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Best investment options – 10 simple steps for a successful eBay business #start #business

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10 simple steps for a successful eBay business

Overview about ebay
One of the ways to earn money through online is starting your own eBay business by selling products on eBay. This is one of the best investment option.

10 simple steps for a successful eBay business?
Follow the below steps to start the ebay business

  1. Create an eBay account Paypal account. Click Register with eBay which would take directly to registration form. Also paypall account is required for the receiving the payments. Click on this to open a Pay Pal account
  2. Get customer experience. Before you start selling any product, first try buying small items so that you get relevant experience on how the buyer expectation is.
  3. Sell the item you know. Sell the product, where you have good knowledge about this product. If you try to sell the product where you do not have much knowledge, you end up keeping them in your warehouse
  4. Try the option of selecting a buyer who would, directly deliver to customer. This is one of the good method where you would not own any product and save shipping charges
  5. Create a list of items you want to sell. Before you jump into business , try selling any unwanted items you are holding now. This would give an idea about the entire process of selling the product in ebay
  6. User your creativity and get good pictures of what you want to sell. You can purchase some good colored bulbs to take the photos of the product you want to sell
  7. List down the item: Once you have taken good picture of item you want to sell, list them on ebay. Ensure you give complete details of the product, else you end up answering the calls from buyers in providing the details.
  8. Clarify buyers queries about your product
  9. Ship the product immediately. Once your item is purchased by buyer, ship them as soon as possible. Reduce the the time taken to deliver the product. This would give good impression to buyer and they can give positive feedback
  10. Try selling popular products. See what are the popular products being sold on ebay. You need to even look for what competitor s price is to sell at lower price.

Readers, in your opinion, what are the other success ways of setting up a success ebay business? Do you have any creative ideas.

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Business Investment & Business Lending #business #day

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Help the economy. Invest.

Personal Tax-Free Account

You will soon be able to open an ISA account at Funding Circle, which means your returns will be tax-free.

The subscription is 15,240 for the 2016/17 tax year across all ISAs. You will also be able to transfer ISAs from previous years into your Funding Circle ISA .

Martin Lewis, writing about his Funding Circle Experience

Funding Circle has been the most lucrative [peer-to-peer platform]. Since I joined in August 2012, drip-feeding cash in, my returns, after all fees and bad debt adjustment, have been 6.2pc. I didn t pick individual borrowers, I just used Autobid . October 2013

Minimising risk

Our experienced credit assessment team review every application and only allow established and creditworthy businesses to borrow through Funding Circle. However, it s important to remember that some businesses will not be able to fully repay their loan. We call this a bad debt.

Diversification is the best way to manage risk. This simply means spreading your lending across hundreds of businesses, so you re only lending a small amount to each one.

It only takes a few minutes to register.

How do I become diversified?

  • Lend to at least 100 businesses
  • Lend no more than 1% of your total to each one

Every investor who has followed these 2 simple steps has earned a positive return (1 January 2016).

We ve built an easy tool to help you diversify, just look out for Autobid in your account.

We re transparent

About our fees

1% Annual Servicing Fee

Based on the amount outstanding on any loan and collected when the borrower makes a payment.

0.25% Sale Fee

Payable if you sell any of your loan parts to other investors.

And about our performance

We publish all performance information, including the all time actual return across all investors and our bad debt rates on our statistics page. You can also keep up to date with your own investment by logging into your account.

As featured in

Some traditional banks are unaware of the competition they face and the way upstarts such as Funding Circle are disrupting bank lending.

Lending marketplaces such as Funding Circle have gained the trust of consumers by offering transparency and providing lower rates than banks to borrowers.

This month the FCA began regulating the sector for the first time, giving it an official stamp of approval.

Within an hour of posting on Funding Circle, the company met its target. By the end of the week, they had raised 75,000 from 600 investors at a competitive rate.

Have any questions?

