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Grow Your Business AND Change The World Join Today

Earn Your Green Business Certification

Grow Your Business

Get Your Big Green Opportunity

Download your free copy of our groundbreaking report on the big green opportunity for small businesses. The Big Green Opportunity for Small Business in the U.S. illustrates market growth of green segments across industries, which small businesses are benefiting the most from green, and the best operational efficiency investments for small businesses.

  • Grow a strong green economy that will help your business thrive
  • Make a lasting impact for future generations

Powered by Green America

When you join the Green Business Network, you re joining together with more than just your peers in the green entrepreneur and social enterprise space. You re part of a national movement to build a more just and sustainable world. The Green Business Network® is a program of Green America, the nation s leading nonprofit in growing the green economy. We harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. As a Green American, you ll support our campaigns for safer food, fair labor, clean energy, and responsible finance.

About Us

Green America’s Green Business Network® is the first, largest, and most diverse network of socially and environmentally responsible businesses in the country. Home to both rising social and eco enterprises and the most established green businesses around.

We provide the tools, the information, and the consumer base to help you thrive in today’s competitive green marketplace.

The Green Business Network is a program of Green America®, the nation’s leading non-profit organization working to build a green and just economy.

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SAS Business Data Network #canadian #business #magazine

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SAS Products

SAS Business Data Network provides a business data term list, which is an authoritative vocabulary that promotes a common understanding between stakeholders in an organization.

The most recent release is SAS Lineage 3.1.


SAS Business Data Network 3.1 Now Available

SAS Business Data Network 3.1 is an application that enables you to manage a business data term list. It supports a collaborative approach to managing the following information:

  • Descriptions of business terms, including their requirements and attributes
  • Related source data and reference data
  • Contacts (such as technical owners, business owners, and interested parties)
  • Relationships between terms and processes (such as Data Management Studio jobs, services, and business rules)

By linking terms to business rules and data monitoring processes, SAS Business Data Network provides a single entry point for all data consumers to better understand their data. Data stewards, IT staff and enterprise architects can use the terms to promote a common vocabulary across projects and business units. Permissions can be set to allow only specific users to access and/or control the data in SAS Business Data Network.

SAS Business Data Network also provides workflow support that enables you to divide the responsibilities for creating, reviewing, and approving terms among the members of your team. In this way, each role can be fulfilled by the most qualified member of the group.

Free Online Documentation

  • Most recent release for SAS Business Data Network

SAS Business Data Network 3.1

  • SAS Business Data Network 3.1: User’s Guide PDF | HTML
  • The User’s Guide is accessible within the product.
  • All online documentation for supported releases of SAS Business Data Network [HTML]
  • Technical Papers

      SAS Global Forum 2014
    • Managing the Data Governance Lifecyle [PDF]
    • What’s New in SAS Data Management [PDF]

    SAS Publishing Representatives are available in the U.S. from 8-5 ET to answer your documentation questions. Contact us at 1-800-727-3228 or e-mail.


    Curriculum consultants are available in the U.S. from 9-5 EST. Contact us at 1-800-333-7660 or e-mail.

    International customers, please contact your country office.

    Online Support Resources

    This page contains online support resources that are specific to this product. Visit the Support page to access various self-help and assisted-help resources or submit a problem through the SAS Technical Support form.

    Data Management Community

    Share your experiences, questions and ideas with other SAS Business Data Network users.

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    Put a price tag on your business: A guide to business valuation – Canada

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    Put a price tag on your business: A guide to business valuation

    If you want to sell all or part of your business, you need to have an idea of its value. This information will help you understand the different approaches to business valuation, but you may want to seek professional guidance and advice. Prospective investors will also assess its value when they consider your proposal.

