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Information on this website is provided by Hymas Investment Management as a public service. Only certain information regarding each issue is reported here and important information regarding the issues may be available in the prospectus for the issue and not reported here. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information on this site is accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. If you find an error, let me know and get a free copy of PrefLetter. Some information may have been simplified [see, for example, the discussion of Retraction ] for analytical convenience; users are urged to verify the summary information provided on this site with the prospectus prior to taking investment action. Nothing in this website should be taken as a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any securities; please consult your personal financial advisors. Hymas Investment Managment and/or its clients may from time to time have long or short positions in the securities discussed on this website.


Instruments listed with the row highlighted in red are no longer tracked by HIMIPref , but highlighting is not complete as of 2013-8-22.

For issues not listed here, visit PrefBlog. and use the Search function to find the ticker. It may have been mentioned!


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    When Do I Need a Business Lawyer for My Small Business? #business #applications

    #business lawyer


    When Do I Need a Business Lawyer for My Small Business?

    Among the countless worries for entrepreneurs who are starting or are already running a small business is the question of whether they need a business lawyer. The perception is that attorneys charge high rates and many small businesses don’t have much, if any, extra capital with which to pay lawyers. As a result, most small business owners only hire an attorney experienced with business matters when confronted with a serious legal problem (e.g. you’re sued by a customer). However, legal help is a cost of doing business that often saves you money and helps your business in the long run.

    While you certainly don’t need an attorney for every step of running your business, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure. This article will explain when you can cover legal issues on your own or with minimal attorney assistance and when you will definitely need a business lawyer.

    Issues You Can Handle on Your Own

    There are certain matters that are fairly straightforward and/or not unduly difficult to learn and therefore do not require the services of an attorney who charges at least $200 per hour. There are enough expenses associated with running a business, why not save yourself a load of money and do it yourself if you can?

    The following is a list of some tasks that business owners should consider taking on themselves (with the aid of self-help resources, online and in print):

    • Writing a business plan
    • Researching and picking a name for your business (previously trademarked business names can be researched online)
    • Reserving a domain name for your website
    • Creating a legal partnership agreement, limited liability company (LLC) operating agreement, or shareholder’s agreement (see Choosing a Legal Structure )
    • Applying for an employer identification number (EIN), which you will need for employee tax purposes
    • Applying for any licenses and permits the business requires
    • Interviewing and hiring employees (there are federal and state antidiscrimination laws which regulate the hiring of employees)
    • Submitting necessary IRS forms
    • Documenting LLC meetings
    • Hiring independent contractors and contracting with vendors
    • Creating contracts for use with customers or clients
    • Creating a buy-sell agreement with partners
    • Updating any partnership, LLC, or shareholder’s agreements under which you are currently operating
    • Handling audits initiated by the IRS

    The above is not an exhaustive list of legal tasks which small business owners can do on their own. It should be stated that if your business is well-funded or you feel that you need the assistance of an attorney, you can always retain a lawyer to help you with everything listed above.

    Issues Where You Will Need a Business Lawyer

    Most of the issues outlined above can be handled by any intelligent business owner (if you can run a business, you can certainly fill out IRS forms or fill in boilerplate business forms). There are times, however, when a business faces issues that are too complex, too time consuming, or fraught with liability issues. At that point,the wisest move is to retain a business lawyer.

    A few examples include:

    • Former, current, or prospective employees suing on the grounds of discrimination in hiring, firing, or hostile work environment
    • Local, state, or federal government entities filing complaints or investigating your business for violation of any laws.
    • You want to make a special allocation of profits and losses or you want to contribute appreciated property to your partnership or LLC agreement
    • An environmental issue arises and your business is involved (even if your business didn’t cause the environmental problem, you may be penalized)
    • Negotiating for the sale or your company or for the acquisition of another company or its assets

    An Ounce of Prevention

    While you certainly need to retain an attorney for the serious issues above, your emphasis should be placed on preventing such occurrences in the first place. Prevention does not necessarily involve hiring an attorney, though consulting with one wouldn’t hurt. By the time you or your business is sued, the preventable damage has been done and the only question that remains is how much you’ll be paying in attorney’s fees, court fees, and damages.

