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O-Fleet – Car Rental Management Software – Rental Management #car #rental #software, #car #hire


Rental Management

Handle your reservations and rentals in a seamless way

Manage your reservations, plan your fleet utilization and keep tabs on your deliveries and returns calendars efficiently

Availabilities calendar

  • Display your vehicles availability calendar with regards to the commercial class, the transmission type and the ACRISS code of each vehicle.
  • Use the “Drag-and-Drop” feature to easily replace vehicles assignments on any rental.
  • Display your vehicle’s planned work orders in the availabilities calendar along with the reservations and avoid any overlaps or mix-ups.

Rental management tools

  • Handle short or long-term reservations from different sources (phone, walk-in or via the website’s booking engine).
  • Manage additional extras (equipment and insurances/waivers)
  • Get an at-a-glance view on the current status of each rental.
  • Keep everyone informed about your clients’ special requests, comments or delivery/drop off information. Save their arrival/departure flight numbers as well as their staying hotels.
  • Record all accidents, tolls and fines occurred during the reservation. Bill the amount directly to the client.

Vehicle Inspection

  • Define your own inspection checklist with items such as radio tape, lifting jack, seatbelts.
  • Create and fill online pick-up and drop-off inspection sheets to compare the vehicle state before and after rental for any loss or damages (scratches, dents, dings and cracks).
  • Record vehicle delivery and return information including the agent, the odometer value, the fuel level and the vehicle condition before and after rental.
  • Display and print the scheduled pick-ups and drop-offs of the day and assign the vehicles delivery or return to agents.

Electronic Documents

  • Generate automatically a printable rental agreement, inspection statements and customer invoices.
  • Enable your clients to sign electronically the rental agreements and inspection sheets on a signature pad device.
  • Print the rental contracts with both the signatures of your clients and assigned agents without having to ask them to sign again.

Invoicing management

  • Generate automatically your rental invoices and send them to your clients.
  • Track your clients payments, visualize your clients balances and display paid and outstanding amounts.
  • Manage your long-term rentals and generate recurring monthly invoices automatically.
  • Integrate O-Fleet invoicing with your favorite accounting software. We currently support Quickbooks and Xero software.

Ready to boost your fleet productivity ?

Try O-Fleet for free and learn how to unleash the power of your fleet.

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About Greens Windmill #windmill #maintenance #jobs


About Greens Windmill

Explore Nottingham’s working windmill and see for yourself how grain is turned into flour by harnessing the power of wind.


A poor harvest of corn in England, combined with the difficulties of importing grain due to the Napoleonic Wars, puts up the price of grain. The people of Nottingham, unable to afford bread, riot.

“August – Notwithstanding that the last day of this month was a Sunday, it was marked as the commencement of a serious riot. A great increase in the price of provisions, more especially of bread, had roused the vindictive spirit of the poorer classes to an almost ungovernable pitch. They began late in the evening, by breaking the windows of a baker in Millstone Lane, and in the morning proceeded, with an increase of numbers and renewed impetuosity, to treat others of the same trade in the same unwelcome manner. Granaries were broken into at the canal wharfs, and it was really distressing to see with what famine-impelled eagerness many a mother bore away corn in her apron to feed her offspring.”

It is possible that the baker referred to is a Mr Green who has a bakery near the Market Square and who has grain stored by the Nottingham Canal. His bakery is attacked and he pleads with the Mayor for assistance. Mr Green’s son, George, is seven years old. He will become one of the greatest scientists of his time, a mathematician whose work is known and used the around the world. But before then he must help his father by working in the bakery.


Mr Green buys a plot of land in the village of Sneinton on which he builds his windmill. A small wooden post mill which already occupies the site is not included in the sale and it is moved a few hundred yards further up Windmill Lane. Mr Green’s mill is the most powerful and up-to-date of the twenty or so windmills in and around Nottingham.


Mr Green builds a fine house next to the mill and the family move out of the noisome overcrowding of the town.


