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Degree Programs

Degree programs are the most affordable and flexible option for earning your music degree from Berklee College of Music. They are the best option for students who want a music education degree and the full Berklee experience.

Sharpen your knowledge of the skills, concepts, and methodologies needed to succeed in the ever-evolving music business, including music publishing, management, marketing, touring, and more. The program will detail the most pressing issues facing the music industry today, and properly prepare students for the opportunities that are available in the new music business.

“Build your own” music major by selecting coursework from a number of disciplines that align with your personal career goals.

This major is geared specifically for new and entering students who are not yet ready to declare their major.

Degree Path Certificates

What is a Degree Path Certificate?

Unlike our traditional multi-course certificate programs, all credits earned in a degree path certificate transfer directly into the certificate’s correlating degree major.

Students who successfully complete a degree path certificate with a 2.7 GPA or higher are provisionally accepted into the certificate’s correlating degree major in the online Bachelor of Professional Studies program, pending the student’s completion of a degree application and application review by Berklee Online’s Dean of Continuing Education.

Can I enroll in a Degree Path Certificate even if I am not interested in pursuing an online degree?

Yes. All students are eligible to enroll in a degree path certificate, regardless of whether or not they plan to continue into a degree program upon completion of the certificate.

Who are Degree Path Certificates best suited for?

Degree path certificates are best suited for students who aren’t yet ready to pursue a robust online degree program, but who would like to begin completing credits that will transfer into Berklee Online’s degree program in the future.

Do I need to complete an application before I can enroll in a Degree Path Certificate?

No, there is no admissions process to enroll in a degree path certificate. Students who wish to enroll in a degree path certificate should simply navigate to the certificate they would like to register for and click “Enroll in this Certificate” to get started.

Note: If you are preparing to enter the online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree program after completing a degree path certificate, you will be required to fill out an online degree application.

Can I receive federal financial aid for a Degree Path Certificate?

No, federal financial aid is not available for certificate programs.

I just completed a Degree Path Certificate and am interested in pursuing an online Bachelor of Professional Studies degree at Berklee Online. What do I do next?

Berklee Online

Berklee Online is Berklee College of Music’s online extension school. With world renowned faculty and unparalleled networking opportunities, Berklee Online brings the best of Berklee to students around the world.

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Managing online reviews #business #process

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Managing online reviews

Consumers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Businesses and review platforms need to manage online reviews to prevent consumers from being misled.

Genuine online reviews

Online reviews provide consumers with information about products, services and businesses based on the experiences of other consumers. Reviews may appear on a business’ own site, on social media or on a review platform. Review platforms are sites which specialise in presenting product reviews about a range of businesses. Consumers expect reviews to be independent and genuine to help them make more informed purchasing decisions.

Fake or misleading reviews

Businesses and review platforms that do not remove reviews that they know to be fake risk breaching the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 .

Reviews may mislead consumers if they are presented as impartial, but were written by:

  • the reviewed business
  • a competitor
  • someone paid to write the review who has not used the product
  • someone who has used the product but written an inflated review to receive a financial or non-financial benefit.

Tips for businesses

The ACCC considers conduct such as the following to be misleading. You should not:

  • encourage family and friends to write reviews about your business without disclosing their personal connection with your business in that review
  • write reviews when you have not experienced the good or service reviewed or which do not reflect a genuinely held opinion
  • solicit others to write reviews about your business or a competitor’s business if they have not experienced the good or service.

Offering incentives

Businesses that offer incentives to those who write positive reviews risk misleading consumers and breaching the CCA. Incentives should only be offered in exchange for reviews of your business (its products or services) if:

  • incentives are offered equally to consumers likely to be complimentary and consumers likely to be critical, and positive and negative reviews are treated the same
  • the reviewer is expressly told that the incentive is available whether the review is positive or negative
  • the incentive is prominently disclosed to users who rely on affected reviews.

Disclosing commercial relationships

Commercial relationships between review platforms and businesses may influence the overall rating of a business on the site. For example, a review platform may allow businesses that advertise on the site to select a review to appear at the top of the page or prevent negative reviews from being automatically uploaded. This may mislead consumers by creating an impression that the business received more favourable reviews than it actually has. Disclosing commercial relationships between review platforms and businesses helps consumers make better informed decisions about the business and its products or services.

