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40 Stunningly Professional Business Cards #business #environment

#professional business cards


40 Stunningly Professional Business Cards

Business cards often showcase beautiful examples of design. They must give the best possible impression of the designer or company, and for that reason should be highly professional.

Often when one of our sponsors offers a particularly interesting product or service we like to do a shout-out for them. This week I d like to recognize Card Nerd. a website that showcases incredible business cards.



Adam Taylor

Christopher Bettig

Royal Society

Travis Valance

Grow Collective

One World Spokane

Mind Punch

Sliced Orange

Bubi Au Yeung


Studio on Fire

Architekturos Parkas

Antanas Juodsnukis

My Girl Thursday

Bryan Connor

Interestingly enough, I ve noticed that a lot of these cards come from the same place, Nex Cards (www.nexcards.com) from whom I was considering my next batch of cards. I was a bit concerned with their pricing but now I understand entirely why they re a little bit more expensive. As made clear by this post, they are clearly worth the extra cost. Thanks for this post.

Hi yes some of the cards are very nice but spoiled by being on just thin ordinary card. For a business card to be special it needs to be printed on a tactile (uncoated) card of at least 500gsm.

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Professional Business Cards #local #business #listings

#professional business cards


Professional Business Cards

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Professional Business Cards To throw a spanner in to the works, let us think about the designer wants the entire card reverse created inside a solid process colour. One factor to indicate at the moment is laminated business card printing will never be created singly within the lithographic process, but created in ‘groups’ to help keep production costs low for that supplier.

Professional Business Cards Because the business card printing are created and then leave the press, they drop right into a single stack. As business card printing are put into the stack excess fat needs lower to the cards towards the bottom portion of the stack and when a lot of it has not dried completely. Anything you may hear, it’s really a fallacy that laminated cards really are a problem to create on, just grab a biro and check out it.

Gallery of: Professional Business Cards

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How to write a perfect professional email in English in 5 steps – Global

#business emails


How to write a perfect professional email in English in 5 steps

For most of us, email is the most common form of business communication so it s important to get it right. Although emails usually aren t as formal as letters, they still need to be professional to present a good image of you and your company.

How to write a formal email

Follow these five simple steps to make sure your English emails are perfectly professional.

  1. Begin with a greeting
  2. Thank the recipient
  3. State your purpose
  4. Add your closing remarks
  5. End with a closing

Download our free ebook: Everyday English Vocabulary 38 pages which points useful words and English phrases to help you have a better understanding of what’s going on around you.

Begin with a greeting

Always open your email with a greeting, such as Dear Lillian . If your relationship with the reader is formal, use their family name (eg. Dear Mrs. Price ). If the relationship is more casual, you can simply say, Hi Kelly . If you don t know the name of the person you are writing to, use: To whom it may concern or Dear Sir/Madam .

  • Thank the recipient

    If you are replying to a client s inquiry, you should begin with a line of thanks. For example, if someone has a question about your company, you can say, Thank you for contacting ABC Company . If someone has replied to one of your emails, be sure to say, Thank you for your prompt reply or Thanks for getting back to me . Thanking the reader puts him or her at ease, and it will make you appear more polite.

  • State your purpose

    If you are starting the email communication, it may be impossible to include a line of thanks. Instead, begin by stating your purpose. For example, I am writing to enquire about … or I am writing in reference to … .

    Make your purpose clear early on in the email, and then move into the main text of your email. Remember, people want to read emails quickly, so keep your sentences short and clear. You ll also need to pay careful attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation so that you present a professional image of yourself and your company.

  • Add your closing remarks

    Before you end your email, it s polite to thank your reader one more time and add some polite closing remarks. You might start with Thank you for your patience and cooperation or Thank you for your consideration and then follow up with, If you have any questions or concerns, don t hesitate to let me know and I look forward to hearing from you .

