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Perch Software

Creating unique marketing materials doesn’t have to break the bank. We spoke to the founders of ‘Perch’ to see how they’re using MOO to promote their software at events.

Perch is a “really little” content management system. (Their words, not ours!) It’s designed to be simple, straightforward, and easy to get running, so that even internet novices can edit content on a small website with no muss and no fuss. The really little CMS also has a really neat little price and, confesses Drew McLellan, Director and Senior Developer at edgeofmyseat.com. the company behind Perch, a slimmed-down marketing budget to match.

Despite this, Perch have been using their MiniCards to do mighty things. Things that might have carried a hefty price tag with another printer. Prior to launch, Perch produced a batch of MOO MiniCards with a special 20% discount code on the back – a time-tested, traditional way to promote a product, which gave people a reason to hold onto the card until the company went live.

After launch, they began to look at new ways to market themselves, by sponsoring conferences, and speaking about Perch at events. In order to test the effectiveness of such activities, they needed a way to track where their site visitors had heard about the product – and this is where the MiniCard came into its own.

Rather than the general discount card they’d used previously, Perch ordered some new MiniCards, with unique discount codes on the front where the photo normally goes. They wrote some software to generate the codes, and output an XML file that they then “mail merged” into their images using the Data-Driven Graphics tool in Adobe Fireworks. This created 100 unique images for each batch of MiniCards, which they then uploaded as part of each order.

“The ability to have 100 unique cards in a run of 100 has been fantastic for us”, says Drew. “Doing it any other way would have been a nightmare. Firstly it would have been difficult just to find someone able to do it, and you can bet it would have been expensive – probably too expensive to be worth doing! Now when someone uses a discount code, we can tell which event they picked up the card at by tracking the code back through our systems.”

Perch also find MOO’s short print runs to be very handy, because each batch they order is a small commitment both financially, and in terms of strategy. Fresh illustration work, a small tweak to the logo – all can be incorporated into the MiniCards next time a batch is produced. “The fact that we order 100 cards at a time means it’s no hassle to make that sort of change”, says Drew, “and it’s great to order up some new cards knowing that the wastage from the old cards is really minimal. We’ve probably got about £5-worth of unused old design cards sitting around, which is nothing. If we were printing traditionally at volume then you’re tied in and can’t stay nimble.”

“MOO’s generally our first port of call when we need something printed”, says Drew. “We’ve been really pleased with the quality and the ability to click a few things on a web page and have something physical that you’ve created turn up at your door is awesome.”

Find out more about Perch and what it can do for you. Thanks to Drew for taking the time to talk to us!

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Fast, easy and unlimited invoicing!

Available when you invoice:

Whether you want to send an estimate to help close the sale or a receipt once payment is received, we’ve got you covered for the full invoicing cycle! See what else our invoice software has to offer.

  • Unlimited professional invoices
  • Accept credit card payments
  • Works with any sales tax
  • Track payments, partial payments, overdue invoices

Works seamlessly with Wave’s free accounting tools

All your income appears in all the right places in Wave’s accounting tools. You’re always caught up with your bookkeeping, and tax time is a snap. There’s no extra charge: Wave’s invoicing and accounting tools are totally free.

  • Add custom messages to invoices
  • Mac-friendly
  • Automate reminders on late payments
    • Your choice of template
    • Match colors to your logo

    Issue estimates to customers upon request, and then convert those estimates into invoices when you do the job.

    Information in the cloud

    All you need is a web browser and Internet connection, and you can access your Wave account anywhere, from any computer. There’s never anything to update or install.

  • Invoice for multiple businesses at once
  • Free online support and premium phone support
  • Create estimates and quotes
  • Duplicate existing invoices
  • Sell in multiple currencies

    Your customers will appreciate receiving invoices in their own currency. Wave does the conversion for you.