Star ratings

The number of reviews which form the basis of an aggregated (e.g. star) rating may be relevant to the weight which a site user gives to that aggregated rating. If an aggregated rating system is provided, it is recommended that consumer review platforms disclose the total number of reviews that the rating is based on next to the aggregated rating (e.g. 3 stars, 24 reviews).

Omitting and editing reviews

Businesses and review platforms that selectively remove or edit reviews, particularly negative reviews, for commercial or promotional reasons may be misleading consumers. If the total body of reviews doesn’t reflect the opinions of consumers who have submitted the reviews consumers may be misled.

Content moderation policies of review platforms ensure users and businesses have a clear understanding of when and why online consumer reviews will be removed. It is recommended that consumer review platforms make their policy for publishing and removing consumer content accessible to platform users.

Identifying fake reviews

Businesses and review platforms may be able to identify fake reviews by those that are:

  • part of a significant spike in reviews about a particular business over a limited period of time
  • written from the same email or IP address as each other or as the business reviewed
  • written about the same business, product or service where the reviewers’ accounts are very similar for example, similar email addresses, user names, passwords or IP addresses
  • written in overly positive or “marketing speak” writing styles
  • written in the same language as other reviews of the same business or product.

Case study

In 2011 the ACCC took action against removalist business Citymove for misleading online reviews. Citymove admitted to having made representations on its website that purported to be testimonials by genuine consumers when they were not. Citymove paid a $6600 infringement notice.

More information

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People on the Move – Memphis Business Journal Online, 12 #business #franchise #opportunities

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People on the Move Memphis Business Journal Online, 12/07/11

Date added: December 7, 2011

Submission Type: New Hire

Current employer: Pathway Lending

Current title/position: Regional Program and Client Manager

Position level: Manager

Chris will serve Nashville-based Pathway Lending as the Regional Program and Client Manager (for West Tenn.) out of the Jackson office.

Company headquarters: Nashville


News Blog

We make decisions based on your opportunity.

Call or email to begin a relationship.

Our Site


News Blog

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Pathway Lending is an Equal Opportunity Lender. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, or national origin. This project is funded under an agreement with the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

2016 Pathway Lending. Financing Businesses. Strengthening Communities. WordPress Website by Nashville Geek

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Compare Cheap Business Insurance Quotes Online at #business #first

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Business insurance

Compare quotes with Simply Business, [1] our preferred provider for business insurance

  • Compare quotes from Axa, Zurich, Hiscox, Groupama, Brit and more
  • Cover for public and employers’ liabilty, buildings, contents, tools and equipment
  • Buy online or speak to an insurance specialist in a UK-based contact centre

What should I look for with business liability insurance?

A good liability insurer should pay towards your legal costs for defending any claim made against you, insure you for compensation claims made against you, and offer you both public and employers’ liability insurance as a package, if you need both Maxine Frances, journalist

  • Is your business protected with employers’ liability cover?

    If an employee is injured or they contract a disease as a result of, or in the course of their employment, they are entitled to claim compensation from the business if it can be proven that the employer was at fault. Employers’ liability covers the cost of the compensation along with any legal fees you might incur if you had to defend the case against you Gocompare.com

  • What does public liability insurance cover?

    Public liability insurance protects you from claims against your business by members of the public. For example, if you damage a client’s property, if a customer has an accident on your premises, or if you provide any advice or service for a fee Maxine Frances, journalist

  • How much does liability insurance cost?

    Most liability cover is based on an annual fee, how much you pay will depend on the size and nature of your business and how many employees you have. It will make a difference if you are a sole trader, partnership or limited company. Your premium may change if you make more claims or if the nature of your industry changes Maxine Frances, journalist

  • How long does liability insurance offer protection for?

    Check your terms and conditions, but some insurers will cover you for incidents before and after the start and end date of your policy. This is important if you’re working in an industry where results tend to be measured in the long rather than the short term Maxine Frances, journalist

  • Does your car insurance cover your business usage?