    The process of determining the value is called valuation. You and the buyer or investor need to determine what you feel is an appropriate business valuation because it will be the basis for negotiating:

    • How much of your business the investor or buyer will purchase
    • How much the buyer or investor will pay (the price of the business or of its shares)
    • The return the buyer or investor can expect to earn

    Ways of valuing a business

    Valuation is not an exact science, and there are different ways of valuing a business. Each of these methods is based on different assumptions and financial information, which typically results in a different value for each method. For instance, you could base a valuation on the assets of a business (how much it owns) or by taking into account projected revenues or cash flows. Investors generally prefer methods based on cash flows. It s important to know about a variety of methods because they can be useful as benchmarks to check the validity of the value and the price you determine.

    Earnings and cash flow-based methods:

    • Discounted cash flow
    • Going-concern value

    Discounted cash flow

    From the investor s perspective, this is usually the most accurate and effective way to estimate a business value because it is based on future cash flows. These cash flow figures reflect the amount of money that is estimated to come into the business and will ultimately determine the investor s return on investment. The discounted cash flow method is used to answer three critical questions:

    • Value: How much is your business worth today, based on what it will earn in the future?
    • Rate of return: What is the buyer s or investor s expected rate of return, given the amount invested and your business financial projections?
    • Equity share: How much equity will the buyer or investor receive for their investment?

    The discounted-cash-flow method is often preferred because it can be more accurate than other methods. Its accuracy and complexity are due to the fact that it:

    • Uses cash flows: It takes into account the projected ups and downs of revenue over a period of time.
    • Discounts the cash flows: It adjusts the cash flows by a rate that is acceptable to the investor to account for risk and the time the investor must wait for a return.
    How it works

    In this method, cash flow predictions are discounted, or reduced, to adjust for the risk the investor faces and to make up for the fact that the investor could invest their money in something else.

    Investors are looking to be compensated for their risk, and their benchmark rate or “discount rate” will adjust for the value of money over time. They will choose a discount rate and compare your proposal against that rate.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The discounted cash flow method allows values to be estimated even when your cash flow is fluctuating. A start-up or new venture may expect to lose money in the first years and then make money in later years. These changes in cash flow are taken into account by the discounted cash flow method.

    If you use this method, keep in mind that:

    • Its accuracy depends on the accuracy of your cash flow projections. That is why your financial data and assumptions are critical.
    • It is a complex process, so you may require professional guidance.
    • It can give you detailed estimates, but it is important to remember that business valuation is not an exact science your numbers will be based on assumptions and predictions of future performance.
    Value: How much is your business worth today?

    Let s say financiers are considering an investment in your business, but plan to take their money out in five years. To them, your business is worth today what it can earn during those five years, plus their share of the value of the business at the end of the five years. However, future cash flow numbers and the future value of the business are unknown. The discounted cash flow method applies adjustments or “discounts” to account for those unknowns.

    Using this method, the value is the total of the cash flows, adjusted or discounted, plus the value remaining (or residual value), also discounted.

    Rate of return: What rate of return will the investor expect?

    Investors want to calculate their rate of return. To do that they must compare the amount of the investment to the amount they will earn at the end of the investment period. But how can they know what they will earn in the future? Again, they must use the discounted cash flow projections to estimate the future value of their investment. To do so, they will need to:

    • Estimate the cash flow in the final year
    • Estimate the value of the business based on the cash flow
    • Calculate the final value of their share in the business
    • Determine their rate of return
    Value, return and exit strategy

    The method used to calculate values and rates of return depends on the specific exit strategy used. Commonly-used methods include going-concern value, book value, and liquidation value.

    Going-concern value

    The going-concern value method calculates your business value based on its capacity to produce a stream of cash flow in the future. The greater the cash flow your business generates in the future, the higher your business value today.

    How it works

    The going concern value, like discounted cash flow, compares the current investment to the future receipts (cash inflows). This method uses the revenues of previous years to project future revenues, and it assumes those revenues will not change.

