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10 Most Successful Business Ideas #stock #markets #today

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10 Most Successful Business Ideas

I have one friend who started new business few months back, He failed in business and made losses. This is really disappointing. Today we see many business turns in to disaster may be due to lack of knowledge, plan or wrong idea selection. Many factors make business successful but one of them is right business idea.

Before starting any business we have fear in our mind that Can I make money in this business? Will my business see success? We are herewith answer of your question check out Top 10 most successful business ideas. I am sure that if you execute this business ideas correctly you will see massive success.

10 Most successful business ideas

Restaurant business is one of the most successful business ideas. Healthy tasty food is need for everyone. If you are passionate about food and ready to serve healthy and yummy food you can start this business.

Theme based restaurant e.g Jungle based theme, Kathiyawadi theme is more popular today if you have additional capital you can think of making theme based restaurant.

Why Restaurant business is successful business idea?

Due to busy lifestyle, people don’t find time to cook food at home we even see many people prefer eating in restaurant frequently. This is the reason why restaurant business is most successful business idea today.

Starting recruitment firm is really good business idea. Recruitment firm does not require huge investment. You just need small office space and few contact to start with.

Why Recruitment Firm business is successful business idea?

Unemployment ratio is increasing and recruitment firm is in huge demand. Every student professional requires good job and every company require good productive candidate. To get good job and good candidate they are ready to take paid/commission base services from recruitment firm.

Gift store of customize gift is another good business idea to start with. This idea is low investment business idea as you don’t need even office space you can start this business from your home.

Why Custom make Gift store business is successful business idea?

We have trend to give gift on every occasion festival. Gone are days where people use to give card or traditional gift, today’s trend is to give customized gift as it attracts more attention thus we feel custom make gift store can be good business idea.

If you are creative in nature and able to manage multiple tasks at same time you can plan to enter in wedding planning catering business. This is quite challenging business as it requires skill and management ability.

Why Wedding Planning Catering business is successful business idea?

Marriage is one in lifetime opportunity and people are ready to spend lot of money to make this event successful and memorable. With your skill and ability you can touch sky in this business.

Education or coaching class is indeed good business idea. You need small space and skill to start this business.

Why Education/Coaching class business is successful business idea?

Today level of education has become high and every parent wants his/her child to stand first. They prefer to place child in to good coaching class thus we see multiple successful coaching classes today.

You may find this business idea slight odd but believe me this is really good business idea. You just need small shop and good nasta maker team that’s it you can earn huge money.

Why Namkeen shop business is successful business idea?

Today we find many working woman they find very less time at home. Instead of making nasta at home they prefer to bring readymade nasta. If you are very good as namkeen/nasta maker you can easily make good amount of profit.

Tour or travel planner is another great business idea. This business requires good geographical knowledge and lot of contacts. In order to get sure success you can even tie up with online website like yatra.com etc.

Why Tour / Travel Planner business is successful business idea?

According to recent survey Indian goes on maximum business trip every year. Not only that during every vacation (Diwali, Summer, Christmas etc) people prefer to enjoy holiday by visiting distinct places and hill stations. Thus we see huge potential in tour travel planner business.

Smartphone sale and repair is good business idea. In order to start smatphone sale and repair business you need skill and capital.

Why Smartphone sale and repair business is successful business idea?

Mobile phone business is growing in exponentially. Every common man today prefer smart phone. This increasing smartphone usage offers good business opportunity for sale and repair of smartphones.

Event Management companies are the perfect small business idea for anyone interested in helping other companies and individuals to plan and manage big events. This business requires planning and management ability.

Why Event Management business is successful business idea?

There’s definitely a need in the industry for event management as companies constantly host events to market products services. In order to make this event successful they often take services from professional event management companies.

(10) Consultancy and Contracting

Last but not least consultancy and contracting is very good and successful business idea. This business requires expertise domain knowledge. This business requires very less business capital.

Why Consultancy and Contracting business is successful business idea?

There’s a growing need for consultants contractor in all fields including engineering, marketing, and scientific industries. Big companies are even ready to offer very lucrative payment for good consultants and contractors.

All ideas mentioned above are proven most successful business ideas. Please share your views business ideas in comment section given below.