    If workers use their own cars while on company business, no matter how infrequently, we would urge them to check their policy to make sure they are properly insured. Employers should talk to workers about the necessity of having the correct level of cover before they undertake any business journeys in a private car Scott Kelly, car insurance expert

  • How can we help you with business insurance today?

    With the help of our partners Simply Business [1] we can find you the right business insurance quickly, easily and at the right price, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the things that make your business great.

    Need more information?

    Our easy-to-use forms will ask for basic details about your business and the level of cover you require, including whether you need public/product liability insurance, professional indemnity cover, buildings insurance, revenue protection/business interruption cover, and protection for your business/office equipment and/or stock.

    You’ll need to answer questions about any claims made by your firm in the last five years, and about any that may be pending.

    Depending on the sort of cover you choose, you may also be asked for some more detailed information about your company and its work.

    You will then either be presented with your quotes online, or – if your circumstances do not allow for an instant quote – your details will be passed on to an insurance specialist to look at.

    Did you know.

    • Employers’ liability insurance is compulsory for businesses that have one or more staff
    • Glass and shutters insurance can cover replacement following accidental or malicious damage

    Should you have any problems, or if you just want to speak to an expert before making your decision, then a Simply Business insurance specialist will be available from a UK-based contact centre.

    We’ve also got more information available on the factors you need to consider in our business insurance guides, where you’ll find the answers to frequently asked questions.

    In the guides, our introduction to business insurance can help you with areas such as whether you need such protection, sensible levels of cover, differences if you’re a landlord or a tenant, options for working from home, and insurance for your business assets and equipment.

    You’ll also find dedicated pages on public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance and employers’ liability insurance, plus information on areas such as goods in transit cover, business travel insurance, business interruption cover, commercial legal insurance, fidelity guarantees, and insurance cover for tools, data processing, engineering, credit, loss of cash, and glass and shutters.

    Business features from Covered mag

    The car industry’s top women

  • What will Brexit actually mean?

  • Making Tax Digital: what does it mean?

  • Five inspiring entrepreneurs over 50

  • Brexit: should Britain leave the EU?

  • How to succeed as a young entrepreneur

    Are pop-up shops losing their edge?

    How to make money from your home

    [1] Gocompare.com introduces customers to Simply Business which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Gocompare.com’s relationship with Simply Business is limited to that of a business partnership, no common ownership or control rights exist between us. Please note, we cannot be held responsible for the content of external websites and by using the links stated to access these separate websites you will be subject to the terms of use applying to those sites

    Gocompare.com Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for insurance mediation activity under firm reference number 465053. You may check this on the Financial Services Register by visiting the FCA website. Gocompare.com Limited is registered in England and Wales (Company No. 5799376). Registered office: Imperial House, Imperial Way, Newport, Gwent, NP10 8UH, United Kingdom. Copyright 2006-2016 Gocompare.com Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

    By using the Gocompare.com website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy. OK Learn more

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  • Business Strategy and the Environment – Wiley Online Library #free #business #listing

    #business strategy


    Business Strategy and the Environment

    News and Announcements

    High Impact Ranking for BSE

    We are delighted to announce the latest high impact factor ranking for BSE in the top 10 Environmental Studies Journals
    Impact Factor 2014: 2.542
    ISI Journal Citation Reports Ranking: 2012: 17/100 (Environmental Studies) 29/185 (Management) 22/115 (Business)

    Managing Industrial Symbiosis (IS) Networks
    Guest Editors: Abhishek Agarwal and Peter Strachan
    Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, UK

    Popular Business Strategy and the Environment Articles

    Most cited Business Strategy and the Environment articles published in 2014 2015:

    Click below to read the most accessed Business Strategy and the Environment articles from in 2015:

    Changing Behaviour: Successful Environmental Programmes in the Workplace
    William Young, Matthew Davis, Ilona M. McNeill, Bindu Malhotra, Sally Russell, Kerrie Unsworth and Chris W. Clegg (2015)

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    Business Loans – Check Business Loan Interest Rate – Eligibility Online at HDFC Bank #printing #business #cards