  • Customize your payment terms
  • Smart invoice numbering
  • See when invoices are viewed
  • Add your own logo
  • Create receipts
  • Recurring invoices
  • Look great, your way

    Customize your invoices to make them perfectly you. Choose a template, upload your own logo in seconds, and even pick a color scheme that matches your look. The result: Clean, professional invoices that let you shine.

    No limits

    Send as many invoices as you want, to as many customers as you want. All invoicing features are unlimited, and creating and sending invoices is always free.

    Recurring invoicing and other time savers

    Whether you invoice your customers at the beginning of the month, end of the month, or every second Tuesday, recurring invoicing works within your schedule.

    Invoices work seamlessly with Wave’s free accounting tools. Sign up now or see the full list of features!

    Accept credit cards, instantly!

    Invoices get paid 11 days faster on average when you accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You’re already set up! Just pay standard processing fees.

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    Invoice Software and Online Billing Made Easy #business #ideas #for #women

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    Fast & Easy Online Invoicing Software

    Customize Your Invoices

    Create spiffy looking invoices complete with your own logo, payment terms, and client info. See your totals and taxes get calculated on the spot!

    Automate Your Workflow

    Save time and get paid faster with recurring invoices. You can even auto-bill your client’s credit card so you never miss a payment.

    Accept Credit Cards

    Start accepting credit cards from day one. Setup is painless, and clients can pay you right from your invoice — even on their mobile device.

    Multi-Currency Invoicing

    Working internationally? No problem! FreshBooks lets you bill in any currency. Plus, you can also set default currencies for your clients.

    FreshBooks mobile allows me to quickly send invoices and check in on my business no matter where I am.

    Amber MacArthur. TV Host, BNN s App Central

    Improve Your Cash Flow with Online Invoicing

    No matter how you collect payment, FreshBooks makes it easy to stay on top of billing so you can get paid faster.

    From Estimate to Invoice

    Get your projects moving faster with professional-looking estimates. When you re ready to bill, go from estimate to invoice in just two clicks.

    Know When Your Invoice is Viewed

    See if your invoice was viewed with a tidy invoice history. Clients slow to pay? Send reminders and add late fees so your cash flow doesn’t suffer.

    Bill Anytime, Anywhere

    With the FreshBooks companion app for iOS and Android, you can send an invoice straight from your client s office and get paid by the time you get home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does FreshBooks support recurring billing?

    Absolutely. If you invoice the same amount on a set schedule, FreshBooks Recurring Profiles are a dream come true automating everything from making invoices to collecting payments and even (gently) reminding any late-paying customers.

    Is FreshBooks compatible with a mac?

    Great news: FreshBooks is available on any device—desktop, mobile or tablet and plays nicely with both Mac and PC.

    Are my invoices safe in the cloud?

    The safety of your private data is our top priority, that s why it s protected by 256-bit SSL encryption the gold standard in Internet security. The FreshBooks billing system is synced to the cloud using industry-leading secure servers.

    Are FreshBooks Invoices professional looking?

    If FreshBooks Invoices were any more professional, they d come with a bowtie. Better yet, they re clean cut, easy to read and even include your own logo.

    Can I make and send invoices while away from my office?

    Whether on a train, in a plane, or hanging from a weathervane, FreshBooks iOS and Android apps let you painlessly invoice your clients wherever and whenever you need to.

    Can I mail my invoices both traditionally and electronically?

    All your invoices live in the cloud, meaning they can be sent online. But, if you prefer to kick it old school, FreshBooks offers a ground mail option too.

    All your invoices live in the cloud, meaning they can be sent online. But, if you prefer to kick it old school, FreshBooks offers a ground mail option too.

    Join 5 million people using FreshBooks to make billing painless

    Setup only takes a minute. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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    15 Best Free Services and Software for Business #business #search

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    15 Best Free Services and Software for Business

    Just because you manage a business doesn’t mean you have to throw money around. A penny-pinching business manager can access some useful services and applications with no financial outlay.

    We took at look at 15 of the best business freebies. They handle everything from customer relationship management and e-commerce Web sites to e-mail accounts, customer mailing lists, and business management training.