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Successful Business Ideas

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10 Personality Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Possess #what #is #the #stock #market

#online business ideas


10 Personality Traits You Need to Start a Business

Traits for Success

Credit: Starting a Business Image via Shutterstock You already know you need a great business idea, a solid business plan and some startup cash to start a business. But, you also need to have a personality that’s suited to being an entrepreneur. Experts tell us the personality traits every entrepreneur needs to succeed.

Lots of Energy

Credit: Happy Workers Image via Shutterstock As a brand marketing and public relations consultant, Lisa Murray has worked with a number of serial entrepreneurs and says one quality they all have in common is their ability to always be on the go.

“Born entrepreneurs don’t know how to power down,” Murray, principal of Murray Whalen Communications, told BusinessNewsDaily. “They emit a constant hum of ideas, plans, strategies and high-octane energy.”


Credit: Sales team image via Shutterstock One of the key signs of a born entrepreneur is the salesmanship and power of persuasion they show very early on for their causes, said business coach and consultant Nancy Eberhardt.

“Whether it is a landscaping business at age 12, or selling magazines door-to-door to fund a school trip, they are persistent in telling you about it and pitching why you need it,” Eberhardt said. “They are almost fearless in who they will approach and present their idea, service or product to.”


Credit: Creativity image via Shutterstock As someone who works almost exclusively with entrepreneurs, Robin Samora, president of the business and PR consulting firm Let’s Make You Shine. said entrepreneurs all tend to have a unique way of fixing issues that may arise.

“They come up with novel ways to solve problems that others can’t even imagine,” Samora said. “Ideas flow and come naturally to them.”

Winning attitude

Credit: Think Positive image via Shutterstock. Even in the worst situations, successful entrepreneurs always see the opportunity to glean something new, said Lili Balfour, founder of the investment banking firm Atelier Advisors.

“When their world is falling apart, they remain calm, knowing that there is a lesson to be learned.” Balfour said. “They are grateful for what has worked out and learn from what has not worked out.”

Thrives in uncertainty

Credit: Curious image via Shutterstock Especially when first starting out, executive coach Elene Cafasso said entrepreneurs are able to function without a lot of certainty.

“If you are someone who becomes paralyzed when there are too many moving pieces and too many contingencies, then owning your own business is not right for you,” Cafasso said.


Credit: Dreamstime.com Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, a research affiliate with Hogan Assessments. believes entrepreneurs have an opportunistic mindset and are always prepared to take advantage of every situation.

“They see opportunities where others don’t,” Chamorro-Premuzic said. “Few people are driven to pursue them.”

Learns from mistakes

Credit: Embarrassed man image via Shutterstock New York wedding expert Nadia Digilov said entrepreneurs all have a willingness to learn from their mistakes.

“Natural entrepreneurs analyze their behavior and are not afraid to admit that they have made a mistake,” Digilov said. “They attempt to correct negative behaviors more easily then non-natural entrepreneurs.”


Credit: Dreamstime The mind of an entrepreneur is always at work, said Richard Stiennon, chief research analyst and founder of analyst firm IT-Harvest.

“He or she cannot turn off the flow of ideas,” Stiennon said. “Every problem is an opportunity to build a business to solve it.”


Credit: Dreamstime Business consultant Paul O’Leary believes born entrepreneurs have a natural gift for gab.

“They are assertive, direct and to-the-point with a sense of urgency,” O’Leary said.


Credit: Dreamstime.com Hope Katz Gibbs, founder and president of Inkandescent Public Relations, said that as an entrepreneur herself, she believes those who are born with the characteristics needed to run their own business all are willing to get back up after being knocked down.

“Our ideas aren’t always successful, but the thing that differentiates us is that we don’t give up — or give in,” Katz Gibbs said. “We just learn from what didn’t work, and what did, and start again.” Ultimately, she said, entrepreneurs are the last ones standing.

Find Your Business Idea

Ready to figure out what business idea is best for you? Try our Business Idea Generator. Answer 21 yes or no questions and we ll tell you the top five business ideas that might work for you. Click here to get started. Don t worry, it will open in a new window and you won t lose your place in this countdown.

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Building a Successful Online Home Business #business #financing

#online home business


Building a Successful Online Home Business

Photo: Ed Yourdon via Flickr

Would you love to run a flexible business from home? Or how about a business you could pop into your handbag and operate from your coffee shop of choice? It s possible. Lots of people have made it happen. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet service like home internet by Sonic in place. This article, and the infographic below, will help you to think about which business ideas you can use and what you can learn from women who ve made it with their own successful internet business.