The year in which George Green produces his first – and most remarkable – scientific paper. A visitor to the mill describes the mill at work:

“. I ascertained some facts relative to the economy of a wind-mill. His sails have a radius of twelve yards and they revolve twenty five times a minute, or more than a mile at the extremities. This great velocity carries round the stones. which are sixteen feet in circumference, 162 times in a minute, and they grind a load of ten sacks of wheat in two or three hours. The sails are placed at an angle in the shaft, and then in union are placed exactly in the wind’s point, but the quantity of cloth is varied inversely as the force of the wind. I went through this fine mill, and really felt terrified at the centrifugal force of such heavy masses as the stones, the peripheries of which were carried round with a determined velocity of forty miles an hour. Of course, none but particular kinds of stone will bear such a momentum, and the smallest fracture or inequality occasions them to separate with destructive consequences.”


Old Mr Green dies, leaving the mill and other property to George, by now a fairly wealthy man. Two years later, during the Reform Bill riots, an angry mob attacks the mill. George defends his property by firing his musket from the mill whilst his eldest daughter Jane passes the ammunition.


George Green lets out his mill and becomes a student at Caius College, Cambridge, where he continues his studies. He becomes a Fellow of his college and writes scientific papers on such subjects as wave motion, the behaviour of light, crystal structure and the elasticity of materials.


George Green’s health fails him and he dies in Sneinton. He is buried in the churchyard of St Stephen’s, close by his windmill.


The mill is still producing flour as it is advertised in the Nottingham Mercury:

“To let and may be entered upon in November next. That excellent Smock windmill situate at Sneinton, Near Nottingham (built by the late Mr Green) with granaries, stabling for eight horses, hay chamber, miller’s house and tenement adjoining, spacious garden, large yard etc. now in the occupancy of Mr Fletcher.”


A photograph of the mill and Mill House c.1860 shows the mill to still be working. The following year the census records one William Oakland as the miller. But the mill has become uneconomic when faced with competition from the new steam powered roller mills and is soon to come to the end of its working life. The mill is abandoned and the sails removed. William Oakland moves to a post mill nearby on Windmill Lane, the last windmill to operate in Nottingham.


The fantail frame at the back of the cap crashes through the roof of the mill foreman’s cottage, destroying – it is said – a grand piano. The wooden gallery rots away and the boards covering the cap begin to fall away as the nails rust. But a mill tower is not without its uses and it is possibly used as a dovecote or pigeon loft.


Clara Green, George’s last surviving child, dies and the mill is bought by Oliver Hind, a local solicitor. Four years later he has the cap covered in copper to keep out the weather. The mill machinery and stones are still in the mill. The mill is let to H Gell and Co who use the ground floor and first floor to manufacture furniture polish and boot polish. A lot of these materials are stored in the mill.


On the 10th July the mill catches fire. The lower floors are full of wax and polish and with the mill tower acting as a chimney the blaze rapidly takes hold in the brisk wind. Only the brick tower survives, a few charred beams still spanning the interior. The mill is abandoned once again.


Responding to a rumour that the mill might be demolished, staff at the University of Nottingham start a fund to preserve the tower as a monument to George Green whose reputation as a mathematical genius has been growing. Five years later the Fund buy the mill and present it to the City of Nottingham and restoration starts.


With new floors, doors and windows in place, the new cap is hoisted onto the top of the tower by a crane.


The restoration is placed in the hands of professional millwrights to bring the mill into working order. A science centre is built around the mill yard to tell the story of George Green and his mill.


The mill and centre are officially opened to the public though there is still much work to be done on the mill.


In June the sails are finally hoisted into place though it is not until 2nd December that the sails turn and flour is produced in Green’s Mill for the first time since the 1860s.


The amazing inner workings of the mill can be seen, especially on a windy day, over four floors, including the grain cleaner and grindstones. This enables you to see first-hand how the whole process of how flour is made.

