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PBX (Private Branch eXchange)

A phone switch located at the customer’s premise. A PBX comes in many sizes, from 2 lines to thousands of phone lines. Common features can include an ACD for call distribution and IVR that can process incoming phone calls prior to routing to call stations. Some PBX’s support outbound dialing protocols such as autodialing, progressive dialing and predictive dialing. A PBX usually has many more features than a standard phone system.

A Hosted PBX (sometimes called a Virtual PBX) offers similar functionality and features, but the switching is located a central location and only the phones are at the customer site.

What is a PBX?

A PBX, which stands for “private branch exchange,” is simply a way for a telephone system to have internal switching. It’s mainly made up of a variety of different telephone system branches that are linked together and allows connections to be made in between them, which causes the telephones themselves to be linked together.

What are PBXs used for?

A company will generally have a ton of phones, often one for each worker. Rather than getting a separate phone line for each one of these, they utilize a PBX in order to link all of their internal phones together to be used to link to the external world in a much more efficient capacity. It allows a variety of people to use just one line, which allows the company to have one phone number to connect with to the outside world.

A PBX vs a Phone

A PBX is not the same as a traditional phone. The numbering format is not the same, as it uses an internal numbering system specific to that business. If you’re inside a PBX, you’ll only need to dial a three or four digit number to make another call within the network. These are what are referred to as ‘extensions.’ If a person were to call into the system from outside, they’d be able to reach the person they want to speak with directly by dialing an extension after the overarching business number.

The Main Roles of a PBX

To ensure that resources are kept in order to keep connections in the same place.
To create connections by acting as a switch between telephone users.
To record any data associated with a call, such as quantities, call volume, metering, and statistics.
To correctly terminate a call once one of the users hang up the phone.

Functions of a PBX

  • It allows a company to have one single phone number that people can use to contact a number of different internal representatives.
  • It uses an automatic call distribution (ACD) feature, which allows calls to be distributed evenly amongst the various employees of an answering team.
  • It can provide automated call answers and provide anyone calling in with a number of menu options that’ll be used to select which department or extension they want to go to on their own.
  • It allows for automated greetings that are customizable.
  • It provides a host of management features.
  • It allows providing custom music to callers that are on hold while waiting for an internal employee to answer.
  • It can be used to record separate voice messages for each extension.
  • It allows internal calls to be made in between stations.


PBXs have been around for a long time, as they were originally created during the age of landline telephone systems. Today’s technology allows has made it so that PBX systems can be used by Voice over IP (VoIP) services using IP PBX (internet protocol private branch exchange).

Before this time, PBX systems used to only be something that larger companies could have, but with the rise of the internet, virtually any sized business can afford to get the same benefits of a PBX system. Some money will have to be invested up front, but it allows smaller businesses to utilize a host of great features and also look much more professional.

The main things that IP PBX systems bring to the table is scalability, enhanced features, and better management. Since IP PBX systems are based around software rather than physical devices, it’s much easier to upgrade and move than earlier PBX systems.

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Business Telephone Systems

Whether your business needs dictate a full IP PBX system, a more traditional digital office phone system, or you need to combine the two, you can take advantage of a flexible, feature-rich platform tailored to your needs that will grow with you. Our business phone system experts are available to provide you with a free needs analysis and make specific recommendations to improve your business communications.

Media Management

Know more. Reduce Risks. Manage better. Media Management is an all-in-one telephone system add-on that lets you access recordings of selected office phone calls and other call information, view security footage, and obtain reports of building access records.

Computer/Telephone Integration

With ESI’s VIP™ software, you’ll enjoy a high level of integration between your office phone system and your PC. Database dialing, screen “pops”, call control, voice mail retrieval, and much more are at your command.

All business phone systems and other products offered by Telco Ltd. are designed to give you maximum productivity while being among the easiest to use on the market. Our experts can help you choose the best telephone system configuration for your needs. Serving the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

BUSINESS Telephone Systems

Maximize your productivity without sacrificing on ease-of-use. Choose the digital or VOIP office telephone system that’s right for your business and that will grow with you.

