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How to export Outlook Distribution List to #creating #a #distribution #list #in #outlook, #software


How to export Outlook Distribution List to .csv file format

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Does not work!
All I get in the final Excel file (CSV) is the name of the Distribution list rather than each contact/email separately

Dude that is a ugly solution.

Here is a better one that will require a little bit of work but neater. I m using Outlook 2003

Click Contacts.
On the Menu Bar, Go to File New, click on Folder.
In the Create New Folder window,
type in a name (I use Export but can be anything)
Select Contact Items in Folder Contains drop down list.
Under Select Where to Place Folder I just choose Personal Folders.

Unfortunately you can t export the distribution list directly. But what you can do is copy all the contacts from your main Contacts folder into the Export folder.

So in the top left of the outlook window you should see under My Contacts Contacts, Search Results and the newly created Export.

Click on contacts, under current view I would choose Phone List or by Category (I created categories for my distribution lists now, it makes the next part easier.)
Holding CTRL down click on each contact you want to export.
When you are done, Choose Copy from the Edit menu bar.
Click on the Export contact folder and Paste.

Then export as normal
File Import and Export
Select Export to a File, Next
Select Comma Separated Values (windows), Next
Select folder to export from Export, Next
name the file, map the fields and you re done.

thanks so much for sharing, yes, your method above works well too.

Monique replied on December 15th, 2009 :

How can this be done in 2007?

Bill replied on January 10th, 2011 :

Leah replied on June 24th, 2011 :

I followed your instructions and worked perfectly. Just one question how do I keep the last name and first name in two separate columns. Right now I have 2 columns: 1 with firstname lastname. and 1 with email.

This worked well. It s not ugly.

Thank you! I use 2007 and it worked wonderfully.

I m using Outlook 2003. I am unable to find any way to list my various Distribution Lists of which I have 7. They are outdated, I want to delete the DLs. In the Outlook folder list, all I have is Contacts without any + no way to see the DL names. If I click to create a new email, I can then click in To: CC: BC: then click on the Contact box (upper right corner), see a DL name then select it then click in one of the choices in which to paste the list. I then copy the list past it into Word (as a table) or Excel. However, I see NO way to DELETE a DL that I want to Delete.

Any suggestions? I do NOT want to Delete my list of Contacts just the DLs (all of them).

Milton replied on March 3rd, 2011 :

Thank you. Super helpful!

You have no idea how many hours you have just saved me, or maybe you do. Thank You!

I found this worked perfectly first time THANK YOU!

I have many distribution lists with about 50 contacts in each. Since DL can not be used for mail merge, how can i take the contacts that are already in a distribution list and catagorize them by color to use in a mail merge to get around this problem without “doing them over?”

I have a group that I created in my distribution list along with all my contacts. I have about 35 in this group and I m trying to send it (export it?) to another person. Any ideas on how to do this?

Well, I have a weird problem here.

What I am trying to do, is to get the First Name and the Email IDs of all the people in a Distribution List. I am going to use Mail Merge to send emails to each of them in the distribution list, seperately. I would need (at least) their first names and email IDs to do so

Can anyone throw some light on this? How would I get a list of all the email IDs and their respective first names (preferably in an excel workbook), so that I can use Mail Merge to send them emails later?

Thanks in advance!

Note: I do not want to add each of them to my outlook address book, as I am going to send emails to many and the distribution list would change each time I do so

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MessageSave for Microsoft Outlook #messagesave,message,messages,save,extract,archive,backup,outlook,custom #rule #action,rules #wizard,microsoft


MessageSave Save and archive Microsoft Outlook email messages

Easily save email messages outside of Outlook.

Use MessageSave for email archiving, backup, document management, sharing, legal compliance, and much more.

MessageSave benefits

  • Backup, save and archive Outlook e-mail messages to hard disk, network drive, SharePoint.
  • Save Outlook email messages, including attachments, as individual files.
  • Organize messages in file system folders for easy access, sharing and filing.
  • Keep email message together with other related documents.
  • Institute consistent email archiving and storage policy in your organization.
  • Store messages for legal compliance.
  • Keep audit trail of email messages.
  • Search inside of saved messages and attachments with Windows Search.
  • Reduce mailbox/PST size. Offload Exchange storage.
  • Map Outlook folders and automatically save messages using Scheduler (AutoSave).
  • Process Outlook messages with custom scripts.
  • Learn more

You can achieve all of the above benefits without having to maintain a complex, expensive server-based solution. MessageSave integrates directly with Outlook for simplicity and ease-of-use, while providing flexibility and a level of customization required by power-users and enterprise IT administrators.

