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Play Caravaneer, a free online game on Kongregate #business #game

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We have reduced support for legacy browsers.

What does this mean for me? You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate. However, certain site features may suddenly stop working and leave you with a severely degraded experience.

What should I do? We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.

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Healthcare Management (online) #healthcare #management #online #programs


Healthcare Management (online)

This certificate program is delivered completely online. All 6 classes for the certificate are offered 100% online which means you can complete the certificate from anywhere. Due to current inter-state regulations on distance learning, we must limit registration for online courses to Connecticut residents only.

St. Vincent s Healthcare Management Certificate program is designed to provide the practical knowledge and organizational skills expected of today s healthcare managers. The program attracts a wide range of healthcare professionals throughout this field. While work experiences and educational backgrounds may vary greatly, all program participants share the objectives of sharpening their healthcare management knowledge and skills, and advancing their careers.

About the Program

The Healthcare Management Program s highly focused curriculum is an effective, time-efficient way to gain the management techniques needed for advancement within many of today s healthcare environments. As a student in the program, you ll learn through a combination of theory, practical applications, and real-world case studies, resulting in skills that can be applied immediately within the workplace.

Employment Opportunities

Combining courses in healthcare management, economics, finance, and legal and ethical issues, the program is ideally suited for practicing middle managers who wish to enhance their expertise, and for healthcare professionals interested in pursing middle management positions.

Program of Study

The 18-credit program provides a basic foundation in healthcare management practices. The program provides the knowledge necessary to identify, analyze, and solve problems, as well as a general overview of organizational behavior, economics, finance, and current legal and ethical issues. Integrated throughout the curriculum are topics of leadership and motivation, in addition to an emphasis on developing skills in communication, negotiation, and teamwork.

Program Courses

The six courses required for the certificate program are:

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**VIENNA- Austrian Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling meets French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in Vienna- 0730 GMT. FRANKFURT- ECB Governing Council meeting. THURSDAY, AUGUST 3 LONDON- Bank of England to release Inflation Report 1100 GMT.

**VIENNA- Austrian Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling meets French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in Vienna- 0730 GMT. FRANKFURT- ECB Governing Council meeting. THURSDAY, AUGUST 3 LONDON- Bank of England to release Inflation Report 1100 GMT.

Jim Cramer speaks with executives of companies from Citigroup to Hasbro about the changing world of global trade.

Senator Elizabeth Warren called on Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to remove members of Wells Fargo& Co’s board after revelations the company improperly charged customers for auto insurance. In a letter sent Friday to Yellen, Warren, a Democrat, said the recent revelation of more improper charges at the bank indicates “deep risk management problems,” and.

JPMorgan Chase announced it will rely on renewable sources for all of its energy use by 2020.

Matt Jones, JPMorgan head of equity strategy, and Kevin Giddis, head of fixed income at Raymond James, discuss their outlooks for the tech and financial sectors.

LONDON, July 28- For a while recently it looked as if the Bank of England might finally be getting ready to raise interest rates, but Governor Mark Carney and most of his top officials seem set to remain in wait-and-see mode when they meet next week. Only a few weeks ago the odds in financial markets of a rate hike on Aug. 3 jumped from near-zero to one-in-three.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. _ Stonegate Bank on Friday reported second-quarter profit of $8.3 million. Stonegate Bank shares have climbed 12 percent since the beginning of the year. Keywords: Stonegate Bank, Earnings Report.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 6:51 AM ET

MOSCOW, July 28- The Russian central bank held its key rate unchanged at 9 percent on Friday, citing geopolitical risks and ongoing inflation concerns, but indicated there was room for lower rates by the end of the year. “The Bank of Russia sees room for cutting the key rate in the second half of 2017. While making its decision hereinafter, the Bank of Russia will assess.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 4:26 AM ET

Filippo Alloatti, senior credit analyst at Hermes Investment Management, discusses the second quarter earnings of two Swiss banking giants.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 4:26 AM ET

