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Online Undergraduate Business Courses – AU Faculty of Business #business #finance #loan

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Faculty of Business

  • Leadership Development Sed ut porttitor sapien, vel tincidunt urna. Sed id euismod ipsum. Vivamus malesuada eleifend nulla, a volutpat urna cursus vitae. Integer tempus, neque ac venenatis volutpat, ligula dolor lacinia sapien, ut malesuada nisl quam sit amet turpis. Nam ac bibendum magna. Donec vel lacus imperdiet, imperdiet tellus id, auctor augue.
    • Course Schedule
    • Leadership
    • Lean and Six Sigma (Green Belt)
    • Manufacturing Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Leadership and Management
  • Doctorate (DBA)
    • Doctorate in Business Administration
  • Master (MBA) The AU online Executive MBA helps you develop the comprehensive advanced management skills you need for success in any sector—without putting your life on hold. Intakes are three times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.
    • Online Executive MBA The AU online Executive MBA helps you develop the comprehensive advanced management skills you need for success in any sector—without putting your life on hold. Intakes are three times per year: Fall, Winter, and Spring.
    • Accelerated Entry – Online Executive MBA
    • Executive MBA for Accountants Professional accountants accepted into the online Executive MBA program receive transfer credit for three courses, which results in reduced tuition and completion time.
    • Executive MBA for the Business of Hockey
    • Executive MBA for Health Leaders
    • Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Management The PBDM is awarded after successful completion of Phase One of the MBA program and can be taken as a stand-alone credential. Admission requirements are the same as for the MBA.
    • Executive MBA for Supply Chain Managers
  • Undergraduate
    • Online Bachelor of Commerce The BComm is one of the most highly recognized credentials in the Canadian business community. AU graduates stand out from the crowd as motivated self-starters who combine a desire to succeed with proven skills in time management, technology usage and leadership.
    • Online Bachelor of Management The BMgmt provides a broad base of management knowledge in accounting, communication theory and practice, information systems, management science, organizational behaviour, economics and commercial law. It takes a strong international perspective on business and explores the ethical, global, political, and environmental issues that organizations face every day.
    • Certificate Programs Certificate programs can help you get a handle on management basics or specialize in a specific discipline. Better yet, certificates can be laddered into the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Management programs, so if and when you do decide to pursue a full degree, you’ll have a head start.
    • Professional Accounting AU’s Faculty of Business provides specific courses and programs to help you meet the requirements for all of the Canadian accounting designations. You can register just in the specific prerequisite courses that you require for your designation, or you can enroll in a degree or certificate that will help you meet your goals.
    • Diploma to Degree Athabasca University has worked with many community colleges and technical institutes to build post diploma routes to degree completion. These post diploma programs recognize university-level work that has been completed in the college sector and awards block credit into our Bachelor of Management (BMgmt) and Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) programs.
    • Online Business Courses A full listing of all AU Faculty of Business undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Programs

At AU, you are not constrained by class times, semesters, or standard years of study. You can work on your courses wherever and whenever you wish, and complete your degree in two years or ten. It’s all up to you.

Online Undergraduate Business Courses

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10 greatest entrepreneurs of all time – Business – Small business #how #do #business #loans #work

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History s 10 greatest entrepreneurs

By Philipp Harper

Special to msnbc.com

How many entrepreneurs have there been in the history of the world? Millions, certainly, probably even billions. These are the men and women who take capital — their own or somebody else’s — and use it to beget more capital. Some fail, some succeed, some excel.

With so many candidates to choose from, any list of the 10 greatest entrepreneurs of all time will necessarily be somewhat arbitrary. It will also be top-heavy with Americans, just as a list of great chefs would be disproportionately French or of great eccentrics dominated by the British.

Business is what America does. If that sounds chauvinistic, get over it.

Here, without further ado but with tongue occasionally in cheek, are history’s 10 greatest entrepreneurs.

1.King Croesus. A pick by our veterans committee, Croesus, who ruled the Asia Minor kingdom of Lydia in the sixth century B.C. is owed a huge debt of gratitude for minting the world’s first coinage, thereby creating in a single stroke the lifeblood of every business: liquidity and cash flow. Moreover, his opulent lifestyle has given entrepreneurs throughout history something to shoot for. Is there a greater distinction for the commercially inclined than to be deemed “as rich as Croesus”?