Download our free investor guide to read more about how it works and important information about lending through Funding Circle.

It only takes a few minutes to register.

*The current estimated return is an estimate of the annual return after fees and bad debts that investors could earn from lending money to businesses seeking loans today. It is calculated by taking the gross interest rate less fees and estimated bad debts that will occur in the future for each of the last 100 loans accepted on the marketplace. The average return is compounded and before tax. The return is updated daily. See the full calculation here .

** Funding Circle is supported by the British Business Bank, a development bank wholly owned by the UK Government. In 2014, the Government-backed British Business Bank Investment Programme invested 40 million alongside other investors, to support economic growth by providing more efficient finance to small businesses.

The British Business Bank and its subsidiaries do not offer bank accounts, take deposits or provide regulated banking services. The British Business Bank provides its financial support to smaller businesses through its delivery partners. Any decisions to provide finance to smaller businesses are made by Funding Circle not by the British Business Bank.

investors in the UK

have lent to businesses

lent to British businesses

Investment through Funding Circle involves lending to small and medium sized businesses, so your investment can go down as well as up.

Funding Circle Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm registration number 635439. Funding Circle is not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Registered in England (Co. No. 06968588) with registered office at 71 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4AY.

Copyright Funding Circle 2016. All rights reserved

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Rural Business Investment Program #business #partner

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Rural Business Investment Program

What does this program do?
This program provides a Rural Business Investment Company (RBIC) license to newly formed venture capital organizations to help meet the equity capital investment needs in rural communities.

Who may apply for this program?
Eligible applicants for the RBIC license include newly formed:

  • For-profit entities, or
  • Subsidiary of an entity
  • Must have relevant experience in venture capital or community development financing
  • Must raise a minimum of $10 million in private equity capital
  • May be structured as limited partnerships, limited liability companies, or corporations

What is an eligible area?
There are no restrictions on the location of eligible applicants for RBIC licenses. The goal of each RBIC is to help fill the need for business and development capital in rural areas.

How may funds be used?

  • A minimum of 75% of funds must be made in rural areas with a population of 50,000 or less.
  • A minimum of 50% of funds must be invested in smaller enterprises 
  • A maximum of 10% of RBIC investments may be made in urban areas 

How do we get started?
Applications for this program are accepted on an annual basis. A Notice of Solicitations of Applications (NOSA) is posted in the Federal Register .

What governs this program?

  • Code of Federal Regulation, 7 CFR Part 4290
  • This program is authorized by the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill)

Why does USDA Rural Development do this?
Access to capital is vital to businesses and often scarce in rural areas.

NOTE: Because citations and other information may be subject to change please always consult the program instructions listed in the section above titled “What Law Governs this Program?” You may also contact our National Program Office for assistance.

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Enhanced Small Business Investment Company #incorporating #a #business

#small business investment company


Main menu

Enhanced Small Business Investment Company

Enhanced Small Business Investment Company (ESBIC) makes debt and minority equity investments in U.S.-based lower middle market companies across most sectors. Investment professionals work closely with management teams to create innovative investment solutions and bring valuable experience and a broad professional network to provide added value to portfolio companies.

For more information about ESBIC, please contact


  • Senior secured loans
  • Second lien loans
  • Mezzanine term loans
  • Minority equity

Transaction Types

  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Refinancings
  • Acquisition financings
  • Buyouts


  • Invest $3 million to $20 million per transaction
  • Ability to invest larger amounts through our limited partner relationships
  • Sponsored transactions
  • Non-sponsored transactions

Company Criteria

  • Revenue > $10 million
  • EBITDA > $2 million
  • Headquartered in the U.S.
  • Sound historical financial performance


Enhanced Small Business Investment Company, LP (ESBIC), an affiliate of Enhanced Capital Partners, Inc. announced it recently provided $4.0 million in senior secured debt financing to HomeTown Oxygen. This transaction was one of four investments closed by ESBIC in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Enhanced Capital, through its SBIC fund, Enhanced Small Business Investment Company, LP, announced it recently purchased $9.0 million of senior subordinated notes issued by Masthead Industries, Inc. Masthead is engaged in the wholesale distribution of industrial and hydraulic hoses and fittings, hose assembly systems, and mobile repair service carrying over 46,000 SKUs. Enhanced s investment supports the acquisition of Hosepower USA, Inc.

