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Best List of North Dakota Nursing Schools, Accredited Online Programs and Colleges #list #of



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    Best List of North Dakota Nursing Schools, Accredited Online Programs and Colleges

    Top North Dakota Nursing Schools, Colleges Degree Programs

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has warned of a looming nationwide nursing shortage. Indeed, the projected growth in the sector is 19%, without taking into consideration how many of the current workforce will be leaving. As a result, the North Dakota Board of Nursing commissioned a report to better understand the issues that are faced in the state, and how these can best be addressed.

    From this report, it was demonstrated that it is most difficult to recruit Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs ). APN positions in rural areas are the hardest to fill of all. There are 56 medically underserved areas in North Dakota, affecting 34.56% of the population, so this is a significant issue. This is particularly true considering just 7.5% of the current nursing workforce is an APN.

    The second issue is around salary, as these are not consistent with education. Indeed, registered nurses (RNs) with an associate s degree often earned more than those with a bachelor s degree. The best salaries are enjoyed in the urban areas, and the worst in the northwest of the state. The average annual salary for an RN in North Dakota currently stands at $59,000, below the national average.

    Next, there is the problem with staff. Demand for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) is 6%, which is an improvement on past statistics. For RNs, the rate is 4%, which is again decreasing. The turnover rate for LPNs is also improving, down to 22%. However, it is increasing for RNs, having gone up to 30%.

    One particular initiative that sets North Dakota apart from other states, however, is that they allow nurses to take part in the decision making process. More and more facilities, including nursing homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and HSCs are reporting that nurses are heavily involved in decision making. Those with the highest levels of education are also the most involved in this process.

    There is a strong focus on increasing the number of Nurse Educators in the state as well. There are just four schools that are registered with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and they are significantly understaffed, with much of their workforce approaching or having surpassed retirement age. As a result, despite strong demand for nurses, some 422 qualified students had to be refused entry in colleges and universities. This is a particular problem that must be addressed if North Dakota is serious about counteracting its nursing shortage.

    List of North Dakota Nursing Schools Colleges

    Capella University Online Nursing Programs

    Capella University offers CCNE-accredited online nursing programs designed to meet the needs of RNs at every career stage:

    Search & Compare Nursing Programs

    Start a Conversation

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  • Best Car Insurance Companies: Page 2 – Top Ten List #list #of #car #insurance


    Best Car Insurance Companies

    The Contenders: Page 2

    Very friendly, personal, and informative staff. I enjoyed the choices that were given to me and how my coverages suited my needs and budget. I am a non-standard customer and my rate compared to the other non-standard insurance companies was lower & I received better customer service.

    Extraordinary customer service through and through! This is one of the few places that I’ve shopped where I really felt like the agents listened to me and understood my needs. My only regret is not checking them out sooner.

    22Arbella Insurance

    23Farm Bureau Insurance

    Farm Bureau has paid every claim we have had fairly and quickly. I hydroplaned after a tire blew out and my Honda flew over an deep embankment and landed upright but the damage was significant. Again, I was easing out of a parking place at a restaurant when a large pickup blew through the lot and couldn’t stop. My car was a total loss and Farm Bureau gave me what seemed to be more than they needed to based on my research of my car’s worth. A third time, I bumped someone at a right turn stop sign and they took care of the dent on the other car, no questions asked. If I were them, I would refer me to another company, but they continue to offer great service at an very fair price and have just insured our new condo at an excellent rate..

    Paid every claim we had with no problems. We were involved in agriculture and had several accidents. One involved one of our trucks hitting a gasoline carrier. Brakes on our truck went out on a crossroad and tore open the gas truck. Closed main highway for about 3 hours. Farm Bureau took care or it all.

    We were rear ended by a driver with Farm Bureau insurance. My wife and I both had injuries, and Farm Bureau were compassionate and efficient in quickly making sure that we had sufficient money to pay our medical expenses.

    Have had them for 16 years, they have the best rates. great customer service and they truly care

    24Erie Insurance

    Working with insurance adjusters on a daily basis, I couldn’t image carrying insurance through any other company. I find Erie to be the most likely to settle claims, which makes me feel extremely well-covered when I’m on the road. I know that if something happens, and the other person doesn’t have insurance, my company will take care of me without pushing back or thinking of dropping me. I love ERIE!.