    For example, by the time a prospective employee files a lawsuit claiming gender discrimination based in part upon questions posed at the job interview, all you can do is hire an attorney to defend the lawsuit. If, on the other hand, you had done your own research on anti-discrimination laws, or you had consulted an attorney beforehand, you would have known not to inquire as to whether the applicant was pregnant or planned on becoming pregnant. The small effort at the beginning of the process would save you an enormous headache later.

    To prevent unnecessary attorney costs at the inception of your business as well as tremendous costs after a lawsuit has been filed, you might consider a consultation arrangement with an attorney. Such an arrangement would entail you doing most of the legwork of research and the attorney providing legal review or guidance.

    For example, you might use self help and online sources to create a contract with a vendor and ask an attorney to simply review and offer suggestions. Or from the previous example, you might research types of questions to ask during an interview and then send the list to an attorney for his or her approval. This way, you prevent the potential headache later and the cost to you is minimal because you’ve already done most of the work and the attorney simply reviews the document.

    Find the Right Attorney for Your Business Needs

    You won’t need a lawyer for each and every legal issue that comes up in your business. But when you do, it’s good to know where to find the right one. Check FindLaw’s legal directory for a business and commercial law attorney near you.

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    How to Figure Out How Much You re Getting Back on Your Taxes #how


    How to Figure Out How Much You’re Getting Back on Your Taxes

    If you’re self-employed, you make quarterly estimated tax payments.

    During the year, you make estimated tax payments through if you are self-employed or own your own business, based on how much you expect to owe the IRS at the end of the year. However, this number rarely matches what you owe exactly, so most people end up either owing the IRS money or being eligible for a refund of the excess paid during the year. If you claimed less allowances than you were entitled to on your W-4 form, your chances of getting a refund are greater because more money was withheld during the year.

    Step 1

    Add up all of your taxable income from your various sources. Each of your employers should send you a document showing your taxable income; as well as how much, if any, income was withheld from your paycheck for estimated taxes. If you are an employee, you should receive a W-2. Independent contractors should receive a 1099, and interest payments made to you during the year will be documented with a 1099-INT.

    Step 2

    Subtract the value of any deductions that you are entitled to reduce your taxable income. When checking your eligibility, make sure you qualify based on your filing status and adjusted gross income. Also check to see whether the deduction is an above-the-line deduction, meaning you can take it on top of the standard deduction, or an itemized deduction, which means you must give up the standard deduction to take it.

    Step 3

    Calculate your tax bill based on the tax rates for the year. Your tax rates will vary based on your income level and your filing status. For example, in 2012, if you have $41,000 of taxable income and your filing status is single, your tax bill would be $6,286. However, if your filing status is married filing jointly, your tax bill would only be $5,284.

    Step 4

    Subtract any tax credits from your tax total that you are eligible to take. Unlike deductions, which reduce your taxable income, tax credits reduce the amount of tax you owe. The remainder will be your total tax bill.

    Step 5

    Subtract the amount of taxes you have had withheld and estimated payments you have made during the year. If the result is a negative amount, that is the amount you will be getting back on your taxes. For example, if your tax bill was $4,900 but you had $5,600 withheld during the year, you would be entitled to a refund of $700 when you filed your tax return.


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    File An Online IRS Tax Extension #i #owe #the #irs


    E-File Your Tax Extension with the IRS

    • Founded in 1997, we are the industry pioneers!
    • It’s simple and secure — extend online in just minutes
    • Personal extensions now only $29.95!
    • Avoid late filing penalties with an IRS-approved extension
    • State tax extensions also available

    Individuals — Tax Extension Form 4868

    • 1040 Federal Income Tax Returns
    • 1099 Independent Contractors
    • Sole Proprietorships (Schedule C)
    • Single-Member LLCs
    • Now only $29.95!

