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WordPress Business Reviews Bundle #sba #business #plan

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Business Reviews Bundle

Get all FOUR of our Premium Business Reviews Plugins for one discounted price!

The #1 Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Introducing Google Places Reviews. a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily display Google reviews in WordPress using a highly customizable widget and shortcode. This plugin is SEO optimized, has built in caching, multiple display options and widget themes to match nearly any web design. Display up to 5 reviews, your overall business rating, avatar and link to Google+ page, plus more!

Display Facebook Reviews anywhere on your WordPress site

Our Facebook Reviews Pro plugin has 5-second authentication process, an intuitive but powerful widget for your sidebars, and a robust shortcode builder to place your reviews anywhere on your website quickly. Caching allows your site to remain fast, and our Facebook-like styles integrate easily with any theme. Plus, you can display ALL of your reviews no limit! Facebook Reviews Pro is a great addition to our Business Reviews Bundle that we think you ll love.

Introducing Yelp Widget Pro

The best way to display Yelp on your WordPress powered website: Yelp Widget Pro. A powerful widget and shortcode for displaying Yelp content in your pages, posts and sidebars. Show Yelp businesses in any city, country or location. Allow users to search using Google maps combined with Yelp or display your own business profile quickly and easily.

Display Yellow Pages Reviews on WordPress

The #1 Yellow Pages plugin for WordPress: Yellow Pages Reviews Pro. This plugin allows you to display business information and reviews on your website quickly and easily. It comes loaded with customization options including a useful review filter, widget themes, and more.

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Marketing Manager – Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews and Advice #business #strategy

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Marketing Manager Overview


“I wasn’t terribly interested in marketing in college,” says Kate Beihl, chief marketing officer at MetaCommunications in Iowa City.

But in 2003, when Beihl was hunting for a job in Chicago, where she lived at the time, she applied for a marketing position at what was then called Children’s Memorial Hospital (now called the Ann Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago).

“I didn’t have very much of an idea of what it was. But it was this cool job where you were going to work on a website and on print materials. You were going to do a little design. You were going to do some writing and planning and events. And that diversity of tasks was intriguing to me.”

Beihl ended up landing the job as marketing coordinator at the hospital and found that, in fact, she loved marketing. “I loved the variety of work that we were doing,” she says. “I loved the inside marketing that we were doing: Having a single client and being able to really, deeply understand the way the work that we did, whether it was creating brochures or a new campaign or signage, all led back to the growth of the organization.”

The American Marketing Association defines its trade like this: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

In addition to the actual marketing work, marketing managers have the added responsibilities of hiring staff and team building; vision casting and strategic planning; and managing budgets and tracking their results.

Successful marketing brings in major revenue for companies and organizations, which is why the Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts steady job growth in this sector. In fact, the BLS expects this profession to grow at a rate of 9 percent from 2014 to 2024, resulting in 18,200 new jobs for marketing managers.

Quick Stats

$127,130 Median Salary

3.5% Unemployment Rate


Most marketing managers have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, communications or another similar field. Marketing programs generally include courses in everything from business law and economics to finance and statistics. Courses in computer science are becoming increasingly important, as more and more marketing is directed through digital means. Work experience and internships are also important, if not required, parts of marketing programs.

Job Satisfaction

Average Americans work well into their 60s, so workers might as well have a job that’s enjoyable and a career that’s fulfilling. A job with a low stress level, good work-life balance and solid prospects to improve, get promoted and earn a higher salary would make many employees happy. Here’s how this job’s satisfaction is rated in terms of upward mobility, stress level and flexibility.

Upward Mobility. Above Average
Opportunities for advancements and salary

Stress Level. Above Average
Work environment and complexities of the job s responsibilities

Flexibility. Below Average
Alternative working schedule and work life balance

Similar Jobs

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CRM for Small Business – 2016 Reviews and Pricing #current #stock #market #prices

#small business crm


Compare Small Business CRM Software

With the growing number of affordable, Web-based products on the market, more and more small businesses are looking for customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage interactions with both current and prospective customers.