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    Business Loan

    • Features Benefits
    • Eligibility
    • Fees Charges
    • In – Principle loan eligibility in 1 Minute online and across all branches
    • Convenience of contacting us through SMS, Webchat, Click2Talk, PhoneBanking and across all Branches
    • Business Loan is also available on the basis of repayment of home loans, auto loans and credit cards.
    • Loan Amount up to Rs. 15 Lakhs (Up to Rs. 40 Lakhs in selected locations).
    • Flexible repayment options ranging from 12 – 36 Months.
    • Credit Protect Insurance Plan:
      We help you take care of your loved ones with a Credit Protect Plan to cover your loan at a nominal premium.*

    In case of Natural / Accidental Death of the customer, the customer / nominee can avail of the Payment Protection Insurance (Credit Protect) which insures the principle outstanding on the loan up to a maximum of the loan amount.

    We will charge a premium for this product, and the premium amount will be deducted from the loan amount at the time of disbursal. We will also charge service tax and applicable surcharge/cess at the rates notified by the government.

    Secure your business loan with Credit Protect.

    Key benefits of policy

    • Protects the family by paying off the loan amount in case of death of the customer
    • Life Coverage provides peace of Mind
    • No need to use other savings to repay the loan
    • Tax Benefits as per applicable laws
    • One convenient package – loan + insurance

    * Premium will be charged for Credit Protect will be deducted from the loan amount at the time of disbursal.

    (* terms and conditions of the Insurers shall apply, Above product is offered by HDFC Life Ins Co.ltd)

    Already have a Business Loan?

    Reduce your EMI, transfer your existing Business Loan to us. Business Loan balance transfer offers special and exclusive benefits.

    • Interest rate as low as 14.99* % on existing loan transfer.
    • Processing fees as low as 0.99%

    Now reduce your EMI burden with our balance transfer programme

    Get details on eligibility criteria documents required for HDFC Bank Business Loan

    Self Employed including Individual Proprietors, Private Ltd. Co. and Partnership Firms involved in the Business of Manufacturing, Trading or Services.

    • Minimum Turnover of Rs. 40 Lakhs.
    • Years in business: Minimum of 3 years in current business and 5 years total business experience
    • Business must be profit making for the last 2 years
    • Minimum Annual Income (ITR): Rs. 1.5 Lakhs p.a.
    • Age of Applicant: Min 21 years Max. 65 years at the time of loan maturity.

    Documents you will need to submit:

    • PAN Card For Company /Firm/ individual.
    • Proof of your identity: Copy of Aadhaar Card/Passport/Voter s ID card/driving license.
    • Proof of your address: Copy of Aadhaar Card/Telephone bill/Electricity bill/Passport.
    • Bank Statement (latest 6 months)
    • Latest ITR along with computation of income, Balance sheet and Profit Loss a/c for the last 2 years. Financial should be CA Certified /Audited.
    • Proof of continuation (ITR/Trade license /Establishment /Sales Tax certificate)
    • Other Mandatory Documents (Sole Prop. Declaration Or Certified Copy of Partnership Deed, Certified true copy of Memorandum Articles of Association (certified by Director) Board resolution (Original)

    Loan at the sole discretion of HDFC Bank Ltd.

    Enclosed below are HDFC Bank Business Loan Interest Rates Charges

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    Real Life Game online, farm simulation survival games, free to play 3rd World Farmer, no download for girls, kids #business #ethics #articles

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    Real Life Survival Game 3rd World Farmer

    Rating. 7.8 / 10 – 22031 votes

    3rd World Farmer is a serious-thought-provoking online game and business strategy simulation activity for high school teens and college students where you have to manage an impoverished farm in a dried out desert area of Sub-Saharan Africa. This is an exceptional survival role-playing game online, and gives you a striking, first-hand insight into extreme rural poverty, and the hardships and challenges faced by the millions of starving, struggling farmers and families of developing nations. In 3rd World Farmer, you have to make tough moral and survival decisions in order to provide for your underprivileged family, while enduring droughts, disease, poverty, corruption and war. How ethical will you be when you desperately need to pay your rapidly-ailing family’s food and medical bills? Will you accept virtual money to survive in return for storing chemical waste, and even housing terrorists?