CNBC’s Carolin Roth speaks about Credit Suisse and UBS second quarter earnings, with comment from Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 4:26 AM ET

UBS CEO Sergio Ermotti discusses second quarter earnings with CNBC’s Carolin Roth.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 12:54 AM ET

The bank’s investment banking unit, and not wealth management, was responsible for the good set of results, says Dan Scott of Credit Suisse.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 12:37 AM ET

Bryan Goh of Bordier & Cie says he favors banks in developed markets because of improvements in loan growth and margins.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 4:45 AM ET

U.K. lender Barclays reported a net loss of £1.21 billion ($1.58 billion) loss for the first half of 2017, hit by the fall in sterling and a charge from the mis-selling of payment protection insurance.

Friday, 28 Jul 2017 | 2:24 AM ET

Credit Suisse reported second-quarter revenues that were in line with analyst estimates on Friday.

Thursday, 27 Jul 2017 | 11:36 PM ET

Despite some improvements, the debt overhang in the Chinese banking sector remains a concern, says Qiang Liao, S ?>

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4 Steps to Starting an Online Business #business #analytics

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4 Steps to Starting an Online Business

In many ways, starting an online business is similar to starting a brick-and-mortar store. You’ll plan your business, organize your funding, produce your product, and get to work. But, there are unique aspects of running an online-only business that would-be entrepreneurs need to consider.

I’ve laid out a few of the various types of online businesses that you might be interested in starting, both those based around existing platforms like Etsy and eBay, and self-hosted eCommerce sites. We’ll also go over the process for starting an online business, and the steps you’ll need to take to get your business up and running.

In addition, you’ll find links throughout this article to other Bplans articles, which you’ll definitely want to check out. They’ll help you go into more detail about the different aspects of starting your online business, such as setting up your website and how to register your business name.

The different types of online businesses:

Wondering what type of online business to start? There are a few different options, and the best type to start will largely depend on your specific business, and what it is you’re selling.

An eCommerce site:

An eCommerce site is the most direct form of online business you can start; with a self-hosted eCommerce site, you will be selling your goods and services directly to your customers, without a “go-between” such as eBay or Etsy (we’ll get to those more later).

The best part about a direct eCommerce site is the level of control you have over your store. You’ll be able to customize virtually all the options when setting up your own eCommerce site, such as the complete look and feel of your store, but this flexibility makes the process that much more complicated, too.

Your biggest considerations with an eCommerce site will be setting up your website to offer the best user experience. Choosing the right web design is crucial, as is making sure that your shopping cart software is well-suited for your business. Be sure to check out the various shopping cart options available—from Shopify to X-Cart and many more.

An Etsy store:

An Etsy store is, by comparison, relatively easy to set up. The format of an Etsy store remains relatively similar store to store, though you will have the ability to customize your layout a little. However, all customers will buy through the Etsy interface, and the legwork to get your site up and running is minimal. This may be a positive or a negative to you, depending on how much control you wish to maintain over your site.

The biggest consideration, aside from the lack of flexibility? Etsy is a site for creative types, and focuses on handmade items. Now, if you sell handcrafted goods, resell vintage items, create and sell your art, and so on, you’ll fit in on Etsy no problem—in fact, it might be perfect for you.

But, if what you’re selling will be mass-produced, you’ll want to steer clear; although Etsy has recently made it clear that while they allow their sellers to potentially partner with outside businesses to make their products, mass-produced goods are not welcomed on Etsy.

An eBay store

Similar to Etsy, starting an eBay store has some significant advantages, which are also at the same time potential downsides. As with Etsy, you won’t have to set up a website, customize your online storefront, or choose a shopping cart software—when you use eBay to sell your products, that’s all included.

However this means, like Etsy, that your customers will have to go through eBay to buy from you, and you’ll also have little control over the visual layout of your store. As with Etsy, this may be a pro or a con for you, depending on your business.

