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You guys were great! They were very professional and go to work right away! My wife and I are very clean people and I was impressed by your staff! I will not hesitate calling you whenever I need something done! Well done guys!

Eric Jordan, Gilford

We’d just like to thank you so much for your great effort involved with all those circled “5”’s. Your company is honest, trustworthy, please be proud!

D. A. B. Laconia

Everyone was very prompt in responding. Very helpful with advice on what we should do next and what All Brite would be doing. Dorm fire was at 6:30 and your company was here by 9:00. We were not an established customer that didn’t matter to you, you got here very quickly. I hope we don’t need your services after a fire again. I wouldn’t hesitate to call for other needs.

Pam Bliss, Director of Housekeeping, Holderness

I was impressed with my entire experience with All Brite especially with the technicians concerns for exactly what I was looking for in my carpet cleanings. Even a spot they were concerned they could not remove, I was thrilled that they did. I am glad I did not let my husband do it himself . My carpets look great! Thank you.

Tom Heather Hickey, Gilford

The technicians were exactly on time. What a pleasant surprise! The call taker was very pleasant, professional and helpful. The cost was less than I expected! I will definitely tell my friends about this fine experience!

G. Tapply, Sanbornton

Thanks very much to you and your crew for the fine job you did cleaning and drying my basement. I d like you to know that I was particularly impressed with Tim, who worked with me on the first day after my basement flooded. He explained throughout his work what the team was doing and was sensitive to the fact that I lost several irreplaceable items due to water damage. During that afternoon my cat became ill and I needed to leave the house to take her to the vet. Sadly, I had to have her put to sleep. As you can imagine, this was a difficult moment for me. I wanted to let you know that when I told Tim of this he very gently asked if I wanted him to dispose of the litter box in the basement. While this may seem a small thing, it meant a great deal to me in the midst of a tough day emotionally. I really appreciated his kindness. Thanks again for a terrific job.

M. T. Moultonboro

We were very appreciative of the prompt, efficient response to a water extraction that I needed on a Sunday morning. The follow-up process of over a week was thorough and thoughtful. We were impressed with the friendly and caring approach of the technicians and would not hesitate to recommend your services. The telephone conversations with the office (Dawn) were always very helpful, informative, cordial and caring. Thank you for the service oriented approach!

P.M. Wolfeboro

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Permanent Nose Hair Removal #nose #hair #removal, #nasal #hair #removal, #permanent #nose #hair #removal,


Permanent Nose Hair Removal

Nasal hair plays an important part of the human body’s defense system. Along with the cilia farther up the nose, nasal hair prevents floating dust and microscopic germs from finding their way into the lungs and wreaking havoc.

Unfortunately, nasal hair can overgrow its territory, and when it does, the results aren’t pretty. Since there is no permanent nasal hair removal solution —hair removal lasers are much too dangerous for inner-nostril use—for now, you’ll have to stick to grooming.

Remember, whenever you’re grooming nasal hair, you want to focus mainly on the sprung follicles. Get too obsessive about removing every hair and you leave yourself open to airborne attack.

Without the proper tools, the removal of nasal hair can be a painful experience. There are a number of nose hair grooming methods to choose from, and some to avoid.

Methods to Avoid
Avoid using scissors. One slip of a pair of scissors can easily slice the inner wall of your nostril. While there are some multi-purpose blunt-ended scissors whose advertisers proclaim are nostril-friendly, it’s always possible to catch some sensitive skin between the blades. Also avoid plucking. Though plucking is safer than using scissors, it is also more painful and can lead to bleeding and potential infection.

Manual Nose Hair Clippers —A more cost-effective solution for overgrown nose hair is a manual nose hair trimmer. These vary in design. Newer models are cylindrical shaped with one end that resembles a crown with several blunt ends. By inserting the crown into the nostril and rotating the other end of the device, any hair haplessly caught between crown ends will be severed safely and painlessly.

