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How to Get a Small Business Loan (with Pictures), getting a small business loan.#Getting

How to Get a Small Business Loan

Whether you’re planning to expand an existing business or just now getting one off the ground, a small business loan can give you the financial support you need. Not all businesses can get a small business loan, so you need to take special care when applying for one. Make sure your credit history is as strong as possible, and search for lenders. Lenders will want to see numerous financial documents, so gather them ahead of time. Although getting a small business loan takes a lot of work, it is possible.

Steps Edit

Part One of Four:

Improving Your Credit Profile Edit

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Part Two of Four:

Identifying Loans and Potential Lenders Edit

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

Getting a small business loan

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Small Business Grants – How and Where To Apply, grants for small business.#Grants #for

Small Business Grants – How to Find Them and How to Qualify

Grants for small businessSmall business grants are financial assistance programs available to entrepreneurs and business owners in the United States who have fewer than 500 employees. The funding can come from a government agency, a non-profit organization, or another for-profit company. Awards typically range from $500 to up to $100,000.

Eligibility varies, and can depend on your location, your income, your ethnicity, your gender, your experience in business, as well as your longetivity in business. Some small business grants can even require that you participate in a competition or write an essay to demonstrate your talents or need.

Here are 5 great ways to find what opportunities are available to you:

1) Check With Your Local Government Agencies. Many cities, counties, and states give away money to local businesses. Why? Because they want you to create jobs and more tax revenue. Many times they won’t highly publicize these opportunities, but it’s in your best interest to give them a call and/or search their web sites.

2) Check With Federal Government Agencies. The federal government doesn’t give grants directly to businesses, but they do give money to foundations who in turn can give money to small businesses. The federal agency in charge of this is the Grants Program Management Office, and all of their opportunities are listed publicly online.

3) Check With Major Corporations. Nearly every major corporation in this country has a foundation that gives away grants to enhance communities, and many of these are grants to start or expand a business. Start by checking first with big companies that are headquarted in our city or state.

4) Search The Internet. Use Google, Yahoo and Bing to conduct a search using the term business grants . You can even throw in the name of your city, county, state, etc. Carefully review the results, and look for web sites that other web sites are linked to. Doing so, will help you to find opportunities that may be casually listed on a blog or some type of directory. You may even come across a recent news article about a new opportunity.

5) Ask Around. When attending professional networking functions and social mixers, never hesitate to ask people that you meet about new opportunities. Many times, small business grants are given away to people who happen to be in the right place at the right time. Never underestimate the importance of creating a relationship with a power player and his/her associates.

6) Visit Your Local Library. Contrary to popular belief, libraries are still an excellent resource and store a lot of information that is not accessible in other places. Go to your library as soon possible; look for grant books and directories and ask specific questions to your librarian. You’ll be surprised what you can find.

#1 – Caleb Brown Community Business Grant Program

Provides access to “seed money” and grants to assist urban professionals with starting businesses and rebuilding the community.

#2 – DOT Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program

Offers grant funding to provide training and other services to minority-owned and women-owned businesses to help them compete for highway contracts.

Allows business owners and entrepreneurs to register and submit their business story and photos, get voted for, and be considered among the top 100 finalists and the winners.

Allows fans, including customers, vendors, employees, and the community, determine who deserves some love – in the form of financial assistance for their business.

#5 – Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) Business Grants

Every year, the MBDA organizes various angel investors with the primary objective of supporting minority businesses with mezzanine and second round financing.

#6 – Miller Lite Tap the FutureВ® Business Plan Competition

Annual competition for minority entrepreneurs that gives away business grants to applicants who submit the best business plans. (Formally called MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series).

#7 – National Association For The Self-Employed (NASE) Growth Grants

Business owners can apply for a $5,000 grant useful for financing a particular small business need.

#8 – Rural Business Enterprise Grants (RBEG) Program

P rovides grants to finance the development of small and emerging businesses in rural areas, to be used for land acquisition, etc.

The SBA and it’s various initiatives award $2 billion in grant funding and loans to small high-tech businesses annually.

#10 – Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants

The SBA and it’s various initiatives award $2 billion in grant funding and loans to small high-tech businesses annually.

Provides veterans who own franchises with financial grants for business development, education, training, and/or technical assistance.

Provides technical assistance to women entrepreneurs, both new and established, in the areas of finance, management, and marketing, and other areas.