Unlike Etsy, there is no stipulation with eBay stores that the goods be handcrafted or vintage resale. However, there are still certain items that are prohibited, so make sure to look into the details of selling on eBay before you decide that it’s the right choice.

A site with no physical goods sold

That’s all fine and good, but what if you’re not selling physical goods, but rather consulting or other services?

If your business still needs to accept payment via your site, you’re most likely better off setting up your own website, with a very simplistic shopping cart software. However, Etsy is home to plenty of web design businesses, for example, so this platform isn’t altogether out of the question.

Steps to starting an online business:

1. Plan your business

Like any business, you’ll need a plan. Your planning process should include thorough market analysis, plans for how you’ll fund product production, and perhaps a SWOT analysis to begin your planning process.

2. Write your business plan

Once you’ve done a bit of preliminary planning, it’s time to write your business plan. Unless you’re asking for funding from the bank, an investor, or have a similar “business plan event” coming up, you’re better off sticking to a lean business plan. A lean plan is quicker and easier to write, and distills your plan down to the essentials.

3. Register your domain name and set up your website

If you’ve chosen to set up your own eCommerce site outside of a platform such as eBay or Etsy, you’ll want to make sure your chosen domain name is available and ready for use. Once you’ve secured it, the process of setting up your business website begins. You can choose to outsource this to a professional, or DIY it with our handy guide.

4. Make it legal

There are a few steps you’ll have to take to make sure your business is legal. While generally speaking, the same rules apply for online businesses as brick-and-mortar businesses, there are a few subtle differences:

Read up on online business regulations

The most important distinction when it comes to doing business online versus in person is online business law. These laws regard the distribution of your customers personal information, as well as other privacy and intellectual property regulations. The SBA gives a thorough rundown of the specifics of online business law, so make sure to brush up on them before you start your online business.

Visit your secretary of state’s websitefor state-specific requirements

State specific requirements will, naturally, vary state by state. For instance, you’ll be required to collect state sales tax from your customers. Visit your local secretary of state office’s website for more information on compliance at a state level.

Learn about tax obligations for running an online business

Do you operate your business from your home? If you run an online business, it’s likely. As such, you may be eligible for certain tax deductions. You’ll additionally be required to pay income tax, so before setting up your online business, it may be a good idea to consult with a lawyer and make sure that you’re all covered going forward.

Ultimately, starting an online business is very similar to starting a business with a physical storefront. The planning and legal aspects remain similar; while you may not be faced with the prospect of finding a retail location, you’ll still want to make sure you’ve got a solid plan for your business, a great website, and have dotted all your i’s and crossed your t’s before you start selling.

However, while starting an online business does involve some initial legwork, the low cost of overhead and flexibility of the platform make starting an online business a great choice for many entrepreneurs.

Do you have questions on starting an online business, or tips to offer fellow entrepreneurs?

How LivePlan makes your business more successful

If you re writing a business plan you’re in luck. Online business planning software makes it easier than ever before to put together a business plan for your business.

As you ll see in a moment LivePlan is more than just business plan software though. It s a knowledgable guide combined with a professional designer coupled with a financial wizard. It ll help you get over the three most common business hurdles with ease.

Let s take a look at those common hurdles and see how producing a top notch business plan sets your business up for success.

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Starting an online business #business #card #templates

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You need to have a viable business idea. You must also have what it takes to make it work. You also must have enough money.

If you’ve got what it takes to start your own business, and you’ve done your research, forming a business is the next exciting leg on the journey.

Many people struggle with the financial side of managing their small business. Not everyone has a head for figures or wants to become an accountant.

If you want to run a legitimate enterprise, you must pay tax. It’s worth understanding your tax obligations before you start up to factor them in.

Many people, including some leading business representatives, argue that small firms are over burdened by the weight of business law.

It might be a cliché, but it remains true – planning without action is futile, while action without planning is fatal. You need a business plan.