    Businesses — Tax Extension Form 7004

    • C-Corporations
    • Multi-Member LLCs
    • S-Corporations
    • Trusts and Estates
    • Partnerships
    • Now only $34.95!

    What Makes TaxExtension.com the Industry Leader in Tax Extensions?

    Knowledge + Experience

    Established in 1997, we are pioneers in online federal tax extensions with the most experienced team in the industry. We’ve made it our mission to specialize in tax jargon so you don’t have to.

    Protecting Your Data

    As an Authorized IRS e-file Provider, we are committed to keeping your personal information secure. Our website undergoes intensive security scans every day to protect your privacy.

    Customer Support Team

    Our goal is to make your life easier and our federal tax extension experts are here to help. Contact us by email, phone, or even chat live with a TaxExtension.com representative.

    BBB Accreditation

    TaxExtension.com has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the renowned business rating service. We are proud to help set the standard for online tax extensions.

    The Advantages of Using TaxExtension.com

    Only E-File Gets You IRS Email Confirmation

    Did you know? Only those who e-file their federal tax extension will receive a confirmation email showing the status of their extension. Taxpayers who apply for an extension by mailing a paper form are not told if the IRS has approved (or even received) their application — they are only notified if their tax extension has been denied.

    A Trusted Resource

    TaxExtension.com is an Authorized IRS e-file Provider with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We protect our customers with state-of-the-art privacy and security technology, and we work directly with the IRS to get you approved. Our comprehensive site also features a number of educative articles. making us the top resource for online tax extensions.

    Pay Your Taxes Online

    Remember that a tax extension does not give you more time to pay your taxes. Therefore, TaxExtension.com makes it easy for you to get an extension and pay your federal taxes all in one place. Avoid IRS penalties by e-filing your tax extension with us and you can electronically pay the tax you owe via EFT (direct withdrawal from your bank account).

    We’re Here for You Every Step of the Way

    Our dedicated support team is here to ensure that your federal income tax extension is filled out correctly and submitted successfully. You can contact a TaxExtension.com representative via email, phone, or even live chat. In the unlikely event that your extension request is denied, don’t panic! We will help you fix any mistakes and resubmit your tax extension at no extra charge. See our customer testimonials.

    Check the Status of Your Tax Extension

    Our system is updated every day with official IRS records, providing you with the most current and accurate information. As a TaxExtension.com customer, you can login anytime to view the status of your personal or business federal tax extension. We provide you with the tools to track your extension and the technology to keep your personal data safe.

    You Don’t Even Need a Reason!

    IRS tax extensions are automatic. which means you aren’t required to provide an explanation as to why you want an extension. The IRS will grant you an automatic extension as long as your information is submitted correctly and on time. At TaxExtension.com, our easy-to-use online application takes only minutes to complete. Get started now!

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    Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get Online Car Insurance Quotes #what #car #insurance #should #i


    Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Get Online Auto Insurance Quotes

    The Internet has made getting auto insurance quotes a lot easier. Rate-comparison websites let you see quotes from dozens of companies within minutes, or, with a bit more time, you can get rates directly from insurer websites.

    But just because it’s easy to get an online auto insurance quote doesn’t mean you should skip an appointment with an agent. Online quotes have their place, but some shoppers may be better off working face to face with an insurance agent.

    Have few assets? Online quoting is OK

    The less complicated your insurance needs, the more likely it is that online quoting will be sufficient.

    Who has less complicated insurance needs? “The single, young … or mortgageless,” says Chris Michaut of Jeff Williamson Insurance in Lebanon, Ohio.

    If the most expensive thing you own is your vehicle, getting quotes and buying online will get you a reasonable policy, Michaut adds.