Electric Nose Hair Trimmers —These devices are specially designed to trim the hairs in the nostrils. They typically feature tiny whirling blades that trim the hair along the wall of the nose. Some models include a variety of trimmer heads, a light so you can see inside the nose, and/or a vacuum mechanism to collect the trimmings. Electric nose hair trimmers are generally battery powered. If the model you purchase does not come with a vacuum, make sure to blow your nose after using it to prevent breathing bits of hair into your lungs.

Depilatory Creams —There are a number of nasal hair removal creams on the market, but before using them, remember that some creams may have a strong odor or chemicals which can cause irritation or allergic reactions. It is best to test it on your skin before using it in your nose.

Before using one of the aforementioned devices, always be sure to follow the instructions that are packaged with the device. Also, ensure that both the device and your nostrils are clean before use.

To learn more about nasal hair removal or to speak with a licensed hair removal specialist. contact us today.

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Trust Our Wisdom Teeth Removal in Anchorage, AK #oral #surgeon, #wisdom #teeth #removal, #oral


Leader in Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Removal in Anchorage, AK!

Tooth Extraction

When a tooth becomes extremely loose or severely damaged, tooth extraction may be necessary. Trust Dr. Drager to provide the very best wisdom teeth removal. With over 35 years of experience, he can remove one, several or all teeth and with no referrals required and same-day appointments almost always available, you can rid yourself of pain today! The staff here will bill your insurance company for you and are happy to accept Medicaid and Denali Kid Care. Don’t spend another day in pain– contact us for tooth extraction today!


Dr. Drager is also extremely experienced in alveoplasty, a common procedure after multiple tooth extractions. An alveoplasty is a type of surgery that smoothes the jawline and flattens the bone so that implants and dentures can fit comfortably in your mouth. This kind of surgery may seem scary but alveoplasty actually helps speed up healing after tooth extraction by closing up open sockets and allowing better control of bleeding. If an alveoplasty is what you need, he’s here to help.

Other services

We offer a wide range of other oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures from biopsies, I.V. sedation and general anesthesia in hospital for medicare patients. We’ll work with you to discuss all of your medical needs and questions. We’ll make sure you feel completely comfortable every step of the way and we’ll always be available whenever you need us. Our warm and friendly staff and our trusted dedicated oral surgeon Dr. Drager are always happy to help.

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Smelleze – Reusable Basement Smell Deodorizer Pouch-odor-eliminator #basement #water #removal


Smelleze Reusable Basement Smell Deodorizer Pouch

Eliminated Musty Basement Odor

By Robert M. (Philadelphia) [7.30.2016]

Last summer we had a leak in our basement due to a problem in our foundation. The result was that the basement became extremely damp and I started worrying that a lot of our stuff stored down there would get spoiled as a result of the unpleasant musty smell that had accumulated down there. I had to find a way out. So I chose Smelleze Reusable Basement Smell Eliminator Pouches, thanks to my neighbor’s recommendation. They worked right away for me and have managed to control both the dampness and mildew odor. They are the best! I have been regularly using and reusing these pouches ever since I discovered them with great results. I love this product. I think people who face this kind of problem in their basements should definitely consider Smelleze. It’s very effective and available at a good price too.

Basement Odor? What Basement odor?

By Shelley (Port Washington) [2.1.2016]

I was tired of the dirty smelly basement odor. This stench was intolerable to me. Slowly and steadily the aroma started permeating the rest of my home. My trusted neighbor suggested using Smelleze® Basement Smell Deodorizer Pouch which I did. I smelled a difference in a matter of hours and the bad basement odor was gone by the next day. I am really satisfied with this product and highly recommend it. Now I’m going to use Smelleze® in other parts of my house that stink badly.

Got My Basement Smelling Clean Again!

By Elizabeth (Newark) [12.27.2015]

I was stricken with a particularly nasty basement smell condition that made it unusable. I was distressed over the situation. I had tried just about everything from expensive electronic air purifiers to dehumidifiers to get the musty basement smell out. Nothing worked, until my niece stumbled upon your wonderful site and got me the Smelleze® Reusable Basement Smell Eliminating Pouches. The deodorizer is a godsend! All I had to do was simply hang the pouches in my basement and the smell was gone within a couple of days. It’s also inexpensive, reusable, and doesn’t require power! I can just place it in sunlight to refresh and reuse. It will last for years and save me tons of money.