Marketing matters. Marketing drives sales for businesses of all sizes by ensuring that customers think of their brand when they want to buy.

Premises provide the second-biggest overhead for many businesses. If you can start your business from your home, it will be much easier to break even.

The success or failure of a business can often rest in the hands of its most valuable asset – its people. But managing them can be a challenge.

There can’t be many firms in the UK, however small, that don’t use IT in some way. Many businesses simply couldn’t exist without IT.

Half of all new businesses fail within five years. So how do you survive and thrive? Find out how to scale up and become a high-growth business.

Starting an online business

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Art Therapy Courses #art #education #online #masters


Studying with CECAT has given me the skills and confidence to get out there and start my own practice. I knew the moment I began the art therapy course that it would be life changing. The skills I gained have given me the confidence to quit my job as a teacher and become an art therapist full-time!
Julie Nicholson

The course was exciting and engaging throughout. It would be great to see Art Therapy in every day practice.
Cynthia Parker

Rob is dynamic and passionate about Art Therapy and he teaches in this manner. I have loved every minute of this course.
Jo Yates
Drug and Alcohol Counsellor

Eye opening, challenging, hopeful Re-united me with my creative self in a very safe way.
Ruth Kreamer
Social Worker

This course has reminded me of the joy in my life. It has touched me on a very deep level. I did not expect this outcome. I feel more in tune with the real me.
Allison Pennings
Registered Nurse (Acute Mental Health)

At the time of starting this art therapy course, I had for a long time found it difficult to paint, draw or do any creative endeavour. By the end of the training, I was painting and planning to give painting more space in my life.
Sheila Smith
Aboriginal Artist

This course has enabled me to much more fully understand the profound impact that art therapy can offer in the therapeutic process, particularly how the visual image can assist children to tell their story, and how exploration of the picture can reflect inner meaning.
Jane Mosco
School Counsellor

Art therapy is an amazing journey of discovery, creativity and growth. As an occupational therapist I am energized by a therapeutic tool that is fun, versatile and meaningful, that can be used in a variety of settings with clients of all ages, life experiences and needs.
Jess Westcott
Occupational Therapist

Most enjoyable, empowering, confronting and challenging at times; professionally organised and delivered.
Lynn Banna

Rob has designed an amazing course that provides opportunity for students to experience art therapy whilst they learn the skills and tools required to practice as an Art Therapist. Thank you for being one of my best teachers.
Jillian De Souza
Buddhist Psychologist

I enjoyed this course very much and was delighted to discover your talent, intuition and expertise as an art therapist.
Elise Wynyard

We offer you a world of possibilities:

Study Art Therapy on Campus Face-to-face art therapy courses in Adelaide, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney (Australia)

Only three universities offer an extensive Art Therapy program in Australia: Sydney NSW; Melbourne VIC; and Brisbane QLD.

In many other countries the program isn t offered at all. For those further abroad, CECAT now offers International Art Therapy Courses to countries across the world.

The College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy (CECAT) is committed to the training and development of art therapy around Australia and worldwide. Our Newcastle and Distance Education Art Therapy Courses presents a solid foundation for those people who may not be able to study at a University.

With a flexible and engaging style, CECAT s art therapy training courses and workshops provide explanations of theory; demonstrations of techniques; and practical experiences. The use of experiential methods support an in depth learning process.

We offer you a world of possibilities!

Study on Campus

Study by Distance Education/Online

Register for our art therapy courses today!

Sign Up To Our Newsletter

For course information, tools, tips and more, please sign up to our newsletter! SIGN UP HERE

Acknowledgement of Country

The College for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy (CECAT) respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners of the land on which CECAT is situated, and pays respect to elders both past and present of the Worimi Peoples .

As we share our own knowledge, teaching, learning and research practices within CECAT may we also pay respect to the knowledge embedded forever within the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is an evidence-based intervention developed in the mid 1940 s for the management of mental health disorders in both adults and children. It is widely used in Europe and the United States, but in Australia the practice of art therapy is still in its early stages.