2.Pope Sixtus IV. Sixtus gets the nod for realizing that the “wages of sin” meant more than unpleasant repercussions. There was money to be made in damnation, and Sixtus mined it by opening up a new market — the dead — for the indulgences the church had been selling for years. Relatives of the deceased quickly filled the Vatican’s coffers with payments intended to lessen the time their loved ones spent in purgatory. In 1478 Sixtus “grew his market” by authorizing the Spanish Inquisition, which swelled purgatory’s ranks by 100,000 souls in 15 years. He also was the first pope to license brothels.

3.Benjamin Franklin. In a real sense, Franklin was America’s first entrepreneur. Unlike other of the Founding Fathers — the hypermoral Washington, the prodigiously intellectual Jefferson — whose virtues and attainments are seen today as anachronisms, Franklin truly was a model of what many of us would become. Beneath the statesman’s mantle resided a popular author, a printer, an inventor (the lightning rod, bifocals) and a very savvy businessman who knew how to commercialize the fruits of his fertile mind.

4. P.T. Barnum. Americans have always loved a good scam and Phineas Taylor Barnum took the art to new heights. He played on our fascination with the bizarre and freakish with sideshow acts ranging from the midget Tom Thumb to Jumbo the giant elephant. In between was a host of more dubious curiosities. He created the Barnum and Bailey Circus as a showcase for all this wonderment, and dubbed it “the Greatest Show on Earth.” Along the way he invented modern advertising and became rich. For the record, he never said “There’s a sucker born every five minutes,” but he left behind plenty of other bon mots. Among them: “Every crowd has a silver lining.”

5.Thomas Edison. What do you say about the man who gave the world the electric light, the phonograph, talking motion pictures and more than 1,300 other patented inventions? That he was the world’s greatest inventor, certainly. But he was also able to exploit the profit potential in his creations, an entrepreneurial bent that asserted itself when Edison was a teen-ager, printing a newspaper in the baggage car of a rolling train and then selling copies to passengers. His impact on the way people live was and is pervasive. As a combination of inventive genius and entrepreneurial flair, he stands alone.

6.Henry Ford. Ford also fundamentally changed human lifestyles by making available a vehicle, the Model T, that vastly extended people’s range of movement. The automobile would allow America’s masses to fulfill their Manifest Destiny to populate every corner of the continent. But his more profound impact was on industry. The moving assembly line he designed to build his cars was the signal breakthrough of the Industrial Age. Appropriately, Ford earned the seed capital for his enterprise by working as an engineer at the Edison Illuminating Company in Detroit.

7.Benjamin Siegel. Known as “Bugsy” to his friends, Siegel was a notorious mobster with a touch of the visionary. Legend has it that he single-handedly invented Las Vegas, and that’s a stretch. But he was the first to see what the town could become: a lush oasis of pleasure where gambling was just one of the attractions. He also proved adept at attracting other people’s money to build his iconic resort, The Flamingo. Trouble was, some of those other people belonged to an outfit called Murder Inc. and Siegel was gunned down in 1947 amid rumors he had stolen from his partners. But give the devil his due: Before there was the Bellagio, there was Bugsy.

8.Ray Kroc. Nothing says entrepreneur like persistence, and nothings says persistence like Ray Kroc, the kitchen wares salesman who in 1954, at age 52 and in poor health, had his imagination hijacked by a family-run restaurant in the desert outside Los Angeles. Once he had bought out the McDonald brothers, Kroc proceeded to take their concept of a limited menu, fast service and low prices and expand it nationally, in the process creating the fast-food industry and dramatically affecting America’s lifestyle and, sadly, collective health.

9.H. Ross Perot. Within every entrepreneur lurks a touch of the cowboy, and there’s no better example of the strain than Perot, the diminutive Texan who has become best known in recent years as a political gadfly. Before that, though, he was all business, using a $1,000 loan from his wife in 1962 to launch Electronic Data Systems. Perot’s winning idea was that large corporations and organizations needed data-processing help if they were to take full advantage of computer technology. When in the mid-’60s he won contracts with two new federal health-care programs — Medicare and Medicaid — EDS was off and running and Perot was on his way to being one of America’s richest citizens.

