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New South Wales – Programs

Participating Hospitals and Programs

Please refer to our Apply Now page for application dates and timelines or via this link: CLICK HERE

The following programs are available at participating hospitals for 2018: Registered Nurse (RN), Registered Midwife (RM), Enrolled Nurse (EN) and Allied Health (AH) Graduate Intakes.

If “To be advised ” is in the box of the hospital of your 1st preference for the intake you are applying for, this is where they are not yet able to advise if they will be offering a program for that intake. We suggest you frequently refer to our website until the closing date for applications as they may offer a program before the intake closes. Additionally, we suggest that you apply to another hospital who is offering a program of your choice, in the event that your 1st choice hospital doesn t offer a program for the intake you are applying for. You can change your 1st preference hospital at any time whilst applications are open, however you MUST remember to hit NEXT through all pages of the application, after any amendments through to the end of the submission and ensure your application status is APPLIED and notWITHDRAWN. If the status of your application is WITHDRAWN at the time of applications closing, your application will not be reviewed. Please CLICK HERE for further instructions on how to edit your application.

February 2018 Intake

To Be Advised (see above)

No Program Offered For This Intake

  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • EN General Graduate Program
  • EN Perioperative Graduate Program

No Program Offered For This Intake

No Program Offered For This Intake

  • RN General Graduate Program

No Program Offered For This Intake

  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • EN General Graduate Program
  • EN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • EN General Graduate Program
  • EN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • RN Rehab Graduate Program
  • EN Rehab Graduate Program

To Be Advised (see above)

  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN Perioperative Graduate Program
  • EN General Graduate Program

Northside Group – includes :
Northside Clinic
Northside Cremorne Clinic
Northside Macarthur Clinic Northside West Clinic

  • RN Mental Health Graduate Program (Northside Clinic )
  • RN Mental Health Graduate Program (Northside West Clinic )
  • RN Mental Health Graduate Program (Northside Macarthur)
  • EN Mental Health Graduate Program (Northside Macarthur)
  • RN Combined General and Perioperative Graduate Program
  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN General Graduate Program
  • RN Perioperative Program
  • EN General Graduate Program
  • EN Perioperative Graduate Program

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Healthcare Management (online) #healthcare #management #online #programs


Healthcare Management (online)

This certificate program is delivered completely online. All 6 classes for the certificate are offered 100% online which means you can complete the certificate from anywhere. Due to current inter-state regulations on distance learning, we must limit registration for online courses to Connecticut residents only.

St. Vincent s Healthcare Management Certificate program is designed to provide the practical knowledge and organizational skills expected of today s healthcare managers. The program attracts a wide range of healthcare professionals throughout this field. While work experiences and educational backgrounds may vary greatly, all program participants share the objectives of sharpening their healthcare management knowledge and skills, and advancing their careers.

About the Program

The Healthcare Management Program s highly focused curriculum is an effective, time-efficient way to gain the management techniques needed for advancement within many of today s healthcare environments. As a student in the program, you ll learn through a combination of theory, practical applications, and real-world case studies, resulting in skills that can be applied immediately within the workplace.

Employment Opportunities

Combining courses in healthcare management, economics, finance, and legal and ethical issues, the program is ideally suited for practicing middle managers who wish to enhance their expertise, and for healthcare professionals interested in pursing middle management positions.

Program of Study

The 18-credit program provides a basic foundation in healthcare management practices. The program provides the knowledge necessary to identify, analyze, and solve problems, as well as a general overview of organizational behavior, economics, finance, and current legal and ethical issues. Integrated throughout the curriculum are topics of leadership and motivation, in addition to an emphasis on developing skills in communication, negotiation, and teamwork.

Program Courses

The six courses required for the certificate program are:

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Graduate Education – Graduate Admission to the University at Albany #psyd #programs #in #new


Graduate Education at the University at Albany


Academic Language Skills Boot Camp
This four-day course is designed for International Students who will begin their academic studies at UAlbany in Fall 2017. Students will learn the key skills that promote success in university study for a broad range of academic majors. Please click here for more details.

