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Human Resources Assistant: Job Description, Duties and Requirements #human #resources #assistant: #job #description, #duties


Human Resources Assistant: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Essential Information

Human resources assistants are primarily responsible for maintaining employee records. These assistants may perform additional job duties, especially tasks involved with hiring employees. Human resources assistants need only a high school education to begin a career in this field. Strong computer and interpersonal skills are also necessary. These workers often receive on-the-job training.

Job Description

High school diploma or equivalent; associate or bachelor’s degrees often preferred

Human resource management, business, or a related field

On-the-job training available

Computer software, data entry, communications, and basic office skills; ability to work with confidential information

Job Outlook (2014-2024)

Median Annual Salary (2015)

$38,100 (for human resource assistants, except those involved with timekeeping and payroll)

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Human resources assistants, also called HR assistants, are generally assigned to help HR directors and managers keep track of employee information. This information could include an employee’s name, address, job title, compensation, tax withholding information, and benefits such as retirement and insurance plans. HR assistants also help with documentation concerning grievances, terminations, absences and performance reports.

Human resource assistants are also typically involved in recruiting, hiring or training new employees. Tasks could include posting job openings, gathering information from applicants, verifying prior employment, contacting references and letting applicants know whether they got the job. HR assistants also may answer questions from employees or the public concerning the company.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates human resources positions will continue to grow. Jobs for human resources specialists (a similar position) are expected to increase by 5% from 2014-2024. The Bureau reported that as of May 2015 the median salary for human resource assistants, except those involved with timekeeping and payroll, was $38,100 per year.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Human Resources Development
  • Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Labor Studies
  • Organizational Behavior

Job Duties

Human resources assistants may be required to complete a wide variety of duties. Common tasks include answering questions, opening mail, receiving and transferring phone calls, giving directions, creating and distributing documents and providing customer service. Assistants may be required to use either traditional paper filing systems in their work, or more commonly, a computer data entry system.

Other functions human resources assistants may fulfill include setting appointments, arranging meetings, maintaining calendars, copying files, entering data into computer systems and tracking payments or other financial information.

Assistants may also be required to write reports for their managers, compile spreadsheets and prepare presentations. Because they work with the public, human resource assistants must be able to present themselves well and have good communication skills. Assistants must also be aware of privacy concerns and the importance of keeping information confidential.

Education and Career Requirements

Most HR assistants have a minimum of a high school diploma or its equivalent. Some employers may prefer to hire applicants who have a bachelor’s degree in human resource management, business or a related field. Certificate and associate’s degree programs in human resource management are also available.

One important requirement that most human resources assistants must have is computer software and data entry skills. For human resource assistants who wish to advance to managerial positions, higher education and work experience may be important.

In summary, HR assistants need a minimum of a high school diploma and can expect to perform a variety of tasks from data entry to preparing reports and interacting with the public.

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A Human Resources Management Diploma program prepares students to coordinate employee relations for government, businesses or.

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Online and Classroom-Based Programs

  • Master
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership
      • Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership Online
      • Master of Business Administration
      • Master of Business Administration Online
  • Bachelor
      • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Human Resource Management – Online
      • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership
      • Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership Online
      • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
      • Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Online

Get Started with Judson University

10 Northcentral University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Masters degree applicants must have a Bachelors degree
  • Doctorate degree applicants must have a Masters degree
School locations:

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Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, Deakin, bachelor of science human services.#Bachelor #of #science


Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science



The Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science is nationally recognised and the field-leading degree of its type in Victoria. The major focus of the course and your learning is to improve performance, health and participation of individuals, athletes and teams through training, coaching and advice.

You will develop the expertise to become a professional leader in exercise and sport science, and have the opportunity to study the biology, technology, behaviour and best practices that underpin exercise and sport science.

Depending on your career aspirations and areas of interest, you could choose to focus your study in specialised streams such as coaching, exercise physiology, health promotion, sports nutrition, psychology, or physical activity and health.

