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Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

Chevrolet Camaro Z/28

From the May 2014 Issue of Car and Driver

“I told ’em on the radio that I was pulling over a Z/28. and they said they don’t make them no more,” the cop says with a drawl straight off the pages of Faulkner. “I told ’em, ‘Whatever it is, this is a bad-ass car.’ ”

This member of Alabama’s finest claims that Dick Knoll, Camaro lead integration engineer and driver of the Z/28 I’m riding in, put a wheel over the yellow line a mile back on Interstate 20. Knoll doesn’t dispute it because it’s already evident that no tickets will be written today. This is a fan-boy shakedown. The officer barely glances at Knoll’s driver’s license before collecting his take. Cell phone already in hand, his question is rhetorical: “Do you mind if I take a few pictures?”

Officer Instagram can’t be faulted. There’s been enough hype around the Camaro Z/28 revival to launch a dozen blogs. It is retro done right: the return of a storied name applied to a modern car crafted in the same spirit as the 1967 original. Like that first Z/28 that homologated Chevy’s Trans-Am racer, this new incarnation’s mission is to lay down fast laps on a road course. It was developed on the Nürburgring, Road Atlanta, Road America, and Virginia International Raceway, as well as at GM’s own Milford road course. Fittingly, our road test covered more distance on the 2.4-mile track at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama, than on public streets.

The Z/28 is not the quickest, the fastest, or the most powerful Camaro, but it is the most expensive at $75,000, or more than three times the price of a six-cylinder model. Its only clear-cut competi­tor is the $49,990 Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca that Ford stopped building last year. And even then, the parallels exist in concept, not execution. With a 7.0-liter V-8, carbon-ceramic brakes, damper technology borrowed from Formula 1, and the widest front tires on a production car, Chevy’s Camaro Z/28 is a Boss 302 fighter raised on growth hormones and testosterone.

How to make a 7.0-liter V-8 look small? Put it in a Camaro. The cold-air intake is one of the few changes GM made in transplanting the LS7 engine from the outgoing Corvette Z06.

Plucked from GM’s last track-day ­special, the 2013 Corvette Z06. the Z/28’s port-injected LS7 V-8 is fortified with new pistons and titanium connecting rods whose bearing inserts are now spray-coated for improved durability. There are also a cold-air intake, revised exhaust headers, and a repackaged dry-sump oiling system, but there’s more hardware that’s carry-over than new under the hood. At 505 horsepower and 481 pound-feet of torque, the Z/28’s LS7 makes just six more pound-feet than when this engine made its debut eight years ago.

Just as it did back then, the LS7 oozes power whether the Z/28 is standing still or at speed. The car quakes under a loping idle as heat radiates from the carbon-fiber extractor and blurs the view through the windshield. Racing toward a 7000-rpm redline, the Z/28 smears Barber’s manicured landscaping as if it were a still-wet watercolor, while the exhaust’s raucous bawl ­rattles the cabin. Zero to 60 mph passes in 4.4 seconds, and the quarter-mile clears in 12.7, by which time you’re doing 116 mph. True, the Z/28 isn’t as quick as the ZL1 in a straight line, but that’s not the point.

The six-speed manual transmission shared with the Camaro SS 1LE is geared for road-course duty, with closer ratios passed through a shorter 3.91:1 final drive. Shifts are heavy and stiff, and the pedals are spaced a toe’s-width too far apart for easy heel-and-toe action. The substantial displacement of the naturally aspirated V-8 compensates with a low end that’s nearly as forceful as its top end is intense. We work over Barber using third and fourth gears and every rev between 3000 and 7000 rpm.

The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo Rs are essentially street-legal racing tires so tacky that, during development testing, they occasionally stuck to the pavement better than to the wheels they were mounted on. To keep the Pirellis from slipping around the rim, the wheels on production Z/28s are media-blasted to increase friction at the mating surface, a common practice in racing.

The massive front tires are the same size as the rears, a remedy first used on the 1LE to address the Camaro SS’s penchant for understeer. Here, though, the rubber is sized up to 305/30 and mounted on smaller, lighter 19-inch forged aluminum wheels. When warm, the tires stick to the pavement like four wads of melted Wrigley’s. In Barber’s long, mid-speed corners we saw as much as 1.06 g of lateral stick, despite a damp track and temperatures struggling to top 40 degrees. The Z/28 is neutral and responsive at the limits, and the Torsen-type limited-slip differential prudently doles out power on corner exit. The flat-bottom steering wheel has the same heft and on-center sharpness as the Camaro ZL1 ’s. Unfortunately, it lacks the stimulating feedback experienced in the best sports cars.