Learn to Thrive – Helping Undergraduate Graduate International Students
This 4 week intensive program focuses on the language skills needed for academic success. Please click here for more details.

iLearn Workshops – Offered through the University Libraries
Click here for dates and times of the available workshops offered.

New Schedule Planner
The Registrar’s Office has launched a new schedule planning software for students. Click here for more details.

Highlighted Programs

Graduate News

U.S. News & World Report: UAlbany Grad Programs Ranked Among Best in the Nation
The latest survey of graduate schools finds University at Albany with eight programs in the top 25 in the nation, including criminal justice at #2 and information and technology management at #3. In addition, UAlbany’s MBA is named the best in producing degrees that lead to jobs.


Exploring ancient ruins and examining prehistoric artifacts may sound like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. For students taking part in the Las Mercedes Archaeological Field School in Costa Rica, perception meets reality.

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Clinical Social Work vs #clinical #social #work #masters #programs


Clinical Social Work vs. Direct Services Social Work

Clinical social workers often sit down one on one with patients and offer mental health therapy to help them improve the quality of their lives. That may sound like providing direct services — it could hardly be called indirect – yet it’s not what people generally mean when they talk about direct service social work. That’s because there are three types of social work: macro (or indirect), direct, and clinical. Macro social workers work at the level of programs, institutions, and government policy — their services help individuals, but in an indirect way.

There are three types of social work: macro (or indirect), direct, and clinical.

Both direct service and clinical social workers are at the front lines, working with needy individuals and families. However, clinical social workers have some expertise that direct service workers do not. They have a broader scope of duty.

Earn a Master of Social Work degree online from the top-ranked USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. This is a CSWE-accredited program. The GRE is not required to apply. It is possible to complete this degree in two years or less. A Bachelor’s degree is required. Request information !

The Worden School of Social Service at Our Lady of the Lake University’s online Master of Social Work is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation and is designed for working adults with or without a social work bachelor’s degree. Click here to request information about The Worden School of Social Service at Our Lady of the Lake University Online Master of Social Work program.

Scope of Practice Comparison

Direct service social workers connect people and services. They often do intake and initial screening. They may determine program eligibility and refer individuals and families for other services that they need. They can have a variety of duties, depending on the setting and population served. They sometimes do mediation. They frequently do case management, at least with children and families. Some types of case management, though, are generally reserved for professionals with higher levels of education and licensing. (This can include individuals who need health services long term but at different levels, and tend to transition back and forth between hospitalization and community-based care.)

A direct care social worker may be allowed to do some counseling, but will not be allowed to do psychotherapy. Again, the words sound the same, but aren’t. One difference is that counseling isn’t necessarily related to a diagnosable mental condition. Nonclinical social workers generally counsel individuals who are basically healthy mentally. The counseling is limited in scope; it may be designed to educate the client and help them examine options and make decisions. While direct service workers may have contact with people who have serious illnesses, they will not actually be treatment providers.

Clinical social workers often work with people who have psychiatric conditions or emotional disturbances. They may perform psychotherapy and even make diagnoses. They are often part of a large team, with colleagues in various disciplines: psychiatrists, advanced practice psychiatric nurses. Others are in private practice, providing services similar to those of mental health counselors.

What about working with patients who have illnesses that are not primarily psychological? This typically falls to the clinical social worker as well – or, at the least, to the social worker with master’s level education. Social workers in hospital settings wear a number of hats. They are typically in discharge planning; in some instances, this involves locating many community resources. Hospital-based social workers may assess patients’ psychological health and even diagnose secondary mental conditions. They may offer counseling related to loss.

Education and Licensing

Clinical social work is a master’s level profession. In fact, professionals must complete a period of supervised practice before they are allowed to go into private practice or otherwise exercise independent judgment with regard to treating and diagnosing mental illness.

Clinical social work is a master’s level profession.

People often get their start in direct services social work, though, at the baccalaureate level. Sometimes they continue on for more education and a higher credential. If someone chooses to go on for a master’s, it’s not always to get a clinical social work license, however. There are many specialties, and many possible goals, including working one on one with children and families in a public school setting.

Social workers at the highest level(s) are always licensed – this includes anyone who uses the title clinical social worker. Direct service social workers are often licensed, but it depends on the individual state.