By Karen Avret (MO) [8.26.2015]

DORIS: We bought a small house several years ago. The weather was such that the furniture in it now smells like a basement. Can you help me?

ANSWER: It sounds like the furniture has taken on moisture due the dampness in the house causing it to smell musty like a basement. Use Smelleze® Reusable Basement Smell Deodorizing Pouches to draw the mildew smell out of the furniture by placing pouches in each room. Furthermore, place the pouches inside your air ducts to filter the smelly air and to lower the humidity from the recirculating air.

CHUCK: how many bags should be used in a basement that’s approximately 1800 square feet in size?

ANSWER: We recommend using 1 Smelleze pouch for about every 150 square feet. So for a basement that has an area of about 1,800 square feet, use 10-12 pouches.

RONALD: My basement smells like a sewer. How do I fix the sewer smell?

ANSWER: I recommend placing our Smelleze Reusable Chemical Odor Filter Pouches in the basement to eliminate the sewer gas odor. This product will eliminate hydrogen sulfide which is the chemical that is responsible for causing the smell of sewer gas in your basement. You can scatter Smelleze Natural Chemical Absorption Granules on the floors as well to soak up the sewage odors from there.

FRANK: I have a basement that is 10 feet wide by 20 feet long and 8 feet tall and it smells like mildew or mold. Will the Smelleze bags get the basement smell away, and if so, how many bags would I need for that size of basement? (note: it’s constructed out of concrete not wood framing).

ANSWER: Yes, SMELLEZE Reusable Basement Smell Eliminators will remove mildew and mold odors and is especially designed for this function. I would suggest using about 3 pouches in your basement and spacing them out roughly equally in the middle. You can either hang them on the top or just place them on something. Refresh monthly by exposing to direct sunlight for a day or microwaving for 3-4 minutes and reusing. It will last for years and keep your air clean!

LYN: Do you ship your products to the UK. Your basement odour remover pouches seem just what I am looking for. Can’t find anything similar in the UK. I am not shopping for a company just for my own house use.

ANSWER: Yes, we ship daily to the UK so it’s quick and inexpensive. This is a great eco-friendly product that will get rid of all the typical musty basement odours and work for years.

DF: Had basement remodeled after buying in-laws house. They had 2 instances of water problems. Completely removed carpet, repainted walls, and installed new Pergo flooring. Still have a problem with a musty smell. Basement is finished, used for family room. Any suggestions? Description is 2 separate rooms plus finished bath and laundry room in basement. Walls are restored barn wood that was varnished over plus stripped and painted walls for rest of basement.

ANSWER: You probably have some residual vapors from the water damage. In addition, natural gases from the soil can also permeate the basement causing a musty smell. I suggest placing SMELLEZE Reusable Basement Smell Removal Pouches in each of the rooms. Use 1 pouch/150 sq. ft. This will continually absorb any off-gassing smell you have or emissions from the soil and prevent the basement from smelling musty.

MICHELLE: We have a beach home that suffered water damage in the basement. The walls are concrete as are the floors. There is one interior wall in the damaged area that is drywall. We now have a very bad musty odor that we cannot eliminate. We removed the baseboards which did help. We cleaned the floors and walls with vinegar, have used a fan to dry, and have used many tubs of mildew/scent absorber tubs. Any suggestions would be most appreciated!

ANSWER: Sorry to hear about your problem but we can help. I would suggest placing basement smell destroyer pouches in the affected areas. This product is engineered to absorb and remove musty odors that can originate form water damage. Unlike scented products, this is a true odor neutralizer that gets to the source of the problem by actually removing the chemicals causing the basement to reak. Since odors of this type can degas slowly over a period of time, the product is designed to be reusable for well over a year so it will outlast the problem and you won’t need to buy replacements. We suggest using 1 pouch/150 sq. ft. for the best results.

