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Miami, FL Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Workers Compensation Attorney serving Florida #personal #injury #attorney,personal #injury #lawyer,criminal #defense #attorney,criminal #defense #lawyer,workers #compensation #attorney,workers #compensation #lawyer,miami #attorney,ft #myers #attorney,west #palm #beach #attorney,miami #lawyer,west #palm #beach #lawyer,the #cochran #firm


Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, and Workers Compensation Attorneys in Florida

Founded over four decades ago by world-renowned attorney and philanthropist, Johnnie L. Cochran (1937-2005), The Cochran Firm. with offices nationwide, has become one of our country s premier law firms specializing in:

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The Cochran Firm employs some of the nation s most talented, highly-respected, and gifted personal injury, criminal defense, and workers compenstation attorneys dedicated to providing quality legal representation to all people regardless of race, socioeconomic status, religion, age, or gender. Our injury and defense attorneys represent personal injury and workers compensation victims and defendents throughout South Florida including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Fort Myers.

At The Cochran Firm. The verdicts and settlements obtained by our criminal defense and personal injury attorneys in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and throughout Florida are proof of our decades-long track record of winning tough cases and bringing negligent and/or guilty parties to justice or making them compensate those they injured. The Cochran Firm s many offices throughout the United States reflect Johnnie s vision to have a diverse law firm which reflects society and is capable of handing cases throughout America. To honor Johnnie, we have done just that. At the current time, we have 28 offices throughout the country. and plans for expansion are already in the works.

Practice Areas

In the area of personal injury law. The Cochran Firm South Florida has represented countless motor vehicle accident victims many of whom suffered catastrophic injuries such as:

Our Miami Injury Attorneys offer a no-cost, confidential case evaluation, so we can hear the details of your case and advise you on how to proceed. If you have suffered due to someone else s careless behavior, we will fight tirelessly to get you the justice and the monetary compensation you deserve for having your life forever changed.

Our accident attorneys most often represent clients and their families who have been injured or killed due to:

We also have extensive experience representing South Florida claimants in Workers Compensation cases and can explain this very difficult process to you in language you can understand. These cases can be complex, and it is almost impossible to collect the benefits to which you are entitled unless you have a skilled Workers Compensation attorney on your side.

When it comes to criminal defense. our attorneys know Florida law inside and out. Our clients have been acquitted of charges ranging from Driving Under a Suspended License (Florida s most popular crime) to Murder in the First Degree. We defend the wrongfully accused, protect your basic civil rights, and help to maintain your freedom, career, and reputation. If you have been arrested, you know the havoc it can wreak on your personal and professional lives. The Cochran Firm South Florida has the experience, resources, knowledge, and dedication to get you through this trying time. Our criminal defense attorneys give each and every one of our clients the time and attention they deserve.

If you live in the Miami, Florida area, or in West Palm Beach, Ft. Myers or anywhere in South Florida, and are in need of an attorney who will fight for your civil rights, get you the compensation to which you may be entitled, and work to secure your freedom from prosecution, you have come to the right place. Please contact The Cochran Firm South Florida today to schedule a confidential, no-cost consultation.

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Reading Your Palm: The Life Line #life #line #palm #reading



The life line traces events from birth to old age. When this line is the most heavily emphasized then the subject will put the physical above almost everything else. This type of line is more likely to be found on the hands of those people who prefer the great outdoors and thrive when involved in physical activities. However, like any other lines, it must never be read in isolation but always be assessed in conjunction with them and other features on a hand if you are to make a satisfactory analysis.

The life line is the most important gauge of our constitution and vitality and it should always look strong and healthy. The more interruptions on the line the less its power to operate as it should.

Sometimes the line appears to constrict the ball of the thumb and tuck in under the mount of Venus. It can sweep outward to end anywhere on the Luna mount or be the division between the two bottom mounts. In a few cases, it can travel on to the lower outer edge of the palm. It can fork into several branches, fade away, fray, or tassellate.

Where Does Your Life Line Begin?
When it starts as single line within the skin pattern at the edge of the palm, the nature is open and self-reliant, but when it is chained, then the owner will be too reliant on others. An open-ended island format suggests an element of mystery surrounding birth, adoption, or illegitimacy or perhaps, difficulty with physical birth.

