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Online Degree Programs

Undergraduate Degrees

These undergraduate majors are available through Online Learning:

  • Biblical Literature (B.A.)
    • Concentration in New Testament or English Bible required.
  • Business Administration (B.S.)
  • Christian Caregiving and Counseling (B.S.)
  • Church Ministries (B.S.)
  • Communication (B.A.)
  • English Language Learning Certificate
  • Financial Management (B.S.)
  • Government (B.A.)
  • Human Resource Management (B.S.)
  • Information Technology (B.S.)
  • International Business and Ministry (B.S.)
  • Leadership Studies (B.S.)
  • Liberal Studies (B.S.)
  • Management (B.S.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)
  • Psychology (B.S. or B.A.)


These graduate programs available through Online Learning:


Students majoring in Business Administration, Biblical Literature, Christian Caregiving and Counseling, Communication, Government, and Psychology will be required to select a minor. (The International Business and Ministry major has a required minor of Evangelism and Missions.) Available options are delineated in the fact sheet below.

Degree Descriptions

Biblical Literature (B.A.)

The greatest asset for effective integration of truth is a solid knowledge of the Bible. The biblical literature courses are designed to give students an understanding and appreciation of the Word of God and its application. The biblical literature major exposes students to a broad spectrum of hermeneutical and exegetical perspectives, tools and methods so they may interpret the Bible responsibly and perceptively within a theological-historical framework.

Students who choose the biblical literature area through Online Learning choose one of two concentrations: English Bible or New Testament. Students with an English Bible concentration study the entire Bible; the New Testament concentration emphasizes the content of the New Testament with the acquisition of the Greek language.

Business Administration (b.s.)

For those who want to start or enhance their leadership roles in business other types of organizations. You’ll learn about management, marketing, stewardship of resources, and how to assess relevance and performance of an organization. This program is excellent preparation for entering the Master of Business Administration program in the College of Business Administration at ORU.

Christian Caregiving and Counseling (B.S.)

Prepares you for lay counseling roles and related ministries within the context of the local church and church-related agencies. This program equips you to help people realize wholeness in every area of their lives — spirit, mind and body. This major is an excellent preparatory program for the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling offered through the ORU College of Theology and Ministry.

Church Ministries (B.S.)

For those wanting to take an active role in their church, perhaps as a paid or volunteer lay leader, pastor’s assistant, or other significant contributing role. This is a general theology degree, which may even be sufficient background for pastoral ministry in some settings. Graduates with this degree have successfully entered and completed the Master of Divinity seminary program in the ORU College of Theology and Ministry.

Communication (B.A.)

Encourages a whole-life approach to communication. The theory and practice of interpersonal communication skills in the areas of functional intelligence, social decision-making and self-expression are explored with emphasis on the application of theory to life situations. Students in this program acquire skills in applications of organizational communication, including assumptions, processes, roles, relationships and responsibilities. Communication majors develop skills in public speaking, problem solving, conference leadership, seminar development, systems analysis, interviewing, listening and in-house communication consulting.

Financial Management (B.S.)

In any industry from media to retail or healthcare to technology, there is one department every business relies on: Finance. This is why companies are increasingly looking for qualified financial managers who can effectively allocate and manage their company’s financial resources. An ORU online degree in Financial Management can prepare you with in-demand skills that companies need, such as understanding how to project a company’s financial performance and fiscal health. With a degree from ORU, you will be equipped and empowered for a thriving career as a Credit Analyst, Financial Auditor, Loan Officer or Investment Advisor, to name a few.

Government (B.A.)

The government major at ORU examines power and authority relations in human communities. their foundations and institutional organizations and how these are used to make public policy. Through study of the institutional structures by which national and world affairs are conducted, students gain understanding of how their world fits into our modern global context.

Human Resource Management (B.S.)

How an organization attracts, develops and manages its talent may be the single most important factor for success in today’s knowledge-based economy. An ORU online degree in Human Resource Management can provide you with the technical knowledge and skills to work as a HR professional, helping management to create work environments that foster employee excellence. With a degree from ORU, you will be equipped and empowered to serve as an Employee Benefits Manager, a Compensation Analyst, a Job Analyst, or assistant HR Manager, to name a few.

INformation Technology (B.S.)

If you are looking to join the ever-expanding and essential field of Information Technology, an ORU IT degree can give you real-life skills to serve as an IT professional, while preparing you to take CompTIA® certifications. Graduates of this program are prepared to offer IT solutions to organizations, as database analysts, mobile application developers, information system security analysts, network engineers or web developers.

International Business and Ministry (B.S.)

The International Business and Ministry degree is for those who dream about working in international business as the foundation to build a ministry team, especially in a Spirit-empowered context. Students pair a business concentration with a minor in Evangelism and Missions.

Leadership Studies (B.S.)

The Leadership Studies degree program promotes academic excellence and facilitates the strengthening of conceptual, scholarly and professional competencies for use in leadership roles. The mission is to promote the best in leadership knowledge and practice to improve the quality and diversity of leadership in organizations and communities — regionally, nationally and internationally.

Liberal Studies (B.S.)

This major is designed for the student who wants to pursue two or three areas of study–in the tradition of a true liberal arts education. Students must complete 63 credit hours in two to three areas of study.

Management (B.S.)

The Management degree prepares non-traditional students to manage business operations and oversee project staff in either an entrepreneurial or a corporate setting. Students complete additional management courses on top of their business concentration.

Marketing (B.S.)

ORU’s online marketing degree prepares non-traditional students to enter the dynamic, fast-paced business of promoting and selling products to unique customer markets. Students develop skills as marketing account managers by studying the business side of sales and retail management, international and internet marketing, business communications and market research. An ORU online degree in Marketing will equip and empower you for high-demand positions in Sales, Marketing or Business Development.