Mini Millers

Within the science centre is a special under 5s discovery zone for even the smallest scientists to start discovering and learning! The list below is just a selection of items to discover:

  • Mirrors and cut out half-shapes to use with them (to complete a whole images)
  • Rods with cubes that can spin
  • A spinning wheel with different pictures in it
  • Magnetic diamond shapes that can be stuck onto a magnetic wall
  • Giant spiral that rotates
  • Two velcro walls, with velcro pictures to stick onto the surface to produce a picture;
  • Different textured surfaces including bristles, rubber
  • Gear wall
  • Peep holes and coloured discs in the ceiling

Action Station

A trolley full of amazing activities for all ages. Explore all the different compartments and you’ll find easy interactive experiments, colouring sheets, books and resource sheets that enable you to learn about science in a fun, hands on way.

Buy our organic flour

All the flour from Green’s Mill is organically grown and available at the mill shop or by mail order.

Green’s Windmill has won ‘best flour’ in the Soil Association Organic Food Awards in partnership with You magazine; 2001 Winner for wholemeal spelt flour, 2002 Winner for white spelt flour and Commended for wholemeal spelt flour.

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Service Management #serviceability, #utility, #maintenance, #usefulness, #business, #office, #construction #management, #service #desk, #help #desk,


  • One Solution
    Multi-faceted. Multi-tenant.
    you decide ?

    Workflow driven notifications allow the two-way communication from office to staff to edit and resolve data entry issues. Issues such as expense reimbursement require attached receipts. The user can easily take a snapshot photo of a receipt, attach to a request and satisfy a receipt request.

    As the timesheet. expenses and mileage request proceeds through approval processes, the user sees changes to their request in real-time. Users may login at any time to review status changes and follow processing to completion.

    Service and Support personnel need application access. The tablet interface provides a convenient secure connection to verify support ticket information, check parts availability and a host of other assignable app permissions. Mobility support includes two-way customer notifications and responses.

    Always Up-to-date

    We provide sand-box access to allow for pre-release updates to our application. This provides a functional interface designed to demonstrate the anticipated changes and offers our users a genuine ability to participate in application change design and adoption.

    Communicate directly with your customer via built-in chat functionality. Provide technical assistance and references to your solution knowledgebase for self-help information sharing.


    While document management is not new, it is vitally important to today’s successful businesses. Create, attach . and store any reference document as required by business processes. Need to create a new document that must have a signature? Our on-the-fly document creation process includes signature fields that are functional in a touch screen tablet environment.

    Safety management designed for the construction industry and safety programs in general, is also part of the solution.

    e -Vis asset visualization (included) provides for easy-to-see visual mapping of and selected asset(s) and interconnected relationships.

    Think it over, schedule a demonstration and kick the tires or use our contact page to reach out to us.

    Safety Compliance

    Resources you require to manage a Safety Compliance program.

    We help plan . process and manage your Health & Safety Compliance program. We tie all the diverse information flowing in from projects into a coordinated compliance effort. Monitor and track issuance of Safety-Designated Inventory .
    Integrated barcode recognition provides for easy asset control of safety equipment as items are issued (and recovered ) to staff personnel.

    Near Miss Events

    A Near Miss is an unplanned event that did not result in injury, illness, or damage � but had the potential to do so.

    Key Points

    • Incidents occur every day at the workplace that could result in a serious injury or damage.
    • A near-miss program may help prevent future incidents.
    • One problem that companies must overcome is the employee fear of being blamed after reporting a near miss.

    Let us look at the accident pyramid adapted from Heinrich in Figure 1.

    The pyramid estimates that: for every fatal workplace accident, 3000 incidents did not cause any injuries. In other words, you are presented with 3000 opportunities to stop that fatality from taking place. Companies are not expected to and may not be able to ideally capture all the 3000 near miss events that occurred, given the volume of reports to manage. Just turning in and acting on 1% of that volume, would present companies with 30 opportunities to take corrective or preventive action.

    Resource Management

    We define our construction document management system as the integral control and organization of all documents within our Construction Management Solution. Monitor and track site inspection survey documents, work change orders and any type of important document that you wish to link to a site record.

    Staff Training

    Let our Training Application – coordinate both internal and external staff training. Schedule and monitor ToolTalks. by job site and/or by attendee. Manage attendance and performance of staff training. Training calendar offers a visual queue to help evaluate and coordinate education processes,

    Certificate Management

    Are your Staff Certified

    Staff certification is more then an award for completing a training program. In many instances an employee’s job performance and employ-ability rest on holding and maintaining a level of certification unique to a designated job skills. Compliance and validation of certification rests with the employer.