When, at the start, it is tied with the head line, the longer they stay together, the more cautious their owner in relationship with others. These folk will be hyper sensitive, full of self-doubt, and difficult to understand; they tend to achieve very little. There can be a hint of national pride or a love of family tradition, the right way of getting things done � convention is important to them.

As the life line moves away from the head line, little influence lines may be seen between them. When there are many of them, the nature is not very positive and the owners will look at others for leadership because they lack any real decisiveness themselves.

A line that begins high up on the mount of Jupiter denotes a healthy, driving, ambitious nature. These people will be confident and feel they are infallible. When things go wrong, they must find someone else to blame rather than admit they are wrong. The lower down the beginning of this line, the less this tendency. The nature will be open, friendly, and natural.

A life line that originates from the mount of Mars and clings tighly around the ball of the thumb creates a sensitive, touchy soul, ready to kick in a self-defense mechanism at the slightest sign of trouble. A line rising on the Mars mount suggests the subject is a follower who rarely moves without checking every step of the way and even then hesitates. A line touching or passing through the line from inside the life line shows an interfering family member or close friend.

Another Line Running Parallel with Life Line
A sister line, the line of Mars, may run parallel with the life line. It is an added sign of physical well-being that gives that extra zing to life and is often seen in the hands of sportspeople. Sometimes, a hand will have two life lines running parallel almost from start to finish. This indicates someone who is able to love two completely different lives at the same time.

Reading the Life Line
Influence marks that stem from the palmar area, outside the life line, indicate from where or from who problems originate; if from Jupiter, a career matter perhaps; if from Saturn, personal discipline; or if from the Apollo finger or mount; artistic or creative matters. If a line comes from the Mercury finger or mount it relates to commercial matters.

When the life line in the right hand sweeps out into the palmar surface with little or no ties between it and the head line, the owner will make continuous conscious efforts to better his or her life. If the left-hand line seems to restrict the ball of the thumb but the right-hand line is noticeably different and sweeps right out into the palm, there will be many attempts to better the life. These subjects consider their early years were disadvantages and difficult to cope with and that this held them back. They will have faced up to overbearing parents, risen above scholastic or environmental dissatisfaction, and recognized health weaknesses with a sensible and responsible regimen.

The reverse of this, when the left-hand line sweeps out into the palm but the right-hand line stays close to the mount of Venus, indicates depleted circumstances that have taken their toll. The owner has made the best of things but, while aware of these problems, was unable or unwilling to do anything about them and has let things slide.

Influence lines rising up from the life line show efforts made to improve the standard of living, and if long enough, they should indicate in which direction the owner is or was aiming.

Breaks in the Line
Once halfway down the hand the line may break up to end in a number of different ways but, when there is little change in its appearance, the owners will be content and in control of their affairs. Little upsets them, and they can bend with the wind quite well. When there are changes, it will be at about middle age. At this time most ambitions have been or are nearly achieved. At this point the line might look strong, but a little lower down it might begin to break up, showing signs of stress. The owner has taken on too much; the line is giving on early earning and they should take steps to ease matters, or else.

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Tampa Bay Area Homes For Sale, Florida, Realty Executives Suncoast #clearwater, #safety #harbor, #davis #island, #hyde #park, #dunedin, #new #port #richey, #oldsmar, #palm #harbor, #st.petersburg, #tampa, #westchase, #belleair, #tarpon #springs, #single #family #homes, #condos, #townhouses, #villa, #multi #family, #residential, #homes, #real #estate, #mls, #mfrmls, #sale, #properties, #houses, #listings, #find, #citrus, #hernando, #hillsborough, #manatee, #pasco, #pinellas, #polk, #sarasota, #county


Welcome To The Official Tampa Bay Area Real Estate Search Website. Meet Experienced Tampa Bay Professional Realtors!

Realty Executives Suncoast servicing the residents of the Tampa Bay area since 1970! Our Clearwater, Florida real estate agency office is locally owned and operated by licensed Real Estate Agents. Sales Associates and Realtors. There are many houses for sale in the but no two homes are the same! We are driven and experienced to service your specific real estate needs. Look over our Tampa Bay area popular places to live below and search by price ranges that best fits your budget! Browse a wide variety of homes you will love and create email alerts when a new listing hits the market!

Looking To Buy a Home In The Tampa Bay Area?

Need a Custom Criteria Home Search?