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Business – definition of business by The Free Dictionary, small business idea.#Small #business #idea


These nouns apply to forms of activity that have the objective of supplying products or services for a fee. Business pertains broadly to commercial, financial, and industrial activity, and more narrowly to specific fields or firms engaging in this activity: a company that does business over the internet; went into the software consulting business; owns a dry-cleaning business. Industry entails the production and manufacture of goods or commodities, especially on a large scale: the computer industry. Commerce and trade refer to the exchange and distribution of goods or commodities: laws regulating interstate commerce; involved in the domestic fur trade. Traffic pertains in particular to businesses engaged in the transportation of goods or passengers: renovated the docks to attract shipping traffic. The word may also suggest illegal trade: discovered a brisk traffic in stolen goods.

busi ness


  1. As oxygen is the disintegrating principle of life, working night and day to dissolve, separate, pull apart and dissipate, so there is something in business that continually tends to scatter, destroy and shift possession from this man to that. A million mice nibble eternally at every business venture Elbert Hubbard
  2. Business is like a man rowing a boat upstream. He has no choice; he must go ahead or he will go back Lewis E. Pierson
  3. Business is like oil. It won t mix with anything but business J. Grahame
  4. Business is very much like religion: it is founded on faith William McFee
  5. Business policy flows downhill from the mountain, like water Anon
  6. A business without customers is like a computer without bytes Anon

As the entries that follow show, this concept lends itself to many additional twists.

Playwrights Ernst and Lindley wrote this simile to be spoken by a judge in their 1930 s play Hold Your Tongue.

The first two words are transposed from Computer companies to generalize the comparison.


Business is the work of making, buying, and selling goods or services.

When you use business in this sense, don’t say ‘a business’. Don’t say, for example, ‘ We’ve got a business to do ‘. You say ‘We’ve got some business to do’.

You can talk about a particular area of business using the followed by a noun followed by business.

A business is a company, shop, or organization that makes and sells goods or provides a service.

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The Telegraph Festival of Business, small business idea.#Small #business #idea

Festival of Business

Small business idea Small business idea

Small business idea Small business idea Small business idea Small business idea

The Telegraph Festival of Business 2017

The seventh Festival of Business will take place in London on Tuesday 7 November, 2017. This one day conference, regularly attracting an audience of 600 senior executives from UK businesses, will bring together some of the best-known names in British business, along with leading politicians and thought leaders, in a bid to ensure the continued growth of Britain’s small businesses. A combination of keynote addresses, live interviews, case studies, expert panels, quick-fire talks, and masterclasses will ensure attendees leave the conference having found inspiration, heard pioneering examples of business development and cemented valuable relationships with their peers.


Registration and Breakfast

Welcome Address from the Chairman

Jeremy Warner, Associate Editor, The Telegraph

Lady Michelle Mone, Baroness of Mayfair OBE

Panel Session: Talent: attracting, recruiting and retaining your most valuable asset

Understand how important your company’s values are for recruitment and learn how to encourage millennials through to Gen X to join and then get them to stay. Gain insights into competing with larger companies when it comes to salary, culture and apprenticeships and delve further into the complexities of employment regulation.

Craig Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer, Metro Bank

Karen Blackett, OBE Chairwoman, MediaCom UK

Kiera Lawlor, Head of Happiness, Social Chain

Kirstin Furber, People Director, BBC Worldwide

Moderator: Rebecca Burn-Callander, Contributor, The Telegraph

Panel Session: Leading your business to success

Hear first hand on how to lead through change and how to successfully delegate. Gain insights into day-to-day management tips and understand the key lessons learnt by overcoming failure.

James Daunt, Chief Executive Officer, Waterstones

Chris Morling, Founder and Managing Director, money.co.uk

Helena Morrissey, Head of Personal Investing, Legal General Investment Management

Moderator: Liam Halligan, Economics Commentator, The Telegraph

Networking and Refreshment Break

Quick-fire Talk: Cyber security – how to prevent the worst from happening

Senior Representative, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

Q A: Late Payments: can common ground be found?

A discussion that speaks to both sides, is honest about what the issues are at both ends and is constructive in terms of solutions.

Richard Gilkes, Managing Director, Stort Chemical

Philip King, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Credit Management

Moderator: Liam Halligan, Economics Commentator, The Telegraph

The importance of growth and international trade for SMEs

The Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade

Plotting the future of tech innovation in your business

The new tech landscape; identify fads vs genuinely useful future tech and investing wisely to make the best tech choices. Gain insights into the importance of company-wide adoption and understanding and recruiting the relevant talent to deal with changing tech and transformation.