The cross-drilled carbon-ceramic brake discs are clamped by six-piston front and four-piston rear calipers that bite just as hard after 50 minutes of lapping as they do on the first laps. From 70 mph, they haul the Z/28 to a stop in 155 feet.

There are, of course, stiffer springs and bushings, and the downsized wheels allowed engineers to drop the center of gravity by 1.3 inches and use smaller and lighter anti-roll bars. The cornerstones of the suspension are four spool-valve dampers, a technology used by Red Bull Racing as it claimed four Formula 1 championships between 2010 and 2013. Until now, the closest these shocks have come to a production car is Aston Martin’s $1.8-million One-77.

Spool-valve dampers don’t use electronic components or magnetic fluid, and they are neither driver-adjustable nor adaptable to road conditions. Instead, the spool valve’s merit lies in tailor-shaped internal ports that improve the precision and effective range available to engineers as they tune the shocks. They work magnificently. The Z/28 transitions from left to right to braking and acceleration with nearly imperceptible load transfer. It is stoic and stable as it bounds over the curbing and hunkers into hard braking through the tight corkscrew of Barber’s eighth and ninth turns. On the road, firm doesn’t mean harsh, either. As we bomb over a bridge deck that is set two inches above the road that abuts it, I tense in anticipation of a jarring impact—it never materializes.

How to identify a Z/28: badges, lots and lots of badges.

We won’t be talking about a true lightweight Camaro until at least 2016, though, when the car is redesigned on the Alpha platform. The Z/28 we tested was equipped with the sole option package—five extra speakers and air conditioning—and weighed 3862 pounds. It’s not light, but that is 35 pounds shy of a 1LE and more than 300 pounds slimmer than a ZL1.

Even without looking at the scales, we feel it’s a stretch to say Chevrolet stripped the Z/28 of everything that didn’t make it faster. The car still has carpeting, a headliner, full interi­or trim, and (lighter) rear seats. The wide Recaros are all-day comfortable rather than track-day snug. Other than the flat-bottom steering wheel and rescaled speedo and tachometer, from the driver’s seat the Z/28 could easily be confused for a six-cylinder Camaro. If you want to convince someone how serious this car is, you’ll have to pop the trunk, where there isn’t a single piece of plastic trim or carpet.

Or drive the Z/28 on the track. Because that’s really the only way to show off cornering this flat, grip this abundant, power this ­visceral, and a car this bad-ass.

Highs, Lows, and Verdict


Galvanic handling, pavement-sucking tires, 7.0 liters worth of small-block V-8.


Pricier than a Corvette without being faster, looks like a V-6 Camaro inside.



VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 2-door coupe

PRICE AS TESTED: $76,150 (base price: $75,000)

ENGINE TYPE: pushrod 16-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, port fuel injection

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual

Wheelbase: 112.3 in
Length: 192.3 in
Width: 76.9 in Height: 52.4 in
Curb weight: 3862 lb

EPA city/highway driving: 13/19 mpg

*Skidpad unavailable. Number derived from track test.

TEST NOTES:Unlike other Chevys with performance traction management, the Z/28 doesn-t have launch control. Grippy though the tires are, it doesn-t take much right pedal to break them loose on an acceleration run. A quick time is all about modulating the throttle.

News and Reviews

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Cost of a Bookkeeper – Small Business #bookkeeper, #bookkeeper #cost, #bookkeeper #prices, #shop #bookkeeper,


Bookkeeper Cost

  • Hourly rates for an outside bookkeeping service run $20-$50 an hour. depending on complexity and location. Usually you can hire a trained, experienced bookkeeper on a contract basis for $30-$40 an hour. but there can be a minimum monthly charge of $100-$150 for small businesses that don’t require a lot of work hours. The amount of bookkeeping time required will vary significantly depending on the complexities of the business and the industry. An established Northern California retail store with 12 employees generates about 4-6 hours a week of bookkeeping work, or $480-$960 a month, plus $80 in monthly fees for a payroll service to issue paychecks and file payroll tax forms.
  • Accountants sometimes have on-staff bookkeepers to provide these services, usually at $30-$50 an hour .
  • Online services such as SBSuite [1 ] (starting at $69/month for a basic package ) and EasyBookkeeping.com [2 ] (which has an online cost calculator to input your company’s specifics) handle your company’s bookkeeping needs entirely through e-mail, phone calls, faxes and the Internet.
  • A typical salary for an in-house bookkeeper in the United States runs $30,400-$39,898 according to Salary.com [3 ]. The average annual pay for a bookkeeping account executive is $68,294. or $57,600 for a payroll manager, according to BookkeeperList.com.

