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NY Business Insurance – New York Small Business Insurance, Hiscox, business insurance quote.#Business #insurance

New York Business Insurance

Get an instant, free quote and buy online

As small business insurance specialists we understand that every business is different, which is why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We customize our small business insurance policies for New York business owners to fit the risks your company faces so you can get the right coverage, right now.

All small business owners should consider protecting their business with the right small business insurance. Hiscox small business insurance offers:

General liability insurance, known as Commercial General Liability (CGL), protects your business from another person or business’s claims of bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to property. Some examples of what could be covered are below:

  • Bodily injury: A client trips over their personal trainers workout bag during their training session and breaks their ankle. A general liability insurance policy could cover the claim for medical expenses up to the policy limits.
  • Property damage: A tax preparer gets contracted to do a major corporation’s taxes on site. While setting up the tax preparer spills his tea over the corporation’s server causing irreparable damage. A general liability policy could cover the claim, up to policy limits.
  • Personal injury: An consultant within a public relations company is overheard talking about one of the company’s top client’s in a rude and unflattering way. The client hears about what was said and sues the company for slander. General liability insurance could cover the subsequent claim, up to general liability policy limits.

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance (E O insurance), covers another person’s claims against businesses that provide professional and personal services. Some examples of what could be covered include:

  • Dissatisfied client: A marketing consultant is working for a client who continually changes the scope of the project. When the consultant is not able to meet the original deadline for the expanded project, the client sues. Even if you haven’t made a mistake, professional liability insurance coverage could cover the cost of defending you up to policy limits.
  • Negligence: An investment consultant advises a client to invest in a start-up company that goes bankrupt in a year. It is later discovered that the consultant did not thoroughly research the company before advising the client to invest, and the client sues. A professional liability insurance policy could protect the consultant, including defense costs, up to policy limits.

Business owners policy (BOP) is a combination of general liability and business property insurance. BOP is often used to provide balanced coverage for small businesses who also want to protect their own business equipment. Some examples of what could be covered are below:

  • Office insurance for fire and business interruption.
  • Electronic data loss insurance.
  • Hired or non-owned vehicle liability insurance.
  • Commercial crime insurance to cover the dishonesty of your employees.

Hiscox now offers state mandated workers compensation insurance to ensure that injured workers receive prompt and fair compensation for job-related injuries and diseases. In most states, laws require you to pay for an injured worker’s medical care, lost wages, and death benefits. A Hiscox Workers Compensation Insurance policy must be purchased with another Hiscox business insurance policy. To get a free quote, call us at 1-855-743-2308 and speak to a licensed insurance agent, Mon-Fri 8am-10pm ET.

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Business Public Liability Insurance Online Quote in Australia, business insurance quote.#Business #insurance #quote

Public Liability Insurance –

Need a public liability insurance quote online?

Affordable and suitable public liability quotes online

When it comes to Public liability insurance in Australia SMART Business Insurance provides

sole traders, contractors and business owners with online ease and simplicity combined with friendly service.

Our interactive online service allows you to obtain quotes regarding third party or public liability insurance for your business activities the way that suits you.

You can choose from either:

  • 100% online
  • Via a business insurance broker via Live Chat, email and/or phone.

With common occupations our brokers can often provide you with multiple competitive quotes from leading insurers including Vero, AIG, Lumley and Zurich in just a few minutes.

It’s in your interest to look for a competitive public liability quote. It is also in your interests to aim to have a policy that will respond to your claim and pay out. It’s the combination of cover and value that our business insurance brokers may provide with your third party or public liability quote.

Call us on 1300 542 573 or email [email protected] – we are here to help you find suitable public liability for your business activities at a competitive cost.

Public liability quotes for trades and lawyers

So whether you are a tradesman, contractor, shop owner, manufacturer, wholesaler or lawyer we know how public liability works in your industry.

For a SMART conversation and competitive quote on public liability insurance call us on

Fast public liability online insurance quote and cover available NOW

Get a fast public liability insurance quote online now.

If the cost and policy wording is suitable for your business activities you can buy online.

If you have any questions call a SMART business insurance broker on 1300 542 573.

Alternatively , our insurance brokers are able to make the process easy for you to understand and generally will be able you provide you with multiple quotes for suitable public liability policies.

