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Sale of sports business, a positive for Zee: The Hindu Business Line – Mobile

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Zee Entertainment Enterprises has decided to sell its sports business (TEN Sports channels) to Sony Pictures Networks India and its affiliates for $385 million.

The sale will help Zee exit its loss-making sports broadcasting business, which contributed ₹631 crore (about 11 per cent) to its consolidated revenue in 2015-16.

The sports business incurred a net loss of ₹37 crore, against a profit of ₹1,027 crore from consolidated operations during the year.

It was in 2006 that Zee acquired a 50 per cent stake (raised subsequently) each in Taj TV, Mauritius, which owns TEN Sports channels, and in Taj Television India, the distribution arm of TEN Sports in India.

A report from Ambit Capital shows that the sports business has incurred losses at the operating level in all years except one since 2005-06.

This is in sharp contrast to the company’s profitable general entertainment channel (GEC) broadcasting business.

Zee has a strong foothold in the Hindi and regional languages GEC space, which forms a chunk of the TV viewership base. Even as it is exiting the sports genre, it is looking at expanding its presence in the regional GEC space (Tamil Nadu, for instance). In January, it acquired Sarthak TV, a leading GEC in Odisha.

TEN Sports has the broadcast rights to the events organised by the cricketing boards of five countries, including South Africa, West Indies and Pakistan, as also to other non-cricket events such as wrestling, football and tennis.

But, it does not have the broadcasting rights for some lucrative events such as the cricket matches organised by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, thereby impacting the company’s subscription revenue from this business.

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Plumber – Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing – Wexford #pittsburgh #commercial #plumbing #service, #pittsburgh #gas #line



Our Service Standards

Our goal at Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing is to be the No. 1 service
company in Western Pennsylvania when it comes to the level of
service we provide, answering your calls, showing up on time, and
providing a guaranteed price before we start.

With Greater Pittsburgh Plumbing. you can count on a fast and
friendly experience from our highly trained residential and
commercial service technicians. We welcome customer feedback
via reviews and direct communication with any of our friendly
service technicians or management employees. We love to find
out what more we can do to improve our level of service so that we
can continue to achieve the goal we have set for ourselves, to be
the Number 1 service company in Western Pennsylvania.

Contact us today for all of your new installation, maintenance or
repair needs. We offer same day estimates and same day repair
and installation services. For more information or FAST,
FRIENDLY SERVICES, please give us a call.

Please ask about our Active Military Senior Discounts.

6 Ways We Make Your Service Easy!

Live, friendly knowledgeable people are ready to answer
your call 24 hours, 7 days a week!

Evenings Flexible scheduling to work around your busy
life, not ours.

We hire only the best. Our technicians are
knowledgeable professional.

Know the complete price up-front, before any work
begins. No surprises.

We accept major credit cards and offer financing to fit
your budget. Apply today.

A Service Program that gives a 15% discount on all
repairs, priority service, never an overtime charge.

Reach Out to Us at

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Business Loans #business #loans, #business #loan, #small #business #loans, #small #business #loan, #personal #loans,


Apply Now

Business Loans

Fast Business Lending Solutions Merchant Advisors offers small businesses a platform for business financing. Whether you need funding for expansion or working capital, Merchant Advisors gets you the business financing you need when you need it at minimal costs.

We understand that every business has its unique borrowing needs. Some may want to make new purchases to boost productivity and sales; some need working capital to support operating costs. That’s why we offer the use of innovative technology to offer simple, fast and unsecured business loans. As a non-bank lender, Merchant Advisors offers low longer terms and low rates for more effective business financing. We realize that if a loan costs too much – we may not get paid back! We prevent this by offering affordable business financing.

Unlike bank lending, our financial experts walk you through the loan process to make sure you have a full understanding of our loan process. We strive to make the loan application process as easy as possible; and this is what sets us apart from other lenders.

A Smarter Way to Shop for Business Loans, Compare & Save! Our goal is to serve our clients’ immediate and long term financial needs from basic business loans and credit lines to the most intricate financial situations. In today’s fast paced market time is money and we make sure you waste neither. Our experienced financial advisors keep their finger on the pulse of your business, and stay on top of your industries trends which can affect your entrepreneurial goals or existing enterprise.

If this sounds like something that interests you & benefits you, we highly recommend you APPLY NOW to get started with no upfront fees and no commitment to find out how much you’re eligible for.

What Sets Us Apart from Other Lenders?