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10 Best Stock Market Investment News, Analysis – Research Sites #online #business #schools

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10 Best Stock Market Investment News, Analysis Research Sites

Ah, investing a word that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most burly and masculine of men. A subject with such a broad and potentially confusing scope of choices, it can bewilder even the most savvy of businessmen.

Even though I consider myself well-versed in general investment information, there is a world of knowledge, terminology, and strategy that is just beyond my comprehension, and will likely always be.

So where should I, the layman, turn to when I seek competent and comprehensive stock market investment research and analysis ?

Top 10 Stock Market Investment Research Websites

Keep in mind that the main focus of these sites, above all else, is equities. So if you are looking to research ETFs. mutual funds. hedge funds, or any other diversified investment type. many of these websites may not have what you are looking for.

1. Investopedia
If you are just beginning to learn about the world of investments, Investopedia is your one-stop shop for anything and everything. Here, you can look up definitions of terms, register for newsletters with valuable information, use their stock simulator to see how much an investment earns or loses over time, and much more. You can research stocks by company name or ticker symbol and get quite a bit of information about a desired company. They also have a neat Financial Edge section, which can help you with some of the important fundamental principles of personal finance and the markets.

2. Yahoo! Finance
As much as I would like to skip this one over for some of the lesser-known research portals, Yahoo! Finance is just too good. Aside from the myriad of company reports, which you are required to pay for, all of the information at Yahoo finance is free for the taking.

3. Motley Fool
Don t let the name bother you these guys are all business. Whether you are looking to do your own research, or prefer the advice of a seasoned veteran, The Motley Fool has it all. I tend to prefer to follow my own (sometimes idiotic) investment decisions, but if you need help, or want to see what the experts recommend, there are pay services at Motley Fool that may be a good option for you. I have not used them myself, but the few people that I know who have followed their advice have had nothing but positive things to say, and a good amount of success to boot.

4. The Street
If you pay any attention to the world of investing. you know the name Jim Cramer. Personally, I think he is little more than a caricature, but some people swear by him. Mr. Cramer is one of the big name contributors at The Street. That not withstanding, The Street is, in my humble opinion, the best website for investing related articles. The writers have vast knowledge and fantastic insight, without losing focus on what is important the investors for whom they write.

5. Wall Street Journal
For decades, the Wall Street Journal newspaper has been a staple for information and research for investors. Although most of us have done away with the daily black and white delivery method, the Wall Street Journal online delivers even more valuable information than its nearly obsolete predecessor. Nowadays, the Journal s online presence includes The Wall Street Journal. MarketWatch. Barron s. and SmartMoney. among others. All of these sites are valuable resources for investing information, especially when seeking out company-specific news.

6. MSN Money
Microsoft tends to be a pretty self-serving company, at least in my opinion. Even so, once you learn to glance over all of the Microsoft related news at MSN Money, what you get is another fantastic avenue for portfolio boosting. The one complaint I have with MSN Money is the formatting. When looking at stock quotes, there are no lines distinguishing ads from news or charts, which occasionally will take you off-course by clicking an advertisement by mistake.

7. Zacks Investment Research
Zack s does require a membership in order to get to the juicy stuff, but the membership is free and well worth the three minutes it takes to sign up. Here, you will be able to do in-depth research on both stocks and funds. You will also have access to many public and independent reports that will assist you on your quest for the perfect personal investment portfolio .

