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Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers – Sober Solutions #alcohol #treatment #centers #in #missouri


Live Free From Addiction

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol Abuse Treatment Centers

Alcohol abuse is one of the most difficult addictions to admit having. Since alcohol is legal and socially acceptable it is very easy not to think that you have a problem. An alcoholic does not have to be staggering or have blackouts to be considered an alcoholic. There are many people with alcohol addiction that most people do not know about; these people are considered High Functioning  alcoholics. Alcohol abuse takes on many forms, from drinking in excess that they blackout or that they just need to have a drink to feel normal.

Alcohol abuse is responsible for more deaths than crack, heroin addiction, and cocaine abuse combined. Alcohol detoxification is also one of the only detoxes that a person can die from because of seizures (this is why we HIGHLY suggest the right treatment center and not home remedies). Alcoholics are also harder to convince that they need to go to an alcohol addiction treatment center because most of them hold jobs and appear to be better off than hardcore drug users. It is important to understand how alcoholics think.

Understanding Alcoholism

An interesting thing to understand about alcoholism is that it is a choice that is made. If you read the book Alcoholics Anonymous  it is never mentioned in the entire book that you have a disease or a drinking problem. It tells you that you have a thinking problem and suffer from a sickness, illness, or malady. Alcoholism is not the problem the problem is the alcoholic. The alcohol abuse is just a symptom of what is really going on. To greatly increase the success of an alcoholic s chance of recovery they must go to a long term inpatient alcohol rehab.

Some people will use medication to help with their addiction but there is little or no success. Drugs such as Antabuse are used to keep people from drinking or it will make them sick. This in no way fixes the problem and is a worthless attempt at a solution, since the addict will eventually just stop taking the drugs and relapse. In order for an alcoholic to recover from alcohol addiction they must change their behaviors and understand why they abuse alcohol (face their demons). As stated above alcohol is not the problem with alcoholics, the person is the problem, alcohol is just the solution.

The Facts

According to the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence, NCADD. alcohol is the number one abused substance in the United States. It is the number one abused drug in the United States because it is very easy to obtain and in mass quantities. Not only do 1 in ever 12 adults suffer from alcohol dependency, but millions of Americans partake in binge drinking behaviors (5 or more drinks on an occasion). This behavior is very common amongst college aged adults. According to the National Institute of Health, NIH. 37.9 percent of college students partake in binge drinking and 12.2% of college students partake in heavy drinking (5 or more drinks on an occasion on 5 or more occasions per month). Alcoholism is a. epidemic that is seen across the nation. Here are some more facts about alcohol abuse:

  • In 2014, alcohol usage contributed to 88,000 deaths
  • 7 million children (more than 10 percent) live with at least one parent who has an alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse problem
  • Alcoholism ranks 3rd on the list of cause of death in the United States
  • Globally, alcohol has caused 3.3 million deaths in 2012
  • In a recent study, the presence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD) is anywhere from 20%-50% per 1,000 births

Why use Sober Solutions?
At Sober Solutions, we excel at finding the right treatment center for the person. Not every rehab center is a right fit. It is very important to make sure that the environment is just right to ensure a longer lasting sobriety, if a person does not feel comfortable they will either check out or just go through the motions and will relapse once they get out.

Rather than you calling multiple rehab centers and giving information over and over again, you will call our counselors and then they will do the searching for you. You are in a hard situation let us help take some of the stress and get you or your loved one the help that is needed. It is a free service, so why not call?

Long term addiction treatment vs short term

When searching for an alcohol rehab it is important to consider long-term addiction treatment center. Very rarely can an alcoholic become sober by attending a short term addiction treatment center or an outpatient program. Unfortunately most professionals recommend outpatient facilities for alcoholics thinking it will work especially if the alcoholic has convinced them that they drink far less than they are willing to admit. This is why most people fail at their alcohol abuse recovery, they downplay the severity of the alcohol abuse. It is always a better outcome when alcoholics enter a treatment program that is at least 90 days, followed up with a strong aftercare program. Anybody can stay sober in the treatment center; it takes a lot of help to stay sober in the real world.