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Mlt programs online #mlt #programs #online


Online Degrees, Courses Certificates

Texas Southern University currently offers online learning degree options in four graduate programs:

1. Executive Masters of Business Administration (eMBA)
2. Executive Masters of Public Administration (eMPA)
3. Executive Master of Administration of Justice (eMAJ)
4. M.Ed. Masters Degree in Education

Certificates in specialized areas may be obtained through program offerings in our School of Public Affairs. See below for more information. In addition to fully online degrees, we offer single courses which can be taken to fulfill other degree requirements.

Click here to search for classes. (hint: Select Online/Computer under Instructional Method on the search page)

Graduate Degree Programs

Executive Masters of Business Administration (eMBA )

The OnlineExecutive MBA program at the Jesse H. Jones School of Business offers today’s executive an integrated curriculum that explores relevant issues and challenges faced by executives at the supervisory and mid-management level. The program is AACSB-international accredited and is one of the most innovative and practical MBA degrees in the region. A concentration in Energy Finance is also available. Learn More

Executive Masters of Public Administration (eMPA)

Acquire advanced training that is designed to prepare professionals to address increasingly complex problems in managing urban growth. Our graduates are equipped to respond to the nation’s cities’ growing need for an exceptional level of planning and management knowledge – and they are energized to develop solutions to problems native to metropolitan regions and municipalities. Learn More

M.Ed. Online Program
Masters Degree in Education

The College of Education at Texas Southern University will offer programs leading to the M. Ed degree in Educational Administration and Counseling beginning the fall semester of 2012. Learn More

Executive Master of Administration of Justice (eMAJ)

Texas Southern University, one of the nation’s largest HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), possesses an impressive array of undergraduate and graduate programs, a diverse faculty, 80-plus student organizations, and an alumni network comprised of educators, entrepreneurs, public servants, lawyers, pilots, artists, and more, many of whom are change agents on the local, national and international stage. Nestled upon a sprawling 150-acre campus, Texas Southern University has served as a cornerstone for developing the greatest potential in leaders from various socio-economic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. Learn More

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Accelerated Nursing Degrees – Fast-Track Your Way to a Nursing Degree #accelerated #online #masters


Find a School of Nursing that Serves A-BSN and A-MSN Programs

Accelerated BSN and MSN degree programs are quickly being developed and added to many nursing school programs. Why? To deliver relevant and essential nursing degrees to students with bachelors or masters degrees in another discipline, often called second-degree nursing students. Here’s the rationale:

If you already have earned a Bachelors degree in XYZ discipline, you’ve already satisfied many of your undergraduate requirements AND proven your mettle to manage a college education, undergraduate or graduate. With the expansion of the nursing shortage and no end in sight, the goal then must be to streamline entry into the field for as many qualified candidates as possible.

Fact: the Nursing industry appeals to many professionals in other first careers. It stands to reason that armed with pre-existing degrees many nursing candidates could successfully and safely be trained more quickly and conferred “accelerated” Bachelors of Science in Nursing or Masters of Science in Nursing degrees than if they were required to start from scratch.

Most accelerated degree programs promise to turn out new grads within one or two years for a BSN and 2 to 3 years for MSN under full-time programs of study.

Accelerated BSN

The accelerated BSN, often abbreviated A-BSN or ABSN, allows a baccalaureate degreed career-changer the opportunity to fast-track his or her nursing Bachelors. Most nursing schools offering this degree option can turn out second-degree BSN nurses within two years. The emphasis on the ABSN degree track is clinical practice and the core nursing courses—Anatomy/Physiology, Microbiology, Basic Pharmacology, Nursing Theory, etc. Otherwise, required coursework for a traditional BSN can often be carved away.

Accelerated MSN

The accelerated MSN, or A-MSN, allows Masters degreed professionals in most other disciplines to fast-track a nursing Masters degree. Still an accelerated MSN takes up to 3 years with full-time study. Like the BSN candidates to one of these programs focus on nursing theory, clinical practice and advanced nursing topics.