8. Investor Guide
Investor Guide has many of the same features you ll notice on other sites on this list, so why does it make my top ten? The stock helper tool. First, this tool helps you to determine an optimal investing strategy and style. Then, it provides a list of companies for you to research. Once your list is complete, you will see what others think of each company on your research list. Investor Guide does a great job of aggregating this information from many different sites for you. You will then evaluate the company s competition, decide what to buy, and reap the benefits.

9. Seeking Alpha
Seeking Alpha is amazing. My one complaint is that there is actually too much information packed into one page, which at times can make it difficult to navigate. If it weren t for the massive amount of content on Seeking Alpha, it would be much higher on this list. Company news is the main focus of the site, so if you have a list of companies to research, this is a pretty good place to start.

10. Online Brokerages
Personally, my account has been housed at Sharebuilder for years now, and their research tools are very good. In the beginning, they had a clumsy interface that was slow and filled with glitches. Since then, they have done an amazing job of streamlining and improving content to the point of near perfection. No matter who you invest with online, be sure to use their research tools, as most of them have easy to use interfaces with plenty of information to sort through. Some of the more popular online stock brokers include E*TRADE. TradeKing. Scottrade. and OptionsHouse .

Final Word

When you are looking to conduct your own investment research, closely monitor where you go online. It is very easy to end up on hot stock pick sites, penny stock investing sites, or poorly executed attempts at legitimacy. Many of these sites are fronts for someone to sell you their foolproof system or something similar. Everything I have provided above is free of charge, though a few of them offer paid services above and beyond what most of us need.

Do you have a preferred investment research site? Tell us about them and what features you like most in the comments below.

You are looking at Matthew Breed. He is a 30 year old sports nerd who lives in North Florida with his fiancee, Sarah. Originally in school for a Business degree that did not work out due to capricious youth and irresponsibility, he is currently “getting past” his Peter Pan syndrome and attends classes for a degree in Information Technology while working full time. His care for personal finance stems from a modest upbringing with fiscally responsible parents who highly value education and frown upon frivolity.

heyyy . Nice post you have been shared here. I would like to look forward to the next post. Thanks for sharing .will be waiting for the next post. It helps me a lot.

There s just so much tripe on Seeking Alpha that I ve stopped going there. Anyone can be a self-appointed expert on the site and there is a lot of pumping that goes on in the guise of analysis. Don t know how you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

http://www.dividendinvestor.com/ Richard Gere

Hi, some great sites. Google’s Finance can also be included. Thoughts?

I honestly can t imagine how you consider SeekingAlpha to be an informational site. Journalistically bankrupt. Opinions, not facts. The same useless opinions cycled over and over. Surely you can do better?

None of your business

Would the author of this site mind putting a DATE on his article? Or is not putting a date on it a sleazy way of milking more hits out of the page?

I agree. Investopedia is a great resource for learning stock trading.

Best online analysis is in INVESTOOLS at TD Ameritrade. They are now Number 1 in the industry.

Stock Rover is a great tool for individual investors, all the data in one dashboard. And its free! Premium version isnt too expensive either

As FatMan points out below, Seeking Alpha is garbage. Ask any CFA level analyst and you will get the same response. So much of it is agenda driven content/amateur hour content.

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Company Partners – find business angels, business angel investment, business partner, business funding and mentors #sba #loan #programs

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Business Partners, Business Angels and great business opportunities

If you are looking for a Business Partner. Business Angel investment or a Mentor this is the place to come.

You can access our sophisticated database of business partners, Investors opportunities directly through our secure system.

  • Find funding from our Business Angels
  • Contact others to join you as a Business Partner
  • Great business opportunities for Investors

Register now to get started

Need a Business Partner to bring additional experience, or a Business Angel with investment available? Or a Mentor to bring guidance and boost your management team.

Join now and contact directly our Business Partners. Business Angel Investors and Mentors .
With one membership you can do all three:

  • Find a Business Angel Investor
  • Find a Business Partner
  • Find a Mentor / Non Exec

Register now to get started

Business Angel Investors are special in Company Partners. You get FREE membership and easy to use facilities that help you find that golden business opportunity. You can select your own criteria and choose either with or without hands-on involvement.