    Book Value

    This value is the net worth, or shareholders equity, of your business as shown in its financial statements. At its most simplified, subtracting your liabilities from your assets will give you your business net worth or book value. Book value can be described as the historical value of an asset that, at a given time (the day it was purchased), represented the economic or market value of the asset, less its accumulated depreciation.

    How it works

    To determine the book value, subtract your liabilities from the value of your assets. The difference gives you your net worth or shareholders equity. In practice, book value is seldom used in the process of securing venture capital, although it can be a realistic approach to measuring a small business net worth.

    Liquidation value

    A liquidation value is assigned to a business being sold in order to satisfy its creditors. Tangible assets, such as land, usually have a liquidation value close to their market value. Inventories and accounts receivable, on the other hand, are usually valued at less than what is shown in the books.

    How it works

    To determine the liquidation value, all assets are assigned distressed values, and all debts are totalled at book value. Most assets sold under duress are discounted from their fair market value. The difference between the distressed value of the assets and the actual or book value of the liabilities is referred to as the liquidation value.

    The liquidation value doesn t reflect the real worth of an asset or a business; in most cases, it is substantially less than the market and book values. This method is typically used only if a business is in serious financial trouble.

    Should I seek a financial advisor for help with valuation?

    Business valuation is a complex task, and a financial advisor with experience in business valuation can be an invaluable asset.

    A professional valuator can:

    • Provide the experience needed to accurately determine the value of your business
    • Offer an objective view of your business worth
    • Give investors more confidence in the credibility of your valuation


    There is a saying in the venture capital industry: “The value of a business is only what someone is willing to pay for it.” In other words, the market, and your ability to attract investors and negotiate with them will determine the value or selling price.

    Remember that many factors affect the value of your business. Seeking professional assistance can help you calculate an accurate value for your business.

    Learn how to determine the value of your business and find ways to increase it.

    What is a fair price to pay for a business? Read this article to learn how to estimate the value of a business.

    Enlist the help of an expert who can quantify the worth of all, or part, of your business or its securities.

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    7 Tips for Network Marketing Success #small #business #consultant

    #mlm business


    7 Tips for Network Marketing Success

    You probably have an image firmly planted in your mind of what network marketing (also known as direct sales or multilevel marketing) is all about–housewives buying and selling Tupperware while gossiping and eating finger sandwiches, or a high-pressure salesperson trying to convince you how easily you can become a millionaire if only you and your friends and their friends and so on would buy and sell vitamins with him.

    Both of these images couldn t be further from the reality of network marketing. It s neither a hobby nor a get-rich-scheme but an opportunity for you to earn money running your own part- or full-time business.

    But what does it take to succeed in this industry? Vincent J. Kellsey, director of member services for the Direct Selling Women s Alliance. an organization that provides a variety of resources to women and men in the direct-selling industry, offers these tips for making it:

    Choose wisely. There are six key elements you should be looking for [when selecting an opportunity]. Number one: stability. How old is the company? Number two is excellent products or services that consumers will use and need more of.

    Number three is the pay plan–how even and fair and generous overall is the distribution? This is really crucial as the pay plan represents exactly how you ll get paid–or not get paid. There are really only two questions to ask [regarding this]: How many pennies out of each sales dollar get paid back to the distributors each month, and how fair is the distribution of these pennies between the old members and the new members?

    Number four is the integrity of the company and the management. As much as possible, [investigate] the experience of the CEO, [their] experience in the network marketing industry, and their background. [Have] they been successful in other companies in the industry? Do they have a good reputation?

    Number five is momentum and timing. Look at where the company s at, what s going on with the company, and if it s growing.

    Number six is support, training and business systems. You may have [chosen] a great company with excellent management, products that make a difference, a pay plan that s uniquely fair and very generous, and momentum and stability, but if you don t have a system in place that works, all of that [doesn t matter]. Most companies will have a transferable training system that they use, and that s where mentorship comes in.