    Many entail nothing more than Internet access, a Web browser, and a few minutes of your time for user registration. Others require you to download and install some software to access their capabilities.

    All are free. Some have paid versions that offer additional features and higher capacities.

    1. Customer Relationship Management: Highrise

    The Highrise CRM tool. The Highrise CRM tool. Customer relationship management (CRM) helps you keep track of your contacts, with the aim of converting more of them into sales prospects for your business. Highrise could be just what you need to start using CRM effectively to maintain a closer relationship with your customers. The virtue of this Web service lies in its simplicity.

    Using Highrise. you can enter customer contact information directly using your Web browser or import existing contact records. Then you can create new tasks, set deadlines, and assign tasks to categories. Establishing a case lets you bring together related contacts and tasks.

    When you log in to the service, the Highrise dashboard displays recent activity and upcoming tasks. You can choose to have a daily task summary e-mail sent at 6 a.m. to remind you of what you need to accomplish that day.

    Highrise is straightforward and doesn’t offer a lot of extra capabilities, but it’s a handy way for you to keep on top of what your customers want. The free plan is limited to two users and 250 contacts. Greater capacity is available with paid plans.

    2. Customer Relationship Management: FreeCRM.com

    FreeCRM offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise. FreeCRM offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise. CRM is a vital component of an end-to-end business strategy, one that can handle the sales process that begins with the first inquiry from a new prospect and can grow to an established customer relationship with continuing product and service requirements.

    FreeCRM.com offers a more sophisticated online CRM service than Highrise, though it requires more time to set up and learn. But it allows easier tracking of potential deals in your sales pipeline. This lets you determine if your sales performance is on track compared to budget.

    A large variety of user preferences let you tailor FreeCRM to your business environment. For example, you can select a different currency (pounds instead of dollars) and decide if you want to display completed tasks and deals in your calendar.

    There’s no limit on the number of users, though the advertising-supported free version is capped at 10 MB of data storage. A paid Professional version of the service removes the 10 MB limit and makes it simpler to synchronize data offline, with a handheld device such as a Palm or Blackberry, or on your PC using Microsoft Outlook.

    3. Web and E-mail Hosting: Microsoft Office Live Basics

    Microsoft’s Office Live Basics lets a small business establish an online presence by providing a domain name along with the capacity for managing a good-sized Web site and a couple of dozen e-mail accounts.

    If your business doesn’t have a Web site, Microsoft’s Office Live Basics can help you get started. If your business doesn’t have a Web site, Microsoft’s Office Live Basics can help you get started. Office Live Basics will appeal most to small businesses that do not have a Web site and want to establish and manage one. Unfortunately, if you already have a Web site you can’t upload it to the free Basics service.

    While a professional Web site designer would chafe at the limited template design options available, the templates make it easier to develop a simple site even if you know absolutely nothing about the HTML code for a Web page. Some handy interactive Web components, such as a forms submitter and a site search engine, are also included.

    The free advertising-supported Office Live Basics provides a domain name you select along with Web site storage that can hold up to 500MB of data and e-mail management for up to 25 accounts with 2GB of storage each. Paid editions of Office Live offer greater capacity and additional services such as uploading an existing Web site, document sharing, and contact and time management.

    15 Best Free Services and Software for.

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    Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software #business #research

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    Boost Your Real Estate Business With Smart Real Estate Management Software

    Due to its eye popping attractions, glamorous lifestyle, and internationally acclaimed real estate, Dubai stands as being one of the strongest hubs for real estate agents. The ever-expanding construction projects in the UAE have brought rise to hundreds of real estate agencies that are focused on bringing a world-class experience to anyone buying property in the UAE.

    Available real estate in areas such as Business Bay, Arabian Ranches, Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Al Warqaa, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) and many others are being offered by real estate agents to not only those living in Dubai, but all over the world.

    What are Real estate websites why are they used?

    Real estate websites are known to provide a database of available property, villas, apartment, land, etc. to anyone seeking looking to purchase.