  • Quick secure on-line search for opportunities
  • Automatch for new businesses for investment
  • Easy to use, simple to contact directly
  • 1000s of rewarding equity investments

Register now to get started

Dynamic businesses are looking for Mentors and NonExec Directors to boost their management teams and to help them grow.

  • Use your skills experience
  • Opportunity for pay or equity
  • Build a portfolio of interests

Register now to get started

See examples of members

Who uses Company Partners

Start-ups looking for a like minded Business Partner or Business Angel investment with contacts and experience, growing companies looking for expansion funding, Mentors with years of experience and Investors seeking an exciting and rewarding business opportunity.

Find out what the press and our clients are saying.

Successfully found an Investor through your site and cannot thank you enough!

Andrew – Stockings Romance

I have now found a business partner, the response was amazing.

Karen – Little People By The Sea

Our property development project has now got our Angel Investor thanks to your web site.

Margaret – Suffolk Development

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Business Continuity Planning for Hedge Funds and Investment Firms #cash #flow #business

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Business Continuity

Eze Business Continuity Planning

Hedge funds and private equity firms firms must react swiftly, methodically and successfully when confronted with unexpected business disruptions or else risk significant financial loss. This level of response requires extensive business continuity planning to ensure all aspects of a firm’s business are evaluated and protected.

Effective Business Continuity Planning (BCP) can help minimize financial loss and the negative effects of disruptions on an investment firm’s strategic plans, market position, operations, and reputation.

Eze Castle’s Business Continuity Planning Services (Eze BCP) extend beyond technology to focus on critical operations and processes that hedge funds or investment firms must have available if a disaster strikes. Our Eze BCP consultants are certified experts in business continuity planning and possess deep knowledge of the unique operations of financial services firms.

This combined expertise means a client gains a custom, comprehensive BCP plan developed and managed by professionals that understand the client’s business. And our hedge fund business continuity consultants work with clients to address the full spectrum of BCP.

Eze BCP Features

  • Delivered by Certified Business Continuity Professionals who work exclusively with hedge fund and private equity firms
  • Industry-specific experience, knowledge and focus make our team pros at identifying a company’s potential exposures — our team knows the risks facing the investment management industry
  • Proven methodology to ensure your firm is prepared for the unexpected
  • Annual review of BCP documentation and updates to account for business changes
  • Employee training sessions and executive roundtables run by an Eze seasoned hedge fund business continuity consultant

Learn More about BCP

Learn more about Eze Castle’s business continuity planning service and how our certified BCP experts can prepare your firm for a disaster.

This guidebook is designed to help hedge fund managers of all sizes develop an understanding of both the BCP and DR planning processes.

Eze BCP Methodology

1. Risk Assessment

Our business continuity consultants will identify and prioritize potential business risks and disruptions based on severity and likelihood of occurrence. Key elements of Eze Castle’s Risk Assessment phase include:

  • Evaluation of the company’s risks and exposures
  • Assessment of the potential impact of various business disruption scenarios
  • Determination of the most likely threat scenarios
  • Assessment of telecommunication recovery options and communication plans
  • Prioritization of findings and development of a roadmap

2. Business Impact Analysis

Eze Castle’s hedge fund BCP experts will collect information on a wide range of areas from recovery assumptions and critical business processes to interdependencies and critical staff. Key elements of Eze Castle’s BIA phase include:

  • Determination of the maximum amount of downtime business processes can withstand
  • Development of recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives for critical functions (e.g. applications, systems, etc.)
  • Identification of critical business processes and workflows and the supporting applications
  • Outlining of internal and external dependencies
  • Determination of critical staff members as well as backups with similar skill sets

