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InDesign classes, Adobe InDesign training classes Los Angeles, Learn Adobe InDesign los Angeles, Long


Adobe InDesign Classes

Hands-on Live Computer Training Class in Adobe InDesign in Los Angeles, California

We provide Adobe InDesign classes in Los Angeles area in our computer training center. Adobe InDesign is the most popular industry standard layout software in the market. It is used to create advertisements, brochures, newspapers, magazines and flyers.

In the Adobe InDesign class students will learn to use the Tools, Create Graphics and Text, Making Changes to Graphics, Drawing Lines, Drawing Boxes, Changing Fonts, Moving Text and Graphics Around, Rotating Text, Drop Shadow, Master Pages, Page Numbering, Columns, Gradient Shading, Drop Caps, Insert Images, Create Brochures, Newsletters and much more. The Adobe InDesign class is 100% hands-on with a very low student to teacher ratio. The students will receive a certificate at the end of the Adobe InDesign training.

What makes us #1 in training classes:

  • Serving the community since 1989
  • 100% Hands-on live classes
  • One computer per person
  • Knowledgeable Patient Instructors
  • Discount on multiple classes
  • Guaranteed Learning: We are so confident that you will love our classes that we offer a guarantee. If after 1 hour and before 1 hours is up, you do not LOVE the class, you can cancel the class and get a full refund
  • Best quality and price, Guaranteed
  • Small student to teacher ratio for maximum attention
  • Certificate upon completion of the course
  • Day time, Evening and Saturday classes
  • Professionally prepared workbook for use in class and for your future reference
  • Flexible Schedule for the classes

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Rug Cleaning Los Angeles Appraisal Carpet Repair Los Angeles Persian Rugs Oriental Kilim, area


P ersian Rugs Handmade Carpets

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

Area rug cleaning orange county

more than half a century since our father started our

carpet family business in 1953. We are award-

selected from our own exclusive production

inventory made with very fine hand-spun wool and

splendor of the nature. Our carpets are environment,

trade experience helps us better serve our customers

in the U.S., Europe and in many different countries

around the world.

customized and personalized services you might need

can also rely on our 2-week money back return

policy on all our handmade rugs and free shipment

in the entire U.S. Continent on most of our rugs . We

also ship world wide. For more details, please visit

our FAQ’s page or contact us for further details.

SOBCO International Ltd.

1655 S. La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles , California 90035

Area rug cleaning orange county

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Orange County Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services 24 #drain #cleaning #orange #county


Orange County Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services 24/7

Visiting this site means that you probably need a plumber. Whether you need help with a residential project like snaking a drain in your guest bathroom or you’re a commercial customer and need help with gas re-piping services or something similar, Rooter Hero Plumbing can help!

As your premium Orange County plumbing service, we have the tools and skills to take care of any problem that is remotely related to your plumbing system. Our amazing technicians with mad skills not only can help you pick out a water softener to keep hard water residue from damaging your pipes, they can also help you with tankless water heater installation, clogged sinks, broken garbage disposals, and even help you take care of that toilet that keeps making a funny sound in the public restroom of your store. The point is that it doesn’t matter what kind of problems you’re facing. You can rely on our highly trained and exceptionally skilled plumbing pros to tackle any situation you can imagine.

Our Drain and Sewer Repair Keeps more Money in Your Pocket

Our associates take hundreds of phones call every day and the most frequent service call we respond to is for drain and sewer repair. Why is this such a problem for homeowners and businesses? Well, if you think about how often your toilets and sinks are used throughout the day it makes sense that these parts of your plumbing system would experience problems from time to time. It’s a rare day when your drains and water pipes are given a day off.

So, no one wants to spend their free time stuck with a messy situation in the bathroom or a pool of sewage in their backyard. That’s why you need to call Rooter Hero Plumbing today. Our drain cleaning methods are spectacular and highly effective at keeping your home and business running without interruption. Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Main line cleanout
  • Trenchless sewer repair
  • Hydro Jet service
  • Video camera drain inspection

And much, much more! Call today for more details.

We Know You Want Cost-Effective, Emergency Services

Hey, we get it! We know that things don’t happen on a tidy schedule. Sometimes you need a plumber in the middle of the night or within the hour. Our emergency services are the solution. Technicians are positioned throughout Orange County and available at a moment’s notice for nearly every situation. So, when a water pipe breaks right before your son’s high school graduation party and water is soaking your kitchen floor, call us! From slab leaks to hot water replacement, we offer fast and competitively priced emergency commercial and residential service .

Our Residential and Commercial Services Won’t Bust Your Budget

Other companies in Orange County may choose to nickel and dime you when it comes to repair and replacement services, but we treat our customers differently. Whether you need routine drain cleaning, sewer repair, emergency services, or comprehensive commercial repairs, we have it covered. Here are a few examples of what we can do for you today for less money than you may have thought possible:

  • Sewer line replacement
  • Gas leak repair
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Slab leak repairs

Whatever the situation may be let our certified technicians take a look and give you a free estimate on the spot. If you don’t like the price you’re quoted, you can walk away without any obligation.