Art therapy encourages self-discovery and emotional growth. Evolving from Freud and Jung s theories of the unconscious, art therapy is based on the belief that visual symbols and images (as in dreams), are the most accessible and natural form of communicating to the human experience. Clients are encouraged to visualise, and create, a representation of thoughts and emotions that they may not otherwise be able to articulate.

Art therapists assist people to access their own image-making abilities. They do this by jointly exploring the meaning of their images in light of the relationships and personal experiences they have encountered which may be distressing or nurturing. The art therapist s great advantage is being able to facilitate the client s expression of their inner world that they may find difficult to verbalise.

The art therapist supports the processes of emotional integration and growth by providing a safe, reliable and therapeutic environment within which the client can create and use images to develop insight and achieve personal change.

Art Therapy in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Middle East, Canada and US.

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Main menu

Online zee business news

Online zee business news Analysis

Zee Business channel Latest Breaking News, Pictures, Videos, and Special Reports from. Omni-channel refers to retailing through online and offline channels.Zee Business Live TV Streaming news Online Free See more about TVs, Business and News. online zee business news Get the very latest in business – Breaking News, Latest News, fast updated Current News. Read breaking business news stories from India and around the globe.Zee Business is a Hindi business news channel based in Noida, India. The channel is owned by Zee News. Contents. hide. 1 See also; 2 References.

Home business approved by bbb my internet isnt working what should i do

Company”greatClipsJobs. Find your next opportunity on Simply Hired. New jobs are posted every day.The official YouTube page for GreatClips — the world’s largest salon brand.

What is the job opportunity in civil engineering

US Traders Accepted. NO
Civil Engineering. IntroductionStep-by-StepStart EarlyIs it the Right Career for Me?What would it Cost Me?Funding/ScholarshipJob ProspectsPay. Civil Engineers. Career, Salary and Education Information. Go to What They Do Work Environment How to Become One Salary Job Outlook Related.

Latest Binary Options Signals

Government job opportunity

Jobs. public service jobs. public service careers, careers in government, Saskatchewan jobs. careers. The State of Ohio offers a wide range of career opportunities. A career in public service is an honorable choice. The work we do impacts the lives of the people in.

job opening redfield sd how to find job in usa Online zee business news do business degrees require a lot of math new jersey new business

Password Reset

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Consultant/Broker and Employer

Employer eServices is a comprehensive, powerful suite of online tools and resources from UnitedHealthcare that simplifies benefits administration.You or your clients can simplify eligibility management, billing and reporting, and manage virtually every aspect of benefits administration online and in real-time, increasing efficiency and saving both time and money.
Take a Site Tour

A consumer-driven health (CDH) online toolkit is available on the Communication Resource Center (CRC) to provide employers with resources, marketing material and tools they need to help manage the transition from a traditional plan to a CDH plan. Access toolkit

Easy-to-use communication tools and distribution-ready materials make it easy for your clients to engage their employees in their health and promote available programs and services.
Take a Site Tour

Sales Automation Management (SAM)

SAM is a new online tool o n UnitedeServices for Small Business quoting and enrollment that modernizes and streamlines these processes and makes it easier to do business with UnitedHealthcare. You and your clients will enjoy a simplified process, reductions in required data and improved case installation turnaround time leaving you more time to grow your business.


The UnitedHealthcare Health4Me SM mobile resource offers members easy access to their health plan information; lets them locate doctors and facilities anytime, anywhere; and provides 24/7 contact with a registered nurse should they have questions. View video

myuhc.com offers both practical and personalized easy-to-use online tools and information so your clients’ employees clearly understand their health care choices and get the most out of their health care benefits. Your clients develop an engaged, informed and self-reliant workforce capable of finding the information that matters most right at their fingertips from finding a physician to seeing the status of current claims, and much, much more.
Take a Site Tour

Members have a number of online and mobile tools to support them in making better decisions when it comes to managing health, insurance benefits and costs. The Consumer Resource Guide will help them understand what some of those resources are, and how they can be used in every-day life.

