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Harvard University s Harvard Business School

Application Deadlines
Round 1: September 7th, 2016
Round 2: January 4th, 2017
Round 3: April 3rd, 2017

When people think about the MBA degree, the very first school that springs to mind is Harvard Business School (HBS). HBS is synonymous with the degree and literally sets the pace for the industry. Everything it does instantly makes news both good and bad. And Harvard s new dean, Nitin Nohria, has immediately injected energy and enthusiasm in the school.

Since assuming leadership of HBS on July 1, 2010, Nohria has racked up accomplishments that would have taken some B-school deans a decade or more to achieve they include crafting and communicating a new agenda for the school known as the five i s for innovation, intellectual ambition, internationalization, inclusion, and integration; pushing through significant changes to the MBA program against concerns by some that he was moving too fast; and raising millions of dollars in donations, including a $50 million gift from India’s Tata Group and its philanthropic interests. All of these moves build on the formidable reputation and clout of the so-called “West Point of Capitalism,” a business school that, frankly, is a university unto itself, with 33 separate buildings on 40 acres of property along the Charles River.

Harvard’s case method curriculum is designed to prepare students for the challenges of leadership in the real world. Though case studies maintain their dominant role at Harvard, the school has introduced several major changes that mix up the traditional HBS formula for training leaders. MBA students now take turns leading a group engaged in specific, assigned projects. They are also sent to work for a week with one of more than 140 firms in 11 countries, ranging from a Brazilian soap maker to a Chinese real estate management company. Groups are also given eight weeks and seed money of $3,000 each to launch a small company. The most successful, as judged by a vote of their fellow students, receives additional funding.

These very ambitious changes especially for an MBA program the size and scope of Harvard s build on what has long been an engaging and proactive learning environment, where students develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to face a variety of difficult decisions they’ll encounter throughout their careers.

Students spend their first two terms completing the required curriculum with a section of 90 students to which they are assigned. This group of students takes all first-year classes together and forms an intellectual and social circle. During the second year, students choose up to five courses per semester to build their elective curriculum of choice. The new curriculum changes this up a bit, adding shorter courses into the course catalog.

In the 2012-2013 admissions season, Harvard announced significant changes in the way it assesses MBA applicants. The school cut the number of required essay questions in half, from four to two and added a novel 24-hour test for applicants who make the first cut and get an interview with admissions. Those candidates have to write a 400-word essay on what they wish they d said but didn t during the interview and put it on their online application within 24 hours of the interview.

Ranking Analysis:

For the first time in five years since the debut of Poets Quants ranking, Harvard Business School slipped behind Stanford to rank second in 2014. The fall largely occurred after Businessweek s newly updated ranking based on major changes to its methodology put HBS in eighth place, down from second two years earlier.

Make no mistake: Harvard is one of the very best two or three premier MBA players. If a business school ranking fails to give Harvard its due, it s merely the result of quirky methodology and little else. There is no business school in the U.S. and even in the world that can genuinely lay claim to having a better MBA program than Harvard. With the largest endowment of any business school by far, the institution s resources are vast and so is the quality of the school s faculty, students, and alumni. And because Harvard has been at this for so many years, its MBAs are far ahead of any others in getting and occupying powerful and influential leadership positions in one industry after another. That s why HBS always leads rankings of B-schools with the most CEOs at the world s top corporations.

In fact, the biggest misconception that business school rankings propagate is that Harvard is just another school on the list and its rivals are close competitors. Harvard is in a class by itself.

If you re an applicant and are fortunate enough to be accepted by Harvard, there are legitimate reasons to turn the school down: you want a smaller, more intimate experience; you prefer a less competitive school; you want more of a mix of lectures, case studies, and experiential learning; you want to live and work in a completely different part of the country; or another school has nailed a specialty discipline that makes it a no-brainer. But you d be making a difficult call to say no to what is, without question, the best business school in the world.

B-School Smack Down Reports:

Top Feeder Colleges Companies to Harvard:

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Business Week: Cameron School of Business: UNCW #best #home #business

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UNC Wilmington Presents

The 34th Annual
Business Week
March 29th and 30th, 2016

nCino CEO Pierre Naud with UNCW student; Photo: UNCW

The University of North Carolina Wilmington’s Cameron School of Business held its 34th annual Business Week on March 29th and 30th. Designed to help prepare Cameron School of Business students for the realities of the business world, this year’s program featured more than 100 sessions with prominent alumni and executives sharing their knowledge and experiences in the areas of business, marketing, entrepreneurship, information technology and more.

