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Human Resources

Welcome to the University of North Dakota Human Resources Home Page. Each member of the faculty and staff play an important role, directly or indirectly, in the education of students and the reputation of the University.

The Human Resources department is a strategic partner with the University’s leadership and its employees, supporting its mission with the design, development and delivery of innovative programs and services. Core services and competencies include recruitment and staffing, employee relations, employee development, compensation and benefits, HR information management and regulatory compliance.

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Twamley Hall 313
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

Payroll Services
Tel: 701.777.4226
Fax: 701.777.4721

Twamley Hall 312
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

Learning Development
Tel: 701.777.0762

Twamley Hall 213
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

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10 Legitimate Online Business Opportunities #small #business #grants #for #women

#home based business opportunities


10 Legitimate Online Business Opportunities From Home

Get in on the online hustle

So much of what s touted around the web as opportunities to make money online ends up with the opposite effect. Whether you want to offer your services using a niche online marketplace or monetize your existing assets, the first step is to create your own website as a jumping off point. Next, we’ve done the hard part and checked the reputations of some of these alluring sites and business models to see if they re right for you.

While maintaining a steady flow of revenue as a web worker may seem like a challenge, it s far from impossible. In fact, as of 2013 one in five Americans said that they work from home. If you re looking to join their number, we discovered a few home based online business opportunities that might be just what you re looking for.

Sell Your Own Swag

Are you an artist, designer, illustrator or doodler? Are you working with a brand that has a strong visual identity? Do you simply have ideas for clever imagery or witty words? All you need is an image file with decent resolution, and you can easily make your creation available for purchase on the internet as a t-shirt, tote bag, mug, iPhone case or whatever else you can think of. CafePress is a great site that’ll handle the printing, processing and shipping on your behalf, but there are plenty of others that have good reputations too, including MySoti, Printfection and Zazzle.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay any fees; they only print when there’s an order, and you earn commission on every sale. So you can get creative and promote your products on your website. with ads on other sites, on social media, or wherever else you think you can generate sales.

Complete Microtasks in Your Spare Time

Do you enjoy mindlessly scrolling, finding images, clicking, evaluating data, dragging, writing five-word descriptions or copy-pasting in your spare time? Businesses often need help with these types of microtasks, and sometimes it s cheaper or easier to crowdsource than to write bits of code to do the work.

That’s where marketplaces like Amazon s Mechanical Turk and ShortTask come into play. Here you can take on nano-jobs that pay out a few cents each but are highly scalable and generally don’t require too much attention. Each marketplace has its own stipulations, culture and lingo, though, so be prepared for a bit of a learning curve.

Become A Virtual Tutor

Are you an expert in a niche area of knowledge? Can you teach someone to play baroque concertos on the ukulele? If someone has questions about how to store their power tools, can you give good advice on the fly?

There are dedicated web platforms where you can offer your services as an authoritative coach or tutor in exchange for money. Ether allows you to book paid appointments for phone consultations, with marketing handled by you offsite.

Drop Shipping for Risk-Free eCommerce

Drop shipping is a much-praised hybrid business model somewhere between eCommerce and affiliate marketing. Essentially, it allows you to sell other people’s products on websites that you manage, but with none of the risk. The vendor handles the billing, service and order fulfillment all you need to do is drive the orders and you make commissions.

If you ve built your website with Wix, you can easily add the 365 DropShip Product Catalog app to your website. There are zero costs involved, and you can earn commissions by hosting a full-on eCommerce-style shop on your site with products from several manufacturers and categories.

Leverage Your Social Influence

If you’ve got lots of Twitter followers who click on links you post, you can leverage this asset to make money by sending out sponsored tweets.

There are now several marketplaces where advertisers can post offers, including PaidPerTweet and SponsoredTweets. There’s a lot of volume in these directories, so you should be able to find offers to promote products that are relevant to your community of followers and won’t kill your social media credibility.

Jump On the #SharingEconomy Bandwagon

Sharing is caring. And as it turns out, sharing can also be profitable. Many people today are choosing to do business with independent locals such as yourself whether it s renting your spare room for short-term stays or ridesharing (instead of renting a car), the sharing economy is growing fast.

If you live somewhere that tourists flock to, you might be able to profit from the greater economic ecosystem that comes along with a robust tourism industry. Many tourists today are looking for a more authentic experience, choosing to bypass huge, factory-like hotels for mom pop style rentals. WixHotels provides an easy solution for both renter (that could be you!) and rentee. Best of all, it takes absolutely no commission, letting you have full control of your comfortable new business venture.

If you don’t need your car every day (because you re working from home) you can rent it out with RelayRides. If you do regularly use your car, then you can offer people rides for money using Sidecar. You can also offer quirky special interest tours of your locale on Vayable .

