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E-Business Solution

Information technology (IT) made a tremendous impact on the business world. From entrepreneur to global company executive, all believe their organization has to be on the web. For their enterprises to succeed, they must be part of the e-business charge: selling products, marketing services, creating value chains and alliances with suppliers and other constituencies, sharing or brokering knowledge, or redesigning internal processes to save time and money. Projections about utilization and the Internet s effects on business are phenomenal. e-business is the salvation for any company.

Techformance AfricaE-business Solution is based on thorough understanding of each business and its relevant market. We ensure that every solution that is developed is efficient in working and is able to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations.

With our experienced developers, we have been able to develop and deliver strategies and solutions that are completely customizable, these include:

We also provide the following E-business consultancy services to our clients :

Techformance Africa Online Business Systems and Solutions guides organizations to strategize and realize innovative business goals that improve their business and customer experience performance. We’ve learned the value of business partnerships and mature management and implementation methods as critical factors for successful delivery.

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Business Loans #business #loans, #business #loan, #small #business #loans, #small #business #loan, #personal #loans,


Apply Now

Business Loans

Fast Business Lending Solutions Merchant Advisors offers small businesses a platform for business financing. Whether you need funding for expansion or working capital, Merchant Advisors gets you the business financing you need when you need it at minimal costs.

We understand that every business has its unique borrowing needs. Some may want to make new purchases to boost productivity and sales; some need working capital to support operating costs. That’s why we offer the use of innovative technology to offer simple, fast and unsecured business loans. As a non-bank lender, Merchant Advisors offers low longer terms and low rates for more effective business financing. We realize that if a loan costs too much – we may not get paid back! We prevent this by offering affordable business financing.

Unlike bank lending, our financial experts walk you through the loan process to make sure you have a full understanding of our loan process. We strive to make the loan application process as easy as possible; and this is what sets us apart from other lenders.

A Smarter Way to Shop for Business Loans, Compare & Save! Our goal is to serve our clients’ immediate and long term financial needs from basic business loans and credit lines to the most intricate financial situations. In today’s fast paced market time is money and we make sure you waste neither. Our experienced financial advisors keep their finger on the pulse of your business, and stay on top of your industries trends which can affect your entrepreneurial goals or existing enterprise.

If this sounds like something that interests you & benefits you, we highly recommend you APPLY NOW to get started with no upfront fees and no commitment to find out how much you’re eligible for.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Lenders?

  • We deal with the industry’s most trusted brand name providers
  • Increases your chance of approval by constantly adding new private lenders to our portfolio
  • You get the same (if not better) rate going through us to due to our portfolio track record with our lenders
  • Get a loan for your company without any collateral
  • Receive funding within a few business days!
  • Easiest lending platform with minimal information required for approvals
  • Best rates, save time, and save money!
  • Equipment financing, minority loans, startup funding, working capital many others options.

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2015 SC Awards U #database #security #solution


2015 SC Awards U.S. Finalists

2015 SC Awards U.S. Finalists: Round One


Best Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Protection
An advanced persistent threat (APT) product and/or service provides real-time detection of and protection against intruders gaining access to an enterprise environment to stealthily extract high-value information assets from targeted organizations in manufacturing, financial, national defense and other industries.

  • Check Point Software Technologies for Check Point Threat Prevention
  • Cisco for Cisco Advanced Malware Protection
  • FireEye for FireEye Threat Prevention Platform
  • Palo Alto Networks for PA-7050 Next-Generation Firewall
  • Trend Micro for Trend Micro Deep Discovery

Best Cloud Computing Security Solution
These technologies are deployed to protect data and/or applications in a cloud environment. They may also protect the cloud computing infrastructure itself. Cloud computing security concerns are numerous for both providers and their customers, and include security and privacy worries, compliance issues and legal/contractual problems. Solutions or services in this category can provide for the protection of data or applications in the cloud, protection for traffic flowing between companies and their cloud service providers, policy management and encryption capabilities, privileged user access and controls or more.