This is the first and longest standing undergraduate course in Victoria with an accredited pathway to directly facilitate your capacity to register and practice as an Accredited Exercise Scientist with the peak national accrediting body, Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA).

Saved Course

You have saved Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science to your saved items where it can be compared against other courses and also shared. Access saved items in the top right hand corner of the navigation. Courses are saved with cookies. Learn more about them.

Key facts

Clearly-in ATAR 2017

Waurn Ponds: 60.70



Trimester 1

  • Start date: March
  • Available at:
    • Burwood (Melbourne)
    • Waurn Ponds (Geelong)

Trimester 2

  • Start date: July
  • Available at:
    • Burwood (Melbourne)
    • Waurn Ponds (Geelong)

Trimester 2 offering subject to availability of places

Deakin splits the academic year into three terms, known as trimesters. Most students usually undertake two trimesters each year (March-June, July-November).

Key information

Award granted

Estimated tuition fee – full-fee paying place

Estimated tuition fee – (CSP)

VTAC code

1400310381 – Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Commonwealth Supported Place (HECS)

1400314411 – Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Commonwealth Supported Place (HECS)

1400514411 – Burwood (Melbourne), Commonwealth Supported Place (HECS)

Deakin code



Approval status

Australian Quality Framework (AQF) recognition

Course Structure

Course structure applies for students who commenced in 2018 onwards. Students who commenced prior to 2018 should refer to previous online Handbooks or consult your course enrolment officer

To complete the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science students must attain 24 credit points. Most units (think of units as ‘subjects’) are equal to 1 credit point. in order to gain 24 credit points you will need to study 24 units (AKA ‘subjects’). Most students choose to study 4 units per trimester and usually undertaken two trimesters each year.

The course comprises 24 credit points which includes 16 core units (these are compulsory and 8 elective units (you can choose which ones to study).

Also, you can select elective units to form a major sequence. Majors can be selected from within the Faculty of Health or any other Faculty, subject to availability and pre-requisites. Majors may include applied sport science, exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, sport coaching, nutrition, physical activity and health, health promotion, management, sports nutrition, marketing, languages or media.

Campus mode Burwood (Melbourne) units only available to Burwood (Melbourne) based students.

Core units

Level 1 – Trimester 1

plus one elective unit (recommended from level 1)

Level 1 – Trimester 2

plus one elective unit (recommended from level 1)

Level 2 – Trimester 1

plus two elective units (recommended from level 1 or level 2)

Level 2 – Trimester 2

Level 3 – Trimester 1

plus two elective units (recommended from level 1 or level 2)

Level 3 – Trimester 2

plus two elective units (recommended from level 1 or level 2)

* Unit also available in Trimester 3 2017

Elective units

Exercise and Sport Science elective units

Electives are offered subject to availability of resources and quotas where applicable.

Level 1 – Trimester 1

Level 1 – Trimester 2

Level 2 – Trimester 1

Level 2 – Trimester 2

Level 3 – Trimester 1

Level 3 – Trimester 2

Major Sequences

Refer to the details of each major sequence for availability.

  • Exercise Physiology – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
  • Applied Sport Science – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
  • Physical Activity and Health – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool
  • Sports Nutrition – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
  • Sport Coaching – Burwood (Melbourne)
  • Strength and Conditioning – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
  • Psychology – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool, Cloud (online). Individual units may not be available on every campus
  • Nutrition – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong)
  • Health Promotion – Burwood (Melbourne), Waurn Ponds (Geelong), Warrnambool, Cloud (online)
  • Family, Society and Health – Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)
  • Disability and Inclusion – Burwood (Melbourne), Cloud (online)

Entry requirements

Deakin University offers admission to undergraduate courses through a number of Admission categories.

In all categories of admission, selection is based primarily on academic merit as indicated by an applicant’s previous academic record.

For more information on the Admission Criteria and Selection Policy visit the Deakin Policy Library.

