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Business Law

Offering Clients Domestic and Global Representation

The Stibbs Co. transactional legal team serves a broad range of domestic and international business clients on key commercial transactions.

We assist companies in all stages and aspects of a business:

  • Ensure that a business is in compliance with local and international business laws
  • File forms for each step from the formation to the dissolution of a business
  • Review and write contracts

We are proud to offer clients the in-depth experience and knowledge needed to handle demanding business transactions while maintaining our best-in-class commitment to customer service.

From general business issues to international transactions, practical advice and a deal maker attitude bring successful results.

General Business Transactions handled by our legal team include:

© 2016 Stibbs & Co. All Rights Reserved.

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Interactive Web Courses, Continuing Dental Education, The University of Texas Health Science Center –


  • Dental Assistant Registration Course and Examination
    Mona Thibadeau, RDA, CDA, BA
  • OSHA: The Required Annual Training Course
    Geza T. Terezhalmy, DDS, MA
  • Ergonomics in Pain Management (including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)
    Harold L. Meador, DDS
  • Instrument Sharpening
    Harold L. Meador, DDS
  • Nitrous Oxide Conscious Sedation (for Dentists only)
    Ernest E. Valdez, DDS
  • Monitoring the Administration of Nitrous Oxide (for Dental Hygienists and Assistants)
    Ernest E. Valdez, DDS


Interactive Web Courses


You are invited to participate in our interactive courses presented by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Continuing Dental Education. Modern version of the correspondence courses from the past, some courses are available in video-streaming format, they will be noted. Via the Internet/World Wide Web (WWW), you may review this material in your office or home at your leisure; and receive continuing education credit at the same time! Participation in the didactic portion of the course requires that you:

STEP 1: Register online with the Office of Continuing Dental Education and pay a registration fee.

STEP 2: Complete all reading assignments and submit quiz answers via Internet at the completion of each chapter. The quizzes will be graded and returned to you via internet instantaneously.

STEP 3: Upon successful completion of this portion of the course, you will receive an electronic certificate for didactic continuing dental education hours–print this for your records.

Links from web sites affiliated with The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio’s web site (www.uthscsa.edu) to other websites do not constitute or imply university endorsement of those sites, their content, or products and services associated with those sites.

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Texas Business Advisor #business #ideas

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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Glenn Hegar

The Texas Business Advisor

Entrepreneurship forms the basis of free market capitalism, fueling growth in the state economy. The Comptroller joins others in encouraging the spirit to try new ideas, build a business, attain wealth, and create jobs. The Business Advisor is our attempt to provide helpful information by opening a “one-stop shop,” for your convenience in learning how to start a business in Texas.

Starting a Business

Prepare Define your product or service, study the market, write a plan, and get financing.

Register Choose a name for the business. Obtain an identification number. Decide on the legal form. Discover which licenses or permits you may need, and what kinds of taxes you might owe.

Growing Your Business

Take free, or at least low cost, advice Several organizations, some government, some not, give advice about how to achieve profit in local markets.

Expand your client base Sell to the government as well as to private clients. Find foreign buyers.

Keep reference materials for the future Know where to get facts quickly, especially the same information you will want updated periodically.

The information in this document is presented solely as technical assistance and as a resource available to entrepreneurs. The information does not serve as a substitute for legal advice or tax advice nor replace the independent judgment of an appropriate specialist. An entrepreneur should consult his/her attorney, accountant or other appropriate professional to answer specific questions about establishing a business in Texas.

Required Plug-ins

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Online Colleges in Texas #best #online #colleges #in #texas


Online Colleges in Texas

Overview of Online Colleges in Texas

In 2007, the Texas Virtual School Network was established by the Texas Legislature to provide online learning opportunities to high school students. Since its inception in 2009, TxVSN has provided 8th through 12th grade students with state-supported online education, in collaboration with texas school districts.

