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Harvard Business School Senior Executive Program – Africa 2016 #business #networking #sites

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Become a stronger leader and strategist who can help your business seize growth opportunities — locally, across Africa, and beyond.

This executive program will run in 2 different destinations – Block 1 Cape Town, SA; Block 3 Boston, USA.

With 54 independent countries, Africa faces a distinct set of social, economic, and political conditions that create unique business challenges — along with exciting opportunities. To achieve their considerable potential, Africa’s businesses need executives who can design and execute effective strategies for growth within and beyond the continent. These leaders must also excel at creating innovative offerings, nurturing high-performance teams and organizations, and navigating rapid change in Africa’s dynamic markets.

To build these exceptional leaders, Harvard Business School Executive Education is launching a new program, the Senior Executive Program — ​Africa, in partnership with the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) of Pretoria University in South Africa. Designed to strengthen your leadership skills and build your insight into local, regional, and global markets, the program explores the proven approaches of successful leaders in Africa and around the globe, preparing you to compete effectively, seize the region’s many growth opportunities, and sustain success for your firm.

Who should attend?

The Senior Executive Program — Africa is designed for experienced senior executives in African companies from any industry. Candidates should have significant responsibility for strategic decision making, have at least 15 years of work experience, and represent growth-oriented organizations. Participants might include CEOs, CFOs, business line heads, and other senior members of a company’s executive team, as well as directors general of government agencies.

How you will benefit

The program immerses you in a dynamic experience that expands your horizons and builds your capabilities as a business leader. You’ll explore best practices in designing winning strategies, enabling innovation, establishing competitive advantage, leading effectively, improving governance, and much more. In a format that maximizes learning while minimizing time away from work, you will also apply your learning to a special project that contributes to your organization’s success.

Click here to download our Open Programmes Calendar for 2016

Harvard Business School Faculty:

Should you wish to see which faculty will be on a specific course please download the course pack.

Senior faculty from GIBS, selected local and international faculty, as well as leading industry practitioners and experts.

Are you interested in fast-tracking your personal and professional development? If so, join us as we showcase our wide range of short programmes.

12 September 2016

​Continental Growth Opportunities and Business Lessons.

08 September 2016

British Brexit and American elections.

08 September 2016

The NPO Collaboration Dialogue presents a panel discussion on the proposed changes to the NPO ​Act.

08 September 2016

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LBS at Harvard Business School – Lauder Business School #business #training

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LBS at Harvard Business School

LBS Faculty Members Participate at the MOC Faculty Meeting Under the Auspices of Harvard University Professor Michael E. Porter

Professor Michael E. Porter, one of the world’s leading business scholars, welcomed LBS as a ‘rookie’ to the Microeconomics of Competitiveness (MOC) affiliate network. The MOC network includes more than 100 major business schools from 65 countries across the globe. Based at Professor Porter’s Institute of Strategy Competitiveness at Harvard Business School, the network promotes scholarship, research and capacity building on some of the key concepts of Michael Porter’s groundbreaking scholarship: strategy, competitiveness of firms and nations, economic prosperity, and the significance of clusters.

LBS master students will see immediate benefit from the school’s participation in the MOC network. Every IML and BFC student will explore the impactful ideas of MOC, in courses taught by experienced MOC scholars and LBS faculty members Professor Pablo Collazzo and Professor Christopher Kummer. These intense courses are designed on the highly engaging case teaching method developed at Harvard Business School.

LBS furthermore envisages to set up an Institute for Competitiveness on the school’s premises to bring together international experts and local decision-makers from the business and public sector.

In December 2014 LBS faculty members as well as Head of International Relations Professor Elisabeth Kübler take part in the annual MOC faculty meeting at Harvard Business School, Boston, Massachusetts. The meeting encompasses inspiring lectures by Professor Porter and global leaders who put the idea of competitiveness into business and policy practice.

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The UTD Top 100 Business School Research Rankings – Naveen Jindal School of Management – The University of Texas at Dallas #biz #loans

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Research Rankings Overview

The UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management has created a database to track publications in 24 leading business journals. The database contains titles and author affiliations of papers published in these journals since 1990. The information in the database is used to provide the top 100 business school rankings since 1990 based on the total contributions of faculty.