Related articles: Business Tax Preparation. Accounting Software. Payroll Service. Accountant

What should be included:

  • A business needs accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping for two reasons–to pay taxes and to understand how your business is doing. These tasks can be done in-house by an employee or business owner using computer software; by an outside bookkeeper; or by an accountant–but having an accountant doing daily bookkeeping tasks is the most expensive option. Generally an accountant gives an overview, providing financial advice and recommendations, while a bookkeeper handles the crucial but more daily nitty-gritty of maintaining business records.
  • A bookkeeper does not necessarily need a degree in accounting, but should have formal college-level coursework, experience and a detailed-oriented attitude. A bookkeeper may complete tax forms and generate standard financial reports or might simply gather and prepare the detailed numbers that a Certified Public Accountant uses for tax preparation, financial analysis or a business audit.
  • With the advent of easy-to-use accounting software such as QuickBooks, many new small business owners start out doing their own bookkeeping, because they want to keep tabs on what’s happening. Microsoft.com [4 ] lays out reasons to hand off at least some of your bookkeeping tasks to a professional.

Shopping for a bookkeeper:

  • Gaebler.com [5 ] gives tips for hiring a bookkeeper. Ask other local business owners for referrals and be sure to check a company’s record with the Better Business Bureau [6 ] .
  • The American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers [7 ] lets you search the resumes of potential employees or freelance bookkeeping services. The institute also has certification [8 ] programs for bookkeepers at more than 200 colleges.
  • Intuit [9 ] lets you search for local accounting and bookkeeping professionals who are certified to work with its QuickBooks software.

I have a very good bookkeeper that is knowledgeable about most things and knows her scope of expertise that works closely with a CPA. When you are looking for a qualified bookkeeper or anyone else to take care of your business or personal finances, you have to look closely at their background, do a background check, knowledge, and training. And most diffenently get reference, not just to look at but check with references to see what kind of job they do for them. Mine came with excellent references that were not forged!

Was this post helpful to you? yes no

Posted: February 4th, 2015 01:02PM

Seriously you promote a firm that is not a cpa but advertises that they perform bookkeeping accounting and tax preparation services for businesses. Seriously. You have no idea how many tax rules and regulations along with how many accounting rules and regulations for LLC’s, Partnerships, S-Corps and regular Corporations there are. Shame on you! Non CPA’s are completely unqualified in every way to perform tax services for businesses and individuals.
Clearly the 2 companies named on this page paid for the advertisement.

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IPO Grey Market Premium, GMP, GreyMarket Price & Discussion – Page 1 #ipo, #gray


IPO Grey Market Premium in India (IPO GMP Page – 1)

The IPO Grey Market is an ‘over-the-counter market’ where dealers may execute orders for ‘preferred customers’ as well as provide support for a new issue before it is actually issued.

IPO Grey Market Premium in India (GMP) helps in deciding the premium of the IPO Shares on listing day. It also allows investors to sell the IPO Shares or IPO Application at certain premium before they list.

This page is a discussion forum for grey market premium of public offers in India at BSE and NSE. For more information about IPO Grey Market in India Stock Market visit IPO Grey Market FAQs .

Attention. Pls do not use IPO Grey Market Forum to discuss secondary market. Visit Stock Market Discussion Forum >> for stock tips, questions and expert advices about specific stocks.

Tejas Networks IPO
GMP 39 – 40

Eris LifeSciences IPO
GMP 111 – 113

GMP 116 – 117

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eagleye ji
cdsl me RII subscription kitna ho sakta hai. latest information bataye plz.
aap ne es bare me post kiya tha 1=10.54

The MD Mr. Kailash himself is a fraud and cheater. In name of BMRDA sites he had cheated many investors in Bangalore and also gone to Jail. God knows where is this company heading to and now its a listed company. Investors be aware of this fraudster.