Applicants should have successfully completed VCE, or equivalent, including Units 3 and 4: a study score of at least 30 in English (EAL) or at least 25 in English other than EAL.

Professional Recognition

Exercise and Sport Science Australia

The Burwood (Melbourne) campus was the first to achieve ESSA accreditation status in Victoria and recognises our long standing commitment to quality standards in education and curriculum delivery, while this accreditation was additionally awarded for the Waurn Ponds campus in 2015.

H343 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science students who have been awarded Credit for Prior Learning for non-university studies (such as credit for prior learning obtained via TAFE study or Deakin College) please note that you may not be eligible for immediate registration with ESSA. This does not mean that ESSA registration is not available to you. What it means is that registration is not automatically granted as a Deakin graduate from the H343 Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science course.

You can still apply to ESSA for membership but you will need to apply on your own directly to ESSA when you have completed your course. Application details can be found on the ESSA website, and you will be required to complete the non-NUCAP form. In the application you will need to demonstrate that you have met the exercise science knowledge and skills requirements.

Physical Activity Australia

Students can register with Physical Activity Australia (PAA) to be able to work as an Exercise Instructor by successfully completing the required specialisation unit sequence as part of the Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science course. This permits registration with PAA to a level equivalent to a Certificate III in Fitness and/or Certificate IV in Fitness. Specific requirements for registration are currently under review and the information will be available by the end of October 2017.

Career outcomes

As well as traditional roles in the sport, exercise, coaching and fitness industry, you may pursue employment in sports administration, facility management, community health and wellness, rehabilitation or sport science. Other employment opportunities include local and state government agencies, professional sporting bodies, hospital and rehabilitation clinics, fitness and aquatic centres, private health and recreation centres, or large business organisations. The degree is also a common pathway to postgraduate study in areas such as clinical exercise physiology, physiotherapy and research. Please refer to our School s Careers website for more information.

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A Career in Human Factors and Engineering Psychology #applied #psychology #positions, #professional #careers,,human #factors


A Career in Human Factors Psychology

Human factors and engineering psychology focuses on improving and adapting technology, equipment and work environments to complement human behavior and capabilities.

All About Human Factors and Engineering

Is using a hands-free telephone to make a call while driving any less dangerous then making the call with a hand-held device? That’s one example of a research question that human factors and engineering psychologists are trying to answer.

Human factors and engineering psychologists use scientific research to improve technology, consumer products, energy systems, telecommunication, transportation, decision-making, work settings and living environments. The goal of their work is to bring a better understanding of what people expect and how people interact with these products and technologies to create safer, more effective and more reliable systems.

What You Can Do

Human factors and engineering psychology offers many career paths. If you break it down to the relationship between people and machines, people and tasks, and people and environments, the possibilities become clearer.

These psychologists study how humans interact with machines and technology. They also study human traits and capacities like vision, attention and decision-making to help design machines and systems people can use correctly, safely and comfortably.

Human factors and engineering psychologists consult with architects and designers of consumer products like telephones, cameras and home appliances to determine such features as the size and placement of operating buttons on these devices.

They also inform strategies for the design of tools and workplace environments that are critical to performance and in many cases, personal safety. For example, human factors psychologists contribute research that guides the design of health care equipment and the layout of operating rooms to minimize the risk of medical errors.

Human factors and engineering psychologists work in academia and within government agencies — such as the U.S. Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and NASA — although the private sector makes up one of their largest areas of employment. Regardless of the sector where you work, there are many areas within human factors and engineering psychology to focus on, ranging from designing or improving navigation systems to mobile phones, medical equipment, military equipment, aviation technology, traffic systems, motor vehicles and office technology.

Making It Happen

While there are some entry-level opportunities available to those with a bachelor’s degree, most careers in brain science and cognitive psychology begin with a master’s or doctoral degree.