Additionally, the database can also be searched by:

  • Any journal or combination of journals between the time period 1990 to date to get a ranking of schools
  • School name to see a list of publications by a school for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date
  • Author name to see a list of publications by an author for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date
  • Key phrase in article name to see a list of publications containing that phrase for any combination of journals and time period between 1990 to date

The Jindal School of Management maintains and keeps this website current to provide timely data on research productivity in leading research journals across major disciplines in business schools. The school has worked hard to ensure data integrity, but as with any project of this type where the affiliation data is not always clear, some errors may exist. If you spot an error, please send us the corrections at Top 100 Admin.

List of Journals

The Accounting Review

Journal of Accounting and Economics

Strategic Management Journal


UT Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management provides a tool to study research contributions based on publications in 24 leading journals in major business disciplines. The database contains author and affiliation information on all papers published in these journals since 1990. Authors affiliations are recorded at the time of the paper publication.

A single-authored paper results in the school of affiliation being credited with a score of 1. If there are multiple authors from different schools, each school gets a score of p/n, where p is the number of authors from the same school and there are a total of n authors on the article. If an author lists multiple affiliations, each of the schools that author is affiliated with gets a corresponding scaled score. For example, if one of the n authors lists m affiliations, each school that author is affiliated with gets a score of 1/nm.

The database can be searched by any period between 1990 to the current year for any combination of journals, resulting in aggregated scores for schools. This provides a clear picture of contributions from each school for the selected journals and time period. One can also search the database by school names, author names and key phrases in the title.

The Jindal School of Management also provides a ranking of the top 100 schools in North America and worldwide based on publications in all 24 journals for the last five-year time period. The school also provides links to prior rankings starting with the period 2000-2004.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information, the nature and diversity in which author affiliation information is provided in the journals sometimes make it hard to categorize and report the information accurately. UT Dallas Jindal School of Management has attempted to verify information using the web when possible.

While searching for articles, author names are provided in the search results. They are not listed in the sequence specified in the published paper. Also note that when information on authors is provided, if the same author is listed twice, it indicates that the author has listed multiple affiliations.

If you believe there is an error in the information provided, please send specific information to the administrator.

The Naveen Jindal School of Management appreciates your input to this ongoing research effort.

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Business Insights – Monash Business School #service #business #ideas

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Business Insights

Business Insight | 2nd Sep 2016

How neuroscience can help us give and receive critical feedback

Why is the giving and receiving of constructive feedback so difficult? Professor Anne Lytle discusses how neuroscience can help you adapt your leadership to become better at constructive criticism.

Aimed at business professionals, Business Insights provides expert views on a range of related topics. Based on their research findings, Monash Business School staff discuss key issues.

Search Business Insights

is the figure with which oil revenue in Australia is expected to be reduced by

Global low in oil prices: Implications for Australia and Malaysia

According to the Australian Government’s Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2015-16, the low oil price situation has already negatively impacted its revenue collections, with a 31% reduction expected from Australia’s Petroleum Resource Rent Tax.

Commentary | 27th May 2016

Gennadi Kazakevitch: Scott Morrison and Chris Bowen kept to their lines, but both ignored Australia’s most compelling economic issue.

Business Insight | 24th Aug 2016

Poor and rich retirees spend about the same

New research from Monash Business School’s Australian Centre for Financial Studies shows wealth has limited impact on spending and wellbeing in retirement.

Commentary | 5th Aug 2016

Should monopoly businesses have an obligation to create competition?

Australia has many concentrated markets, dominated by a few big businesses. Should these businesses be required to actively promote competition?

Business Insight | 4th Aug 2016

WikiLeaks reveals the TiSA agreement could cost Australian services

A recent release of confidential documents from WikiLeaks has finally relieved the silence surrounding the negotiations of an important but fairly obscure multilateral trade agreement.

Latest videos

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Wharton School #business #lookup

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University of Pennsylvania


Founded in 1881, Wharton is the oldest U.S. business school and second-largest behind Harvard. Wharton’s faculty is the biggest in the country, and about a quarter of its 517 part-time and full-time faculty members come from abroad. Students at Wharton may choose from 18 majors and over 200 electives. Wharton offers dual-degree programs with seven other schools at Penn, plus joint programs with Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies and Harvard’s Kennedy School. Redesigned in 2012, the revamped curriculum allows students greater flexibility in determining the content and timing of meeting core requirements. It also introduced leadership coaching and personalized website for each student to hold feedback from coaching sessions. More »

What Alumni Are Saying
  • Best two years of my life. I could never have transitioned into my current career without the academics, career support, and network of Wharton.
  • Wharton enabled me to make the jump from engineering to Venture Capital – tough to do, but I am very happy with the way it turned out, and I found the MBA experience at Wharton to be truly transformative.
  • Best money I’ve ever spent! The rewards in education, jobs, networking, and global exposure just keep coming year after year.
  • Wharton has an unparalleled and valuable alumni network in Latin America, particularly Brazil. Its depth and breadth of curriculum (e.g. finance, accounting, operations, public speaking, leadership), as well as network, made me a better private equity professional.
    More on Forbes

    Jay Fishman, the longtime chief executive officer of Travelers who navigated the property and casualty insurer through turbulent times on Wall Street unscathed, has died after battling amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the progressive neurological disease known as ALS. He was 63.