  • Top Schools for Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance #airframe #and #powerplant #schools #online, #top


    Top Schools for Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance

    Read about degree programs in airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance, and find out what’s required to work in this field. Learn about the training options at four top-notch schools, and get an idea of what other colleges and universities in the U.S. provide training for airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance professionals.

    Show Me Schools

    View popular schools

    To qualify for aviation and powerplant certifications, aspiring airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance professionals must complete specific training approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Community colleges, technical schools and universities offer degree and certificate programs that offer this training.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Aircraft Powerplant Tech
    • Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance
    • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Technologies
    • Autobody Repair
    • Automotive Mechanics
    • Avionics Repair and Maintenance
    • Diesel Mechanics
    • Engine Machinist
    • Heavy Vehicle and Truck Tech
    • Marine Watercraft Repair and Maintenance
    • Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance
    • Small Engine Mechanics
    • Vehicle Emissions Inspection

    School Information

    The four schools highlighted below include a designated aeronautics college, two private universities and a public university. Each school was ranked regionally or nationally by U.S. News World Report for 2017.

    Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in Flushing, NY

    School Highlight: Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology offers online associate and bachelor’s degree programs in aviation maintenance.

    The Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology was ranked 9th among the top regional colleges in the North by U.S. News World Report for 2017. The college includes the Aviation Training Institute that prepares students for employment in the aviation maintenance field. Training options include an FAA-approved certificate program in aviation maintenance with airframe and powerplant instruction. Students can also earn an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Aviation Maintenance. Prior to enrolling, applicants must pass the FAA airframe and powerplant certification exams.

    Lewis University in Romeoville, IL

    School Highlight: With less than 15 students per classroom, small classes is one of the many features at Lewis University.

    For 2017, U.S. News World Report ranked Lewis University 24th among the best regional universities in the Midwest. The university offers a B.S. in Aviation Maintenance Management program that trains students for positions as FAA-certified aviation maintenance technicians. The school also offers a 65-66-credit certificate program and a 77-78-credit associate degree option that also qualifies graduates for both FAA certifications. School resources and facilities include an on-campus airport, airplane hangar, flight simulator and university-owned aircraft.

    University of Alaska Fairbanks

    School Highlight: Admission to the University of Alaska’s airframe and powerplant programs are left up to the discretion of the program’s faculty and an interview with the faculty advisor.

    The university offers aviation maintenance certificate programs through its College of Rural and Community Development at the UAF Community and Technical College. The airframe or powerplant certificate programs require 31 credits to complete and can be combined with a 49-credit-hour certificate program. Credits earned through both the airframe and powerplant certificate programs can be applied toward an Associate of Applied Science in Aviation Maintenance. The school was ranked #202 among national universities and #110 among public schools for 2017 by U.S. News World Report.

    Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI

    School Highlight: Facilities at this school include a flight simulation building.

    The Department of Aviation at Andrews University offers Associate of Technology and Bachelor of Technology programs in aviation with an aviation maintenance emphasis. Undergraduates can also pursue a minor in the field. Coursework is divided between airframe-and powerplant-related studies, and it involves both classroom-based coursework and hands-on instruction. For 2017, Andrews was ranked #183 among national universities by U.S. News World Report.

    Top Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance Schools

    Here are some more colleges with strong educational offerings in airframe mechanics and aircraft maintenance:

    • Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, FL, has a partnership with HOVA flight services.
    • The curriculum at Idaho State University in Pocatello, ID, includes supervised training in which students work on real customers’ aircraft.
    • Middle Georgia College in Cochran, GA, offers A P certificate programs, as well as multiple associate and bachelor’s degrees in aviation.
    • At South Seattle Community College in Seattle, WA, students receive training at an on-campus hangar and Boeing Field.
    • At Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, OK, students have access to multiple training aircraft and a flight deck simulator.
    • The Hall of Honor at the College of Aviation at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, recognizes accomplished alumni.

    Students who are interested in the mechanical and maintenance area of the aviation industry can enroll in degree or certificate programs at ranked schools around the country.