Online Business Ideas

There are a number of business ideas you could consider for starters there is online sales of products or services, copywriting, online tutoring, subscription, affiliate marketing and advertising. In fact, most successful online businesses combine more than one income stream.


With the rise and rise of fremium it s not always straightforward! Fremium is where you provide a basic service for free. Sometimes everything is free and revenue comes from advertising or affiliate marketing moneysavingexpert.com and most news and information based sites and blogs are funded that way. Alternatively, you could provide a basic product for free and charge for the premium version hubspot, skype and mailchimp do this. The advantage of fremium models is that they allow you to engage a much larger audience.

How they Made it

Let s look at a few women who started from an online home business and have made it big. How did they get started and what can we learn from them?

Single mum Lauren Luke gave up her dead-end job to sell make-up on eBay in 2006. The business quickly took off and Lauren started making home-made YouTube videos to show customers how to apply her products. The videos become a YouTube phenomenon they ve now had over 75 million views. Lauren s personality is a large part of her success she s incredibly down-to-earth, nice and unaffected. She builds real relationships with customers and social media followers and has a natural marketing and customer service instinct. The business continues to boom: Lauren has launched her own make-up range which is on sale in 135 shops in the U.S. See here for a video of Lauren explaining the secrets of her success.

Business model: eBay shop, YouTube advertising and now direct production and high street sales.

Justine Roberts Carrie Longton, Co-Founders Mumsnet

For Carrie and Justine, having young children was the perfect time to start a business. Justine couldn t face going back to work after maternity leave. She met Carrie at antenatal classes and together they developed the idea of an online guide for parents. Mumsnet was born.

But it got off to a tricky start. They were starting in 2000, at the height of the dotcom bubble. Overnight the bubble burst and the advertising-based business model they hoped to entice investors with, fell apart. Instead they began with a small loan from a friend and worked out of a bedroom with no salary for the first few years. The site is now a thriving community of over 6 million parents, with a multi-million pounds turnover.

Business model: Advertising is the largest contributor of income, other growing streams include: surveys and consumer testing, books and events.

Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish, Notonthehighstreet.com

Holly and Sophie were also mums who decided to start a business together. It started in 2005 around the kitchen table, with Holly s baby there in a playpen. Notonthehighstreet is an online shop front for around 1,800 independent creative businesses. Each partner is carefully selected for quality and originality. Partners pay a fee to be listed on the site and around 20% of each sale. For the first few years the pair poured all of their savings into the business. Since then they have had three successful rounds of venture capital investment. It s a high-growth route that resulted in a turnover of over £15 million in 2010 and 60 staff. VC is a hard-driving growth route, not for the faint hearted. See here for our review of Holly and Sophie s warts and all book about growing their business.

Business Model: Online sales, membership, revenue sharing, printed catalogue.

Where does your business model fit?

Fast Company have created a great infographic of the online business environment. It shows how all of those online business models fit together and how each of them can make money. It s worth bearing in mind though, that while all of the businesses we ve featured started online, all of them now also have growing off-line income streams.

As the first two case studies show, it is possible to grow a successful online business without external investment. But if you need investment, to start or scale, check-out the full range of funding options in our women s business finance guide .

The infographic can help you to decide where your online business best fits for now. But it continues to be a fast changing business environment. A change in the Google algorithm can make or break business models overnight. Last year Google brought in Panda a significant change to their search rankings. Overnight, several commercial sites dependent on affiliate links found themselves downgraded. So if your online business is dependent on Google search and I can think of few that aren t make sure that you keep abreast of their quality guidelines. Quality content is key. Above all, get to know your customers or visitors, provide a quality service and meet their needs.

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Marriage expert shares keys to successful relationships at home, work #sample #business #proposal

#business at home


A marriage expert says doing these 3 things will help you have successful relationships at home and at work

Forty hours a week is a lot of time to spend with someone you can’t stand.

That’s why it’s so important to foster positive relationships at work.

Psychologist and couples counselor John Gottman spent 40 years researching exactly what goes into healthy relationships, and he posited in his book, “The Relationship Cure ,” that the same principles that make marriages work also hold true for other kinds of relationships.