    For real estate agents and brokers, it is becoming challenging to deal with the increasing traffic on their real estate websites. This has resulted in web development companies developing what is known as real estate management software. This software has been created to help manage the overwhelming records and data of property being offered on a relator’s website.

    Some known property management software:

    Many companies that work on web application development are hence developing property management software that is used by real estate agents to facilitate their business. AppFolio Property Manager, MRI Residential Management, Propertyware and roomMaster are some of such software that is widely used, more can be found here.

    Benefits of Using Real Estate Management Software

    Real estate management software provides a platform to manage properties, payments, accounting, selling record and all such utilities at one place no matter what platform you are accessing from (phone, tablet, PC). It provides you the tools that you need to manage your real estate.

    It includes management tools that are helpful in managing your properties in less time thus allowing you to focus your time on revenue optimization by offering a self-automated process. They are designed to facilitate leasing, renting, and purchasing activities carried out in one place.

    These platforms are also helpful in networking with thousands of property management companies, investors, real estate managers and others worldwide. This will help you to promote your property as well as enhance sales and attract more visitors to your business.

    Real estate applications are used to help businesses become more organized while also increasing productivity. This software offers website integration, smart electronic payments, and online file management along with recurring transactions.

    Property management software is also used to speed up the working process of property selling or renting by tracking multiple accounts. This process shortens the document processing time by offering maximum credibility to maintain data confidentially.

    For real estate in Dubai, the property management software mentioned above is helpful in boosting your business with automatic and built-in features. At eTek Studio, our services offer web development in Dubai that also includes the designing and development of real estate management software.

    Call us now to get your property management software professionally developed by eTek Studio.

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    Business Intelligence Analytics

    Explore all your data. Discover new patterns. Create rich visuals and share insights. With easy-to-use analytics and business intelligence tools from SAS, you can:

    • Get the picture. Fast. Get blazingly fast insights by visually exploring all relevant data. Spot unknown patterns. Identify key relationships. And unearth hidden opportunities.
    • See it. Understand it. Compelling visuals help you quickly grasp what the data has to tell you. Interactive visualizations backed by analytics are explained in terms everyone can understand.
    • Stop guessing. Work smartly. Streamline data preparation. The software automatically highlights relevant findings and significant discoveries for you – no coding required.
    • It’s easy. No matter your skill level, you can ask tough questions. Easily explore, create and share. Follow your instincts. No need to engage IT.
    • Fast insights from any data. Whether it’s in Hadoop, your data warehouse or Microsoft Office spreadsheets, you can discover data from any source in a well-governed way – without preconceptions.
    • Pictures with impact. Our visualizations and dashboards are powered by SAS Analytics. Automatically. No coding required.

    Ready to take the next step toward getting the most value from your data? We offer several different technology, deployment and financing options, depending on your needs.

    Put the world’s most powerful analytics in everyone’s hands, and your organization will reap the rewards. With SAS, you can:

    • Find the metrics that matter most. Identify outliers. Spot correlations. Pinpoint exceptions. Forecast trends. Predict outcomes. Quickly. Visually. And gain a competitive advantage without building models.
    • Expand your analytics culture. With approachable analytics that anyone can use and understand, you’ll foster acceptance and encourage adoption.
    • Go way beyond descriptive analytics. What do you get when you combine interactive reporting with self-service analytics? A collaborative environment where everyone can answer why? and what’s next?
    • Business intelligence with brains and brawn. Identify and share insights and performance metrics based on foresight, not hindsight. We’ve combined BI tools with analytics – backed by nearly 40 years of expertise – to give you THE POWER TO KNOW ® .
    • A smarter way to run your business. Behind-the-scenes algorithms – to detect what’s significant and relevant – along with brilliant visualizations present data in the best possible way for quick assessment. So you won’t miss important, contextual findings.
    • Easy enough for anyone. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist – or a data scientist – to use analytics. Our drag-and-drop approach lets you change queries quickly, so there are no barriers to experimentation and discovery.