    Next: View Schools

    • Mechanic and Repair Technologies
      • Construction Management and Trades
      • Electrical Repair and Maintenance
      • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration Maintenance
      • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
      • Precision Metal Working
      • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
        • Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance
        • Automotive Mechanics
        • Diesel Mechanics

    Get Started with University of Alaska

    Areas of study you may find at Milwaukee Area Technical College include:
    • Mechanic and Repair Technologies
      • Construction Management and Trades
      • Electrical Repair and Maintenance
      • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration Maintenance
      • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
      • Precision Metal Working
      • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
        • Aircraft Powerplant Tech
        • Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance
        • Autobody Repair
        • Automotive Mechanics
        • Diesel Mechanics

    Get Started with Milwaukee Area Technical College

    • Mechanic and Repair Technologies
      • Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and Refrigeration Maintenance
      • Heavy Equipment Maintenance
      • Precision Metal Working
      • Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
        • Aircraft Powerplant Tech
        • Airframe Mechanics and Aircraft Maintenance
        • Autobody Repair
        • Automotive Mechanics
        • Avionics Repair and Maintenance

    Get Started with Wichita Area Technical College

    10 Popular Schools

    The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

    • CCAF – Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AUABC)
    • Marine Technician Specialist
    • Automotive Technology

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  • Rowells Sewer – Drain, NH Plumbing, Line Cleaning, Pipe Repair, Portable Toilets #bedford, #manchester,






    More than septic tank pumping; Rowell’s Services is New Hampshire’s leading resource for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, septic and drain clearing services.


    We are happy to provide your preventive maintenance plans for your heating and air conditioning systems.

    Family owned and operated since 1983.

    We are proud to announce the addition of Smoke Testing to our professional line of services. A cost effective and safe way to determine the location of unwanted plumbing odors.

    We offer professional, immediate service for both residential and commercial customers. Ask about our Automatic Maintenance Programs so you don’t have to worry about scheduling!

    Don’t forget to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis.

    Schedule your appointment today the

    Sep 6 – Pumper | Cleaner Magazine 2016

    We know you likely don’t subscribe to Pumper Magazine, or Cleaner Magazine. So, we wanted to share with you some great articles about Rowell’s Services from 2016! We would be honored for you to take a few minutes to preview these exciting articles!
    Pumper Magazine, August 2016 Dad Would Be Proud of His Family’s Pumping Success: Rowell’s Sewer Septic uses effective marketing, a company jingle and new headquarters to exceed all expectations. Cleaner Magazine, March 2016 Building a Family Drain Cleaning Business: Cleaning and pumping provide a solid foundation for family business’ growth and diversification

    Senior Citizen
    Veteran Discounts!

    5.00 Off

    Proud Member of the NH Association of Septic Haulers (NHASH) and the Granite State Designers and Installers Association (GSDI)

    Tilton, NH 03276

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    Air Conditioning Abilene (Quality Cooling & Heating) AC Repairs and Heating Contractor 325-676-5152 #abilene


    We Service 24/7 ( for REAL!)

    Abilene’s Best Air Conditioning Experts

    From seasonal air conditioner maintenance through unit removal and replacement, our experienced a/c technicians have the skills necessary to complete any repair or replacement for your Texas home. Schedule an inspection today to keep your system functioning at its best.

    Energy Saving Experts

    Save Money With An Efficient Heat A/C System

    By using cost benefit analysis and running diagnostic tests on your heating, ventilation, and cooling system, our expert technicians can identify and resolve energy inefficiencies within your system. With simple upgrades and maintenance, you’ll be able to save money and go green.

    Call Mr. Bilbo and Billy

    Furnace Heating System Professionals

    The last thing you want on a cold winter month is for your heating system to fail. Through annual maintenance and repairs, your heater or furnace can operate safely and efficiently, while extending your system life. Our heating professionals will keep your system running smoothly.


    I m Fred Bilbo, owner of Quality Cooling and Heating, where we re very proud to be Abilene s BIGGEST and BEST air conditioning and heating company, serving since 1984.