10.Jobs & Wozniak. Apple Computer’s two Steves weren’t the first Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to launch a billion-dollar business from a Palo Alto garage — Hewlett and Packard were there before them — but they were the first to democratize computing by creating a machine whose use was so wonderfully intuitive that even technophobes embraced it. Combine the elegance of Wozniak’s operating system design with Jobs’ marketing savvy (remember Apple’s “1984” ad?) and the result was a true phenomenon. Yes, the Apple was eclipsed by the PC, but only after Microsoft (behind the vision of two other notable entrepreneurs, Bill Gates and Paul Allen) developed Windows to ape its rival’s ease of use.

Philipp Harper is a freelance journalist living in south Georgia.

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Master s Information Studies: Business Information Systems (track) – Graduate Schools of Science – University of Amsterdam #business #credit #reports

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Master s Information Studies: Business Information Systems (track)

In the interdisciplinary track Business Information Systems (BIS) in the Master’s programme Information Studies you learn how organisations apply Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in decision-making, development and change processes. The track combines organisational theory, innovation theory and knowledge of applying ICT for organisational and societal purposes.

Is Business Information Systems at the UvA the study programme for me?

  • you have a background in social sciences (like for instance Business, Media or Policy Studies) and understand the crucial function of information systems/ICT applications in business processes, decision-making and communication
  • you have a technical background in ICT (like computer science or artificial intelligence) and appreciate the organisational aspects and organisational behaviour that determine successful application of ICT
  • you’re a student with a mixed organisational and ICT background, like a degree in Information Systems or Information Science and want to deepen your knowledge of organisations and ICT

What does Business Information Systems at the UvA have to offer me?

The BIS track focuses on:

  • how information systems can be developed and managed in line with organisational or societal goals and all other information systems already in use
  • how organisations, products, processes or societal functions can be innovated by ICT application
  • how people use information in business processes and decision-making processes
  • how effects of ICT on organisations and society can be studied.

The word organisation in this context means business, governmental and entrepreneurial organisations or their networks.

Studying in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an interesting city to do your Master’s and to start a career in the BIS field. The University of Amsterdam is one of the best in Europe, Amsterdam belongs to the top 10 livable cities in the world and hosts the most ICT companies in the Netherlands. Furthermore ICT intensive industries like the financial industry, the creative industry, dotcom entrepreneurs, headquarters of international companies and all kinds of business services are highly present in Amsterdam.

Degree programme MSc Information Studies Type Regular study programme Mode Full-time, part-time Credits 60 ECTS, 12 months Language of instruction English Starts in September CROHO code 60229

Information Studies tracks

You might be interested in:

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The Best Small Business Loans of 2016 #business #postcards

#best small business


Small Business Loans Reviews

How to Choose a Small Business Loan
The top performers in our review are SmartBiz. the Gold Award winner; Grow America Fund. the Silver Award winner; and Wells Fargo. the Bronze Award winner. Here’s more on choosing a small business loan to meet your needs, along with detail on how we arrived at our ranking of 10 loans.

As a small business owner, funding obtained through a small business loan enables you to take advantage of profitable opportunities. You may need the funds to expand your business by hiring additional staff to increase your productivity or to purchase equipment or machinery that broadens the range of products you offer. You may need to purchase inventory to stock up for your busy season or jump on a discount offered by a vendor. You may even need working capital to repair or replace old or damaged equipment or to sustain your business during your off season.

If your credit is good, your finances are in order and you have time to apply for a loan backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), you can often obtain the best rates. If a fast turnaround is critical or if your credit needs improving, alternative lending can help you procure the funding you need. Peer-to-peer lending is another option to consider if your credit isn’t quite good enough for a bank loan or if the amount of money that you want to borrow is smaller than banks want to lend. Merchant cash advance lenders can provide you with a useful solution if you need cash quickly, and it’s convenient for you to repay the loan in small daily repayments that the lender automatically subtracts from your credit card sales.

Typically, SBA loans, available through banks and non-bank lenders, offer the best rates and are the first resource that you should consider. These loans are desirable because they carry lower interest rates and favorable terms, which lenders are willing to extend because the federal government assumes a large portion of the risk by guaranteeing a percentage of the loan through the Small Business Administration. The SBA also provides resources can help women, veterans and minorities obtain small business loans. The SBA 7(a) loan is the most common loan available and can range from a few thousand dollars up to five million dollars with repayment terms that can span many years.