For psychologists with a master’s degree, career options exist in human performance research, such as testing how well a person who has not slept for many hours can remember a short story. They may also work in industrial and organizational psychology, and some with master’s degrees may be hired for certain teaching positions. Most of the work of master’s level professionals will be supervised by a doctoral level psychologist.

Most psychologists with doctoral degrees in brain science and cognition teach and conduct research in academia.

What You Can Earn

According to the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society’s 2005 Salary and Compensation Survey, starting salaries for human factors and engineering psychologists ranged from $48,000 to $75,367 annually. Private consultants with doctoral-level degrees earned an average of $179,160 per year. Salaries are highest for those employed in the private sector.

Doctoral-level engineering psychologists working at for-profit businesses earned an average of $111,368 in 2005, while those in academia earned an average of $92,614 annually and those in government earned an average of $107,314 annually. Those with master’s degrees earned $90,164 annually in business settings, $75,150 annually in university positions and $90,500 annually in government.

Helpful Resources

Division 21
APA’s Division 21: Applied Experimental and Engineering Psychology promotes the development and application of psychological principles, knowledge, and research to improve technology, consumer products, energy systems, communication and information, transportation, decision making, work settings and living environments.

Postgrad Growth Area: Engineering Psychology
A look at where the subfield of human factors and technology engineering is headed.

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Certified in Healthcare Human Resources #certified #human #resources #professional


Certified in Healthcare Human Resources

CHHR status provides both internal and external rewards. CHHRs enjoy the pride of recognition of being among the elite in a critical field of healthcare. And CHHR is a premier credential based on a sound assessment that provides distinction in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The CHHR Program has three components:

  • Eligibility requirements that are a blend of education and healthcare-specific experience, and profile the individual who is likely to be successful on the Certification Examination
  • A 110-item multiple-choice Certification Examination that tests tasks that are performed regularly in practice and are considered important to competent practice. 100 items are scored; 10 are pretest items used to collect data
  • A renewal requirement. Certification is valid for three years at which time it must be renewed through retaking and passing the Certification Examination or documenting 45 contact hours of continuing professional education

As the industry and job responsibilities evolve, test questions need to be revised to keep the exam current and relevant. These revisions are based on a job analysis survey completed by a large number of ASHHRA members.

The CHHR Examination Resource List contains a list of publications and websites that candidates may find useful to prepare for the Examination. Click here for the listing.

Candidate Handbook and Application The CHHR Candidate Handbook and Application contains eligibility requirements, a complete content outline for the Examination, sample test items, instructions on applying for the Examination, and an application. Download the pdf file of the CHHR Candidate Handbook and Application (24 pages), or request a copy from AMP at 888/519-9901.

The CHHR Self-Assessment Examination is an online study tool that parallels the CHHR Certification Examination in format, content and cognitive levels. Development of the CHHR SAE was supported by TIAA.

To see some sample questions representative of those on the CHHR SAE, complete the CHHR SAE Demo. If you are already certified, complete the CHHR SAE for five (5) hours reportable toward CHHR Certification renewal requirements.

Click here to purchase the SAE by credit card.

Renewal Application Instructions – The CHHR Renewal Application Instructions describes provisions for certification renewal and criteria for acceptable continuing professional education. Download the CHHR Renewal Application Instructions (4 pages).

The CHHR Examination is administered at AMP Assessment Centers. Apply online here .
The AHA Certification Center contracts with Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. (AMP) for exam administration and other services.

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Human Resources Training – Seminars Online, Lorman Education Services, Lorman Education Services, online courses


Account Home

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Training Topics


All of your Human Resources training needs with Live Webinars, OnDemand Webinars, and Bookstore products

Whether you’re a Human Resources manager or a business owner, managing Human Resources can be a daunting task. Employee and employer rules and regulations can be confusing and often leave a business vulnerable or potentially at legal risk. Today’s HR professionals must be well-versed in areas such as employment law, workplace safety, staffing and the latest technologies that impact the HR role. This makes ongoing Human Resources education and training an absolute necessity.