Many are seeking to upgrade from basic email marketing or contact management systems. However, the capabilities of CRM systems can range widely, with varying levels of functionality for sales, marketing and customer support. We developed this guide to help buyers understand exactly what these products can offer, so they can select the solution that best meets their needs.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Common Reasons Small Businesses Shop for a CRM Solution

Thousands of small businesses contact us every year, looking for advice to help them select the CRM solution best suited to their company. Some are just getting started, while others are looking to replace an outdated or problematic system.

Small businesses most commonly look to purchase a CRM system because they are:

  • Hoping to consolidate customer records and reduce double-entry.
  • Seeking to automate functions (alerts, follow-up emails etc.).
  • Looking to generate, track and manage leads more efficiently.
  • Needing specific features (e.g. trouble ticket management).
  • Frustrated with current CRM software (too complicated or not enough features).
  • Experiencing transition or company growth.

Core CRM Applications for Small Businesses

The core component of any CRM solution, contact management systems consolidate critical customer data (e.g. names, addresses and company info) into a single database, as opposed to scattering it across many individual inboxes or address books.

Most small businesses; any business that needs to organize contact information or associate notifications, tasks, notes, files etc. with specific customers.

Basic sales management applications allow businesses to track deals at different stages of the sales pipeline, integrating sales activities and appointments with the general contact database. Some may also include limited automation (e.g. automatically sending follow-up emails or setting up reminders) and reporting.

Any small business with a dedicated sales team, or that needs to organize a high volume of leads and automate follow-up (e.g. real estate agencies).

Entry-level marketing automation applications allow small businesses to quickly set up landing pages, Web forms and email templates that inspire potential customers to take action. They may also offer some degree of automation to send targeted, personalized messages based on prospects behavior.

Small businesses with a dedicated marketing team, and/or looking to attract potential customers through email marketing or Web traffic.

Customer service management

Simpler customer service applications typically focus on basic trouble ticket management, which allows small businesses to document, track and resolve customer issues.

Small businesses with a dedicated customer service team, or any business that needs to resolve a high volume of customer inquiries and/or complaints (e.g. software companies).

Pricing: Web-Based vs. On-Premise CRM

Most small businesses should consider hosted, cloud-based CRM solutions. Because these systems are hosted by the vendor, they eliminate the need for you to have a dedicated IT team for managing and maintaining your own server. They also drastically reduce upfront investment and installation costs.

In addition, they typically offer monthly subscription pricing, which makes them scale well for fast-growing companies that need to add additional user licenses or features down the road.

However, small businesses with sufficient IT resources and capital may still benefit from on-premise CRM systems. These solutions usually require purchasing an expensive perpetual license up front, but they may become the cheaper option if you use the same system over an extended period of time.

You can see how pricing for these two models compares to figure out what works best for you using this tool. However, keep in mind that with on-premise solutions, you might also pay additionally for upgrades, customizations or maintenance.

Key Considerations for Small Businesses

With so many options and feature sets to choose from, selecting the right CRM for your small business can quickly become an overwhelming task. To narrow things down, here are four key factors for small businesses in particular to keep in mind as they evaluate different products:

Which Applications to Prioritize?
Because CRM encompasses so many functions (e.g. sales, marketing and customer service), many entry-level products are actually best-of-breed solutions. This means they focus on only one of the core applications listed above (although all CRM systems will provide some level of contact management functionality). Integrated suites, meaning solutions combining multiple applications in one software package (often billed as professional or enterprise editions) are much more expensive.

So before you begin shopping, start with a clear assessment of exactly which functions you need. The Best for. column in the chart above provides recommendations as to which types of companies may need which applications.

System Complexity and Ease-of-Use
Many small businesses we speak with say they re replacing their CRM system because it s too complicated or difficult to use. And if your employees find it too burdensome to input data into your program, you ll wind up with a spotty, incomplete customer database, which defeats the entire purpose of having a system in place.