Our associate are ready to answer your call and put you in touch with a licensed plumber today. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, give us a ring, and say goodbye to aggravating plumbing problems.

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MMS Picture Messaging Information #mms, #multimedia, #picture, #messaging, #media, #video, #text, #message, #o2, #vodafone,


MMS Picture Messaging Information

This page contains information and advice on MMS Picture Messaging, and how set up this mobile phone service in the UK

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service, and more commonly referred to as ‘Picture Messaging’.

MMS beats the standard SMS text message as it adds animation, images, sound and video to a message sent from your phone.

What can you do with MMS?

  • Take digital photographs and store photographs on the Internet
  • Send and receive full colour pictures
  • Send and receive voice clips
  • Add a text message to your picture
  • Purchase pictures and sounds from the Internet
  • Have enhanced polyphonic ringtones

MMS runs over GPRS. You normally need to subscribe to a GPRS tariff, and have ‘Media Messaging’ enabled by your network operator. You will need a phone handset that supports the MMS service – If you receive an MMS message and don’t have a suitable handset or GPRS service, you’ll receive a standard SMS text message, and will be able to view the message at the web address included with the text message.

o2 Picture Messaging

Costs (o2 Online): Typically, sending an MMS over the o2 network costs 25p. Most of the o2 pay-monthly contracts come with a 500 text message or 125 MMS message bundle.

If you have received an MMS message that you can’t view from your o2 mobile, you can view this via o2’s website. Go to http://mediamessaging.o2.co.uk . You’ll need to log on to o2’s website using your standard o2 web logon. Once you’ve logged on, you’ll be able to access the message in the Media Messaging folders. If you don’t have an account with o2, you can register via www.o2.co.uk

To find out more, for more help with o2 settings, or to get hold of a smartphone with MMS, go to our dedicated o2 page

UK MMS Settings

Below are the MMS picture messaging settings for the main UK network operators:

o2 MMS settings

The o2 MMS settings can be sent direct to your mobile. Go to www.o2.co.uk/services/ota4/select. Alternatively, the settings are:

Access point name: wap.o2.co.uk (contract customers) or payandgo.o2.co.uk (pay-as-you-go customers)
Username: o2wap (contract customers) or payandgo (pay-as-you-go customers)
Password: password
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP (proxy) address:
Session mode: Permanent
Port number: 8080 or 9201
URL address
. http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002

Vodafone MMS settings

Access Point Name: wap.vodafone.co.uk
Username: wap
Password: wap
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP (proxy) address:
Session mode: Permanent
Port number: 9201
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL: http://mms.vodafone.co.uk/servlets/mms/

T-Mobile MMS settings

Access Point Name: general.t-mobile.uk
Username: user
Password: one2one
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP (proxy) address: (also
Session mode: Permanent
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL. http://mmsc.t-mobile.co.uk:8002/

Orange MMS settings

Note: Orange must enable MMS for your account. Contact Orange Customer Services

Access Point Name: orangemms
Username: Orange
Password: Multimedia
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP (proxy) address.
Port: 9201 (some users have reported 8080 works if 9201 doesn’t)
Session mode: Permanent
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL http://mms.orange.co.uk/

3 MMS settings

Access Point Name: mms.three.co.uk
Username: blank
Password: blank
Gateway IP (proxy) address.
Port number: 8799
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL: http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc

Virgin MMS settings

Note: Virgin must enable MMS for your account. Contact Virgin Customer Services

Access Point Name: goto.virginmobile.uk
Username: user
Password: (leave blank)
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP (proxy) address.
Port: 8080
Session mode: Permanent
MMS Message (Relay) Server URL http://mms.virginmobile.co.uk:8002

Tesco Mobile MMS settings

Many thanks to Nick B and Martin J for supplying the Tesco Mobile settings.

Access point name: prepay.tesco-mobile.com
Username: tescowap
Password: password
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP address:
Session mode: Permanent
URL address. http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002

GiffGaff MMS settings

Access point name: giffgaff.com
Username: giffgaff
Password: password
Authentication: Normal
URL address. http://mmsc.mediamessaging.co.uk:8002

BT Mobile MMS settings

Access point name: mobile.bt.uk
Username: user
Password: btmms
Authentication: Normal
Data bearer: GPRS
Gateway IP address: or
Session mode: Permanent
URL address. http://mms.bt.com/servlets/mms or http://mmsc.btmms.co.uk:8002

We have also been told that the following settings may work for a corporate BT Mobile: APN: btmobile.bt.com. username:bt. password:bt, port:8799. IP address:

ASDA Mobile MMS settings

Useful MMS information

Here are details of how to configure a Windows Mobile device for sending and receiving MMS messages. Here we’re using a Windows Mobile XDA Orbit with o2’s MMS service:

  • Go to Start Messaging
  • Go to Menu Tools Options MMS
  • Move to the Server tab.
  • Add a new entry for the MMS server you’re after, and enter the details of the MMS gateway – The following screenshot is for o2’s MMS gateway. Make sure that ‘Connect Via’ corresponds to the MMS access point of your mobile operator (more )

Make sure you set the new MMS entry as default, using Set as Default , then exit the MMS options screen.

