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LASIK Laser Eye Surgery – PRK and LASIK Today – LASIK Postoperative Tips #lasik,



  • As soon as the anaesthetic wears off your eyes will be sore, watery, and light sensitive. This phase of the healing lasts for 6 to 8 hours until the surface layer at the edge of the flap heals.

During this time it is recommended that you take your eye drops and if possible, sleep wearing your shields.

  • The next day your eyes will still be blurry and light sensitive. It is typical to be able to return to most of your normal activities from 3 – 7 days.
    • You may experience a fluctuation in your vision from morning to evening, and you can also expect to see halos around lights at night. This is caused by normal postoperative swelling (edema). This is a normal part of the healing process and may take several weeks to resolve.
  • Some patients note that even though they see 20/20, it may not be as sharp or well defined as before. This is caused by a small loss of contrast and is regarded as a minor tradeoff for acceptable vision without glasses.
  • LASIK Postoperative Tips

    Things you should do

    Things you should avoid

    • Wear the eye shields at night for the first 4 nights. This is to prevent you from rubbing your eyes while you sleep.
  • Rest and relax for 24 – 48 hours immediately following the procedure.

  • A cold cloth gently placed across the eyelids for the first 24 – 48 hours will help greatly with comfort.

  • Prepare to take 3 – 7 days off
    from work.

  • Tylenol and Aspirin may be used for discomfort.

  • Eye drops and antibiotic drops as prescribed by your surgeon.
    • Do not rub your eyes.

  • Avoid getting soap or shampoo near eyes.

  • Avoid dusty and/or smoky environments for 1 week.

  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas and water sport activities for 1 week.

  • Refrain from activities that could result in a direct blow to the eye for several months.

  • Refrain from driving for the first 3 – 7 days until you have achieved 20/40* vision correction.

  • Eye make-up must NOT be worn for 1 week postoperatively.

  • Watching TV, reading and computer use will strain your eyes. These activities should be done in moderation for the first few days following the surgery.
  • * This is the legal requirement in most jurisdictions to operate a vehicle without corrective lenses.

    LASIK Postoperative Medication

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    Knee Arthroscopic Surgery #orthopedic #surgery, #sports #medicine, #dr #david #j #chao #md, #board-certified #orthopaedic


    ACL Reconstruction

    A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the most common knee injuries. An injury to this ligament causes the knee to become unstable and the joint to slide forward too much. ACL tears occur most often in athletes.

    ACL reconstruction is usually not performed until several weeks after the injury, when swelling and inflammation have been reduced. The torn ligament is completely removed and replaced with a new ACL. Simply reconnecting the torn ends will not repair the ACL. Part of another ligament, usually in the knee or hamstring is used to create a graft for the new ACL. Choosing the proper type of graft depends on each patient’s individual condition.

    Arthroscopic Surgery

    Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure that allows doctors to examine tissues inside the knee. It is often performed to confirm a diagnosis made after a physical examination and other imaging tests such as MRI, CT or X-rays.

    For some patients, it is then possible to treat the problem using a few additional instruments inserted through small incisions around the joint, including those with meniscal tears, mild arthritis, loose bone or cartilage, ACL and PCL tears, synovitis (swelling of the joint lining) and patellar (knee cap) misalignment.

    Because it is minimally invasive, arthroscopy offers many benefits to the patient over traditional surgery. These include:

    • No cutting of muscles or tendons
    • Less bleeding during surgery
    • Less scarring
    • Smaller incisions
    • Faster recovery and return to regular activities
    • Faster and more comfortable rehabilitation

    Arthroscopy is not appropriate for every patient. Your doctor will discuss the options that are best for you.

    Cartilage Repair/ Re-growth

    Cartilage is the smooth coating on the end of the bones that provides cushioning and support for comfortable, fluid movement. Cartilage damage occurs as a result of injury or degeneration and can lead to severe pain and arthritis. The cartilage eventually wears away and leaves the bone unprotected. Fortunately, there are now several techniques used to repair damaged cartilage and restore normal movement.

    Cartilage repair is a relatively new field and long-term results are still not proven. These procedures aim to restore movement with the best possible tissue and to prevent further cartilage damage. Two common procedures used in cartilage repair include autologous chondrocyte implantation and osteochondral autograft transplant (OATS).

    Meniscus Repair/ Meniscal Transplants

    The menisci are C-shaped pieces of tough cartilage that rest on either side of the knee, which help to distribute body weight across the knee. A meniscus tear is common after a traumatic injury, and most frequently occurs when the knee joint is bent and the knee is then twisted.

    A torn meniscus causes pain and swelling, and may also be accompanied by a frequently locking joint and the inability to completely straighten the knee. Some people experience a popping or clicking sensation within the knee as well.

    Treatment for a meniscus tear often begins with conservative methods such as rest, ice or over-the-counter medication. If these treatments are not effective and symptoms continue, you may benefit from meniscus repair surgery. Meniscus repair is an arthroscopic procedure in which the torn segment of the meniscus is removed and the torn edges are sutured together, which allows them to heal properly.