    Ready to take the next step toward getting the most value from your data? We offer several different technology, deployment and financing options, depending on your needs.

    Is it possible to satisfy business users (who want to create their own BI content) and IT (who wants to selectively manage and govern it)? Yes. With SAS, you can:

    • Do it yourself, and set IT free. The self-service, ad hoc reporting environment lets you create distribution-quality reports and analytics dashboards without burdening IT. No more waiting; you’re in control.
    • Keep governance alive. IT and BICC staff can select business-user-generated BI content for production to promote proper governance.
    • Enjoy the freedom of self-service data preparation. Basic capabilities for data access, mashup, filtering and data transformation are built into our BI tools – just right for the business analyst.
    • Closing the gap. A managed, self-service BI approach will close the gap between business and IT – not drive them further apart. You’ll reduce risks and gain the flexibility to act quickly.
    • Equal opportunity, whether executive, analyst or citizen data scientist. Share reports, charts and analytic content via the web, PDF files or mobile devices. Improve business knowledge and productivity. And make informed decisions.
    • Consumer-grade interactivity. Enable business-user-led report authoring and reshaping using only items of interest. Easily embed reports and charts with other content sources, applications or portals while retaining full interactivity.

    Ready to take the next step toward getting the most value from your data? We offer several different technology, deployment and financing options, depending on your needs.

    The world is built on teamwork. So why not put business intelligence and analytics where they can add more value? With SAS, you can:

    • Put analytics and BI tools where people work most. Only SAS drives faster adoption by surfacing results and key insights in Microsoft Office applications, including Outlook and Excel.
    • Exchange ideas and insights. Business users can easily create storyboards or narratives and have meaningful conversations about results.
    • Foster alignment for better business decisions. Spread the word with visual insights, and expand the reach of information. Interactive commenting and annotations promote consensus building.
    • Easy to use and collaborate. Promote idea sharing while saving valuable time. You can annotate reports or charts, then send to others, who can add their thoughts as well. Or capture comments via video and audio.
    • Everyday email becomes everyday BI. Deliver consistent analytic insights and BI to your users via email, without filling up inboxes. And there’s no need to open other applications to view reports.
    • Consistent, up-to-date information. Updated reports, analytic content and dashboards are managed with centralized logins and permissions. Everything stays in sync, everyone stays on the same page. And that makes everybody happy.

    Ready to take the next step toward getting the most value from your data? We offer several different technology, deployment and financing options, depending on your needs.

    It’s here. It’s there. It’s everywhere. Get powerful insights and facts wherever and whenever they’re needed. With our BI tools, you can:

    • Stay in sync with fully native apps. Quickly and easily monitor and understand business performance. Native gestures and controls let you view and interact with dashboards, reports and charts – anywhere, anytime.
    • Explore to your heart’s content. Incorporate BI and analytics into a workflow or other app on mobile devices. Share insights with stakeholders to encourage wider discussions and greater collaboration.
    • Take it with you everywhere. The need to answer questions and make decisions doesn’t stop just because you’re not at your desk. Business users can can see and interact with key insights 24/7 – on their tablets or smartphones.
    • On-the-go access to current, relevant information. Having critical information at your fingertips means faster decision cycles and uninterrupted workflows. No delays.
    • Greater productivity and efficiency. Deliver static or interactive BI tools and analytic content – whatever the user needs – and meet a well-defined range of business demands.
    • The power of BI – magnified. Secure, feature-rich mobile apps give stakeholders the best user experience and flexibility possible.

    Ready to take the next step toward getting the most value from your data? We offer several different technology, deployment and financing options, depending on your needs.

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    Gear, Software – Other Products Guide – Photography Concentrate #business #solutions

    #photography business


    Gear, Software Other Products Guide

    A photographer needs a camera. But which one will work best for what you hope to achieve? And how about all of those software and app options that will help take your photos to the next level, and keep your business organized and efficient. And then there are the scanners, printers and photobooks that ll take your photos off the screen and put them into the hands of you and your clients. Across the board, there are an overwhelming number of options. Finding the right ones can make your head spin!