  • AirWatch by VMware for AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Blue Coat Systems for Blue Coat Cloud Security Solution
  • Dell Software for Dell One Identity Cloud Access Manager
  • Juniper Networks for Firefly Perimeter
  • Trend Micro for Trend Micro Deep Security

Best Computer Forensic Solution
Products in this category fall into two sub-categories: network and media. The network tools must be exclusively intended for forensic analysis of network events/data. If the product is a SIEM with forensic capabilities, it should be placed in the SIEM category. Media tools cover just about all other non-network forensic tools, including those tools that collect data from media over the network and live forensic tools. This also includes specialized forensic tools that are not intended to analyze network data.

  • AccessData Group for Forensic Toolkit (FTK)
  • FireEye for FireEye Network Forensics Platform
  • Guidance Software for EnCase Forensic
  • LogRhythm for LogRhythm’s Network Monitor
  • Rapid7 for UserInsight

Best Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Solution
Products in this category include those that help organizations safeguard their intellectual property and customers’ critical data persistently – inside and outside the company. Network-based and endpoint data leakage prevention products will be considered. Products should prevent data from unauthorized exit from the network, or protect data on the endpoint – whether the endpoint is connected to a network or not. Products typically are policy-driven and should include scanning of all data, regardless of protocol or application leaving the network, and/or keep track of peripherals, such as removable storage and attached to the endpoint – reporting that inventory to a central location or administrator. All entrants should have the capability of being managed by a centralized administrator. Those products considered part of this category include: network DLP products, which are typically gateways; those products protecting only endpoints; and hybrid products that operate at both the gateway to the network and at the endpoint. Specifically for endpoint DLP, traffic should be monitored and encryption should be available.

  • AirWatch by VMware for AirWatch Secure Content Locker
  • Check Point Software Technologies for Check Point DLP Software Blade
  • General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions for Fidelis XPS
  • McAfee for Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Varonis Systems for Varonis IDU Classification Framework
  • Websense Triton AP-Data + AP-Endpoint

Best Database Security Solution
Protecting critical information is the number one priority for many organizations. An integral component of this is to secure corporate databases. Entries here should include solutions that help customers safeguard mission-critical database environments. Features of these offerings can run the gamut – from encryption to access management to logging and monitoring. Be sure to explain the specific ways the solution protects these corporate crown jewels and the features present to ensure exposures are mitigated.

  • DB Networks for DB Networks DBN-6300
  • GreenSQL for GreenSQL Database Security and Compliance
  • HP for HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager with HP Secure Encryption
  • Trustwave for Trustwave DbProtect
  • Vormetric for Vormetric Data Security Platform

Best Email Security Solution
Email security addresses the ability to exchange email messages with assurance, as well as the ability to filter email messages based on content, source or other criteria. Solutions should ensure the privacy of sensitive messages, limit the repercussions of email forgery and manage other aspects of safeguarding email within the organization. These products are enterprise-centric and should have, but are not required to have, some form of centralized management. They may include spam filters, junk mail filters, malware filters, unauthorized content (sometimes called “extrusion protection” or “data leakage protection”), phishing and other types of undesirable content. However, these are not simply anti-spam filters. These email security products should be evaluated on their effectiveness, manageability, non-intrusiveness, ease of use and other factors that impact the implementation of this type of product in the enterprise environment. They typically provide features such as email encryption, digital signatures, automatic shredding of messages and attachments, and more.

  • Barracuda for Barracuda Email Security Service
  • Cisco for Cisco Email Security Appliance
  • McAfee for McAfee Email Protection
  • Proofpoint for Proofpoint Enterprise Protection/Privacy
  • Websense Triton AP-Email


SC Media arms cybersecurity professionals with the in-depth, unbiased business and technical information they need to tackle the countless security challenges they face and establish risk management and compliance postures that underpin overall business strategies.

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OHosti – Best Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel – Powerful Unlimited Free Reseller Hosting WHM


Free Unlimited Hosting cPanel

Free Unlimited WHM Reseller Hosting

Free Domain Name !

