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Online Business Systems Programs

For some, a traditional education may not be an option, due either to high tuition rates or schedule conflicts. Onl

With today’s varied and growing economy, it’s easy to understand why business is such a popular major. Students can choose to specialize

After the economic shock of the last few years, things are looking up for business school graduates, according to some recent employer surveys. More than 40% of traditional

To pursue higher education in business beyond the undergraduate level means you have plenty of choices to make. Rankings for universities and colleges of business and business-related pr

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is required for admission to over 4,800 graduate business programs. The GMAT measures verbal, analytical writing, and mathematical skills, and taking

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GPS Tracking Devices – GPS Trackers #gps #tracking, #gps #trackers, #gps #tracking #device, #gps


GPS Tracking – Tracking Systems

LiveView GPS tracking can help you affordably manage your company’s vehicles, protect business and personal property, monitor/locate your assets, even keep a vigilant watch over a teen driver. We provide our clients with reliable and effective cutting edge GPS trackers and systems, which thousands of businesses, consumers, government and law enforcement agencies trust.

Our comprehensive family of cost-effective tracking solutions utilizes some of the most advanced GPS tracking technologies available to keep you in touch, without interruption. Web management interfaces are easy to use, high-resolution image mapping is standard, and built-in features include live & real-time position updates, instant alert notifications, historical playback, customizable reporting and more.

For those who need tracking systems which are able to provide detailed reports, accurate position updates, effective results and more, our GPS tracking systems are the ideal solution.

Live And Real-Time GPS Tracking Systems

Each LiveView GPS tracking device is designed and tested to work right out of the box, from one of our powerful back-end web based GPS platforms. All of our GPS tracking devices are government and network certified, laboratory tested – no additional software is required.

Whether your needs are consumer or commercial based, personal or business related – our GPS devices are a cost-effective solution. With our GPS vehicle tracking devices you’ll receive exceptional value and unparalleled service.

GPS Tracking For Business Vehicles & Assets

Live Vehicle Tracking System For Business Use. Live Vehicle Fleet Tracking: Live Trac® GPS Tracking Platform.

Live GPS Vehicle Tracking with 5 or 10 second position updates! See current vehicle data: speed, direction of travel, ignition status, watch your vehicles move on your screen turn by turn. 90 day comprehensive historical playback, start/stop reporting, idle times, speed, zone alerts, idle alerts, maintenance alerts and more.

Live Trac® Vehicle Tracking Systems:

Portable Live GPS Trackers: PT-10 Series

Use Your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Android, Blackberry, Kindle, Or Any MOBILE DEVICE TO TRACK ANY LIVE TRAC DEVICE! Also available, is a dedicated iOS/Android app available for use with our Live Trac platform.

Real-Time GPS System For Business Use. The Fleet Tracker Tracking Platform.

The fleet tracker platform provides comprehensive real-time GPS tracking for businesses seeking powerful telematics monitoring at very affordable price with no contracts.

Fleet Tracker OBD – plug and play, CDMA GPS tracker, passenger cars and light duty trucks manufactured after 1996.

Fleet Tracker HW – hardwired, CDMA GPS tracker, can be used on all vehicles.

Increase Business Productivity & Efficiency

For business users small or large our enterprise level tracking interface is feature rich and extremely easy to use. You’ll receive comprehensive reports to more effectively manage your organization. Information that you will use to reduce and eliminate “hidden” expenses. Expenses and costs that will have a dollar for dollar impact to your bottom line. From asset tracking to GPS fleet tracking, we will provide you with definitive answers to efficiently and effectively manage your business.

Acquire, Measure & Evaluate Employee Driving Behavior And Vehicle Operation Data, To Increase Productivity And Boost Profitability.

LiveViewGPS sets itself apart from other GPS tracking companies by offering a selection of uniquely different back-end software systems. We’ve learned that one size does not fit all. Give us the opportunity to guide you to a LiveViewGPS tracking solution that fits your specific need whether its based on software or device features. We promise to provide you with value driven solutions that you can trust. Overview: GPS Fleet Tracking

Hours Of Service – Electronic Logs

Cost Effective, FMCSA Compliant and Simple To Use:

GPS Equipment & Asset Tracking

Affordable asset tracking for your powered and non-powered equipment. We can help you track the locations of your expensive job-site equipment for both management and billing purposes.

Track engine run-time, and quickly schedule maintenance from the convenience of any web enabled computer. Our selection of gps asset trackers include both GSM and all satellite based solutions.