    Buying online also is well suited to very price-sensitive insurance shoppers. “We have certain people call in … that are literally only looking for state minimum coverage. They are perfect candidates for online shopping,” says Scott Grimm of PPI West Insurance Services in Newport Beach, California.

    Own a home? Talk to an agent

    However, as you accumulate more assets, you may want to buy through an agent, says Scott Johnson of Marindependent Insurance Services in Mill Valley, California.

    Buying your first home is a good time to consider using an insurance agent, and as you build up assets, an agent’s services become more crucial. “Ever try running a quote online with six autos, two of which are used for business, one primary home, one vacation home and a $4 million umbrella [policy]?” Johnson asks.

    A quote that combines homeowners insurance, car insurance and umbrella coverage can be tough to manage correctly without an agent’s help. “As your net worth grows, the reasons multiply for you to be sued,” Johnson says.

    “Once you have equity, savings, stocks, bonds and money in checking, an accident can wipe it all out! That’s when an agent can be of the most use to assess your need,” Michaut says.

    Don’t have many assets? There are still reasons you might want to buy through an agent. Maybe you’re a little fuzzy on insurance terms, or maybe your situation is complex. If you have multiple tickets or claims, or use your vehicle for work, an agent can help you choose the best car insurance. Johnson says.

    Shop smart when buying insurance online

    Rate-comparison sites and and direct-to-consumer insurers, like Geico, can still be useful, even for homeowners. “It’s a great idea for everyone to shop around to make sure they’re getting a good deal,” Grimm says.

    But it’s important to keep that information in perspective. You can buy the right coverage online, Michaut says, but the key is knowing how much you need — and an agent can help with that.

    If you decide to get car insurance quotes online, know that saving on car insurance isn’t always the most important goal. Buying sufficient coverage — which often means buying more than the state minimums — is important. Michaut recommends liability limits of at least “50/100/50” — that is, a policy that covers $50,000 worth of bodily injury per person in one accident, a total of $100,000 worth of bodily injury per accident, and $50,000 worth of property damage liability.

    And know that the cheapest quote may be misleading. “People should have their existing coverages in front of them to compare every line item,” Grimm says. If your new quote is based on a much higher deductible or lower coverage amounts, you might be fooled into thinking it’s a better deal.

    “Don’t believe lowball numbers until [they’re] written in a bindable quote,” Johnson suggests. Shoppers can also help themselves by asking about additional fees and charges — for example, whether it costs more to pay premiums monthly rather than annually or semiannually. And “don’t use your car until you receive documents that say you are … covered,” he adds.

    Image via iStock.

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    Commercial vs Personal Auto Insurance #do #i #need #commercial #or #personal #insurance?, #progressive #commercial


    Commercial vs Personal Auto Insurance

    Commercial insurance vs personal insurance

    Not sure whether you need a personal or commercial auto insurance policy? Here are some things to consider when deciding what kind of insurance policy you need.

    1. Who Owns and Drives the Vehicle – If your vehicle is owned by a business, most likely, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy. If you’re a sole proprietor, you might only need a personal auto insurance policy. The type of policy you need also depends on how often the vehicle is used and what it’s used for.
    2. How the Vehicle is Used – If you use your vehicle for business purposes, you’ll probably need a commercial auto insurance policy. If you’re a sole proprietor who only travels to 1 or 2 job sites a day, or just use your vehicle for commuting, you might only need a personal auto insurance policy.
    3. The Type and Weight of the Vehicle – If the vehicle you drive is heavier than a normal size pickup or SUV, like a dump truck, tow truck, or semi truck and commercial trailer, you might require a commercial auto insurance policy. Heavy duty vehicles can cause more damage if they’re involved in an accident and sometimes require special insurance coverages.
    4. Required Business Liability Limits – If your business vehicle requires higher liability limits, you will probably need a commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial auto insurance policies typically offer higher limits than personal auto insurance policies.

    Visit ProgressiveCommercial.com and use our handy commercial vs personal auto insurance tool to help you choose what type of insurance you need. You’ll answer 5 easy questions and get an online recommendation instantly.