People suffering from alcohol addiction face a greater challenge when leaving an alcohol rehab center because they face more triggers. Unlike drug abusers that have to revert back to illegal activities in the event of relapse, alcoholics can just enter a bar or stop at a liquor store and purchase their drug of choice legally. Relapse prevention is probably one of the most important parts of the alcoholic s battle plan after leaving the treatment center. One of the most effective approaches for relapse prevention is the cognitive rehab approach which is explained in this site. We also have more information about other types of Addiction Treatment Centers. If you feel you or someone you know suffers from alcoholism and needs an alcohol addiction treatment center call, we can help.

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Please don t wait. Let us help

Addiction is a problem that affects more than just the drug abuser. For more information on drug intervention or alcohol intervention, call 888-762-3730

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Sandy Utah Plumber #plumbers #in #sandy #utah


Welcome to ASAP Plumbing Drain

If your Sandy, UT home has plumbing issues of any type, whether it is a leaking faucet or a clogged drain, calling one of our professional plumbers can be the best way to get the issue resolved in a timely and efficient way.

We can help you with all your home s plumbing needs. Our plumbers are trained to help deal with minor issues, such as leaking faucets and clogged drains to more complex issues such as pipes that are frozen or may need to be completely replaced.

Many times a seemingly minor issue such as a leaking faucet can be the sign of more complex problems, such as water pressure issues in the home. Because of this, when our professionals come out to fix the problem, they will not only handle the repairs needed, but they will try to determine the cause of the issue as well. This can be helpful in making sure the issue does not reoccur later or turn into a more serious issue that can be more costly to repair.

Sandy Utah Plumber

One of the most common plumbing problems in a home can involve the sewers and drains in the home. Having one of our experienced plumbers handle these problems, can be the best way to get the issue fixed. Our plumbers will be able to assess the situation and determine if the issue is a clog in the pipes or if the drains need to be cleaned using a high-pressure hydro jet. In addition, they will inspect the other lines in your home to ensure there are no issues developing, which also require attention.

Our team of plumbing professionals can also be of great assistance with water heater issues as well. Whether your unit needs minor repairs or a complete replacement, our team can handle the job for you and make sure your home is receiving heated water as quickly as possible.



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Sales lead generation companies in india #sales #lead #generation #companies #in #india


Recent Testimonials

Platinum leads have surpassed my expectations! I had tried other lead generating companies and to be honest was rather dubious about trying yet another. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that not only are the leads delivered efficiently and on time, they have also been of a consistently high quality. I am also very impressed with the excellent customer service that Platinum leads provides, any questions that have arisen have been promptly and politely addressed. I will certainly be continuing to do business with Platinum Leads and highly recommend them to anyone looking to boost their business enquiry through paid leads .

I run a very successful work from home business and rely on live lead companies to generate my prospects. I have tried all of the other lead generating companies and I now use Platinum Leads exclusively. I find that they are the best for Australian leads and my business has grown tremendously as a result. They deliver in a very timely manner and their leads are top quality. I recommend them to my entire organisation. If you have not tried them, then I suggest that you do .

I am really grateful to Platinum Leads, our team has continued to grow with dynamic new business leaders because of the quality of the leads. Thank you for your awesome service .

Contact us

  • We are happy to answer any question you may have and attend to your orders. Call the team at Platinum any time with further questions + 61 7 3102 6002
  • Contact us



AGED LEADS (7-14), (14-30), (30-60), (60-90) days

Note: Our pricing is all $Australian Dollars only, Not $US Dollars like others, No 25-30% conversion rate shock here.

Welcome to platinumleads.com.au

For over 9 years now, Platinum Leads deliver fresh, highly qualified leads to your email daily from as low as $3.70 per lead. Helping you grow your Home Business.

Based on feedback from some of the best home business operators in the country we have developed a lead generation system specifically designed to help make home business team building achievable.