Free VPS Hosting (90 Days)!

OHosti Powerful Features!

Free Unlimited Web Hosting Features :

Flexible, Easy to Use Control Panel . Unlimited Bandwidth. Unlimited Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Build your website using the latest languages including PHP, Ruby, PERL, Python, PostgreSQL, MySQL and more. We also provide SSH access on all Business Hosting plans and have enabled WP-CLI for easy WordPress management.

Why is Our Free VPS Hosting different than Shared and Dedicated?

With our OHosti VPS, you get an entire server. This is optimal for people that have very high traffic to their websites or need to setup their server in a very specific way. Not everyone needs to have a fully dedicated web server however. If you’re just getting started with your website, you can save quite a bit of money if you get a free small portion of the server. Shared hosting is when you share a portion of the server with other users rather than rent an entire server to yourself. If you are considering a dedicated server and are unsure if it is right for you, perhaps you will need to get Free VPS Hosting.

What is our free reseller hosting included?

Everything you need to get started is included in our Reseller packages for a single, no price (free) :

Free cPanel:
Unlike other hosting companies, we never charge you or your clients a fee to manage the content and setup of their websites. cPanel makes that easy.

Free Domains Resales:
Not only can you sell web hosting, our Reseller Program also gives you the ability to sell domain names.

We offer a variety of email protocols, meaning your clients can check emails anywhere, on any device, easily.

Free Backups and Installers:
We include the Softaculous auto-installer totally Free, so you and your clients can set up websites at the click of a button, and we back your sites up every 24-36 hours, automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Why is it all free on OHosti? How do you earn?

We’ve been providing leading free cPanel hosting services with No Ads. All this is made possible by our Paid Dedicated Servers services, including upgrades for those who need more room for growth, as well as donations from our community of users.

How long will your hosting be free?

Forever! We have provided Paid Servers services since 2010 and we have been in free hosting business since 2009.

What are your guarantees?

1. Our hosting will always be 100% free!

2. We own all our servers and locate them in high quality data centers, so no one can shut down or reload any server with your data.

3. We utilise dedicated connections to ensure we can provide enough bandwidth for all our users.

Free Domain Name Privacy

Did you know that whenever a domain name is registered, The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) requires your personal information be published in the WHOIS database? This includes your mailing address, phone number and email address!

With Domain Privacy Protection from OHosti Hosting we will make our information available to the public instead of yours. This can help protect you from potential spammers, telemarketers and even identity thieves. This wouldn’t cost you any thing only $0.00 annually! (Fully Free). Otherwise we would have to use the information we currently have on file for your account.

Your name will remain as the registrant contact so that you retain complete ownership of the domain.

You can register a free .com. net. org. tk. ml. ga. cf. gq (including Special Domains).

Domain Privacy Protection is available with all hosting accounts, including shared hosting, vps hosting, and our dedicated servers.

Create New Website?

Build your website in 4 easy steps:

  • 01 Login to Site Builder
  • 02 Select Web Template
  • 03 Publish to your hosting account
  • 04 Select web template search etc.

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Service Management #serviceability, #utility, #maintenance, #usefulness, #business, #office, #construction #management, #service #desk, #help #desk,


  • One Solution
    Multi-faceted. Multi-tenant.
    you decide ?

    Workflow driven notifications allow the two-way communication from office to staff to edit and resolve data entry issues. Issues such as expense reimbursement require attached receipts. The user can easily take a snapshot photo of a receipt, attach to a request and satisfy a receipt request.

    As the timesheet. expenses and mileage request proceeds through approval processes, the user sees changes to their request in real-time. Users may login at any time to review status changes and follow processing to completion.

    Service and Support personnel need application access. The tablet interface provides a convenient secure connection to verify support ticket information, check parts availability and a host of other assignable app permissions. Mobility support includes two-way customer notifications and responses.