    Partial and Complete Knee Replacement

    Arthritis and certain knee injuries and diseases can damage the cartilage that normally cushions the knee joint, leading to pain and stiffness. A knee replacement may be recommended when more conservative treatments — such as anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone injections — fail to relieve pain or improve movement.

    During a total knee replacement, the entire joint is replaced with an artificial prosthesis. The surgery itself lasts between one-and-a-half and three hours. After the procedure, patients usually experience immediate relief from joint pain. Knee replacements today last about 20 years in 85-90% of patients.

    Partial knee replacement may be possible for patients with damage to one part of the joint. In a partial knee replacement, only the diseased parts of the knee are removed and replaced; the healthy portions are left untouched. Successful partial knee replacements can delay or eliminate the need for a total knee replacement. They also allow a greater range of movement than standard (non-high-flex) total knee replacements.

    Patella Femoral (Knee Cap) Disorders

    The knee cap (patella) connects the muscles in the thigh to the shinbone. In a healthy knee, the patella rests in a groove in the thighbone and slides up and down as you bend and straighten your leg. The knee cap may be injured as a result of a fall, sports injury, motor vehicle accident, overuse, or several other factors. Patients with knee cap disorders may experience pain, stiffness, swelling and instability within the knee.

    Treatment for knee cap disorders varies depending on the type and severity of the injury, but may include realigning the joint, removing damaged bone ends, and other kinds of surgical repair. The goal of treatment is to stabilize the knee and restore strength and function, while relieving pain and other symptoms. Your doctor will determine which treatment is best for you.

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    Disability Insurance for Surgeons #surgeon, #disability, #insurance


    Disability Insurance for Surgeons

    Berkshire offers one of the most competitive disability insurance contracts available for surgeons. Surgeons can get up to $17,000 a month 4 of true own-occupation disability insurance with medical specialty protection to age 65, or 67.

    You have spent a lot of time and money to become a surgeon, so it would be our recommendation to protect your income with the most comprehensive disability insurance policy available today. It is our belief that Berkshire’s ProVider Plus disability insurance policy is the most comprehensive DI product on the market. It was designed to pay the most claims dollars in the most possible claims scenarios.

    See How Surgeons Buy Disability Insurance

    When you use the quote request tool on this page, you will get an instant disability insurance quote. This quote resource actually shows you the average rate all of our surgeon clients are paying for their in-force disability insurance policies right now.

    When you select your age, gender, state, and income range the quote tool will display the average rate of everybody just like you who has already purchased a disability insurance policy from us. Not only will we show you the average rates instantly, we will also show you exactly how your peer group sets up their policy. We will show you what percentage of surgeons just like you chose each optional rider, which elimination and benefit period they chose, and what the average monthly benefit is.

    Berkshire’s True Competitive Advantage

    While the true own-occupation definition of total disability and medical specialty language is probably the number one reason so many surgeons turn to Berkshire for their disability insurance protection, the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider 1 and the Residual Disability Benefit Rider 1 are almost equally as important.

    While many carriers offer benefits to age 65 or 67, Berkshire also offers you the ability to receive disability benefits for the rest of your life so long as you remain continuously totally disabled if you have the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider 1. When you review a disability insurance quote from our agency, you will see the Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider listed on the Proposed Coverage Report with its premium broken out.

    The Residual Disability Benefit Rider available with ProVider Plus policy is also one of the most comprehensive residual riders available today. You may end up totally disabled, but many claims start or end with a residual claim. If you can still perform the material and substantial duties of your medical specialty, but have an income loss of 15% or more because of a sickness or injury, you will be eligible for residual disability benefits. Most of Berkshire’s competitors also require a loss of time or duties to pay a residual claim, ProVider Plus’ Residual Disability Benefit Rider only requires a loss of income.

    The Residual Disability Benefit Rider also includes a recovery provision that continues to pay benefits for up to the full benefit period should you continue to suffer at least a 15% loss of income solely due to your injury or sickness, where most competitors stop residual payments once you are back to work full time. This means ProVider Plus is designed to do more to assist with your financial recovery even after you have physically recovered.

    4. $17,000 a month available in all states except for California when maximum is $16,000.

    5. Assuming premiums were paid with your own after-tax dollars.

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    Bariatric Surgery in Austin, TX by Dr Nilesh Patel #austin #weight #loss, #lap #band


    Texas Bariatric Specialists Delivering Bariatric Surgery in Austin – Now Serving True Results Patients *

    Founded by Dr. Nilesh A. Patel, MD, a nationally recognized and fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon, Texas Bariatric Specialists is a holistic weight loss practice focused on delivering long-term weight loss solutions through which have resulted in over 2,500 bariatric surgeries that have exceeded the national average of successful weight loss management.