GSM/Cellular Battery Powered Asset Tracker: Battery Asset Tracker
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Powered Equipment: Asset Tracking Powered Equipment
GSM/Cellular Asset Tracker For Trailers: Asset Tracking For Trailers

Theft Protection

Protect Your assets. Portable GPS tracker with built-in alarm. Covertly monitor property, and valuable goods and cargo. Get tamper, temperature and vibration alerts, locate on demand for real-time location information – MobileLock

GPS Tracking For Personal Use

Alzheimer’s and at risk individuals, Monitor Your Teen Driver, Protect Your Family Members Who Drive, Recover Your Stolen Vehicle.

Alzheimers, Wandering, Elderly & Children

GPS Tracker locate on demand, includes 24/7/265 monitored call center – 2-way communication at the push of a button, take a look at MyShield Personal Emergency Response System.

Family Cellphone Locate

Locate Any Mobile Phone On Demand! No Software, Or App To Install: Mobile Phone Locate

GPS Tracking Devices For Personal Vehicles:

Covert GPS Tracking Devices

Live Trac PT-10 – Battery Powered Live Covert GPS Tracker

Protect any vehicle, your trailers, boats, motor homes, ATVs, and other mobile property from theft with our GPS Locator Alarm and phone notification.

Parents Of Teen Drivers

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ROBOGUARD – outdoor security beams, diy security, roboguard portable burglar alarm, use it anywhere


The roboguard is a stand alone, wireless automatic outdoor intruder security system using passive infrared sensor beams that detect movement up to 20 meters away in an 110° arc. Each guard has two sensors one on top and one at the bottom, each emitting 11 beams, a top and bottom beam have to be broken within half a second to trigger an alert. This effectively eliminates false alarms caused by dogs, birds and plants.

Stand Alone Pet Friendly Alarm System

Being stand alone and wireless, the can also tag along on camping or fishing trips to protect your expensive gear while you are enjoying yourself.

The communicates with a receiver called the HQ up to 400 meters away to inform you where an intruder has broken the beam and also reports to the HQ every 20 minutes to verify its signal, battery and operational status. If the guard is tampered with, and alarm is triggered as well.

Integrate with Your Existing Alarm System

Even as a stand-alone alarm system. the can be fully integrated into any existing systems to activate the siren or call your armed response. Separate garages and outbuildings can also be covered conveniently and wirelessly*.

Monitor Control via SMS

The system even has applications that can incorporate the ability to monitor and control the system by SMS, so you will know what is happening around your house no matter where you are in the world.

*Some wiring may be necessary depending on requirements of the system to be installed .

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Brinks Security Alarm Help #brink #alarm #systems #for #the #home, #brinks #security


Brinks Security Alarm Help

Keypad Trouble Light and Trouble Codes, Low Battery Problems, Lost Master Code

Are you having Brinks security problems? This page provides help with:

  • Brinks Alarm System “Trouble” Light
  • Low Battery Problems
  • Lost Master Code

If you’re having problems with a failing keypad, see this Brinks page for help.

Brinks Alarm Keypad Trouble Codes

Like all home alarm systems, Brinks alarm panels need a way to indicate when they are having a problem.

The first thing most people notice is a beeping keypad, along with a “Trouble” light on their Brinks keypad. The display window of the keypad can also show various trouble codes to identify the exact problem.

If your Brinks security system beeps, you can silence it by pressing the “Cancel” button.

If this happens in the middle of the night, this will let you get back to sleep until you have a chance to deal with the problem. (Click here for more help with beeping Brinks keypads .)

When you’re ready, you can check the trouble code in the display to find the specific cause of the issue. You can fix some trouble conditions yourself, such as a failing battery. Other conditions may require the assistance of a professional alarm technician. In a few worst-case situations, the system may be beyond repair and in need of replacement.

Here is a list of common Brinks trouble codes, along with the most likely causes. For more details, see the user manual for your particular system.

NO AC – There is a power outage, or the low-voltage transformer has failed or is unplugged.

CF TROUBLE – Component Failure (Bad device)

CP TROUBLE – Communication Problem, usually due to the phone line to the panel being disconnected.

CH TROUBLE – Upload/download failure. An attempt was made by the alarm company to contact the panel, and a problem occurred.

CF TROUBLE – (Displayed on non-supervised keypads) – Indicates that the wiring to the supervised keypad has been faulted.