As a result, small businesses should pay particular attention to ease-of-use as they evaluate CRM software options. Consider solutions with smart, intuitive interfaces. Also, take advantage of the demos and trials offered by many companies to get a real sense of how user-friendly a system is.

Integration Considerations
While small businesses may not have as many integration requirements as larger companies, you should still consider CRM solutions that integrate with programs that you and your employees already use, such as email clients, calendars and accounting software.

For instance, integration with email clients such as Outlook and Gmail will make it much easier to import contacts and conversations into your new system. It also allows your employees to continue using the programs they re comfortable with, while ensuring your contact database remains comprehensive and up-to-date.

Similar software categories

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Pentaho BI Software Pricing, Reviews & Free Demo #business #online

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Pentaho Software

Pentaho is a business intelligence system designed to help companies in any industry make data-driven decisions, with a platform for data integration and analytics. The platform includes extract, transform and load (ETL), big data integration and analytics, visualizations, dashboards, reporting, data mining and predictive analytics.

Pentaho s data integration functionality allows users to find, manage and combine data from multiple sources, including native support for analytic databases, Hadoop and NoSQL. The system can interface with partners like Melissa Data and Human Interface.

Pentaho is also suitable for embedding or white labeling visual analytics as part of third-party Software as a Service (SaaS)/software applications as it is data agnostic, can be rebranded, customizable and based on open standards and architecture.

This system offers interactive business analytics tools like visual analysis and dashboards, as well as flexible reporting solutions. Predictive analytics offered by the system includes machine learning algorithms, tools for processing data and the capability to import third-party models with PMML.

Pentaho helps users translate big data into insights within a singular platform. Users have access to a complete spectrum of data from different sources with the system s adaptive big data layer, which takes the source of the data into account. Since it s built on open architecture, any system can be integrated into Pentaho.

Pentaho is available for a free trial in three different formats; potential buyers have a chance to fully evaluate the capabilities of the system prior to making any commitments.

Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

7 Reviews of Pentaho

Showing 1-7 of 7

Ashutosh from SJSU
Specialty: Software / Technology
Number of employees: 2 to 5 employees Employees number: 2 to 5 employees

Likes Best

I like its ease of use; it is very easy to build an ETL pipeline after the initial learning curve. I also like the variety of modules. There are a lot of powerful modules, and you will mostly find the module you want. User-defined code is very flexible; it’s possible and very easy to plug in user-defined Java code. When there is no module implemented for desired function, this feature comes handy. Multithreading is also easy. The transformation can be set to run multiple copies in parallel.

Likes Least

Occasionally, Pentaho Spoon (GUI) crashes, and a restart is required.

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Top Business Intelligence (BI) Tools – 2016 Reviews & Pricing #small #business #banking

#business intelligence tools


Compare Business Intelligence (BI) Software Tools

Business intelligence (BI) software has gained considerable traction since its introduction as “decision support systems” in the 1960s. Today, there are over 100 BI software companies selling some type of business intelligence tool. We put together this buyer’s guide to help buyers understand the market. In this guide, we’ll review:

What Is Business Intelligence Software?

BI software helps organizations organize and analyze data to make better decisions. This could include internal data from company departments as well as from external sources, such as marketing data services, social media channels or even macroeconomic information.

The BI market is growing rapidly because of the proliferation of data to analyze. Over the past few decades, companies that have deployed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other applications are now sitting on a mountain of data that can be analyzed. In addition, the growth of the Web has increased the demand for tools that can analyze large data sets.

One of the biggest trends in the BI market is the shift in software architecture and design to more user-friendly applications. These applications are now being used by business users not just IT staff to analyze particular sets of departmental data, including marketing, procurement, retail and Web data.

Common Features of Business Intelligence Software

BI software can be divided into three broad application categories: data management tools, data discovery applications and reporting tools (including dashboards and visualization software). In the next section, we’ll explain how these applications can help your organization’s decision-making process become more data-driven.