Our extensive search marketing experience and powerful industry contacts enable us to consistently generate competitively priced, premium quality leads, which can convert directly into sales and new business team members for our 1500+ regular clients across Australia and New Zealand.

We are committed to customer service and delivering the highest quality leads and helping you achieve your goals faster, our business grows only by helping you grow your business.

NEWS. You requested new countries to expand your business. We are now able to provide you Exclusive Leads in India, Singapore, Hong Kong and USA. (contact us directly for these PREMIER International lead options)

Unique Benefits of our leads

Premium quality and prospect targeting
We harness the power of internet search engines to connect with people who are actively looking for home business opportunities. These qualified prospects; are real people, who genuinely want to hear from you. We do not use Spam, incentives or pop-ups because we find this approach often attracts half-hearted prospects. All leads include the name of the prospect, their phone number and email address. Our leads also include additional information about the person to help you gain a better understanding of their motivation and build rapport.

Add your own targeting to the leads to create your own personal PREMIER lead. Add Male or Female leads only, Add a State, Add a Metro City, Add $900 to $2500 start-up Budget indicating, Add 1st day (24hr) Exclusive (only you have the lead to contact) or for even 5 days of exclusivity.

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California DMV Paperwork When Buying a Car #california, #buying #a #car #in #california, #california


Paperwork When Buying a Car in California

After buying a car in California, you will need certain documents from the seller before you can properly transfer ownership.

Use this guide to learn more about the paperwork required by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for vehicle transactions.

Paperwork for California Car Buyers

Once you purchase a car in California, you’ll have 10 days to title and register it with the DMV to avoid penalty. This will vary depending on if you bought it from a dealership or a private party. as dealerships will file your paperwork for you and make it unlikely you’ll have to visit the DMV post-transaction.

When buying a car from a private seller, you’ll need certain documents from the seller before titling and registration can be completed. These include:

  • The vehicle’s title .
    • Fill out each of the transfer sections, including:
      • Signatures from the buyer and seller.
      • The purchase price .
      • An odometer disclosure statementIF the vehicle is under 10 years old.
    • If the title is missing, a new title can be obtained by the seller by completing an Application for Duplicate or Paperless Title (Form REG 227).
  • A smog certificate .
    • Required if the car is more than 4 years old.
  • A bill of sale .
    • Though not required by the California DMV to transfer ownership, a bill of sale can help you prove transfer of ownership and the purchase price.

CA Car Registration Paperwork

To title and register your vehicle in California, bring the following paperwork to your local DMV within 10 days of the purchase:

  • The vehicle title. smog certificate. and bill of sale as described above.
  • A completed Application for Title or Registration (Form REG 343).
  • Payment for the fees due, including:
    • Registration fee: $46 .
    • California Highway Patrol fee: $24 .

For information about registration, please visit our guide to registering a car in California .

Registering Out-of-State Vehicles

In some instances, you may have purchased a vehicle outside of California. or the owner has just arrived in the state and is selling their car. In these instances, the following paperwork may also be needed in addition to the documents outlined above when registering an out-of-state vehicle in California:

  • Out-of-state registration documents .
  • Current license plates .
  • A completed Verification of Vehicle (Form REG 31) completed by any of the following:
    • An authorized DMV agent.
    • Law enforcement.
    • A licensed vehicle verifier.
  • A completed Statement of Facts (Form REG 256).
    • You will need to fill this form out if you have previously paid sales or use tax in your former state of residence.


Complete this form to request a duplicate CA title OR paperless title, which you can use while transferring ownership of a vehicle.

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Business Development jobs in the UK #sell #business

#business development jobs


Business Development jobs

Hays Sales consultants have in-depth knowledge of the business development jobs market, and will help you find your desired job. Whether it be a Business Development Manager. Business Development Executive or a more specialist development opportunity.

Our strong relationship with sought after employers across many industries include, FMCG, Manufacturing, IT, Media and Professional Services lead to Hays Sales being a fist choice for clients looking for business developers like yourself to join their teams.