In October 2010, the US Department of Education issued new program integrity regulations that declares that colleges and universities offering online programs should receive some sort of authorization from their home state. In Texas, this meant that, before online students living outside the state could enroll in a program, the schools offering said programs had to comply with a set of state-specific distance education regulations. This ensures that after a strict approval process, Texas distance learning programs are providing the best possible curriculum for students.

While Texas s tuition fees continue to rise, costs are increasing at a slower pace than the national average. Tuition inflation rates at the state s public four-year schools over the past 5 years increased 9%, compared to the 17% increased national average. Between 2004 and 2014. students at public two-year schools experienced a 32.2% tuition hike, while public four-year schools saw a 38.4% tuition increase during the same period. The spike in tuition costs can be partially credited to the 22.5% decrease in state funding for higher education between 2008 and 2014.

Despite increased tuition costs, enrollment at Texas institutions is on the rise. Between 2002 and 2012, Texas public institutions experienced a 31% increase in enrollment, surpassing the 19% increased national average. According to the Texas Higher Education Data. public two-year schools have seen a dip in enrollment in recent years, although enrollment increased from 2009 to 2011. Enrollment in public four-year schools steadily increased from 2009 to 2013. Texas s public four-year schools have a 50.2% overall graduation rate, and a 74.7% first year student retention rate.

For more information on Texas s top distance learning programs, consult our extensive school database. Find available scholarships and financial assistance tools in the College Savings section below.

Top Featured Schools Sponsored Schools

Capella is an accredited online university dedicated to providing an exceptional, professionally-aligned education that puts you in the best position to succeed in your field. Capella’s challenging curriculum is competency-based, combining foundational theory with real-world application, to ensure our students receive a high-quality education.

  • As a Keiser University student, you will learn degree-specific theory and gain valuable experience on key technologies to prepare you for a career ahead. Keiser University offers over 100 different doctoral through associate degrees in a variety of health care, business, information technology, culinary arts, legal studies, and education fields.

    Official State Links

    College Savings

    • Texas College Savings Plan. Texas College Savings Plan offers two investment styles: age-based portfolios and static portfolios. Both of these options are managed by OFI Private Investments. This plan gives account holders the flexibility to rebalance their contributions or change allocations at any time.
    • Texas Tuition Promise Funds. This prepaid tuition plan is one of the newest 529 plans for Texas residents. There are three types of plans, and participation is limited to Texas residents; account holders pay for tuition and fees to be used by a beneficiary at a later date at public two-year and four-year colleges and universities in Texas.
    • Lonestar 529 Plans. To open a Lonestar 529 plan, account holders need just $25, and they choose from age-based or static investment options. Investments are managed by OFI Private Investments Inc. a subsidiary of OppenheimerFunds, Inc. TIAA-CREF, Dreyfus Investments and Thornburg Investments.

    Education Nonprofits

    • Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education. The Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education is dedicated to raising awareness of issues in higher education. The coalition’s membership is focused on promoting policies to expand access to, and increase affordability of, higher education across the state.
    • Texas Association of Chicanos in Higher Education. This organization is dedicated to improving education and employment opportunities for Hispanics in Texas. The advocacy group works to provide forums for discussion of education-related issues.
    • Educate Texas. This nonprofit works with student to prepare them for higher education and the workforce. It is a public-private organization that uses collaborative methods to reach its goals.

    Higher Education News

    • The Lowdown on Higher Education. A blog through the Statesman newspaper, this publication focuses on higher education issues in Central Texas.

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  • Architecture branding #architecture,design,interior #design,miami,florida,furniture #design,museum #design,exhibition #design,midtown,rene #gonzalez,juan #camilo #diez, #florida #architect,florida #architects,texas #architect,modern


    Juan Camilo Diez provides 12+ years of experience working in the fields of Architecture, Design and Developing. His experience encompasses a broad range of projects such as residential, hospitality and retail as well as sports venues and mixed-use developments, having led the design of over 2 million square feet of buildings. His designs use creativity and a strong understanding of proportions and function in order to resolve practical and formal challenges.