SMART TRADES DIRECT Public Liability Online Quote

Tradies Insurance Fast 100% Online Quotes Policy Invoices

Please click here if your trade is not listed.

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Business Insurance – Small Business Insurance, Progressive Commercial, business insurance quote.#Business #insurance #quote

Business Insurance

Customized to meet your specific business needs

Get the right coverage for your small business

From minimum coverage to specialized protection, our flexible options allow you to get your business insured accurately for each stage of your business’s development.

Basic business insurance

Accidents, illnesses, lawsuits If you’re in business, you’re exposed. While the number of risks you’re exposed to is almost unlimited, you might only need a few basic coverages to start out. For example:

  • General liability insurance – All small businesses, old and new, need general liability insurance. It’s basic liability protection that guards against things like accidents, injuries, property damage and lawsuits.
  • Commercial auto insurance – If you use vehicles for work, you’ll need commercial auto insurance to be fully covered. Personal policies don’t usually cover work related incidents. You’ll save up to 5% if you combine this with General Liability! Do you need a commercial auto policy? Find out here.

As your business grows

Most small businesses insurance needs quickly extend beyond basic liability and commercial auto insurance. Certain jobs require specific coverages, employees need protection, and a number of risks fall outside the protection of basic liability coverage.

When insurance coverages are packaged together, it’s often referred to as a Business Owners Policy, or BOP. Additional coverages in a BOP might include:

  • Property – This can protect your commercial buildings and most of your personal property. Both of which are not covered by liability insurance. Liability normally covers other people’s assets, not yours.
  • Business income interruption – If your policy includes coverage for property, you also have protection in the event of business interruption. For example, if you have a property claim that prevents you from operating your business, business income interruption coverage could help pay you for your lost income, employee salaries and rent expenses.
  • Professional liability – Do you give professional advice or provide a professional service? If so, you should probably carry professional liability insurance. This can be endorsed to your BOP.

While technically not part of a BOP, we also offer workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for things like medical costs and lost wages of employees who become ill or injured on the job.

Business insurance for contractors

We cater to the special needs of contractors by offering general liability as a stand-alone coverage for contractors who don’t need a full BOP. Learn more about what we offer contractors.

Business insurance cost

Many factors play a role in determining the cost of business insurance. The most influential usually are profession, number of employees and coverage needs. As you may imagine, these factors can vary greatly from business to business.

Getting a quote is easy! You can start a quote online, or simply call us. We also offer a step-by-step guide on how to get business insurance, and a quoting checklist for information you may need to gather beforehand. Our specialty commercial agents can also help you decide which coverages and limits you need to match your unique business situation.

Types of business insurance

From brick-and-mortar shops to contractors on the go, we insure most types of small businesses such as:

  • Stores
  • Garages
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Janitors
  • Beauty Salons
  • HVAC Services
  • Consultants
  • And many more

More value

In addition to outstanding customer and claims services, we also provide valuable discounts, fast online certificate services, flexible payment options, online bill payment capabilities and more. Call today for a complete rundown.

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Business Insurance, biBERK, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, business insurance quote.#Business #insurance #quote

Business insurance quote

Talk to our Licensed Experts

(Mon – Fri 8am – 8pm EST)

Up to 20% Savings. Policy in Minutes.

Business Insurance by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Insurance Group.

General Liability Insurance

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Property Liability Insurance (BOP)

Commercial Auto Insurance

Why Choose biBERK

Our Products

General Liability Insurance

  • Protection from covered claims and suits
  • Provides investigation and defense against claims
  • Pays for physical injuries, property damage, and other costs

Learn more.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

  • Mandatory for almost all businesses
  • Covers employees injured at work
  • Takes care of medical bills & lost wages

Learn more.

General Liability Property (BOP)

  • Protects your business property and lost income
  • Offers General Liability (GL) protection if your business is sued
  • Contains other coverages customized for your business
  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)

Learn more.

Commercial Auto Insurance

  • Covers a variety of company-owned vehicles
  • Provides coverage for:
    • Medical costs of the driver, passengers & people in the other car
    • Vehicle repair costs
    • Lawyer fees, settlements & judgments if you’re sued

Learn more.