    Practice what they teach. [To succeed,] you need to be willing to listen and learn from mentors. The way this industry is structured, it s in the best interests of the [MLM veterans in your company] to help you succeed, so they re willing to teach you the system. Whatever [your mentor] did to become successful, it s very duplicatible, but you have to be willing to listen and be taught and follow those systems.

    The higher-ups. It can be called various things, but the general term is the upline, meaning the people above you. How supportive are they? Do they call you? Do they help you put a plan in place? Are they as committed to your success as they are to their own? You should be able to relate to [the people in your upline] and be able to call them at any time to say I need some help. How much support there is from the people above you in the company is very important.

    Take up the lead with your downline. There s a term in the network marketing industry called orphans –when somebody is brought in and then the person who brought them in is just so busy bringing in other people that they don t spend the time to teach and train [the new person]. You should be prepared to spend at least 30 days helping a new person come into the industry–training them, supporting them and holding their hand until they feel confident to be able to go off on their own. You really need to ask yourself, are you willing to do that? Are you able to do that? This is really about long-term relationship building. It s not about just bringing people into the business and just moving forward. It s about working with these people and helping them to develop relationships.

    On the net. People are utilizing [the internet] as their main marketing tool. [You can set up your site] with autoresponders so when you capture leads, the autoresponder can follow up with that person. One of the greatest keys to success in this industry is follow-up. Many people will have someone call them who s interested or they ll call the person and say they re interested, but then they don t follow up with it. Automation on the internet has allowed a much more consistent method of following up.

    The only drawback with the internet is people who utilize it to spam. If there was one thing I could put forward to say, Do not do when utilizing the internet as a marketing tool, it s spamming because that can give a very bad reputation not only to you but also to the company you re working with.

    Taking care of business. This is a business, and just like if you were running a franchise or a storefront, you [should have an] accountant. You have all the same write-offs tax-wise that you have with running a [full-time] business, so it s very important to [do your research] prior to getting involved, before you start making money from it. How is that going to affect you tax-wise? What are your write-offs?

    It s important to set up a [support] team around you. I d suggest seeking out lawyers who deal in network marketing, so they re very versed in all the laws and how that affects [your business.]. There are also accountants who specialize in dealing with homebased businesses specifically in the direct-selling industry.

    Don t quit your day job. yet. Never leave your full-time position unless you re absolutely certain that the income that s coming in with this company is going to be there. [Be sure that] you ve been with the company [for awhile] and that you know it s a stable company, and the income that you re earning is equal to or greater than the income you re earning from your job before quitting.

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    Home-based business – Canada Business Network #online #business #schools

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    Home-based business

    When you are your own boss, working from home may seem like an appealing prospect, but before you decide to start a home-based business, there are a few things to consider. Launching a business in your home could be ideal, depending on the space you require and the nature of your work. You should make sure that this arrangement suits both your personal and professional needs.

    You may be drawn to the advantages of working from your home. It can be less expensive than renting or buying commercial space, there may be possible tax deductions you can claim, (for example, a portion of property taxes, utilities, repairs and maintenance, home insurance and a portion of your mortgage interest or rent) and you may have more flexibility with your hours.

    Ask yourself a few questions to determine whether having a home-based business is right for you:

    • Will working on your own suit your personality? Some people prefer to be in the company of colleagues.
    • Do you have the self-discipline to motivate yourself, even when business is quiet?
    • Might you have difficulty setting boundaries between your personal life and your business role? Will you face interruptions from family and friends?
    • Is there enough room for the resources you need, like special equipment or employees?
    • If your business is successful, will there be room to expand? How will you address this when the time comes?

    When you decide you are ready to launch your home-based business, consider the following suggestions:

    • Review provincial and federal health, safety and taxation regulations related to your business.
    • Check municipal by-laws and determine whether your area is zoned for operating a business, particularly if you plan to deal with the public or have non-family-members working out of your home.
    • Designate a specific area of your residence as your workspace (as removed as possible from the ebb and flow of your household activities).
    • Try not to let chores or other distractions take you away from your work and interrupt your productivity.
    • Avoid letting the less formal setting interfere with your professionalism.
    • Be available to your clients by keeping a consistent schedule and getting back to them in a timely fashion.
    • Be aware that some home-based business opportunities may be fraudulent.