    As a LEED Accredited Professional, Camilo helps GA achieve architectural solutions to the ecological issues that surround our built environment. He is also a licensed Architect in Colombia, South America.

    Enrique Rene Gonzalez brings more than a decade of experience in all areas of Architecture and Real Estate Development. His unique and specialized experience centers on the design and execution of entertainment, retail, hospitality, luxury residential and civic projects. It also encompasses a hands-on grasp of strategy, marketing and business development that can provide a turn-key development of any project.

    Rene is a licensed Architect in the State of Texas and Florida, a member of the American Institute of Architects and certified with the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. He also is a LEED Accredited Professional allowing GA to focus on green building practices and sustainability in each new design endeavor.

    Gonzalez Architecture is an architectural and interior design practice that has a commitment to design excellence. Specializing in hospitality, commercial and luxury residential design; we also provide valuable consultation on real estate development that delivers a hands-on grasp of strategy, marketing and business development for your endeavors. Our practice is distinguished by a deep sense of responsibility to clients, communities, and the creation of memorable architecture.

    Architecture, Interiors + Planning

    • Luxury Residential
    • Hospitality
    • Retail

    Graphic Design Consultation

    • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Brochures
    • Land Acquisition Analysis
    • Pro Formas
    • Cost Analysis
    • Cash Flow Projections
    • Market Research
    • Preliminary Design Consultation
    • Pre-Construction Cost Analysis
    • Construction Administration
    • Cost Detail Analysis
    • Scheduling
    • Pay Application Analysis
    • Project Management

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    Texas DWI Law #is #dwi #a #felony #in #texas


    Texas DWI Law

    How long will prior DWI convictions remain relevant for sentencing purposes in Texas?

    In Texas, prior DWI convictions stay on your record (and can be counted against you when you are being sentenced for another DUI/DWI offense) for good. Note that an earlier version of this law had a 10-year limitation, but even if a defendant’s prior convictions occurred when the prior version of the law was in effect, prior convictions can still be used under the current law. Sepeda v. State 280 S.W.3d 398 (2008).

    Can a DWI be pleaded down to a “wet reckless” in Texas?

    If you’re charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas, it’s possible to “plea bargain ” for a lesser charge. “Wet reckless” refers to a plea deal where a DWI charge is reduced to reckless driving. Some states have a reckless driving charge that applies specifically to offenses involving alcohol. But in Texas, the relevant statute applies more generally to all types of reckless driving. (Tex. Transp. Code Ann. 545.401 (2016).)

    Are ignition interlock devices (IIDs) required for convicted DWI offenders in Texas?

    An IID is required for a second offense within 5 years.

    Where can I get more information about DWI laws in Texas?

    Nolo’s DUI/DWI topic has many helpful articles, including a Drunk Driving, DUI, and DWI FAQ. For more help after a DWI arrest, see Nolo’s Lawyer Directory. where you can view in-depth profiles of Texas DWI attorneys in your area.

    For more information about the legal limit, see the Blood Alcohol Level Chart

    Last updated on 09/01/2010.

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    California Proposition 47 Application for Redesignation Kit

    California Proposition 47 Petition for Resentencing Kit

    Criminal Law: A Desk Reference

    Talk to a DUI Defense attorney

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    Welcome to the Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association #houston #metropolitan #paralegal #association, #paralegal, #organization, #association,


    Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association

    Welcome to Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association ( HMPA )! HMPA, a non-profit organization, is one of the largest paralegal associations in the United States. Founded on August 30, 1978, the HMPA formally changed its name in 2004 from Houston Legal Assistants Association. HMPA’s goal, then and now, is to promote the professional advancement of paralegals in the Houston metropolitan area. As a non-partisan, non-bargaining association, HMPA strives for a heightened standard of excellence in the profession through the implementation of minimum education standards for its members, and the creation of the advanced Professional Houston Paralegal designation. Although HMPA is not a regulatory board, our goal is to remain on the forefront of regulation, certificate and licensure issues facing the profession during the coming years.