What BI tools you need depends on how your data is currently managed and how you would like to analyze it. For example, if it is currently scattered across disparate transactional databases, you might need to build a data warehouse to centralize it and invest in data management tools that offer Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) functionality to move and re-structure it.

Once data is given a common structure and format, you can invest in data discovery solutions such as Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), data mining and semantic or text mining applications, with the capability to create custom, ad hoc reports. And because information is stored within the warehouse, users can quickly pull reports without impacting the performance of the organization s software applications, such as CRM, ERP and supply chain management solutions.

We ve illustrated this concept in the image below:

But this isn t the only way to implement BI within your organization. If you re only analyzing data from a single source, ETL and data warehouses are unnecessary. Alternatively, you might require multiple warehouses, and thus, require different tools to connect data between both these servers and other BI applications that need access to this data.

We’ll cover these in detail in the next section, but in general, the features you should seek in a new BI solution should include:

  • Data quality management
  • Extract, transform and load (ETL)
  • Data mining
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Predictive analytics
  • Semantic and text analytics
  • Visualizations
  • Dashboards
  • Report writers
  • Scorecarding

Top Business Intelligence Tools

This table will help you understand some of the top BI tools available on the market today.

BI Tools Comparison

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Sisense BI Software Pricing, Reviews & Free Demo #small #business #bureau

#business intelligence tools


Sisense Software

Sisense is an end-to-end business intelligence (BI) solution that was developed to be accessible for any type of user, even those with little or no prior experience with BI software. Their full suite of applications provide users with the tools they need to manage and support business data with analytics, visuals and reporting. This out-of-the-box system doesn t require lengthy implementation or training, so businesses can have it up and running quickly.

Sisense s standalone applications offer data and text mining with interactive analytics tools. ElastiCube is their analytics database that utilizes In-Chip technology, enabling a single server and minimal hardware with the ability to handle big data. Sisense lowered limits on data usage to maximize shared information between users.

Integrated within the suite, Sisense includes functionality for dashboards and scorecards, data warehousing, extract, transform and load (ETL) and a query and report writer. Everything is managed through one interface designed with the end-user in mind. Sisense can be deployed on-premise or over the cloud.

Sisense was chosen as one of the Top 10 BI Vendors of 2013 by CIO Magazine and Best in Show at the O Reilly Big Data Strata conference.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

23 Reviews of Sisense

Showing 1-20 of 23

Ricky from Element Fleet Management
Specialty: Banking & Financial Services
Number of employees: More than 1,001 employees Employees number: More than 1,001 employees

Likes Best

One of the things I like best about SiSense is how it’s out of the box ease of use has the ability to evolve into a much more advanced analytics tool with continued use. Plugins, custom javascript, upgrades, and new features ensure that I’m always improving the analytics I can do with the tool. Also the ability to set regular email reports, download dashboards as pdfs, and quickly push changes to the users lets us answer business questions on demand in a way we never could before.

Likes Least

One of the things I dislike most about SiSense is their Elasticbue build process. As our data models have expanded we’ve found it difficult to manage the build times of our larger cubes which can take several hours to build. For instance, we cannot build changes to the cube while one of the regularly scheduled builds is occurring and the ‘stop build’ functionality has never been very responsive. It is my understanding that the next version will completely redesign the build process so I’m looking forward to seeing these changes.


When evaluating BI software don’t worry about how ‘pretty’ the dashboards can be. While the flashy widgets and beautiful charts have an initial appeal you’ll quickly find that the most important information you can show the end users is KPIs and pivot tables supported by some graphs. Ease of use, the ability to transform data, and quickly publish dashboards to users is much more important in the long run. This is the reason we stopped using Tableau and are strictly using SiSense now.

Likes Best

Easy to install and easy to use, for your most experienced and inexperienced personal.
A fast learning curb with an on-boarding process will get you right to the point where you can generate beautiful dashboards and start collecting insights, Sisense will go out of its way to make it easy for you to use their solution, with great customer support team, side solutions and constant product updates.