  • We deal with the industry’s most trusted brand name providers
  • Increases your chance of approval by constantly adding new private lenders to our portfolio
  • You get the same (if not better) rate going through us to due to our portfolio track record with our lenders
  • Get a loan for your company without any collateral
  • Receive funding within a few business days!
  • Easiest lending platform with minimal information required for approvals
  • Best rates, save time, and save money!
  • Equipment financing, minority loans, startup funding, working capital many others options.

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Protege Academy #protege #academy #of #cosmetology #campus #at #east #lansing #(call #517-324-3388), #16800 #chandler


Start in East Lansing or Mt. Pleasant, then travel the world!

Protégé Academy is Mid-Michigan’s most advanced school of cosmetology. We are a TIGI Creative School with locations in East Lansing and Mt. Pleasant. Our cosmetology program offers an exciting learning experience in a state of the art facility and a unique study abroad opportunity. Financial aid is available for those who qualify.

Our cosmetology students gain advanced education in make-up, cutting, and coloring. At Protégé Academy, you will:

  • learn from internationally trained, trend-setting stylists
  • excel under the coaching and mentorship of our experienced instructors from well-recognized academies
  • use the most innovative products, including TIGI Colour Line, BED HEAD Products, TIGI Cosmetics line. and OPI Nail Products
  • train in our state of the art facility with free parking and easy accessibility
  • study abroad with top TIGI educators and industry greats in New York, London, and Milan, Italy

Our commitment to hair, fashion, and make-up artistry is unparalleled. Our mission is to provide each student with a specialized national, and international education that prepares you for a competitive and successful career. Our graduates are educated in the highest standards of the business, using ethics and techniques that set them apart from others – with placement in the film industry and prestigious salons across the United States. Start your exciting career at Protégé Academy!

East Lansing Location Accredited by NACCAS.
Mt. Pleasant Location Accredited by NACCAS.

The National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences is recognized by the United States Department of Education as a national accrediting agency for postscondary schools and departments of cosmetology arts and sciences and massage therapy. Financial Aid for those who qualify.

Protégé Academy participates in the Veterans Educational Benefits program. If you are interested in using your Veterans Educational Benefits at the Academy, please speak with the Financial Aid Director.

Schedule a Tour


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Stories, State Library of NSW, the old line state.#The #old #line #state




Australian Inspiration

This is the story of Julie Paterson, one of Australia’s best known contemporary textile designers, and her design journey of drawing inspiration from the collection.

The old line state

The TAL & Dai-ichi Life Derby Collection

Six volumes of exquisite Australian natural history drawings dating from the first days of settlement.

The old line state

Andre Breton early Surrealist publications

by Geoff Barker

Between 1919 and 1930 Andre Breton published experimental texts that defined the Surrealist movement.

The old line state

The Randolph Hughes Collection

by Geoff Barker

French literature and Pre-Raphaelite works 1800-1950

The old line state

Decoration and Glass magazine

by Sarah Morley

Decoration and Glass, a magazine for home builders, architects and decorators has been digitised in colour as part of the Library’s Digital Excellence Program.

The old line state

Australian Photo Review

by Geoff Barker

The longevity of the Australian Photo-Review marks it as the most significant in terms of insights into the development of photography in Australia 1894 through to the last issue which appeared in December 1956. It is now available online.

The old line state

Building Magazine now online

The newly digitised Building magazine is a trove of information about the construction industry.

The old line state

Libraries building communities

by Kristin Twomey, 2017 Jean Arnot Memorial Fellow

Winner of the 2017 Jean Arnot Memorial Fellowship essay by Kiristin Twomey on the importance of libraries as information, educational, cultural and social institutions assisting to build local communities.

The old line state

Shakespeare – his birthplace, home and grave

by Geoff Barker

In 1864 the Reverend John M. Jephson published his book on the birthplace, home, and grave of Shakespeare. Nestled within the pages of text are a series of photographs of sites relating to Shakespeare’s life in Stratford-on-Avon.

The old line state

A French sailor-artist on the South Seas

by Anna Corkhill

An enquiry from France brings to light a gem of nineteenth century travel illustration.

The old line state

Frank Hurley’s World War I Photography

by Alison Wishart

Frank Hurley’s photographs of the western front in 1917 and the Middle East in 1918 are arresting and iconic.

The old line state

Australian Inspiration

This is the story of Julie Paterson, one of Australia’s best known contemporary textile designers, and her design journey of drawing inspiration from the collection.

The old line state

Under the sun

by Claire Monneraye

Max Dupain’s Sunbaker has inspired an exhibition of contemporary and thought-provoking artworks.

The old line state

The Enjoyment of a good story

by Dr Anne Jamison, Narelle Ontivero and Deirdre Wildy

From tales of colonial adventure to moralising educational tracts, children’s literature in nineteenth-century Australia played a significant role in educating children as the nation’s future citizens.