CS TROUBLE – Siren failure. The wiring to the siren has been cut, left disconnected in the main panel, or the siren has failed.

LINE CUT – Telephone line cut indication (Optional feature)

LOW BATT – Main control panel battery is failing, or AC power was disconnected long enough to deplete the battery. If you’ve had an outage, wait 24 hours and check again. If the low battery indication is still showing, check the battery and replace it if needed.

(Zone Number) TROUBLE – The fire zone has been tripped. See this page for help dealing with a Brinks fire zone.

Brinks Security System Low Battery

This is one area where Brinks alarm systems are no better or worse than any other security system brand. ALL alarm systems require regular battery replacement, about every 3-5 years on average. This is just the nature of sealed lead-acid (SLA) battery technology.

Changing your Brinks battery is as easy as removing the old battery and putting in the replacement. Replacement batteries are available at battery suppliers such as BatteriesPlus, as well as online sources such as my Amazon A-store.

Make sure the new battery has the same voltage rating (typically 12-volts for alarm batteries). The amp-hour (AH) rating should be the same or higher than the old battery, typically either 4AH or 7AH. If you’re “upsizing” to the larger capacity battery, check the dimensions to make sure the new, larger battery will fit your alarm panel enclosure.

When installing the new battery, be sure to observe polarity, just as you would for your car battery: The red lead connects to the red terminal, and the black lead goes to the black terminal.

For help changing your battery, see these pages:

Lost Brinks Master Code

Brinks security systems use a Master Code to program itself and several other User Codes. If the Brinks Master Code is forgotten, you don’t have any good options. There is no Brinks home security “Master Reset” function. If the code is lost, there is no way to recover it.

Replacing Brinks Security Systems

The master code problem is just one reason why you should consider updating your Brinks security panel to something newer. Nearly all modern alarm panels have a way to reset some or all of the program memory locations to factory default values. From that point, a programming manual can be used to add or change codes, account information, zone programming, etc.

The older technology used in the Brinks company systems lacks this defaulting feature, making the system worthless if the master code is ever lost. To make matters worse, even if you could default a Brinks panel, Brinks security system programing manuals were never made public. This means you have little chance of finding an alarm company to re-program the system for you.

Your only other option for a lost Brinks code is to contact ADT Security. They bought out Brinks/Broadview Security, and surely have Brinks programming information. But, they will only work on your system if you sign a monitoring contract.

To find out how much it would cost to replace your old Brinks system, just fill out the form below. You’ll receive estimates by email, with no obligation to buy anything.

There is no obligation to buy, and no credit card information is requested.

For more help deciding whether to replace your system or not, see this page on Brinks Security Systems – When to Hold’em, when to Fold’em

For help with other issues, see Brinks Home Security Help – Beeping keypads, resetting Brinks systems, and finding Brinks alarm user manuals

Note: Feel free to print any of the articles on this site for personal, non-commercial use. Just look for this button:

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Brisbane Emergency Plumbers – Hot Water Systems #plumber,hot #water #systems,brisbane,backflow #prevention,gas #fitter,plumbing,emergency #plumber,leaks,blocked #drain,drain


10 Reasons to use us

Our goal is to provide the best price, service advice. We guarantee we’ll beat any written quote
  • Friendly office staff (7am – 5pm weekdays) as first point of contact
  • Same day service (Monday to Friday) emergency after hours paging service
  • Fully licensed, insured, experienced plumbers, drainers gas fitters backed up with a workmanship guarantee
  • Specialised fields – hot water systems. leak detection. drain camera service. water efficiency tests: backflow device testing .
  • Detailed accountability on invoices complete computer based history for every property
  • Competitive rates with discounted rates for pensioners property managers.
  • Provide a full comprehensive service for Commercial, Body Corporate Real Estate property managers.
  • 7 day accounts with easy payment options via internet or phone.
  • Member of the Master Plumbers Association for over 25 years
  • 07.07.17. One of the most helpful tradespeople I have ever encountered. Delightful to experience genuinely excellent service. Pauline from Coorparoo.

    About Conrad Martens Plumbing Hot Water

    Conrad Martens Plumbing Hot Water has been servicing the greater Brisbane area since 1982. Our experience, dependability and quality of workmanship are the foundation on which our company’s large referral base has been built. We provide an emergency service and specialise in all aspects of plumbing and hot water maintenance and installations offering top quality service excellent workmanship at an affordable price.