And then there s this cool new startup called Nimber. It s a community delivery service that helps send items with someone going that way, anyway. Senders get a great deal, and Bringers make extra cash on every journey they make, whether it be to the office, shop, or off on a holiday. A leader in the sharing economy phenomenon, Nimber is the perfect way to use the extra space you already have in your car, case, or backpack to make extra money with simple deliveries.

Cook and Host Dinners

Along similar lines, there are plenty of people who are interested in eating out but have grown tired of the anonymous, polished corporate flavors of restaurants. If you can cook up delicious and friendly dining experiences in your own home, it’s easier than ever to reach customers interested in joining you.

Sell Your Collectibles

Are your baseball cards from the 80 s collecting dust in your attic in a box next to your childhood Star Wars action figures? Are you unlikely to ever play that Santana album you have on vinyl ever again? Some items might be obvious in their worth, but you d be surprised to find you have plenty of things that many people would be happy to buy. If you can part with some items, you can make decent money selling them.

Just take some photos. determine fair asking prices, post on Craigslist or eBay. and the inquiries from interested shoppers ought to come pouring in.

Offline Tasks via Online Marketplaces

People are posting one-off jobs in droves on platforms like Redbeacon and TaskRabbit. which means you can make extra money by running errands or performing handyman tasks for people in your spare time.

To pick up these gigs, you’ll need to pass a background check, so get started with building your profile with plenty of notice.

Review People’s Apps

If you’re a gadget junkie, gamer, tech tool lover or an early adopter, you’re likely to get a kick out of Review Roster or AppTaskit. Here you can get paid to try out recently launched apps and write what you think of them. Social proof is a powerful force when it comes to app marketing, so publishers are willing to pay good money for your opinion.

Other Cool Stuff

5 Proven Techniques To Get More Leads On Your Website

20 Original Ideas For Starting A Service-Based Business

Interior Inspiration: Creative Setups for Your Home Office

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Check Cashing Franchise Opportunities #small #business #investors

#franchise business


Check Cashing Franchise Opportunity Guide

Readily available funds at check cashing franchises and loan businesses offer a steady and secure business opportunity for those interested. Individuals with strong financial skills are best suited to run a billing or check cashing business opportunity. These types of business franchises play an important role to individuals who need a quick and easy way to get an advancement on a check, cash existing payroll checks, purchase money orders and more.

As banks are consolidated and options for fast and convenient access to immediate funds are reduced, consumers need an alternative to make those types of transactions. Check cashing franchises provide that alternative, and those entrepreneurs that invest in check cashing business opportunities know that it can be both rewarding and profitable.

Browse through the listing of check cashing franchises below to get a better view of the franchises for sale that are listed here at Franchising.com.

At Franchising.com, we connect you to the people you need to contact in order to begin your new career in one of the many types of franchise business opportunities for sale. We also provide a wealth of data, information and franchise buyer advice to help you as you deliberate the choices set in front of you. From small business franchises to larger, nationally recognized franchising opportunities, you’ll find it all here at Franchising.com.

Opportunity Guide

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The franchise opportunities listed above are not related to or endorsed by Franchising.com or Franchise Update Media Group. We are not engaged in, supporting, or endorsing any specific franchise, business opportunity, company or individual. No statement in this site is to be construed as a recommendation. We encourage prospective franchise buyers to perform extensive due diligence when considering a franchise opportunity.

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Direct Sales Opportunities – Home Based Business #business #catalyst

#home business opportunities



Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment

WorldVentures has made a commitment to being the most-trusted name in the direct-selling industry through our transparent business processes and open management philosophy. WorldVentures is dedicated to helping our Independent Representatives live richer lives: to enjoy unique travel and leisure experiences; to earn extra income doing something they love; and to help others improve their lives.

Passionate About All Things Travel ?

We invite you to explore the rich opportunities available as a WorldVentures Independent Representative. Through our direct-selling model, WorldVentures provides you with everything you need to market and sell vacation and lifestyle memberships and other related products and services. You can work full or part time from home or anywhere in the world .

Fun, Freedom and Fulfillment !

Thanks to its commitment to superior value, its innovative products and its good corporate citizenship, WorldVentures has become one of the world’s largest vacation and entertainment direct sellers. With a network of Independent Representatives spanning 28 countries and growing, the company offers a unique opportunity to earn income doing what you love. In other words, you can Make a living. Living!


Thanks to our pioneering “mobile-preneurship” business philosophy, Representatives enjoy low startup costs and access to social media tools, technology and training to help them easily conduct business from anywhere in the world.

Why the direct-selling model?