Likes Least

Some of the default machine (server) requirements are high, should be considered when expecting major expansion of the business.


There are other solution out there and that haven’t got the chance to check, so I can’t compare.
But. I must admit that I didn’t feel the need to change my BI solution and I believe it says a lot.

Likes Best

Even though I had limited technical experience with database modeling, Sisense and team made it simple to get functional dashboards within the first 30 days. The dashboards look beautiful and the end users are thrilled with the results. So far, I have been able to field all requests from users without relative ease.

Likes Least

Their forum/user support seems sparse, but I have been able to find support for pretty much everything I need.


Make sure you have someone who understands your data structure on the onboarding calls.

Likes Best

We are currently at the product evaluation stage to recommend a BI product for one of our government clients. But it is already clear that Sisense is the all-round champion in the following areas.

1. Ease of use for end user
2. Ease of implementation by SA and DBA
3. Innovative back-end that delivers scalebility and performance
4. Great framework that empowers developers to write custom widgets or custom applications, and
5. At a affordable price

Likes Least

UI is not a polished, even though a user can customize and refine through CSS.

Likes Best

SiSense leverages two best paradigms of the modern computer world: an in-memory store and rapid, no fuss web-based insight delivery. I can see the vendor is proud of their product and understands modern BI well. Also, the support and sales staff members I dealt with are full of positively charging energy, which is rare these days.

Likes Least

The new version of the product was not test driven long enough. The older version was chosen out of so many other BI offerings. It is hard to nitpick an area of improvement now. Every team member I polled in my company only has good words to say about SiSense.


Do your homework in terms of research, not by just looking at the Magic Quadrant. Gather the precise objectives a BI solution must deliver. Do not pick too many vendors, and do not start with polls like “What do you use for BI?” It will just make you read all the BI solution names. Then narrow down to 2-3 out of 5-7. And test drive each side-by-side.

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WordPress Business Reviews Bundle #www.business.com

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Business Reviews Bundle

Get all FOUR of our Premium Business Reviews Plugins for one discounted price!

The #1 Google Reviews Plugin for WordPress

Introducing Google Places Reviews. a plugin for WordPress that allows you to easily display Google reviews in WordPress using a highly customizable widget and shortcode. This plugin is SEO optimized, has built in caching, multiple display options and widget themes to match nearly any web design. Display up to 5 reviews, your overall business rating, avatar and link to Google+ page, plus more!

Display Facebook Reviews anywhere on your WordPress site

Our Facebook Reviews Pro plugin has 5-second authentication process, an intuitive but powerful widget for your sidebars, and a robust shortcode builder to place your reviews anywhere on your website quickly. Caching allows your site to remain fast, and our Facebook-like styles integrate easily with any theme. Plus, you can display ALL of your reviews no limit! Facebook Reviews Pro is a great addition to our Business Reviews Bundle that we think you ll love.

Introducing Yelp Widget Pro

The best way to display Yelp on your WordPress powered website: Yelp Widget Pro. A powerful widget and shortcode for displaying Yelp content in your pages, posts and sidebars. Show Yelp businesses in any city, country or location. Allow users to search using Google maps combined with Yelp or display your own business profile quickly and easily.

Display Yellow Pages Reviews on WordPress

The #1 Yellow Pages plugin for WordPress: Yellow Pages Reviews Pro. This plugin allows you to display business information and reviews on your website quickly and easily. It comes loaded with customization options including a useful review filter, widget themes, and more.

Buy this Plugin

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Reviews of Snappii Mobile Apps: Free Pricing – Demos: Business Management Software #local #businesses

#business software


Snappii Mobile Apps

  • Snappii Apps
  • www.snappii.com
  • Founded 2010
  • United States

About This Software

Snappii is a codeless mobile app and mobile forms development platform. Snappii offers more mobile apps for general business than anybody else in the industry. Mobile apps for business is a convenient and easy-to-use mobile solution that will help you easily deal with business management and workflow, improve accuracy, eliminate paperwork and more. App users can upload their own PDFs, edit them and share. No forms to build. Simply load forms you already use.