Unified Messaging

Receive email, voice mail, and fax transmissions in one mailbox. Take your communications with you wherever you go.

Business VOIP Solutions

Learn about the multitude of ways you can leverage VOIP (Voice Over IP) in your business to make you more productive and reduce expenses.

Bluetooth integration

Use your favorite Bluetooth headset with your office phone. Manage your cell calls and your business calls all from your desktop phone.

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erwabo 2016-06-15 15:24:22 UTC #1

I have had this PBX up for years using the GV Motif module and it just decided to disconnect. Password is correct. My log file is filled with this:

[2016-06-15 10:16:36] ERROR[2107] res_xmpp.c: TLS connection for client ‘xxxxxxxxx’ cannot be established. OpenSSL initialization failed.
[2016-06-15 10:16:36] WARNING[2107] res_xmpp.c: Parsing failure: Hook returned an error.
[2016-06-15 10:16:36] WARNING[2107] res_xmpp.c: JABBER: socket read error

I haven’t made any changes to router, firewall or anything and haven’t updated FreePBX modules. any ideas. Thanks

jfinstrom (TheJames) 2016-06-15 15:52:19 UTC #2

jfinstrom (TheJames) 2016-06-15 15:57:36 UTC #3

Based on a post on dslreports xmpp auths are now all broken and you must use oauth2. This requires patching asterisk. The only way to use GV without patching asterisk is to use a gateway service

erwabo 2016-06-15 16:05:26 UTC #4

Interesting. well it just decided to show connected again, however only outgoing calls work. Incoming calls go to Google Voice and are not forwarded to Asterisk box. Is this change recent?

jfinstrom (TheJames) 2016-06-15 16:07:40 UTC #5

I don’t use GV but started seeing complaints yesterday.

erwabo 2016-06-15 16:22:08 UTC #6

Hmm, yeah im not 100% sure whats the issue. I can make outgoing calls, any softphone client on a desktop or smartphone will register and make ext-ext calls no problem as well as outgoing. Just incoming doesn’t work, and when I do call my GV number, it redirects to another number that then leads to my Google Voice voicemail. Not real privy on Asterisk so not even sure how to check oAuth version. I do know its 11.4

jfinstrom (TheJames) 2016-06-15 16:34:08 UTC #7

oauth2 is not supported by asterisk upstream. It is a patch people add.

erwabo 2016-06-15 16:35:24 UTC #8

Ahh,well if the issue was oauth2, wouldn’t that prevent PBX from even connecting to GV? Its connected now, just incoming not being forwarded

erwabo 2016-06-15 16:44:31 UTC #10

So interesting, I left myself a message and the GV service actually called in on my GV number to let me listen to the message, so the incoming call directly from GV worked.

erwabo 2016-06-15 17:02:54 UTC #11

Well must have been something with Google. I did another reboot of Asterisk and now its all working again. So I guess problem solved =)

billsimon 2016-06-15 17:15:56 UTC #12

Sorry, I don’t really know anything more about it, except that yesterday/today’s issue seems to have affected Obihai and Asterisk equally and there are a lot of inconsistent reports about how the problem was resolved.

The error message at face value seems to point to a TLS incompatibility, as though Google were enforcing a more strict TLS scheme and the client side has an older OpenSSL implementation that is not compatible. That hypothesis would line up with Google’s usual push for stronger, more secure encryption, but there is no proof that this is the case.

The other thing we saw while troubleshooting it on the PIAF forum was users only being offered OAUTH2 as a login method — user/pass (“plain”) login was not being offered in the XMPP handshake.

It’s not known whether people resolved the connection problem through various updates or it went away on its own (i.e. Google did something, or it was a temporary error on some of Google’s XMPP servers).

isb (Isb) 2016-06-23 21:52:14 UTC #13

We are having the same issue. Google voice showing disconnected. Password and everything correct. I don’t see a module update for Google voice motif in freepbx.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

cynjut (Dave Burgess) 2016-06-24 13:41:36 UTC #14

The obvious solution is to switch to something that is actually a VOIP connection. There are lots of inexpensive VOIP providers that compete favorably with Google Voice and don’t limit what you can do through their EULA.