    To speak with one of our licensed insurance representatives to help you decide, simply call the number on the screen.

    How to determine if you need commercial auto insurance

    Personal auto insurance policies can provide enough auto insurance coverage for some businesses, especially if you’re also driving your vehicle for personal use. However, if you require specific commercial auto insurance coverages, high Liability insurance limits, operate an unusual vehicle, haul special equipment, transport goods or people, or have other special needs, then you’ll need commercial auto insurance.

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    How can I report duplicate business pages? #grants #for #business

    #business pages


    How can I report duplicate business pages?

    A business location should be listed only once on Yelp. If a business has multiple locations, each individual location should be listed separately (although there may be exceptions – for example, a food truck that appears in different parts of town on different days can have a single business page). If you notice that there are multiple pages on Yelp for the same business location, you can let us know by submitting a report.

    Yelpers Business Owners

    From the website (www.yelp.com)

    1. Find the business page
    2. Click the Edit link:

    3. Check the This is a duplicate of another business on Yelp box at the bottom
    4. Provide your email if you’re not logged in to a user account
    5. Provide a link to the duplicate business page(s) and any further information
    6. Click Submit Changes

    From an iPhone

    1. Find the business page
    2. Tap the More Options icon:

    3. Tap Edit Business
    4. In the Notes field, let our moderators know that the page is a duplicate
    5. Tap Done
    6. Tap Submit

    From an Android

    1. Find the business page
    2. Tap the Overflow Menu:

    3. Tap Edit Business
    4. In the Notes field, let our moderators know that the page is a duplicate
    5. Tap Done
    6. Tap Submit

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    5 Things to Do Before Saying I Do to a Business Partner #business #school

    #business partner


    5 Things to Do Before Saying ‘I Do’ to a Business Partner

    CEO Founder, Deborah Mitchell Media Associates

    September 24, 2014

    As an entrepreneur, you may at some point consider getting a business partner or co-founder. Maybe you miss working with a larger team that complements your skills, or perhaps you are trying to broaden your market or expand your clientele. Whatever your motive, you should know that business partnerships always start with excitement, but have the potential to end tumultuously. When forming a business partnership — just like a marriage — there are certain key steps to take at the beginning that will help in the transition if your professional relationship should end.

    1. Perform due diligence. Yes, everyone is fun over cocktails, but when the time comes to sign contracts and do business, you d better be sober and confident you re shaking the right hand. Asking for referrals about a potential partner goes beyond contacting common friends and asking their opinions. Call former partners and business associates, inquire with clients, read comments on their social media pages and look them up on Google. (Keep reading way past page one of the search results.)

    By the time you re done, you should be able to name anyone who dislikes them — from their first high-school enemy to their latest unhappy client. Only then will you be able to either take a calculated risk or a major step back.

    2. Make sure you lawyer up. If the legal fees in the beginning of a business relationship don t make you wince, then you re doing something wrong. When you partner with other people, every aspect of the business relationship should be put down in writing — including the goals for the company, duties and responsibilities of the partners and an exit strategy. Every sentence of a contract — no matter how innocuous — should be looked at by a lawyer. Since tax laws can be tricky, have your accounts receivable/payable arrangements scrutinized by an accountant.

    3. Ensure you have exit strategy. Ending your business partnership is the last thing you want to think about when you are beginning one. It is similar to thinking about divorce on your wedding day, but you should have a plan. The business exit strategy should include several legal points including the division of the business assets and how the partner s portion of the business will be handled in case of death.

    4. Protect yourself. One of the smartest moves you can make is to protect your personal assets in case of a lawsuit. Whether you choose to incorporate or become an LLC, the top benefit will be shielding your savings, home, car and even your favorite pair of Louboutins from any liabilities associated with the business.