Comments: I wanted WWPI to reach out with technology to users of preserved wood products so I researched how to develop an app and selected Snappii to be our host and use their platform. We used excel spreadsheets with our data and they put it into the app. It is amazing what they can do and how we can take simple charts, and make it into functional lookup information for our users. The Treated Wood Guide is the first of its class thanks to Snappii. WWPI updates the charts and Snappii updates the platform when the Apple and Android updates are introduced. That way we can focus on what we do. We could not have done it without Snappii’s platform, great customer support and easy to use Excel file converter.


Comments: I worked with Snappii for the first time to develop an app for the construction industry that could help us cut down on equipment damage questions. This team did a fantastic job communicating all aspects of the operation as well as executing the job in the time frame I desired.

Take the plunge!

VP Board of Directors,

Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre

Comments: We are home to California’s Official State Outdoor Drama “Ramona”. We are a six thousand seat outdoor venue and historical landmark. After 92 years we knew our marketing needed to be modernized but wouldn’t trust just any one. We hired the Snappi team and have never looked back! They are fast, efficient, professional, accessible and affordable!
We love our Ramona Bowl Amphitheatre App! Thanks Snappi!


Virtual Lobbyist App

Comments: “With no background in App development, I searched and found Snappii through reading numerous favorable reviews. Their patience and help¿with hours of assistance in App design, approval for and submission to App Store and Android¿has been endless. Their customer support/service is positively outstanding! Absolutely wonderful experience!”


Comments: For a small business like us, the ability to have a basic app we can manipulate ourselves is super helpful. In fact, we’re planning a big release of an updated app with better looking graphics and an updated user check-in function. It’s a great way to engage our consumers with their smartphones, something we were previously incapable of doing!

The only drawback for myself is uploading excel spreadsheets to get proper data put in, but that’s probably more of an organization issue on my end. still figuring that out.

The customer service at SnAPPii is unmatched. They’ll break down how to do things in a simple and digestible way. Thanks!


Comments: A well designed easy to use powerful product capable of satisfying the requirements of first time developers as well as experienced business analysts and programmers.
Service staff are particularly helpful and knowledgeable.

Excellent Support and Services!!

Comments: I have been using Snappii for the past 2 years and I am quite satisfied with their services.
Pros: Excellent features, signature capture being one of them.
Great and timely support whenever I have a question or minor issues
Very friendly staff member willing to assist however they can.
Cons: None at this moment.

Feature-rich platform

Comments: At Hyster, we integrate intelligence into our lift trucks and we wanted to deliver that same level of technology with our information for this app. Snappii provided a unique technology platform that enabled us to deliver this comprehensive app to the lift truck industry.

Fast, Easy and Affordable

Comments: It took about 2 weeks from the first draft to until the final app version. I thought that was good considering the time difference between AU and US.
The costs are reasonable. The app is good. Nothing more you could have done. Thank you!

Great service!

Comments: I wanted to thank everyone at Snappii for your tremendous assistance in building our Mill City Dart League App. We couldn¿t have launched this app, the world¿s 1st ever true mobile app for a steel tip dart league, without a great company and product like yours behind us. We are the 2nd largest steel tip league in the U.S. with 1,200 players and 146 teams and we needed an app that could be a single point for a wealth of information and player tools. Most importantly, we needed a cost effective and easy platform that allowed us to launch our app in both the Android and Apple stores. This app is already turning heads in the US and internationally and as Mill City continues to expand our league and our app, we are confident that the Snappii platform will easily scale to our needs.

The Snappii Team

REMAX Performance (FInerChoice)

Comments: I have nothing but positives to say about the Snappii Team. Alexandra has always responded quickly to any and all of my many inquires regarding our Finerchoice app. I had to step in and take over the fine tuning of our app when we had some staff changes and I had no idea what I was doing! Alexandra and her team helped me through it and have been my main point of contact for anything that comes up.