We provide the best property search tools using our Advanced Search to view houses with specific custom options such as by school district-elementary school, middle school, high school, property type, special conditions, style, built before and built after. We would also suggest trying our Map Search to search an up-to-date MID Florida MLS of all active available homes for sale in Citrus County. Hernando County. Hillsborough County. Manatee County. Pasco County. Pinellas County. Polk County and Sarasota County.

Searching Open Houses In The Tampa Bay Area? Just Select Your Lifestyle City Choice Below:

Don t Have Time To Search?

We believe in service and client satisfaction which is why we will populate your specific search criteria quick and easy! Please try Dream Home Finder form.

Looking To Sell Your Home?

Selling you re home takes planning which we understand and it s vital you are informed about a fair asking price! We can do a FREE Market Analysis and utilize comparable sold listings in your area to help you decide the precise market value of your home. Our agents implement continuous successful real estate strategies combined with your exclusive home listing web page that funnels onto our featured listings carousel. When you list your home with Realty Executives Suncoast our effective MLS system will automatically upload to our social media Facebook page which is an excellent way to attract Tampa Bay home buyers.

Popular Places To Live In The Tampa Bay Area

Posted on 16 Jun 2017

Housing starts saw a slowdown in May in overall number of starts and in the single-family sector. And a decrease in building permits showed the downward trend is unlikely to turn around anytime soon.

Posted on 16 Jun 2017

A few years after seeing his appraisal management company close down, leaving behind millions of dollars in unpaid appraiser invoices, AppraiserLoft owner Aman Makkar appears back in business. According to an investigation by HousingWire, the Makkars have now set sights on a new goal apartment rentals. Here s more on the Makkars’ latest business venture, and its possible players, and the questionable legality.

Posted on 15 Jun 2017

Builder confidence fell slightly in June from the downwardly revised confidence level in May. However, the National Association of Home Builders explained the level of confidence is still historically high, and reflects the gradually improving housing economy.

Office Blog

Posted on May 25, 2016 – 01:12 PM by Realty Executives Suncoast

This is up nearly 17% looking at prices too. The median home price of $321,100 that is substantially higher than we saw in April of 2015 where we were around you know $280,000. Now we are seeing supply dropped to a 4.7 month supply we were at a 5.8 month. Read more

Posted on May 23, 2016 – 01:42 PM by Realty Executives Suncoast

What do experts think about these urban Millennials have peaked and can people buy the houses they want? Well they can t buy the house they want unless they re one of the small group that actually bought in the urban centers like Washington DC for. Read more

Posted on April 27, 2016 – 11:39 AM by Realty Executives Suncoast

The government passed new legislation in 2008 to fix what went wrong with the (government security classifications) shortly thereafter they were put in conservatorship, which your supposed to conserve the assets rebuild capital. The government decided hol. Read more

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Water Damage Clearwater, FL – Water Damage Restoration and Extraction, Fire, Mold and Wind Damage Restoration #water #damage #clearwater,water #damage #restoration,water #damage #repair,fire #water #restoration,smoke #damage,flood #restoration,diaster #restoration,fire #damage #pinellas,water #damage #pinellas,fire #damage #restoration,fire #water #damage #clearwater,mold #removal,hurricane #wind #damage,water #damage #tampa,water #damage #palm #harbor,water #damage #new #port #richey,


Flooding from external sources, plumbing failures or water leaks could result in mold or water damage in your home. Master Restoration, a leading water damage restoration company with many years of experience, will repair and clean up the problem fast! We guarantee your satisfaction!

Our water damage restoration service includes a team of mold remediation specialists that will provide mold removal and restoration services from water damage of any kind in your home or commercial building.

Need a fire damage restoration contractor? We are your repair and clean up solution for fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage.

If you experience a disaster due to wind damage from a hurricane, tornado or tropical storm, we are your first choice in wind damage repair companies, prepared to take on any type of storm damage.

Why We’re Different

We aren’t some huge company or
fancy franchise with limitless
marketing budgets. We are big
enough to handle any emergency
and small enough to care. We
believe that our industry should be
more about helping people than
maximizing shareholder profits.

I had a terrible leak. Master Restoration
was very good. They said what they were
going to do, then they did it. They were
very pleasant and I felt comfortable with
them in my home. They answered every
question and kept me informed. I had
confidence in them. They were very polite
and loyal to me and I was very pleased
with them.