Chief Digital Officer

Digital Marketing Lead, UK

Pfizer Innovative Health

Moderator: Robert Bridge

Chief Customer Officer

Scaling Up Your Business Operations

Gain insights and advice on whether it’s best to scale through partnerships or organically. Understand how to ensure optimal staffing when growing and how to know when to step back.

Head of Enterprise

Business Banking NatWest/RBS

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive and Co-founder

Moderator: Matt Caines

Editor, Telegraph Connect

Supporting UK business to export and grow

Which will be the new frontiers? Identifying the changes to consider following Brexit and understand cross cultural business differences. Examine the steps to take when starting to export.

Emma Jones, Founder, Enterprise Nation

Joshua Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, One Retail Group

Dr Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chambers of Commerce

Moderator: Rebecca Burn-Callander, Contributor, The Telegraph

Securing your business against cyber threats

Cyber security; an issue not to be taken lightly and potentially one of the the biggest threats facing SMEs today. Understand how to achieve a cyber security 101 strategy and the preventative measures you can take and what to do when disaster strikes.

Sam Nixon, Product Owner, Decoded

Phil Lander, Director of Mobile and IT, B2B, Samsung Europe

Rowan Davies, Head of Policy and Campaigns, Mumsnet

Moderator: Stephan Freeman, Chief Information Security Officer, The Telegraph

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What Should Be On A Business Card For Small Businesses, Small Business Marketing Blog,

What Should Be On A Business Card For Small Businesses

Small business idea

Should you put anything on the back of a business card? Is it important to list your website url?

Just because you only have a few inches of real estate to work with doesn t mean you still can t get your message across and do it in a way that doesn t require packing every possible bit of information about your business.

Your business card is often the first place prospective customers look when they re searching for contact information for your small business. Having a professional looking business card forms a first impression that can mean the difference between them picking up the phone or throwing your business card in the trash.

Here s what to include (and not include) on a business card:

1. Logo and Tagline

If you want your business card (and your business) to really get noticed, it all starts with great design and quality printing. Your brand should be immediately recognizable. That means should always include the name of your business AND your logo somewhere on your card.

And this is one area where a lot of small businesses start to really junk things up.

Take full advantage of the back side of your business card.

One of the questions I see the most frequently from small business owners is whether to list a title on their business card and, if so, what exactly to include.

There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of opinions and discussions around the topic of what job title to use on a business card when you own a small business.

Typically, job titles fall into 3 categories–no title, organizational role (ex. CEO or President), or function (ex, Director of Sales and Marketing).

  • For small businesses with only 1 or 2 employees, referring to yourself as President seems a bit blowhardy.
  • If you want people to have a clearer understanding of your day-to-day responsibilities, then something more functionally specific makes more sense (ex. Business Development Manager).
  • If you re trying to establish credibility with prospective contacts who prefer to deal directly with the owner, then go that route

Small business idea

3. Contact Information

Back in the day, businesses had one (or at most two) telephone numbers. Now you ll often see business cards that include an 800 number, a direct line, a cellphone, and possibly even a home number. Totally ridiculous! Your customers shouldn t have to play a game of telephone roulette.

Why not keep it simple? Include the one or two numbers where your customers will be able to reach you. That s all, that s it!

Along with your phone number, always be sure to include your email address. Notice I said your email address and not some generic [email protected] Nothing says Please don t contact me I really don t care about you more than pointing people to an anonymous inbox.

Do you need to include a physical address?

That depends on your business. If you have an ecommerce store with no brick and mortar storefront, operate out of your home, or there s no reason customers would need to visit you, leave it off. Otherwise, it s entirely up to you. However, I have spoken with a number of folks over the years who feel a physical address helps validate the legitimacy of a business.

On the front you ll typically want to include 1) a contact name 2) email 3) phone number 4) address and 5) website –all the information prospective customers will need if they want to get in touch.

Of course I can t talk about business card content without mentioning the fax. Of all the superfluous information you could possibly include, this has to be at the top of the heap. With the ability to scan and email documents, listing a fax number generally isn t necessary (unless you know your customers are going to use it).

Let s just nip this one in the bud right now. Including a QR code on your business card isn t going to make you look hip or cool.

The fact of the matter is most people aren t actually going to do anything with your business card until they get in front of a computer or tablet. At that point, it s going to take just as much time for them to pull out their phone, waste time scanning a QR code, connect to the web, and check it out as it would for them to just type in your url.