    Always Up-to-date

    We provide sand-box access to allow for pre-release updates to our application. This provides a functional interface designed to demonstrate the anticipated changes and offers our users a genuine ability to participate in application change design and adoption.

    Communicate directly with your customer via built-in chat functionality. Provide technical assistance and references to your solution knowledgebase for self-help information sharing.


    While document management is not new, it is vitally important to today’s successful businesses. Create, attach . and store any reference document as required by business processes. Need to create a new document that must have a signature? Our on-the-fly document creation process includes signature fields that are functional in a touch screen tablet environment.

    Safety management designed for the construction industry and safety programs in general, is also part of the solution.

    e -Vis asset visualization (included) provides for easy-to-see visual mapping of and selected asset(s) and interconnected relationships.

    Think it over, schedule a demonstration and kick the tires or use our contact page to reach out to us.

    Safety Compliance

    Resources you require to manage a Safety Compliance program.

    We help plan . process and manage your Health & Safety Compliance program. We tie all the diverse information flowing in from projects into a coordinated compliance effort. Monitor and track issuance of Safety-Designated Inventory .
    Integrated barcode recognition provides for easy asset control of safety equipment as items are issued (and recovered ) to staff personnel.

    Near Miss Events

    A Near Miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage � but had the potential to do so.

    Key Points

    • Incidents occur every day at the workplace that could result in a serious injury or damage.
    • A near-miss program may help prevent future incidents.
    • One problem that companies must overcome is the employee fear of being blamed after reporting a near miss.

    Let us look at the accident pyramid adapted from Heinrich in Figure 1.

    The pyramid estimates that: for every fatal workplace accident, 3000 incidents did not cause any injuries. In other words, you are presented with 3000 opportunities to stop that fatality from taking place. Companies are not expected to and may not be able to ideally capture all the 3000 near miss events that occurred, given the volume of reports to manage. Just turning in and acting on 1% of that volume, would present companies with 30 opportunities to take corrective or preventive action.

    Resource Management

    We define our construction document management system as the integral control and organization of all documents within our Construction Management Solution. Monitor and track site inspection survey documents, work change orders and any type of important document that you wish to link to a site record.

    Staff Training

    Let our Training Application – coordinate both internal and external staff training. Schedule and monitor ToolTalks. by job site and/or by attendee. Manage attendance and performance of staff training. Training calendar offers a visual queue to help evaluate and coordinate education processes,

    Certificate Management

    Are your Staff Certified

    Staff certification is more then an award for completing a training program. In many instances an employee’s job performance and employ-ability rest on holding and maintaining a level of certification unique to a designated job skills. Compliance and validation of certification rests with the employer.

  • Call Center Software Solution Provider Philippines #contact #center #solution, #call #center #software, #call #center


    Call Center Software that transforms customer service

    Unleash the power of putting your Customers first strategy in your Business by deploying our Cloud based VoIP Call Center Solutions and lead your organization into a well managed, cost efficient, with greater performance, enhanced ROI and a brand which everyone Trusts. Our powerful and feature rich Call Center Solutions are extremely flexible, quick to deploy and comes under your budget. Ultimately your Call Center will be a Winner in all Fronts!

    The smart way to delight your customers

    Customers expect great customer service! VoIP4Callcenters has designed and developed such Superior Quality Cloud based VoIP Solutions for Call Centers to empower you to deliver exceptional customer service to your customers and enable you to do business anytime, anywhere. Our VoIP Call Center Solutions are 99.9999% reliable, flexible and scalable. With dedicated efforts of our R D team we provide most advanced and latest features at most competitive rates. Using our features such as Auto Attendant, Call Queue, Call Waiting, Music on Hold, IVR, Auto Dialer, VoiceMail, Voice Broadcasting, Internet Fax, Click to Call etc. your customers will be very delighted and satisfied and it will be a competitive advantage for you in the industry.

    VoIP Auto Dialer

    VoIP4Callcenters provides Preview, Progressive and Predictive VoIP Auto dialer to quickly and automatically make multiple outbound calls using a preselected contact list leading to lots of time and cost saving.