Endless Capabilities with Snappii

Comments: I am a professional pilot for a major airline and not a professional programmer. It’s an easy to use Interface. Very nice support. It´s an easy way to develop your own App.
You can build it 24/7 wherever you want.
The customer service is awesome. They try to fix everything within 1 day and they are very friendly at all time.

Show more reviews

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Media Reviews #small #business #startup



Business.com Media Reviews

Upper Management is full of themselves and cliquey. The company that I joined awhile back is not what BDC is today. sales are down, morale is down and overall, things are trending downward, but there is zero recognition of this on the part of management. One of the biggest issues is that HR doesn t feel like a neutral party, so no one feels like they can really say how they feel, which is why people are venting on Glassdoor.

Advice to Management

Take a good look around.

Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate

Business.com Media Response

Business.com Media 2015-09-03 07:18 PDT

Culture Values

Comp Benefits

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee

Former Employee – Anonymous Employee

I worked at Business.com Media (More than a year)

Southern California office, lots of company events

Very very little appreciation or praise.

Advice to Management

Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate

Business.com Media Response

Business.com Media 2015-08-18 12:35 PDT

Is this helpful? The community relies on everyone sharing Add Anonymous Review

Culture Values

Comp Benefits

Former Employee – Sales Executive in Carlsbad, CA

Former Employee – Sales Executive in Carlsbad, CA

Disapproves of CEO

I worked at Business.com Media full-time

Socal location is amazing, some great coworkers at the junior level

I had a horrific experience at this company. My old boss left a couple of months ago, and that was the final straw. I heard that their top content person, who was also great, left as well. From a career perspective, I can t say it strongly enough — do yourself a favor and work somewhere else.

Advice to Management

Time to clean house – start with the person you see in the mirror

I relocated to San Diego for this position and am really excited about my new gig. I really like the team that I work with and am excited to take ownership over a major product. It seems like communication is pretty strong within my team, not sure how other teams work though. I love that the company offers a gym membership and keeps our kitchen stocked with snacks. The people here are really nice and have been super welcoming.

There are a lot of meetings, which can take away from time that could be spent on getting things done. It would also be nice to get to work from home sometimes bc my commute can be rough.

Advice to Management

Like others have said, a 401k match would be awesome and less meetings.

The gym membership is free and there are great snacks. A few really talented individuals (not in management). But are free Sun Chips and Red Vines really worth working late every night and made to feel bad when you still can t get everything done?

I can t say much more than the other 1-star reviews on here. I agree with EVERYTHING they have said, and in some ways they have voiced it better than I could. The atmosphere is unprofessional. Management plays favorites, especially to those employees that they are in romantic relationships with.

They preach culture, but it s not at all welcoming or empowering. You re encouraged to have ideas and help move the company forward, but most good ideas from the trenches are thrown out in favor of short-term wins, management s egos, and maintaining the illusion of success. Why solve a problem when you can lie about it and pretend it doesn t exist? On more than one occasion, I was forced to work on projects that were unethical, manipulating results so the advertiser would think the campaign went differently than it actually did.

You can work hard and keep your head down, as one reviewer put it, but you will get taken advantage of, and there will be no recognition for the effort you ve put in. That s why so many people are quitting and writing these reviews. Management is struggling to keep people, demonstrated by the extremely high turn over.

They will say ANYTHING just to convince employees that the company is moving in a successful direction, and scold you for saying anything other than positive things about the company. It doesn t surprise me at all that another reviewer was contacted about leaving a negative review here. They treat internal employee surveys the same – they only report on the positive comments and don t keep results anonymous when there is negative feedback. I suppose you increase your positive reviews when you scare people into thinking that their comments are not going to be anonymous.

Overall, I felt completely duped. What I was promised in the interview was not at all what was delivered. Save yourself the time and effort, since the interview process isn t quick or painless.