“Relationships in the workplace, including friendships, collegial relationships, and relationships with superiors or subordinates, are human relationships,” Dr. Michael McNulty, a m aster trainer from the Gottman Institute and founder of the Chicago Relationship Center. tells Business Insider. “Much of the same advice given to spouses who seek to make their marriages work also applies to people who want good, productive relationships with their coworkers.”

According to Gottman’s research, any relationship that involves people trying to live and work closely together should be built on trust and commitment and involve positivity, friendship, and successful conflict management.

First and foremost, good friendships in a company occur when employees feel like they can trust one another. Workers have to mostly feel like their bosses and coworkers are acting in their best interests or at least trying to. They have to feel like they have one another’s backs. It is only then that they will feel safe and motivated to invest in their relationships in the workplace.

In love or at work, people who do these three things are most likely to have positive relationships:

View As: One Page Slides

Francisco Osorio/flickr

Get to know people

In marriage, research tells us that knowing one’s partner and the important parts of one’s partner’s world is the basis for friendship and positivity. Spouses feel important when others take time to get to know them. The same holds true at work.

He says that managers and employees who feel like people are trying to get to know them and care enough to ask about their lives are more likely to feel positive about others at work.

WOCinTech Chat/flickr

Appreciate others

People are also more likely to feel positive about work-based friendships if they feel appreciated.

McNulty teaches a course that includes a video of a therapist working with a real couple who started a company together.

At one point, the woman says to the man, “I would almost work free if you would just tell me you appreciate what I do more often.” Her revelation speaks to how much people may need to feel appreciated by those close to them.

While most employees will not work for free, they feel a lot more positive about work when they feel appreciated, and they feel most positive about those in the workplace who express authentic appreciation for their talents and contributions.

Expressing appreciation, he says, could be as simple as commending a colleague on how well they spoke in a meeting or how reliable they are because they arrive to work early every day. The key is using positive adjectives and then backing them up with specific examples.

“If you think it, try and say it,” McNulty says. “And if you’re not thinking positive thoughts, that may mean that you’re scanning for the negative too much and you need to get back into thinking about what you appreciate about the people around you.”


Make time for others

“As in marriage, people who know and appreciate one another are better positioned to connect with one another,” McNulty says.

He says that spouses who develop rituals for connecting with each other like date night, nightly walks, or phone calls to check in do better in relationships. Similarly, coworkers who find ways to remain connected keep their work relationships in a more positive place.

“That’s why talks around the water cooler, lunch dates, sports teams, and happy hour become so important,” McNulty says.

“That’s also why teams and managers have to be sensitive about making assignments of who does what with whom on work projects,” he adds. “For some employees, their routines of doing projects with certain colleagues may be their way of checking in and remaining connected.”

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Dragons – Den – s most successful businesses: Starting a business advice and business

#most successful businesses


Dragons Den s most successful businesses

It’s now over 10 years since the first episode of Dragons’ Den aired on British TV screens and in that time we’ve seen some brilliant, and not so brilliant, businesses pass through the Den.

While many of the start-ups which have appeared on the BBC show have since floundered or failed to gain traction, a number have gone on to achieve huge success – with and without the Dragons’ backing.

Action point: Need a loan to start a business of your own? See how we can help here and here

Now, with the 14th series returning in three weeks time, and to mark over 10 years of the show, we’ve delved into the Den archives to find out what has happened to 15 of the brightest businesses to have pitched to the Dragons and where they are now.

From the infamous Levi Roots to the £65m-valued Tangle Teezer dubbed “hair-brained” by Peter Jones, read on to find out just what happened once the Den’s cameras stopped rolling…


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Want to run a more profitable business?

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The secrets to successful carwash ownership #small #business #website

#car wash business


How to start a carwash: The secrets to successful carwash ownership

When it comes to owning a carwash, there are many facets involved. Equipment, water, chemicals, marketing, advertising, customer-retention, signage, pricing, and so on. And, while there isn’t an exact blueprint to follow, there are certain ways to enhance success, and certain ways to fail. Steve Gaudreau, president of BRINK RESULTS, and a 25-year carwash veteran is the author of Creating Exceptional Managers and So You Want to Own a Carwash. the latter of which goes into great detail about how to be a successful carwash owner. The following are excerpts from his book.

Know your strengths

If you’re going to own and operate a carwash, what activities involved with that do you enjoy?