    I have had ERIE for auto and home owners for 35+ years. Having done comparisons from time to time, I have not been able to get better rates and coverage for my dollar spent. Their claims service, to me, is outstanding. They are truly Above All in Service The only draw back is that they are somewhat regional.

    Left Nationwide after 33 years for Erie. 3 Cars and 2 House policies and saved over 30%. Now that’s a big savings that no one could match for the same coverage. Nothing wrong with Nationwide, just kept increasing the price with no claims. After a lot of checking, Erie was the best choice to be found.

    Been with erie for years and let me tell you they are definitely the cheapest insurance around.

    25Infinity Insurance

    Sucks to be the guy you hit but it’s cheap.

    ALTHO they did not give me discounts, at least they did not charge an arm and a LEG after my one accident. Mercury has been faithful and very helpful when I am a couple days late on payment. DARN ALLSTATE! They paid the other party over and over and over, even though the damage to my fender was worse, they only had a slight tap on rear end, but got FULL VALUE for their ‘destroyed’ car, and all 5 occupants got PT and chiropractic visits 3x each. I WAS ANGRY! They were not injured, and the car was repairable. But Mercury came through and gave me a good deal for the upcoming years!

    Mercury gave me a lower auto insurance quote than any of the others that I have checked that are ranked higher on this list.

    27Elephant Insurance

    We used to have Geico. We have a clean driving record no accidents and our insurance goes up. So we changed to Elephant and love it! And it is a whole lot less with the same coverages.

    28Auto-Owners Insurance

    I’ve dealt with them on two homeowner claims (for my grandmother) and three auto claims (a $68k uninsured motorist claim and a broken windshield claim on my cars and my mom’s car after she hit a deer). These claims have spanned the last nine years and each one was handled with a high level of professionalism, but also with decency, kindness and compassion. They are truly an honest company that pays the claims they owe quickly and fairly. When I was injured by the uninsured motorist in 2010, the first thing my attorney said when he saw that I had A-O was you have nothing to worry about, they will take care of you.

    Actually pay claims. Even when on an older vehicle with little damage.

    The rates are much better on a Homeowners policy than I have ever had with State Farm or Grange. Great agents also.

    Very prompt in handling and paying the only claim I have had with them which was roof replacement on my ho me. H ave never had to make a claim on my auto insurance with them but presume they would handle it in the same satisfactory way. I like their discount for paying annual premiums in full. I also like the fact that they do not spend exorbitant amounts of money for misleading T.V. commercials as many other companies do.

    29Shelter Insurance

    Been with them for over 10 years. The customer service is great, response time is excellent, and the cost of coverage is outstanding.

    Cheapest insurance and good service, too. They were there when I needed them, professional, and very efficient.

    I’ve been with Wawanesa for years and you can’t beat their prices or customer service in handling claims.

    Best price out there

    32California Casualty

    They have the lowest complaint ratio in California. They mainly market to teachers, police officers, fire fighters, and nurses. They’re also endorsed by the NEA and California Teacher’s Association. They’re a great family owned company!

    California Casualty is a great company! Association based, they work with teachers, fire fighters, policemen and nurses. They have to adhere to a higher standard when responding to claims so they don’t lose their endorsements. They are endorsed by over 1k associations nationwide. They also have the NEA endorsement. 97% claims satisfaction.

    We have worked with Calcas for over 20 years and have been completely satisfied with our rates and coverage.

    Man my insurance (Safe Auto) needs to get ranked up! – wefixbadcredit1

    Yes, I completely agree

    Nice service at a great price.

    34Lincoln Insurance

    I have been with State Farm for 35 yrs. And it’s time for a change. I rec’d my new premium and it increased $341. Encompass was less than half.
    Since they are a subsidiary of Allstate and their reviews are good, I will be going with them. State Farm has been good for me, but now in 2013, I can’t afford to be paying out all these increases for exactly the same coverage. Bye, bye SF xoxoxo

    Awesome insurance and great coverage. You will know their goodness if you ever need your car repaired. Even in a not my fault accident, PEMCO provided all the assistant needed in dealing with other person’s insurance.

    Cheap insurance. Paid above market value for my car when I totalled it. Good costumer service. Generally a great company, Though I am forced to get new insurance after getting a dui. Overall great care.

    38COUNTRY Financial

    39Access General Insurance

    Worst insurance company. Never get insurance with them.