He collects advance money and register the sites but post the same never develop them and ask for more money from clients for development. I have never seen such a crook in my life. And post 5 years you will find the sites illegal with legal notices knocking your door. How. well he fudge the papers in collusion with Banks and sell them even lawyers would not be able to catch his fudge papers. be aware of this Kailash Duggal.

For Which Company”s MD Kailash about Talking you ?

Mr. Kailash – MD – Sri Krishna Constructions, Bangalore -www.skcipl.in/

Tejas Networks IPO

GMP 45 – 46
Kostak 200 – 250

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In what context

He is founder of Tejas Networks

Price band – 167-170
Lot – 85 shares
Date – 20 to 22 June
Size – 480 car
Retail – 35%

Tejas Networks IPO – Schedule – Page #386 of RHP

13th June – Anchor List
14th June – Offer Opens
16th June – Offer Closes
21st June – Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
22nd June – Unblocking of ASBA
23rd June – Credit to Demat Accounts
27th June – Listing on NSE & BSE

Eris LifeSciences IPO – Schedule – Page #290 of RHP

15th June – Anchor List
16h June – Offer Opens
20th June – Offer Closes
23st June – Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
27th June – Unblocking of ASBA
28th June – Credit to Demat Accounts
29th June – Listing on NSE & BSE

CDSL IPO – Schedule – Tentative

16th June – Anchor List
19th June – Offer Opens
21st June – Offer Closes
27th June – Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
28th June – Unblocking of ASBA
29th June – Credit to Demat Accounts
30th June – Listing on NSE & BSE

AU Financiers IPO – Schedule – Tentative

23rd June – Anchor List
27th June – Offer Opens
28th June – Offer Closes
04th July – Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
05th July – Unblocking of ASBA
06th July – Credit to Demat Accounts
07th July – Listing on NSE & BSE

Tejas Networks IPO – Schedule – Page #386 of RHP

13th June – Anchor List
14th June – Offer Opens
16th June – Offer Closes
21st June – Finalisation of Basis of Allotment
22nd June – Unblocking of ASBA
23rd June – Credit to Demat Accounts
27th June – Listing on NSE & BSE

CDSL IPO – Issue Information:

Issue Opens on: 14 June 2017
Issue Closes on: 16 June 2017
Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO
Issue Size: 3,02,21,332 Equity Shares (at Upper Price Band)
Face Value: Rs 10 per Equity Share
Issue Price: Rs.250 – Rs.257 per Equity Share
Market Lot: 55 Shares
Listing At: NSE, BSE

Category-wise Break up:.
Anchor – 13,599,599 Shares = 349.51Crs
QIB – 9,066,400 Shares = 233.01Crs
NII – 4,533,200 Shares = 116.50Crs
RII – 3,022,133 Shares = 77.67Crs (Lot size: 55 = 54,948 Forms)

Total Issue – 30,221,332 Equity Shares = 776.69Crs.

Subscription required for 1X
RII = 54948 Forms
NII = 116.50 Crs

Financial Information (Basis of Valuation)

EPS for FY14-15 >>> Rs.(2.90) (Page #113 of RHP)
EPS for FY15-16 >>> Rs.4.36 (Page #113 of RHP)
EPS for FY16-17 >>> Rs.9.40 (Page #113 of RHP)

EPS for FY17-18 >>> Rs.15.00 (Market Estimate)

RoNW for FY14-15 >>> (5.39)% (Page #114 of RHP)
RoNW for FY15-16 >>> 8.05% (Page #114 of RHP)
RoNW for FY16-17 >>> 12.63% (Page #114 of RHP)

NAV as on March 31, 2017 was Rs.70.78 (Page #115 of RHP)

Peer Group (Page #115 of RHP): NONE

Tejas NetWork IPO
Market Estimates of oversubscription:

1X QIB(Net) = 233.01Crs – assuming applications of 12KCrs. = 50X oversubscription

1X NII = 116.50Crs – assuming applications of 20KCrs. = 170X oversubscription

1X RII = 54,948 Forms – assuming 8L forms. = 14.50X oversubscription (applic-wise)
i.e. average 3.78 shares per form

GMP 48 – 50
Kostak 350

GMP 80 – 100
Kostak 850 – 950

CDSL IPO – Issue Information: (Tentative)

Issue Opens on: 19 June 2017
Issue Closes on: 21 June 2017
Issue Type: Book Built Issue IPO
Issue Size: 3,51,67,208 Equity Shares
Face Value: Rs 10 per Equity Share
Issue Price: Rs.140 – Rs.142 per Equity Share
Market Lot: 105 shares
Listing At: NSE, BSE

Category-wise Break up:.
Anchor – 1,03,40,162 Shares = 146.83Crs
QIB – 68,93,442 Shares = 97.89Crs
NII – 51,70,081 Shares = 73.42Crs
RII – 1,20,63,523 Shares = 171.30Crs (Lot size: 105 = 114,891 Forms)
Employees – 7,00,000 Shares = 9.94Crs

Total Issue – 3,51,67,208 Equity Shares = 499.37Crs.

