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So this is our shop, here we create design work that goes all over the world, it still amazes me! But I guess that is the power of the Internet!

In the shop we can also print your short run digitally printed poster’s, flyer’s, leaflet’s, pretty much anything, including up to 60 page booklets at A4 A5.

We can also print posters up to A1 and

photocopy up to A0.

Dean, Jay, Sarah, Andy Alan



We try our very best to make things as easy

as possible for you during the design process, and when it comes to print just tell us what you want and we will sort it all out for you, no fuss!

Don’t just take our word for it.

You make this process super simple and I really appreciate all your work and assistance. You are a vital member of the What’s On! team and I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Cory Cassell
Mission, Vancouver, Canada



We are based in a small market town in Derbyshire called Belper, however as you can see by the testimonial to the left to the left this does not limit us.

We work with businesses all over the world including Canada, America, China, and all over Europe, however most of our customers are here in the UK

We also repair Apple Mac Computers, we offer a buy install service too.
Call 01773 880 365 for more information.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Advanced Technology

By Jin Sun K. Wellesley, MA

Today, we can’t imagine ourselves without technological advances such as cars, microwaves, cell phones, computers, and televisions. However, technology won’t stop here, but develop further. As technology develops, there are not only advantages, but disadvantages from them. A few advantages of upgraded technology are that one can save time and money and life will be made easier as a result of not having to do all the hard labor. In contrast, the disadvantages of upgraded technology are that people will loose their jobs to machines that will do the work for them. In addition, machines and robots are too complex for most people to use.

I personally would want a developed world with advanced technologies. The following are the reasons why I do want a more advanced world with advanced technologies. My major reason is because when you have advanced technologies, life is much easier as robots and machines would take over your daily life chores. For example, daily life chores might be serving your breakfast, cutting your lawn, or cleaning your room. With robots and machines doing one’s chores one has time to relax. Another reason is because unlike humans, robots and machines do not make mistakes when programmed correctly. They always accomplish tasks perfectly so you won’t have to worry about making a mistake and getting trouble.

Other reasons why I want advanced technologies are because they save a great deal of time and money. For example, if you are a wealthy man who always had trouble employing talented maids, you can buy a cleaning robot and use it for the rest of your life. Therefore, you won’t have to use all your time employing talented maids. Also, you will save a lot of money from not having to pay servants. Another example of benefits from advanced technology is that if there are new, developed vehicles that will transport people to anywhere rapidly, so that one would not need to spend all those boring, long hours in an airplane to try to get to another country, which will save much time not only on long travels but also on daily commutes.

As there are so many advantages from highly developed technology, there also is a great deal of disadvantages from them. One disadvantage is that as technology develops, robots and machines will take over many jobs and people will loose their jobs by contrast. As people loose their jobs, they will have hard time getting money which would make it hard for them to continue to meet living expenses. Moreover, as people use less money the economy would be difficult to control and especially if it is a country as large as the United States, the problem will influence the world greatly.

Another disadvantage of highly developed technology is that machines and robots are complex. It is hard to activate all the machines you have unless you can multitask. Think about it, if most people have trouble on computers and almost all of us don’t know the actual limit of computers’ abilities, how will us, normal people, work with all the robots and machines? Moreover, just like computers, robots and machines will easily break and most time you won’t know how to fix them and one will have to call someone to fix them. People will loose their temper over this and it will create a large expense to repair them.

Even as there are as many advantages ad disadvantages of technology, I personally wish a more advanced world with great technologies. It would be so cool to work out all the complicated machines and robots. Don’t you think it will be awesome to press just a few complicated buttons than do the labor yourself? In the future it would be more about using your brain and being intelligent than doing the hard labor yourself. I hope these days come within my lifetime.


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Yes. It’s true that technology is very useful to us but not to the point of being dependent on it. It may help us make our work easier and more efficient but it will also make us lazy. We will never know the essence of hardwork and manpower because we think technology can do all the works.

Robert said.
Mar. 16, 2016 at 3:58 am

I went to school with Kaylie when I was in 7th grade (Providence K-8). Me and her dated for 4 months. We still talked a lot everyday. I was tried to talk to her the day she left us but as I found out I was 15 minutes to late. I beat myself up saying things could ve been different if I would have messaged her sooner . She is in a better place making god laugh now. I miss her, but I will see her again one day. She was such a great, happy, beautiful person.

monster-man said.
Feb. 3, 2011 at 9:34 am

i honestly think that people can survive without all this technoligybut people just dont think so imean if you out to a camp then your likely to bring some kind of technoligy, and if you do ittl probably be your ipod or something and if you have app and stuff that you use all the time on it then all you will be doing is staying in your trailer or tent or something and not even go outside and that is not camping to me, and robots do ing all of our chores it sounds good and all but what. (more )

Padfoot replied.
Mar. 17, 2015 at 12:00 pm

did you know there is a kind of punctuation called a period? It ends a sentence. It looks like this.

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