  • End with a closing

    The last step is to include an appropriate closing with your name. Best regards . Sincerely . and Thank you are all professional. Avoid closings such as Best wishes or Cheers unless you are good friends with the reader. Finally, before you hit the send button, review and spell check your email one more time to make sure it s truly perfect!

  • Aren t you an EF English Live student yet? See the general and business English course in action by requesting a one month for only one dollar* trial. Find more information about essential professional English tips here .

    Wil is a writer, teacher, learning technologist and keen language learner. He’s taught English in classrooms and online for nearly 10 years, trained teachers in using classroom and web technology, and written e-learning materials for several major websites. He speaks four languages and is currently looking for another one to start learning.


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    How much does it Cost to Start a Professional Photography Business? #business #consulting

    #photography business


    How much does it Cost to Start a Professional Photography Business?

    Photography has become one of the in trends right now. Every special event in a person s life needs a photographer to capture and make the moments truly unforgettable.

    So, do you want to go pro? Here are the estimated costs when you are starting your photography business:

    Get a pro photography gear.

    Of course, the most important thing to consider in your financial plan would be the cost of the camera and the accompanying accessories.

    As a professional, you need to have at least two professional cameras. Camera glitch can sometimes happen and you don t want to add to the stress of your client when your camera malfunctions on that very event.

    Your budget and gear will depend on what field of photography business you would want.

    Buy the camera body but not the kit. You can replace the kit with cheaper versions .

    If you are a wedding photographer, consider buying 2 Nikon D750 cameras for $2,000.00 each (total cost =$4,000.00)

    If you are a portrait photographer, consider buying 2 Nikon D7100 cameras for $1,200.00 each (total cost= $2,400.00)

    These recommended lenses will work fine on both cameras and less expensive version than the kit that comes with the cameras above:

    Nikon 35mm f/2.0= $350.00

    Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens= $299.00

    Nikon 85mm f/1.8 lens= $499.00

    For wedding photographers, you may consider the Nikon Lens 70-200 f2/8: this will do the magic when the wedding is at night or in a dark enclosed church where there is a limited source of light or you cannot go that close to the couple. The cost is about $2,400.00.

    Wedding photographers must have at least 2 flashes Nikon SB-700 (at $329 each) total= $658.00

    Other essential accessories: memory cards, reflectors, light stands, flash triggers, camera bags ($500.00 to $ 1500)

    Computer and software:

    21 iMac Computer= $1299

    2 external memory drives=$ 85 each total: $170.00

    Lightroom and photo shop=$119 per year

    This aspect is the one mostly neglected by newbies in photography business, making their business legal

    Yearly accounting service: $300.00

    Incorporating the business: $125.00

    Photography contracts and attorney fee= $400-$2000

    Because of the evolution of technology nowadays, people think that having a photography business is easy as taking a plunge.

    Sure you may have an informal business at first but if you want to get paid like a pro, you must take your photography business to a professional level.

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    Professional Small Business Website Design Packages from $99 Australian Web Design Company – Websites

    #small business website


    when you need to sell your products online
    with a glossy modern website you can self manage

    Using your logo and content we will create a glossy rich content website with the ability to create endless categories and products to sell online. With all of the features of the brochure package plus automatic invoicing, shipping calculation, wish lists, customisable products, multi product images, stock control, take payments with PayPal or Credit Card*. We complete all of the necessary setup and testing and will train you on loading products and maintaining the website so you can become an online merchant!

    All-Included Package. Business Email, Web Hosting, Built in Website Editor, Mobile Friendly
    *Credit Card Processing requires additional security features and banking requirements
    Free Website User Manual

    the E-Commerce

    Includes 12 months Website Hosting
    + Free Domain Registration

    Ongoing cost is $360 Per Annum
    + $49 Domain Renewal every 2 Years

    we Design for Mobility

    In 2016, any website that is created must be responsive on any number of devices that it is viewed upon.
    If your website is not mobile responsive talk to us about a redesign today!