Jerry Greenfield of Ben Jerry’s Homemade, Inc. speaks with students during the 2016 Business Week.; Photo: UNCW

Tuesday, March 29

Business Week General Sessions
9-11 a.m. Cameron Hall

Plenary Session:
Pierre Naud

11-Noon Cameron Hall 105

Lunch on the Lawn
11:30-2 p.m. Cameron Hall Tents

Business Week General Sessions
1-4 p.m. Cameron Hall

Accounting: Meet the Professionals
4-5:30 p.m. Clock Tower Lounge, by invite only

Duane Hixon:
The Bigness of Small

4-5 p.m. CIS 1008

Wednesday, March 30

Alumni Recognition Breakfast
7-8:30 a.m. Warwick Center

Business Week General Sessions
9-11 a.m. Cameron Hall

Plenary Session:
Jerry Greenfield
Ben Jerry’s

11-Noon Cameron Hall 105

Lunch on the Lawn
11:30-2 p.m. Cameron Hall Tents

Business Week General Sessions
1-4 p.m. Cameron Hall

Brett Martin:
The Challenges of Entrepreneurship

4-5 p.m. CIS 1008

MS CSIS Alumni Reception
5:30-8:30 p.m. CIS Lobby

CIE’s Business Week Event:
Entrepreneurial Success with Dave and Vess

5:30-8:30 p.m. EBD 162

Leadership Lecture Series:
Jerry Greenfield

7-8 p.m. Burney Center

Thursday, March 31

Installation of Chancellor Jose V. Sartarelli
10:30 a.m. Hoggard Lawn

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Women in Business – Women in Business – Open Programmes – Executive Education – Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University #comcast #business #phone

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Women in Business

Women in Business

Women mean business. Prepare yourself for your next career step by acquiring new knowledge, taking ownership, developing and understanding your network and gaining confidence in being present. Break through the glass ceiling, or improve your leadership, communication and presentation skills and negotiation techniques. Learn how to manage yourself, manage relationships, and manage networks.

Partners in empowering women

RSM Executive Education’s women in business programmes are offered in partnership with the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations (ECWO). ECWO is committed to women’s continued advancement into leadership positions by contributing to management education and actively engaging in the gender debate.

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Warwick Business School #best #small #business #ideas

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Discover learning on a global scale

Why I did the Distance learning MBA / Luciana Silvares explains how studying for an MBA at WBS allowed her to maximise her commuting time and continue with her busy family and work life.

Why I did the Executive MBA / Amelia Price describes how the Executive MBA enables her to study flexibly and how the programme has boosted her knowledge, confidence and network.

Why I did the BSc International Management / Undergraduate Rachel Knott describes how she fell in love with the campus and how a year abroad prepared her for the world of global business.

Inspirational research insights

Wise beyond your years / Can wisdom be taught? What is the ‘correct’ leadership style? Is it ok to makes mistakes? What makes a wise leader? How can you become one? Professor Hari Tsoukas has the answers. read more

If the face fits, hire it / What does a leader look like? Research has found people are able to assign accurately faces to the right industry, throwing the old adage of never judging a book by its cover out of the window. read more

Tailored support for business

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Columbia Business School #small #business #help

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Columbia Business School

Olympic fencer Keeth Smart 10 talks about his transition from professional athlete to fitness technology entrepreneur.

Despite price tags reaching $200M, the Olympic Games remains a rare opportunity for sponsors.

How can something that our political leaders and many an economist said would make everyone better off be so reviled?

Corporate social responsibility has long been an opportunity for companies to bolster their public image and boost their sales. But it also sends important signals to potential employees.

Finance, not technology, has prompted explosive growth in roof-top solar, but its future hangs on a shifting patchwork of legislation.

After a devastating diagnosis, Bita Javadizadeh Brun ’99 found help and hope in fellow alumnus Dr. Ghassan Abou-Alfa ’16. Now the two are teaming up to aid others.

An amicable split seems to be in everyone s interests. But the divorce could become messy.

Over-crowding in US emergency rooms costs patients time, money, and their health. But predictive analytics could help re-route patients away from over-burdened hospitals before long waits become inevitable.

Highly trained women in the US workforce earn a fraction of what their male peers do. Part of the discrepancy may come down to differences in men’s and women’s tastes for competition.

Engaging Leaders: Traits of Really Creative People

Douglas Haynes says eureka moments are rare – creative breakthroughs are the result of hard work. More Engaging Leaders videos

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Strathclyde Business School – University of Strathclyde #start #your #own #business

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University of Strathclyde

Strathclyde Business School

Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary

Special edition of Fraser of Allander Institute Economic Commentary now available.

  • MBA Summer Information Sessions

    Interested in the Strathclyde MBA? We are holding information sessions.

  • SBS announce 2016 MBA & PG scholarships

    Find out more about the new scholarships available for PG programmes.

  • MBA 25

    SBS and William Grant Sons have been partners in a customised MBA programme since 2011, which has leadership and innovation at its heart.