    VoIP Termination

    VoIP4Callcenters offers Carrier Grade 100% High Quality Wholesale A-Z VoIP Voice Termination services for destinations all over the world. SIP Termination for unparallel Superior Quality Voice Calls at amazingly low costs.

    VoIP Solutions

    VoIP4Callcenters provides powerful, secure, flexible VoIP Solutions for all of your Business Communication needs. Our VoIP Solutions are trusted by thousands of satisfied customers all over the world.

    VoIP Numbers

    VoIP4Callcenters offers Toll Free Numbers and DID Numbers which can be forwarded to any Landline, Mobile, SIP, Skype, Gmail or IP PBX System with most advanced features like Auto Attendant, Call Recording at most competitive rates.

    VoIP Business

    VoIP4Callcenters offers cost efficient Top Quality Flexible Hosted VoIP Business Solutions within small part of your current budget to mobilize your work force and transform your business. Reduce your current costs by at least Half.

    Call Center Solutions

    Streamline all of your Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Telecommunication Services with VoIP4Callcenters’s Call Center Solutions which are customizable as per needs of Call Centers, BPO, SMB or Large Enterprises.

    Manage Your Communications from Anywhere

    By deploying VoIP4Callcenters’s VoIP Call Center Solutions you get leverage of our cloud based solutions which will enable you to manage your business anywhere anytime. Our cost efficient VoIP Call Center Solutions has full spectrum of features and give you flexibility and mobility to work and manage your business operations from any geo-location using our Web Based Online Admin Portal.

    • Manage Admin Portal from Desktop PC or Mobile
    • Manage all inbound and outbound calls easily
    • Identify bottlenecks, issues, employee’s productivity and ratings
    • Can Improve Quality of Customer Service by monitoring and analysis of call recordings
    • Flexibility: Customize as per your Business.
    • Deploy Fast: Start working in 24 hours.
    • Seamless Integration: API & CRM integration.
    • Mobility: Locate Agents anywhere you need.
    • Hosted: Work/Manage from any PC, Mobile.
    • 99.9999 % Uptime: Never lose an opportunity.
    • Phone, Text, Email: Unified communication.
    • Powerful Capabilities: Rich Calling Features.
    • Quality Assurance: Real-Time Monitoring.


    Become a Winner in all fronts, be it sales, marketing, customer service, employee and customer satisfaction or efficiency and productivity in your Call Center! VoIP4CallCenters Solutions for Business Call Center is delivered from the internet and is hosted in the cloud, at our most reliable servers. No need to setup any hardware in your office, no need to spend on any maintenance. Our customers are saving more than 50% as compared to traditional carriers each month. We offer over 40 Business-Class Premium Features with Business Call Center Solutions.

    How to upgrade to VoIP Call Center Solutions?

    Now most of the world is internet based and moving to cloud and voip based solutions. Time is ripe now to witness cheap VoIP technology therefore optimum time to upgrade your old Phone Systems.

    Business Features in Toll Free / DID Numbers !

    Don’t you want to have a phone number which has advanced set of 40 plus business features which can give a propellent to your business and boost your revenue and profit tremendously.

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    Archiving for Exchange 2010, 2013 & 2016 #exchange #archiving #solution


    Streamline Storage with Archive for Microsoft Exchange

    Enforce Email Retention & Deletion

    Archive for Microsoft Exchange gives you flexible control over your organization’s email policies by letting you amend existing email retention and deletion policies or create new ones as your business needs change, all the while ensuring that your data meets the most strict compliance requirements and remains tamper-proof. Policies can be applied to selected users, groups of users or domains.

    Policy-based archiving & ILM

    Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) provides organizations with the ability to create ILM policies to delete expired messages, groom messages to alternate locations like network attached storage (NAS) devices, and migrate eligible messages to off-line storage devices.