The disadvantage of using federal money for starting a new small business with an SBA loan is that it may require you to submit more paperwork than many of your other loan options, which can be time-consuming. Although the lenders we selected for our review are preferred SBA lenders with a nationwide reach, also consider your local and regional banks, as they also offer SBA loans and may be good resources for you, especially if you’ve already established relationships with them.

Small Business Loans: What We Evaluated, What We Found
We looked for lenders that provide SBA 7(a) loans nationwide and that offer the most desirable amounts and a range of terms. We researched the company online and then contacted each lender via email and phone to gather and verify information about its rates and terms. Some key differentiators include the loan amounts offered by each lender, the fees and costs they charge, and how long it takes to get your loan approved and funded.

Loan Size: Amounts Vary by Lender
Although the SBA doesn’t set a minimum amount on loans and caps them at $5,000,000, all lenders set a minimum amount and some also set their own maximum amount. Because of the paperwork required with an SBA 7(a) loan, most lenders prefer to offer larger loans. SmartBiz is the exception, as it caters to small businesses that want smaller loans and it offers the smallest loans in our review, starting at $5,000 and capping out at $350,000, which is around the minimum amount that some lenders are willing to consider. The lender with the highest minimum, starting at $500,000, is CapitalSpring .

Fees Costs: Although Regulated, There Is Variance
Even though SBA 7(a) loans are highly regulated, there is some variance in the fees and costs that lenders are permitted to charge. Packaging fees vary the most, as some lenders, like the Grow American Fund, Wells Fargo, Chase and Ridgestone Bank. don’t charge them at all, while others may charge several thousand dollars. Almost all lenders charge closing costs, which typically bundle due diligence expenses, such as those for appraisals and lawyers’ fees. Because closing costs vary from loan to loan, you should verify with your lender what your closing costs cover and the exact amount you can expect to pay.

Approval Funding Time: A Wide Variation
SBA 7(a) loans are notorious for taking a long time to obtain, but the amount of time it takes lenders to approve and fund a loan varies widely. After you submit you completed application and all accompanying documents, five to seven days is an average amount of time for approval. Most lenders agree that the process is faster when the borrower is motivated and responds quickly when additional information is required. SmartBiz has a faster turnaround time than most because it utilizes sophisticated technology to speed up the process.

What Else Is Important in Selecting a Small Business Loan?
Other factors that influence your overall satisfaction with a loan are the interest rate and whether the loan is secured or unsecured. As you search for the best small business loan, it’s critical that you understand every aspect of the deal and that you thoroughly read and understand every document you sign so that you know precisely what you’re getting and what your obligations and responsibilities are. Consider the following factors as you research your loans options. You can also read articles about small business loans to broaden your understanding of the subject.

Interest Rate Range
The interest rate is the percentage of the amount of money you borrowed that you repay the lender. Although the SBA regulates the range of interest rates that the lender can charge you, it’s influenced by a variety of factors, including your business’s industry, the amount of time you’ve been in business, your business and personal credit history, and the overall health of your business. Most lenders charge a couple of percentage points above prime, which is the published percentage that seven of the 10 largest American banks charge their best customers. The Grow America Fund has the lowest interest rates in our review.

Secured or Unsecured
Most small business loans require you to leverage business assets, such as real estate or equipment, as collateral against the loan in order to minimize the lender’s risk. Most also require a personal guarantee from all individuals owning 20% or more of the business. You may be required to put up personal assets if you don’t have sufficient collateral from your business, particularly if the loan you’re procuring is for a startup. Take care to protect your home and personal savings when entering into a loan. Unsecured business loans are less common, though they are available for SBA 7(a) loans under $25,000.

In the above matrix, you can find information on other additional small business loan features, including details on noteworthy features and the lenders’ status with the SBA. You can also find information on down payments, the time it takes to receive your funds after your application is approved and the availability of customer support resources.

Small Business Loans: Our Verdict Recommendations
The best SBA 7(a) lender we reviewed is SmartBiz, which earned the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for its ability to streamline the process and its willingness to offer loans in amounts smaller than most other lenders are interested in; these qualities make it the most accessible lender in our review. The Grow America Fund earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award because it offers the lowest interest rate in our review and specializes in helping small business owners who are women or minorities or who have businesses in underserved communities obtain funding. Likewise, CRF helps small businesses that are owned by women, minorities and veterans and that can provide jobs in low-income areas. Wells Fargo earned the Top Ten Reviews Bronze award for overall excellence as an SBA 7(a) lender, as it gives the most money to the most small businesses nationwide.