The old line state

Alec Chisholm: Bush Naturalist and Benign Nationalist

by Russell McGregor

Alec Chisholm (1890–1977) was once famous in Australia. Although that’s no longer so, he’s a man worth remembering. Journalist, historian, literary critic, naturalist, conservationist and encyclopaedia editor.

The old line state

Boy oh boy!

by Cathy Perkins

In 25 years at the State Library, our Curator of Photographs has seen four people cry.

The old line state

Red Cross under the Southern Cross

by Melanie Oppenheimer

Australian Red Cross has donated its NSW archive to the Library, spanning over 100 years of humanitarian aid.

The old line state

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  1. 9am to 8pm
  1. 9am to 8pm
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  1. 7:30am to 5pm

Need a study break?

There’s a free tour starting at 10:30am in the Foyer.

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We provide advice and support to all public libraries and local councils in NSW.

© 2017 by State Library of NSW.

The old line state

Free for reuse – unless otherwise stated, this content is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0.

You are free to copy, distribute, remix and build upon this content as long as you credit the author and the State Library of NSW as the source. For suggested attribution, see our copyright page.

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Reading Your Palm: The Life Line #life #line #palm #reading



The life line traces events from birth to old age. When this line is the most heavily emphasized then the subject will put the physical above almost everything else. This type of line is more likely to be found on the hands of those people who prefer the great outdoors and thrive when involved in physical activities. However, like any other lines, it must never be read in isolation but always be assessed in conjunction with them and other features on a hand if you are to make a satisfactory analysis.

The life line is the most important gauge of our constitution and vitality and it should always look strong and healthy. The more interruptions on the line the less its power to operate as it should.

Sometimes the line appears to constrict the ball of the thumb and tuck in under the mount of Venus. It can sweep outward to end anywhere on the Luna mount or be the division between the two bottom mounts. In a few cases, it can travel on to the lower outer edge of the palm. It can fork into several branches, fade away, fray, or tassellate.

Where Does Your Life Line Begin?
When it starts as single line within the skin pattern at the edge of the palm, the nature is open and self-reliant, but when it is chained, then the owner will be too reliant on others. An open-ended island format suggests an element of mystery surrounding birth, adoption, or illegitimacy or perhaps, difficulty with physical birth.

When, at the start, it is tied with the head line, the longer they stay together, the more cautious their owner in relationship with others. These folk will be hyper sensitive, full of self-doubt, and difficult to understand; they tend to achieve very little. There can be a hint of national pride or a love of family tradition, the right way of getting things done � convention is important to them.

As the life line moves away from the head line, little influence lines may be seen between them. When there are many of them, the nature is not very positive and the owners will look at others for leadership because they lack any real decisiveness themselves.

A line that begins high up on the mount of Jupiter denotes a healthy, driving, ambitious nature. These people will be confident and feel they are infallible. When things go wrong, they must find someone else to blame rather than admit they are wrong. The lower down the beginning of this line, the less this tendency. The nature will be open, friendly, and natural.

A life line that originates from the mount of Mars and clings tighly around the ball of the thumb creates a sensitive, touchy soul, ready to kick in a self-defense mechanism at the slightest sign of trouble. A line rising on the Mars mount suggests the subject is a follower who rarely moves without checking every step of the way and even then hesitates. A line touching or passing through the line from inside the life line shows an interfering family member or close friend.

Another Line Running Parallel with Life Line
A sister line, the line of Mars, may run parallel with the life line. It is an added sign of physical well-being that gives that extra zing to life and is often seen in the hands of sportspeople. Sometimes, a hand will have two life lines running parallel almost from start to finish. This indicates someone who is able to love two completely different lives at the same time.

Reading the Life Line
Influence marks that stem from the palmar area, outside the life line, indicate from where or from who problems originate; if from Jupiter, a career matter perhaps; if from Saturn, personal discipline; or if from the Apollo finger or mount; artistic or creative matters. If a line comes from the Mercury finger or mount it relates to commercial matters.

When the life line in the right hand sweeps out into the palmar surface with little or no ties between it and the head line, the owner will make continuous conscious efforts to better his or her life. If the left-hand line seems to restrict the ball of the thumb but the right-hand line is noticeably different and sweeps right out into the palm, there will be many attempts to better the life. These subjects consider their early years were disadvantages and difficult to cope with and that this held them back. They will have faced up to overbearing parents, risen above scholastic or environmental dissatisfaction, and recognized health weaknesses with a sensible and responsible regimen.