Contact your nearest Hays Sales office to discuss the latest Business Development roles and how we can help you take the next step in your Business Development career.

We re currently recruiting for organisations across the UK including in London, Guildford, Leeds, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and many more so you can be sure you’ll find a job near you.

Sorry we could not find your location

Search for jobs

Distance learning

Build on your skills with our flexible online training courses.

Issue 10 of the Hays Journal has launched, offering insight into topical issues and trends in the world of work .

Refer a friend

Refer your friends to Hays and choose from a range of gifts to receive when they start work.

Office locator

Speak to a recruitment expert at your local Hays office.

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Programs – San Diego Regional Campus – Azusa Pacific University #rn #schools #in #san


Azusa Pacific University

Featured Links

Bridge to BSN

Designed for Associate’s Degree in Nursing (ADN) students preparing to enter their final year at a community college, the Bridge to BSN sequential enrollment option allows students to get an early start on coursework for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Following completion of the ADN, students transition to Azusa Pacific to complete their BSN. Learn More

Clear Administrative Services Credential

For those holding a credential, this advanced training program satisfies the state requirement for professional development and prepares full-time administrators for higher-level positions. Learn More

Clinical Psychology: Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A. (MFT)

Theory and hands-on practice prepares counselors to work with individuals, couples, and families by integrating ethics and psychotherapy. The program meets California licensure requirements. Learn More

Criminal Justice, B.A. (bachelor’s completion)

Azusa Pacific’s bachelor’s completion program in criminal justice is designed for transfer students who have at least 30 units and are interested in completing a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Learn More


English program in Azusa and San Diego; Korean program in Los Angeles
The Doctor of Ministry Program renews and transforms ministry leaders, churches, and communities, equipping them to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Learn More

Doctor of Nursing Practice (also online)

The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program is designed to prepare nurses at the highest level of practice for the current, complex health care environment. An evidence-based clinical approach emphasizes the prevention, assessment, and treatment of complex health issues in the adult and elderly population. Learn More

Educational Counseling, M.A.Ed. and embedded School Counseling Credential

Prepares school counselors to communicate with and guide students of all cultures, socioeconomic levels, and learning abilities. Requirements for the Pupil Personnel Services Credential are embedded within the program. Learn More

Educational Leadership, M.A. and PASC or PASC Internship (also online)

Combines the school administration master’s with the PASC credential to comprehensively prepare school administrators in multicultural settings. Emphasizes a strong Christian approach to leadership. Learn More

Entry-level Master’s in Nursing (ELM)

The Entry-level Master’s in Nursing (ELM) program is designed for students who hold baccalaureate or higher degrees in other disciplines, but want to pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in nursing. The program provides students an intensive sequence of pre- and post-licensure study that enables them to become registered nurses (RNs) and receive a BSN, and also leads to the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree with a clinical specialty. Learn More

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate

This specialty certificate is a non-degree course credit option, preparing registered nurses with master’s degrees in nursing to be nurse practitioners for family-centered health care. Learn More

Leadership and Organizational Studies, M.A. (also online)

This program caters to working professionals seeking professional advancement or a leadership position. It is ideal for individuals who already possess professional skills, but who are in need of advanced leadership and organizational skills. Learn More

Learning and Technology, M.A.Ed. and Mild/Moderate Disabilities Education Specialist Credential

Learn how to make a difference in special needs classrooms. Expert faculty instruct and guide from a distinctly Christian perspective, leading to a compassionate, caring, and ethical approach to teaching. Candidates build the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to help all students learn through engaging, technology-driven experiences. Learn More

Learning and Technology, M.A.Ed. and Moderate/Severe Disabilities Education Specialist Credential

This program empowers candidates to effectively integrate technology into the special needs classroom. Coursework delves into instructional strategy, behavioral support, intervention, and assessment for students with moderate/severe disabilities, as well as core classes in educational technology and learning. Learn More