    A Wall Street player who climbed to the top levels of the read

    Disclosure: I’m long Drew Industries, Ulta Salon, Cosmetics and Fragrance, Insteel Industries and Hain Celestial Group.

    After the passing of Martin Zweig in 2013, Liz Ann Sonders recalled a comment by the market sage: “Summing it up, to succeed in the market you must have discipline, flexibility—and patience. You have read

    A company in Philadelphia plans to buck a prevalent startup mentality: that turning industries upside down with technology is always possible and for the better. Instead, Bungalow Insurance wants to capitalize on a growing renters insurance market by intermingling with the existing players.

    Thomas Austin and Zachary Stiefler cofounded read

    With what is the best measure of a college’s return-on-investment or ROI? Forbes has a simple solution. The best colleges produce crop after crop of successful graduates that show their appreciation by giving back in the form of donations to their beloved Alma mater. Our Grateful Graduates Index ranks private not for profit colleges with more read

    From years of working with angels, I can tell you that no two are the same. But if you could choose three words that would apply across the board to every accredited angel investor, what would they be?

    My choice—powerful, difference-maker and elusive. Of course there is no right or wrong answer, but what I do know for sure is this: read

    Nearly four years ago I wrote a post in which I described mobile marketing as being The Elephant In The Room For Marketers. A little history lesson if you don’t mind.

    In that piece the “elephant” was described this way.

    First by Digiday in which Brian Morrissey referred to 2012 as “It’s the Year of Mobile (for the read

    For music fans the 22,000- seat Shoreline amphitheater in Silicon Valley is iconic. Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham designed it with inspiration from the Grateful Dead logo, and that band played here 39 times. Neil Young, the Bee Gees, Bruce Springsteen–they’ve all graced the Shoreline stage. A few weeks ago, accompanied by bouncy read

    Social Security is a pay-as-you-go system, since payroll taxes collected from today’s workers mostly go to pay today’s retirees. But as the U.S. population ages, fewer young workers are paying into the system relative to rising numbers of ever-longer-lived retirees drawing benefits, according to this opinion piece by Olivia S. read

    Throughout our lives, we’ve been told “nice guys finish last” and that “business is a dog-eat-dog world.” Indeed, we hear constantly about how competitive and vicious we need to be to get ahead and rise to the top. Pop culture, especially reality TV, reinforces the idea that no matter what industry we work in, business is, by nature, a cutthroat read

    You know the kind. They’re the office bullies who “accuse, threaten, annoy, pester, shame, raise their voices, shake their fists and sometimes even get physically pushy.” Or they’re the tantrum throwers, the too-demanding bosses, the micromanagers, the passive aggressive co-workers or the underminers – the list goes on.

    Noncompete clauses in employment contracts is a long-held practice, however evidence suggests that these clauses hurt not only departing employees but also those who stay with the company – as well as the company itself. As a result, an increasing number of leaders are creating non-noncompete environments in which information is shared freely, read

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  • Tippie School of Management #guaranteed #business #loans

    #top business schools


    University of Iowa


    Tippie has three career academies—marketing, finance and strategic innovation—to help students build a career plan and network with professionals in the field. Students choose one of five specializations, which each fall into one of the career academy tracks. The Business Solutions Center gives students more exposure to outside corporations by pairing them with local, national and international companies on 17-week consulting projects. The program curriculum also includes a Global Learning Opportunity that every Tippie MBA experiences, typically during winter of the second year. GLO destinations include Hong Kong, Chile, India, and United Arab Emirates. More »

    More on Forbes

    The first in a series in which an Opportunity Youth shares her voice and perspective on what she brings to an employer.