Getting a business loan is a significant undertaking for a small business, and it’s important that you take every reasonable step to ensure that it’s the best decision for your company. Shop around for the best interest rates and small business loan terms. Pay particular attention to fees and penalties and don’t be afraid to ask the lender to explain them to you. Request the fee structure and terms in writing and read your contract thoroughly before you sign it to ensure that you understand the details of your loan and your repayment responsibilities.

Top Ten Reviews strives to appraise all services and products using hands-on evaluation and research that, in so far as possible, replicates the careful exploratory process of a typical small business owner. The lenders we evaluated had no influence or input over our testing methodology, nor was the evaluation process provided to any of them in more detail than is publically available by reading our reviews, nor were the results of our research provided to the lenders prior to publication.

Disclaimer: The interest rates listed are reflective of the date this review was last updated.

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The Benefits of Owning Your Own Business #small #business #admin

#owning your own business


The Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

There are many benefits to owning your own business:

  • Your years of hard work can result in wealth not unemployment
  • For the self employed, just about everything is a tax write off
  • You will eventually have the ability, money and time to help others
  • You will eventually have more time to spend with your family
  • You will eventually have more self-esteem
  • You will eventually have much more freedom

Here is my personal perspective. When I look around at the friends and colleagues I have known and worked with, the happiest and most satisfied people are those that own their own businesses. They have the most freedom, and the most control over their lives, even more than most CEO’s I know.

And that’s because CEO’s can be fired. Even if they are really good. Being in top management does not necessarily give you more control over your future.

I’m not saying that being an employee is bad, but if you have an opportunity to be self employed you should consider it carefully.

Yes, I know some CEO’s who are on top of the world, and I am very happy for them, They worked hard and smart. They took very good care of their people. They made some unbelievably brilliant strategic decisions. They made a lot of small decisions that added up to something big. They truly deserve their success.

On the other hand I know many high level executives, including CEO’s, who are currently unemployed because someone fired them. Whether they deserved it or not, even at a high level, they were not in control of their destiny.

As an employee you can dedicate many years of your life to a company, only to find yourself out of a job due to situations totally out of your control. Management changes, mergers, acquisitions, downsizing and outsourcing all have a tendency to force sudden and unexpected change.

On the other hand, if you own your own business, you will still face competition, change, legal battles etc. But in every case you will have time and an opportunity to fight and win. Big difference.

However, the risks in starting your own business are far greater than if you were an employee who worked for someone else.

According to Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth. in the US, there are over 1,000,000 new businesses started every year. 40% of these fail in the first year. Another 40% fail before year five. So the odds are against you.

There are ways to beat the odds. The success rate for franchises is much higher. Something like 50% or more of the franchises make it past five years.

The key according to Michael Gerber is that franchises offer you a proven Turn Key business.

However, franchises are still very risky. We know people who lost a lot of money on franchises and are still not self employed.

If you are planning your future, and you eventually want to be able to slow down and have some money to retire on, you have three main long term career choices:

What are your choices for ensuring you can someday retire:

  1. Try your hand at building your own business i.e. being self employed. Build it big enough that it not only pays for your retirement but that you could sell if you wanted.
  2. Be an employee and make sure you earn enough and save enough for when you retire, or when you get laid off or fired. Remember, high level executives are not immune from being fired.
  3. Get a government job, because most government jobs have retirement plans and pensions. Military folks and city employees usually get to retire with a full retirement plan paid for by our tax dollars. I’ve seen some folks who have two retirement plans, one from the military and one from a city, state or federal job.

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BSc (Econ) (Hons) Business Economics – University of Portsmouth #bakery #business #plan

#business economics


Business Economics

Why take this course?

Economic analysis is a core business function. It enables organisations to understand crucial factors such as efficiency and profitability in a changeable international business environment.

This course is intended for the student who is seeking to use their understanding of economics in a business environment. The course places particular emphasis upon decisions which are taken by managers of organisations, as well as the structure and regulation of industry.

What will I experience?