Patricia Sjeime – Clearwater, FL

Large Loss and Residential Services:

  • 24-hour disaster response with a response time of 60 minutes or less
  • Certified in fire, smoke, plumbing failures, water leaks and mold remediation
  • Water extraction, mildew removal, drying and dehumidification
  • Complete carpet cleaning services
  • Board-up and security fence services
  • Smoke and organic odor removal due to fire damage
  • Demolition and debris removal specialists
  • Chinese drywall removal services
  • Contents clean up, repair and restoration
  • Secondary damage prevention specialists
  • Insurance Claims

You’ll breathe easier knowing we can solve the problem, fast!

By employing the latest technology and innovation,
you are assured the best possible results.

Water Extraction Services Why is time of the essence?

Standing water creates mildew, stimulating mold and other bacterial growth, leading to asthma and other health issues.

Master Restoration’s water extraction services and water damage dryout services eliminates the hazards associated with leaks, flood waters and other types of water damage.
If your home or business has recently had any type of water damage it is important to have a professional water damage restoration company, check to make sure there is no hidden moisture and the dryout process was done correctly to prevent future problems with mold and bacteria growth.

Fire Damage Restoration.

Fire creates smoke and soot, causing cough, shortness of breath, hoarseness, headache and even mental status changes.

Smoke and soot can travel and penetrate into other rooms of a residential home or commercial building affecting paint, carpet, upholstery, drapes, clothing and other personal belongings.
If your home or business has sustained fire damage and you are seeking the services of a fire damage repair contractor. You have come to the right place, with Master Restoration’s professional fire damage services you can rest assured you’re in in good hands.

Do-It-Yourself solutions.
Can backfire.

Incomplete or non-professional remediation can lead to more damage, and your insurance company may deny your damage claim.

In todays world the internet provides information about all subjects, however when it comes to damage restoration it is always best to hire a professional damage restoration company for any clean up needs.
At Master Restoration we take great pride in providing our clients with the best and newest techknowlogies possible for their restoration needs. We provide services for water damage, fire damage, storm damage and mold remediation.

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New Advances in LASIK Eye Surgery – You Won t Believe Your Eyes #bladeless, #allegretto, #cory #lessner, #lasik #fort #lauderdale, #lasik #miami, #lasik #palm #beach


Ask Millennium


Joe Rose
Sportscaster, NBC6 and WQAM

It was the best thing I’ve ever done! You are the man. Thanks again.

Dave Strader
Sports Play By Play, NBC Sports

A play by play announcer is only as good as his eyes..I couldn’t be happier with the results.

Leta Lindley
LPGA Pro Golfer

Thank you so much for giving me sight! This has been an awesome experience. I can hardly wait to start competing again – hopefully my first LPGA win is with in my grasp now!

New Advances in LASIK Eye Surgery – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes


New Advances in LASIK Eye Surgery – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes
Estate Magazine
September, 2006
By Gail M. Lassner

For those who have considered LASIK eye surgery in the past, there is no time like the present to learn more about what Cory M. Lessner, M.D. describes as the world’s best kept secret.

Dr. Lessner is the owner and Medical Director of Millennium Laser Eye Centers in Sunrise. For years, he has shared the secret – how precise, painless and easy LASIK eye surgery is – with professionals whose job performance depends upon superior vision. He has treated personalities such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson and former NFL coach and Fox TV News Anchor Jimmy Johnson, as well as news anchors like Dwight Lauderdale. As the official LASIK eye surgeon of the four major sports team in South Florida and now the Miami Hurricanes, he has also treated many professional athletes; Jeff Conine, Roberto Luongo, A.J. Burnett and Wade Smith to name a few. With the utmost confidence, they have chosen Dr. Lessner to give them the gift of sight.

Dr. Lessner is one of the few surgeons in the country whose practice is limited to vision corrective procedures and the only doctor in South Florida to offer treatment with the most accurate and up-to-date treatment available in laser technology – the Allegretto Wavelight Laser in combination with Intralase technology.

The first step in LASIK, Dr. Lessner explained, is the creation of a flap which until recently, has been performed with a blade or microkeratome. This twenty second bladeless procedure now creates the flap with less pressure to the eye, and virtually eliminates the risk of complications associated with the creation of the flap. Intralase also allows many patients who were not previously considered candidates, due to thinner corneas, the ability to have the procedure because it is able to create a thinner and more precise flap.