Learning and Technology, M.A.Ed. and Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

The Master of Arts in Education: Learning and Technology focuses on foundational tools for teachers to design and implement instructional experiences that integrate technology throughout the curriculum. Graduates gain essential skills and knowledge in a variety of areas, including instructional video, web tools for enhanced interactive learning, digital communications, and emerging trends in the field. Learn More

Learning and Technology, M.A.Ed. and Single Subject Teaching Credential

The learning and technology program focuses on foundational tools for teachers to design and implement instructional experiences that integrate technology throughout the curriculum. Graduates gain essential skills and knowledge in a variety of areas, including instructional video, web tools for enhanced interactive learning, digital communications, and emerging trends in the field. Learn More

Liberal Studies, B.A. (also online)

This program provides paraeducators and those seeking a career change with the subject-matter preparation necessary for elementary or K–12 special education school teachers. Learn More

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Quick Links

Schools and Colleges

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Contact Us #rehabs #in #colorado


Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in Rehabs.com. Please use the form below for generic, business development, press or legal inquiries. To contact us regarding addiction treatment, please call our toll-free number, 1-888-341-7785 . or use our “Live Chat” system.

Most inquiries will receive a reply within 24 hours. If you are experiencing an medical or psychiatric emergency, please call 911 or a local emergency number immediately.

If you have a question about how Rehabs.com operates, visit our FAQ first.

517 4th Ave. Ste. 401, San Diego, CA, 92101

Follow Us on Social Media

Other Substance Abuse and Addiction Resources

Linking to Rehabs.com

Unless otherwise stated, Rehabs.com may be linked to from external websites and social media platforms. For more information about Rehabs.com content, please read our Terms of Service .

Find a Rehab Center Today!

Searching is Fast, Free, and Private. Why Wait?

  • Addiction Intervention Services
  • Choosing the Right Rehab
  • What Can Be Treated?
  • The Addiction Rehabilitation Process
  • FAQs About Addiction Rehabilitation

Explore Treatment Options Now

6613 N. Scottsdale Rd. Ste 200
Scottsdale, Arizona 85250 More Info

37 Sunset Inn Road
Lafayette, New Jersey 07848 More Info

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Global Hospitality Management Degree – Les Roches #bachelor #degree #in #hospitality #management


BBA in Global Hospitality Management

Grab your passport, pack your bags!

This hospitality business management degree offers you a global study rotation with your classmates through our campuses in Switzerland, China and Spain.

You ll develop first-hand knowledge of service culture and business practice of these key tourism markets and learn what it means to be cross-culturally fluent.

International exposure will give you a unique advantage to your career. Just over half (56%) industry managers based in luxury hotels prefer graduates who have trained in more than a single country (TNS Survey 2013).

3.5 Duration (Years)

2 Intakes (Jan/July)

2 Internships (2×6 months)


Semester 1 – Switzerland

The first semester in Switzerland will introduce you to hotel operations using the rigorous Swiss methods to achieve impeccable service quality. At the same time, you will begin to explore hospitality as a field of international management and cultural diversity.

  • Rooms Division Operations
  • Cleaning Science and Food Hygiene
  • Intro to International Hospitality Business
  • Purchasing and Control
  • French/Mandarin/Spanish (business industry relevant)
  • Academic Writing or Professional English
  • Maths or Information Technology




In China, you will learn about the operational and cultural aspects of managing restaurants and rooms division. At the same time, you will study Asian culture and develop cross-cultural communication skills that are indispensable for international management positions.

  • F B Service Techniques CBL
  • Principles of Bar and Beverage
  • Service Concepts
  • Rooms Division Management
  • Asian Studies
  • Human Nutrition and Food
  • Effective Communication
  • Spanish 1 or Mandarin 2, Spanish 2




During the semester in Spain, you will learn how a 5-star hotel restaurant produces delicious international cuisine while delving deeper into core business practices for global service organizations.