Form example, carwashes have a lot of equipment that has to be maintained every day. If you love working with your hands on equipment, a carwash is a fabulous business to own.

If changing a light bulb is a challenge and you don’t enjoy getting your hands dirty working with equipment, you’re not going to enjoy very much being an owner/operator of a carwash. If you are not running the day-to-day business because you are more of a hands-off investor, then you can hire someone who does know how to take care of this end of the business.

The point is this: Know what you like to do, know what is needed to operate a carwash business, and figure out who is going to do what before you get into the business. By doing this, you will have a better chance of personal satisfaction, as well as financial success.

Look to others

If you are new to the business you need to find resources to help you and you need to listen to their advice. When selecting that assistance, you do what you would do in any business: Check references, visit successful carwash sites to see what success looks like, and ask operators their opinion of whomever you are thinking of working with. And, then, once you have selected your carwash resource(s), follow their counsel for at least your first carwash. The reality is that everyone needs more knowledge of the carwash business than they think that they do when they first start.

Check your surroundings

Determine the frequency of consumer visits for the type of carwash that is planned. Take into account the particular aspects of your business model for the type of carwash planned that could affect frequency, such as price, range of services offered, etc.

Identify on a map all of the competition within a 5-mile radius and determine what their trade area is, what your natural trade area is, and understand where there is an overlay.

Choose the right manufacturers, suppliers

Selecting a good manufacturer, being sure that the equipment is being installed correctly, performing the preventative maintenance properly, and obtaining assistance for repair and service are all major challenges to your carwash business success.

The key issues regarding chemical usage are understanding the connection between equipment and chemicals, defining the desired quality for your wash, deciding how much equipment is needed in conjunction with the chemicals to produce the desired aresult, controlling the cost of the chemicals, and ensuring a high level of service by the chemical distributor, as well as taking advantage of wheatever marketing assistance is provided by them.

What s your sign?

All of the variables that affect signage can be found in a careful anaysis of the local sign code. These codes are being revised periodically, and it is necessary to ask whether there are any intended revisions being discussed when you visit with the officials that control this area of code enforcement. Sign codes can also be slightly different, depending upon how the real estate is zoned. Therefore, there are genearl requirements, as well as specific requirements to be aware of.

The grand opening

A successfully executed grand opening for a new carwash or a recently refurbished one is ma marketing activity that is considered by most retail businesses to be essential to their initial success. Linking the use of several media to a community fundraiser gives people strong motivation to turn out on the big day.

A grand opening should not take place for at least 30 days after a carwash opens. A soft opening is always recommended. The grand opening should occur as soon after 30 days as an operator feels comfortable with the operation of their wash.


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5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business #candle #making #business

#business tips


5 Tips for Starting a Successful Business

When you start your own business, you re certain to hear a lot of different advice. Most of it will come from people who don t know the first thing about running a successful company. Turn to the internet, and you ll be overwhelmed by a multitude of articles and lengthy lists on the subject. Don t make the mistake of overthinking and overanalyzing it all. A few simple steps now can start your business down the path toward success. Here, we outline the five basic tips we ve followed to help us run our company.

1. Begin with a detailed plan.

This one is a must: Develop an in-depth plan that fully details how you ll attack the challenge ahead. Your plan should define any opportunities you ve identified, clearly state your mission, describe your target, establish measurable goals, and set deadlines for each milestone along the way. Remember that while it s important to have a plan, it s equally vital to be flexible enough to pivot when needed.

2. Get out there and network.

Our business would not be where it is today without all the professional networking we did when we first started. We continue to emphasize networking today. Until you ve established your business, you ll need to create your own word-of-mouth. Be your own brand ambassador, touting the benefits of working with your business and showing why people should give you a chance.

Start your own momentum. A wealth of events, trade shows, and networking groups exist to connect you with other professionals. These initial connections can lead to future business prospects, mentors, and strategic partners with the capacity to help grow your business.

3. Surround yourself with the right people.

The right mentors and strategic partners aren t the only people with whom you ll need to align. Surrounding yourself with a great team is equally important. Build your staff with smart, talented, and driven employees who share your vision. They can not only transform your business but also accelerate its growth. Hiring positive, can-do employees helps create a culture that encourages teamwork. Foster an environment in which everyone participates, so you can collectively celebrate your company s successes.

