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Denver – s Co-working Law Office Space: Law Bank Denver Home, shared office space


Welcome to LawBank

Co-Working Space for Lawyers in Denver

  • Shared office space denver

  • Shared office space denver

  • Shared office space denver

    LawBank Co-working Law Office Space: The Business Solution for Today’s Independent Lawyer

    LawBank provides law office space for rent, with a number of flexible options. Designed for today’s independent lawyers and small firms, Law Bank has all the modern conveniences and elegantly appointed spaces that your clients expect. The unique, collaborative work environment is ideal for independent practitioners, part-time lawyers, and small firms to share their wisdom and networks while maintaining relatively low overhead. We are seeking the best-in-class practitioner at every level of practice.

    Call us today to learn more about your new law office solution: 303-927-0010.

    Client Testimonials

    I ve been at LawBank really since the inception of my firm in 2012. Plain and simply, LawBank has played a tremendous role in our firm s growth. In addition to firm infrastructure, it s provided me with a tremendous bank of knowledge and resources.

    I m certain that we have either collaborated with, brainstormed with, received referrals from, sent referrals to, or shared a laugh or two with most everyone at LawBank.

    The Law Bank community of smart, collegial attorneys provides an invaluable resource network to solo and small-firm practitioners. Community members support each other through co-counsel arrangements, mentoring, educational events, and collaborative conversations. This support system has helped me build a growing business transactional practice that simply would not exist without Law Bank.

    • Kristen C. Burke, Bluebird Legal Strategies, former General Counsel to Chief Justice Rice of the Colorado Supreme Court.

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  • What Does A PMO Do? #program #management #office,pmo #project #management #office,pmo,project #management #offices


    What Does A PMO Do?

    You are here: Home / Front Page / What Does A PMO Do?

    Program and Project Management Offices (PMOs) have been in the news. OK, you won’t have read about this in your daily paper, but in the UK the PMOSIG became incorporated as the Association for Project Management’s 13 th specific interest group a couple of years back. While PMOs have been around for a long time, this was a big step forward for the recognition of the work they do. And they do a lot more than just produce reports.

    The role of a PMO

    A PMO is the backbone of a successful project management approach at an organization. It is a function that provides decision support information, although it doesn’t make any decisions itself. A PMO underpins the project delivery mechanisms by ensuring that all business change in an organization is managed in a controlled way. According to the Office of Government Commerce’s, (based in the UK) standard for Portfolio, Program and Project Offices, the most mature PMOs provide:

    • Governance. ensuring that decisions are taken by the right people, based on the right information. The governance role can also include audit or peer reviews, developing project and programme structures and ensuring accountability.
    • Transparency. providing information with a single source of the truth. Information should be relevant and accurate to support effective decision-making.
    • Reusability. stopping project teams from reinventing the wheel by being a central point for lessons learned, templates and best practice.
    • Delivery support. making it easy for project teams to do their jobs by reducing bureaucracy, providing training, mentoring and quality assurance.
    • Traceability. providing the function for managing documentation, project history and organizational knowledge.

    So what does that actually mean in practice? PMO teams fulfill a variety of functions on a day-to-day basis including:

    • Gathering data about project progress and producing reports
    • Developing standards and processes
    • Encouraging (or enforcing where necessary) the use of those standards and processes
    • Managing resources for projects
    • Delivering training and mentoring project team members
    • Managing dependencies across multiple projects
    • Tracking benefits
    • Reporting on financial information such as return on investment.

    As part of this, the PMO is also the guardian of Enterprise Project Management tools and project management methods. There will normally be an expert (or several) in the PMO who can support project managers and their teams with using any project-related software.

    Different types of PMO

    PMOs look different in different organizations, as you would expect. A recent study by ESI found that nearly 60% of companies have more than one PMO, so decentralization is by far the norm.

    Over a third of PMOs have more than 10 members of staff, and the location of the PMO is evenly split between IT, another business function and at a corporate level, so PMOs can be found pretty much anywhere in an organization.