    Find out what we offer, how to apply, international exchange, and our innovative Management Development Programme.


    Get information on our full range of postgraduate programmes and scholarship availability.

    Strathclyde MBA

    Learn more about our Strathclyde MBA, the different modes of study, our international centres and our MBA careers service.

    Internationally leading research

    Find out more about our research, our specialist research centres and our work with business via knowledge exchange.

    Corporate Connections

    Learn more about our range of bespoke programmes for business and who we’ve worked with.

    International Centres

    Discover where we operate internationally and the courses available at our centres around the world.


    For all the latest SBS news please visit our news page .


    For all the latest SBS events please visit our events page .

    Social media

    Why not get connected through our social media channels and make sure you stay informed.

    About us

    Get all the information you need on Strathclyde Business School, our staff and departments.

    Departments & specialist centres

    Strathclyde Business School is home to nine subject departments and a number of specialist centres.

    Stay in touch

    Quick links

    Mobile app

    Stay in touch

    Contact us

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  • Best Business School Programs (MBA) – Compare Rankings #business #colleges

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    Best Graduate Business Schools (MBA)

    Choosing the right MBA program is a complicated decision that will continue to affect your career long after graduation. Our list includes only AACSB accredited schools as this is the most respected accreditation agency when it comes to business schools.

    While it is critical to select a program that specializes in the area of business you want to study, be sure to consider the reputation of the school as well as the network of contacts you will build while you are there. For example, if you are interested in quantitative investing, then you might want to look into the MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. If entrepreneurship or venture capital is your passion, then you may want to apply to the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Both of these schools have stellar reputations for their programs in those specific concentrations, and their respective networks of contacts will continue to aid in the development of your career for years to come. It is also important to pay close attention to the Smart Rank, which weighs important factors along with expert opinions. Additionally, it is beneficial to consider the average salary for graduates. While this should not be the single determining factor, it can help you make a decision once you have narrowed down your choices.

    Read the following sections for more information on the various factors to consider when choosing a business school. Once you are ready to start researching, head back to the search results page and use the different filters to find the best business school for you.


    Our Smart Rankings are based on the most important factors in the quality of a business school institution and are determined by rating each school on these factors.

    Admissions Selectivity
    GMAT and GPA of incoming students indicate the quality of the student body, which generally translates to the quality of the business school. We also include the average amount of previous work experience the entering class has and the acceptance rate (lower generally indicates higher quality).

    Expert Opinions
    US News. Bloomberg. the Economist. the Financial Times and Forbes rankings are taken into account. These organizations carry a lot of weight in their rankings and look at their own unique factors when determining rankings.

    Post-Graduation Salary
    It’s important to know that when you finish your MBA, you’ll be able to land a job with a decent salary, so post-graduation salary is taken into account when determining rankings.

    Programs Offered

    For students with alternative scheduling and program needs, some schools offer special MBAs. These include:

    Part-time MBA: A part-time MBA is a great choice for a working individual or a student with family responsibilities. Part-time MBAs take longer to complete, but they typically require only half the work load.

    Executive MBA: An executive MBA is designed for managers or executives with several years of work experience. These programs allow seasoned leaders to further develop their skills, while largely maintaining their day-to-day work schedule.

    Online MBA: An online MBA offers the greatest flexibility, allowing students to work from home.

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    Rutgers Business School Rankings #quality #business #cards

    #business school ranking


    Rutgers Business School Rankings

    Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick is recognized as one of the top three business schools in the New York City Region, and is the highest-ranked business school in New Jersey.

    #1 MBA employment among the Big 10 Schools – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #1 Public Business School in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT) – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #1 most women students (45.9%) among the Big 10 B-schools – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #3 MBA employment nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #3 Best for Vets nationally, Graduate degrees – MilitaryTimes. 2016
    #5 Undergraduate Supply Chain Management program in North America – Gartner. 2016
    #7 Graduate Supply Chain Management program in North America – Gartner. 2016
    #7 Undergraduate Accounting program nationwide – College Choice. 2016
    Top 10 colleges for jobs on Wall Street – Business Insider. 2016
    #10 Master of Public Policy / MBA – Top 200 Best Masters in Public Administration / Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #10 Online Certification in Digital Marketing in North America – Best Marketing Degrees. 2016
    #11 Graduate Supply Chain Management program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #14 Master’s in Governmental Accounting among online graduate business programs in the nation (excluding MBA) – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #21 MD / MBA – Newark – Top 200 Best Masters in Engineering and Project Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #23 Master of Information Technology Accounting Information Systems – Top 200 Best Masters in Information Systems Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #26 JD / MBA – Top 200 Best Masters in Business and Commercial Law Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #27 Public Business School in the U.S. – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #28 Graduate Program in Food Business Economics – “Top 50 Best Masters in Agribusiness / Food Industry Management” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #28 in “Top 200 Best Masters in Executive MBA MBA part time” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #37 Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting “Top 200 Best Masters in Accounting and Auditing” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #38 in “Top 50 Best Value Dual MBA Health Management Degrees of 2016” – Value Colleges
    #43 Part-time MBA program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #46 Master of Accountancy in Taxation “Top 50 Best Masters in Taxation” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #53 Full-time MBA program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    Ranked Tier One Global Executive MBA programs, CEO Magazine. 2016