5. Links to Social Media Profiles

If your small business is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+, it doesn t take long before you wind up with a proliferation of social media profiles on your business card. Instead of giving people different ways to connect, you end up overwhelming them with a sea of social media icons and links.

Focus on the 1-2 primary social media channels your customers actually use and leave all of the other links for your website.

6. Services (Sparingly)

If you have the room including a short list of services can definitely help reinforce your offerings with current and prospective customers.

Notice I said short. Trying to list everything under the sun will only junk things up. I know when I get business cards that have a massive laundry list of services my eyes usually just glaze over.

7. Multiple Websites (Never!)

If you have a business website, an ecommerce site, a blog, and three social media profiles you re much better off pointing prospective customers to one url where they can then access all of your other information. In other words, don t junk it up.

Business Card Best Practices

Don t be afraid to use both sides of your business card. Doing so gives you more space so you allow your content to breath and also make it easier to digest for current and prospective customers. For starters, add your small business logo and tagline to the back side of your card. Then use the front side for your name and title, physical address (if you have a brick-and-mortar storefront), your phone number (one is almost always enough), and your email address and website.

From there, you can look at ready-made business card designs or design your own.

Have additional questions about what to include on a business card for your small business? Leave a comment below or send them to me directly.

As a disclaimer, I use affiliate links for some of the products listed. They are all products I absolutely love and trust and would recommend regardless of whether they have an affiliate program.

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Small Business, running a small business.#Running #a #small #business

Small Business

Running a small business

The self-sailing boats surveying our oceans for clues about climate change

Running a small business

  • Running a small business

  • Running a small business

  • Running a small business

  • Running a small business



    Partner Offers


    CNNMoney Sponsors

    The Motley Fool

    Running a small business

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  • Ohio Development Services Agency, ODSA Homepage, small business grant.#Small #business #grant

    Ohio Development Services Agency Easy Program FinderSmall business grant

    Click below to learn about specific programs that can provide services in each topic of interest.

    If you have any questions or comments about the Easy Program Finder click here.

    Small business grant

    Small business grant

    Small business grant

    Small business grant Small business grant Small business grant Small business grant Small business grant

    Welcome to the Ohio Development Services Agency

    Small business grant Small business grant

    Small business grant

    The Ohio Opioid Technology Challenge is live. Click here to submit your idea or follow the challenge at #OpioidChallenge

    Are you interested in marketing your products or services internationally? Apply for the Ohio International Market Access Grant for Exporters (IMAGE) today! The grant provides 50 percent reimbursement, up to $12,500 for qualifying activities. For more information, click here

    Small business grant

    The Ohio Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) help Ohio businesses compete for and win local, state and federal government contracts at little to no-cost. For more information, click here

    Small business grant

    Looking for a job? Looking for workers?

    Visit OhioMeansJobs.com to find job opportunities and skilled workers across Ohio.

    Small business grant

    Take a look at the TechOhio website. Get updated news about Ohio’s growing community of entrepreneurs, technology, research and innovation. Visit TechOhio now

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    State to dole out $5 million in grants to small businesses damaged by flooding

    grants for small businesses

    The state announced today that $5 million in grants are available for small businesses that have experienced physical damage or loss as a result of the flooding in St. Lawrence communities, and other areas along Lake Ontario.

    In St. Lawrence County, 40,000 sandbags distributed (20,000 from Army Corps of Engineers), and one sandbagger was deployed to the state sandbagging operation at 2317 Green Street.

    The St. Lawrence River is reportedly more than 2 feet higher than last year with the towns of Hammond, Morristown, Lisbon and the city of Ogdensburg hit hardest by the flooding locally.

    The program provides up to $20,000 to small businesses to support the repair or replacement of damaged or destroyed real property and other tangible assets, including equipment, furniture, fixtures, supplies and inventory.

    Funding will be provided through Empire State Development and applications will be made available in June. DEC permitting offices and the state’s emergency response mobile command centers will offer weekend hours throughout the summer to assist residents and businesses, said a press release from the state.

    Grants will be provided for flood-related costs that have not or will not be compensated by any other federal, state or local recovery program or any third-party payers.

    Earlier this week, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced $10 million in state funding will be available to assist eligible local municipalities that have been impacted by the recent flooding.

    To continue the state’s efforts in helping residents and businesses recover from flooding and damage, the state emergency response mobile command centers and DEC permitting offices will offer weekend hours throughout the summer, starting Memorial Day weekend.