    In some companies, the project managers report directly to the PMO, although this is not as common as you might imagine. More than half of the project managers in the companies surveyed by ESI reported in to somewhere else. The increasing maturity of the PMO function means that we are likely to see more and more project managers reporting into a PMO in the future, which in turn provides a better opportunity for standardization and embedding tools and processes.

    Your PMO might be a central function reporting to the Board, or it might be a department within a division. You may have a hub-and-spoke model with a central PMO and divisional units in different locations. The PMO might even be a temporary team, put together to support a large program. It may incorporate a centre of excellence for training and standards, or that might be separate. In short, there are a number of different ways for a PMO to operate, and they all have the objective of providing operational efficiencies and supporting the successful delivery of change.

    Whatever model you choose for your PMO, getting the implementation right will undoubtedly make the difference between a function that increases the success of projects and one that just focuses on retrospective reporting. A mature PMO can really help an organization make the most of the tools, methods and the skilled staff they have, by ensuring all these resources are used in the best possible way to support the organization’s strategic goals.

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    Office Management Certificate of Achievement, Be A Better You in UK, office management certificate.#Office


    Level 2 Office Management Certificate of Achievement Online Course

    This Level 2 course in Office Management will teach you how to effectively organise yourself and your team, negotiate problems and find solutions, and evaluate resources. The knowledge you gain and the practical skills you develop on this course can be applied to a real-world working environment in any business sector.

    On successful completion of the course you will receive a Level 2 Certificate of Achievement and Learner Unit Summary issued by ABC Awards. You will also be eligible to join the Qualifications Register (QR).

    Call Us now on

    Pay For This Course Upfront

    Apply For A Payment Plan


    You are eligible for the 19+ Scheme

    Sorry, you are not eligible for the 19+ Scheme

    View Alternative Payment Methods

    Pay For This Course Upfront

    Apply For A Payment Plan

    Course Overview

    Course Overview

    • No previous experience or qualifications required
    • Open to students of all academic backgrounds
    • Approximately 60 hours to complete the course (1-2 hours per question paper)

    This is an invaluable course for anyone currently working in, or hoping to gain employment in, an office manager role in any sector. Once the course is successfully completed you will receive 2 certificates and be able to join the QR.

    You will learn how to organise a team of staff, explore office procedures, and take a look at the importance of good communication. The skills you learn will help you develop your existing knowledge, allowing you to further your career.

    Content Assessments

    Content & Assessments

    Introduction to Office Procedures

    Writing Letters and Reports

    Office Materials and Equipment

    Office Organisation and Procedures

    Entry Requirements

    Entry Requirements

    No previous qualifications required.

    Course Format

    Course Format

    Course requires around 60 hours of study time in total, with 1-2 hours study time per question paper. There is a question paper after each lesson, which must be completed and submitted to your personal tutor for assessment. This ensures your progress is constantly monitored.

    You will receive full study materials including a study guide, plus full admin support and support from your tutor. Awarding body registration and certification fee is included in the course fee (up to £30.00). You will have unlimited access to a personal tutor, who can be contacted via phone, fax, or email. Your tutor is there to provide feedback and answer queries. You may also contact our friendly team of course advisors and administrators for advice and guidance.

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    Public Protection Classification (PPC) Frequently Asked Questions #state #fire #marshal, #public #protection #classification #frequently


    Public Protection Classification (PPC) Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Public Protection Classification (PPC) system?

    It is the countrywide classification system used by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) to reflect a community’s local fire protection for property insurance rating purposes. The public fire protection of a city, town or area is graded using ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule to develop the community’s classification.

    Where is the PPC system used?

    The PPC system in some form is used in all 50 states. All of the top insurance groups use ISO’s PPCs except for State Farm. State Farm developed its own classification system, based on subzones. The subzone rating tracks very closely to the PPC.