Quick Links

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Substance Abuse CEUs #ceu, #ceus, #ceu #courses, #online #ceus, #fast #ceus, #cheap #ceus, #social


Affordable CE Hours!

Quantum Units Continuing Education offers Continuing Education CE Hours for licensed and certified professionals. CE Hours are approved for:

Human Resource CEUs: PHR, SPHR, SPHR-CA, PHR-CA. Social Work CEUs. LCSW CEUs, ASW, MSW. MFT CEUs. pre-MFT CEUs, MFCC, LMFT, Nursing CEUs. RN CEUs, LVN CEUs, CNA, Psych Techs, OT, LPC CE Hours. LMHC, LPCC, Mental Health Counselor CE Hours, NCC CE Hours, MAC, CCMHC CE Hours, NCSC CE Hours, Addiction and Substance Abuse Counselor CEUs. LADC, CAC, CAS, CSAC, CADC, CATC, CADDTP, FACT. Elderly Care. Psychologist CEUs .

CE Hours are approved by the following boards: American Academy of Healthcare Providers, NBCOT, NAADAC CEUs, CA BBS CEUs, NBCC CE Hours, Florida CEUs, Texas CEUs, CAADAC CEUs, CADDTP CEUs, CAADE CEUs, NATTC, USNCB, CA BRN CEUs, CAARR, HRCI and more. See our State by State CE Approvals

Online Substance Abuse, Addiction Treatment CEUs

Choose a CEU Category:

Sort by:

Substance Abuse and Addiction CEUs

These CEU Courses address topics of Substance Abuse and Addictions Treatment. CEUs are approved for all Counselor types, Therapists, Social Workers, Psych Techs and others. Please check our CEU Approvals page for more.

New! Screening and Assessment for Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction

$12.00 | CE Hours:4.00 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

New! Addiction – Neurobiology, Prevention, and Treatment

$27.00 | CE Hours:9.00 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

Opioid Use, Misuse, and Overdose in Women

$9.00 | CEU Hours:3.00 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

This course is not approved by NBCC for NCC certification renewal. To renew your NCC certification, view our list of NBCC specific approved courses.

Misuse of Prescription Drugs

$3.00 | CEU Hours:1.00 | Beginning | CE Description

This course is not approved by NBCC for NCC certification renewal. To renew your NCC certification, view our list of NBCC specific approved courses.

Domestic Violence Offender Program Standards

$6.00 | CEU Hours:2.00 | Intermediate | CE Description


This course is not approved by NBCC for NCC certification renewal. To renew your NCC certification, view our list of NBCC specific approved courses.

The Treatment of Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorders

$10.50 | CE Hours:3.50 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

* ICB Credit for Counselor I or II, Preventionist I or II, CARS I or II, MISA I or II, PCGC II, CCJP II, CRSS II, MAATP I or II, NCRS II, CFPP II, GCE

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Parity

$6.00 | CEU Hours:2.00 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

This course is not approved by NBCC for NCC certification renewal. To renew your NCC certification, view our list of NBCC specific approved courses.

Evidence-Based Treatments for First Episode Psychosis

$4.50 | CE Hours:1.50 | Intermediate | CE Description

Not approved for CNAs

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Indian Insurance Online, Compare Indian Insurance, Travel insurance India, health insurance India #indian #insurance


India Insurance Online – Compare and buy Travel, Student and Health Plans

People travel to different destinations for various reasons. Whether it is domestic or overseas travel, medical insurance is required to secure the traveler from unforeseen medical emergencies. Travel insurance is available either for a single or for multiple trips. Those who are travelling to European countries are required to purchase insurance to be issued the Schengen visa.