Subscription required for 1X
RII = 114,891 Forms
NII = 73.42 Crs

Financial Information (Basis of Valuation)

EPS for FY14-15 >>> Rs.5.52 (Page #95 of RHP)
EPS for FY15-16 >>> Rs.8.71 (Page #95 of RHP)
EPS for FY16-17 >>> Rs.8.21 (Page #95 of RHP)

RoNW for FY14-15 >>> 13.86% (Page #96 of RHP)
RoNW for FY15-16 >>> 18.99% (Page #96 of RHP)
RoNW for FY16-17 >>> 16.08% (Page #96 of RHP)

NAV as on March 31, 2017 was Rs.51.04 (Page #96 of RHP)

Peer Group (Page #96 of RHP): NONE

Market Estimates of oversubscription:

1X QIB = 97.89Crs – assuming applications of 12KCrs. = 125X oversubscription

1X NII = 73.42Crs – assuming applications of 35KCrs. = 475X oversubscription

1X RII = 114,891 Forms – assuming 12L forms. = 10.50X oversubscription (applic-wise)
i.e. average 10 shares per form

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Cost of Carpet – Estimates and Prices Paid #carpet, #carpet #cost, #carpet #prices, #install


Carpet Cost

  • Prices range from $2 a square foot for the most inexpensive carpeting, including some self-adhesive carpet tiles, to as much as $100 a square yard for high-end or custom project. Decent carpeting and padding can usually be installed for $19-$38 a square yard, or $300-$600 for a 12×12-foot room .
  • If it’s not included, add, $2.50-$6 a square yard for padding. Be skeptical of prices that include free padding, because good padding increases the life span of your carpet; ask about upgrades.
  • If installation isn’t included, it averages $2-$6 or more a square yard for most residential carpet. Installers may also charge an extra $1-$2 a square yard to move furniture, another $1-$2/square yard for removing the existing carpeting; $1-$2/square yard for disposing of the old carpet; and $1-$2 extra for installing berber (loose loop) style products. There are also extra fees for steps and oddly-shaped rooms.
  • If installation is included in the price, it might be cheaper (and give you more control) to hire your own installer. If the seller won’t reveal what the built-in installation fees are or just says “it’s included,” ask what the price is if you install it yourself.

Related articles: Hardwood Floors. Vinyl Flooring. Home Addition

What should be included:

  • The least expensive material is polypropylene, also called polyethylene or olefin; acrylic is also fairly low-priced; mid-grade carpets are usually polyester or nylon; wool is often the most expensive choice, and a few high-end products include silk or linen. The Carpet and Rug Institute [1 ] gives tips for choosing a carpet.
  • Carpet tiles are also an option; visit FloorBiz.com [2 ] for an explanation and referrals.
  • There are several grades of padding. Pinch the padding; if it compacts more than half its thickness, it probably won’t last under long-term wear and tear.
  • A tack strip (wood strips with tack points jutting up to grab the carpet’s backing) should be nailed around the edges of the room. The padding is rolled out and trimmed to fit inside the tack strip, then the carpet is rolled out. The installer should use a power stretcher to minimize rippling and wrinkling. Get a good understanding of the installation process by reading the do-it-yourself directions at Hometime.com [3 ] .
  • New carpets sometimes give off vapors that bother people who are sensitive to chemicals. If this is a problem, the carpeting should be delivered early and sit in a detached garage or well-ventilated area for at least 24-48 hours before installation.

Shopping for carpet:

  • Links for retail and wholesale vendors plus referrals to carpet installers are listed at CarpetBuyersHandbook.com [4 ] .
  • Understand exactly what is included in a carpet price, and what the product warranty covers. Check the company with the Better Business Bureau [5 ] .
  • If hiring an installer, request and check references, and ask about training and certification. Get proof of liability insurance and at least a one-year written warranty for the work. ColorYourCarpet.com [6 ] provides detailed guidelines.