I usually recommend the two providers I use for outbound (Alcazar Networks and CallWithUs) and the one I use for inbound (Voip Innovations). Of course, SIPStation (the sponsor of the forum’s service) is an excellent choice.

Google has made it clear that they aren’t interested in support the PBX community with free phone services. At some point, they are going to start hammering on people that allow people to abuse their services. If I was Bill, I’d say “nope, sorry. Google doesn’t want people to connect their PBXes up to GV anymore and I don’t want to be sued.” I’m not, of course, so Bill is absolutely encouraged to do whatever his heart desires.

isb (Isb) 2016-06-24 17:17:30 UTC #15

Thanks. We have other paid sip providers but use this for something else.

anyway, does anyone have an update to the issue going on? Hearing a lot of OBI devices are impacted as well, but some are able to restore service after upgrading firmware.

billsimon 2016-06-24 21:16:30 UTC #16

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SIP Trunks, an Advanced Voice Solution

Comcast Business SIP Trunking is a next generation voice solution that provides a virtual connection from your IP PBX to the Comcast Network. SIP Trunking offers an ideal way to take advantage of the latest VoIP technologies and benefits, including business continuity features to help ensure you never miss a call even if disaster strikes.

If you need a flexible, intelligent way to maximize voice services on your IP PBX, Comcast Business SIP Trunks are the solution.


  • Dedicated 100 Mbps port
  • Dedicated voice bandwidth
  • 6 to 800 concurrent calls over Fiber (46 over Coax/HFC)
  • Multiple trunk group configurations
  • Managed QoS
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Multiple Caller ID options
  • Calling Name Delivery (CNAM) down to the telephone number (TN) level
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID) and Direct Outward Dial (DOD)
  • Call Detail Records (CDR)



  • Maximize your existing capital IP PBX investment and reduce voice-line spend with trunk technology.


  • Voice services are prioritized and network equipment is secured by 2 layers of authentication.


  • Add channels as needed, one at a time, instead of purchasing in packs.


  • Advanced business continuity features provided on a Comcast-owned and managed network. Services are monitored 24/7/365 with dedicated support
    provided through our national Network Operations Center (NOC).


  • Comcast has the largest private VoIP network in the nation and is the fourth largest voice provider in the US.


  • Simplify and centralize management of your voice services and bundle with additional Comcast Business services for greater value.

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Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX Services for Businesses #small #business #pbx #system


The Real PBX s Hosted PBX service is an all-in-one solution to meet all your communication needs without having to incur installation and maintenance cost and operational inefficiencies of the traditional hardwired phone. A complete, flexible Hosted PBX set up (also known as Cloud PBX, Virtual PBX or IP PBX) unifies multiple communication channels to improve productivity, enhance collaboration and ease network communication.

Our feature-rich Hosted PBX solutions is tailored to fit with your workflow, add/remove extensions within seconds, handle thousands of incoming/outgoing calls with ease and lets your business remain connected from anywhere across the globe. With zero installation cost, pay as you go plans, and plug and play cloud communication model, you can get started within minutes to connect with the required resources wherever you need.

What is Hosted PBX and How it Works?

Hosted PBX, also known as Virtual PBX and Cloud PBX is a highly scalable, IP-based communication service that routes calls over the Internet and allows multi-location businesses to simplify their communication and reduce the capital expenditure.

Virtual PBX solution uses a single terminal to manage all telephone business lines without making any alteration in the existing setup. There is no need to establish a new physical set up, virtual PBX service offers a plug-and-play system that helps you structure customized call routing solution for directing calls from any location to any department or agent’s extension whether it is a personal mobile, desk phone or desktop. Mobile users can take leverage of smartphone apps to replace smartphone’s ID with company’s caller ID and in-house employees can use VoIP desk phone or softphones to make and receive calls via cloud PBX.