The second step in LASIK is the actual laser vision correction treatment. The AllegrettoWavelight laser designed in Germany is 3 -10 times faster than any other laser on the market and offers potential candidates a wider range of treatment than was previously available with greater statistical accuracy. said Dr. Lessner, adding that, There are more risks associated with the daily usage of contact lenses than with the surgery itself, provided that patients are in the right hands. The Allegretto laser was the first laser to be granted simultaneous approval by the FDA for the treatment of nearsightedness and farsightedness, with or without astigmatism, and has recently gained FDA approval for treatment of pure astigmatism.

Despite having performed over 15,000 refractive surgeries over the past fifteen years, Dr. Lessner never tires of witnessing patients who, after these brief out procedures, sit up in amazement when they are able to see the clock on the wall and the faces of their loved ones viewing their procedure through an observation window. With these newest technologies, 50% of my patients say that they now see better than they ever did with contact lenses or glasses. Dr. Lessner said.

Dr. Lessner’s commitment to helping others does not end when he leaves the office. With equal enthusiasm, he and his wife, Maria are extremely dedicated to giving back to the community that serves them. Among the numerous community organizations that they support are the Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Fund, the Weston and Fort Lauderdale Rotary Clubs, the Panthers Foundation Charities as well as several local religious organizations. Maria also dedicates much of her time to volunteering in their children’s school where she chairs and coordinates the Meet the Masters art mania program.

To learn more about how Dr. Lessner can help you, visit his informative website at www.mleye.com When you replace fear with knowledge, he advises, you won’t believe your eyes.

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Miami Insurance Coverage Bad Faith Attorney #miami, #coconut #grove, #coral #gables, #ft. #lauderdale, #west #palm #beach, #boca #raton, #keys, #miami-dade #county, #broward, #palm #beach, #monroe, #florida, #insurance #bad #faith, #insurance #coverage, #lawyer, #attorney


Miami, Florida Insurance Coverage and Bad Faith Attorney

Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. serves businesses and individual insurance policyholders throughout Florida who have legal needs resulting from disputes with their insurance providers. Attorney Michelle Niemeyer is recognized as one of South Florida’s most experienced insurance law attorneys, focusing her practice on insurance coverage and bad faith law. To assure their claims are handled fairly, policyholders need an attorney with intimate knowledge of the insurance industry and its practices.

Michelle Niemeyer is AV-rated under Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review rating system.* and is committed to the highest levels of personalized, responsive service and quality representation. Ms. Niemeyer’s office is located in Coconut Grove, just a few miles from downtown Miami.

Insurance Law Experience

Attorney Michelle Niemeyer has spent her entire career in the practice of insurance law. Following graduation from the Boston University School of Law in 1991, where she was an editor on the International Law Journal, she clerked for Superior Court of Delaware Judge Susan C. Del Pesco. The Superior Court of Delaware was at the time a preferred venue for large, high-profile corporations to file their insurance disputes. In her capacity as a judicial clerk, Ms. Niemeyer gained valuable first-hand experience with the inner workings of the judicial system and developed an interest in the practice of insurance coverage litigation.

Starting her career in a Washington, D.C. law firm, Ms. Niemeyer worked on large national insurance cases representing insurance companies in complex commercial insurance matters. Her work encompassed a variety of environmental and product liability related insurance disputes. She received extensive experience in insurance law coupled with knowledge and practical insight about how insurance companies deal with coverage and bad faith issues.

After working in the commercial litigation department of a well-known Miami law firm, she joined a small Miami insurance law firm. Since 1997, Ms. Niemeyer has focused her insurance practice on representing policyholders in all types of insurance coverage and bad faith matters, including:

  • Commercial and Personal Lines Liability Coverages
  • Marine Insurance Coverages
  • Insurance Disputes arising out of Construction Litigation
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • Homeowners Property and Liability Coverages
  • Commercial Property Insurance
  • Life and Disability Insurance
  • Property and Liability Coverages sold to Condominium Associations
  • Individual Health Insurance

In 2003, Ms. Niemeyer founded Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. where she represents clients in insurance coverage and bad faith disputes with their insurance companies. As a successful insurance law attorney in South Florida, Ms. Niemeyer passes on her knowledge and experience by teaching continuing education classes to attorneys and insurance industry professionals both in South Florida and at national events sponsored by Mealeys and the American Bar Association.

At Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. Ms. Niemeyer takes a hands-on approach with all cases. Clients deal one-on-one with her from the initial telephone call to the final resolution of their case. They are integral members of a high-level legal team that may also include expert witnesses and an experienced paralegal, depending on the needs of their particular matter.

Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. invests in technology to make it possible to provide high quality legal services and to keep litigation expenses as low as possible for its clients. Client documents are scanned, avoiding the inordinate expense of copying the same paper over and over, a common complaint among larger law firm clients. Ms. Niemeyer’s personal involvement means you have the benefit of her experience when initial legal and factual research are conducted, enhancing your likelihood of success and containing the cost of the litigation. In larger law firms, inexperienced associates often do legal research and factual investigation, and then pass the results on to partners who rely upon the associates’ work when they appear in court without having had hands-on involvement in that initial work.

Ms. Niemeyer is actively involved in various organizations in the Coconut Grove community. She has a well-developed network of professional legal and non-legal resources that have served to benefit her client base. Ms. Niemeyer was an elected member of the Coconut Grove Village Counsel and reached her term limit in 2003 and has also been member of the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Niemeyer’s community involvement and teaching activities have resulted in a strong network of legal and non-legal resources in Florida and throughout the United States who can be called on for assistance if their expertise is needed in your case. Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. focuses on responsive, individualized, quality legal representation. That is her commitment to her clients.

Contact Michelle M. Niemeyer, P.A. to discuss your insurance coverage and bad faith legal issues.

Do You Have A Case?

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Owner of West Palm Beach sober home accused of patient brokering #the #treatment #center #west #palm #beach


Owner of West Palm Beach sober home accused of patient brokering

Owner of West Palm Beach sober home accused of patient brokering

The owner of two Palm Beach County sober homes where police responded to 28 calls last year including six overdoses was arrested on multiple counts of patient brokering on Wednesday.

Matthew Anderson, 38, offered free rent to residents of his sober home, Anastasia s Way, contingent on their attendance at London Treatment Center, according to a police report.

Detectives reviewed bank records and found numerous checks to Anderson and Anastasia s Way from London Treatment Center, according to the report. According to Florida corporate records, the members of London Treatment Center are Mark F. Johnson, Jordi Martinez and Barrack Lane Investments.

On Thursday morning, Anderson was held on $20,000 bond — $10,000 per count — and any bond must be reviewed to determine if it was not acquired by illegal means.

Anderson operated Anastasia s Way out of two sober homes, 629 Clear Lake Ave. in West Palm Beach beginning in June 2016 and 5986 Ithaca Circle West. just south of Greenacres, in August 2016, according to police records.

The house at 629 Clear Lake Ave. is the same home used by notorious drug treatment center operator Kenny Chatman in 2015, records show.

The Clear Lake address was one of the sober homes mentioned in Chatman s federal indictment filed in January, and it was managed by one of his associates, Fransesia Francine Davis, according to an application she filed with the City of West Palm Beach in March 2015.

While Chatman and Davis ran the home, the place was a nuisance, according to neighbors who spoke to the Palm Beach Post in 2015. West Palm Beach police were called to the home 30 times in just five months for assaults, medical calls and thefts, according to police records.

Chatman pleaded guilty to conspiracies to commit money laundering, health care fraud and sex trafficking and is scheduled to be sentenced on Wednesday at the federal courthouse in West Palm Beach. Davis was sentenced to seven years in prison last month.

In the last six months of 2016, West Palm Beach police responded to 28 calls for service at the Clear Lake address, including six overdoses – one fatal – according to the police report.

West Palm Beach Det. Robert McGinley and Officer David Kerschner spoke with residents of the sober homes and two overdose victims in the emergency rooms of Good Samaritan Hospital. Both said they were given free rent in exchange for attending treatment at London Treatment Center, at 1551 Forum Place.

Court records show that Anderson was stabbed April 10 at the sober home on Ithaca Circle. Anderson s neck was punctured with a screwdriver by Shaun Antony Horne, of Riviera Beach, following an argument. Horne, 49, is facing a charge of aggravated battery causing bodily harm and is free on $3,000 bond.

Anderson s arrest is the 22nd made by the Palm Beach County Sober Home Task Force since October 2016. State Attorney Dave Aronberg said he will continue investigating corruption in the county s drug treatment industry. A press conference is scheduled today at 3 p.m.

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West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer #palm #beach #dui #lawyer


Heidi Perlet

As founding Partner of Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A. 16 years ago, Ms. Perlet’s hard work and vision of creating Palm Beach County’s top, prominent criminal defense firm has been realized. Over the past 16 years, the firm has attracted the finest attorneys in the community, a fact of which Ms. Perlet is.