The reverse of this, when the left-hand line sweeps out into the palm but the right-hand line stays close to the mount of Venus, indicates depleted circumstances that have taken their toll. The owner has made the best of things but, while aware of these problems, was unable or unwilling to do anything about them and has let things slide.

Influence lines rising up from the life line show efforts made to improve the standard of living, and if long enough, they should indicate in which direction the owner is or was aiming.

Breaks in the Line
Once halfway down the hand the line may break up to end in a number of different ways but, when there is little change in its appearance, the owners will be content and in control of their affairs. Little upsets them, and they can bend with the wind quite well. When there are changes, it will be at about middle age. At this time most ambitions have been or are nearly achieved. At this point the line might look strong, but a little lower down it might begin to break up, showing signs of stress. The owner has taken on too much; the line is giving on early earning and they should take steps to ease matters, or else.

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Odessa College – Online CE Classes #on #line #classes


Online CE Classes


These six-week, online courses start every month and are facilitated by dedicated instructors. Choose from professional training and leisure learning options.

Get started!

  • Go to www.ed2go.com/oc .
  • Browse catalog and choose class.
  • Click on class name to see class information, details, syllabus, etc.
  • To register, click on “Enroll Now.”
  • Select a start date and “Continue.”
  • If new student, create an account with Ed2Go.
  • Create password and fill in “Student Information.”
  • Continue to “Payment Option.”
  • Confirmation Page, click “Enter Classroom” at the bottom.
  • Click “Orientation” on left hand side. Read “Message from Instructor.”
  • This message will tell you how and when to start your class.

Career Training Programs

Ranging from three to six months in length, these programs may be started any time. Many include an industry certification exam and/or internship/externship opportunities. Although entirely Web-based, expert instructors provide office hours and quick answers to student questions.

Get started!

  • Go to www.gatlineducation.com/oc
  • Browse program categories on left hand side below “Home.”
  • Choose a program and “Continue.”
  • Fill in Student Information and click “Register Now.”
  • Choose payment option or call 1.877.221.5151 for more information or
  • Ed2go/Gatlin Financial Assistance.
  • Once registered, you will receive an email from Gatlin Education explaining how to access the class.

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Rowells Sewer – Drain, NH Plumbing, Line Cleaning, Pipe Repair, Portable Toilets #bedford, #manchester,






More than septic tank pumping; Rowell’s Services is New Hampshire’s leading resource for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, septic and drain clearing services.


We are happy to provide your preventive maintenance plans for your heating and air conditioning systems.

Family owned and operated since 1983.

We are proud to announce the addition of Smoke Testing to our professional line of services. A cost effective and safe way to determine the location of unwanted plumbing odors.

We offer professional, immediate service for both residential and commercial customers. Ask about our Automatic Maintenance Programs so you don’t have to worry about scheduling!

Don’t forget to have your septic tank pumped on a regular basis.

Schedule your appointment today the

Sep 6 – Pumper | Cleaner Magazine 2016

We know you likely don’t subscribe to Pumper Magazine, or Cleaner Magazine. So, we wanted to share with you some great articles about Rowell’s Services from 2016! We would be honored for you to take a few minutes to preview these exciting articles!
Pumper Magazine, August 2016 Dad Would Be Proud of His Family’s Pumping Success: Rowell’s Sewer Septic uses effective marketing, a company jingle and new headquarters to exceed all expectations. Cleaner Magazine, March 2016 Building a Family Drain Cleaning Business: Cleaning and pumping provide a solid foundation for family business’ growth and diversification

Senior Citizen
Veteran Discounts!

5.00 Off

Proud Member of the NH Association of Septic Haulers (NHASH) and the Granite State Designers and Installers Association (GSDI)

Tilton, NH 03276

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Medical evacuation coverage can be a life saver #-line #medevac #card


Medical evacuation coverage can be a life saver

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Everest University Online Corporate Partnership Program #everest #college, #everest #university, #everest #online, #criminal #justice,


Everest Corporate Partnership

Advancing Your Career through Higher Education

Everest University Online, a division of Everest University, provides our students with relevant career training and degree programs for today’s business world.

We have online degree programs in: Accounting, Business, Computer Information Science, Criminal Justice, and much more. Find out about our life-changing online degree programs – including information about tuition and financial aid (available for those who qualify) by completing our simple form.

Everest Corporate Partnership Your Company

We want to partner with your company by providing your employees online education to help them improve their business skills.

In return, you’ll enjoy higher rates of employee satisfaction, retention, and overall productivity from your staff – as they are earning their Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree. Learn more about our corporate partnership programs.

Current Partners

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