    Compliance Reporting Tools

    Our Exchange 2010, 2013, 2016 archiving solution makes it easy to meet even the most stringent legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements with detailed reporting tools that include precise archived item counts and time-based comparisons which makes for accurate archive tracking as well as regular compliance verification.

    Signed archives & WORM support

    Netmail ensures that your long-term archive data is authentic, cannot be overwritten, and is immutable with write once, read many (WORM) technology which prevents sensitive information from being printed, forwarded, saved, edited, or copied by unauthorized people.

    Capture data from multiple sources

    In addition to supporting multiple mail systems, Archive for Microsoft Exchange lets you archive Microsoft Lync instant messages, voice mail, files, and more, as well as collect PST files and Native GroupWise Archives from various locations throughout your network, resulting in dramatic storage savings and ensuring a single source for discovery requests and compliance. Netmail also migrates legacy archives from Mimosa Nearpoint, EMC SourceOne, GWAVA Retain and more.

    Archive email, Lync voicemail & IMs

    With Archive for Microsoft Exchange, in addition to archiving email, you can also archive Microsoft Lync instant messages (IM), as well as Microsoft Lync voice mail, allowing you to access your content anytime and anywhere in the event of an eDiscovery request, a compliance requirement, or a simple search for a particular data set.

    PST, Personal Archives & Legacy Archives Support

    Netmail can collect PSTs from any location, and you can inject them into your new Exchange Archive Mailbox or view them through our web-based Archive Museum feature. With Netmail, you can automatically collect and copy all GroupWise Personal Archives and archive them into a centralized repository. Netmail can also migrate legacy email archives from Mimosa Nearpoint, EMC SourceOne, GWAVA Retain and more.

    Multiple mail systems Support

    With Archive for Microsoft Exchange, you can configure multiple Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Amazon Workmail, Gmail and IMAP mail servers, making it possible to archive email from two or more mail servers at the same time, keeping your mail stores compact and your mail server performance high. Deploying multiple instances of Archive for Microsoft Exchange will also help balance the workload and enable the smooth running of the archiving process.

    Long-term, cost-effective data storage

    Whether you choose to store Netmail archives on premise, in the cloud. or in a hybrid scenario, our Exchange archiving software helps bring your total cost of ownership dramatically down by re-introducing Single Instance Storage in Exchange environments, taking advantage of low-cost object-based storage, without relying on a traditional database that requires maintenance and back up. Watch Video Now

    Single-instance storage

    Single Instance Storage (SIS) is a feature that enables the storage of a single copy of any archived message attachment. A hash value that uniquely represents the attachment file is stored and used to later retrieve the file from the archive. SIS is especially useful in email environments where messages with attachments are forwarded to many users. With Netmail, if an attachment is already archived, subsequent archives of the same message attachment point to the existing archived attachment.

    Object storage

    Netmail supports object store on premise or in the cloud. Instead of organizing files in a directory hierarchy, object storage systems store files in a flat organization of containers and use unique IDs to retrieve them which means that object storage systems require less metadata than file systems to store and access files, and they reduce the overhead of managing file metadata by storing the metadata with the object. This means object storage can be scaled out almost endlessly.

    XML file format

    Netmail employs the XML approach to storing data managed by Archive to generate a fully-indexed, application-, and file format-independent archive of all electronic data for immediate search and retrieval. It can be easily configured to meet your organization’s requirements, ensuring ongoing adaptability to the evolving landscape of laws and regulation, and because it doesn’t rely on a traditional database, it is designed for long-term compatibility.

    Flexible, scalable low-cost architecture

    Netmail provides organizations with an archive management infrastructure for Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise that is flexible, highly scalable, and always available at a low total cost of ownership–leveraging big data technologies like object storage in order to meet records retention regulations and discovery.

    Load balancing & clustering

    With built-in load-balancing and clustering, Archive for Microsoft Exchange makes it easy to manage large systems automatically. Within a cluster, Archive for Microsoft Exchange will detect if others are overloaded and impacting performance. It will then re-distribute the workload between servers in a cluster ensuring better resource utilization.