On this course you can:

  • Use specialist software to access macroeconomics, industry and company level data
  • Opt to do a year in industry to gain meaningful work experience and build up your employability skills
  • Choose to study abroad through our links with overseas universities

What opportunities might it lead to?

The analytical abilities, independent skills and familiarity with group work gained on this course will make you an attractive candidate for employers once you graduate. A career as an economist in either central government or the private sector, or a role in the financial and business sector would all be potential employment options for after you finish the course.

Here are some routes our graduates have pursued:

  • the government sector
  • commercial banks
  • insurance companies
  • regulatory bodies

I found everything I was looking for in the course at Portsmouth.

Amy Riggs, BSc (Econ) (Hons) Business Economics student

Year one

This common first year among some of our economics-based courses provides you with a broad understanding of economic theory and quantitative methods.

Core units in this year include:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Quantitative Economics
  • Business Accounting
  • Economic Issues

Year two

In this year you will take your knowledge of micro-economics and macro-economics to a greater depth. Business-related themes such as managerial and decision economics will also be studied in detail and you will begin to become acquainted with popular techniques for analysing economic data.

Core units in this year include:

  • Econometrics
  • Research Methods
  • Econometric Methods
  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Managerial and Decision Economics

Optional units in this year include:

  • International Economics
  • Economics of Crime and Social Issues
  • Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Market
  • Study Abroad (year long)

Year three*

In your final year, there is a particular focus on the world of business and industry. Several optional units allow you to concentrate on developing your knowledge in certain areas and for you to learn more advanced and specialised econometric techniques. There is also an independent study project, which requires you to work as a group with other students in order to perform in-depth research in a selected area of economics.

Core units in this year include:

  • Labour Economics
  • Business Competition and Regulation
  • Applied Economics: Research Review and Design
  • Applied Economics: Empirical Research

Optional units in this year include:

  • International Banking and Financial Management
  • Advanced Topics in Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Econometric Analysis
  • Financial Economics
  • Financial Statement and Data Analysis
  • Public Sector Economics

*This course is also available as a 4-year sandwich (work placement)

Teaching and Assessment

We go to great lengths to ensure you will have an excellent learning experience with a high level of support. Teaching is usually undertaken in lectures supported by smaller group seminars, workshops, tutorials and practical sessions. Extensive use is also made of information technology and other teaching innovations.

How are you assessed?

There is a mix of formal examinations and coursework assessment throughout your course including:

  • analysis of topical case studies
  • written reports
  • essays
  • presentations
  • self-led independent study project

Visit us more info

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16 beautiful examples of letterhead design #financial #markets #today

#business letterhead


Creative Bloq

16 beautiful examples of letterhead design

An eye-catching letterhead design can help you win work. Here are some gorgeous examples.

Having a well-designed letterhead can really help sell your talents as an artist. Whether for your mail-outs or a covering letter for your design portfolio. the point is to grab the reader’s attention as soon as they open the envelope. And a beautiful, memorable design is a great way to achieve that (also check out our list of inspiring envelope designs ).

So if you want to create your own but need a little inspiration, we’ve selected 16 beautiful examples of letterhead designs to help you stand out from the crowd.

01. Jeremy Gardner

There’s nothing quite like a bit of letterpress printing to get some attention

There’s nothing quite like a bit of letterpress printing to get a prospective new client’s attention. Designer Jeremy Gardner makes the most of a simple letterhead design, choosing bright, bold colours and letterpress printing. An extremely effective and eye-catching design.

02. Bronx Zoo

Caroline Madigan’s letterhead design speaks to people with sounds of zoo animals printed in beautiful typefaces

Created by designer Caroline Madigan. the concept behind this design was to capture the interactive nature of a trip to the Bronx Zoo for both children and adults. The letterhead ‘speaks’ to the recipient with sounds of the zoo animals printed beautifully with a selection of different fonts.

03. Coos

The Coos! letterhead doubles as a business card holder

Coos! is a PR and communication agency run by a team that like to hide behind their alter egos, who are all named Coos. They all have individual business cards for all their alter egos, which are placed behind the letterhead by two simple cuts, meaning the recipient is greeted by an inane Coos! grin when they open the mail. A simple but effective design from graphic design studio Trapped in Suburbia .