  • Craft-based Learning – Kitchen and Pastry
  • Culinary Concepts
  • International Accounting
  • Hospitality Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Spanish 1, French 1 or Spanish 2, French 2 or Spanish 3
  • Economics
  • Gastronomy of Spain




Your first internship will allow you to exercise your operational skills in an international hospitality organization.

You will gain real-life work experience in core hospitality departments such as F B (restaurant, kitchen, banqueting) and Rooms Division (Front office, housekeeping).




When you return to Switzerland you will have a broad base of hospitality skills, cultural knowledge and international experience. Semester 5 will take you to the next level with strategic management courses for international hospitality organizations.

  • Revenue and Pricing Management
  • Management Science
  • Corporate Events and Hospitality
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Research Methods
  • Leading Multinational Teams
  • Anthropology of Tourism
  • Food Beverage Management



In the second internship, you will exercise your skills in administration, project management, time management and communication.

It can be done in cross-training or any department.


Age – Normally 18 years old and above. Applicants can be under the age of 18 provided they are 18 when they finish their first semester of study.

Education – A High School Diploma or equivalent. Students must have completed a minimum of 12 years of education (pre-school doesn t count), within which at least 3 years of high school education supported by an official Certificate / Diploma. Complete information on the school, including school transcript of grades 10, 11 and 12 and/or certificate of public examination with an explanatory note of the grading system should be provided.

English Qualification – If you are not a native English speaker, or if you have not spent the last 3 years in an English-taught school, please enclose one of the following:

  • TOEFL: Minimum score of 525 points for the paper based test and 70 on the Internet Based Test (IBT). The TOEFL testing code number for Les Roches is 9827.
  • Cambridge First Certificate Exam (FCE): Grade C – Please also send the statement of results with your detailed profile.
  • IELTS. Academic Module minimum Overall Band Score of 5.5 and at least 5.0 in each discipline (listening, reading, writing, speaking).
  • All English certificates must have been issued in the last 12 months prior to admission.
  • If you do not meet the above English language requirements, you have the possibility of registering on our Intensive English language program to acquire the entry English level.

Reasons to choose this program

The Global Degree is one of our most popular program – a unique bachelor program that you won t find at any other hospitality business school in the world. It s been put together in collaboration with industry experts to prepare you for a global career. You can t find this tailored combination of hands-on learning, academic study and international exposure anywhere else. It gives you more experiences, and more opportunities too.


Upon graduation, you will be ready to take on the world, because you have experienced it first-hand. The program lets you study and travel in up to five different countries, alongside students from over 90 nationalities, and, if you wish, learn three new languages. This translates to an instant competitive advantage when you are going for your dream job

You will study in Switzerland, China and Spain, and you will have your classmates with you all along. Keeping the group together means you get the chance to build a unique network, and share all the unforgettable experiences with your friends. Also, you don t have to start making friends from scratch at each new campus.

The staff at Les Roches is here to help you get the most out of your education. That s why we provide a complete service package to handle all your accommodation, visa and residence processes. You can focus on your degree without the added stress of having to solve every single practical aspect of your studies.


We are proud to have industry partnerships with top-tier establishments in hospitality and beyond, all over the globe. On our Swiss campus alone, more than 130 companies visit and recruit our students each year. Whether looking for that perfect internship or deciding how to launch your career, at Les Roches you will have access to some of the world s most exciting companies.

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Online Colleges in California #free #universities #in #california


2016 Directory of Online Colleges and Universities in California

California has more than 619 post-secondary institutions, of which 131 offer online programs. Of these accredited online colleges, 21 are public four-year colleges or universities and 20 are public community or technical colleges and 90 are private colleges, universities, or career and vocational schools. These schools offer 3,544 online certificate programs, 19,044 online associate programs, 11,906 online bachelor s programs, 7,821 online master s programs, 9,869 online professional programs, and 2,048 online doctoral programs. Fashion, ESL, and business writing are examples of subjects offered by these programs.