    Brisbane Quest Business Achiever Awards

    Three time winner of the Quest Business Achiever Award. We’d like to thank all our valued customers who voted for us and contributed to us receiving these awards.

    Click here for more plumbing hot water news and information

    Zignals; global stock and forex trading strategies, free stock charts, stock quotes and stock


    • Never miss a market move
    • Alerts delivered when you need them most.
    • Real-time NYSE, Nasdaq and Forex alerts,
    • Email and SMS delivery.
    • Never miss a beat with Zignals HTML5 alerts service.

    • Easy, Intuitive, Free
    • Powerful HTML5 Stock Charts
    • Just register to use the best of charts and alerts in one application.
    • Available for leading global equities, forex and select indices.
    • Leading indicators, extensive draw tools, and integrated watchlist.

    • Desktop or Mobile
    • Zignals Charts and Alerts are available whenever or wherever you need.
    • Improve your trading with Zignals Alerts.
    • View past triggers on a chart; optimize your alerts to take advantage of the next move.
    • Fast markets require easy tools: Zignals Alerts delivers.

    HTML5 Charts and Alerts

    Zignals is the global leader in stock alerts (No. 1 on Google), but we aren’t resting on our laurels. New look Zignals now offers comprehensive charting tools with fast alerting – all in a mobile-friendly design.

    Powerful Market Alerts

    With Zignals you can select from 50+ different types of alerts: covering price, volume and technical triggers. Simple one-click setup will keep you one step ahead of the market.

    In-App, SMS Email Delivery

    Zignals offers multiple ways to receive your alerts. In-app notifications keep you informed as you watch the market. While SMS and Email delivery alerts you while you are away.

    View Alert Winners

    Track alert performance on a chart or in tabulated form. Triggers can be viewed independently or in combination, showing potential gain (or loss!).

    Try Zignals’ Alerts for Free

    We offer a range of competitive monthly, quarterly and annual packages, but you can start building alerts on some of the leading equities in the market right now – for free.

    Custom Watchlists

    Pro Users can build custom watchlists. Watchlists support group alerts and quick view charting. Prices start at $10 a month.



    Six Cheap, Effective Home Security Solutions, Fox Business, inexpensive home alarm systems.#Inexpensive #home #alarm


    Six Cheap, Effective Home Security Solutions

    Inexpensive home alarm systems

    Continue Reading Below

    You spend time and money to create a nice home. How can you protect it from intruders without it costing a fortune? It’s easier than you think.

    Chris Hsiung, a lieutenant with the Mountain View Police Department in California, says that the best home security involves multiple deterrents to dissuade opportunists and thieves from making your home a target.

    Contrary to what you see on TV, Hsiung says most homes are burglarized during the day when residents are out. Burglars do not want to confront anybody. At the first sign of occupancy, they’re gone, he says. They just want to grab property and sell it. The criminals know that when someone is in the house, it changes the crime classification.

    Because of this, thieves frequently pose as solicitors, he says. If no one answers the door, that’s their cue to head around back and break in. Outsmart a thief with these home security tactics for less.

    More On This.

    Continue Reading Below

    Using common sense is one of the best ways to prevent a home intrusion, Hsiung says. You’d be surprised how many people leave doors and windows open when they leave.

    Even an open garage door invites a quick theft of whatever you store in there. If a thief sees a bike in an open garage, it’s an easy mobile crime to commit. They come in by foot and take off on the bike, Hsiung says.

    Because some burglars case an area for a target, be discreet before leaving town on a trip, which could alert thieves you’ll be away. If you’re heading to the airport, you don’t want to advertise it with your car trunk open, filled with suitcases, Hsiung says. Instead, gather your suitcases indoors, and put them in the car all at once, closing the trunk as soon as you’ve loaded it.

    To keep prowlers away when you’re out of town, make the home look like it’s still occupied, says Hsiung. Make sure to cancel newspapers, and have the post office hold your mail, so it doesn’t stack up in front of your home. Also, try plugging in timers to light your house while you’re away. Hsiung says programmable timers are available that can be set to come on randomly or at different times. If burglars have the patience to stake out a house and analyze patterns, this can throw them off.

    Your neighbors can be your best home security — especially the nosy one next door. Cranford, N.J., homeowner Rachel Schwartz says one of her neighbors frequently looks out the window to see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Last year, the woman saw two men outside a house looking suspicious. She called the police, and the men were caught cutting the window screen trying to break in. If she’s home, nothing gets by her, Schwartz says.