    I m very proud of my technicians and staff, the best-trained and hardest-working team in the business! These guys are heating and air HEROES, and I m not kidding.

    From emergency AC or furnace repairs to complex installations, here s what you get when you call Quality:

    We service 24/7 (for real!): we just think that we ought to be available when it s most convenient for you. not the other way around. So we ll come out AFTER you get off work! And if your A/C or furnace breaks down at 2am, we don t just take down your info and set an appointment for later; We actually send a technician out to you, at 2 am, and we FIX your problem.

    Same prices day OR night: you shouldn t have to pay more just because you have an emergency after hours. Whether you need us at 12pm or 12am, we charge the same.

    Precise Appointment Window: we will NOT say to you, OK, we ll be there between 8am and 4pm. -That s ridiculous. We give you a two-hour window, so you re not trapped at home waiting for hours.

    Straightforward Pricing: Unlike others, we don t charge you more if it takes longer than we thought to get the job done. Only Quality gives you our straightforward price right upfront, so you know exactly how much it s going to cost before we start the work. Our prices don t magically change.

    Our Fixed Right Or It s Free Guarantee: Most heating and air guys give you a concrete guarantee, which means that as soon as their tires roll off your concrete driveway the guarantee expires. But when you let Quality fix it, it ll run like new through the season, or we come back and fix it, for FREE.

    Simple name. Says it all.

    If you are looking for a cooling and heating repair and installation expert in Abilene then please call (325) 676-5152 or complete our online request form .

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    Clean windows gutters fireplaces chimneys High Pressure cleaning services Cheerful Cleaning Garden Route Western


    Comprehensive cleaning services in GEORGE and the Garden Route

    Cheerful Cleaning is a dynamic young company established to meet the growing need for specialised cleaning services in George and the Garden Route area of South Africa. Cheerful Cleaning provides cleaning services to the prestigious Fancourt Hotel Estate and has managed Fancourt’s car wash facility since 2007 (see Fancourt’s recommendation here). Cheerful Cleaning also provides specialised cleaning services to residential areas, as well as a number of businesses, banks and schools.

    As a company we place the customer’s needs first and endeavor to provide excellent and professional service at all times. Specialised cleaning services, including high-pressure cleaning jobs (for both commercial and residential clientele) is where our expertise provides excellent value for money.

    Intensive high- and low-rise exterior and interior window and frame cleaning
    Waterfed Poles with purified water for exterior window cleaning
    Tiles, ceilings, carpets and upholstery
    Chimneys and fireplaces
    Exterior washing of buildings and houses
    High pressure cleaning of all surfaces and roofs with Anti-fungal treatment

    As an additional service to our clientele we have introduced a Group Booking system. Introduce at least 3 of your friends or businesses close-by to our services and receive a reduced rate on combined transport costs. We divide travel expenses between the participating parties to offer unrivalled value for money.

    For example: we can offer four residential homes in Knysna a great price on window cleaning, or any of our other services. We offer custom solutions to residential and holiday homes, factories, hotels, shops or office buildings for once-off cleaning work or set up a cleaning cycle to fit your requirements. For a fixed cleaning cycle we can confirm a fixed price for 1 year.

    If you would like a quote on, for example, window cleaning, simply take pictures from 4 angles around the house. Be sure to include all windows that require cleaning. You can e-mail pictures or send it via WhatsApp to help us save costs, and allow us to give you a fair price.

    Authorities and insurance companies in South Africa prefer chimney / fireplace cleaning once every two years.

    Cheerful Cleaning

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    Lawn Manager Pro – Landscape invoicing Software, Lawn Maintenance Billing, Custom Software Development #lawn


    Lawn Manager Pro Landscape Invoicing Software

    Business Management Software Designed for Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies.

    Lawn Manager Pro is a computer software program custom designed for Landscapers by Landscapers. With over 25 years’ experience in the Landscape Industry, Jersey Software has designed a tool to help your lawn care business run seamlessly. Lawn Manager Pro automates all your company billing, accounting, scheduling, estimating and job cost tracking functions into one fully integrated and easy to use program, saving you valuable time and money.