Students who are going to pursue higher education overseas should purchase student medical insurance to safeguard in case of any medical emergency. Most foreign universities also mandate health insurance for international students. These policies cover the insured for medical expenses, emergency evacuation, repatriation, dismemberment, loss of sponsorship, compassionate visit etc.

Health care is exorbitant now-a-days and can leave you with huge bills in case of hospitalization. Buy Mediclaim insurance to get financial assistance in case of hospitalization due to health. Health insurance policy covers the insured for medical expenses that is incurred during pre and post hospitalization stages. The coverage is available either for individuals and for the entire family.

Read About e indiainsurance

e indiainsurance is a pioneer in offering Indian insurance policies online so that the customer can purhcase using a credit card, debit card or a cheque. We have provided online services to over 30,000 satisfied customers so far. At EIndiaInsurance, we have developed user friendly web tools to help customers make an informed decision while purchasing online insurance. We provide an extensive listing of available policies and have developed an “insurance comparison” tool. This tool provides the user with free quotes and allows the customer to compare plans based on the user input. Customers can view policy brochures, compare in detail and even buy the policies directly using a credit card. Comparing insurance policies can save you significantly, sometimes as high as 30% of the overall premium. Compare and buy the travel insurance policy that can best suits the requirements of you and your family.

Along with the comparison tool, we also provide relevant resourceful information regarding insurance products and have answers to frequent questions. We offer mediclaim health insurance, overseas travel insurance, student insurance, home insurance and accident insurance plans underwritten by top companies like TATA AIG, Bajaj Allianz, ICICI Lombard, Reliance, Future Generali, Apollo Munich and Cholamandalam.

What People Say

Good Customer Support
This to convey our gratitude to your customer support team for having guided us very well in procuring our overseas travel insurance.

Efficient support
Thanks ( to you and your colleagues) for the timely and very efficient support given in getting this endorsement done in time. It is always a pleasure to be a recipient of efficient service !Thank you very much for all the procedure by taking personal attention.

Quick service
Pleasantly surprised with the quick response I received from the travel insurance advisor at Eindiainsurance on account of my recently posted query for my dad’s travel and health coverage in Singapore from India.

Mediclaim Insurance Service
Your customer support staff member was very clear and I am very impressed and convinced by his explanations regarding the health policies.

Religare Mediclaim Feedback
I had been calling different health insurance companies for last couple of days..never got satisfaction as either they were ill informed about their product or they were not been able to explain properly.
Iniatailly spoken to your customer support team and then they have handed me over to concerned person. you guys were amazing. so to the point so well prepared for your product..so prompt. so polite.if I were to rate you guys I give 10 out of 10. I wish you both a successful career ahead.
P.s. any one asks me abt health insurance I am surely gona reccommend your customer support
Buddha bless you.

Shamsher singh, Manali

Good Overseas travel Insurance
Thanks for providing your good insurance policies.

Prompt Action
Thankyou so much for the prompt action at your end regarding the travel insurance for my mother.

Efficient Service
I am grateful for all the trouble you took to follow up. My visa appointment is next week, so I am greatly relieved.

Geeta DetheBalasubramanya T

Promptness and Efficiency of Service
Got the insurance policy. I was in urgent need of the policy as I have to appear for the visa interview tomorrow morning and thats why I called the executive at Eindiainsurance.

India Mediclaim Insurance Policies

Mediclaim insurance refers to insurance coverage for health. Mediclaim insurance is advisable for all people, and it is prudent to purchase this insurance at a younger age when one does not have any medical ailments. Often people try to purchase mediclaim insurance at an older age, however if they already suffer from ailments, these will be considered as pre-existing situation and will not be covered.

Mediclaim insurance if you are travelling out of India is called overseas mediclaim insurance. Your domestic health insurance becomes ineffective once you are out of your home country. Health insurance in India is commonly known as Mediclaim and covers you for medical expenses during an emergency. Overseas Mediclaim insurance helps you to travel safely. The consumer can buy domestic or overseas mediclaim insurance according to his/her requirements.










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