    Beware of home business opportunities that seem too good to be true!

    When you work from home, it’s important to have a space that is comfortable and functional. Take the time to ensure your home office meets your needs.

    If you operate a small business from your home, discover ways insurance can help mitigate your risk of potential losses.

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    Buy a business or start your own? Canada Business Network #business #name #generator

    #own your own business ideas


    Buy a business or start your own?

    Starting a business from scratch can be overwhelming for first-time entrepreneurs. If you have a great business idea and are ready to work hard to build it from the ground up, then you may wish to start your own business. But if you want to hit the ground running and avoid some of the common start-up pitfalls, then buying an existing business or a successful franchise may be a better option for you.

    Starting your own business

    • Complete freedom to design and manage the business according to your vision.
    • Not bound by anyone else s rules, history or assets.
    • Opportunity to carve out a new niche in the market.
    • Can be less expensive than buying a successful business.
    • Can take time to become profitable.
    • There is no guarantee of business success and a high rate of failure for new businesses.
    • Can be more difficult to get financing because lenders or investors are taking a risk with your idea.

    Buying an existing business or franchise

    • Benefit from the work that has already been done on building a brand, developing customer relationships, developing business processes and acquiring assets.
    • Can start bringing in profits more quickly.
    • Can be easier to get financing because the business model is proven.
    • The upfront investment is often higher than if you were starting your own business.
    • The previous owner and/or franchisor s business model and way of doing business may not be a perfect match with what you envision.

    Learn more

    If you are considering buying a business, these documents will tell you what to watch out for and help guide you through the process.

    When you’re setting up your business, you need to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Consider the following steps as you navigate through the business start-up phase.

    Find out what you need to know before buying a business: where to look, how to evaluate potential acquisitions, and what a fair price would be.

    Learn more about buying a franchise as an option for starting a business.

    Find out how to write a business plan and access templates, sample business plans, market research information and statistics.

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    ATM Network #small #business #administration #loans

    #atm business


    Start Your Own ATM Business

    Work for yourself – without having to work by yourself

    • ATM Resources: Expert help and training
    • Preferred Buyers Club: Get access to exclusive features and discounts that can save you thousands
    • ATM Site-Location Service: We find sites for you
    • Personal Account Manager

    The ATM business works.

    You buy ATMs and place them in retail locations such as gas stations, bars and nightclubs. You keep cash loaded in the machines, and every time a customer uses the ATM you collect the transaction fee, known as a “surcharge.” The average surcharge fee is around $2.50 nationally, but businesses like nightclubs and other high-end locations can range anywhere from $3 to even $10 per transaction.

    We work for you.

    The key to a successful ATM business is finding good locations. That’s why ATM Network will assign an account manager to work with you. We can assist you in what to look for in finding a good site. When you find a site, we can call them on your behalf and estimate the potential success of the locations.

    In addition to contacting and qualifying locations, your account manager will communicate with business owners and negotiate to get you the most favorable terms possible.

    Maximize your ATM profit with ATM Network.

    We’re one of the largest and oldest independent ATM companies in the country, with a well-deserved reputation for service and honesty. Discover the ATM Network difference:

    • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and endorsements from our customers.
    • A full service and parts department, with technicians available 24 hours a day.
    • All sorts of extras. Promote your business with custom ad screens or graphics. Add flexibility with a wireless connection. Whatever you want to do, we can help.

    Start Now!

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    JMT Document Services #signing #agent, #signing #service, #service, #sign, #signing, #loan #services, #signing #services,


    JMT Document Services is a nationwide mortgage loan signing service. We provide signing services for major national and regional mortgage lenders and Title Insurance companies. We need quality people with Notary Public commissions in all areas of the country to sign mortgage documents on a part time basis.