  • Employment rules and regulations
  • Benefits Administration & Compliance
  • Workers Compensation Policies & Laws
  • Payroll Fundamentals & Compliance
  • Recruiting & On-boarding
  • Organizational & Employee Development
  • Staffing Management
  • New HR Technologies
  • Safety, OSHA and Employee Security

View more Human Resources training products

View more Human Resources resources

Lorman Education Services is your one-stop resource for all of your Human Resources management training needs. We focus our Human Resources (HR) training courses and products on keeping you and your business compliant and more importantly moving in the right direction. You’ll find a wide assortment of informative HR training webinars and courses covering all of the topics that are pertinent in today’s work environment. Learn about the various issues that HR professionals face on a daily basis, and discover the best methods for managing them effectively.

Our HR training courses also help you stay up to date with your SHRM requirements or HRCI credit requirements. These respected designations validate your expertise as a Human Resources professional. They’re also highly valued by employers — they can open the door to career advancement opportunities and boost your earning potential. Our Human Resources webinars and courses provide a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain your certification.

At Lorman, we understand that taking time out of a busy day to attend an in-person training class is not a viable option for many HR professionals. That’s why we offer Human Resources training online. Many of our Human Resource seminars are presented in the form of live webinars that you can access via your office computer. If you’re unable to attend the live event, all of our webinars are available for purchase in recorded formats.

Get all of your training, right here at Lorman. By purchasing an All-Access Pass, you’ll have valuable Human Resources education and training materials available at your fingertips. In addition to the live webinars, the All-Access Pass is your ticket to informative on-demand webinars, recordings, publications and more.

Pay once and get a full year of unlimited training in any format, any time!

  • Live Webinars
  • OnDemand Webinars
  • MP3 Downloads
  • Course Manuals Audio Recordings*
  • Executive Reports
  • White Papers and Articles
  • Sponsored Live Webinars

Why Choose Lorman for Your Human Resources Management Training Needs?

Lorman Education Services has been providing high quality, affordable continuing education programs for more than 28 years. During that time, we have helped more than 1.4 million professionals fulfill their education requirements and achieve their career goals. We work closely with nearly 600 credit agencies to ensure that our programs continue to meet all continuing education certification requirements. We can provide customized training programs that meet the needs of our business. You can also count on complete support from our dedicated Customer Response Team.

Contact Us for More Information About Our HR Training Seminars and Resources Today

Get the Human Resources education and training you need to remain compliant in today’s highly regulated HR environment. You can also enhance your career prospects – all in one place. Contact Lorman Education Services to learn more about our training opportunities today!

Unlimited Training With the All-Access Pass

All of your training, right here at Lorman.

Pay once and get a full year of unlimited training in any format, any time!

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Hr certification programs online #human #resources #training, #hr #training, #cobra #training, #fmla #certification, #fmla


HR Training Programs

Award-Winning Training Certification Programs

Welcome to HRcertification.com! Since the mid-90’s we’ve provided training for HR and Insurance professionals – from small, independent companies to large TPAs like John Hancock, ADP, United Health Care, and more – on how to administer 401(k), Defined Benefit, FMLA, ADA, COBRA, Cafeteria Plan, Payroll, and other of the federally-mandated compliance areas.

Each of these courses use our award winning, easy-to-use interface that includes numerous Administrative Tips, Procedural Recommendations, and Interactive Quizzes (with answer rationale to help ensure learning), access via the Internet allows you to study at your pace and access materials 24x7x365, plus FREE updates whenever the law changes! Students can also take the included exam for earning a “Certified Administrator” designation!

And because each student – and his or her manager – can see any incorrectly answered exam questions, these courses also are great for Third Party Administrators, Benefit Department Managers, or CFOs who seek satisfaction knowing that their administrators are properly trained and up to date on all required compliance issues! We even offer a “Certified TPA Program” for Third Party Administrators!