    The Deal: Your proactive mission is to help the head of the family turn this small farm in a developing nation into a commercial success. You must carefully budget and decide which crops to grow each year to sustain your family, and grow. There are several crops to choose from (corn, wheat, cotton and peanuts), and some prove more risky than others, providing potentially large earnings or huge losses. Make enough profit to invest in the necessary tools such as ploughs, harvesters and tractors to improve your crop yields. Increase your capital by investing wisely in essential buildings such as sheds, wells and barns. But remember, all investments have associated risks; wells can dry up, barns can be destroyed, and livestock may be stolen. Remember also Do not become too greedy! You must first prioritize your family’s health, or they may weaken, and be struck down by a deadly disease!

    How to Play: Each year you must decide which crops to grow on your restricted budget. Use your computer mouse to select and buy crops, livestock, tools and buildings. Left click in the upper left corner of the game screen, and then drag and place the crops in your field. Left click your mouse again on a family member in the center of the screen to administer medicine and other options. When you have bought all your items for the season, click the “Right Arrow” in the top right corner of the screen to forward your circumstances one year in time. You then receive an annual report of how your farm has performed.

    To succeed, you need to display good business acumen and strategic thinking skills to help ensure that your family, farm and community is safe and prosperous into the future. Carefully strategize and invest in “Communications” to coordinate sales with other farmers, “Infrastructure” for easier access to markets and “Crop Insurance” to give your family an income when your crops fail. Support a local “School” and “Clinic” for improved health and education services in your area. Donate to a local “Politician” who genuinely works for peace, health and prosperity for all. This will help benefit the long term well-being of the entire nation. When you have succeeded in purchasing the six above mentioned items, you win. Good luck with your new farming venture and survival challenge!

    Discuss this interesting, thought-provoking game on the Learn4Good Games site with your friends, family and teacher! Whatever side of the fence or ocean you find yourself, you might take time to ponder how One world has a Third world.

    Hello! If you’ve already told some friends in school or on social media about this game or Learn4Good Games, thank you so much! If you are going to tell your best friends, thank you in advance! You & your playing friends help to make this game site possible! We add new games almost every day, and look forward to bringing you more top games very soon. Some helpful links to share include Top 100 Games. Top New Games & Latest Games. Enjoy!

    3rd World Farmer players also like to play these games on Learn4Good:

    2003-2016 Learn4Good Ltd: Fun Online Games for Kids

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    Building a Successful Online Home Business #catering #business

    #online home business


    Building a Successful Online Home Business

    Photo: Ed Yourdon via Flickr

    Would you love to run a flexible business from home? Or how about a business you could pop into your handbag and operate from your coffee shop of choice? It s possible. Lots of people have made it happen. All you need is a laptop and a reliable internet service like home internet by Sonic in place. This article, and the infographic below, will help you to think about which business ideas you can use and what you can learn from women who ve made it with their own successful internet business.

    Online Business Ideas

    There are a number of business ideas you could consider for starters there is online sales of products or services, copywriting, online tutoring, subscription, affiliate marketing and advertising. In fact, most successful online businesses combine more than one income stream.


    With the rise and rise of fremium it s not always straightforward! Fremium is where you provide a basic service for free. Sometimes everything is free and revenue comes from advertising or affiliate marketing moneysavingexpert.com and most news and information based sites and blogs are funded that way. Alternatively, you could provide a basic product for free and charge for the premium version hubspot, skype and mailchimp do this. The advantage of fremium models is that they allow you to engage a much larger audience.

    How they Made it

    Let s look at a few women who started from an online home business and have made it big. How did they get started and what can we learn from them?

    Single mum Lauren Luke gave up her dead-end job to sell make-up on eBay in 2006. The business quickly took off and Lauren started making home-made YouTube videos to show customers how to apply her products. The videos become a YouTube phenomenon they ve now had over 75 million views. Lauren s personality is a large part of her success she s incredibly down-to-earth, nice and unaffected. She builds real relationships with customers and social media followers and has a natural marketing and customer service instinct. The business continues to boom: Lauren has launched her own make-up range which is on sale in 135 shops in the U.S. See here for a video of Lauren explaining the secrets of her success.

    Business model: eBay shop, YouTube advertising and now direct production and high street sales.