    There’s a certain feel for every neighborhood, and you can usually tell who doesn’t belong. Someone will usually stand out, Hsiung says. Don’t be afraid to call the police to report someone suspicious there, even if it turns out to be wrong. Hsiung once called about a newspaper delivery person. I did feel a little foolish, but I didn’t want to go off to work and find out a house on my street was broken into because I didn’t call, he says.

    Be sure to tell neighbors when you’re going out of town, so they can look out for your house. Hsiung also recommends using an online social network such as NextDoor.com, which connects neighbors virtually and promotes discussions.

    Lighting is really important in preventing home intrusions, says Hsiung, who recommends standing outside your home at night, looking for the dark, shadowy areas. You want the light to illuminate your doorways and pathways to your house, he says, since burglars are opportunists. They’re less likely to break into a house with good motion-sensor lights, which are inexpensive and available at hardware stores. They’re very easy to install if you already have porch lights, he says, and can be programmed to different sensitivity levels.

    While looking for dark, shadowy areas, look in your yard for spots with heavy vegetation. You should cut these bushes and trees back, as they are a good place for people to hide. You don’t want to come home and have the boogeyman behind the bush, Hsiung says.

    Think about using dense hedges or thorny bushes near windows to keep away predators, says Lewis Long, vice president of consumer marketing for ADT Security Services. Make sure to keep them tidy, so they don’t become a place for intruders to hide. Also, trim back any trees that may provide access to a second-floor window.

    Cameras and Animals

    Another trend is installing security cameras outside. Long says internal and external home cameras are one of the most popular additions to alarm systems.

    While 360-degree coverage is ideal, Hsiung says that a burglar could be deterred if he sees cameras recording at the front or back doors. Even a fake camera can be a deterrent, but it has to look legitimate. A toy camera won’t fool anybody, he says.

    Hsiung says prices for simple surveillance cameras are reasonable, but technology can go so far as connecting to your cellphone, so you can watch when you’re not home, or snapping a picture each time someone opens a certain door. Obviously these kinds of options drive the cost higher, but it’s all a matter of your home security preference.

    Being a dog lover can also have its security perks. A barking dog can be a great addition to security. Not only can dogs make a lot of noise, but, What burglar wants to deal with a possible bite? says Hsiung.

    Long agrees that dogs can be a good deterrent, putting them in the same category as an alarm sign or video camera for protecting your home.

    No dog? Try posting a beware of dog sign, or leave a large dog dish by the back door. It should make them think twice, Long says.

    To alarm or not to alarm? There’s no right answer. An average alarm system costs $400 to $500 to install, says Long, and monthly monitoring ranges from $43 to $58. People will buy a system and have it installed as a result of a life-stage change; they’re looking for some peace of mind says Long. However, once they’re settled, they may become lax and not use it.

    That’s what happened to Schwartz, who stopped setting her alarm regularly prior to her house being burglarized. It’s those times when other methods can help deter intruders. Multiple layers of home security make your house a challenge for burglars, who are usually looking for a quick in and out. With a properly lit entryway and nowhere to hide, the final line of defense can be the alarm, scaring away those individuals who are afraid they’ll be caught.

    Long says, The very presence of the system is a deterrent, and with any loud noise, in most cases, folks who like to do harm will not take that risk.

    Protecting the Interior

    Protecting your home’s access points means making sure your doors, windows and locks are sturdy. Deadbolts are definitely a good thing, says Hsiung. Also, make sure your door is a solid wood or metal construction with a good frame. If the wood is deteriorated, it won’t take much to force open, he says.

    Use an inexpensive dowel in the windows or the sliding glass door, so they can’t be pried open. Any piece of wood that fits in the track works, he says.

    Hsiung suggests using a safe for valuables, preferably one bolted to the floor, so the thieves can’t carry it away. And while a jewelry box looks pretty, it’s safer to store your baubles in a less obvious container, such as Tupperware.

    Keeping physical property safe is concerning, but you should also worry about identity theft. That would do way more damage than losing your physical valuables, he says.

    Keep items such as your passport and Social Security card locked in a safe place, and don’t put your master password on a sticky note near the computer. Consider storing your documents in the cloud instead of your hard drive, so if thieves do steal your computer, they won’t have access to your bank account or other important information.