    5. Protect your brand. Joining forces with a partner takes a lot of energy, and chances are that somewhere down the line you will lose your focus. Working for a common goal within a new team is really exciting but merging forces does not necessarily mean merging identities. Don t lose sight of who you are. If part of the original business plan is to maintain your brand, make sure it doesn t suffer while you re giving all your time and energy to your new endeavor.

    When you meet a potential partner, your personalities may click and your goals may be identical but to have a successful relationship, clarity is key. The more precautions you take in the beginning, the happier and more productive you will be later on. And the day you see that the team you ve tried to build has become nothing more that a group of people looking in different directions, then it s time to part ways and move on.

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    How do I fund, or raise finance, for a franchise in the UK? #discount

    #franchise loans


    Franchise Banks

    whichfranchise Finance

    For over 18 years, whichfranchise has been providing prospective franchisees in the UK with information and advice on funding a franchise. We have, and continue to work with some of the leading banks in franchising as well as other franchise finance specialists. In our dedicated section to franchise funding you can enquire about how much money you can borrow as well as how to approach a bank for finance, you can put any franchise finance related questions you have to one of the leading franchise specialist bankers in the UK, identify the true cost of buying a franchise and the importance of having a business plan and what should be included in it.

    Enquire about funding a franchise

    If you are interested in a franchise and wish to find out more about how much money you can borrow towards it, you can contact Lloyds Bank franchise division for further information and/or an informal chat. Click here to contact Lloyds Bank

    Funding a franchise advice

    Buying a franchise is a big step and, in a lot of cases, a big investment for most. It is vital that you check how much finance is available to you. Knowing this will also help with your decision as to which franchises are available within your budget. Read more about how to raise finance and funding options available to you

    Franchise business plan

    The business plan has two main purposes – obtaining finance from the bank and clarifying your aims and objectives. Here we look at the importance of the business plan and what should be included in it. Read more


    Find out how much money you can borrow

    Ask the finance expert

    Richard Holden – Lloyds Bank

    Richard Holden is Head of Franchising for Lloyds Bank. He has 32 years banking experience and has supported a wide range of businesses in the small business sector for many years. He is responsible for providing support to the Lloyds Bank Business Managers, assisting them in assessing proposals from prospective franchisees. He is also responsible for ensuring that the network of local business managers has up-to-date information on the franchise systems operating within the UK.

    Cost of a franchise

    When looking at the cost of a franchise it can sometimes be confusing with talk of franchisee fees, deposits, average cost etc. In this section we look at how to identify the total costs of a franchise including explaining the difference between franchise fee, deposits, working capital, as well as how to verify a franchisor’s projections.

    • Real cost of investing in a franchise
    • Franchise deposits
    • Franchise fees
    • Evaluating financial aspects of a franchise
    • How to verify a franchisor’s projections

    How to approach a bank for finance

    When it comes to financing a business start-up, banks are favorable to franchising. The regard lending to prospective franchisees looking at well-structured ethical franchise systems a safer option than someone starting from scratch on their own.

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    Create Your Own Android or iPhone App in 5 min! #how #to #make #an


    Registration Error

    Learn How to Create an App

    Everything you need
    to build your mobile app

    With iBuildApp App Maker, one mobile app is all it takes to reach your customers. You can develop a single app for iPhone, Android phones and tablets. iBuildApp App Builder software allows businesses to develop mobile apps in a matter of minutes, no coding required! Free Android apps, easy drag and drop, 1000s templates, 24/5 support and more.

    The Top Features for Your Company Mobile App



    eCommerce Store

    Shopping Cart


    Fan Wall

    Custom Form

    Loyalty Cards

    Google Calendar


    Photos & Instagram


    Features to Grow your Business

    Promotional Tools

    We provide tools to help you promote your app. QR codes, social channels and embedded links.


    Manage your app’s performance and useage with analytics reporting.


    Reach your customers with your app’s built-in notification feature. Deliver deals, reminders and more.

    Ad Revenue

    Earn money with your app by activating ads. Build your audience and earn money every time they use your app.

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