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With SIPStation SIP Trunks, you can be making calls in just a few minutes. SIPstation Sip Trunks provide telephony services using your high-speed Internet connection, eliminating the need for traditional phone service. No contracts, no fuss. Our services work with your phone system and are compatible with the majority of IP PBXs. They are also compatible with virtually any TDM PBX or legacy CPE phone system using a gateway device.

SIPStation Services are backed by our World-Class customer support staff which are available online or by phone.

All SIPStation service is built into FreePBX and PBXact direct for easy setup. Install the SIPStation module and follow our guide here and have your service setup in minutes and placing calls. Who better to bring you phone service then the company that also manages and builds FreePBX and PBXact.

Available Services:

High Volume Voice Trunk with Inbound and Outbound calling ability (1 Trunk = 1 Simultaneous Call) $24.99 /mo each

  • Trunks provide high volume inbound calling
  • Includes calling to the lower US 48 states Canada

Local numbers available in most areas of the USA

  • Only $1.00 /mo each (Add as many as you need from across the US).
  • Port your existing telephone numbers to our service: $10 port charge then $1/mo per DID charge.

Includes e911 address support
We provide Caller ID with Name on all inbound calls to any DID provisioned on SIPStations network.

Supported Codecs
FreePBX module that is the fastest and easiest way to set up telephony service with FreePBX. Sipstation also can be used with just about any VoIP PBX, Softphone or Hardphone.

  • Add SIP Trunking to your FreePBX installation.
  • Add SIP Trunking to your existing VoIP PBX.
  • Add SIP Trunking to your legacy PBX.

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Le PBX est l’élément principal de la communication d’entreprise. Le Système Multimédia Wildix est un PBX fiable, facile à configurer localement ou à distance .

Nos modèles sont similaires en terme de qualité, mais se différencient par le nombre maximal d’utilisateurs enregistrés et le nombre d’appels pouvant être gérés simultanément.

Un PBX peut gérer de 8 utilisateurs jusqu’à 5000 (selon le modèle)

Modèles PBX Wildix

Archivage de données

La Clé Wildix USB de Stockage 2GB est résistante aux températures élevées. Son fonctionnement supporte une température jusqu’à 85 degrés, elle est fabriquée en aluminium, cela garantit la protection sécurisée des données et l’utilisation à long terme. Elle permet jusqu’à 100.000 cycles d’écriture / effacement et lecture de 22MB/sec / écriture à vitesse de 18MB/sec, grâce à la technologie NAND Flash .


USB 2.0 Standard compatible

NAND Type Flash Memory Based

W 13.5 x L 32.0 x H 4.5 mm

Media Transfer Rate

Read: 22 Mbytes/ Second max
Write: 18 Mbytes/ Second max.

Operating: -40°C to +85°C
Storage: -50°C to +95°C

DC 5V ± 10% via the USB port

Si vous souhaitez recevoir plus de vidéos, renseignez votre
adresse e-mail et choisissez le ou les sujets qui vous intéresse:

Ayant toute confiance en la qualité de nos produits et pour le démontrer à nos partenaires et clients finaux, Wildix a decidé de porter la garantie de son matériel à 5 ans.
Pour activer cette garantie il vous suffit de nous fournir le détail des produits achetés (nom du produit, numéro de série, adresse MAC..) accompagné des preuves d’achat.

Système de gestion Wildix WMS 3

Tous les PBXs Wildix sont fournis avec l’interface administrateur Wildix Management System (WMS). accessible via le navigateur.

L’interface graphique vous permet d’activer et de gérer tous les PBX (en Réseau WMS, pour les entreprises internationales et les multi-sites), ajouter des utilisateurs et modifier leurs préférences, ainsi que configurer tous les dispositifs appartenant à votre réseau, y compris ceux distants, grâce au système d’auto-approvisionnement .

Toutes les applications sont intégrées dans un seul environnement d exploitation et sont disponibles pour tous les utilisateurs du système.


Il est possible de virtualiser WMS.

Le système Wildix peut être installé sur des machines virtuelles hébergées sur un serveur à distance, offrant plus de flexibilité de configuration.