Psychology (B.S. or B.A.)

Courses in psychology are designed to give an empirical approach to the study of human behavior, a knowledge of psychological principles, and an acquaintance with contemporary problems, while providing a strong Christian framework to evaluate theories, techniques, and beliefs. The psychology major is designed to prepare the student for graduate work in any of the variety of areas within which professional psychologists function.

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89 Electrical Repair – Electrician in San Diego – Roberts Electric Service, Inc #robert,


Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

Received Rating.

Review. We had a dimmer fail in our dining room. Dimmers being what they are can be tricky for the uninitiated of whom I consider myself. The dimmer turned out to be a unit that needed a special order etc etc. Ben Day was the electrician on the job and we could not be h. See full review here. Posted on 01/05/2015 by Micheal M.

The most common electrician service call series:

GFCI � stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. and these devices protect against electric shock. One of the most common service calls to an electrician begins when someone plugs something in and the power goes out. Information on The BBB at the Council of Better Business Bureaus http://www.bbb.org/sdoc/news-events/news-releases/2014/07/guest-blog-diy-electrical-tips/

Inspection Report Requests:

Thank you for your interest in having our company provide an estimate as per an inspection report. Due to the intense volume of requests that we receive, we are only able to provide estimates to Sellers not Buyers . If you are a Seller, please call us to discuss the terms and conditions of providing you with this service.

IMPORTANT: Estimates are for new work only and do not include troubleshooting an electrical problem to give a cost. They only involve providing a single price to perform what is specifically requested to be done, and do not involve any contact with third parties or further research. Quotes. scopes of works or job specifications (break downs) are classified as engineering requiring special knowledge and must be charged for appropriately based on time and expertise required.

Call us at 619-757-7500 to see which situation applies to your project.

Sponsoring San Diego Sports!

The San Diego ARMADA Rugby Football Club has advanced to the semi final play-offs and is finishing the best season the club has ever had! Roberts Electric Service is proud to sponsor the San Diego ARMADA, and we look forward to supporting them to even greater success this season and many to come. To help the team attend the Bingham Cup, here’s a link to their GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/armada

The broadly used term �consultant � as it relates to building and construction work is more clearly defined.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors – Associate Member No. 7070020

NFPA Member No. 2496550

Residential Electrical System Aging Research Project – Full Report – 71 pages – [Click Here]

IMPORTANT VIDEO INFORMATION – Could save you $1,600 for a tripped breaker!

This YouTube Video is – GREAT – and – HILARIOUS – too! – [click picture above to view]

DIY Electrical Repairs in San Diego – www.SanDiegoElectricalRepairs.com for more information.

SEARCH – Roberts Electric Service Web Site – Bidding Projects – Inspection Results

Good Electrician in San Diego Providing:

Electrical Power Troubleshooting – Residential – Commercial – Installations Remodels – Electric Repairs

Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

C10 Electricians Electrical Contractors 857129. 756078 and 941741

Security Company Qualified Managers ACQ 4672 and Alarm Co. Operator ACO 5349

Phone 619-757-7500 / (619) 757-7500 and Fax 619-757-7505 / (619) 757-7505

Primary Operating Area is The Greater Downtown San Diego Area – We Love What We Do!

We were previously known as Robert’s Electric Service before incorporation.

We are Proud Members of the following:

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In the media: Laura Roberts, CEO Pantheon Enterprises and Austin Business Journal #free #business

#austin business journal


In the media: Laura Roberts, CEO Pantheon Enterprises and Austin Business Journal

Austin Business Journal “Face 2 Face” speaker series with Laura Roberts, CEO, Pantheon Enterprises

Chad Swiatecki
Staff Writer Austin Business Journal

To become the successful CEO of a forward-thinking chemical company, Laura Roberts had to go from grade school to the school of hard knocks.

During the Austin Business Journal’s monthly Face 2 Face series event Tuesday at Whole Foods Market Inc. s Austin headquarters, Roberts talked about the journey from teaching, which had been her lifelong passion, to leading Phoenix-based Pantheon Enterprises. The company, which has about 50 employees and customers such as Vista Outdoor, is innovating in the world of manufacturing chemicals by creating new formulas that have no negative impact on health or the environment.

Roberts became involved in the business world by helping to manager her father’s small but unprofitable cleaning chemicals business after his death, learning that she’d have to turn the company in a new direction for it to survive. Concern over the negative effects of many industrial chemicals, and concern over the world her children would inherit, caused her to take a green approach to the business.

“When I was younger I was a tree hugger and I had a Kill Corporate America T-shirt,” she said. “But a big shift happened when I realized how much good we could do. The real bulk of the work is figuring out how you get people to change.”

Launching a whole new company wound up being the best strategy for making Roberts’ newfound passion a reality, but it wasn’t easy. She said she was denied by potential investors 300 times before she found one that believed in her vision.

“Only take money from shareholders who are purpose-aligned with you,” she said of turning down term sheets from venture capitalists who wanted almost immediate liquidity. “Not having that can kill the deal, or you later have to sell to get out from under them.”

Holding tight to her vision and belief that industrial companies can operate in an environmentally friendly way led Forbes magazine to call Roberts “The Toxic Avenger” in a company profile. She has embraced that characterization because it helped bring attention to the cause that Pantheon is trying to further.

“You’re in business to maximize shareholder value, but we’re trying to raise the discourse,” she said. “If you’re building profits on the backs of the general population then you’re not really approaching it right. The more transparent you are, the more your shareholders love you.”