“The site was easy to navigate, it took very little time to answer the questions, and I had my quote within a few minutes instead of days.”

  • Products
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property Liability (BOP)
  • Commercial Auto
  • Information
  • About Us
  • Resource Center
  • Loss Control
  • Legal
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms Conditions
  • Other Disclosures

2017 Berkshire Hathaway Direct Insurance Company

2017 National Liability Fire Insurance Company

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Compare Business Insurance Quotes – MoneySuperMarket, business insurance quote.#Business #insurance #quote

Business Insurance

We’ve teamed up with Simply Business to help

you compare cover from UK insurance companies

Compare business insurance quotes from major UK insurers such as:

Business insurance quote

Business Insurance Guides

Professional indemnity insurance

Find the right professional indemnity cover

Self employed business insurance

Finding the right cover for a self employed business

Employers liability insurance

Get the best deals on liability insurance as an employer

Tradesmen insurance

Compare quotes for tradesmen insurance and read our guide

Market traders insurance

Find out more about business insurance for market traders

Shop insurance

Ensure your shop has adequate cover

Small business insurance

Find the cheapest deals on small business insurance

Business building insurance

Compare business building insurance cover

Builders insurance

Find out all you need to know about business insurance for builders

Home business insurance

Lower the cost of your home business insurance cover

Office insurance

Find the best deals on office insurance

Business start up guide

Our useful guide to starting up a new small business

Pub insurance

Find a good deal on pub insurance

Electricians insurance

Find and compare cover for electricians

Plumbers insurance

Read more about plumbers business insurance and the different types of cover options availble.

Insurance for professionals

Finding business insurance for professionals

Business Insurance Options

Public liability insurance

Compare cheap public liability quotes today

Money saving tips

Helping you to get the most out of your money

Business insurance guide

Find the right business insurance policy at a low cost

Small business insurance

Find the cheapest deals on small business insurance

Business insurance FAQs

The answers to your most frequently asked questions

Business building insurance

Compare business building insurance cover

Why take out business insurance?

Business insurance provides essential protection to help create a secure, viable and compliant enterprise. Cover can be tailored to your business, whether it is small or large, including options such as public liability and business buildings insurance. Employer’s liability insurance is required by law.

Compare quotes with MoneySuperMarket

Are you searching for low cost protection for your company? MoneySuperMarket.com has teamed up with Simply Business to help you compare the leading UK business insurance companies in one quick search.

We can help you to compare business insurers to enable you to search for a cost effective and comprehensive solution to your business insurance needs.

Whether you are a self-employed business owner looking to find professional indemnity insurance, or the owner of a larger business looking to cover the needs of your employees with employee liability insurance, moneysupermarket.com can help you to find the right policy to suit your requirements.

By using the business insurance comparison tool of our partner Simply Business, you can find a cheaper policy quickly and easily.

To compare prices, all you need to do is answer a series of simple questions about your business and the sector it is based in and we’ll provide you with a list of business insurance quotes tailored to your search.

We’ll help you to compare more than just the price of your business insurance cover, with a variety of options, policy types and services to choose from, enabling you to build the best fit policy for your business.

To search for a new policy and find the best online business insurance quote for your company, simply click the link below to start using our free comparison tool.

We want to show you quotes from as many business insurers as posisble, so you can find the right policy for you and your business. We can’t promise to have quotes from every single insurer, because some companies don’t want to be included on comparison websites. You can find out more about how we work here.

Insuring your business

Finding the right insurance cover for your business is essential as it provides protection against unforeseen costs, such as compensation and legal fees. The field of business you are in will determine the type of business insurance you might need. Options include public liability insurance and property insurance, amongst others.

Get the right insurance for your business with MoneySuperMarket

Finding the right insurance at the right price can be tricky. No two businesses are the same, and neither are their insurance needs.

With the help of MoneySuperMarket, you can choose a policy that matches your business requirements, so you only pay for the cover you need.

From self-employed tradesmen to fast-growing tech firms, you can compare business insurance quotes from a range of leading insurers. Thanks to our easy-to-use quote form, you can buy online in minutes, feeling safe in the knowledge that you’re covered for the risks, liabilities and incidents that are part of everyday business life.

Important Information

Please read the following information about our service and print copies for your own records.