4. Stay ahead of the curve.

You can t afford to be rooted in the present and solely focused on the day-to-day. It s crucial to keep one eye focused on the future, including upcoming movement in your industry. If you aren t anticipating the next big thing, you re destined to fall behind. Successful business owners study trends and anticipate what s coming around the bend. This allows them to nimbly adapt and evolve.

Stay current on emerging issues in your field by faithfully reading trade magazines and websites. Keeping pace as your industry changes assures you ll have your finger on the pulse to predict what customers will want — and which direction your competition might move.

5. Find a healthy work-life balance.

Running a successful business requires an inordinate amount of time and energy. It s paramount to find a healthy work-life balance, even though it can be a challenge to do so. It s easy to let work dominate your life. Don t. It could result in your losing touch with those whom you consider most important. It s also crucial to take care of your own health and well-being. Your business can t run without you. You might believe you need that perpetual hustle to stay sharp and succeed. But that pace can and will burn you out, ultimately limiting how much you can achieve if you don t take time for yourself.

Find ways to maintain perspective and preserve healthy relationships outside of work. Set aside time to get your body active in ways that energize and invigorate you, and schedule catch-up time with friends and family. They ll help recharge your batteries and inspire you to persevere as you dream even bigger.

Copyright 2016 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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9 Tips For Growing A Successful Business #the #small #business #administration

#business tips


9 Tips For Growing A Successful Business

Loading the player.

To succeed in business today, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. Many people start a business thinking that they’ll turn on their computers or open their doors and start making money – only to find that making money in a business is much more difficult than they thought. You can avoid this in your business ventures by taking your time and planning out all the necessary steps you need to reach to achieve success. Read on to find out how.

1. GetOrganized
To be successful in business you need to be organized. Organization will help you complete tasks and stay on top of things to be done. A good way to do this is to create a to-do list each day – as you complete each item, check it off your list. This will ensure that you’re not forgetting anything and you’re completing all the tasks that are essential to the survival of your business.

2. Keep Detailed Records
All successful businesses keep detailed records. By keeping detailed records, you’ll know where the business stands financially and what potential challenges you could be facing. Just knowing this gives you time to create strategies to overcome the obstacles that can prevent you from being successful and growing your business.

3. Analyze Your Competition
Competition breeds the best results. To be successful, you can’t be afraid to study and learn from your competitors. After all, they may be doing something right that you can implement in your business to make more money.

4. Understand the Risks and Rewards
The key to being successful is taking calculated risks to help your business grow. A good question to ask is “What’s the downside?” If you can answer this question, then you know what the worst-case scenario is. This knowledge will allow you to take the kinds of calculated risks that can generate tremendous rewards for your business.

5. Be Creative
Always be looking for ways to improve your business and to make it stand out from the competition. Recognize that you don’t know everything and be open to new ideas and new approaches to your business.

6. Stay Focused
The old saying that “Rome was not built in a day” applies here. Just because you open a business doesn’t mean that you’re going to immediately start making money. It takes time to let people know who you are, so stay focused on achieving your short-term goals and give the rest time to come together on its own.

7. Prepare to Make Sacrifices
The lead-up to starting a business is hard work, but after you open your doors, your work has just begun. In many cases, you have to put in more time than you would if you were working for someone else. In turn, you have to make sacrifices, such as spending less time with family and friends in order to be successful.

8. Provide Great Service
There are many successful businesses that forget that providing great customer service is important. If you provide better service for your customers, they’ll be more inclined to come to you the next time they need something instead of going to your competition.

9. Be Consistent
Consistency is key component to making money in business. You have to consistently keep doing the things necessary to be successful day in and day out. This will create long-term positive habits that will help you make money over the long term.

Starting and running a successful business can be rewarding and challenging. Success requires focus, discipline and perseverance. However, success will not come over night – it requires a long-term focus and that you remain consistent in challenging environments.

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5 Unique Online Business Ideas, Small But Successful #home #business

#online business ideas


5 Unique Online Business Ideas, Small But Successful

Entrepreneurship has always fascinated me. I m amazed by the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes with building your own business. and I respect the risks that come with working for yourself. Even if your venture fails, as a business leader you still learn valuable lessons that you can use to make your next attempt more successful.