3. Strategy and Plan Development

Our certified business continuity planners will create department, division and site level plans for your business. Key elements of this phase include:

  • Synthesis of Risk Assessment and BIA findings
  • Development of plans for department, division and site level contingencies
  • Review of plans with key stakeholders to obtain executive sign-off on overall plan
  • Creation of offsite, secure web repository where the firm’s BCP plan is stored for easy access from virtually anywhere during an outage or disaster

4. Plan Testing, Training and Maintenance

Business continuity plans are living documents and must be updated annually to ensure they account for changes within the firm as well as any changes in risk scenarios. Key elements of this ongoing phase include:

  • Conducting of tabletop and simulation exercises to help ensure employees are effectively trained
  • Development of employee training sessions
  • Review of BCP, business impact analysis and risks annually by an Eze hedge fund business continuity consultant
  • Execution of the annual review process to guarantee new threats and business process changes are accurately represented in the BCP

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Investment News for financial advisors in New Zealand #online #business #loans

#investment news


Investment News

Auckland-based fund administrator, MMC, has notched up its second KiwiSaver registry client in the space of a month. MMC, which already provides fund accounting and unit pricing services to a range of KiwiSaver schemes, confirmed the rapidly-growing NZ-owned provider Generate as its second registry client last week. Earlier this month MMC revealed the start-up low-cost KiwiSaver provider, Simplicity, as the inaugural client for its newly-launched registry system. The addition of the $275 million Generate scheme represents “an enormous vote of confidence in MMC and our KiwiSaver registry offering”, according to MMC managing director, [Read More. ]

Recent New Zealand Investment News

After almost 35 years of intellectual input to New Zealand’s actuarial and investment consulting industry, Mark Weaver, has called it quits. Weaver, the last remaining founding partner still working in the triple-titled consulting firm Melville Jessup Weaver (MJW), will hand in his final regression analysis at the end next month before embarking [Read More. ]

It would be up to the police to decide whether KiwiSaver schemes, or other NZ investors, are breaking the law by investing in pooled global equity funds that have exposure to cluster munitions manufacturers, according to Commerce Minister Paul Goldsmith. As well as the Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 2009, NZ investors could face similar [Read More. ]

The complete set of managed investment scheme (MIS) managers list should tally to about 70, according to the latest figures supplied by the regulator. A spokesperson for the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) told Investment News NZ that 42 managers have already been granted a MIS licence with a further 18 “in various stages of assessment”. The [Read More. ]

New Zealand Superannuation Fund has carved out NZ$600 million from its NZ$4.9 billion passive global equities mandate with Northern Trust Asset Management for two new factor-based mandates with the same manager. The NZ$30 billion fund, which is seen as a bellwether among super funds in the region because of its transparency and innovative [Read More. ]

Almost five months after incumbent, Anthony Quirk, announced his imminent resignation, Milford Asset Management has a new head. In a release last week, Milford confirmed Australian Troy Swann would take over Quirk’s role as at October 31 this year with operations chief, Bryce Marsden, continuing as interim chief executive. Quirk officially [Read More. ]

Macquarie Investment Management has been slapped with a A$400,000 fine after a New South Wales court ruled it had failed in its duties to monitor the now-defunct van Eyk Blueprint International Shares Fund (VBI). In a decision released last Wednesday, the NSW Supreme Court found Macquarie had breached its duties as a responsible entity (or RE – [Read More. ]

Here’s an irony. Link Group last month held a ‘virtual AGM’ for its NZ share registry client Xero. Just over 80 per cent of shareholders ‘attended’ online. But Link is not allowed to do the same for its Australian clients, nor itself. Xero, the successful cloud-based accounting systems firm from Wellington, NZ, provided a glimpse into the future [Read More. ]

Michael Thawley, Australia’s former and highly rated ambassador to the US, has re-joined the funds management industry – and his old firm – taking up the role as senior vice president for Capital Strategy Research at the big equities shop Capital Group. Thawley, who started in the job last week, is based in Los Angeles but will be heavily [Read More. ]

More Investment News

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Investment news is the most boring news #business #broker

#investment news


Investment news is the most boring news of all, tell us why your company matters

“EXCITING STARTUP CORP has raised $50 million from RAPACIOUS VC BASTARDS. Do you want to interview the CEO to find out how excited he is to be able to dive into a vault of money, Scrooge McDuck-style?”