    #4 Executive MBA in the Big Ten Conference, 2014
    #7 in MBA employment nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    Top-20 U.S. Executive MBA Programs, nationwide – Financial Times. 2014
    #24 Public Part-Time MBA Program, nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    #25 Public National University, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – US News World Report. 2014
    #27 Public Business School, Newark, starting median salary nationally – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #28 Public Business School, New Brunswick, starting median salary nationally – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #39 Part-Time MBA Program, nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    #56 Public Business School, New Brunswick – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #65 Public Business School, Newark – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014

    #10 in awarding 10 or more degrees to Fortune-500 CEOs – US News World Report. May 2012
    Top 10 Master of Quantitative Finance Program nationwide according to a panel of Wall Street experts. 2012
    #33 in “Top B-Schools for MBA Pay,” Bloomberg Businessweek. 2012

    #1 Most Diverse National University – U.S. News World Report.
    U.S. News World Report ranks the Newark campus of Rutgers University as the “#1 most diverse national university in the United States.” Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick is an integral part of this campus, which has received this distinction each year since 1997 when U.S. News World Report began assessing diversity

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    Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program – Africa 2016 #advertise #my #business

    #harvard business


    Become a stronger leader and strategist who can help your business seize growth opportunities — locally, across Africa, and beyond.

    This executive program will run in 2 different destinations – Block 1 Cape Town, SA; Block 3 Boston, USA.

    With 54 independent countries, Africa faces a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges — along with exciting opportunities. To achieve their considerable potential, Africa’s businesses need executives who can design and execute effective strategies for growth within and beyond the continent. These leaders must also excel at creating innovative offerings, nurturing high-performance teams and organizations, and navigating rapid change in Africa’s dynamic markets.

    To build these exceptional leaders, Harvard Business School Executive Education is launching a new program, the Senior Executive Program — ​Africa, in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) of Pretoria University in South Africa. Designed to strengthen your leadership skills and build your insight into local, regional, and global markets, the program explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe, preparing you to compete effectively, seize the region’s many growth opportunities, and sustain success for your firm.

    Who should attend?

    The Senior Executive Program — Africa is designed for experienced senior executives in African companies from any industry. Candidates should have significant responsibility for strategic decision making, have at least 15 years of work experience, and represent growth-oriented organizations. Participants might include CEOs, CFOs, business line heads, and other senior members of a company’s executive team, as well as directors general of government agencies.

    How you will benefit

    The program immerses you in a dynamic experience that expands your horizons and builds your capabilities as a business leader. You’ll explore best practices in designing winning strategies, enabling innovation, establishing competitive advantage, leading effectively, improving governance, and much more. In a format that maximizes learning while minimizing time away from work, you will also apply your learning to a special project that contributes to your organization’s success.

    Click here to download our Open Programmes Calendar for 2016

    Harvard Business School Faculty:

    Should you wish to see which faculty will be on a specific course please download the course pack.

    Senior faculty from GIBS, selected local and international faculty, as well as leading industry practitioners and experts.

    Are you interested in fast-tracking your personal and professional development? If so, join us as we showcase our wide range of short programmes.

    12 September 2016

    ​Continental Growth Opportunities and Business Lessons.

    08 September 2016

    British Brexit and American elections.

    08 September 2016

    The NPO Collaboration Dialogue presents a panel discussion on the proposed changes to the NPO ​Act.

    08 September 2016

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    Business School: Business School: The University of Western Australia #business #investment

    #business school


    Business School

    Explore our courses

    A degree in business can transform your career. Our range of undergraduate, postgraduate, research and executive education courses will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need for a rapidly evolving business world. Find out more about our Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Research courses.

    MBA Full Time Intensive

    Spread your wings with our 12-month MBA Full Time Intensive — designed to propel graduates into the global marketplace. Featuring deep industry connections and a choice of three specialist focus areas, the MBA Full Time Intensive will equip students with valuable knowledge, skills and networks.

    The 2016 Indigenous Business, Enterprise and Corporations Conference (IBECC)

    IBECC16 is Australia’s premier Indigenous business and economic conference, hosted by Centre for Social Impact UWA and the UWA School of Indigenous Studies.

    Get UWA ready

    Get a sneak peek into life at UWA, plus personalised info, offers and event invites

    The University of Western Australia

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