Business insurance quoteAbout our service

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Zignals; global stock and forex trading strategies, free stock charts, stock quotes and stock


  • Never miss a market move
  • Alerts delivered when you need them most.
  • Real-time NYSE, Nasdaq and Forex alerts,
  • Email and SMS delivery.
  • Never miss a beat with Zignals HTML5 alerts service.

  • Easy, Intuitive, Free
  • Powerful HTML5 Stock Charts
  • Just register to use the best of charts and alerts in one application.
  • Available for leading global equities, forex and select indices.
  • Leading indicators, extensive draw tools, and integrated watchlist.

  • Desktop or Mobile
  • Zignals Charts and Alerts are available whenever or wherever you need.
  • Improve your trading with Zignals Alerts.
  • View past triggers on a chart; optimize your alerts to take advantage of the next move.
  • Fast markets require easy tools: Zignals Alerts delivers.

HTML5 Charts and Alerts

Zignals is the global leader in stock alerts (No. 1 on Google), but we aren’t resting on our laurels. New look Zignals now offers comprehensive charting tools with fast alerting – all in a mobile-friendly design.

Powerful Market Alerts

With Zignals you can select from 50+ different types of alerts: covering price, volume and technical triggers. Simple one-click setup will keep you one step ahead of the market.

In-App, SMS Email Delivery

Zignals offers multiple ways to receive your alerts. In-app notifications keep you informed as you watch the market. While SMS and Email delivery alerts you while you are away.

View Alert Winners

Track alert performance on a chart or in tabulated form. Triggers can be viewed independently or in combination, showing potential gain (or loss!).

Try Zignals’ Alerts for Free

We offer a range of competitive monthly, quarterly and annual packages, but you can start building alerts on some of the leading equities in the market right now – for free.

Custom Watchlists

Pro Users can build custom watchlists. Watchlists support group alerts and quick view charting. Prices start at $10 a month.



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6 Pricing Tips for Digital Agencies Adding PPC as a Revenue Stream #ppc #management


6 Pricing Tips for Digital Agencies Adding PPC as a Revenue Stream

By Dave Rocco | May 6, 2016

When you think of an inheritance, do you picture money or a headache? Probably money, I assume.

Unfortunately, for digital marketing agencies, taking on a new client often means inheriting an AdWords account. More than likely, the account is a mess – it has poor structure, expensive keywords and few negative keywords.

I know this because I work on WordStream’s agency team, so I talk to agencies all the time. You face unique challenges and our company understands this. As such, we listen to you and offer agency-specific solutions. This post is the result of numerous phone calls we’ve received from agencies new to the PPC medium. What we find is that many agencies fall into the trap of not effectively incorporating AdWords into their business model. I hear stuff like:

  • “I only manage two or three accounts. I count up the hours and roll it in with the rest of my services.”
  • “I built their website, shopping cart and started their SEO campaign. I don’t have time to get AdWords certified and launch a PPC campaign.”
  • “It’s not worth the time.”
  • “I’m just going to outsource it because it doesn’t make business sense to bill for it.”

There seems to be an assumption that PPC is an after-thought or a courtesy offering. Most agencies we talk to provide stellar customer service and value client relationships. They’re accustomed to meeting their clients’ needs whatever it takes. However, you need a business plan for this to make business sense. Among the most common reasons for agencies not to pursue a robust PPC offering and truly become full-service is that they don’t see dividends. I know this because I have this conversation about twice per week.

Buhv Designsis one agency that uses WordStream to serve clients more efficiently

Your competitors who offer AdWords management services already have it figured out. With the right tools and the right revenue strategy, PPC can be your fastest and easiest offering. As for the revenue strategy, read on to get my best tips for adding PPC to your agency’s service offerings.

Charge Separately for PPC Management

This might sound like common sense, but I have this conversation about three to four times per week. Since many agencies don’t even list PPC or SEM on their own websites, they take over a few accounts and just bill for the hours worked along with their other services. This is very bad.

But Don’t Use Billable Hours

Your business plan likely works off some function of set-up fees and billable hours. Is that accurate?

Website development and SEO campaigns are time-intensive. Thus, billable hours makes a lot of sense. When digital marketers reach out to our team, they’re usually in the building stage of the SEM campaign and assume that billable hours works for their other services, so why not PPC?