    Announcement to All Former True Results Patients

    Dr. Patel has been designated as a preferred provider for all former True Results patients in the Austin area. True Results patients have already been experiencing the high level of service available and the comprehensive care program.

    Dr. Patel specializes in surgical weight loss procedures including:

    With a commitment to surgical expertise, compassionate care and exemplary preoperative and postsurgical consultative services, Dr. Patel and staff at Texas Bariatric Specialists ensure successful weight loss management for their patients through long-term relationships to support good health.

    Our Services Include:

    • Ultra-modern 5,000+ sq. ft. office in Northern Austin atop the Horizon Bank. Knowledgeable, full-time staff available Monday through Thursday.
    • Back-on-Track Program – This program is designed to assist prior bariatric patients with a lap band, sleeve, or RNY to re-embark upon their journey to health and wellness. Our experienced staff will get you back on track with any nutritional, dietary, or physical weaknesses established post-surgery.
    • Revision of failed weight loss surgery – There are times when surgery just does not yield the desired outcomes. Not always due to surgeon or patient compliance. There is just a disconnect between desired results and achieved results. Dr. Patel has become a laparoscopic revision surgery specialist and has successfully converted all types of failed surgical procedures to more viable and beneficially procedures for the patient. If you are struggling with your chosen procedure, and are considering reversal or revision surgery, please see our experienced staff for evaluation.
    • Carol Andrus, NP a very knowledgeable and compassionate addition to the TBS staff. She is specifically assigned to our North Austin office and is available every Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm to provide clinical services and support of your health goals.
    • Radiological Services –Available on site most days, Monday through Thursday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm for Barium swallows (UGI) and fluoroscopic adjustment of laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands.
    • Program Exercise Physiologist – Our staff physiologist is readily available to help create a robust exercise program that will be both challenging and beneficial for obtaining and maintaining your goals.
    • Pulmonary Function Tests – Testing offered during normal business hours specifically designed to assess your pulmonary status and ability to undergo bariatric surgery.
    • Ultrasonic Body Composition Testing – Scientifically proven and trusted modality can accurately measure tissue structure and body composition. It is a very effective tool used by our staff to help patients track fat and muscle, gains and losses and to evaluate the effectiveness of their diet and exercise program.
    • Insurance Concierge – Our staff of knowledgeable insurance specialists provide a full range of insurance qualification services to make your prequalification paperwork is in order. This full service ensures you are receiving the full benefits you are entitled to, alleviates the hassle for you, and provides you with peace of mind. We are happy to say that 80% of our weight loss surgeries are paid for by insurance. You will be assigned an insurance advocate who will answer all your questions about insurance guiding you through the approval process. Just provide your insurance information and they will take it from there.
    • Life Partner for Weight Loss – As a nationally recognized surgeon, Dr. Nilesh A. Patel, MD, believes in long-term relationships and forming partnerships for success.
    • Program Psychologist – A staff psychologist is available for all patients’ pre-op and post-operative treatment, to assist with through the journey of successful, long-term weight loss.
    • Program Dietician – A certified dietician/nutritionist who specializes in the unique needs of bariatric surgery patients and provides both private consultations and group sessions before and after surgery.
    • Nutritional Resource Store – A convenient, in-house nutritional supplement resource store with pharmaceutical-grade supplements.
    • Support Group – A strong online support group to help keep you on track and create a forum to discuss issues.

    Texas Bariatric Specialists is more than a surgery center; it is a group of highly trained professionals focused on ensuring your health for a lifetime.

    Texas Bariatric Specialists – South Austin

    9701 Brodie Lane Ste 206

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    Trust Our Wisdom Teeth Removal in Anchorage, AK #oral #surgeon, #wisdom #teeth #removal, #oral


    Leader in Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Removal in Anchorage, AK!

    Tooth Extraction

    When a tooth becomes extremely loose or severely damaged, tooth extraction may be necessary. Trust Dr. Drager to provide the very best wisdom teeth removal. With over 35 years of experience, he can remove one, several or all teeth and with no referrals required and same-day appointments almost always available, you can rid yourself of pain today! The staff here will bill your insurance company for you and are happy to accept Medicaid and Denali Kid Care. Don’t spend another day in pain– contact us for tooth extraction today!


    Dr. Drager is also extremely experienced in alveoplasty, a common procedure after multiple tooth extractions. An alveoplasty is a type of surgery that smoothes the jawline and flattens the bone so that implants and dentures can fit comfortably in your mouth. This kind of surgery may seem scary but alveoplasty actually helps speed up healing after tooth extraction by closing up open sockets and allowing better control of bleeding. If an alveoplasty is what you need, he’s here to help.

    Other services

    We offer a wide range of other oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures from biopsies, I.V. sedation and general anesthesia in hospital for medicare patients. We’ll work with you to discuss all of your medical needs and questions. We’ll make sure you feel completely comfortable every step of the way and we’ll always be available whenever you need us. Our warm and friendly staff and our trusted dedicated oral surgeon Dr. Drager are always happy to help.

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