Hi my name is Bela. I used Empire installation in NJ to carpet my office with carpet tiles they charge me $20 sq yard milliken 22 ounce commercial carpet tiles $6 a yard to install and $3 remove old carpet you can provide your dumpster or they dump it for you for extra $2 a yard. My office is 150 sq yards i paid for install removal and dump $1650 and $3000 for carpet. I recommend this guys they fully insured and know what they doing. just ask for Simon 7812965684. I Will do more work with them in the future .

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Installer: Yes, I am

Sounds like you received a quality installation. If you had purchased from the box stores believing the farce of having carpet installed in your entire home. the next day. for $99.95 You would be tootin a different toon. Glad that you had an installed that cared about you.
Price is now the deciding issue these days and people want the cheapest everything, even if it means the flooring will last half as long due to an installer that has no clue what he is doing.
A good installer can easily double the life span of your flooring by doing the job correctly.

Was this post helpful to you? yes no

700 sqft carpet replacement for bedrooms, closets, a hall and steps. The price includes: removing old carpet, installing new pad and carpet (including materials), but does not include; disposing the old carpet. No furniture on the floor. I believe the quality of the carpet is on a par with $2/sqft carpet sold in home center – it is not expensive but not a cheapest one. I received another quote from Home Depot, which is approximately $2,100.
The installer is good in terms of installation quality, but bad in the sense that they spent 3 days to install it.

Was this post helpful to you? yes no

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Hotel Management Entrance Online Practice Test #nchmct #online #practice #test, #free #nchmct #jee #previous


Hotel Management Entrance Exam Online Practice Test

Essence of Online Test – Students

  1. User friendly, simplifies subject practice
  2. Random questions generation strengthens the subject base
  3. Question and Answer MCQs assist in self-correction
  4. Performance indicator to judge your level of performance
  5. Chapter- wise choice and practice make you to power in the weaker area
  6. Tests comparison evaluate your performance level from time to time
  7. Explanation and derivations for the complicated questions will help you to learn the solution exactly
  8. Spontaneous results will quench your thirst
  9. Develops cognitive skills
  10. Every test grooms your potential
  11. Helps to acquire speed, accuracy
  12. You can experience upgradition in confidence level
  13. Free from regular practicing hurdles
  14. Can access anywhere, any time
  15. Evaluated Solutions ( Questions. Answers along with explanation ) is available even after completing the test / s in your account. ( Only for Purchased Test )
  16. Evaluated Solutions ( Questions. Answers along with explanation ) can be viewed / read / learnt and analyzed at any time ( strictly before the expiry )

How does Online Practice work out? – Parents

  1. C an keep your ward (Child) near you to monitor his/her preparation level
  2. Can lighten the exam burden by offering online practice apart from regular preparation
  3. Can test your ward’s subject knowledge by providing chapter wise tests
  4. Online mock tests are designed as real time exam in accordance with pattern, timings
  5. Online practice assists your child to pass out the real time exam easily
  6. Exam score simplifies the admission, so that financial drawback is reduced
  7. Your nighness will improve your child confidence and originality level
  8. Timer, Performance indicator, Instant results will be the impacting tools for any parents
  9. You can make your child to do a hassle free practice to attain indelible memory
  10. Demo tests, as a paradigm, indicate our level of online exams
  11. As a parent, you can enhance your child technology level by providing the Computer based tests
  12. You can save his/her time, sweat sheds
  13. You can be a tutor to your child
  14. Your assistance for plethoric online practice creates a genius to the society
  15. Your direct assessment will take you to show the right path for your loving child.
  16. Sit with your child an hour daily to experience his/her gradual improvement.

I ndia, being a diverse country, more people migrate from several countries around the world. India has become the most popular tourist destination for its good culture, ancient temples, conservative and humane people. India’s significance is “Hospitality”. This feature helped for a tremendous growth of Hospitality Industry for the past decades.

Hospitality Industry offers exciting and challenging opportunities for the aspirants and now-a-days, a lot of students are passionate for hiring a Hotel Management degree / diploma from the Home land, India. Hospitality and hotel management courses are offered by several colleges and institutions in India. These courses equip students with the skills necessary in running a business class hotel.

A job in Hotel Industry is making people comfortable and happy. This rewarding career provides immense satisfaction and a decent package. There is a high demand for trained manpower in this industry. Many start hotels recruit trained staffs for their service.