    October of 1995 was the year my mom died. It was also the year I promised myself that I would go to college and graduate no matter what it would take to get there. At the young age of 7, I didn’t know that it read

    It’s not you, it’s your goal-setting approach. Learn how to find the money planning method that’s right for you. read

    Common sense tells us that the digital economy requires a new kind of leadership. Now a study from Oxford Economics reveals the specific leadership behaviors behind the best-managed companies in an era of fast-paced innovation and often surprising disruption. Sponsored by SAP, the study’s findings are based on feedback from over 4,100 executives read

    Cassandra Pittman, an expert coach at Fortuna Admissions has an MBA from Columbia and worked in admissions at two of the world’s leading business schools, shares her advice to ace (or fail) your business school video essays. read

    In 2015, 974,926 international students were enrolled in U.S. universities, representing 4.8 percent of the total undergraduate and graduate population. China is the greatest source of international students by far, accounting for over 30 percent last year, followed by India, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Canada. Given the record numbers of read

    If your parents don’t claim you, you’re on your own, right? The quick answer from FAFSA: No. read

    They may have gotten straight As and perfect SAT scores back in high school, but the majority of freshmen entering Yale University this fall don’t feel prepared to handle the rigor of college classes. And by the way, 16% of them are bringing along fake I.D.s to New Haven. read

    Jill Stein, a medical doctor and environmental health activist from Massachusetts, is the Green Party candidate for president. She also ran under the Green banner in 2012, when she got 0.36% of the vote after getting on the ballot in 37 states. Her positions on education are right in line with Democratic contender Hillary Clinton and the read

    Students at Godley Elementary School in Texas no longer have to say their dog ate their homework… because they won’t have any for the whole school year! Second-grade teacher Brady Young sent a letter out to parents explaining homework from her classroom will only consist of work their children didn’t finish during the school day. “Research has read

    Episode 5 of The Limit Does Not Exist takes us inside the American Museum of Natural History, where we sit down with Assistant Curator of Herpetology Dr. Frank Burbrink. (Herpetology = study of amphibians and reptiles.) Trust us, it was definitely as cool as it sounds.

    Burbrink is obsessed with snakes. He studies them in read

    This might not be the most thrilling subject, but it’s imperative to consider all of your bank accounts and documentation in the eventuality of your death. There is certainly much to think about; however, I outline the basics and how to proceed. I encourage you to read, learn, and take action! read

    On a recent edition of HBO’s “Last Week Tonight,” British comedian John Oliver decided that American charter schools are just too, too funny. read

    Co-authored by Cassius Johnson and Jonathan Hasak

    “What the people want is very simple – they want an America as good as its promise.” Congresswoman Barbara Jordan

    During most of the 20th century, the American Dream promised our nation’s youth that if they worked hard and got a college degree they would get a read

    Final results of the second year of PARCC standardized testing in the District of Columbia released today show that the charter schools outperformed the traditional public schools in elementary and high school grades. read

    When Vu Van began her MBA studies at Stanford University, she realized that her pronunciation of English words was holding her back. Her solution? Develop a mobile app that uses AI to help people improve their pronunciation. read

    Apartments near some of the nation’s best public high schools can be inexpensive or expensive, based on their location. read

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    Rutgers Business School Rankings #business #planning

    #business school ranking


    Rutgers Business School Rankings

    Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick is recognized as one of the top three business schools in the New York City Region, and is the highest-ranked business school in New Jersey.

    #1 MBA employment among the Big 10 Schools – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #1 Public Business School in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT) – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #1 most women students (45.9%) among the Big 10 B-schools – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #3 MBA employment nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #3 Best for Vets nationally, Graduate degrees – MilitaryTimes. 2016
    #5 Undergraduate Supply Chain Management program in North America – Gartner. 2016
    #7 Graduate Supply Chain Management program in North America – Gartner. 2016
    #7 Undergraduate Accounting program nationwide – College Choice. 2016
    Top 10 colleges for jobs on Wall Street – Business Insider. 2016
    #10 Master of Public Policy / MBA – Top 200 Best Masters in Public Administration / Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #10 Online Certification in Digital Marketing in North America – Best Marketing Degrees. 2016
    #11 Graduate Supply Chain Management program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #14 Master’s in Governmental Accounting among online graduate business programs in the nation (excluding MBA) – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #21 MD / MBA – Newark – Top 200 Best Masters in Engineering and Project Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #23 Master of Information Technology Accounting Information Systems – Top 200 Best Masters in Information Systems Management Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #26 JD / MBA – Top 200 Best Masters in Business and Commercial Law Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #27 Public Business School in the U.S. – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #28 Graduate Program in Food Business Economics – “Top 50 Best Masters in Agribusiness / Food Industry Management” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #28 in “Top 200 Best Masters in Executive MBA MBA part time” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #37 Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting “Top 200 Best Masters in Accounting and Auditing” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #38 in “Top 50 Best Value Dual MBA Health Management Degrees of 2016” – Value Colleges
    #43 Part-time MBA program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    #46 Master of Accountancy in Taxation “Top 50 Best Masters in Taxation” Global Ranking – Eduniversal. 2016
    #53 Full-time MBA program nationwide – U.S. News World Report. 2016
    Ranked Tier One Global Executive MBA programs, CEO Magazine. 2016