    Justine Roberts Carrie Longton, Co-Founders Mumsnet

    For Carrie and Justine, having young children was the perfect time to start a business. Justine couldn t face going back to work after maternity leave. She met Carrie at antenatal classes and together they developed the idea of an online guide for parents. Mumsnet was born.

    But it got off to a tricky start. They were starting in 2000, at the height of the dotcom bubble. Overnight the bubble burst and the advertising-based business model they hoped to entice investors with, fell apart. Instead they began with a small loan from a friend and worked out of a bedroom with no salary for the first few years. The site is now a thriving community of over 6 million parents, with a multi-million pounds turnover.

    Business model: Advertising is the largest contributor of income, other growing streams include: surveys and consumer testing, books and events.

    Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish, Notonthehighstreet.com

    Holly and Sophie were also mums who decided to start a business together. It started in 2005 around the kitchen table, with Holly s baby there in a playpen. Notonthehighstreet is an online shop front for around 1,800 independent creative businesses. Each partner is carefully selected for quality and originality. Partners pay a fee to be listed on the site and around 20% of each sale. For the first few years the pair poured all of their savings into the business. Since then they have had three successful rounds of venture capital investment. It s a high-growth route that resulted in a turnover of over £15 million in 2010 and 60 staff. VC is a hard-driving growth route, not for the faint hearted. See here for our review of Holly and Sophie s warts and all book about growing their business.

    Business Model: Online sales, membership, revenue sharing, printed catalogue.

    Where does your business model fit?

    Fast Company have created a great infographic of the online business environment. It shows how all of those online business models fit together and how each of them can make money. It s worth bearing in mind though, that while all of the businesses we ve featured started online, all of them now also have growing off-line income streams.

    As the first two case studies show, it is possible to grow a successful online business without external investment. But if you need investment, to start or scale, check-out the full range of funding options in our women s business finance guide .

    The infographic can help you to decide where your online business best fits for now. But it continues to be a fast changing business environment. A change in the Google algorithm can make or break business models overnight. Last year Google brought in Panda a significant change to their search rankings. Overnight, several commercial sites dependent on affiliate links found themselves downgraded. So if your online business is dependent on Google search and I can think of few that aren t make sure that you keep abreast of their quality guidelines. Quality content is key. Above all, get to know your customers or visitors, provide a quality service and meet their needs.

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    50 Online Businesses You Can Run From Home #business #software

    #online home business


    50 Online Businesses You Can Run From Home

    Avoid cubicle farms and bosses breathing down your neck by starting an online business that you can run from home. Once you start making real money, you might never turn back. Here are 50 online businesses you start and run from home:

    Virtual assistant
    Help clients out by providing secretarial, technical, or creative support from your home office.

    Providing content
    Blogs, websites, even magazines need content to stay fresh and relevant. Put your writing, photography, or other artistic skills to work for pay.

    Freelance programmer
    Everyone needs a programmer. You re especially relevant and valuable if you can program mobile apps.

    Affiliate marketing
    Drive traffic to big sites like Amazon and eBay, or even to smaller sites via online ads and your website, then get a commission in return.

    Reselling products

    Buy a bunch of products at one price, set up a website, and resell them to interested buyers for profit.

    Ebooks in every topic are a hot commodity. You could either get them written and sell them via your website, or write them yourself.

    Home study courses

    Learning a new skill is as easy as getting online, and if you have a specialty, it s a good time to turn it into a home study course that you can sell for profit.

    Research a topic that people just can t find a solution to, package it into a report, then sell each report for money.

    Educational videos

    From fixing dishwashers to understanding myopia, people are hungry to learn online. Help them with your educational videos.

    Selling software
    From Internet security to marketing support, everyone with a computer is looking for some kind of software. Help them find it by selling it on your site.

    Day trading
    If you re willing to rise early, study markets, and put in winning bets, this three-hour-a-day job could be for you.

    Google AdSense websites
    Create one or more blogs or websites, and make money by showing Google AdSense ads.

    Selling ad space
    Build a website, increase traffic to it, and advertisers will be knocking on your door to pay you for ad space.

    Flipping domains

    See a potentially hot domain name that hasn t been taken yet? Buy it up and flip it for profit.