    Website Hosting

    Website Design Quotes

    Convert CMS

    Specialised Small Business Website Solutions – Website Development in Language YOU Can Understand

    If you have been delaying developing your own website for your business and think you don’t have the budget, time or web design skills STOP! Our small business website designs can be are fully developed with special attention to meeting your goals of achieving a functional, profitable site. Our sites are affordable websites – tailored to your specific business needs.

    Everything you need to have a professional website built plus ongoing support and maintenance by our experienced and award winning team of website designers and developers. Many small business owners who have tried to design a website themselves or used “free websites builders’ have been frustrated and let down by the end result. What if you could manage your own website after it is all built? That is where we come in. We do the techy design parts and train you on keeping your website up to date. You can make changes to it anytime you need!

    Important Links

    Contact Us

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    Make a professional small business website #business #intelligence

    #small business website


    Features Pricing For Agencies Resources Start Building Sign In

    Build a beautiful simple website for your small business

    Beautiful on desktops You can build a great looking site for your small business in minutes. Marvelous on mobile Be confident your website looks its best on mobile phones and tablets.

    Everything a simple site needs and nothing more

    Onepagers come packed with industry leading search engine techniques. Add the content and we’ll do the rest to get you a great page rank.

  • Add a form so your visitors can quickly email you from your website. Use a form for signups, simple surveys, or as a general contact form.

  • Onepagers are served from our dedicated cloud hosting environment. You’ll never need to worry about setting up a hosting account or wonder whether your site is accessible.

  • Let your users signup for your email newsletter from your Onepager. Send updates to your customers from your Onepager dashboard.

  • We know, you’re good at what you do and that may not have anything to do with designing websites. Our themes will make your small business website look great.

  • Turn your Onepager into your online storefront by using our ecommerce functionality. Sell physical goods, digital downloads, or collect invoice payments.

    Some of the small business sites built with Onepager

    See a tour of Onepager

    Why’d we make Onepager?

    Our team comes from small business families. We like to think we’re building a product our family businesses would love.

    Doing everything we can to help the businesses that use Onepager is important to us and one of our core values.

    Multiple sites + Multiple users

    Build Onepagers by yourself or with your team. Our multi-site plans are great for agencies, brands, or users who want to manage more than one simple site.

    Onepager is the world’s easiest way to create a beautiful website.

    You don’t know how happy this makes me. I’ve wanted to make my dad a site for so long but haven’t had time. He needed this so badly. Thank you! You made life better.

    I had 2 bad attempts at hiring a web team, always thought that web design was a “black box” costing thousands of dollars and taking on a life of its own in terms of time to completion. With Onepager, I did it on my own in minutes and paid about $100 for a year. I can update it in seconds or leave it alone. Thanks Onepager team!

    Marco Protano. Professor of Marketing and Strategy on 4 continents

    I have told a whole boatload of people about how easy and affordable onepager is. By far one of the best services anywhere on the internet!

    Bottom line: this is my love letter to you, Onepager. You have effectively saved my sanity, my relationship with my sister, and possibly her business because her website gets way more traffic than her Facebook. Thank you, a million times thank you.

    Adrienne Dye, sister to Rebecca Dye and author of the Onepager Love Letter

    Get In Touch

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  • Professional Business Attire for Men – Elegant and Smart #cash #flow #business

    #business attire


    Professional Business Attire for Men Elegant and Smart

    Professional business attire for men

    Professional business attire for men.

    There are two kinds of a guy, the one who wants to look professional, whereas, the other category belongs to the ones who don t care much about their personal grooming. They don t like following business standards, rather, go for anything they like or see. But is it really OK? Well, I don t think so. To be a professional business man, there are certain code of conducts which you should follow. Like wearing a professional business man attire and considering each and every aspect of your personality in detail, as it is something which every business men should do in order to achieve the success you always desired of. Because in a modern era like this, not only your intellectual skills count, but the way you dress yourself carries an equal importance. So my today’s article would be on the importance of professional business men attire in ones wardrobe.