From storefronts to online sales, why has WorldVentures selected the direct-selling route? WorldVentures has opted for a direct-selling approach because, by its very nature, vacation planning is a very personal, considered process. WorldVentures Independent Representatives are committed to helping our customers make the right membership choices for themselves and their families. With distinct vacation and lifestyle club options and a vast array of vacation and local experiences to choose from, we believe the hands-on approach serves our customers best.

1. It is illegal for a promoter or a participant in a trading scheme to persuade anyone to make a payment by promising benefits from getting others to join the scheme.

2. Do not be misled by claims that high earnings are easily achieved.

Interested in Joining the one of the Largest Vacation and Entertainment Direct-Selling Networks in the World?

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Advertising Jobs – Search Advertising Job Listings #advertising #jobs, #advertising #job #opportunities, #advertising #job


Advertising Jobs

Advertising Employment Information

Advertising Industry Overview

The US advertising and marketing services industry comprises about 37,000 companies with combined annual revenue of about $88 billion, according to Hoovers. Some of the largest players offering jobs in advertising are Interpublic, Omnicom, Valassis Communications, as well as the US operations of Publicis and WPP. The industry is fragmented: The top 50 companies generate about one-third of revenue. In this creative business, size does not always correlate with success.

Advertising Job Market

Advertising, promotions and marketing managers held 216,800 jobs in 2010, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Jobs for managers of advertising, promotions and marketing operations are forecasted to grow by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations, the BLS reports. Nearly 30,000 new advertising job opportunities are expected to open up over the decade.

Both corporate marketing departments and advertising agencies offer numerous career opportunities in advertising. Advertising jobs at some small boutique ad agencies are among the most prestigious in the industry.

Although many advertising professionals still devote most of their efforts to print, broadcast and cable media, the Internet and other digital media offer the greatest potential for career growth.Professionals who can successfully integrate campaigns in traditional and digital media and measure results to continuously improve performance are well-positioned for success in their advertising careers.

Typical jobs in advertising include advertising director, creative manager, digital strategist, media planner, media buyer, copywriter, designer, sales executive and account executive.

Advertising Salaries

Median annual wages were $45,250 for advertising sales agents in May 2011, with the middle half earning between $30,750 and $68,900, the BLS reports. For advertising and promotions managers, median annual wages were $87,650, with the middle half earning between $59,780 and $128,840 and the top 10 percent earning more than $186,600.

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Opportunities for Small Businesses #business #grants

#small business opportunities


Opportunities for Small Businesses

GSA’s procurement programs offer great ways for small businesses to partner with the agency. The Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) helps provide access to these opportunities by pointing out the steps to success.

Businesses interested in selling products and services at both a prime- and sub-contractor level should:

  • Register your business with the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system, the primary database for contractors working with the federal government. A vendor must be registered prior to the award of a contract. To register in CCR, a firm must have a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number. The DUNS Number is assigned by Dun Bradstreet, Inc.(D B) [NonGovernment website] to identify unique business entities.
  • Identify the size of your business – visit the Small Business Administration website for complete information about what size qualifies a business as “small” and therefore eligible for federal programs and assistance.
  • Get a NAICS code . It is a business classification identification obtained from the North American Industry Classification System, which defines the business classification schema used by the federal government. The NAICS code is often used by federal agencies in procurement and regulatory applications.
  • Visit FedBizOpps often and register there to be notified of newly posted opportunities;
  • Browse the GSA Subcontracting Directory for opportunities to subcontract with existing GSA Prime Contractors;
  • Visit the GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities to see upcoming contract awards.

Businesses who have never done business with GSA before should:

  • Go to For Businesses without GSA Contracts to learn how to get started;
  • Go to the Training for Small Businesses page and check the Upcoming Training schedule for workshops and forums on how to do business with GSA.

At any stage in the process, small businesses can contact their Regional Office of Small Business Utilization with any questions or concerns.


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Health Administration Jobs – Search Health Administration Job Listings #health #administration #jobs, #health #administration


Health Administration Jobs

Health Administration Job Overview

Those who work in health administration jobs are often referred to as medical and health services managers. They direct, plan, and coordinate a vast variety of medical services as well as health-related services. They may manage a certain department or area of a hospital, or they may manage an entire doctor’s office or suite of offices.

Employees who work in health administration jobs typically perform the following duties each day:

  • Strive to be efficient in how they deliver healthcare services
  • Make the work schedules for medical staff members of their office or division
  • Supervise assistant administrators in the medical facilities
  • Train newer employees who will work under them, including assistant administrators
  • Represent the medical facility on governing boards
  • Organize and maintain the facility’s records of such data as the number of hospital beds or patient rooms that will be available
  • Communicate with doctors, other staff members, and patients in a courteous, professional manner

Workers in the medical field will likely enjoy working in health administration jobs if they excel at multitasking and supervising. They also need to have a great bedside manner because of the many diverse personalities that they will work closely with each day.