    First time getting this insurance so far it’s been good!

    Can’t believe Direct wasn’t on this list. The one on White Bridge Pk in Nashville is the BEST. Great customer service!

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    Nursing Programs #nursing #programs #with #no #waiting #list


    UNAPPROVED NURSING PROGRAM: Advanced Pro Nursing Institute (APNI) operating in Hayward, California is not approved by the Board of Registered Nursing as a nursing school. The Board of Registered Nursing issued a Cease and Desist letter on December 11, 2014. Any person who has graduated or is attending this school will not be eligible for licensure as a Registered Nurse unless he/she attends and completes a Board of Registered Nursing approved nursing program. If you did or are attending APNI you may file a complaint with the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education ; please visit their website for more information.

    Nursing Programs

    The BRN has the authority to approve registered nursing and advanced practice nursing programs in California. The purpose of approval is to ensure the program’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements. Prelicensure nursing programs must be approved by the BRN.

    Pre-licensure registered nursing programs in California must be approved by the BRN. The purpose of approval is to ensure the program’s compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

    The programs on the list conform to the Board’s “Standards of Education for Nurse Practitioner Programs” (California Code of Regulations Section 1484 ) and have been approved by the BRN.

    The programs on the list conform to the Board’s “Standards for Nurse-Midwifery Programs” (California Code of Regulations Section 1462 ) and have been approved by the BRN.

    The Council on Accreditation of Nurse Anesthesia Educational Programs is the professional organization that approves nurse anesthesia programs nationwide. Their website includes the nationwide listing of accredited nurse anesthesia programs and the Council’s standard for accreditation and accreditation policies and procedures. The list includes accredited nurse anesthesia programs in California.

    The programs on the list conform to the Board’s requirements for Clinical Nurse Specialist Certification but are not formally approved by the BRN.

    Quick Hits

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    Risk Management MBA Programs: List of Schools #mba #risk #management, #risk #management #mba #programs:


    Risk Management MBA Programs: List of Schools

    School Overviews

    A Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a concentration in risk management trains students to identify and minimize potential risks involving public and private sector organizations. These programs usually take up to two years to complete and they can be found through the business schools of top universities. Risk can arise from causes as varied as shaky financial markets, liability in legal matters, and injury from accidents, natural causes or attacks, among others. The University of Pennsylvania, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison all offer MBA specializations in risk management. Each of these schools was nationally ranked by U.S. News and World Report for 2017.

    University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

    The University of Pennsylania ‘s Wharton School houses 10 academic departments and over 20 research centers and initiatives. The Wharton School offers an MBA in Insurance and Risk Management and an Insurance and Risk Management major and concentration, which focuses on the techniques of corporations, individuals, and organizations in minimizing loss with exposure to risk. A concentration is also offered in Risk Management. The school was ranked #4 among graduate business schools by U.S. News and World Report for 2017.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Actuarial Sciences
    • Business and Commerce, General
    • Business Statistics
    • Customer Service Management
    • eCommerce
    • Logistics, Distribution, and Materials Management
    • Management Science
    • Office Management
    • Operations Management
    • Public and Nonprofit Organizational Management
    • Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Management
    • Transportation Management

    University of Texas at Austin

    The University of Texas at Austin is home to the Center for Risk Management and Insurance, which produces research that is imperative to the public policy of risk analysis and risk management. McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin offers a course in Strategic Energy Sourcing Risk Management, which focuses on crucial topics to the business of energy sourcing. The school’s Center for Risk Management and Insurance provides Risk Management courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. As of 2017, the schools ranked tied at #16 for its graduate-level business program, according to U.S. News and World Report.

    University of Wisconsin – Madison

    For 2017, the University of Wisconsin ‘s graduate-level business program was ranked tied at #27 by U.S. News and World Report with a #22 ranking for its part-time MBA program. At the University of Wisconsin, the Wisconsin School of Business offers an MBA with a specialization in Risk Management and Insurance. After completing the core educational courses, students pursue studies that are focused on reducing organizational risks, particularly in the insurance industry. Even though MBA programs that offer concentration options in risk management are relatively rare, there are a few top schools with relevant offerings in this specialized field.

    Next: View Schools

    Majoring in risk management prepares students to work with both individuals and businesses in forecasting risk, safeguarding.