    ISO is a New Jersey-based advisory organization that serves the property and casualty insurance industry by providing inspection services, insurance coverage form development and statistical services. ISO has Texas offices in Dallas and Austin.

    How does the PPC system grade local fire protection?

    ISO classifies communities from 1 (the best) to 10 (the worst) based on how well they score on the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, which grades such features as water distribution, fire department equipment and manpower and fire alarm facilities. ISO field representatives use the schedule when surveying a community’s fire protection capability. The score that is determined from applying the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule is translated into a public protection classification. A perfect score in Texas is 104.26. It consists of 50 points for fire department capabilities, 40 points for water supply and distribution, 10 points for receiving and handling fire alarms and up to 4.26 points for “Texas Exceptions” that give extra credit for compressed air foam systems, certified volunteers and attending or teaching at the annual firemen’s training school at Texas A M University.
    Texas Exceptions to the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule .

    How does a community’s score translate into a PPC rating?

    The following table shows the number of points required for each PPC Class:

    Points Required for Each PPC Class

    What does a dual PPC like 7/9 mean?

    In some communities, a split classification is developed. An example of the split classification is 4/4x or 4/4y. The first number refers to the classification of properties within five road miles of a fire station and within 1000 feet of a creditable water supply. The second number, with either the “x” or “y” designation, applies to properties within five road miles of a fire station but beyond 1000 feet of a creditable water supply.

    Does ISO automatically penalize communities for having volunteer fire departments?

    No. Canyon’s all-volunteer fire department, for example, has a rating of 3.

    What does the PPC system mean to me?

    The Public Protection Classification (PPC) program recognizes the efforts of communities to provide fire protection services. Some insurance companies use the PPC information to help establish fair premiums for insurance. By offering economic benefits for communities that invest in their firefighting services, the PPC program provides additional incentives for improving and maintaining public fire protection.

    The PPC program also provides help for fire departments and other public officials as they plan, budget and justify improvements.

    The most signicant benefit of the PPC program is its effect on fire losses. The better the fire protection, the lower the fire losses. This results in lower insurance rates.

    Do PPC ratings vary from company to company?

    Yes, it can, because some insurance companies do not use ISO.

    In general, how do Texas communities stack up?

    Larger cities, which tend to have the best fire protection, generally are rated 1 or 2. A few are rated 3. Small towns tend to cluster in the 4-to-7 range. A number of previously un-inspected areas that returned ISO questionnaires about their fire fighting capabilities are rated 7 or 9.

    Does my community’s Public Protection Classification significantly affect my homeowners’ insurance premium?

    Although homeowner s insurance rates are driven mainly by your area s claim experience, your community s PPC can also be important.

    Some companies may not use ISO, but for those that do, they assign a rating factor to each classification. If a community s PPC improves, in general, the premiums insurers charge will decrease; if the PPC deteriorates, then premiums will increase. Insurers determine how much each PPC affects premium based on their own experience, so rating factors vary by insurer. To find out how your community s PPC affects how much you pay for insurance, contact your insurer or several insurers within your community if you are shopping for insurance.

    Can you give examples of how differences in PPC ratings affect individual homeowners’ rates?

    Insurer’s writing homeowners insurance policies in Texas are not required to use the PPC factors from the Texas Personal Lines Manual. Insurers may file and use their own factors.

    What about homes in remote locations?

    Any building more than five road miles from a fire station or outside the boundary of a fire protection area, such as a city or volunteer fire department service area is rated 10. An exception is an area that has an “automatic aid agreement” with a recognized and rated fire department to respond to fires in that area. In such cases, ISO assigns the area a rating after evaluating the agreement. Use of the assigned rating will depend on the distance of individual buildings from fire stations.

    How can I learn my community’s PPC rating?

    How can my community get a better PPC rating?