    There is no investment involved. We will send mortgage documents to you as our lenders approve loans in your area.

    You will meet with the borrowers and obtain their signatures on the mortgage loan documents, then return them to us in the overnight package we provide to you.

    If you are interested in making extra money, we would like to know more about you and we would like to tell you more about us.

    Please click JOIN US and complete the information form and send it to us. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Loan signing services on a nationwide scale! JMT maintains a NATIONWIDE network of loan document signers who can assist you with all of your loan signing needs. Let us help you in obtaining the signatures of your borrowers on your loan documents.

    Our loan document signers are all licensed notary publics, experienced and trained in signing mortgage loan documents, including first mortgages, equity and home improvement loans.

    The loan signers will meet with your borrower at a time and place that is convenient to the borrower. Appointments can be scheduled by your office or, let the signer save you time by scheduling the appointment for you. Just notify JMT that documents are ready, using our simple order form. Our central scheduling office will coordinate with the borrower and the signer, leaving your time free to process your next loan.

    • Completed loan documents are returned to the location you specify, using overnight delivery service
    • Our loan signers are capable of receiving your documents by fax or email

    Call JMT with your special signing needs. We will work with you to develop the procedures and processes necessary to get your loans not only signed, but signed promptly, accurately and professionally, the FIRST TIME.

    About Us

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    Secure email delivery #appraise, #appraiser, #appraisal, #appraisalport, #appraiser #network, #appraiser #listings, #residential, #collateral, #cms,


    FNC, INC


    More Business. Less Work.

    AppraisalPort connects you to lenders

    And to others who engage in real estate appraisal services. Once you are connected, AppraisalPort provides tools to build your reports quickly, accurately, and deliver them straight to your client. Learn more about AppraisalPort

    Secure communication with your clients

    AppraisalPort is a secure, Web-based work site from which appraisers can receive orders, send completed reports, and communicate with their clients. It is integrated with FNC’s Collateral Management System®, used by many mortgage lenders, banks, and appraisal management companies. Read more AppraisalPort® FAQs

    AI Ready™

    New order information is auto-populated into your forms software package if you use AI Ready software. This helps to eliminate typos and reduce time spent re-keying information. Read more about AI Ready

    • “Appraisal Port is an intuitive and easy to use platform.
      It is an efficient way for us to interact with our clients while
      maintaining compliance with regulations. It’s an
      essential tool for managing our business.”

    – Kevin Allin, San Diego, California

  • “Simple log-in, automatic report acceptance and seamless
    integrated delivery system maximize my clients’ and my time. In
    addition, regular polls and newsletters enhance the
    sense of belonging to a community of appraisers.”

    – Susan Bender-McGoldrick, Lexington, VA.

  • “It’s nice that we can upload quickly and easily.
    It’s convenient to have all of our clients organized on
    one site and makes it very efficient to receive orders.”

    – Beverly Pogue, Bethesda, Maryland

  • “AppraisalPort provides the convenience of auto accepts and
    receiving of orders, and the communication you receive on each one.
    The GAAR option is great for checks and balances, and the rules can
    fire back quickly and reject the report back to
    appraisers to correct the fired rule.”

    – Norma Lorence, Williamston, Michigan

  • “As an appraiser, I am able to post messages and
    communicate 24/7. This has helped eliminate unnecessary phone calls
    and callbacks which tend to grind up time. My productivity
    has increased 25% since I can communicate using AppraisalPort.”

    – Judy DeLeon, Bowie, Maryland

  • “Castle Associates, Inc. strongly endorses AppraisalPort as an
    essential tool for appraisers and lenders. AppraisalPort provides the
    interface necessary to become the fastest and most efficient
    appraisal firm in the Las Vegas Valley.”

