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The same pesticides, pest control products used by professional pest control operators are available for you to use in your home and business. Let us show you how to safely do a professional job using the best pest control supplies available. Our product line features Bedlam. Demon WP. Tempo. Bora-Care. B G Sprayers. Safeguard Animal Traps and many other pest control supplies used by professionals and available to you for do it yourself pest control!
Let us show you how to eliminate:
Boxelder Bugs. Fleas. Ticks. Powderpost Beetles. Molecrickets. Ants. Bed Bugs
Roaches. Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Bees. Fruit Flies in Restaurants.
Asian Lady Bug/ Lady Beetle Infestations. Fireants and other household pests.

Bedlam Aerosol kills bed bugs on mattresses. Bedlam Aerosol information.

Drione Dust, Bellows Duster – Drione Dust is applied to cracks crevices with duster to kill hidden bedbugs.

Matrix II Four Seasons Trap – Best indoor ultraviolet fly trap – made in the USA.

Pest Control Site Map is divided into three basic sections:

Professional Pest Control Products is a member of the Better Business Bureau and
BBB Online .

We do not ship outside of the Continental United States.

GALLERY OF PEST AND ANIMALSSearch here to find the pests that concern you. You will find helpful hints on the biology and control of household pests as well as pests of lawns and ornamentals.
Bed Bugs, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees, Roaches, Silverfish, Snakes, Rats, Mice and dozens of other pests listed.

Other animals of interest that are not typically considered as pests are also listed for those seeking information for school projects or general education and fun. Included in this group are animals such as woodpeckers. woodchucks. ground squirrels. rabbits (cottontails. pikas. hares and jackrabbits .)

PEST CONTROL INSECTICIDES –Here you will find a description of each product as well as pests that it will control. Read about Demon WP. Talstar. Advance Carpenter Ant Bait. Maxforce Roach Bait. Suspend and other professional pest control supplies. Products include dusts, aerosols, insecticide concentrates, herbicides, insect baits and equipment for fogging, spraying, dusting.

Herbicides – Concentrates used to kill unwanted weeds and grasses.

RODENTS –Your link to products which aid in the elimination and control of rats and mice, biology of mice. Norway rats and Roof rats. This is also where we give you tips and techniques for trapping and baiting. Products used in rodent control include rodenticides. rat traps. mouse traps. rodent baiters .

Professional Ultraviolet Fly Traps – Made especially for use in restaurants, food handling areas of other commercial business and even for use in controlling nuisance flies in homes.

Pest Control in Restaurants – Sensitive areas such as commercial kitchens require special attention. Use this page to see which pest control products can be used for different pest situations in restaurants, commercial kitchens. There are other pages that address particular situations or problems that can occur in pest management: Insecticide Resistant Roaches. Bait Avoidance and Bait Contamination and others.

IGR – An IGR is an insect growth regulator. These items are used to keep targeted pest populations in check or help prevent infestations of certain bugs. Gentrol. Precor and Archer are professional IGR products (containing Methoprene. Hydroprene or Nylar ) that are used to control or prevent roaches. fleas and certain pantry or stored product pests. Also used when dealing with Fleas on Hardwood Floors. Integrated pest management for preventing indoor flea infestations include the use of an Insect Growth Regulator.

Pest Control Supplies, Do It Yourself Pest Control

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