Click on any Program title below to see more information about that Program.

  • Individuals improve their knowledge and performance levels.
  • Managers have a quick, easy, and trusted way to train key personnel in compliance-required areas.
  • Owners and Managers receive quantitative knowledge that the individuals assigned to perform administration are properly trained via course completion and Certification testing.
  • Programs help meet “ongoing training requirements” under Federal regulations.
  • Programs qualify for eight hours of PHR and SPHR re-certification credits.

Notify me when new courses become available!

Become A “Certified TPA”!

Earn a “Certified TPA” designation in your area of expertise! Click here for details.

* Users needing proof of course completion for re-certification credits or other reasons must complete the training portion of the program, plus take and pass the Certification Test.

HRcertification.com provides extensive online human resource training through their many human resource classes, including HIPAA training, HIPAA certification, HIPAA privacy training, ADA training, FMLA certification, COBRA training, FLSA training, 401k training, cafeteria plan tranining, FMLA training, OSHA certification, and many other HR training courses.

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Planning Courses, Degrees & Courses, La Trobe University #planning, #society, #council, #local #council, #government,



You can also get updates on our courses and upcoming events via email.

Why study Planning?

If you care about the neighbourhood you live in, the time it takes to get to work, or just the fact that water from your tap is drinkable, then you care about planning. Planning gives you the opportunity to change the way we live for the better by studying our local environments, cities, geography and community priorities.

Australia is currently experiencing a shortage of qualified planners, and graduates enjoy excellent starting salaries and work prospects. Our graduates work in local and state government, private firms, research organisations and regional authorities.


La Trobe designs its courses with your future career in mind and partners with a range of professional organisations for accreditation and registration. Refer to the detail for each course below to see what professional registration and membership options exist. The Bachelor of Urban, Rural and Environmental Planning received the 2012 award for ‘Cutting Edge Teaching and Research’ based on our extensive fieldwork and international study tour program.

Sri Lankan study tour

Our students have opportunities to gain global experience on international field trips. In 2014, La Trobe students visited Sri Lanka, where in they worked alongside local students to conduct an urban design studio in southern province of Weligama. Students investigated the changing nature of the small town in response to its connection with the new Southern Expressway and the construction of a large international hotel at the small surfing beach.

Students also conducted a case study at Midigama Turkish Village a tsunami re-settlement village funded by the Turkish Government and Colombo, where they gained a deeper understanding of the city’s colonial architecture and modern forms. Read more about the trip at the International Planning Studio blog .

Sri Lanka 2014

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Law doctorate #law #and #economics, #jd/phd, #jd/phd #economics, #vanderbilt #jd/phd #economics, #phd/jd, #microeconomics, #joint


Ph.D. Program in Law Economics

Joint-degree students pursue a Ph.D. in law and economics and a J.D. concurrently in a fully integrated law and economics curriculum. The program is based in the Law School. Students are fully funded by a competitive package of fellowship support covering tuition and stipend for both degrees.

Our principal fields include law and economics, risk and environmental regulation, labor markets and human resources, and behavioral law and economics.

The Ph.D. Program in Law and Economics was featured in the Summer 2015 edition of Vanderbilt Law Magazine. Program co-directors, Joni Hersch and W. Kip Viscusi, and program graduate, Caroline Cecot, were interviewed for the article, available here .

Research Highlights

On July 20, 2017 Professor W. Kip Viscusi presented his keynote address, “Pricing Lives,” at the Economic Society of Australia 2017 Annual Conference of Economists in Sydney, Australia. His presentation was based on his forthcoming Princeton University Press book, Pricing Lives: Guideposts for a Safer Society.

Professor Paige Marta Skiba and 2017 graduate Jean Xiao ‘s paper “Consumer Litigation Funding: Just Another Form of Payday Lending? ” was published in June 2017 in Law and Contemporary Problems.