    Be the Vision! Visualize. Imagine. Believe. Be .

    Membership renewals and applications are completely online for your convenience! Just click the Membership Tab above and your paperless experience is only a few clicks away!

    Congratulations to Virginia Barry, winner of the HMPA Membership Grand Prize Package including an Echo Dot, Amazon Firestick and $150 Amazon Gift Card!

    Secure your spot today for HMPA’s next downtown CLE luncheon and earn 1.0 hour of CLE credit! Always great food, amazing speakers, and an excellent networking opportunity! Space is limited, so don’t miss out!

    HMPA Member Appreciation Night

    Open to all HMPA members (plus one)! Please come out and enjoy food, drinks, and piano fun with your HMPA family!

    HMPA 2017 TAPS Scholarship

    In honor of Holly Huckabee (who tragically lost her life in the July 30, 2016 Hot Air Balloon accident in Texas), HMPA awarded the 2017 HMPA Scholarship to TAPS in Holly’s name.

    As a member of HMPA and the Paralegal Division of the State Bar of Texas, Holly was the very definition of a committed, unifying leader. She was a passionate advocate for pro bono and community service initiatives and always, always stood for the professional advancement of the paralegal profession. As District 1 Director of the Paralegal Division, she gave tirelessly of herself to insure that all paralegals received the educational, networking and professional resources they needed.

    Michelle Hendrickson submitted her 2017 HMPA Scholarship to TAPS application and two page essay on Why is CLE important to paralegals, even when certification or membership doesn t depend on it? Michelle is the winner of the 2017 HMPA Scholarship to TAPS, which includes the TAPS three-day registration, socials and part of the hotel expenses to attend the TAPS 2017 seminarTAPS Unmasqued: The Mystery Awaits (up to $750). Congratulation, Michelle!


    HMPA is proud to announce yet another successful social fundraiser supporting Houston’s very own Rescued Pets Movement. A big thank you to everyone who came out and joined us for food, fun, drinks, and prizes. With your help, HMPA was able to donate $900.00 to RPM! Stay tuned for our next social event, you won’t want to miss it!

    Exclusively sponsored by: Rimkus Consulting

    HMPA – CLE Luncheon Spotlight Sponsor

    Special thanks to our Spotlight Sponsor for the August CLE Luncheon:

    Robert Half quickly finds skilled candidates who are the best match for all your hiring needs by combining cutting-edge recruiting technology and matching algorithms, best-in-class customer service, and seven decades of experience. For more information, visit their website here.

    Houston Metropolitan Paralegal Association
    P.O. Box 61363, Houston, TX 77208-1363

    HMPA’s office hours are;
    Monday – Friday: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.



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    Houston Finance – Personal Loans, Cash Loans, Signature Loans, Cash Advances, Houston Tx #houston


    Welcome to Houston Finance Online. We are one of the first loan companies from Houston Texas that is regulated by the Consumer Credit Commission to publish an online finance program for Houston Cash loans and Houston personal loans. Whether you’re a consumer with good credit looking for a personal loan in Houston. or a person with bad credit having problems obtaining a loan, you have come to the right place. At Houston Finance we have a program for everybody. so it is easy to get approved. For example, if your credit is not the greatest then you might want to consider our two options, an automatic bank debit loan or signature loan. If your credit is in good standing then you can qualify for our Houston Cash Loans or a Houston Signature loan. The great thing about Houston Finance is your interest does not vary on your credit score. In fact we are 10 times cheaper than Payday Advance Companies. Don’t let a payday loan company turn your loan into a bad credit loan. So what are you waiting for? Apply now online or call us at 713-228-2626 .We are located in downtown Houston on the corner of Main and Preston, basement level Suite B-101.

    Personal Loan Information and Security

    We know that entrusting your personal information to others can be stressful, especially online! We want to ensure you that we take our obligations to protect your personal information seriously. We use the latest web security best practices to protect your data including providing 256 bit encryption on the application page on which you provide your personal loans application data.