Réseau WMS

Wildix propose un système flexible et évolutif qui s’adapte facilement aux besoins de l’entreprise.

Vous pouvez connecter vos PBXs Wildix via le Réseau WMS, un réseau de communication qui ne tient pas compte des distances, et qui permet aux utilisateurs de communiquer comme s’ils travaillaient tous au même endroit .

La base de données des utilisateurs du système Wildix réside en une base de données LDAP distribuée, ce qui permet de construire un réseau sécurisé et efficace. Chaque utilisateur peut être associé à n’importe quel PBX sur le réseau, grâce à la copie du profil utilisateur (profil itinérant), il peut facilement se déplacer entre les sites sans changer son numéro de poste et préférences de l’utilisateur.


Vous pouvez envoyer et recevoir des fax facilement et rapidement comme s’il s’agissait de simples e-mails.

Chaque utilisateur peut avoir son propre numéro de fax. Les fax qui vous sont adressés vous seront livrés directement à votre e-mail.

Le Serveur Fax Wildix apporte d importantes économies sur les coûts du papier et de toner en vous permettant de réduire l impact négatif sur l environnement.

  • Les notifications automatiques sur le résultat de la transmission de fax
  • L archivage de fax en format numérique pour le stockage et la récupération plus faciles
  • Les meilleures performances et la fiabilité, grâce au standard T.38 pour la transmission de fax sur IP
  • Envoi / réception de SMS

Le service de REDONDANCE garantit la fiabilité du système en cas de défaillance du système PBX ou réseau.

En cas d’urgence toutes les fonctionnalités seront automatiquement transmises au PBX de sauvegarde qui a les mêmes caractéristiques et configurations que le principal.

Les installations et nouvelles fonctionnalités de Wildix.

Ce qu ils en pensent: Wildix Tech Wizards

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Phone Systems Brisbane #phone #system, #telephone #system, #office #phone, #pbx, #business #phone #system, #office


NEC SV8100 Phone System

NEC SV8100SE Phone System

NEC SL1100 Phone System

Business VoIP

We offer business and office phone systems, new or used, digital or VoIP phone systems with full installation and turnkey solutions, all at affordable prices. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we offer just about everything:

  • Business phone systems
  • Installation
  • Voice over IP
  • Network cabling
  • Telephone cabling
  • Business broadband
  • IT services
  • Office relocations
  • New line connections

Get expert knowledge in the latest technology.

We also offer VoIP telephone systems which can massively reduce your office communications costs.

We cater for all business sizes. Please call us today to find the right solution for your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will guide you through every step of the way � so easy and hassle-free!

Avoid the hassle of dealing with large Telco companies with poor customer service. We make it easy to connect new business phone lines – anything from analogue to digital or VoIP! Unbeatable plans at affordable prices!

we also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, caller id, line hunt, call forwarding, direct in-dial lines, fax to email, permanent number diversions and more.

Line rental and making calls from your telephone system does not have to be expensive. Here are just some of the great plans we offer.

Business Fixed Line plans suitable for all business telephone systems

Is your business looking for an internet connection that provides you with you faster and more effective services than ADSL2+?

Business grade EFM internet offers your business a powerful communications solution. Enjoy unlimited monthly data quota with our business grade symmetrical Ethernet or fiber optic internet connections. With our reliable and symmetrical connections, you can enjoy downloading and uploading at precisely the same speed.

These types of connections are extremely reliable and are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speed are the same. Not only do you get unlimited data quota each month, these connections can be configured for internet only or set up as a virtual private network or VPN for connecting multiple business locations together.

Take a look at these great business plans below.


Unlimited 4 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 6 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 8 wire Ethernet

Hitec phone systems are a reliable communications specialist. We offer you complete home and business phone system and turnkey solutions.

  • Talk directly with a licensed technician
  • Great customer service
  • Free phone support
  • Affordable telephone systems and services
  • Ongoing local support
  • Cheap phone calls and internet
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Telephone systems
  • Voice over IP
  • Business phone lines
  • Business broadband
  • Phone cabling
  • Data cabling
  • IT services
  • Installation and training

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