    In addition, those who are not able to visit the Emergency Response Mobile Command Center can call the Lake Ontario Flood Assistance Hotline at 1-866-244-3839, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. through 8 p.m. for help with insurance-related issues, assistance with flood mitigation measures such as sandbags, and for technical guidance regarding on-site repairs to their property.

    In St. Lawrence Count, the state emergency response mobile command center will be open Thursday, May 25, and Monday, May 29, from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. at The Dobinsky Center, 100 Riverside Ave., in Ogdensburg.

    As part of the Lake Ontario Rapid Response Team, DEC staff will be available at the center to help answer questions in addition to deploying a team of experienced coastal engineers to Lake Ontario to meet with property owners, conduct site visits and offer technical assistance.

    DEC’s engineers stand ready to work with property owners so that protective structures can be repaired and homeowners can take appropriate actions expeditiously, said a state press release.

    To date, DEC has issued 286 permits.

    If you are unable to visit a mobile location, the DEC will continue to provide support to communities through expedited permitting, site inspections, and technical guidance at regional offices, said a press release from the state.

    To date, more than 1,100 individuals have sought help from the mobile command centers.

    The DEC Regional Permit Office for Region 6 which includes Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties, is located at Dulles State Office Building, 317 Washington St., Watertown. They can be contacted by phone at 315-785-2245, by fax at 315-785-2242, or by email at [email protected] . They are open daily from 8:45 a.m.-4:45 p.m.

    The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ Office of Emergency Management continues to coordinate with county and local partners in monitoring the water levels of Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River.

    Grants for small businesses

    • Grants for small businesses

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    Business Plan Help for Small Business Owners, small business help.#Small #business #help

    Business Plan Help for the Overwhelmed Small Business Owner

    If you are a small business owner who is struggling to write a business plan, help is here.

    Planning is one of the most important, yet often underestimated, parts of starting a business. In fact, many businesses fail from lack of research, goals and a thorough plan.

    The business planning process requires a lot of time, work and effort, though. It can be overwhelming for many small business owners.

    This guide will explain why a business plan is a must-have, provide a shortcut to the business planning process, help you collect important background information, and get you started with a working business plan outline.

    Do You Really Need a Business Plan?

    Small business help

    Do you really need to spend time and effort developing a business plan? Should you even bother? The answer is: Yes, you need a plan. But, no, you may not need a 10-page, structured, traditional business plan.

    In almost every case, having a business plan of some sort will help your small business succeed. A business plan gives you direction, helps you qualify your ideas and clarifies the path you intend to take with your business. This article will explain some of the most important reasons you should slow down and create a plan to guide your small business journey. More

    Continue to 2 of 8 below.

    A Quick and Easy Business Planning Exercise

    Okay, you re on board and ready to write a business plan. The good news: You re on the right track. The bad news: This is where you may start to feel stressed, overwhelmed and completely out of your league. Take a deep breath.

    This business plan shortcut is the perfect place to start. The exercise asks you a series of questions about your business, your goals and your future plans. Once you write down your answers, you will have a short, streamlined business plan. You will be able to use it as-is to get started with your business, or it can be a starting point for a more in-depth business plan. More

    Continue to 3 of 8 below.

    What’s Your Mission?

    One of the questions asked in the simple business planning exercise above is: What is your mission? Your mission statement can guide your company from startup to established business, and keep you on track to reach your business goals. A mission statement is a great way to stay grounded and focused.

    This article outlines three important elements of an effective mission statement. It will help you clarify why you re starting your business and your overall goals. More

    Developing a Unique Selling Proposition

    Another important part of the simple business plan exercise is your unique selling proposition (USP). You will use your USP throughout all of your future marketing activities, but it s also a useful tool in planning your business from the very beginning.

    A USP basically outlines how your business, product or service is different from your competition s. This may sound simple, but it can be difficult to identify. When you ve created an effective USP, it can become an integral part of a successful business. This step-by-step exercise will help you write a USP for your business. More

    Continue to 5 of 8 below.

    Learn how to start your own business or side hustle, and discover strategies to attract customers and pump up your profits.

    Using SMART Goals

    A big part of your business planning process is identifying where you are right now, where you hope to be, and how you plan to get there. When you are outlining your objectives in your simple business plan, it will help you to think in terms of SMART goals. That is, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-based.