    Well, the good news is that the tools don t matter nearly as much as the photographer. What really makes for great photos is you! But you still need some equipment to get you there, so check out thesearticles to help make gear, software and printing decisions a little simpler!


    If you’re looking to learn how to take control over your camera, check out our tutorial Extremely Essential Camera Skills. It mixes text, video, illustrations and sample photos to help you get confident with your camera, super fast!

    Software Apps

    Need some help finding your way around Lightroom? Check out our tutorial, Super Photo Editing Skills. which uses video to show you how to navigate Lightroom 4, easily. Awesome!

    Albums, Printers Scanners

    Looking to sharpen your album design skills? Check out our tutorial, Awesome Album Design Skills. which uses videos and handy guides to teach you all you need to know to create beautiful albums in InDesign.

    FREE Lightroom Presets! Yes!

    Want to see how quick and easy it is to make stunning edits to your photos using Lightroom? Sign up for our free club and you’ll get a ton of high quality presets, totally free. Put your email in the form below and let’s get started!

    About Rob + Lauren

    We are two photographers who are obsessed with the magic of photography. We like it so much, in fact, that we want to help other people do it, so they can be super happy too.




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    Business Process Modeling tools for the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) – Enterprise Architect BPMN software #ideas #to #start #a #business

    #business process modeling


    Tools for Business Process Modeling using the BPMN

    Business Process Modeling is an important part of understanding and restructuring the activities and information a typical enterprise uses to achieve its business goals. With a modeling tool like Enterprise Architect. you can model, document and restructure those processes and information flows using industry standard UML and the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). Best of all, the process designs and models can be used to drive process re-structuring and software development .

    With EA you can:

    • Model business processes with industry standard UML
    • Easily take advantage of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
    • Model processes. information flows and data stores
    • Manage requirements at a very detailed level
    • Take advantage of UML Profiles for business process modeling
    • Reverse engineer legacy code and database models
    • Produce great looking reports in standard RTF and HTML format
    • Connect your business process model to use case and software design models for end to end traceability

    MDG Technology brings BPMN support to Enterprise Architect
    The BPMN Add-in for Enterprise Architect provides a full-featured implementation of the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). This allows business processes to be expressed in a standard graphical notation.

    Business Process Modeling is the discipline of defining and outlining business practices, processes, information flows, data stores and systems. BPM often involves using a notation such as UML to capture graphical representations of the major processes, flows and stores.

    UML provides activity. state. object and class diagrams to capture important business processes and artifacts. More detailed BPM models can easily be built using UML Profiles. Sparx Systems has available for download a detailed UML Profile for Business Process Modeling based on the extensions defined by Hans-Erik Eriksson and Magnus Penker in their book, Business Modeling with UML . This profile is used to define a set of stereotypes for working with Business Activities, Processes, Objects and Information flows.

    BPM differs from software system modeling in a number of important ways. The key difference between system modeling in UML and Business Process Modeling is that the emphasis on how the work is done within an organization, rather than what work is done. It is an important tool in understanding the activities a business undertakes, and the kind of information it needs to successfully engage in those activities. Enterprise Architect can help you identify and document processes within a business, and identify which business processes can be managed more effectively. Also, they serve the important function of situating new and existing software systems within the business context.

    Enterprise Architect is ideally suited to capturing and documenting your business process models. Best of all, the models you create in EA can then be used to drive the requirements, use cases, analysis and design phases of new software development projects, all with complete traceability back to your original BPM.

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    Online Accounting Software, Bookkeeping Software For Small Businesses #business #continuity

    #business accounting software


    Award-Winning Accounting Software with Payroll

    All the reports, charts and graphs you’d ever want

    As well as providing Profit Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports, we offer a wide range of other graphical reports. This means that, even if you’re not finance-savvy, you’ll know how much you’re spending, how much customers are spending with you, and a better picture of how your business is performing day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month.