    Online auctions
    Yes, buying up someone else s junk at garage sales, then selling it for a premium on eBay still does work.

    Data entry

    Everyone needs data entry, but few are willing to do it. If you re one of those few, you can find contract jobs online.

    Paid online surveys

    Marketers will pay as much as $300 per day for in-person surveys. Online surveys will net you less, but if you do enough of them, you can make yourself a handsome little nest egg.

    Network marketing
    Proven products always need more sellers. Find a niche you like, put up a small amount of money upfront, make lots of phone calls and online inquiries, and watch the profits roll in.

    Selling your handiwork or crafts
    If you consider yourself an artsy-craftsy person, add the fruits of your labor to Etsy.com and transform them into dollars.

    Flipping websites
    Take someone s flailing website off their hands, polish it up, and find a buyer who wants it.

    Naming domains
    If you re good at naming things, try your hand at domain naming for profit at PickyDomains.com.

    Writing software reviews
    If you geek out on new apps, programs, and other software, writing reviews on SoftwareJudge.com can make you money.

    Writing Google AdWords ads
    Everyone wants good AdWords ads, but not everyone can write them well, as any Google search will demonstrate. Prettifying AdWords ads can make you a profit.

    10 Great Ways to Rapidly Improve Your Credit Score

    Write sponsored posts on your blog
    Companies everywhere are dying for social media exposure. Get enough user traction on your blog, and make moola writing paid posts through an agency like PayPerPost.com.

    Social media expert
    If you have a real aptitude for gaining a following on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, outsource those skills to companies as a social media expert.

    Write an ezine with a paid subscription

    If you have valuable content to offer, consider writing an ezine, then charging users to read it. This is an especially promising strategy as the age of the tablet rears its head.

    Online research
    Lots of people and companies need research done, but not everyone has the time to do it. Pimp your skills as a researcher-for-pay.

    Flipping blogs
    See a potentially huge blog that s been neglected by its owner? Snap it up, fix it up, increase traffic, and flip it to a buyer for a profit.

    Transcribing audio content can be a slow, time-consuming process, and the truth is, there s just not that much good transcribing software out there. This could be your niche.

    Becoming a freelance recruiter can offer handsome benefits, especially if you do it at the executive level.

    Pitch yourself as an expert in your field and harness your connections to consult for a living.

    Life coach
    Do you like to motivate people? Got business acumen? If so, exchange your skills for cash as an online life coach.

    Online travel agent
    Although lots of travel planning is now automated, you can still make money as a specialized travel agent, either for a travel portal or on a consulting basis.

    Selling products
    If you have something to sell, there s a place for you to sell it, from Craigslist to eBay to Amazon to all kinds of specialty sites.

    Be the middleman between a customer and a wholesaler by shipping goods that a customer orders from said wholesaler and marking them up in the process.

    Graphic design
    Put your artistic skills to use by designing posters, ads, business cards, and more.

    Web design
    Outsource your skills to the legions of companies and individuals looking for a new or improved website.

    Selling used books
    Selling used books on sites like Amazon.com and, if you sell the right books, quite lucrative.

    Internet marketing
    From blog guest posts to Facebook to newsletters, Internet marketing requires know-how, but you get paid bucks in return.


    If you re a CPA, jump online to bring in more business.

    What use is a website if a search engine can t find it? Put your search maestro skills to use by becoming an SEO expert.

    Apartment/roommate locator
    Use your real estate acumen to find people the perfect apartment or home to rent, or even hook them up with a roommate.

    Record financial transactions for clients, or work in billing.

    Work as a bill collector from home.

    Make how-to videos
    Make quality how-to videos and sell them for profit.

    Payroll services
    Take care of payroll administration for businesses that can t do it in-house.

    Cartridge refill

    Have people mail you their empty ink cartridges, refill them at home, and mail them back.

    Software beta testing
    Become a beta tester for the many software companies putting out new products.

    Vitamin sales
    Tinctures, creams, and anything with the word anti-aging on it has a hot market. Gear up a site to sell these products online.

    Medical claims billing
    There are a lot of medical claims that need to be billed and everyone outsources. Get trained and jump on this for guaranteed bucks.

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