinton to either maintain or increase her already sizable lead over Donald Trump in the opinion polls,” Woo said, citing the Iowa Electronic Markets. an indicator giving Clinton an 80% chance of beating Trump.

The IEM is a futures market operated for research purposes by the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business.

Earlier this year, Sam Stovall, U.S. equity strategist at S P Global Market Intelligence, noted that the S P 500 SPX, +0.42% has a fairly good record of predicting election results.

Since 1944, the incumbent person or party was reelected 82% of the time when the S P 500 rose between July 31 and Oct. 31, according to Stovall. The only exceptions were in 1968 and 1980, when there were popular third-party candidates in the picture.

“Whenever the S P 500 fell in price during these three months, however, it signaled the replacement of the incumbent 86% of the time,” he said.

The latest polling numbers show Clinton leading Trump in most voter surveys, according to news and data aggregator RealClearPolitics.

The S P 500 hit a record high of 2,193.81 on Aug. 15 and is poised to extend its rally to six straight months. The Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.39% also is flirting with a slight gain in August—which would be its seventh monthly rise in a row, according to FactSet.

Meanwhile, the market is also expecting a split Congress and very little change in policy, according to Woo.

The volatility of the euro-dollar pairing EURUSD, -0.3751% which the strategist views as a good proxy to measure the risk of change in the U.S. versus the rest of the world, is at a 2016 low, implying subdued expectations for policy change.

“The combination of a Democratic president and a split Congress likely means gridlock,” Woo said. “If this scenario materializes, the experience of the past six years suggests there is little chance of a major change in the fundamental economic policies of the most important country in the world in the foreseeable future.”

As a result, investors could expect lower interest rates and a weaker dollar. But in the event the same party wins the White House and control of Congress, the greenback will strengthen and rates will rise, Woo said.

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Euro Tullett Prebon: EURUSD


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The 18 Coolest Business Cards We ve Ever Seen – Business Insider #business #plan #writing

#cool business cards


The 18 Coolest Business Cards We’ve Ever Seen


Whether your business card is plain black on white or tri-dimensional, one thing holds true: business cards say a lot about who you are.

Like resumes, it gives an employer or a prospective customer a first impression about you. We talked to several of the owners and designers of the most creative cards out there, all of which told us their cards made a lasting impression. For designer Stefan Sagmeister. his card was the jumpstart his agency needed, providing him many of his first projects.

Roland Murillo told us a sturdy business card is “the equivalent to a firm handshake,” so instead of going for thick cardboard, he made his business card out of wood.

But creative business cards aren’t just for creative businesses. Joe Duffy has designed cards for non-profits and tourism offices. No matter how creative card is, “you have to prioritize,” he told us. You need to include the important contact information that makes any business card an important networking tool.

We’re pulled together 18 of the most creative business cards from collector Kariann Burleson’s dailypoetics collection on Flickr. with her permission.

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Business cards are no longer expected to just share contact info. those days are long gone. They are now a tangible extension to serious marketing plans that are more about interactive communication. These more sophisticated, interactive business cards work harder and market more successfully than the business cards of the past. It’s a forward-thinking branding model that small business should leverage and include in their marketing efforts.

Case in in point. Although we cannot vouch for any other company’s featured in this article, I know that my statements about our cards are 100% true, and I’m proud of the impact our cards have made on our small business. The free advertising alone is a return worth thousands. Our cards have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, Entrepreneur Magazine and countless other business journals and articles. At an investment of less than $500 per year, we can attribute tens of thousands of dollars in new business and revenues each year to the attention and recall that our cards promote.

Do our cards do their job? They work better than I would or could have imagined. I could not have designed them any better.

Roland Murillo, Principal
Murillo Design, Inc.

The 18 Coolest Business Cards We’ve Ever Seen

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