Advice to Management

-Stop lying to employees and advertisers.
-Hire more people in order to avoid burnout and turnover.
-Pay attention to the super talented worker bees and recognize them for their awesome work.
-Match 401k contributions.

-Most importantly though, don t just dismiss negative feedback and people quitting as individuals who just couldn t measure up at your cutting-edge, industry-leading company. They quit for other jobs. it s not like you fired them. Stop kidding yourselves.

The health insurance plan was pretty affordable and they offer a flexible spending account.

Business.com has a totally unprofessional work environment. A few months after I left the company, I actually got an email from HR accusing me of leaving them a bad review on here. I didn t write the review, but it s so close to my own experience I could have. I can t believe a professional would take the time to make those accusations, but it s not really that surprising. That s just a small reflection of what the company culture is like. Like another reviewer said, it feels like high school.

Advice to Management

– You won t succeed if you don t drink the company Kool-aid.
– People are told they re encouraged to speak up yet reprimanded if you question anything
– Incest – it seems like pretty much everyone is sleeping with each other.
– Unqualified Management
– Customer Service is of least concern; never able to keep clients because of poor service
– If you re quiet and work hard, you re pretty much invisible.
– No real constructive criticism is given

Advice to Management

Pay attention to the people who the people who are actually doing their work, not the ones that pretend to do it.

Hire qualified managers or provide training so they are qualified.

Take into account CONSTRUCTIVE feedback from the employee surveys and share it with the company; don t just share the positive feedback

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Florida Auto Insurance

Feel secure knowing you have an insurance provider you can rely on.

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With some of the world’s greatest attractions right in your backyard, naturally you’ll be hitting the road all year long. Relax on the way to your favorite beaches and theme parks knowing you and your vehicle can have solid protection with Nationwide.

Before you get a quote, make sure to visit our Florida Auto Coverage page to learn your state’s minimum coverage requirements.

Take advantage of Nationwide’s features

Nationwide makes it easy for you to find dependable auto insurance in Florida. We can show you options so you can choose the coverage that’s right for your needs, goals and budget. Explore the features below to learn more about what we can offer you:

St auto insurance reviews

On Your Side ® Claims Service

Choose a shop in our network to get a written guarantee on repairs for as long as you own your vehicle. 1

St auto insurance reviews

Discounts Helping You Save

We offer many ways to help lower your auto insurance rates. See the many ways you can save with qualifying discounts.

St auto insurance reviews

95% of Members Would Recommend Nationwide

Learn why so many of our members would recommend us to friends and family. 2

St auto insurance reviews

SmartRide ® Program

SmartRide rewards safe driving. Get an instant discount when you sign up. The safer you drive, the higher the discount you could earn. 3

St auto insurance reviews

On Your Side ® Review

Enjoy a free consultation with an agent who’s here to help you get the protection you need at the price that’s right for you.

St auto insurance reviews

Resources at Your Fingertips

Make payments, print ID cards, report claims and more, quickly and easily online. We even have a mobile app for on-the-go account access.

Find local agents in your neighborhood

We have Nationwide agents around Florida. Search for your local agent.

Protect your home and car

Nationwide offers a full range of insurance and financial products in Florida for your home, car, family and financial security. Simplify your life and save more by bundling your coverage. Check out our other policies for Florida residents.

Insurance terms, definition and explanations are intended for informational purposes only and do not in any way replace of modify the definitions and information contained in individual insurance contracts, policies or declaration pages, which control coverage determinations. Such terms may vary by State, and exclusions may apply.

[1] Guarantee is limited to alternative parts identified on appraisal and used in repair. Also, work performed at an On Your Side Auto Repair Center includes workmanship guarantee. For informational purposes only. Program terms and conditions are controlling.

[3] Discounts do not apply to all coverage elements; actual savings vary by state, coverage selections, rating factors and policy changes. Enrollment discount applies during data collection; final discount is calculated on driving behavior and could be zero. Final discount applies at the next policy renewal and remains until drivers or vehicles on the policy change.

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