    • Easily look up All client information. All Work, Financials, Pricing, History, at your fingertips.
    • Track customer specific Service Prices, Locations, Work history, Payments, Pictures.
    • Schedule Work Routes and multi-crew jobs. Comes with a multi-crew Scheduling Program.
    • Email invoices – Save $ on Postage every month.
    • Fast, Easy monthly billing your way, Bill in Minutes!
    • Easily create Contracts, Estimates and Proposals. Track Job costs vs. Estimates.
    • Search Track your full Inventory, Services, Labor, Materials, Chemicals and more!
    • Lawn Manager Pro includes Setup, Unlimited Training and Unlimited Online Support.

      Integrate Lawn Manager Pro with Quick Books, Process Credit Cards (Optional).

      EASY TO USE. Affordable. Saves you Time Money, Great Support!

      Easy Searching
      Lawn Manager Pro Landscape Invoicing Software is an extremely easy to use computer program. It features lookup windows throughout the system to easily find the information you need without having to remember customer numbers, codes and more. Enter a piece of information once and have that information available to you at any time with the touch of a key.

      Customer Tracking
      Lookup Customers Prospects easily. All customer information is in one place. Lookup Contact info, Work Orders, Financials, Locations, Pricing. The software even has a complete customer contact note tracking system and to do tracking.

      All daily work orders, invoices, jobs, and all financial transactions are easily accessed from the customer form. Add unlimited customers to your data base and easily manage all of their information in one location.

      Have a Custom Invoice or MaintenanceContract? Need special reports. We can customize the program to fit your exact needs! If you’re looking for a function that Lawn Manager Pro does not contain, contact our customer service team today. We can design the exact Solution that you need. What this means for you is that no matter how your business changes in the future, your software will change with you!

      Our tech support is second to none. We pride ourselves on helping you on the same day you call. We provide unlimited online tech support and training. NO waiting days for an email response! We connect directly to your computer so we can quickly answer any questions or problems you may be having. Since we connect our computers we can see exactly the problem you are having and

      help you with it immediately!

      QuickBooks is used by many Landscape companies. It does hundreds of things, most of which you will never use. Accountants love it, it does most of their work for them and that’s why its so highly recommended by them. But although it does your accounting, it doesn’t track custom prices, takes too long to invoice and doesn’t help your day to day operations, and can be complicated. Lawn Manager Pro does export Invoices to QuickBooks, so we can be used with it, but our software is designed exclusively for YOUR type of business, with more features designed to help you run your business day to day,scheduling and routing, job costing And, it does invoicing too –Fast.

      There are programs out there that are internet based. But you are limited to the speed of your internet connection, so its click and wait, click and wait. Plus many online software just do not give you the detail and speed that you get from using LM Pro. Plus trying to run your business from your phone is just not efficient. We have customers that have tried online systems and almost everyone continued using

      our software! Plus there are no monthly costs to run Lawn Manager!

      Affordably Priced
      We have 3 versions of Lawn Manager Pro Landscape Invoicing Software. No Matter what size your business, we have a program for

      you. We tailor our programs to your business size.

      Lawn Mgr Pro Landscape Invoicing Software continues to evolve and add newfeatures to the Program. This year we are going to add expanded Email capabilities including ability to send Newsletters. Also a one click Email Reminder sending everyone on your route an Email notification of impending service dates. Lawn Manager Cloud – Allows your crews to connect, see their routes, check off customers done, time in time out, create work orders from the field, add extras.

      Our tech support is second to none. We pride ourselves on helping you on the same day you call. We provide unlimited online tech support and training. NO waiting days for an email response! We connect directly to your computer so we can quickly answer any questions or problems you may be having. Since we connect our computers we can see exactly the problem you are having and help you with it immediately!

      Click here to Contact Us for more Information!

    QuickBooks Compatible Lawn Care – Landscape Service Software #lawn #care #software, #how #to #start



    With its seamless integration with QuickBooks, its compatibility with handheld (pocket) computers and smartphones (like iPhones and Android), and its many functional features, The Service Program is the optimal software solution for your lawn service and landscaping business. Especially when it’s also one of the most affordable solutions on the market.