    This overview of SMART goals will help you make sure your business objectives are realistic, and provide an effective tool for focusing your action plan later on in the planning process. More

    Pulling Together Your Business Plan Financials

    The money part is often the part of business planning that causes the most stress. It can be very challenging to realistically forecast what kind of capital your business will need, how much it will cost to keep it running, and what the potential revenue will be.

    To start, review this overview of business plan financials. It provides a clear explanation of an income statement, balance sheet and cash flow projection. This is a great primer to get you started, especially if you are overwhelmed by your business planning financials.

    Once you re comfortable with the basics, you can dig a little deeper into sales forecasting to explore what you should be researching in the industry and in your market in order to make sound forecasts. More

    Continue to 7 of 8 below.

    A Complete Business Plan Outline for Traditional Business Plans

    You may have started with the simple business plan exercise and decided you were ready to add more meat to your business plan. Or, perhaps you are jumping right to the traditional business plan because you need it for investors, a grant application or to solicit some other type of support. This is where you want to go next if you re ready to develop a traditional business plan, ready for external eyes.

    This business plan outline walks you through each standard section of a business plan, in the order they typically appear. It provides an overview of what should be included in each section, and includes examples and tips for writing each section of your business plan effectively. More

    Are you still overwhelmed?

    I hope not! But if you do feel like you re getting overwhelmed again, take a step back.

    Whenever you hit a bump in the business planning process, go back to the basics and take it one step at a time. Try not to worry about the end result as much as each individual part as you re working on it. With this mindset, you will have a working business plan that you are ready to execute before you know it.

    Small business help

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    Small business loans, small business financing.#Small #business #financing

    Small business loans

    A unique way of helping people who might not qualify for or need a conventional loan

    Instead of looking at your credit history and net worth, we look at ambition, character and determination.

    We look at what you can achieve through financial literacy.

    Microborrowers are

    • Entrepreneurs with great ideas and limited resources
    • People looking to enter a trade or profession
    • Newcomers to Canada who need to build credit history
    • People who need to repair credit history

    Microfinance can help

    • Start a business
    • Upgrade education
    • Renew certifications
    • Buy tools equipment to start working

    Vancity offers two types of microfinance


    If you are a group coming together to support each other through the early stages of a micro-business then have a look at our Circle Lending loan. Also known as Peer Lending, this loan is best suited for people in a shared community.

    Circle Lending loans often support kitchen-table businesses, and are great for building local enterprise and credit histories.

    If you have recently graduated from trade school or have a job offer in a new field but don’t have the cash to set yourself up with the tools or equipment required then our With These Hands loan will provide some upfront cash to launch you on your way.

    If you are a newcomer to Canada and need some help getting back into your previous line of work our Back to Work loan can help.

    The loan can support you with the costs of a challenge exam, or cover professional fees.


    Offered by The Island Chefs Collaborative and FarmFolk CityFolk, in partnership with Vancity, this loan of between $1,000 and $10,000 provides

    funds for growers, harvesters and processors to invest in equipment and materials to increase the supply of food in the region.

    If you have a great start-up business idea, an entrepreneurial spirit and a business plan then the Be My Own Boss loan may be right for you. You don’t yet need a track record, just the drive to succeed.

    If you’re growing food on under 50 acres and need up to $75,000 to develop your operation, we’d like to help.

    With your business plan, good character and training or experience, you’re ready to explore the Small Growers loan.

    If you’re starting up or expanding your creative enterprise and need up to $75,000 to develop your venture, we’d like to help.

    With your business plan, good character and training or experience, you’re ready to explore the By Design loan.

    Is your business is in its second or third year of operation? Do you need capital to grow, or a line of credit to ease the cash flow challenges that often come when a business succeeds and expands?

    The Next Step loan is for young, healthy businesses that don’t yet qualify for traditional financing.

    Have you finished the Aboriginal Business and Entrepreneurial Skills Training (BEST) program and have a great start-up business idea or want to buy or expand an existing business?

    The Aboriginal BEST loan can help get your business idea up and running.

    We can provide a business loan based on your entrepreneurial drive, the strength of your idea and the potential of your business plan, instead of just your credit history and collateral.

    If you are a small-business owner or start-up social enterprise, then the Microloans for Green Businesses will work for you.

    If you have an offer of membership from a worker’s co-op, and you want to contribute your full membership share right away, we’d like to help.

    The Work-to-Own co-op loan can help you put your equity to work right away.

    Contact Vancity’s Microfinance Program Manager

    Call us. Small loans can make a big difference.

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