A Hospitality Industry student and employee should have an outgoing attitude, hard work capacity, willing to interact with common people. Should be capable of tackling worst situations during any crisis, committed, disciplined, and dedicated. Here we see the NCHMCT JEE Online Practice Test, a glimpse.

NCHMCT JEE Online Test Pack 2017

Online Practice Test for NCHMCT JEE Exam

Free NCHMCT JEE Practice Tests are available.

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Dynamic Price App for Adobe Business Catalyst #business #from #home #ideas

#business catalyst


Dynamic Price app allows 3 simple features:

  • Dynamic price change when attributes with cost are selected
  • Hide attributes cost from user
  • Show total price for product calculated from quantity instead of sell price for a single item.

Easy to install, zero coding skills are required!

IMPORTANT: The app functionality is only compatible with Individual Product – Large layout.

We are working on an issue with comments. Comments will be back soon.

17 Aug 2015 – Version 1.0.2

Required system update (public folder compatibility)

20 Apr 2015 – Version 1.0.1

Added price format support for different cultures

09 Apr 2015 – Version 1.0.0
  • New feature: dynamic price for Retail price;
  • Invisible attributes cost when page is loading;
  • Liquid markup compatibility;
  • Minor bug fixes.
31 Mar 2015 – Version 0.1

BCAppStore ready version

License (Admin App)
By purchasing resource (“app,” “plugin,” “service,” “download,” “item,” or “file”) you are being granted a license to use these files for specific uses under certain conditions. Ownership remains with BC App Store (Solid Sky LLC) and the respective copyright holders, and you are required to abide by the following licensing terms.

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We reserve the rights to change prices and revise the resources usage policy at anytime.

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Plumber Frisco, Texas – Crown Plumbing Service – Frisco Plumber, Commercial, Residential, Remodel, Repair


Welcome to the website of Crown Plumbing Service, where our “Crown Service Guarantee is a Promise”. Crown Plumbing Service provides plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers throughout the Collin county area.

Including plumbing repairs and upgrades, Crown Plumbing Service is also happy to provide tankless water heater system installations, slab leak repairs, sewer and drain cleanings, garbage disposal replacements, gas line repairs and hydo-jetting. Some of our other specialty services include BBQ gas line installations, hot water recirculation systems and water filtration and purification systems.

Headquartered in Collin County Texas, Crown Plumbing Service is a family owned and operated corporation that remains committed to old fashioned values of professionalism, dependability and affordability. We realize that regardless of the magnitude of your repair, when you need plumbing service, urgency, accuracy, and integrity are critical to the success of your repair.

At Crown Plumbing Service each one of our technicians has been expertly trained and LPG licensed. We are also fully insured for your protection. We offer a flexible scheduling calendar Monday through Saturday, beginning at 7:30 a.m. We invite you to tour our website so that you may gain a full understanding of all the services we provide.

If you have any questions, please check out our frequently asked questions page on this site. If you don’t see what you are looking for, our specialists will be happy to assist you. If you would like to schedule a service call, or we can be of any assistance, please call us at 972-346-2332. Click here to request services online.

Family Owned & Operated
24 Emergency Service
Over Ten Years Experience
NO Overtime Charges
FREE Estimates

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Current Price Definition #stock #market #prices

#current stock market


Current Price

What does ‘Current Price’ mean

The current price is the actual selling price of a security trading on an exchange, as well as the most recent price of a security listed in an investment portfolio. In the case of a bond, a bond’s current price will often be quoted as 10% of the par value of $1000. A bond that currently trades at $99 is really priced at $990. Current price also refers to the present price of a stock, currency, commodity, stamps or a precious metal.

BREAKING DOWN ‘Current Price’

Also known as the market value. the current price is the price at which goods are currently being sold in the market. Similar to market price. which is the price determined by buyers and sellers in an open market. the current price of a security is the price at which a security last traded. In that regard, the current price can function as a baseline when estimating the price a buyer would be willing to pay and the seller would be will to accept for a subsequent transaction involving the purchase and sale of the same security.

Current Price on Stock Exchanges

On a stock exchange, the current price of a security is determined by the last amount that was paid by an investor during a trade. The current price does not dictate the next sale price as changes to the supply and demand associated with the security will shift prices accordingly.