    VistA Non-EHR Modules – Welcome to the WorldVistA homepage #ehr #systems #currently #available


    VistA Non-EHR Modules

    VistA Non-EHR Modules

    People who are interested=2 0in the VistA health information system tend to focus primarily on the clinical applications and the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS) in particular. However, there are numerous other modules within VistA that might be of interest to the user and vendor communities, e.g. Police Security, Library, Incident Reporting, Nursing Education, Engineering, Dentistry, etc. This paper attempts to bring some of these lesser known non-clinical care VistA software modules to your attention for consideration.

    In 1982, the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) committed to building an electronic health care architecture called the Decentralized Hospital Computer Program (DHCP). The focus was the of software applications easily integrated into a complete hospital information system. VA selected the ANSI Standard ‘M’ as the primary language for DHCP, and began developing applications using VHA internal programmers who directly with user groups in software prototyping environments.

    By 1990, VHA had upgraded computer capacity at all medical facilities and began implementing complex integrated software s olutions across the national health care delivery system. 1996, the VHA DHCP system was renamed and evolved into the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA).

    VistA is built on a client-server architecture, which ties together workstations and personal computers with graphical user interfaces at VA facilities, as well as software developed by local medical staff. VistA also includes the links that allow commercial off-the-shelf software and products to be used with existing and future technologies.

    A key component of VistA is the Computerized Patient Record System (CPRS). It is a true longitudinal health record that follows the patient through all VA treatment settings, outpatient, inpatient, and long care. CPRS has been installed and used at all VA Medical Centers since 1997.

    Other noteworthy applications are VistA Imaging and Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA). VistA Imaging facilitates medical decision-making by delivering complete multimedia patient information to the clinician’s desktop in an integrated manner. Images and associated text data are available at all times anywhere in the hospital. BCMA provides a real-time point-of-car e solution to ensure that the right drug, the right dose, goes to the right patient at the right time.

    In total, Vista includes over 130 administrative, clinical, and technical software modules (see Appendix or visit http://www.va.gov/VISTA_MONOGRAPH/ ).

    Selected Examples of Non-EHR VistA Modules

    The purpose of the Patient Representative module is to ensure that medical centers are more responsive to patient needs. The software tracks and trends compliments and complaints and measures the facility’s types of complaints as they relate to the Customer Services Standards and the National Patient Satisfaction Survey. This package supports the Patient Advocate with the collection and categorization of complaints and compliments that give the medical center an opportunity to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations.

    Engineering, also known as Automated Engineering Management System/Medical Equipment Reporting System (AEMS/MERS), facilitates the management of information needed to effectively discharge key operational responsibilities normally assigned to VA engineering organizations, such as:

    * Uses bar codes for equipment inventory and preventive maintenance. Completed work orders are automatically posted to equipment histories.

    * Tracks and controls work orders, maintaining annotated repair histories for medical and non­-medical equipment. There is a separate menu option for display of incomplete work orders.

    * Identifies building features (square footage, floor coverings, window types, etc.) and keeps track of locks and keys.

    The Nursing application is a comprised of multiple modules (i.e. Administration, Education, Clinical, and Quality Assurance).

    The nursing software includes the following functionalities:

    · Tracks staff information.

    · Accumulates daily statistics on the number of patients treated.

    Generates daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly management reports.

    · Support nurse educators by providing data/information for the tracking of mandatory

    · programs and staff education.

    · Includes nationally developed standard nursing care plans for initiating patient care plan generation.

    · Allows nurses to generate a patient care plan based on patient problems, identified goals, and specified nursing interventions.

    Police and Security

    The Police and Security module supports the VA Police in their responsibilities of crime prevention, preliminary investigation of crimes, apprehension, legally correct handling of suspected offenders, and the transfer of suspected offenders to appropriate authorities.

    * Serves as the repository file for the names, addresses, and other demographic data of persons who come in contact with the Police and Security staff.

    * Allows for the retrieval and display of stored information for a selected person.

    * Stores electronic data normally entered on the VA Police Uniform Offense Report, Investigative Notes, Case Log, and other documentation assembled during an investigation.

    * Contains all violation information on U.S. District Court Violations Notices and Courtesy Warnings issued by Police Officers.

    * Assembles selective data into a standardized report format documenting the numbers and types of criminal incidents that are occurring at the site.

    * Records information necessary for the Vehicle Registration program.

    * Records any data pertinent to individuals currently under any type of criminal proceedings or other legal restraining document.