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    Nurse Practitioner Programs in Texas: Facts – Figures #nurse #practitioner #program #texas


    Nurse Practitioner Programs in Texas: Facts Figures

    Texas is the largest of the contiguous United States, and has the second largest population, so it is logical that there are many, many jobs for registered nurses (RNs) there. Because of its geographic size, though, the state is divided into many metropolitan areas, and has lots of less populous rural communities as well. There are plenty of opportunities for nurse practitioners in Texas, but the pay differs widely between the major cities and the smaller towns. The Texas Board of Nursing handles all licensure needs for the state, and nurses wishing to practice there may apply for the following types of license:

    • Registered Nurses
    • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, such as Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists, and Clinical Nursing Specialists.
    • Licensed Vocational or Practical Nurses
    • Certified Nurse’s Assistants and Aides

    Nursing Licensure in Texas

    Texas is a member-state of the Nurse Licensure Compact. which means that nurses with a license in another Compact state can practice without re-applying. Nursing students applying for their first license in Texas must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit an online or paper application with proof of completed nursing education and the required number of clinical practice hours or contact hours.
  • Submit your fingerprints for verification (you may or may not be required to do this, depending on the type of license you apply for and whether it is your first time applying.)
  • Prove you have met the continuing education requirements, if you are renewing your license, or present proof of completion of nursing education, if this is your first time. Texas requires renewing nurses to prove that they have completed 20 contact hours of continuing education during the past two years to be eligible for license renewal.
  • Average Nursing Salaries in Texas

    All salary data is as of May, 2011.

    The mean annual wage of RNs in Texas is $67,580, but there are areas of the state where mean RN wages jump above $70,000, as well as areas that dip to around $55,000. The range of wages may be the result of Texas enormous size and population. The table below compares mean annual wages for RNs in various metropolitan areas of Texas to the state and national mean wages for the occupation. All data provided by The Bureau of Labor Statistics .

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    James R #criminal #law, #dwi, #parole, #traffic, #houston, #texas, #attorney, #parole #revocation, #white #collar

    I have recently been honored as one of Houston s Top Lawyers for 2014 in H Texas Magazine. I humbly thank my fellow attorneys and H Texas Magazine for this recognition. It is nice to receive appreciation for my work in representing clients in the courts and before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Again, I want to thank everyone involved for this honor.

    (Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature has changed a law. Once again, I am informing the inmate population: The Texas Legislature does meet this year, but no one will know whether there will be any new laws affecting the inmate population until at least June 2017. Just because a Bill (a suggestion by one of the Legislatures for a.

    Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should forget about everything you have seen on television. In Texas the parole board members very seldom interview an inmate personally, the inmate is never brought before the parole board to meet and answer questions put to him by the parole board members. A parole package (an evidentiary.

    I am often asked by family members, loved ones, and inmates what type of cases I accept and how successful I have been in representing inmates before the parole board. I have attempted to take a cross-section of the numerous letters I have written to inmate/clients over the approximately 25 years I have argued cases to the parole board informing my clients of the parole board decision in their case. I have.

    Houston Top Lawyer Award I have recently been honored as one of Houston s Top Lawyers for 2014 in H Texas Magazine. I humbly thank my fellow. News (Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature. Paroles Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should. Parole Wins I am often asked by family members, loved ones, and inmates what type of cases I accept and how successful I have been in.

    Pardon the Disruption: The Future You Never Saw Coming.

    Pardon The Disruption high-lights the exponential advances in technology that have disrupted the legal system and the economy over time but those changes will pale in comparison to what is about to occur!

    James Randall Smith Noted for Background in Criminal Justice Law by Worldwide Registry.

    Click on the image below to read full article.

    I just wanted to thank you for the Texas Parole webpage! Having worked for TDCJ for 17 total years and with the Institutional Parole Division for 6 of those years, I can honestly say you did a good job addressing the many questions offenders and families ask!

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