MMS Problems:

  • The phone: Make sure that your phone supports MMS. Most newer mobiles support MMS, but many older phones don’t. If in doubt, check in your phone’s manual, or go to your phone manufacturer’s website and check the specification of your phone.
  • The network: Make sure that your network operator has enabled MMS on your mobile phone account. They have to switch the service on, and it may take up to 48 hours for your SIM Card to receive the command to enable the service. Double-check that the service has definitely been enabled by contacting your network operator.
  • Settings: Make sure that you have configured MMS correctly. We list the settings for the UK operators on this page. You can also have the settings sent direct to your mobile phone (see the link below). Many network operators offer the ability to send settings to your phone via their website too.
  • Credit: MMS messages are more expensive than text messages. Ensure that you have enough credit or have not exceeded your MMS allowance.
  • Connection: Ensure that you’re using the right Multimedia Message GPRS Access Point , and that the data bearer is set to GPRS. MMS uses a different APN to WAP, so if WAP works and MMS doesn’t you could be trying to send MMS via your WAP gateway.


  • MMS entry in Wikipedia – Great definition of MMS some useful links
  • Over-the-air configuring – Settings for email, WAP, GPRS and MMS sent to your Nokia phone
  • MMS Diary – Nifty app for those with a web server, this emulates an MMS server – get pics sent via MMS to your website

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Trudy s Flowers: Stunning arrangements and same day delivery #flowers, #flower #shop, #florist, #seattle,


Trudy’s Floral Design

Contact Trudy’s Floral Design for all your same day deiivery requests. We carry the most fresh flowers for All Occasions, including Valentines, Anniversary, Sympathy, Funeral Flowers, Holiday, Birthday, Wedding or other special events. Order your flowers today with our Florist Shop in Seattle, WA. Your Local Florist Shop.

For the perfect floral arrangement, look no further! Trudy’s Floral Design offers elegant bouquets and arrangements for every occasion or just because. Trust in your local Seattle, Washington florist to fill your flower needs. We offer flower delivery to Seattle, WA and all of King county. Same day delivery is also offered at no additional cost!

Our customers are like family. The staff here at Trudy’s Floral Design are professional flower experts and will not let you settle for anything less than the best. Let us cater to your floral needs – you will not be disappointed! We listen to our clients and make sure that every order is handled with genuine care. Satisfaction is guarenteed when shopping at Trudy’s Floral Design.

Delight your friends and family with a beautiful, fresh arrangement from Trudy’s Floral Design in Seattle, Washinton
Local and trust florist

Other shops buy their flowers in bulk and without care – not Trudy’s Floral design . We use only the freshest flowers to fill your floral needs. If you want your friends and family to marvel at beautiful buds, place an order today. Our gorgeous arrangements will surely surprise and delight!

Trudy’s Floral Design in Seattle, WA provides flower delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in Washington:

98004, 98005, 98006, 98007, 98011, 98012, 98020, 98021, 98026, 98028, 98033, 98034, 98036, 98037,

98040, 98043, 98052, 98056, 98072, 98087 98101, 98102, 98103, 98104, 98405, 98106, 98107,

98108, 98109, 98112, 98115, 98117, 98118, 98119, 98121, 98122, 98125, 98126, 98133, 98134,

98144, 98148, 98155, 98166, 98168, 98177, 98178, 98188, 98199, 98204, 98208

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American Office Furniture, Orange County, CA #office #furniture #orange #county, #new #office #furniture, #used


Quality New Used Name Brand Office Furniture


Welcome to American Office Furniture, the Southern California office furniture store that specializes in used and refurbished cubicles at truly reasonable prices. We carry new and used brand name desks, chairs, file cabinets, conference room and lobby furniture, and more. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can provide space-planning services. Whether you’re furnishing a small home office or a large corporate workplace, we’re the best value in office furniture in Southern California.

When companies go out of business and need to liquidate their assets, we buy their gently used cubicles and office furniture and sell them to you at low prices. We also refurbish cubicles to new condition, especially in the case of brand name items. Businesses can save 50-75% buying used brand name cubicles and office furniture from American Office Furniture. We’ll install everything for you upon request.

Whether you are a company preparing to liquidate or you’re just looking to sell your extra cubicles and office furniture, we provide asset liquidation, inventory purchasing and pickup. We’ll offer you fair compensation for your cubicles and/or furniture.

If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll find it and offer it to you at the same low prices as the rest of our inventory. So browse our website and place your order with American Office Furniture today to save 50-75% on quality cubicles and office furniture for your workspace. Please call us with any questions or special orders; we are happy to help.


List Price: $1700

Our Price: $850.00