Professor Joni Hersch and Professor Jennifer Bennett Shinall ‘s article, “Something to Talk About: Information Exchange Under Employment Law ,” was published in the December 2016 issue of the University of Pennsylvania Law Review. This article provides the first ever evidence that concealing personal information lowers female applicants’ hiring prospects and has received international media attention including New York Times. Bloomberg. Slate. NPR On Point. The Economic Times. Daily Mail. Business Standard. Business News Daily. Glamour. Marie Claire. and Science Daily .

Professor Kathryn Anderson and 2017 Vanderbilt Economics graduate Kai Hong ‘s paper “Do Selective High Schools Improve Student Achievement? Effects of Exam Schools in China .” China Economic Review 40 (September 2016) 121-134. Doi: 10.1016/j.chieco.2016.06.002.

Professors Andrew Daughety and Jennifer Reinganum ‘s paper, “Settlement and Trial ,” was published in The Oxford Handbook of Law and Economics (Oxford University Press, 2017). The handbook is edited by Francesco Parisi.

Professor Joni Hersch provides a synthesis of the legal and economic consequences of workplace sexual harassment in her 2015 IZA World of Labor article, “Sexual Harassment in the Workplace .” Her research on this topic is frequently cited in the media including The Guardian , Huffington Post. and CBS News.

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Human Resources – Payroll Services #human #resources, #payroll #services, #university #of #north #dakota, #und,


Human Resources

Welcome to the University of North Dakota Human Resources Home Page. Each member of the faculty and staff play an important role, directly or indirectly, in the education of students and the reputation of the University.

The Human Resources department is a strategic partner with the University’s leadership and its employees, supporting its mission with the design, development and delivery of innovative programs and services. Core services and competencies include recruitment and staffing, employee relations, employee development, compensation and benefits, HR information management and regulatory compliance.

New Forms

Please check our website for new and most recent forms that are available.

HRMS Newsletter



Submit A Question

Do you have a Human Resources or Payroll question you need an answer for? Just ask us!

We Want Your Feedback

We appreciate any input or suggestions on how we can make this site more useable and informative.

Claim an NDUS Account

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Password Reset Instructions

Twamley Hall 313
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

Payroll Services
Tel: 701.777.4226
Fax: 701.777.4721

Twamley Hall 312
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

Learning Development
Tel: 701.777.0762

Twamley Hall 213
264 Centennial Drive Stop 7127

Grand Forks, ND 58202-7127

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Human Resource Mangement #graduate #certificate #in #human #resource #management


Human Resource Management Programs

The ability to effectively manage human resources is critical to the success of any organization. HR professionals must possess the broad-based knowledge and specific competencies necessary to align human resource functions with organizational goals. Stony Brook University’s Human Resource Management program is designed to provide the academic preparation required for professionals to enter the field or advance their careers.

The curriculum integrates theory and practice within the dynamic context of human resource administration. Students may choose from a wide selection of courses — in subjects such as organizational development, benefits and compensation and employment law — in combination with foundational courses in business, HR management, and employee relations.

Career Prospects
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for human resources personnel has not been dimmed by the shrinking economy. Jobs for human resource managers are expected to grow 13 percent through 2022.

Flexible Scheduling — Online and On-campus
To accommodate the needs of working adults, SPD schedules courses online with some courses offered on-campus in the evenings. Students combine online and on-campus courses, or they can earn their degree or advanced graduate certificate completely online. The Human Resource Management programs have been approved by the New York State Education Department for both in-person and online delivery.

» Find out more about online learning at the School of Professional Development.

Academic Excellence
The HRM program fully aligns with the Society for Human Resource Management’s educational standards, which are designed to advance the professional practice of human resource management.

Stony Brook University, a member of the Association of American Universities. has ranked in the top 100 public universities by U.S. News and World Report and the top 100 best values in public colleges by Kiplinger. The University is accredited through the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. In addition, the HRM degree and certificate programs are fully approved by the New York State Education Department for online delivery.

2321 Computer Science Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4434

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