    Cloud. Hybrid or Virtual

    Archive for Microsoft Exchange can be delivered as a Cloud Archiving Service. a hybrid service, or as a VMware ESX virtual appliance compatible with ESXi 5.1, 5.2, and 5.5, and also Microsoft Hyper-V virtual appliances. Archive for Microsoft Exchange is designed to provide rapid enterprise roll-out and scalability no matter what your requirements are.

    Unlimited storage

    Through its integration with Netmail Store. a low-cost Object-based storage solution, Archive for Microsoft Exchange can easily and economically archive exabytes of email, attachments, files, and other electronic data to meet your growing storage requirements at reduced complexity and costs over the long term.


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    ESI Estech Systems #esi, #estech #systems, #estech #systems #inc., #cloud, #cloud #business #phones, #cloud


    Estech Systems, lnc. (ESl) Highlights:

    • Celebrating 30 years in business
    • Provider of end-to-end business solutions
    • Full solutions portfolio (Cloud, Hybrid, Pure IP SIP dial tone)
    • 1,500+ Certified Partners nationwide
    • 400,000+ solutions sold
    • Billions of minutes called in the Cloud
    • Thousands of National Accounts
    • American-engineered technology
    • U.S.-based, best-in-class Technical Support
    • Network Operations Center (NOC) located in Plano,TX

    The most integrated Cloud PBX in the market

    Cloud Services

    Simple and intuitive cloud communications, plus all the robust features you need to boost efficiency and control costs.
    Learn More.

    Hybrid Cloud Services

    Not ready for the cloud just yet? Get the reliability of an on-premises solution with the flexibility of VoIP.
    Learn More.

    On-Premises Products

    Sophisticated, yet simple with unique call-handling features that are easy to use and manage.
    Learn more.

    What We Believe

    Business doesn’t get done without communication.
    That’s why we believe that business communications shouldn’t only be powerful. They must also be easy and intuitive to use.

    We believe that you should have it all. Not only should your communications solution offer simplicity. Choosing an ESI solution gives you a competitive edge – whether you select a cloud, on-premises solution or a mix. You can’t go wrong with ESI.

    “Technology is everywhere, yet most users don’t leverage the full power of these solutions to drive business. Features and functions meant for productivity are simply too complicated and therefore go unused.

    At ESI, our focus is on making intelligent technology that is intuitive and easy to use, empowering employee productivity to fuel customer satisfaction.”
    -George Platt, ESI CEO



    ESI Introduces the First “Smartphone” for the Desktop with the ePhone7

    ESI Reveals Enhanced Ditto Mobile Application to Support the Mobile Workforce

    ESI Outlines Best Practices for Balancing Employee and Company Expectations with BYOD

    ESI Outlines Five Keys to Successfully Selling and Marketing Cloud Solutions

    Featured Customer Story

    The Most Powerful Business Phone You Will Ever Use

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    E-Business Solution – Techformance Africa #business #first

    #e business


    E-Business Solution

    Information technology (IT) made a tremendous impact on the business world. From entrepreneur to global company executive, all believe their organization has to be on the web. For their enterprises to succeed, they must be part of the e-business charge: selling products, marketing services, creating value chains and alliances with suppliers and other constituencies, sharing or brokering knowledge, or redesigning internal processes to save time and money. Projections about utilization and the Internet s effects on business are phenomenal. e-business is the salvation for any company.

    Techformance AfricaE-business Solution is based on thorough understanding of each business and its relevant market. We ensure that every solution that is developed is efficient in working and is able to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations.

    With our experienced developers, we have been able to develop and deliver strategies and solutions that are completely customizable, these include:

    We also provide the following E-business consultancy services to our clients :

    Techformance Africa Online Business Systems and Solutions guides organizations to strategize and realize innovative business goals that improve their business and customer experience performance. We’ve learned the value of business partnerships and mature management and implementation methods as critical factors for successful delivery.

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