A16z just invested in his payments app for ducks

All Killer, No Filler

We’re bringing Momentum to New York: our newest event, showcasing only the best speakers and startups.

One of my favorite policies at The Next Web is that we don’t write about funding news. The figures support that decision. Most readers care as little as I do about the movements of money bags.

Of course, it’s important to understand how VC and Angel investments effect the tech industry. The choices these mostly white, male gamblers make have an effect on what entrepreneurs choose to build. But these stories aren’t interesting in and of themselves.

Yes! Team of millionaires I support, defeat the team of millionaires I despise.

A lot of our rivals go all out in covering investment news. They hype it. They analyse it like American sports commentators going stats crazy before a football* game. They revel in it. All power to them.

But ultimately, writing about how much money a company has raised without actually questioning whether it’s doing something useful or even groping towards the concept of being useful, is fan service.

Big numbers are exciting to us because we like to imagine ourselves having that many resources to play with. Fetishising investment in the tech world while you pull in an average salary – underpaid crew, represent! – is akin to voting Republican because you imagine you might be that rich one day.

Another thing ruined by Obama.

Really, this is a public service announcement to founders and their public relations people. I will *never* write about how much money you’ve raised. At least, not that alone.

Image credit: Walt Disney Productions

*Note for the confused: What you call ‘soccer’ is FOOTBALL. No arguments brooked.

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Small Business Investment Companies #registering #a #business

#small business investment company


Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) fund services

SBIC funds can be an attractive source of low-cost capital to invest in lower middle-market businesses. Whether a private equity fund is considering the SBIC program for the first time or has already received funding from the Small Business Administration (SBA), the issues associated with running a SBIC fund can draw on your time and take resources away from activities that generate profits. Our experience with more than 100 SBIC funds provides our clients with the expertise they need to manage through this regulatory environment.

RSM meets the needs of SBIC funds and their portfolio companies with integrated audit, tax, consulting and transaction advisory services. Clients benefit from a single point of coordination from teams with extensive experience in all aspects of private equity and the SBIC program.

Our SBIC fund professionals, who work almost exclusively with private equity and SBIC funds, act as your strategic partner throughout the transaction life cycle. They understand the complexities that chief financial officers, controllers and general partners face. Our tax professionals take a balanced approach that helps you and your portfolio companies save money in complex tax environments, while keeping an eye on your longer-term goals.

Among the SBIC fund services we offer are:

  • Audit of SBA Form 468
  • Audit of GAAP financial statements
  • Tax preparation and consulting services
  • Assistance with SBA examination preparation and first-time setup of chart of accounts and general ledger*
  • SBIC accounting policies and SBA regulatory compliance*
  • Calculation and recording of management fees*
  • Investment valuation procedures and documentation*
  • Distribution computations using SBA software
  • Computation of prioritized payments, charges and adjustments for Participating Security Funds*

SBIC fund training and seminars

RSM also offers on-site training designed to help you understand SBA reporting requirements and determine what resources you need to operate effectively. We provide training in a variety of areas, including SBA reporting software and key regulatory, accounting and tax issues. Our SBIC seminars focus on fund formation, accounting, tax and operations. Other educational seminars for your fund and portfolio companies address common industry issues and concerns, such as back-office operations, business acquisitions, industry briefings and our annual accounting and tax update.

*Certain services cannot be provided to investment advisers registered with the SEC or to existing audit clients of the firm.

How can we help you?

To discuss how our team can help your business, contact us by phone 800.274.3978 or

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