MessageSave Features

Integrated with Outlook for one-click access

MessageSave is tightly integrated with Outlook, and is available right on the Ribbon Home tab for easy access. It can also be accessed by right-clicking on a message in the main Outlook window message list.

Save one, multiple or all messages with a click

Save one or several messages or entire folders with subfolders. Save to local disk, network drive, or SharePoint. Works with cloud sync services, like Dropbox, One Drive and Google Drive. Use your existing tools and infrastructure for search, backup, access control, etc.

Flexible and customizable file and subfolder naming

Auto-rename files as they are saved. Maintain consistent naming convention with auto-rename settings. Flexible naming templates allow you to match your naming conventions. You can include various message attributes, like sender or recipient names, timestamps, etc. You control the order and format of the fields.

Save messages in MSG, PDF, TXT, EML, MBOX formats

Most customers use MSG format, because it retains an ability to open the file in Outlook and treat it as an email message. You can reply or forward. Attachments are included inside the MSG file. Some customers prefer PDF for portability. We recommend using MSG format unless you have specific requirements that dictate otherwise.

Works on sent and received messages

Save received and sent messages. MessageSave even has an option to prompt you to save messages as you are sending them so you do not forget to save.

Works on Public Folders too

MessageSave works on messages anywhere – whether they are located in a personal mailbox, another PST, a delegate mailbox or Public Folders.

Preserves email timestamps on saved files

“Date Modified” on the saved files is set to the time when the corresponding message was received. In addition to “Date Modified”, MessageSave sets “Sender Name”, “Subject”, “To”, “Cc”, “Categories” and “Has attachments”. This makes it easy to find the right messages later.

Use Windows Search to search inside of the saved files

Windows Search does a great job of indexing MSG files. It even indexes the message and attachment content. So you can search inside the save files without requiring any 3rd party tools.

Map Outlook folders and automatically save messages

Map Outlook folders to destination file folders and enable MessageSave Scheduler for automatic, unattended message saving. Use it by itself or in combination with SimplyFile for automatically saving and archiving filed messages.

Highly optimized for speed and size

We put a lot of effort, attention and care not only into developing features and perfecting usability, but also into optimizing the product. From the small download size to lightning fast performance, you will see it shine through.


Select a destination folder with just a few keystrokes. Manage your destination folder list and share it with your colleagues.

Import MSG files back into Outlook

You can import entire folders of MSG files from the file system back into Outlook, preserving folder structure.

Supports large-scale deployment and administration

For large customers, we provide a way to centrally deploy the product and manage configuration settings. MessageSave is enterprise-tested and ready.

Maintain your organization retention policy

Use the mapped folders and scheduler to allow your users to seamlessly save some messages for long-term storage.

Multiple setting profiles

Create multiple setting profiles, with different options for file naming, formats, actions, etc. Switch between profiles as needed to use different saving options.

Extensible with custom scripts

Scripting API allows you to develop your own logic for processing incoming messages. Whether you need to process incoming reports or invoices, or store messages in a DMS system – you can do so with MessageSave API.

MessageSave Editions

MessageSave is available in several editions. The following table lists features available in each edition. The evaluation version includes all features.

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Infor CRM

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Your customer relationships are the driving force of your business. By offering a complete view of every customer touch point across your sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, Infor CRM enables you to maximize the impact of every interaction—across the entire customer lifecycle—whether in the office or out in the field.

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Ahead of Wall Street – Daily Stock Market Outlook #business #funding

#daily stock market


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Ahead of Wall Street

Friday September 2, 2016

(This is Brian Hamilton filling in for Mark Vickery while he is on vacation)

Stock futures inched forward today, as all eyes will be on this morning s unemployment rate, and nonfarm payrolls data. The unemployment rate is expected to drop to 4.8% from 4.9%, and is seen as the last major hurdle for the Feds before they decide to raise rates or not during their September meeting.

Oil prices shot up overnight as Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that he would like for Russia and OPEC to make a deal regarding a production cap. President Putin went on to say that he would likely support a plan to crimp production at the G20 summit in China next week. Lastly, Putin said that Russia is prepared to sell a 19.5% stake in Rosneft PJSC, the country s largest listed oil producer, as early as the end of 2016.

In Europe, producer prices in the euro region rose by +0.1%, the lowest monthly reading since April. Also, the European Union started their two day meetings today; the major issues being discussed are the fallout from the Brexit, and global banks attempting to preserve their access to the single market.

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