Taking a successful business model from someone else and building on it is no crime. In fact, it is how most leaders build businesses. It doesn t always take a stroke of genius to get to the top. But when those once-in-a-lifetime ideas strike, your window to act may be small. I don t accept the idea that all of the good ideas have been taken. These five unique businesses are proof that you can find prosperity, even in a market that may not have even existed when you first had your idea.

1. Santa Mail

When I first heard about Santa Mail. I had one of those Why didn t I think of that? moments. The premise couldn t be simpler: Parents order letters for children, and Santa Claus himself puts a note in the mail. For just under $10, your kids will get a personalized letter from Santa that is (genuinely) postmarked from the North Pole in Alaska. The site isn t flashy, but it s simple and effective.

Santa Mail has been around since 2003, and as far as I can tell, it was the first company of its kind. Since then, at least four sites offering the same service have popped up. Even though someone may come along and offer something better, for now, Santa Mail is at the top of its niche.

2. Alchemy Goods

Though recycling has been popular for years, practical-use items made from recyclable items and materials are quickly becoming more desirable. From clothes and bags to water bottles and wallets, these unique items are high-quality goods that let people show off the positive difference they re making for the environment. Alchemy Goods was originally born not out of ingenuity, but of necessity.

When Alchemy owner Eli Reich s messenger bag was stolen, he decided that instead of buying another, he would make one himself. With plenty of bicycle inner tubes lying around, he decided to make it the primary material for his new bag. Long story short, the completed product was a huge hit at the office, and Eli began to make them on a much larger scale. Today, Alchemy products are carried in many stores across the country.

3. Fetal Greetings

The greeting card business has been huge for years, and it seems to get bigger with every passing holiday. Fetal Greetings offers a special opportunity for expecting mothers: To have their baby greet the world in the form of a card! Holly Nill-McKay started the company in 1999, and while the idea may sound strange, I love it. It s a great example of a unique and clever idea that builds on an existing industry. The cards themselves are cute, and they make wonderful surprises to send to family and friends to announce a pregnancy.

4. Something Store

Do you love the feeling of waiting for something in the mail? I know I do, and that s why I tried out Something Store. A few years ago, I saw a piece in a popular magazine about an online store that sells mystery objects. I was intrigued. For $10 (no shipping cost), they send you a random item. It could be anything in the world. Since 2007, they ve shipped over 50,000 somethings to customers who wait with anxious anticipation.

I tried it and received an unusual, metal, spider-like object. It winds up and moves along the floor or tabletop. I looked it up and found that it usually retails for about $28. While I wouldn t necessarily have bought it in the first place, for $10 I got a pretty good deal.

5. I Do Now I Don t

Every day, couples in love get engaged. And every day, couples who have fallen out of love separate or break an engagement. When the latter happened to Josh Opperman, his fiancee was kind enough to return the engagement ring. and he didn t know what to do with it. Since the wholesale markup on engagement rings is insanely high, he would have taken a huge loss in returning it. So instead, he started his business, I Do Now I Don t. an online marketplace for unwanted engagement rings. Customers can buy rings at prices far cheaper than you d find at a traditional store, and you can sell at rates that are better than you d get if you tried to return the ring. Business started booming, and now you can buy and sell other jewelry items there too.

Final Word

This short list of examples just goes to show that not all of the good business ideas are taken just yet. It seems to me that when I get one of those genius ideas, I m always in the shower. By the time I get out and try to remember what was on my mind, it s gone. I hope it is not just me that this happens to.

How do you get inspiration to strike? And what do you do to remember your ideas and put them into action? Share your ideas, or any other unique sites or businesses you ve found. I m always looking for strange and intriguing things.

You are looking at Matthew Breed. He is a 30 year old sports nerd who lives in North Florida with his fiancee, Sarah. Originally in school for a Business degree that did not work out due to capricious youth and irresponsibility, he is currently “getting past” his Peter Pan syndrome and attends classes for a degree in Information Technology while working full time. His care for personal finance stems from a modest upbringing with fiscally responsible parents who highly value education and frown upon frivolity.

