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Residential Treatment Center – Christian Women – Teens – Dual Diagnosis – Timberline Knolls


Christian Treatment Path

Experience has taught us that eating disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, mood disorders, and PTSD / trauma eventually destroy every aspect of a woman s being:

Her relationships with family and friends

and especially her Spirit

Many women have questions about the roles of faith and spirituality in a Bible-centered or faith-based recovery program, a Christian rehab center or in Christian residential treatment centers.

At Timberline Knolls, our individualized treatment includes faith and spiritual renewal for every woman. Each resident works with an expert team to chart her own unique path of recovery, and to heal her whole self from the inside out.

Spirituality: The Root of Treatment and Recovery

Residential treatment at Timberline Knolls provides spiritual nurturing to women of all beliefs and faith traditions including those with none at all.

Spirituality is not an add-on or an optional part of treatment at Timberline Knolls.

Each Timberline Knolls therapist and staff member understands they work with residents of all religious beliefs. Spiritual healing and empowerment are core parts of treatment for every resident, regardless of her faith and religious beliefs.

From the day she arrives, each Christian resident will feel our passion for spiritual rejuvenation in the way we describe treatment and recovery. Our treatment philosophy reflects the New Testament philosophy that Christians don’t get well by themselves, but through connection with others.

Uncompromising Care

At Timberline Knolls, Christian residents can receive excellent clinical care and devote themselves to restoring their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Women following the Christian Treatment Path also receive therapy in small groups that foster community among Christian residents and staff.

Weekly Christian therapy groups include:

Soul Making

The goal of Soul Making is to understand recovery topics such as identity, shame, boundaries and forgiveness through the lens of the Christian faith. Scripture and other faith teachings are used to discover the Biblical viewpoint and God’s heart on these issues. Soul Making is referred to as a psycho-educational group; its goal is to increase knowledge and deepen faith.


Sojourn enables Christian residents to share personal experiences as well as receive insight and encouragement from one another. It’s a safe, non-judgmental environment where residents can talk about their belief, or lack of belief, in Him throughout their lives. Questions such as, “Where was God when I was being abused?” or “Does He really forgive me for what I’ve done?” are spoken, respected and addressed. Sojourn is referred to as a process group.


Awakenings is a Christian treatment group that’s part of our expressive therapy program. Awakenings helps residents see beyond themselves and connect with their heavenly father. Hands-on activities help wounded women and girls release to God their feelings of shame, inadequacy, guilt, anger, or rage. Art offers a non-verbal vehicle for them to express their adoration for the Lord, while music, song and worship enable residents to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and receive God’s love.

Informal Christian Groups

Natural community forms among women following the Christian Treatment Path, regardless of whether they suffer with addiction to drugs or alcohol, trauma or PTSD, mood disorders or eating disorders. Both residents and staff contribute to this Christian community, which helps women keep their faith at the center of their treatment and recovery.

Often, informal or private conversations inspire communal prayer led by residents, devotional groups or Bible studies on individual lodges. This Christian fellowship is a reminder that Christian women need each other in order to grow emotionally and spiritually, and to achieve a close relationship with God.

Individualized Christian Treatment

Christian-based therapy helps women of faith overcome emotional and spiritual obstacles that prevent them from experiencing God s purpose and plan for life.

A Christian woman who seeks to enrich her treatment with a Biblical or faith-based emphasis can request that her treatment team include a Christian therapist. Christian therapists are licensed, full-time therapists whose clinical training also includes biblically based counseling.

Our Christian therapists believe in the principles of the 12 steps. They also use biblical comparisons to 12 step recovery principles to help illustrate the role of faith in the recovery process.

If you plan to follow a Christian Treatment Path, please let us know this during the admissions process.

Christ-Centered Recovery

Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center provides a spiritually nurturing environment that allows residents to place Christian faith at the center of their recovery from diseases like anorexia, bulimia, drug and alcohol addiction, or PTSD / trauma.

Activities and resources that enhance the Christian Treatment Path include:

Daily Devotionals

Each day begins with a daily devotional. The devotional brings together residents and staff on each lodge for common reflection on the purpose of the work they do.

Many of our alumnae also elect to receive these daily devotionals by email once they’ve completed residential treatment at Timberline Knolls.

Worship Services

Staff supports residents following a Christian treatment path by helping them identify and attend church services that meet their needs. Weekly attendance at off-campus religious services not only allows residents to worship and reflect, but also to connect with the local Christian community.

Sharing Faith Through Art

Christian therapists work with art therapists to help women and teens explore their relationship with Christ through creative arts. The arts may also help women find new ways to express their devotion to Christian faith, and develop new confidence that they can share their beliefs with others in the recovering community.

Experiencing God In Nature

Women interact daily with Nature on our tranquil, 43-acre campus. No matter the season, the natural beauty of their environment helps Timberline Knolls residents experience God s distinct purpose in creation, and to consciously connect with Him.

Volunteer Opportunities

Staff arranges weekly volunteer activities, which allow Christian women to practice living Christ s message of service to the less fortunate in our community.

Pastoral Counseling Available

The Christian residential treatment path at Timberline Knolls also offers women and girls the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Christ and to build on their relationship with Him through additional Pastoral Counseling.

We encourage you to learn more about the Timberline Knolls Spirituality Program. which is an important component of an individualized Christian residential treatment program for women, girls or teens with anorexia nervosa, bulimia, binge eating disorder, a dual diagnosis, addiction, or co-occurring disorder. To learn more about how we help Christian women deepen their faith at our treatment center, call us now. We will answer your questions and help you take the next step towards recovery.

get confidential help now: (844) 335-1809 Email Us

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Sims 3 The Master – s Sex Animations for Animated Woohoo and Kinky World


Thanks to the user dooda Masteranimations are now also available for Kinky World !

OUTDATED Kinky World Masteranimations v1.3.1(Revisited).7z

UPDATE Kinky World Masteranimations v1.3.1(Fixed STBL).7z1.51MB 33393 downloads This revision was overhauled to function finally perfectly alongside the Animated Woohoo package without causing conflicts. This package is now completely independant from the AW package and should load into Kinky World Mod without any errors. This version in particular adresses the missing texts error in Kinky World. If you got the old package installed before, delete that one first then install the new package; enjoy!

-Masteranimations v1.3.1( Fixed Texts ) for Kinky World MEDIAFIRE DOWNLOAD MIRROR-



1. Copy both the Masteranimations.package and the KW_Masteranimations.package into your mod folder beeing C:\USER\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages

2. Fire up the Game and load any savegame.

3. Open the Kinky World Settings Menu to add new Animations

4. Type “kinkyworldmasteranimations” and click ok.

The Master 08 Jan 2015

GECK.O 08 Jan 2015

Can you also make some Hottub and Kitchen Counter animations too?

At least 2 or 4 animations, each.

As now, we lack of it. Only one or two animations.

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