Health Administration Job Education Requirements

Employees who work in health administration jobs usually need to have at least earned a bachelor’s degree to get a starting level position. Those who attain a master’s degree in health services, public administration, or a related field are more likely to acquire the more competitive and desirable positions that also pay at a higher rate. It’s ideal to work towards a degree in health administration because these programs help you understand the complex duties that you will be performing, and you will likely learn necessary things like health economics, strategic planning, and hospital organization and management. Also, employees who work in health administration jobs must be willing to continually remain educated on changes in healthcare laws, technological advances, and medical regulations.

Health Administration Job Market

Between 2012 and 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be a growth of 23 percent in health administration jobs, which is great news for those who are pursuing this profession. That adds up to around 73,300 new jobs. The demand for health administration workers is expected to grow as medical group practices become larger. A large aging population will mean the expansion of many healthcare facilities and the addition of new ones for some time to come. There will also be a growing demand for other healthcare jobs like nursing jobs and biotechnology jobs .

Health Administration Job Salary Information

Medical and health services managers earned a median salary of $88,580 in 2012. The top employees in these positions made over $150,560, while the low-end average salary was under $53,940, which is still considerably more than positions like medical reception jobs. Larger hospitals and medical facilities in larger cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are likely to pay significantly more than smaller doctor’s offices throughout the country. In order to move up to a substantially higher-paying position, employees who work in health administration jobs should continue to get a higher education.

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Care and healthcare Franchise Opportunities For Sale In The UK #nursing #home #franchise #opportunities


Care and healthcare franchises

Care and healthcare Master Franchise Opportunities

  • ComForcare is a major international provider of non-medical home-based care services, and our mission is to improve the quality of life and level of independence for every client and family receiving our services.

  • Divine Spine is a chiropractic franchise offering comfortable, consistent adjustments via a computerized system.
  • Glossy Island franchise is an exclusive and unique business opportunity which offers hand and nail care treatments in prime retail locations.

  • Massage Heights provides a professional massage and spa service to a multi-million dollar market in North America. They are looking to bring their luxury product and services to the UK.

    Existing Care and healthcare franchises for sale

    About Care and healthcare franchises

    The UK Care industry is worth 40+ billion annually and, with our our aging population on the increase, the government has stepped in to give care at home initiatives financial backing.

    Many care companies are franchises and provide many different types of care services to clients. These include the elderly, those with a disability or those with illnesses that requires assistance and care on a day-to-day basis.

    Care franchises in this category include home care franchises for the elderly and infirm, healthcare franchises, nursing franchises, senior care, UK care recruitment business opportunities, medical healthcare franchising, elderly care businesses, personal and home care services franchises.

    Your basket is empty

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  • More Than 200 Franchise Opportunities for Less Than $50, 000 #business #loans #bad #credit

    #franchise opportunities


    More Than 200 Franchise Opportunities for Less Than $50,000

    Miscellaneous Maintenance Services

    Color Glo International
    Leather, vinyl, fabric, carpet and surface repair and restoration
    Startup cost: $46K-$49.8K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 158/1

    Dr. Vinyl Associates Ltd.
    Auto vinyl, leather, fabric and plastic repair
    Startup cost: $41.3K-$71.5K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 126/0

    Green Home Solutions
    Environmentally friendly mold cleaning, pest control and odor elimination
    Startup cost: $21.1K-$72.7K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 102/1

    Squeegee Squad
    Residential and high-rise window cleaning, building maintenance
    Startup cost: $32.9K-$82.4K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 39/1

    Window Gang
    Window, exterior, dryer-vent and chimney cleaning; deck and fence sealing
    Startup cost: $34.4K-$81.1K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 152/21



    Baby Boot Camp/Karna Fitness
    Prenatal and postnatal fitness; women s private and small-group training
    Startup cost: $4.7K-$10.4K
    Total franchises/co.-owned: 132/1

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    Own Your Own Direct Selling Company With K – B Small Business Opportunities and

    #small business ideas for women


    Explore one of the best business ideas for women

    In Kaeser & Blair, I not only found a lifelong business partner, but I discovered one of the best small business ideas around!

    I looked at a lot of business ideas for women, but none of them were appealing to me. Kaeser & Blair offers you the ability to make a substantial income while owning your own business and selling awesome products. What could be better than that?

    The best small business ideas can be found with Kaeser & Blair

    Many companies – direct sale companies in particular – promote themselves as being good business ideas for women. They may offer the ability to sell products that women typically enjoy selling, or offer flexibility and freedom that allow women to work around a hectic schedule or diverse set of priorities. Many of these small business ideas sound great, but just don’t deliver on their promises.

    Kaeser & Blair business owners
    discuss how to make extra money.

    Kaeser & Blair is different. K
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