    If you want to study financial risk at the MBA level, the most relevant degree is an MBA in Finance. Find out more about the.

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a project manager. Get a quick view of the requirements as well as.

    If you are interested in logistics management, you can pursue an MBA with a concentration in the field. Learn more about.

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    Top Executive MBA Programs: List of Best Schools #best #executive #mba #programs, #top #executive


    Top Executive MBA Programs: List of Best Schools

    Find out which schools offering Executive MBA programs are considered some of the best. See why these schools stand out, and learn more about degree and program options.

    In many cases business executive are required to have a MBA or an EMBA before taking executive administrative responsibilities. Here we discuss a few of the top schools that offer EMBA programs based on what the programs offer and how they compare to other top schools.

    School Overviews

    An Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) allows students to graduate in two years or less while working full-time. EMBA students tend to have more work experience than MBA students, usually 10 years or more. The three schools discussed below earned top spots on U.S. News and World Report’s ranking of schools offering EMBA programs.

    The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

    School Highlight: The Wharton School boasts the largest business school network of any school, worldwide.

    The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School ranks #1 on the U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 list of best graduate business schools with an Executive MBA. The University of Pennsylvania offers the EMBA program in Philadelphia and San Francisco, California. Wharton’s program emphasizes using logic and data to solve business problems.

    Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management in Evanston, IL

    School Highlight: The school is built on a cross-disciplinary structure in order to create a more rich curricular experience.

    The school ranked third on U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 list of top graduate business schools that offer an Executive MBA is Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The Kellogg EMBA provides two schedules, in Evaston, IL, and Miami, FL, in which students can attend classes twice a month. Classes start in either January or September. In addition to the courses, a myriad of resources are available to students, such as career coaching, career management workshops, an alumni directory and subscription to business databases.

    Columbia University in New York, NY

    School Highlight: Twenty-two percent of the university’s EMBA students are non-U.S. citizens.

    The business school at Columbia University ranked fourth on the U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 list of top graduate business schools that offer an Executive MBA. To provide students with the most flexibility, the EMBA program offers three unique schedules along with a full time schedule. Courses are taught by the schools 150 full-time faculty members and over 150 adjunct faculty.

    Top Executive MBA Programs

    Here are few more schools that offer outstanding Executive MBA programs.

    • New York University Stern School of Business, New York, NY, has a 22-month program with classes every other Friday and Saturday.
    • Stanford University, Stanford, CA, is tied for fifth place among all National Universities by U.S. News World Report in 2017.
    • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Ross School of Business has a strong focus on leadership, and teaches the Michigan Model of Leadership, which has been globally recognized.
    • University of Texas – Austin McCombs School of Business offers individualized leadership training through their Texas MBA+ Leadership program, where students gain valuable hands on experience in the field.

    For experienced administrators who have busy work schedules but also want the education to advance into higher administrative positions, EMBA programs offer a schedule friendly way to earn a MBA. Here we have explored a few of the schools that stand out from the rest, either because of where they stand in national rankings or the type of EMBA programs the offer.

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    2016 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur s Franchise 500 List #online #business #ideas

    #franchise opportunities


    2016 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur s Franchise 500 List

    Understanding the Ranking

    There’s a lot that goes into putting together the first, best and most comprehensive franchise ranking in the world. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Entrepreneur’s 37th annual Franchise 500 .

    The process began in July 2015, when we asked franchisors to participate in our survey. Each submission was vetted before being entered for data analysis; 951 companies made the first cut. Of those, the top 500 became the Franchise 500 ranking, based on financial and statistical data from July 2013 through July 2015.

    Only franchise companies that supply a full Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) or Canadian Disclosure Document and whose information is verified by Entrepreneur can receive a listing. To be eligible for the Franchise 500 , a franchisor must have a minimum of 10 units, with at least one franchise located in the U.S. The company must be seeking new franchisees in the U.S. and it cannot be in Chapter 11 at the time the ranking is compiled. (The exception to these rules is Canada-based companies that are expanding only in Canada.)

    All companies are judged by the same criteria: objective, quantifiable measures of a franchise operation. The most important factors include financial strength and stability, growth rate and size of the system. We also consider the number of years a company has been in business and the length of time it’s been franchising, startup costs, litigation, percentage of terminations and whether the company provides financing. Financial data is analyzed by an independent CPA.