    By asking ISO for a re-evaluation based on improvements since last inspection. If your community has never been inspected, it needs to start by returning ISO’s questionnaire if it has not already done so. City officials can make inquiries by calling ISO Customer Service, 1-800-444-4554 or TDI’s PPC Oversight Representative at 512-676-6784. For a re-evaluation, ISO requires a letter from the fire chief or city official.

    If my town makes improvements and seeks a re-evaluation, how soon will the improvements affect my homeowners’ insurance rate?

    ISO publishes evaluations quarterly. For several reasons, including the fact that homeowners policies are written for a year at a time, it may take a year or longer for a re-evaluation to affect an individual homeowner’s premium.

    Does TDI oversee ISO to assure that PPC ratings are accurate and fair?

    Yes, TDI has a PPC Oversight Representative that reviews each proposed new classification rating. This review ensures the accuracy of the survey, and will take no longer than 30 days. If the new rating appears reasonable, TDI authorizes ISO to publish it for use by insurance companies.

    Are ISO inspection reports and lists of PPC ratings open records?

    Yes, inspection reports may be viewed at ISO’s office in Austin (8911 N. Capital of Texas, Westech 360, Bldg. II Suite 2110, telephone (800) 444 4554, option 2). The current ratings list and certain other documents such as grading sheets and inspections summary sheets are on file with TDI as open records. The Public Protection Classification Office also has copies which are available upon request.

    For more information, contact:

    Last updated: 07/24/2015

    Contact Information and Other Helpful Links

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    Business Phone Systems in Phoenix, AZ #phone #systems, #telephone #systems, #small #business #phone #system,


    Business Telephone Systems

    Whether your business needs dictate a full IP PBX system, a more traditional digital office phone system, or you need to combine the two, you can take advantage of a flexible, feature-rich platform tailored to your needs that will grow with you. Our business phone system experts are available to provide you with a free needs analysis and make specific recommendations to improve your business communications.

    Media Management

    Know more. Reduce Risks. Manage better. Media Management is an all-in-one telephone system add-on that lets you access recordings of selected office phone calls and other call information, view security footage, and obtain reports of building access records.

    Computer/Telephone Integration

    With ESI’s VIP™ software, you’ll enjoy a high level of integration between your office phone system and your PC. Database dialing, screen “pops”, call control, voice mail retrieval, and much more are at your command.

    All business phone systems and other products offered by Telco Ltd. are designed to give you maximum productivity while being among the easiest to use on the market. Our experts can help you choose the best telephone system configuration for your needs. Serving the Phoenix, AZ metro area.

    BUSINESS Telephone Systems

    Maximize your productivity without sacrificing on ease-of-use. Choose the digital or VOIP office telephone system that’s right for your business and that will grow with you.

    Unified Messaging

    Receive email, voice mail, and fax transmissions in one mailbox. Take your communications with you wherever you go.

    Business VOIP Solutions

    Learn about the multitude of ways you can leverage VOIP (Voice Over IP) in your business to make you more productive and reduce expenses.

    Bluetooth integration

    Use your favorite Bluetooth headset with your office phone. Manage your cell calls and your business calls all from your desktop phone.

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    Office Remodel Dallas TX #office #remodel #dallas #tx,dallas #remodeling,commercial #remodeling #dallas,commercial #contractor #dallas,commercial #painting


    Honesty, integrity, and Quality Workmanship

    G.C. Construction, Inc. is a Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas based commercial general contractor that has been building extraordinary projects since 1986. Our quality workmanship has earned us a reputation as one of the area’s premier contractors. We specialize in office remodel / commercial interior finish out, shell construction and design build. We offer commercial remodeling in Dallas and the surrounding areas which we provide with a quality foundation of unwavering ethics.

    Distinctive Office Space

    We will build you the office you want, period. No surprises or disappointments. If you can dream it, we can build it. We maintain control throughout the design and construction process to ensure that your office is built to the highest quality standards.

    We can be contacted at the phone number listed above or you can complete our quick contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    Office Remodel Dallas TX

    We manage all stages of your project. From the pre-design phase of a project through construction and delivery. We form alliances with property owners, managers, architects, leasing agents, office tenants and specialized trades people.