Limitations and Issues

According to the AACN (American Association of Colleges of Nursing) you can study an accelerated course in 43 states which when broken down includes nearly 220 BSN and 60 MSN programs, with a few dozen more in development. *

Explore Your Nursing Degree Options Today!

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Majors and Programs – Columbus State Community College #majors, #programs, #associate #degree


Majors and Programs

Columbus State’s main offerings are the associate degree and the certificate. We offer Career Tech programs, which allow you to get into the workforce quickly. Second, our Transfer (Arts Sciences) degree programs represent the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, so you can start here then finish up at another college. Read on to find out more.

We also offer as well as programs for high school students through K-12 Programs .

1. Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Programs

  • Transfer Program site
  • These programs allow you to take the first two years of a bachelor’s degree, which you can later transfer to a four-year college.
  • Earn an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science Degree .
  • Credits fully transfer to most public colleges in Ohio.
  • Associate of Arts (A.A.)
    This degree is intended to fulfill the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree degree for liberal arts-related fields.
    Degree Requirements
  • Associate of Science (A.S.)
    This degree is intended to fulfill the first two years of a Bachelor’s Degree degree for mathematics, the sciences, allied health and other fields.
    Degree Requirements

courses – Arts Sciences

2. Career Programs – Degrees Certificates

  • Two-year career programs designed to prepare students to get a job immediately after graduation.
  • Some programs transfer credits to four-year schools.
  • Earn an Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Technical Studies Degrees.
  • Some programs award Certificates students can complete in less than two years.
  • Gainful Employment disclosure for certificates

Majors – Career Programs

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Online Programs in Nursing, Accounting, Teaching – Masters and PhD Degrees #programs, #degree #programs,


Online Programs in Nursing, Accounting, Teaching Masters and PhD Degrees

The competition for jobs has never been fiercer than it is today. There seems to always be far more qualified applicants than there are jobs available. It has never been more important to set yourself apart from other candidates. The single most effective way to make you more marketable in today’s workforce is to have an advanced degree in a pertinent field. Even those individuals who feel that their careers and positions are safe from downsizing still need to consider obtaining further education. Employers universally agree that advanced degrees are a deciding factor when it comes to hiring and advancement.

Many adults who are saddled with work or family obligations have found it difficult to continue their education. Now, thanks to a number of outstanding online programs, advanced degrees are obtainable for almost everyone with the determination to achieve them. Through online programs students can choose to earn their degrees in a number of fields. Some of the more popular options include:

Within many of these careers are specialty areas in which students can complete coursework leading to an advanced degree. A number of online programs lead to degrees in these fields at both the master’s level and the PhD level. Online programs offer students the opportunity to achieve advanced degrees while receiving a comprehensive education.

Undoubtedly, the greatest advantage of online programs is the convenience factor. Add in the accommodating schedule offered by most online colleges, and it is easy to see why these programs are becoming so popular. The fact that these classes are delivered to students via the Internet allows course work to be completed whenever and wherever is most convenient for students. For many, that means that assignments can be completed at night or on weekends. This allows students to maintain their current jobs and adhere to other obligations and responsibilities. The online delivery format makes the education completely portable. Since everything is delivered electronically, the physical location of the college is unimportant. This allows students to enroll in online programs at the college of their choice. Students living in remote areas find this particularly beneficial.

Without a structured schedule, some online programs allow students the opportunity to earn their degrees on a self-paced schedule. There may be no prescribed commencement and end dates for classes. This may allow students to complete their programs more rapidly than conventional college programs. It may also work well for the student who requires a little more time to complete the program. This, of course, may vary by college and program.

Let us disquiet any fears that may exist regarding the quality and accessibility of online professors. Online teachers possess identical qualifications as do professors teaching in standard college classrooms. As a matter of fact, many online professors teach in both formats simultaneously. The biggest advantage of having an online professor is that instead of competing with perhaps hundreds of other students for attention, online professors have your undivided attention. They are accessible through a variety of electronic messaging systems including email, chat rooms, and discussion boards.

In most traditional college classrooms, students are required to take extensive notes through the program. How do they know which points are most important and which ones they can just give a cursory nod? Online programs answer that question for you. Class notes are posted online.