    Professional business attire for Men More Elegant and Smart:

    • Look charming by your shirt and neck tie combo:

    Professional business attire for men.

    Usually guys are so immune to business men attire that they hardly know how to make a good neck tie knot. They don t even know how to make a perfect contrast with the shirt he is about to wear. Wearing a professional attire is not the only thing you have to consider but you have to be conscious about its color combination too. Remember, you shirt and tie must be of opposite intensities. Means if you are going to wear a light colored shirt, then you are required to pick a darker tone as far as your necktie is concerned.

    Note: Do not go for the same color tones like brown shirt with a brown tie. It doesn t look good, I tell you.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Plain shirt and tie no doubt looks decent but your motto is not to look just decent. Go for something extra ordinary. So do remember that the check pattern tie are in fashion nowadays and your shirt against your tie must be line patterned. It gives a very sharp and beautiful combination.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Add another sophistication to your attire that is a well tailored coat with a pocket square. Your business men attire gets complete with your well tailored coat with fine cuts and a pocket square. Pocket square gives you that height of sophistication which adds stars to your personality.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Dress pants must not be so tight because it would give you very odd look. Ask your tailor to stictch t according to your measurement.

    Business casual attire.

    You must have a side part hair cut to look like a true professional. Your hairs cut matter because your office is not the place where you can go with long rough and messy hairs.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Wear a leather strap watch. Make your mind clear while purchasing a watch for your office attire that you watch must be in golden round dial and dark colored leather straps.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Your office attire needs a dress shoes in plain black or brown color. Black and brown color looks very decent and stylish. Make sure the cleanliness of your shoes before going to the office. Do not go in your suede shoes or desert shoes because it would spoil your image as soon as you enter into your office.

    Professional business attire for men.

    Carry a big decent brown or black colored bag which has enough capacity to hold all your documents and accessories. Do not go for small bags that look very odd and girlish.

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    6 Top Professional Website Builders for Small Businesses #family #business

    #business website builder


    6 Top Professional Website Builders for Small Businesses

    Building your website is a priority, but what if you can t afford to bring in an independent website designer? There are plenty of options you can find from a free builders list to take advantage of today.

    To give you an insight into some of the options available, this guide is going to show you some of the top picks that you should consider. With 77 percent believing a poor website is a weakness. you need the right builder.

    Which of these top professional website builders will you use for your small business website today?

    1. Website Builder.

    The Website Builder platform will help you to build a professional website in just three steps. Despite the simplicity of this platform, there are thousands of templates to choose from. And you don t have to stick with the templates available. Every template is freely open to editing, so you can do what you like with it and make a completely unique website.

    There are both SEO and integration tools that come with it, so you can cover all the requirements of a modern website. You can also use the free domain name option, but in general it s always better to use a paid domain name so it s truly unique.

    2. Wix.

    Wix is one of the most well-known website platforms in the world. Other than WordPress, this is one of the best free website builders available. You can create practically anything using Wix, but it tends to work best with fashion and apparel websites.

    What makes Wix stand out are the SEO link building tools that come with your free website. It s easy to rank high when you re using Wix. To get started all you need to do is begin embedding the various Wix templates as and when you please. Connect the media widgets and you instantly have a professional looking website at your disposal.

    3. Weebly.

    Weebly is another one of the more well-known website builders on this list. It s ideal for practically any type of business because there s a website template for practically any niche. Take advantage of the simple drag and drop system when creating your website and you can have something that even a professional designer would be proud of.

    Weebly automatically comes with mobile friendly designs. along with compatibility with multiple browsers. One feature that you get with Weebly that you don t get with other website builders is a personalized domain name.

    4. Sitey.

    Sitey comes with the drag and drop system that makes building a website to your specifications so easy. Every template has mobile responsiveness built in, as well as being compatible to Google s best practices .