    G.C. Construction, Inc. Guarantees:

    • On schedule completion
    • Cost-effective process from beginning to end
    • Final product exceeds expectations
    • Honesty, integrity, and great value

    We are known for on time completion with an excellent finished product


    Gene and his crew are basically wrapping things up on the construction/expansion, i wanted to say how pleased i am with the new space.
    Read more.

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    Service Management #serviceability, #utility, #maintenance, #usefulness, #business, #office, #construction #management, #service #desk, #help #desk,


  • One Solution
    Multi-faceted. Multi-tenant.
    you decide ?

    Workflow driven notifications allow the two-way communication from office to staff to edit and resolve data entry issues. Issues such as expense reimbursement require attached receipts. The user can easily take a snapshot photo of a receipt, attach to a request and satisfy a receipt request.

    As the timesheet. expenses and mileage request proceeds through approval processes, the user sees changes to their request in real-time. Users may login at any time to review status changes and follow processing to completion.

    Service and Support personnel need application access. The tablet interface provides a convenient secure connection to verify support ticket information, check parts availability and a host of other assignable app permissions. Mobility support includes two-way customer notifications and responses.

    Always Up-to-date

    We provide sand-box access to allow for pre-release updates to our application. This provides a functional interface designed to demonstrate the anticipated changes and offers our users a genuine ability to participate in application change design and adoption.

    Communicate directly with your customer via built-in chat functionality. Provide technical assistance and references to your solution knowledgebase for self-help information sharing.


    While document management is not new, it is vitally important to today’s successful businesses. Create, attach . and store any reference document as required by business processes. Need to create a new document that must have a signature? Our on-the-fly document creation process includes signature fields that are functional in a touch screen tablet environment.

    Safety management designed for the construction industry and safety programs in general, is also part of the solution.

    e -Vis asset visualization (included) provides for easy-to-see visual mapping of and selected asset(s) and interconnected relationships.

    Think it over, schedule a demonstration and kick the tires or use our contact page to reach out to us.

    Safety Compliance

    Resources you require to manage a Safety Compliance program.

    We help plan . process and manage your Health & Safety Compliance program. We tie all the diverse information flowing in from projects into a coordinated compliance effort. Monitor and track issuance of Safety-Designated Inventory .
    Integrated barcode recognition provides for easy asset control of safety equipment as items are issued (and recovered ) to staff personnel.

    Near Miss Events

    A Near Miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage � but had the potential to do so.

    Key Points

    • Incidents occur every day at the workplace that could result in a serious injury or damage.
    • A near-miss program may help prevent future incidents.
    • One problem that companies must overcome is the employee fear of being blamed after reporting a near miss.

    Let us look at the accident pyramid adapted from Heinrich in Figure 1.

    The pyramid estimates that: for every fatal workplace accident, 3000 incidents did not cause any injuries. In other words, you are presented with 3000 opportunities to stop that fatality from taking place. Companies are not expected to and may not be able to ideally capture all the 3000 near miss events that occurred, given the volume of reports to manage. Just turning in and acting on 1% of that volume, would present companies with 30 opportunities to take corrective or preventive action.

    Resource Management

    We define our construction document management system as the integral control and organization of all documents within our Construction Management Solution. Monitor and track site inspection survey documents, work change orders and any type of important document that you wish to link to a site record.

    Staff Training

    Let our Training Application – coordinate both internal and external staff training. Schedule and monitor ToolTalks. by job site and/or by attendee. Manage attendance and performance of staff training. Training calendar offers a visual queue to help evaluate and coordinate education processes,

    Certificate Management

    Are your Staff Certified

    Staff certification is more then an award for completing a training program. In many instances an employee’s job performance and employ-ability rest on holding and maintaining a level of certification unique to a designated job skills. Compliance and validation of certification rests with the employer.