    – Aaron Alyea, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “The structure of AppraisalPort allows for the
    fastest turn times with the highest efficiency. The website is
    reliable and simple to use. AppraisalPort is the premier
    name in appraisal servicing.”

    – Aaron Alyea, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “Appraisal Associates has had such success
    with the system, it works beautifully, there is no lender pressure,
    and we are freed up to do the job. I have increased
    my production by 30%.”

    – L. Michael Gandy, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “Your staff always handles any problem that
    comes my way in a courteous manner; they seem to understand how
    difficult and challenging appraising can be. I would like to thank you
    for the opportunity you have given Appraisal Associates.”

    -L. Michael Gandy, Las Vegas, Nevada

  • “I love that it is so easy to add new clients through AppraisalPort.
    Just a couple of clicks and we are connected.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

  • “I’ve used several appraisal ordering companies
    over the years but when a lender asks me which one I prefer
    and recommend I always tell them AppraisalPort.
    Quick, easy to use, and reasonable fees.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

  • “The few times I’ve had a problem; the customer
    service department has gotten back to me quickly and
    always resolved the issue. I wish all companies were
    as caring and quick to respond.”

    – Clint Bruce, San Diego, California

    Are you sure you don’t want to share your profile?

    You have instructed AppraisalPort not to provide your profile information to any other FNC Clients. While clients may use your profile information in different ways, the most common way they use this data is to ‘board’ appraisal panels at our lender institutions. By opting out, your information will not be provided, which may limit additional assignments you could receive through AppraisalPort. Are you sure you want to take this action?

    Login Help

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  • Scuba Diving with Northwest Scuba in Edmonton – Certification and More #northwest #insurance #network,


    Welcome to Northwest Scuba

    Welcome To Northwest Scuba

    Welcome to Northwest Scuba! We are your one-stop shop for all your scuba diving and snorkeling needs in Edmonton. No matter if you are just looking at beginning your adventures into Scuba Diving or you are an experienced veteran, we have something for you. We offer a wide range of services, courses, dive travel, equipment, and rentals.

    Northwest scuba has provided scuba training, equipment, and customer care in Edmonton and the surrounding area for more than 30 years. Ken and Laura have more than 27 years of experience teaching scuba in both cold and tropical climates, we offer you the highest quality and experienced instructors around. We even have our own course director and a specialty instructor trainer on site.

    Northwest Scuba is a family-run business and we offer honest and friendly service. Our staff will take the time to ensure your equipment fits you properly, answer any and all of your questions, or just enjoy a simple chat about one of our favorite topics… diving.

    Thanks for visiting Northwest Scuba.

    Ken Holliday
    PADI Course Director

    Laura Villneff
    Master Instructor

    Don’t just talk about it, experience it!

    Talk to us about doing your instructor development in Edmonton Alberta or start your IDC on-line. Click on the link and start now.

    Northwest Scuba

    Latest News

    Northwest Scuba is a DDI training facility. (Disabled Divers International)

    Ken is teaching the PADI recreational rebreather course on the Hollis Explorer.

    If you have not gone diving in a while let’s get you reactivated. Call for details.

    Northwest Scuba was awarded a plaque for certifying 10,000 certifications!

    Can’t train in person?

    No problem. With PADI, you can take the classroom portions of a course online. You can start your academics at home at your own pace.

    Looking for travel insurance?

    Purchase your Per-Trip travel insurance plan through the Divers Alert Network (DAN). Get started .

    Wednesday Night Pool Drop In.

    If you want to join us on Wednesday night pool drop in. You need to call a head to get on the list. This way we have enough equipment. You also need to drop by the store on Wednesday night before 8 pm to pay. There is a $20.00 fee for the drop in even if you have your own gear.

    We do our open water dives at Lake Summerside. The lake is not a run off pond. It is filled with City of Edmonton water. You are allowed to Swim, fish and use stand up boards in the lake. It is a great facility to train for open water in.

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