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Permanent Hair Removal #permanent #hair #removal, #permanent #hair #reduction, #laser #hair #removal, #laser #hair


What is Permanent Hair Removal?

In recent years, laser clinics, medical spas, and plastic surgeons’ offices have been quite loose with their use of the term “permanent hair removal.” The question is what do they mean by permanent? While lasers are FDA approved, the FDA does not allow for the marketing of technologies and services that state permanent hair removal. This is because technologies like laser hair removal provide a permanent reduction of hair growth up to 90%. give or take 10%. This means that you shouldn’t expect to permanently remove every single hair from the targeted area; however, you can expect to remove the vast majority of it. Hence, the FDA’s use of the term “permanent hair reduction” rather than permanent hair removal. For the few cases that hair does grow back, the hair that grows in is usually lighter and finer. Still we cannot say hair lasers are permanent without acknowledging the possibility of that 10%. However, when you stack that 10% against waxing or tweezing, the reduction in hair and hair removal costs is mind-boggling. Simply stated, laser treatments at the moment offer as close to permanent results as you’re able to get, making it the most permanent solution on the market.

A treatment that can be considered completely permanent is electrolysis. Because electrolysis works follicle by follicle, utilizing a small needle with electrical current, it is safe to say that the individual follicle treated will be permanently removed. While electrolysis is considered highly effective for small areas such as the upper lip and chin. the advent of laser technology has made electrolysis less than ideal for larger areas such as full facial hair removal or bikini hair removal. Lasers, on the other hand, offer control and efficiency for large areas, especially the back and full legs. Imagine having to sit through multiple sessions of electrolysis when you’re treating your full legs or back! Additionally, electrolysis can be quite painful and can cause skin discoloration in darker skin tones.

Growth Cycles

Take a look at your arm! Did you know that your hair grows in stages? Laser treatments to so long to achieve permanent results because hair grows at different stages. Hair needs to be at the optimal growth stage in order to be effected by the lasers light. If the hair is in resting, shedding, or invisible stage, it will not be effected by the laser’s light and in turn will not be permanent

Want to Learn More?

Our guide offers a convenient resource for all things related to permanent laser hair removal. If you’re strongly considering laser hair removal, we suggest you research the procedure through credible sources and also attend a consultation with 2-3 local providers before making a final decision. Since the consultations with our network of hair removal professionals are complimentary, you have nothing to lose!

Find a Hair Removal Specialist Near You

Visit out nationwide directory of specialists and get connected with a permanent hair removal provider near you!

Featured Provider Near You

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Graffiti Removal Services in South Africa – Expert Graffiti Cleaners of Graffiti Walls #graffiti


Welcome to Graffiti Removal Services G.R.S. We trust you will find our site useful and informative in preventing and combating unsightly Graffiti. Please feel free to contact us for advice on Graffiti or high-pressure washing related assistance.

Recently South Africa has witnessed a substantial increase in building and fixture vandalism also known as Graffiti tagging . Unfortunately, Graffiti is often offensive or of a racial nature. Furthermore, unsightly Graffiti decreases property and area values, negatively impacts on retail sales and in some instances, may even encourage petty crime.

As such, we have established Graffiti Removal Services. As a company, we specialise in the removal of unsightly Graffiti caused by individuals also known as taggers who mainly use spray paint or paint to vandalise public and private properties, buildings, signage, fixtures and road signs.

At G.R.S we strive to provide an effective long-term solution to Graffiti vandalism, offering a dedicated service and operating with integrity at all times. We have been registered on municipal databases as a supplier offering Graffiti removal products and services. In addition, we have done numerous Graffiti removals for corporate companies, shopping centres, schools, residential and business complexes.

G.R.S uses products from the most advanced patented water-based technology in the world. This ensures that the products are user-friendly, biodegradable, extremely safe to work with and furthermore guarantees effective Graffiti removal processes with desired results. We are the sole suppliers in South Africa of this combination of unique Graffiti removal products and services.

Our cities, properties and recreational areas have been vandalised for too long. It is time we take action and restore them to their original Graffiti-free condition.

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