  • Greater Boston Business and Tax Law Attorneys #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,



    Orsi, Arone, Rothenberg, Iannuzzi Turner, LLP: The Downtown Law Firm in the Suburbs

    At Orsi, Arone, Rothenberg, Iannuzzi, Turner, LLP, we are known for the high levels of experience, knowledge and professionalism with which we serve clients in the Boston area. We offer the same high caliber legal representation of the downtown Boston law firms, but with the convenience and reasonable cost associated with a suburban location.

    Respected Advocates

    Attorneys at our Needham, Massachusetts, law firm are highly respected advocates who are recognized as leaders in the legal community. Many of our attorneys have spent in excess of 20 years in private practice, with significant experience at large downtown law firms. Each lawyer has earned an excellent reputation and several have lectured, written articles and served as a resource to other attorneys in his or her particular practice areas.

    Serving Diverse Legal Needs

    Together, we offer a wide array of diverse legal services. These include corporate and business law. real estate. civil litigation. taxation. divorce, estate planning and elder law. Our firm also provides legal planning and counseling to help clients avoid problems by addressing changing circumstances and by anticipating future opportunities. This approach allows us to effectively represent closely held and family-owned businesses, startup companies, financial institutions, real estate developers, corporations and individuals.

    Lawyers Who Value Communication

    Our firm believes that effective communication between lawyer and client is fundamental to successful representation. We seek to ensure our clients feel comfortable and assured about our legal knowledge and skills, our awareness of their unique needs and our readiness to listen to them, thereby earning the trust to solve their legal problems.

    For more information, please contact us regarding your legal concerns. Our Needham, Massachusetts, law firm is available by calling 781-239-8900 to schedule a confidential consultation with an attorney.

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    Tampa Florida Auto Dealership Fraud Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


    Call 813-304-2131

    Florida Auto Dealership Fraud Lawyer

    If you or a loved one has fallen victim to auto repair/dealer fraud or deceptive/unfair trade practices, the situation can be extremely emotional, as well as financially catastrophic. I believe that it is important that people are fairly compensated when they are victimized. I am ready to put more than 10 years of experience in auto dealership fraud issues to help you or a loved one if you have suffered as a result of such practices.

    Fort Lauderdale Car Repair Fraud Attorney

    I am lawyer Roger D. Mason, II. and I am ready to put more than 10 years of legal experience in auto dealership fraud issues to help people who have been defrauded.

    Although I practice in several areas. I focus on auto dealership fraud because I spent five years doing a significant number of cases defending car dealerships. This gave me a unique insight into how dealerships operate and how to litigate cases against them. I am prepared to use this knowledge to protect consumers.

    In every case, I handle every aspect personally, from answering the phone to responding to all emails. This hands-on approach allows me to fully understand all details related to a case, from financing disclosures, service contract pricing and other failures to disclose.

    I take an aggressive stance with auto dealerships. They won’t pay anything unless you light a fire under them, so I need to be aggressive. This approach, combined with my comprehensive knowledge, has arrived at substantial success for clients. I am ready to apply it to your case.

    I offer weekend and evening consultations by appointment and work solely on contingency — I do not collect any attorney’s fees unless you collect the compensation and accountability you deserve. Depending on circumstances, my representation may be done via email where clients never even have to come into the office. I strongly encourage you to reach out if you have questions.

    To schedule a free initial consultation with Tampa, Florida, auto dealership fraud attorney Roger D. Mason, II, call 813-304-2131 or email him .

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    Set Up a Budget Home Office on a Shoestring #home #office #desk #and #chair


    Get a Budget Home Office Set Up on a Shoestring

    Thomas Barwick/Iconica/Getty Images

    With so many people working from home these days, a home office has become an essential space in many homes. The guest room may be replaced by a work-at-home spot, and it s important that all the elements contribute to a productive time.

    Not everyone has a big budget for outfitting a home office and few people can pay to have a professional space planner come into their home to design an efficient home office space.