Often, the current price can be used as an indicator to approximate what would be considered a fair price in the open market, but this is not a guarantee that any subsequent transactions will be completed at that price.

Current Price in Over-the-Counter Trades

When a security is listed over the counter instead of on an exchange, the current price is based on the current bid price listed by buyers and the current ask price listed by sellers. Considered dynamic in nature, the current price fluctuates based on the principles of supply and demand.

Current Price in the Bond Market

A bond’s current price is determined by comparing the current interest rate to the interest rate associated with the bind. The face value is then adjusted based on the remaining interest payments due until the bond reaches maturity. The closer a bond is to maturity, the closer the current price will be to the face value listed on the bond.

Current Price in Retail Environment

Within a retail environment, the current price reflects the amount actively being charged to customers at that moment. This can be separate from the retail price, such as where an item is on sale, and can fluctuate depending on the store from which the item is purchased.

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Buy Shadilal – Sons A Trade Game Business Deluxe India Online In India –

#business game


Shadilal Sons A Trade Game Business Deluxe India

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Price Volume – Stocks with the highest price volume ratio #best #small #business

#stock prices


US Exchanges Price Volume Leaders Fri, Sep 2nd, 2016


US Exchanges

  • US Exchangest
  • –By Market Cap–
  • Large Cap
  • Mid Cap
  • Small Cap
  • Micro Cap
  • –By Price–
  • Price $10
  • Price $10
  • –By Exchange–
  • NYSE
  • AMEX
  • Nasdaq
  • ETFs
  • OTC/BB
  • Pink Sheets
  • Toronto (TSX)
  • Toronto Venture
  • London (LSE)
  • Australia (ASX)

Volume’,’Price Volume: The price multiplied by the volume represented in 1000’s.’,’int’,’right’,’asc’]=2886959.313,2146646.145,1915747.91135,1734880.075,1685000.616,1615897.504,1540889.28,1531264.389,1487701.16955,1396339.882,1329536.611,1215307.252,1181122.382,1089922.68867,1075615.126,1009727.029,926003.36149,866540.94954,827390.85,780789.555,774104.185,701982,700465.983,692783.852,688982.875,665902.716,651063.546,641171.145,620647.032,612282.79,611536.926,603495.728,586010.25,577921.395,561518.477,556354.17,550969.7,525480.6,508140.114,505092.328,501932.80077,479479.336,471989.052,459847.875,449638.93981,423212.622,418052.234,417104.30984,413524.17,411228.029,410104.464,403059.015,402258.462,400739.43,397476.048,395990.77,394991.883,394070.794,391867.509,389189.304,388781.075,385837.6,380360.31,379204.623,375632.4,373669.68,372050.20875,369406.115,363179.432,359380.401,353766.726,348119.16816,346073.562,345448.103,345195.144,345081.96,344278.305,340355.904,332530.243,331295.076,328690.136,327922.231,326552.544,319592.52,319427.056,317627.592,315363.984,314779.311,303944.66,303530.7,303393.138,303042.605,295625.132,294163.116,294019.488,291055.072,291032.04,290356.464,290143.532,289944.2,289303.616,287983.777,287817.684,284783.343,279458.738,279341.808,269060.904,268844.95,268037.331,267175.624,266829.255,264701.255,263725.92,263448.75,263330.126,262936.884,260579.97,259660.08,258699.176,255107.008,254650.24,251812.236,251478.43,249355.062,249093.712,248198.888,244397.16,243581,242150.925,241957.664,239917.899,238806.32182,238622.7,238488.39,238440.174,229417.98,229214.967,226033.766,224674.95,223269.557,223041.069,222072.224,219878.478,218232.168,215516.086,214332.936,213002.592,210434.718,210015.978,209648.493,208847.646,207903.744,206858.971,204356.656,204149.004,203828.142,203493.579,201096.757,200429.74,200220.088,200083.317,199687.824,198885.584,198303.105,197488.557,196113.965,195493.635,194918.415,194044.1,191249.424,190778.376,190688.316,190533.624,188845.784,188302.656,187406.9,186163.704,185192.55,184775.82,184154.912,184017.616,182899.854,182317.528,181945.08,178058.57,178057.544,176522.892,176302.828,175381.884,174296.896,174084.36,173779.032,173554.71,173537.208,173286.752,172515.47691,172334.253,171797.71913,170947.765,170701.19;” data-pageSize=”100″ data-perfLinks=”N%3B”>

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