The problem is that when you use a PPC management software solution, like ours. you can get fantastic results for your client in terms of conversions and ROI while literally only spending about 20 minutes per week in each account. Over the long term, billable hours will be a loss for your agency when you consider the tremendous value that you will bring to your client.

Instead, Charge for a Percentage of Spend

Perhaps the most effective way to charge for PPC management is a percentage of spend. Most typically, I hear agencies charging about 10-20% of AdWords spend (I’ve heard as high as 25%). This is fair for you and the client. The larger the account, the more conversions (hopefully) your client will get. Since you’re adding more value to the client, the percentage-of-spend model fairly compensates you while ensuring good ROI for your client.

Consider Adding Setup and Management Fees

This is not an either/or. You can charge a percentage of spend and a flat fee. In particular, if you’re building up the account or making structural changes beyond weekly maintenance, a management fee is appropriate. Again, with the right tool, you won’t be doing much of this after you take on a new account. Are you starting to see why this is such an easy revenue stream?

Please, Please, Please Do Not Outsource

Many companies outsource. Many companies talk to us about software and decide they’d rather outsource their profits than grow their business. This is the worst possible solution. More than likely, the agency you’re handing the PPC account to is using some kind of PPC management software. Now, you’re paying another agency and passing that cost onto your client. Essentially, you’re putting a middle-man between you and profitability. Also, how do you know what results they’ll get for your client?

Finally: Do Not Hire

On the agency team, we take pride in helping you NOT hire additional staffers. We get calls each month from agencies who say: “We’re taking on more and more accounts. It takes hours in AdWords to manage them. We’re going to hire a PPC coordinator.”

Do you enjoy the overhead involved in hiring a new employee? Add up the costs of salary, health insurance, paid-time off, 401(k), etc. That’s before we get to the time costs of training them. With all this overhead, you might as well pass on PPC altogether. Software is cheaper and can make you more efficient so you don’t have to add another head to your team.

I’d like to end on a philosophical note: The greatest risk is the one we never take. This is true of agencies that don’t vigorously pursue PPC as a revenue stream. Of course, some risks are just foolish. It all depends on how well you prepare for your journey.

About the author

Dave Rocco serves on a team specialized in helping marketing/PR/advertising agencies more effectively manage PPC. His goal for most agencies is reducing the time they spend on each AdWords account so they can grow their business. He’s from New Hampshire but hates the cold and loves the French language.

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Rewards Mastercard #car #insurance, #motor #vehicle #insurance, #car #insurance #quote


Rewards Mastercard

Reward yourself

Rewards for you

Coles Rewards Mastercard

Collect points everywhere, everyday.

Ready to apply?

Terms conditions

1 flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Mastercard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition to flybuys points awarded by flybuys partners. Eligible transactions are explained in the Coles Mastercard Loyalty Terms Conditions found on coles.com.au/creditcards. Eligible transactions exclude cash advances, BPAY payments, credit fees or charges, credits, refunds, reimbursements, business purchases or balance transfers into your account. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply, see flybuys.com.au. Note that partners’ earn rates vary.

2 Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to enable the transfer of their flybuys points to Velocity Points. Linked households may transfer a minimum of 2,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 870 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) per redemption and a maximum of 138,000 flybuys points (equivalent to 60,030 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points) for Velocity Frequent Flyer Points per household, per calendar year. flybuys points can only be transferred in increments of 2,000. Visit at www.flybuys.com.au/transfer to transfer flybuys points. flybuys points transferred for Velocity Frequent Flyer points will be credited to the linked Velocity accounts. Standard flybuys Terms and Conditions apply to the collection of flybuys points available at www.flybuys.com.au/about/flybuys-terms-and-conditions. Standard Velocity Frequent Flyer Terms and Conditions available at www.velocityfrequentflyer.com/content/TermsConditions apply once points are transferred to Velocity Frequent Flyer. To earn and redeem Velocity Points you must be a Velocity member. Velocity membership and Points earn and redemption are subject to the Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time. flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Mastercard linked to your flybuys membership are in addition.