Financing an advanced degree has never been easier or more affordable. Online programs generally have a lower tuition than traditional college programs. These colleges pass those savings along to students. Secondary costs like room and board, textbooks, travel, and parking are not incurred when students are enrolled in online programs. That being said, any advanced degree does come at a cost. Grants, loans, and scholarships are available to help defray the cost of an online education. Every online and traditional college has an office dedicated to assisting students obtain financial aid. These offices are staffed by professionals who can answer all of your financial aid questions.

It may seem strange at first, but online programs often provide students with a better opportunity to interact with their classmates. Students usually post discussions on the classroom message board. This invites classmates to comment and share their thoughts. Students attending college classrooms frequently have to vie for the opportunity to be heard.

Prospective students will be hard pressed to find reasons not to enroll in online programs leading to advanced degrees. These programs offer convenience, flexibility, and cost savings while providing students with a quality education from qualified professors. Online programs have been designed to make the educational process meet the needs of students. Obtaining advanced degrees has been simplified through online programs. However, students enrolled in these programs must be able to work independently and be committed to meet their educational goals.

Being able to include an advanced degree on your resume will make you more attractive to prospective employers and more valuable to current employers. Consider the advantages of online education and enroll today. Your advanced degree has never been more attainable. Invest the time and effort now to earn your PhD or Master’s degree. You will reap the benefits for years to come.

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Post Registration Nursing Programs In Canada #inscol #nursing #programs, #nursing #study #in #canada, #nursing


Explore INSCOL

What’s New at INSCOL

Nursing is one of the best health care profession and will always be, unfortunately after completing a four years of bachelor’s. Read More

  • Sumera Salam
  • Class of May’16
  • Critical Care Nursing

I would like to appreciate from bottom of my heart the dedication, hard work. support and upto date and correct guidance. Read More

  • Rozmeen Khowaja
  • Class of Sept’16
  • Community Mental Health

My name is Manpreet and i am a student for Gerontology in Niagara college, Canada. My decision of taking Gerontology seemed very. Read More

  • Manpreet Baldev Singh
  • Class of Sept’16
  • Gerontology

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Welcome to oXYGen Financial Inc #financial #planning #programs


Ted Jenkin Co-CEO

” We offer busy families and
business owners the right balance of a
high tech and high touch relationship
in today’s fast paced society.”

  • Kile Lewis co-CEO

    “Part controller, part treasurer, and
    part strategist. The Private CFO® role
    we created is nothing like
    the financial advisor you have today”

  • “I want to educate and empower
    as many people as I can about their
    finances and ultimately help
    change their lives.”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “800 numbers for client service don’t
    save you time. They waste your time.
    We always get a live person
    to handle your client service needs.”

    Director of Client Service & Marketing

  • “We empower you to be the CEO
    of your family finances. Every day
    we are thinking about how to
    help you increase your bottom line”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “I help people nearing or already in
    retirement, plan and manage their
    finances so they can live well have
    peace of mind for their lifetime.”

    Steven B. Goldstein

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “I help clients Breathe Easier by
    taking on the heavy lifting of
    searching for unbiased
    financial information”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “I help people nearing or already in
    retirement, plan and manage their
    finances so they can live well have
    peace of mind for their lifetime.”

    Steven B. Goldstein

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “I show six figure income young professionals
    how to make the most of their hard
    earned money. $100,000 doesn’t go as far
    as it used to…until you hire a Private CFO”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “oXYGen Financial takes the stress
    out of everyday financial decisions
    and helps our clients Breathe Easier®
    about their financial future.”

    Wealth Plan Design Specialist

  • “In this fast paced technological society,
    it never hurts to have someone
    watch your back”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “I help clients ask the right questions
    that help them understand their
    financial situation and begin
    breathing easier about life!”

    Vice President, Private CFO®

  • “Clients need oXYGen Financial because it is a one-stop-shop for all of their financial needs. You will not get an experience like ours anywhere else!”

    How to get started with oXYGen Financial

    Download Your Free 2017 Financial Checklists


    Free E-Books That Will Change Your Financial Life

    Latest Your Smart Money Moves Blog Posts

    oXYGen Financial Breathe Easier® Resources

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