    We do not measure subjective elements such as franchisee satisfaction or management style. The objective factors are plugged into our exclusive Franchise 500 formula, with each eligible company receiving a cumulative score.

    Remember that the Franchise 500 is not intended to endorse, advertise or recommend any particular franchise. It is solely a research tool you can use to compare franchise operations. Entrepreneur stresses that you should always conduct your own independent investigation before investing money in a franchise. Read the FDD and related materials carefully, get help from a franchise attorney and a CPA in reviewing any legal or financial documents, and talk to as many existing and former franchisees as possible and visit their outlets. The best way to protect yourself is to do your homework.

    Research compiled by Tracy Stapp Herold and J.R. Jimenez with assistance from Hava Arieh, Rick Ignarra, Nicole Jurinek, Yvette Madrid, Jessica Nguyen and Giuseppe Ricapito; technical assistance from Angel Cool and Daniel Sibitzky; financial analysis by David R. Juedes, CPA; graphic design by Karen Meneghin.

    More Franchise Rankings

    100 franchises for under $60,000

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    List of TaxTron Tax Preparation Software Products #starting #your #own #business

    #business tax software


    TaxTron’s Tax Preparation Software Products


    • Do your taxes in as little as 10 minutes
    • Easy, step-by-step approach guides you through preparing your taxes
    • The interface looks like your actual tax slips, making it easier to enter your information.
    • Print and file your Canadian income tax returns by mail or NETFILE
    • Government approved by Canada Revenue Agency
    • TaxTron is 100% Canadian-owned and developed
    • TaxTron can be downloaded and you can prepare your return for free, but in order to print or NETFILE your return you will need to purchase a license from our website by going to our Purchase page.

    Canada Revenue Limitation

    • Form T1273 only allows 15 occurrences in section 7 and 8.

    Revenue Quebec Exclusions

    • TaxTron does not handle tax returns in which there are more than two informations in Section 7 (Expenses incurred to earn income from a partnership (TP-80 lines 485 to 487)
    • TaxTron does not handle tax returns needing more than one form for Costs incurred for work on a building (TP-1086.R23.12)
    • TaxTron does not handle tax returns indicating more than four deductions for Capital Cost Allowance (CCA) in the relevant form Income and Expenses from Rental Property (TP-128)
    • TaxTron does not handle tax returns indicating more than six deductions for CCA in the relevant form Income and Expenses from Business/Profession (TP-80)

    TaxTron T1 for Professionals

    Prepare unlimited returns for your clients quickly and easily! Generate invoices from within the software. Electronically prepare and submit T1013 and T1135 forms for your clients.

    TaxTron Professional is meant for practitioners who have an efiler number. An Efile number is required to electronically file corporate tax returns. You can obtain an Efiler Number from CRA .

    • Mac OS 10.7, or higher and an Intel processor is required. This product will NOT work on OS 10.6 or lower (TaxTron 2010 and earlier requires Mac OS 10.6 or earlier)
    • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP is required

    Note: Users running on Windows XP need to ensure they have downloaded and installed the .NET Framework version 2 or higher package from Microsoft .

    Corporate T2 Exclusions

    Income Tax Regulation 403 – Insurance corporations
    Income Tax Regulation 404 – Banks
    Income Tax Regulation 405 – Trust and loan corporations

    Schedules not supported by TaxTron

    Schedule 042 – Calculation of Unused Part I Tax Credit
    Schedule 043 – Calculation of Parts IV.1 and VI.1 Taxes
    Schedule 043 – Calculation of Parts IV.1 and VI.1 Taxes
    Schedule 045 – Agreement Respecting Liability for Part VI.1 Tax
    Schedule 046 – Part II – Tobacco Manufacturers’ Surtax
    Schedule 073 – Income Inclusion Summary for Corporations that are Members of Partnerships Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and related provincial forms
    Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit and related provincial forms
    Digital Media Tax Credit

    Provincial forms not supported by TaxTron

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    Schedule 301 – Newfoundland and Labrador Research and Development Tax Credit
    Schedule 303 – Newfoundland and Labrador Direct Equity Tax Credit
    Schedule 304 – Newfoundland and Labrador Resort Property Investment Tax Credit

    Prince Edward Island

    Schedule 321 – Prince Edward Island Corporate Investment Tax Credit

    Schedule 344 – Nova Scotia Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit

    Schedule 360 – New Brunswick Research and Development Tax Credit

    Schedule 380 – Manitoba Research and Development Tax Credit
    Schedule 384 – Manitoba Co-op Education and Apprenticeship Tax Credit
    Schedule 385 – Manitoba Odour-Control Tax Credit
    Schedule 387 – Manitoba Small Business Venture Capital Tax Credit
    Schedule 389 – Manitoba Book Publishing Tax Credit
    Schedule 392 – Manitoba Data Processing Investment Tax Credits
    Schedule 393 – Manitoba Nutrient Management Tax Credit

    Schedule 402 – Saskatchewan Manufacturing and Processing Investment Tax Credit
    Schedule 403 – Saskatchewan Research and Development Tax Credit
    Schedule 410 – Additional Certificate Numbers for the Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit

    Schedule 421 – British Columbia Mining Exploration Tax Credit
    Schedule 425 – (Form T666) British Columbia (BC) Scientific Research and Experimental Development Tax Credit
    Schedule 426 – British Columbia Manufacturing and Processing Tax Credit
    Schedule 428 – British Columbia Training Tax Credit
    Schedule 430 – British Columbia Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industry Tax Credit

    Schedule 442 – Yukon Research and Development Tax Credit

    Schedule 460 – Northwest Territories Investment Tax Credit

    Schedule 490 – Nunavut Business Training Tax Credit

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    Honda CBR motorcycle Price List in the Philippines June 2017 #honda, #cbr #motorcycle, #price


    Honda CBR motorcycle Price List in the Philippines June 2017

    About Honda CBR

    Honda CBR comes offering a stupendous lineup of motorcycles

    Honda CBR is a lineup of sports oriented motorcycles featuring inline-4 engines and superb sense of styling. The main attraction of these bikes is their pocket friendly price despite of features that best fit into the description of Super bikes . There are many motorcycles in the lineup that have won many awards hosted in a global scale, not due to the brand name but because of its outstanding performance. With increasing number of people in Philippines opting out of their old rides, the CBR lineup offers a refreshing collection of models that has something for everyone.

    History of Honda CBR

    The CBR series has its roots etched to the time when it released as CBR125 in 2004. Taking place of Honda NSR125, this 125 cc bike with single cylinder, four-stoke liquid cooled technology earned the newfound affection of people throughout the Philippines. In the later years, Honda’s aggression only got more intensive as they made one good release after another. The CBR 125R received various modifications that increased its visual aesthetics as well as performance rating. The engine then featured black front-forks, new front-fairings and fresh new colours to the swing arm. To comply with EURO-3 regulations, Honda also introduced HEC3 oxygen sensor.

    Features of Honda CBR

    Honda CBR series has an impressive lineup of releases and modifications dating back to the year 1986, when the first model saw its release. However, the models that require discussion are the last four versions that are currently ruling the market in the Philippines.

    2011: This is a year that is considered a landmark in the biking scenario because it was the first time when Honda brought its much acclaimed Repsol graphics to its commercial model. Considered to be the best starting bike for future motorists and racing enthusiasts the HONDA CBR 125R made waves across the motor world. It has a four-stroke liquid cooled engine with 2 valves per cylinder, 6 speed manual transmission and capability to go up to 14 horsepower. It also featured a 13 liter tank.

    2012: This year, Honda CBR250 ABS saw its release and was marked with huge anticipation and overwhelmingly positive user response. This motorcycle withstood the test of time thanks to its features that best reflect the needs of racers worldwide. It has anti-locking brakes (ABS) that provides faster response and shorter stopping distances. Engine is same as before but paired with a 6 speed manual, this time around.

    2013: Honda’s final bout in rise to fame arrived with the release of Honda CBR 600R in Philippines. It has 471 cc twin engines, 6-speed manual transmission; diamond shaped steel frame and 4.1 gallons of fuel capacity. It arrived in Jet Black colour that further lends it a muscular look.

    Popularity in the Philippines

    Honda’s popularity in the Filipino market outshines those of its competitors as the brand name itself carries a lot of weight in this part of the world. Mostly because of the company’s tireless efforts in serving their customers, they have gained critical acclaim as well as revenues that are well worth boasting. The Honda CBR series, despite being a relatively new entry in the world of motorcycles, has earned affection of riders who look for stylish, superior performing bikes at an affordable price tag. No doubt that Honda has many great years lined up ahead.