I believe in the importance of selecting a type of bussiness thats not very popular or well know When someone thinks about starting a business the things that come to mind are vending machines limo services daycare services and so forth. When in fact its the less well know small business ideas that can often be the right pick. Very often the type of businesses like limo services vending machines daycare are much more closely monitored by local state and the federal goverment. Their may be strict licensing and permit processing requirements strict zoning ordinances may apply. For example If you have a limo service you may not be able to operate from your house. And daycare forget about it their are a mermaid of regulations regarding this type of business. If you pick a business thats not well know or new its most likely less regulated. Take the internet a home based internet business it is likely to be less regulated not because federal state and local busy body bureaucrats do not want to regulate it but because its so new their have not been a lot of laws and regulations passed regarding this type of business. Just give those do nothing busy body bureaucrats twenty years or so and they will take care of that.

http://www.InternetNetworkMarketingTraining.com Corrisa Malone

Yes Internet-based business are less regulated however there is still the FTC regulations that companies and individual have to abide by.

FINAL WORD, put a child s crayon in the shower to write your idea with on the back of shower wall. It wont wash off if you look for the right crayon.

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Create Effective and Successful Business Presentations #best #small #business #ideas

#business presentation


10 Tips for Creating Successful Business Presentations

By Wendy Russell. Presentation Software Expert

Business is all about selling — a product, topic or concept. When making a business presentation, the most important thing is to know your material. If you do not know everything about what you are selling, it is not likely that the audience will be buying.

Keep your audience focused and interested. Making effective business presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you are ready to take on the challenge.

1. Use Key Phrases About Your Topic

Jacobs Stock Photography/Stockbyte/Getty Images Note – These business presentation tips refer to PowerPoint (any version) slides. but all of these tips in general, can be applied to any presentation.

Seasoned presenters use key phrases and include only essential information. Choose only the top three or four points about your topic and make them consistently throughout the delivery. Simplify and limit the number of words on each screen. Try not to use more than three bullets per slide. The surrounding space will make it easier to read.

Continue Reading Below

2. Slide Layout is Important

Make your slides easy to follow. Put the title at the top of the slide where your audience expects to find it. Phrases should read left to right and top to bottom. Keep important information near the top of the slide. Often the bottom portions of slides cannot be seen from the back rows because heads are in the way.

3. Limit Punctuation and Avoid All Capital Letters

Punctuation can needlessly clutter the slide and the use of all caps makes statements more difficult to read and is like SHOUTING at your audience.

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4. Avoid Fancy Fonts

Choose a font that is simple and easy to read such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Avoid script type fonts as they are hard to read on screen. Use, at most, two different fonts – perhaps one for headings and another for content. Keep all fonts large enough (at least 24 pt and preferably 30 pt) so that people at the back of the room will be able to easily read what is on the screen.

  • Dark text on a light background is best, but avoid white backgrounds — tone it down by using beige or another light color that will be easy on the eyes. Dark backgrounds are effective to show off company colors or if you just want to dazzle the crowd. In that case, be sure to make text a light color for easy reading.
  • Patterned or textured backgrounds can reduce readability of text.
  • Keep your color scheme consistent throughout your presentation.


6. Use Slide Designs Effectively

When using a design theme (PowerPoint 2007) or design template (earlier versions of PowerPoint), choose one that is appropriate for the audience. A clean, straightforward layout is best if you are presenting to business clientele. Select one that is full of color and contains a variety of shapes if your presentation is aimed at young children.

7. Limit the Number Of Slides

Keeping the number of slides to a minimum, ensures that the presentation will not become too long and drawn out. It also avoids the problem of continually changing slides during the presentation that can be a distraction to your audience. On average, one slide per minute is about right.

8. Use Photos, Charts and Graphs

Combining photos, charts and graphs and even embedding digitized videos with text, will add variety and keep your audience interested in the presentation. Avoid having text only slides.

9. Avoid Excessive Use of Slide Transitions and Animations

While transitions and animations can heighten your audience’s interest in the presentation, too much of a good thing can distract them from what you are saying. Remember, the slide show is meant to be a visual aid, not the focus of the presentation.

Keep animations consistent in the presentation by using animation schemes and apply the same transition throughout the presentation.

10. Make Sure Your Presentation Can Run On Any Computer

Use PowerPoint s Package for CD (PowerPoint 2007 and 2003 ) or Pack and Go (PowerPoint 2000 and before) feature when burning your presentation onto a CD. In addition to your presentation, a copy of Microsoft’s PowerPoint Viewer is added to the CD to run PowerPoint presentations on computers that don t have PowerPoint installed.

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