    There are lots of ways to create a good space for working at home without spending a fortune. We ll give you some ideas, and you can go from there. You may end up feeling a great sense of accomplishment after turning some wasted space into an efficient stay-at-home office.

    If you re lucky enough to have a separate room for your home office, the task won t be so hard. The key to a good home office is to make use of whatever space you have, whether it s a stair landing, a small closet, a spare room, or an unused corner of the living room. For greatest efficiency, find a space that can be dedicated to a home office area. You ll be able to work more professionally if you don t have to move papers off your desk to change diapers!

    It might be tempting to just move the pieces around until the space works. But if you spend some time actually measuring your space, creating a floor plan (small as it might be), measuring your furniture, and thinking it through, the final result will be much more satisfactory.

    Whatever work you can do yourself will save you money! Your home office space is probably not going to be too big, so consider painting the walls yourself. Adding a fresh, lively color or a sedate, calming color will set the tone for your work space. And if you re not a pro at painting, never fear. Most of the space will be covered up with furniture anyway. If you re feeling really creative, stencil a border around the desk. Or wallpaper one wall to define the space.

    Can you move furniture or accessories from one part of the house to your new home office? If you don t have to buy some pieces, you ll save a lot! Is there a comfortable chair in the guest room? Do you have some pictures tucked away in a closet that would be inspiring and decorative on the walls of your work space? Look around to see what you can use in your new home office.

    Did I lose you here? My office is on a large landing between my first and second floors. I placed filing cabinets on each side of the space and put a board across them. Voilà! Instant desk. Of course, I spent some time staining the board, put molding on the edge, and painted the file cabinets a color close to the stained board. But the space if filled and holds everything I need it to.

    Think of other ways you can use inexpensive materials to create shelves, filing systems, in-and-out boxes. Use a decorative flower pot to hold pencils and scissors. Buy several multi-level shoe shelves to put on top of the desk to hold a printer, some paper, or books.

    As you plan you home office space, think of all the ways you can save money. There will be plenty of ways to spend it!

    You d be amazed what you can find at garage sales, flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores. It seems that people are always getting rid of book shelves and desks, and you might find just what you need. Clean off the pieces, sand them down, and paint all the items the same color. It will look as though you bought them to match. If you don t want any hand-me-downs, keep your eye open for furniture sales or check web sources.

  • Be Willing to Take Used Furniture

    Visit professional offices to see if they are renovating. Quality hotels redecorate guest rooms every 4 or 5 years. Maybe you could buy a used desk or chair there. Does your own company have any extra furniture that s not being used, since people are working at home? Ask neighbors to let you know if they re getting rid of things.

    Look for a used furniture store or a furniture rental store. They often have pieces they re willing to sell. Be ready to do some fixing when you take the pieces home. Check to see if your community has a store that sells used office furniture exclusively. When you go shopping for furniture, be sure to take your measurements with you. It would be a shame to get a great price on a great desk, only to find that it doesn t fit in your space.

    Discount stores, home centers, furniture outlets, lighting showrooms, and home decorating centers offer an amazing assortment of items at deeply-discounted prices. You might be surprised to find a beautiful desk next to factory second towels. And everything is at prices you ll love!

    Consider trading pieces of furniture with a friend. If you have a dining table that doesn t fit in your home, how about trading it for a desk that you need? Or do you have children s furniture that a neighbor can use in exchange for book shelves? Consider swapping services for furniture, too. Offer your decorating skills in exchange for a chair. Or make some curtains for a neighbor who could build you a desk. Everyone has something of value that they can offer.

    Find other ideas for do-it-yourself office makeovers, such as those offered on HGTV.com. See our sources for Home Office Ideas or Office Furniture.

    If you re working full-time at home, be sure to include adequate lighting, music, and comfortable seating. Bring in plants and inspiring artwork. After all, you might be spending a lot of time in this new home office. It should be a comfortable space that you enjoy spending time in.

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