4 No international transaction fees on purchases applies to purchases made when shopping online or overseas. 1.5% applies when you obtain funds outside of Australia or in a foreign currency. Across-border assesment fee and a currency conversion assesment fee is charged when you withdraw cash from an automatic teller machine outside Australia or when you make a cash advance at international merchants in a currency other than Australian dollars.

5 Velocity Frequent Flyer members must link their Velocity membership to their flybuys household to earn Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits. In non-promotional periods the earn rate for Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will be 1 Status Credit for every $100 spent (including GST) each calendar month in total across Coles, Coles online, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor. No part Status Credits will be allocated, only whole Status Credits per $100 spend. The Velocity Frequent Flyer member linked to the flybuys program membership (as at the end of the calendar month) will be awarded the Status Credits. The nominated linked member may earn up to a maximum of 10 Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits per calendar month. Spend excludes tobacco and tobacco related products, charity donations and gift card purchases. Please allow up to 2 weeks after the end of each calendar month for your Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits to be credited. Velocity Frequent Flyer Status Credits will not appear on your flybuys statement; see your Velocity account for your total Status Credit balance. Velocity members also need to fly on Virgin Australia marketed flights to earn Eligible Sectors in addition to Status Credits to upgrade or maintain a new level of membership.

6 That’s 2 standard flybuys points awarded for using a Coles Rewards Mastercard on eligible transactions (see exclusions 1 above) and 1 flybuys point awarded by flybuys partners. Standard flybuys Terms Conditions apply see flybuys.com.au .

7 2,000 flybuys points are required to redeem $10 off at the checkout each time. Excludes Coles Express and Coles online. Minimum spend is $10.05 after savings and discounts in one transaction at Coles Supermarkets and BI-LO (excluding smoking/tobacco related product purchases and all gift cards).

8 Receive free delivery each time you spend $100 or more, after savings and discounts, with a Coles Credit Card at shop.coles.com.au. Offer can be withdrawn at any time. Offer excludes tobacco and tobacco related product purchases and remote delivery orders. To see if we deliver to your area, visit shop.coles.com.au and enter your postcode. Normal delivery terms and conditions apply.

9 Balance transfer minimum amount is $100. Balance transfer exclusions include credit cards issued outside Australia, other Coles Mastercards and Latitude Financial Services issued credit cards. The special balance transfer rate is valid for 6 months from the date your account is opened on our system. After that time the remaining transferred balance will revert to the standard annual percentage rate for purchases. Standard terms and conditions apply for new transactions. Account must not be in default of your credit contract when the balance transfer is processed. Minimum monthly payments during interest free period apply. Paying only the minimum monthly payment of 2.222% will not pay out your balance transfer within 6 months.

10 These benefits include complimentary access to our 24/7 worldwide concierge service, as well as Merchandise Protection Insurance, which protects the items you buy with your card in case they’re lost, stolen or damaged. See the Insurance Benefits section in the Conditions of Use for details. Merchandise Protection cover is provided by Hallmark General Insurance Company Limited (ABN 82 008 477 647 AFSL 243478).

All rewards are subject to availability.

Mastercard is a registered trademark and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Credit facility provided by Wesfarmers Finance Pty Ltd ABN 58 601 282 455, Australian Credit Licence number 470916.

Money magazine award: The Coles Rewards Mastercard won Best Non-Bank Rewards Credit Card, 2017.

Canstar award: The Coles Rewards Mastercard received 5 Stars for Outstanding Value in General Rewards across all spending categories and Frequent Flyer Rewards with a $24,000-$120,000 annual spend, in 2017.

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Car Insurance Online #car #insurance #online, #buy #auto #insurance, #auto #insurance #online, #online #auto


What You Need to Know About Getting
An Online Auto Insurance Quote

Determine your car insurance needs and requirements

Check for discounts when you buy auto insurance online

Make sure you have sufficient coverage

Getting an online auto insurance quote from 21st.com will help you save time and energy. While the process is simple, there is some essential knowledge that will ensure you get the best coverage for your money.

Determine Your Insurance Needs Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Establish a definitive list of your auto insurance needs before getting an online auto insurance quote. There are two separate aspects to this list – the legal requirements of your state and your own coverage needs.

First, determine exactly what your state s minimum coverage requirements are. Each state is different, so make sure you thoroughly research what you need. This is your auto insurance coverage ground level and you can work up to build a policy that perfectly fits your needs.