    Primarily, this is a network that sticks to using plugins and extensions to make up the bulk of its functionality. The customer service available is another plus point for Sitey. It s available 24/7 and is well-known for being one of the most helpful customer service departments of all the options on this list.

    5. IM Creator.

    IM Creator uses something called Stripes, which are pre-customizable. This website builder is one of the easiest builders to use because you can have a professional website up and running in a matter of minutes.

    All the templates provided by IM Creator are retina ready, which means they are programmed to be used immediately with a live audience. All these designs can be placed onto websites that utilize hundreds of pages.

    With IM Creator you don t have to worry about hosting because you automatically gain access to guaranteed unlimited hosting and bandwidth.

    6. Jimdo.

    If you need an ecommerce builder, Jimdo is an option that you should seriously consider. Create an online shop without all the issues associated with making your shopping cart work by downloading one of the dedicated ecommerce themes presented by Jimdo.

    It even caters to heavyweight ecommerce stores. You can check all the various options and features to make sure you have the functionality you need. While this is a free website builder, you do have a paid option available, which comes with a ton of additional features. However, the free version is more than capable of fulfilling your needs.

    Finding the right website builder for you requires some thought. Consider what your site needs to thrive and the features you need to create the platform you want.

    The right website builder for you is out there. You just need to search for it.

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    Tips for choosing your professional email address #cool #business #cards

    #business email address


    Tips for choosing your professional email address

    Andréa Coutu wrote recently about 7 terrible secrets revealed by your email address (and how to fix them). Her advice is good, and I recommend reviewing each of her points before you decide on your “official” email address.

    If you’re in business as an IT consultant, you have no excuse for not having your own domain name. If domain registration and hosting breaks your bank, then you shouldn’t be in this business. Even if your niche has nothing to do with the Internet (as unlikely as that’s becoming), nothing says “I’m not really serious” like an account on hotmail.com, yahoo.com, especially aol.com, and even gmail.com (unless you’re a Google employee). Not that you can’t also have one of those addresses (except aol.com, what were you thinking?! ), but don’t use it professionally.

    When choosing your domain name, you should use the name of your business. If your business doesn’t have a name, get one. Even if it’s just “your name here Consulting,” you should present yourself as a commercial entity. If you feel that your business name is too long for a domain name, you should make sure your abbreviation seems natural and obvious. For example, my business name is “Camden Software Consulting,” and my domain name is “camdensoftware.com”. If I had chosen something like “camdenswcnsltng.com,” then my contacts would always have to look it up to remember how I abbreviated it. Also watch out for unintended words that arise from combining abbreviations. You wouldn’t want to abbreviate “Megara Associates, Inc.” as “megastinc.com” for example.

    I’ve seen some independents who treat their domain name like an 800 number: they make it into an ad. Domains like “peoriacomputerwiz.com” may be cute, but unless it’s also the name of your business, your client will have one more thing to remember when they want to contact you. “Was it peoriacomputerguy.com, or peoriapcguy.com? Or wait, isn’t their office in Pekin?”

    For the top-level domain (TLD), I think “.com” is preferable. It means “commercial” (you’re in business here, aren’t you?) and despite being US in origin, it has international applicability. It’s also what flies off people’s fingers automatically when they’re typing a domain. If you limit your business to one country or region, then a nation-specific commercial TLD could also be appropriate. The “.org” TLD says “I’m a non-profit!” even though you don’t have to use it for that. The “.net” TLD is a little better, but people tend to infer some sort of online community instead of a business. You should avoid “.biz” and “.info” — the spammers polluted that space years ago, and your emails will get filtered for that reason alone.

    There’s nothing wrong with registering the same domain in several TLDs and redirecting them all to the same address, though. In fact, it’s a good way to keep other people from using your business name.

    So, how does your email address compare with these criteria?

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