    Some of the accounting and financial reports available within KashFlow are: balance sheet, lists of money you owe and are owed, customer history reports, monthly P L, trial balance, reports of transactions by customer or by supplier, and more.

    Purchases automated

    As well as allowing you to input as many purchases as you want, KashFlow can automate recurring purchases and let suppliers know by email when you’ve paid them.

    Banking simplified

    You can set up all of the bank accounts you use in KashFlow, whether personal (for expenses) or business – and view their balances on the dashboard. Repeat transactions can be set up to recur at regular intervals and you can quickly record transfers between accounts. You can also set up Automatic Bank Feeds to import your bank transactions directly into KashFlow.

    See how your business is performing over time

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    How to choose the best accounting software #business #development

    #business accounting software


    How to choose the best accounting software

    On this page

    • Choose a bookkeeping system
    • Set it up properly using a chart of accounts

    One of the main reasons businesses fail is because there isn’t a good bookkeeping system in place that would provide warning signs the business could run out of cash.

    You can choose to set up a bookkeeping system manually (using accounting books), electronically (spreadsheets) or use accounting software. Unless you want to get familiar with bookkeeping practices, accounting software is the most efficient choice.

    What to consider

    Every business will have different requirements from an accounting software. When choosing an accounting software consider the following:

    • does the system calculate all payroll requirements (PAYE, annual leave, long service leave etc.)
    • does the system track stock, work in progress, orders, jobs and other task management requirements
    • will the system be able to handle multiple bank accounts
    • does the system need to handle foreign currency
    • does the system track separate financial records for each business or department within the business
    • does the system allow for interface with other computer systems such as online payments
    • does the system keep detailed records on customers including what they buy, how often they buy, when they buy etc (often referred to as a Customer Relationship Manager system).

    Software options

    There are many software packages on the market that allow business managers to successfully control records without an accounting degree. Some of them, such as Free Accounting Software. have no cost. Some commonly used accounting systems used by small businesses are:

    Getting advice

    If you’re unsure which to choose talk to your accountant or business adviser. It’s worth checking to make sure the package has Standard Business Reporting forms needed to report to the ATO such as BAS statements.

    It’s also a good idea to ask other business owners what they use. If you don’t know any, the Business Victoria Facebook group is always happy to answer your questions.

    Setting up a bookkeeping system

    When you set up your financial records you need to make sure they meet any compliance requirements such as GST or other tax compliance.

    This is done through setting up classifications, also known as a chart of accounts. A chart of accounts is a listing of all the accounts needed to cover the financial transactions of the business. Classifications are used to separate profit and loss calculations to show where a business is making or losing money. It is also used to determine the overall financial position of a business in a balance sheet.

    How to set up a chart of accounts

    When setting up a chart of accounts you will need to:

    1. define the various accounts to be used in the business, such as different classes of assets, liabilities, expenses and sales revenue
    2. make a list of all of these under the financial classifications as noted above – that is each different type of account for assets, liabilities, sales revenue and expenses
    3. it can be useful to allocate a numbering system for each account within the chart of accounts, such as all asset accounts will have been classified under the 1000 number and all liability accounts will be classified under the 2000 number etc.
    4. allocate various sub accounts under these main accounts
    5. depending on the level of information you need, determine if each sub account needs sub accounts.

    The chart of accounts is very important to the overall effectiveness and accuracy of your bookkeeping, so if you don’t feel you understand it enough, then you should discuss with your bookkeeper or accountant before you set up your bookkeeping records.

    Your bookkeeper or accountant can help you set up a meaningful chart of accounts if you don’t think you can do this yourself.

    Accounting packages have predefined chart of accounts which you can allocate to your own financial transactions.

    Case Study: Finding the right accounting software for your business

    ‘Having really good information means your business can react the way you want it to, rather than how you hoped it would.’ Carolyn Creswell, Carman’s Fine Foods

    What’s next?

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