The rest is based on your assets, driving record, and comfort.

The amount of coverage you want covered for bodily injury and property damage liability insurance is something to carefully consider. Given today s medical and repair or replacement costs, you want to make sure that you are prepared with adequate protection. It is highly suggested that you purchase enough coverage to insure your own financial security in case of an accident.

Next, checking into your driving record can unveil a wealth of information. This may help you understand why you are paying your current price for auto insurance. Perhaps there is a speeding ticket from a few years back or a small fender-bender that you will need to take into account during the insurance quote process.

Finally, there is your comfort level. Consider extra coverage if you have a newer vehicle, are nervous about losing your car for a week or two and not having extra money for a rental, or simply want to make sure that potential repair bills will be covered. This is the portion you have the most control over – do you want to pay more for peace of mind or save some extra cash on a lower deductible? With a little thought on this point you will know the answer.

Check for discounts when you quote auto insurance online

Make sure to check on what discounts may be available to you prior to buying auto insurance online 21st Century Insurance offers competitive discounts, including a discount for good students and buying a vehicle with safety features like airbags and Anti Lock Brakes (ABS). A little due diligence could uncover cost-savings.

Keep Consistent Coverage when you buy car insurance online

If you are switching auto insurance companies, be especially careful to avoid gaps in coverage. If your current insurance policy expires and your new one has a few days before going into effect, you could be left without coverage. This is not only unsafe, but may be illegal.

To ensure this situation doesn’t happen to you, wait until your new policy goes into effect prior to canceling your old one (if changing mid-policy). If you are changing at the end of your current policy, work closely with a 21st Century representative to ensure that your policy will keep you covered.

Also, when canceling mid-policy, be sure to get confirmation of the termination in writing from your current insurance provider. You will have proof if there are any issues in receiving refunds of an unused premium, just in case.

21st Century is Here To Help

Remember that 21st Century has representatives on hand to help with any questions or issues that may arise and provide you with an online auto insurance quote .

It’s easy to get a free auto insurance quote and even buy a policy if you like what you see – all online at 21st.com .

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Classic Car Insurance – Collector Car Insurance #collector #car #insurance, #classic #car #insurance, #classic


Classic Car Insurance

Protection made just for classics at a lower rate

Classic car insurance rates are on average 40% less than standard auto rates *

Your classic isn’t just a car. That’s why your classic car insurance policy isn’t just a standard car insurance policy. Instead, it’s a much different policy that’s built just for your classic and includes more specialized coverages. And your classic or collector car insurance policy actually costs about 40% less than a standard auto policy.

Get a quote through Progressive Advantage, ® powered by Hagerty, ® and you’ll get a classic car insurance company you can trust. They’re the world’s leading classic auto insurance provider, offering insurance for classic, collector, vintage and antique cars and trucks.

Basically if you’re looking for insurance for an older car, or even a fun car, there’s a good chance that Hagerty can cover you. Plus, you’ll enjoy more coverages that protect your ride and the way you want to cruise. Just get a classic car insurance quote today to get started.

Guaranteed Value coverage to insure your classic’s real value

If you do have a covered total loss, you’ll get every single cent of your car’s insured value. No depreciation. No messing around. No hassle. When you get your classic car insurance quote, just tell us your classic’s value, and then we’ll agree on a total payout number. Easy enough, right?

Original replacement parts coverage

If you have a claim, Hagerty offers stock original replacement parts when possible, and has specialists on hand to hunt down any rare or hard-to-find ones. And yes, this original replacement parts coverage is automatically included at no extra cost with your classic or vintage car insurance policy.

Flexible usage to fully enjoy your classic

The best collector car insurance lets you enjoy your ride the way you want. That’s why with Progressive Advantage classic car insurance, powered by Hagerty, you have the freedom to take your ride to collector vehicle club functions, exhibitions, tours and even occasional pleasure driving. **

A few things to note before you get a classic car insurance quote:

Generally, to get insurance for classic, collector, vintage and antique cars or trucks, you need to park your vehicle in a garage, use it as an extra car—not your daily vehicle—and keep it in good working condition.

Get a classic car insurance quote online or call for advice

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