    #4 Executive MBA in the Big Ten Conference, 2014
    #7 in MBA employment nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    Top-20 U.S. Executive MBA Programs, nationwide – Financial Times. 2014
    #24 Public Part-Time MBA Program, nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    #25 Public National University, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey – US News World Report. 2014
    #27 Public Business School, Newark, starting median salary nationally – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #28 Public Business School, New Brunswick, starting median salary nationally – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #39 Part-Time MBA Program, nationwide – US News World Report. 2014
    #56 Public Business School, New Brunswick – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014
    #65 Public Business School, Newark – Bloomberg Businessweek. 2014

    #10 in awarding 10 or more degrees to Fortune-500 CEOs – US News World Report. May 2012
    Top 10 Master of Quantitative Finance Program nationwide according to a panel of Wall Street experts. 2012
    #33 in “Top B-Schools for MBA Pay,” Bloomberg Businessweek. 2012

    #1 Most Diverse National University – U.S. News World Report.
    U.S. News World Report ranks the Newark campus of Rutgers University as the “#1 most diverse national university in the United States.” Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick is an integral part of this campus, which has received this distinction each year since 1997 when U.S. News World Report began assessing diversity

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    South Hills School of Business – Technology – Official website of South Hills School of Business – Technology #free #business #listings

    #business technology



    “Impersonal” simply isn’t in our vocabulary. At South Hills, you’ll never get lost in the crowd – or the shuffle. Our small classes allow for plenty of personal attention from your teachers. And our exceptionally responsive staff is here to answer all your questions and provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


    Any school is only as good as its teachers, and ours are truly outstanding. South Hills’ faculty have won awards for excellence in teaching for 6 times in 7 years. And with their uncommonly deep experience working in the field, our teachers are great professional mentors, too.


    “No fluff; no filler!” That’s South Hills’ academic motto number one. “Learn by doing!” is number two. All our programs deliver the material you really need to know to launch a successful career in your chosen field. And we believe the best way to do that is through hands-on, project-oriented learning.


    Our ultimate goal is to prepare you for fulfilling employment in your chosen field. Our dedicated Career Services staff will assist you to finding an appropriate internship at the end of your studies, and will continue to help you throughout your working life to find the best match for your skills and passions.

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    Warwick Business School #hot #new #business #ideas

    #business school


    Discover learning on a global scale

    Why I did the Distance learning MBA / Luciana Silvares explains how studying for an MBA at WBS allowed her to maximise her commuting time and continue with her busy family and work life.

    Why I did the Executive MBA / Amelia Price describes how the Executive MBA enables her to study flexibly and how the programme has boosted her knowledge, confidence and network.

    Why I did the BSc International Management / Undergraduate Rachel Knott describes how she fell in love with the campus and how a year abroad prepared her for the world of global business.

    Inspirational research insights

    Wise beyond your years / Can wisdom be taught? What is the ‘correct’ leadership style? Is it ok to makes mistakes? What makes a wise leader? How can you become one? Professor Hari Tsoukas has the answers. read more

    If the face fits, hire it / What does a leader look like? Research has found people are able to assign accurately faces to the right industry, throwing the old adage of never judging a book by its cover out of the window. read more

    Tailored support for business

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    Nottingham Business School – Nottingham Trent University #business #names #ideas

    #business school


    Welcome to Nottingham Business School. We are an AACSB accredited school focused on innovating business education. We provide a personalised, experiential learning experience full of opportunities that will enhance your career and future prospects.

    We deliver courses that combine academic rigour with business experience and relevance. Whether you want to study for a Bachelors degree. a Masters. MBA. DBA or PhD we have the right course for you and an expert faculty to help meet your needs.

    If you have already graduated from Nottingham Business School, then keep in touch through our Alumni Office and share again in our work and mission .

    AACSB Accreditation
    NBS in top 5% of business schools worldwide.

    Follow us on:

    Find us

    Nottingham Trent University
    Burton Street
    NG1 4BU
    +44 (0)115 941 8418

    Quick links

    Connect with us

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