Marc Shiner

As a preeminent West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyer at Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre & Walsh, P.A. Marc Shiner has a reputation as a top-notch, tough, respected attorney with 28 years of experience and hundreds of trials, many of them high-profile which received national media attention. Over the course of his career, Mr.

Rob Melchiorre

Mr. Melchiorre is a hard-working, passionate, and tenacious West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney. For his impressive track record and commitment to legal excellence as a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Melchiorre has been honored with inclusion in the Super Lawyers® Rising Stars. list. Prior to joining Perlet, Shiner.

Paul Walsh

Named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers in 2014, Mr. Walsh has a well established reputation amongst lawyers and Judges as being a tough but fair, ethical, smart, strategic lawyer who is hard working and passionate about his clients’ cases. It was these qualities that led him to becoming a member.

West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

Arrested? Call (561) 349-4856 Today.

Many substances – both legal and illegal – can impair your ability to operate a vehicle safely. Driving while under the influence of alcohol, recreational drugs, and even some prescription and over-the-counter medications could result in a DUI or driving under the influence arrest, and possible conviction. Under Florida law, a driver who is of legal drinking age and has a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) test result of .08 or higher faces DUI charges.

In Florida, law enforcement officials take a no-tolerance stand against drunk driving. If alcohol is detected on your breath when you are pulled over, you likely will be arrested. If this occurs, you need a West Palm Beach DUI attorney from Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre Walsh, P.A. by your side to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

If you were arrested for DUI, get in touch with our West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers today!

Understanding the DUI Arrest Process

If the officer issues you any citations or traffic tickets, you are required to sign them. By signing the ticket, you are not admitting guilt, and you could still fight those citations in court. At this point, police could place you under arrest for a DUI. If they do, you will be handcuffed and placed in the back of the police car. They will then transport you to the local breath alcohol testing center. This is where they will ask you to provide a breath sample.

The police will request that you submit to chemical tests to check for the presence of alcohol or controlled substances. In Florida, there are three tests which can be administered, which are listed below:

  • Breath test (Commonly called a Breathalyzer)
  • Urine test
  • Blood test

If a driver refuses the breath test, the state can still prosecute the person based on the theory that he or she was driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that normal faculties were impaired. However, under either theory of prosecution, the state must prove each element of DUI beyond reasonable doubt.

The Consequences of a DUI Charge

If you have been charged with DUI, you probably are concerned with all the different possibilities regarding how the charge could affect your life. In addition to the criminal charge of DUI, you also may also be subject to the following consequences:

  • License suspension
  • Hefty fines
  • Lengthy probation period
  • Required interlocking breathalyzer device
  • Difficulty maintain or obtaining employment
  • Difficulty renting or purchasing a home
  • Difficulty obtaining auto insurance
  • Required drug and alcohol abuse treatment classes

For this reason, individuals accused of DUI should contact experienced legal representation right away.

Common DUI Misconceptions

An important misconception is that you must have been drinking alcohol to have been arrested for DUI. But in Florida, you can be arrested for DUI if there is evidence that you are under the influence of any controlled substance.

Controlled substances include:

Additionally, there are many medicines that could impair your judgment but are not deemed controlled substances, such as the common sleep medicine Ambien and many over-the-counter sleep aids and cough medicines.

We Can Help Fight Your DUI Charge

In the state of Florida, the legal consequences associated with a DUI arrest are significant. This is why, when hiring a DUI attorney in West Palm Beach, it’s best to be aware that all attorneys do not possess the same skills set. A DUI causing serious bodily injury or DUI manslaughter are serious felonies where lengthy prison sentences are almost always imposed.

We, at Perlet, Shiner, Melchiorre Walsh, P.A. are all highly skilled former prosecutors who formerly practiced as trial lawyers for the Palm Beach County State’s Attorney’s Office. Combined, we have more than 70 years of experience in the criminal trial practice and more than 800 trials that have gone to verdict and are the only criminal defense firm in Palm Beach County with four former prosecutors.

Call us todayfor a free consultation regarding your case.

Strong Defense You Can Rely On

If you are facing criminal charges, do not put your defense in the hands of just any attorney. Turn to an aggressive team who will do whatever it takes to ensure your rights and future are protected.

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