    Following are some of the lawn care and maintenance tasks that The Service Program can help you record, track and manage and report to your residential and commercial customers, if appropriate:

    • Enter Customers once in The Service Program or in QuickBooks and it seamlessly will update the other program.
    • When a customer calls you can open a work ticket in The Service Program then it will seamless go to a PDA. Once closed it posts as an invoice in QuickBooks where you can print it out.
    • Continue to receive payments in QuickBooks and do your other normal accounting functions. The Service Program does all the other little tasks that QuickBooks doesn t do.
    • Generate analysis: type of grass(es) present, type of weeds present, insects found, diseases found
    • Schedule when services need to be performed (fertilizing, pruning, etc.)
    • Keep track of services performed per visit (mow lawn, edge, weed eat, rake leaves, prune, mulch, plant, etc.)
    • Record fertilizers and weed control applied
    • Track tree and shrub care services
    • Record time of day and weather conditions
    • Track when repair parts are used off a truck with inventory
    • Track assets assigned to crews
    • Maintain route schedules for crews
    • Track crew profitability
    • Track issues from the main warehouse to each crew member (fuel, mower parts, etc.)
    • Create routes for cutting, fertilizing, cut-backs and more
    • Record non billable work orders as well such as complaint calls etc. See how many types of calls are coming in based on type and for who they are referring to.
    • You can enter the number of cuts/services on the route schedule and The Service Program will track the balance and pull them off the route when your obligation is met!

    The Service Program is a QuickBooks add-on that can help you manage contacts, track leads, schedule appointments, plan routes, generate estimates, manage equipment rentals, track materials and equipment, produce invoices in the field, manage multiple inventory locations, create reports and fulfill service contracts. The Service Program also works with handheld personal digital assistants (PDAs), so it’s mobile, just like your business.

    Premier iPhone, iPad and Android Crew GPS Tracking Solution NOW AVAILABLE!

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    Fleet Maintenance Planning Software, workshop planning software #vehicle #fleet #maintenance #software


    FM Planner- Fleet maintenance planning software

    Fleet maintenance planning software

    FM Planner is a dual functioning workshop loading and fleet maintenance planning software. For fleet operators it provides a visual planner similar to the traditional Sasco maintenance planner however it updates when a task is done and sends automatic reminders to ensure your vehicles don’t miss scheduled maintenance and inspection dates.

    FM Planner – Workshop planning software

    The Fleetminder workshop planning software incorporates a daily labour loading utility for the workshop. It provides a graphical planner /scheduler that can replace the old paper based diary system. Each labour line has a start time that can be traced all the way through to completion.

    • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the scheduling of standard jobs, e.g a vehicle inspection
    • The planner can be customised for the required number of workshop bays
    • Job cards can be created with just one click
    • Search by customer, registration number, chassis number or any other pre-defined asset reference
    • Job status can be monitored using a colour coded progress system
    • View full history of current year, last year or view next years scheduled task assigned to the vehicle

    FM Planner Vehicle Maintenance Planner

    The Vehicle Maintenance Planner is a complete fleet maintenance and compliance planning system. It is a graphical planner and scheduler that replaces the old Sasco wall planners.

    It allows transport operators to plan their fleet maintenance programme in line with their operational requirements and ensures compliance with all DVSA roadworthiness legislation.

    Some of the features include:

    • Automatically schedule inspections and maintenance based on pre-defined parameters such as mileage, time intervals or hours consumed
    • Distribute reports internally for transport planning, detailing what vehicles are due for their DVSA test, service, maintenance or an inspection
    • Generate and distribute automatic reminders to both external and internal parties via SMS, email or letter.
    • Unlimited standard ‘time based’ tasks can be setup to simplify the act of scheduling of periodic jobs, e.g. a vehicle inspection or an MOT
    • View full history of current year, last year or view next years scheduled tasks
    • Search by vehicle reference number, registration number, chassis number or any other asset reference
    • Drag and drop tasks into chosen time slots

    FM Planner has a comprehensive list of reports that enables transport operators to create a predictive maintenance programme based on the most common defects found during inspections and maintenance job cards.

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