    Honda Products Categories in the Philippines

    More Motorcycle for you

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    The Ultimate List: 50 Online Local Business Directories #business #studies

    #business directory


    The Ultimate List: 50 Online Local Business Directories

    As a local business, attracting new customers can be a major challenge. Quickly disappearing are the days when people go to the Yellow Pages to find local businesses. Today, people are turning to the internet as a way to find trusted business recommendations .

    One way local businesses can get found is through inclusion in online directories. Adding a listing to these online directories is easy, but if you only list in a few, you’re really missing a huge opportunity to get found by online searchers .

    Every individual directory that you submit to is another chance to get found online. so it’s important to make sure you’re listed in every directory possible. I have compiled a list of many popular local directories available on the internet. Filling out the forms over and over again can be a big pain, so here’s a link to an autofill add-on for Firefox that should help prevent carpal tunnel.

    50 Online Local Business Directories/Listings for Local Marketing

    Making sure that you have a presence everywhere your potential customers might find you is critical to any local marketing plan. Don’t wait! Add your local business to these directories today! Are there any local directories I missed? Let me know in the comments below!

    Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in December 2012 and has been updated for accuracy.

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    List of Business Social Networks for Professionals #small #business #lending

    #business networking sites


    Business Social Networks

    Updated March 25, 2016.

    Business social networks can provide the cornerstone to recruiting efforts for a company and can be a great asset to the hungry professional hoping to leverage their business contacts in order to improve their job. Focused on business, these social networks provides the tools needed to reach out and make business connections, find new jobs, or find specialized job seekers.

    Whether you are looking for a promotion or looking for new opportunities, social business networking can be just the thing to advance your career. Business social networks are also a boon to recruiters looking to fill urgent vacancies.


    Image of Company Loop.

    CompanyLoop is a business social network aimed at workers in the same company. By restricting access to only co-workers, CompanyLoop allows you to connect with your fellow employees and share knowledge specific to your business. Not only can you stay up to date with your co-workers, you can find the people you need to get your tasks done faster. More

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    Image of DoMyStuff.

    DoMyStuff is a social network designed to connect people who want stuff done to people who will do it. DoMyStuff allows everything from household chores to business tasks to be outsourced to thousands of assistants bidding on the jobs. An alternative to hiring a temp agency to fill short-term needs, DoMyStuff is also a good site for people looking to do odd jobs. More


    Image of DOOSTANG.

    DOOSTANG is a business social network marketing itself as an exclusive career community for top young professionals. To become a member, you must either be at a company that is hiring or have an invite from a current member. While the idea is to raise the level of talent in the job seeker pool, whether this is actually true is open for debate. More

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    Fast Pitch

    Image of Fast Pitch.

    Fast Pitch connects enterprising professionals to other professionals and is a great way for job seekers to become involved with potentially their next boss. It also provides tools for businesses to market themselves and helps drive traffic to the business website. In this way, it is a great business social network for entrepreneurs. More


    Image of Konnects.

    Konnects is a business social network aimed at the young professional who wants to start building a network of contacts. It is also geared toward the new business looking to start their own community and offers the tools needed to promote the business. More


    Image of LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn is the most popular business social network and one of the most recognizable social networks in the world. Focused on helping professionals maintain their list of connections, LinkedIn also provides invaluable information on companies and is a great resource for job seekers and for filling job vacancies. More


    Image of PairUp.

    PairUp takes a step away from the standard business social network by focusing on the frequent business travel. Providing the tools to share travel plans and alert colleagues that you are arriving in town, PairUp is a great resource to cope with changing itineraries. More


    Founded in late 2001, Ryze was one of the first social networking websites. With the ability to set up company networks, Ryze is a great destination for businesses wanting to get more done on the web. It is also great for professionals who want to create their own business networks and connect with other professionals. More


    Spoke is a business social network that specializes on the recruiting aspects of social networks. Unlike many other social networks for professionals, Spoke is an open-ended network that allows businesses to search through the database and tailor their recruiting efforts to a specialized audience. More


    XING is one of the oldest business-oriented social networks. With over six million professionals using the service every day and conducting business in 16 different languages, XING is a world leader in business networking. An excellent site for keeping track of your business contacts, XING can also help employers fill job vacancies and help young professionals land their fist big job. More

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