04. Bittersuite

South African communicatios agency Bittersuite knows the power of a well designed letterhead

The Bittersuite logo itself is a beautifully designed ambigram a graphic that spells out a word not only in its original form but also in another direction or orientation. Featured prominently on the letterhead, the design also incorporates a playful concept where a simple fold in the top corner creates another illustration

05. SHE

SHE stands tall and prominent on these beautiful letterheads

SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises) is a New York-based organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for women and girls in developing countries. The team at Blok Design in Toronto came up with these gorgeous letterhead designs, where SHE stands tall at the top of the page, emphasized by a bold underscore and varied colour palette.

06. Wine Concepts

The Wine Concepts letterhead represents a stylised wine label and features overprinted wine drops to reinforce the brand and product

When multi-disciplinary creative agency Hunt Co was asked to develop a new identity and branding for Melbourne-based wine consultants, Wine Concepts, it came up with this simple but effective design. The logo represents a stylised wine label and (our favourite bit) features overprinted wine drops to reinforce the brand and emphasise the product.

07. One Flew South

This gorgeous letterhead design represents the stylish restaurant One Flew South perfectly

Graphic designer Alvin Diec is the man behind this cool letterhead and branding concept for restaurant and sushi bar One Flew South. Located in Atlanta’s Hartzfield-Jackson Airport, Diec worked with the brand’s original patrotic colours, resulting in this sophisticated design.

08. Musica

Beautiful, detailed black and white illustrations feature on music retail group Musica’s letters

Okay, so technically this is a letter-bottom rather than a letterhead, we know but with such a gorgeous design we decided to ignore that technicality. Musica is the largest music retail group in South Africa. And the job of developing a rebrand fell at the feet of graphic design agency Studio Botes. who used detailed black and white illustrations, to depict the world of Musica.

09. Master of Disguise

This fun moustache design made of type is the first thing client’s see when opening a letter from Master of Disguise

We just love this brilliant corporate identity for Master of Disguise by graphic designer Cortney Cassidy. The letterhead cleverly features the company logo moustache made up of type spelling out its name. A really fun and stylish concept.

10. Bob Kane

Batman creator Bob Kane’s cool letterhead design featured the caped crusader himself alongside Robin and the Joker

This cool artwork starred at the top of Batman creator Bob Kane’s correspondence. Featuring the comic book’s most famous characters, Kane perfectly captured the vibe of the ’60s with this brilliant design.

11. Dylan’s Barbershop

You’d be in no doubt who this letter came from with this design by Nike sportswear designer Lizzy Green’s

We love this obvious but brilliant comb letterhead design for a start-up barbershop in Portland, Oregon. Graphic designer for Nike Sportwear Lizzy Green came up with the concept for this eye-catching identity.

12. Seec

The Artentiko team highlighted points of each letter in the company name with a different colour to create the new identity

Graphic design studio Artentiko was responsible for rebranding SEEC – a new brand providing products based on LED technology. After a brainstorming session, the team came up with this short, characteristic, and modern design.

13. Nikola Tesla

A genius, Nikola Tesla’s creative mind was also put to good use for the design of the company letterhead

Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla was best known for his contribution to developing technology that harnessed the power of electricity for household use. And it would seem, from this awesome letterhead that his creative skills extended to illustration design too, with all kinds of electrical gizmos occupying the top fifth of the page.

14. Best Men’s Ties

Promoting fine neckwear, this elegant, stylish design captures the Best Men’s Ties brand perfectly

This elegant, stylish design for high quality tie retailer Best Men’s Ties was created by Croatian design studio Cipmann. The brief was to create a ‘visual identity that will communicate elegance and style to men who enjoy fine neckwear’. And this classy design does just that.

14. Absurd Machine Production

This brilliant, eye-catching letterhead was designed by New York-based graphic designer Jessica Benz

This vibrant letterhead for music and video production company Absurd Machine leaves you in no doubt as to who you’re receiving a letter from. The clever concept by graphic designer Jessica Benz features vinyl records and film rolls in an eye-catching design, which surrounds the company name.

15. Monster

Super-cool monsters star at the top of these letters

This innovative letterhead design for Monster comes from designer Douglas Orchard. The fun concept features a variety of cute monsters iluustration, cut through a hole in the top of the page that the reader must unfold in order to open properly.

This is an updated and extended verison of an article that previously appeared on Creative Bloq. If you’ve you seen any examples of brilliant letterhead designs, share them with us in the comments!

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