    Conclusions Recommendations

    VistA is a comprehensive system containing more than just clinical applications tied to the EHR. It has quite a few other administrative, management and technical software applications that can stand alone and be used for other purposes. The Engineering system could be used by almost any organization to keep track of its equipment, offices, maintenance records, and associated work orders. The Nursing Education module could be used by any Nursing school or department to track and keep records on credentials and training received. There are modules to track customer complaints, track volunteer hours, motor vehicles, library holdings, and much more. The open source software development community ought to seriously consider creating the GUI front end to these modules and tailoring them to meet the needs of many medical and non-medical organizations. For more information on the many VistA software modules, visit http://www.va.gov/VISTA_MONOGRAPH/ and http://www.va.gov/vdl/.

    Document Actions

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    Video Security Cameras #security #cameras, #security #camera, #security #camera #system, #security #camera #systems, #video


    Security Cameras

    At Supercircuits, we offer a large selection of video security cameras that are perfect for both your video surveillance needs and your budget. Our prices on CCTV security cameras are among the best you will find anywhere, and we back up that claim with our 115% low price guarantee. If you find a lower price on an identical product, let us know and we will not only match that price, we’ll deduct another 15% of the difference from your order!

    Whether you need security video cameras for your business, home, or both, we’ve got solutions that will work for your specific situation in a variety of resolutions, form factors, and video signal technologies including: analog security cameras, HD analog security cameras, HD IP security cameras, dome security cameras, bullet security cameras, and box security cameras.

    Monitoring your property effectively requires the best surveillance cameras for your particular needs. When you shop with us, you’re sure to get video surveillance cameras that are easy to install, easy to operate, and that will protect your high-traffic, high-risk areas 24/7.

    Items 1-12 of 150

    OUR PRICE: $129.99

    OUR PRICE: $2,999.99

    OUR PRICE: $549.99

    OUR PRICE: $599.00

    LIST PRICE: $309.99
    DEAL PRICE: $199.99

    OUR PRICE: $127.99

    OUR PRICE: $139.99

    OUR PRICE: $191.10

    Items 1-12 of 150

    Why Choose Surveillance Cameras from Supercircuits?

    Aside from our unbeatable prices, we can help you choose the right security camera solution before you commit to a purchase, saving you the wasted time and hassle of ordering what you “think” you need, only to find out later that there were better options for your particular situation.

    Any recommendation that comes from our team will be tailored to your unique requirements, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of best protecting your property, business, employees or family. To select the proper surveillance camera for your specific needs requires that a few important questions are answered:

    • Where are your property’s most sensitive areas?
    • Are indoor or outdoor cameras the right choice?
    • How many cameras will be needed to sufficiently monitor your property?
    • What resolution do your cameras need to produce to be effective for your purposes?
    • Do you need a box, dome, or bullet form factor?

    If answering these questions seems like a daunting exercise, it doesn’t have to be. That’s because we will help you choose the best security cameras for your needs by offering professional, expert advice with no obligation on your part. In addition to our excellent consulting and sales services, we also offer free, unlimited U.S. based technical support on every camera we sell.

    So whether you need custom advice on proper security camera selection, have questions about upgrading from an analog to network IP solution, or need help troubleshooting set up or operation after your purchase, we’re just a phone call away at 877-995-2288.

    Mini Storage Buildings & Prefab Self Storage Building Units #storage #buildings, #storage #building, #storage


    Mini Storage Buildings

    Your decision to be involved in the self-storage industry with your own mini storage building is one of the best investments of time and money that you may ever make. Since the late 1960’s, when the self-storage industry began, thousands of companies and individuals have discovered this profitable business. However, with increased competition it has become critical to your success to purchase a quality steel frame, mini storage building at the right price.

    You may be wondering if this industry is saturated. The answer is absolutely not! While some areas of the country may be overbuilt with such commercial buildings, many communities have a need for additional mini storage building facilities. Consumers’ endless desire to acquire combined with escalating rents that place families and businesses into smaller homes and work areas are increasing the industries customer base. Furthermore, today’s zoning is more “friendly” to self-storage units than ever before.

    Despite the great opportunity available in the Mini Storage industry, building mini storage units is a complex and hoping customers will come is a thing of the past. In order to make good decisions, savvy investors consider important items such as feasibility studies, pro-formas as well as controlling construction and operating costs to increase their competitive edge.

    Call for a Mini Storage Building Price Quote 1-800-486-8415

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