Of the online colleges in California, National University. a 4-year research university, offers 86 online programs.The UC school system, long seen as the weathervane for global trends in higher education, provides UCOnline. offering classes to students seeking the prestige and faculty that UC provides. Governor Jerry Brown has even pledged $37 million toward online initiatives.

Job Outlook

The state has approximately 14 million employed workers. The average wage in California is more than the national average. Employees in California earn an average annual income of $50,730 while the national average annual income is $42,871. The median income for employees is $37,870 per year, with the top 10 percent earning over $98,420 per year and the bottom 10 percent earning under $18,750 per year.

Job opportunities in professional and business services, information-based work, construction, financial activities, education and health services, and hospitality and government have all increased. In fact, California continues to add jobs at a faster pace than the national rate, particularly in Southern California. Because high home costs come with living in the state, many of these recent gains are skewed toward higher-earning workers, particularly educated and trained laborers residing in urban settings.


Tuition for online college courses varies based on factors including the type and location of the institution as well as the program. The average in-state tuition at the public four-year colleges and universities in California was $6,406 per year. On average, tuition at public community and technical colleges was $769 per year. Yearly tuition at private accredited online colleges ranged from $4,320 to $40,384.

Scholarship Directory


California online schools are accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. One of six institutional accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, it’s a federally recognized body providing assurance to students and parents that participating schools meet clear quality standards for educational and financial performance. It’s also the criterion students need to be eligible, apply for, and receive federal financial aid to subsidize the costs of your education.

Distance Learning Resources

  • Is Online Right for Me? Produced by CSU East Bay, this guide contains reflection questions prospective students to think about before embarking on their online education. It also includes a video presentation for “students who are serious about their success.”
  • California Career Resource Network is California’ college and career planning system. Use this information to handle the nuts and bolts of your work life, including planning budgets, identifying your professional interests and career pathways, and familiarizing yourself with the state’s employment data.
  • California Reality Check plans and manages your budget, especially as you start a degree program and its significant expenses related to your education.
  • California Career Zone is an online database customizable to your unique interests. Use this guide to help organize your career goals and identify the academic plan of action best able to help you achieve them.

More Information

California, named from a book, Las Sergas de Esplandian, by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo, is located in the Western region of the United States. The 3rd largest state in the country, it has an area of 163,695 square miles. It has an average annual temperature of about 53°F.

California has the largest population in the nation. It has an estimated population of 37,253,956 residents residing in its 58 counties. Approximately 43 percent of those living in California are less than 30 years old. With approximately 60 percent of its population identifying itself as belonging to a racial or ethnic minority group, the state has one of the most diverse populations in the US.

The capital city of California is Sacramento. However, with a population of 3,792,621 residents, Los Angeles is the state s largest city. Approximately 9.82 percent of the state s residents live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Other large cities in the state include San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, and Fresno.

As compared to residents in other states around the US, California residents normally have a lower than average level of education. According to the 2010 Census, approximately 13.5 percent of the state s residents over the age of 25 have completed high school, 3.9 percent have at least an associate degree, 2.9 percent have degrees at the bachelor s level or higher, and 1 percent hold a graduate level degree.

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SunTrust Bank Review – Banks in Richmond, VA – BBB Business Review – BBB

#suntrust business banking


BBB Accreditation

A BBB Accredited Business since

BBB has determined that SunTrust Bank meets BBB accreditation standards. which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Businesses pay a fee for accreditation review/monitoring and for support of BBB services to the public.

BBB accreditation does not mean that the business’ products or services have been evaluated or endorsed by BBB, or that BBB has made a determination as to the business’ product quality or competency in performing services.

Reason for Rating

Factors that raised the rating for SunTrust Bank include:

  • Length of time business has been operating
  • Complaint volume filed with BBB for business of this size
  • Response to 880 complaint(s) filed against business
  • Resolution of complaint(s) filed against business

Industry Ratings Comparison | Chart

Customer Complaints Summary Read complaint details

880 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 373 closed in last 12 months

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