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The High Yield Bond Market Has Never Been This Decoupled From Reality #small #business

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The High Yield Bond Market Has Never Been This Decoupled From Reality

Recovery rates in 2016 are extremely low.. for high-yield bonds, the recovery rate YTD is 10.3% (10.5% senior secured and 0.5% senior subordinate), which is well below the 25-year annual average of 41.4%. Final recovery rates in 2015 for high-yield bonds were 25.2%, compared with recoveries of 48.1%, 52.7%, 53.2%, 48.6%, and 41.0% in full-years 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010, respectively. Notably, average recoveries for Energy and Metals/Mining bonds were 18.3% and 20.0%, respectively, which weighed down overall high-yield recovery rates. Excluding the troubled commodity sectors, high-yield recoveries were a more respectable 46.1% (32.1% Ex-Energy only ). As for loans, recovery rates for first-lien loans thus far in 2016 are 24.5%, compared with their 18-year annual average of 67.2%. Final 2015 1st lien recoveries were 48.2%, while average recoveries for Energy and Metals/Mining 1st lien loans were 44.1% and 38.4%, respectively.

The record collapse in recovery rates is shown below.

It is not just JPM who points out what we first noticed in January: in an interview with Goldman s Allison Nathan, credit guru Edward Altman reiterates that same warning, although he focuses on the 2015 recovery rate which already is more than two times higher than that seen in 2016 defaults:

Allison Nathan: What is your view on recovery rates?

Edward Altman: Our approach to recovery rates is not centered on sectors. What we ve looked at carefully over 25 years is the correlation between default rates and recovery rates. As you would expect, when the former rise to high or above-average levels, you always observe the latter dropping to below-average levels. This strong inverse relationship is as much a function of supply and demand as it is of company fundamentals. So if we are expecting a higher default rate in 2016 and even 2017, then we would expect a lower recovery rate. Already in 2015, the recovery rate dropped dramatically relative to 2014 even though the default rate was below average; we saw a 33-34% recovery rate versus the historical average of 45%, measured as the price just after default. This is primarily due to the heavy concentration of energy companies whose recovery rates depend on their ability to liquidate their assets at reasonable prices, which in turn depends on the price of oil. Low oil prices have pushed recovery rates in the energy sector below 25% and even into the single digits for some companies. And that s going to continue. So this year I expect recovery rates much below average, producing a double-whammy of high default rates and low recovery rates for credit investors.

Since then recovery rates have dropped even further. BUT high-yield bond prices have surged on the back of ECB, BOE buying and the knock-on effects of $200 billion per month of experimentation by the world s central-planners.

Simply put, the revelation of a default event exposes the vast gap between real asset values (upon liquidation or bankruptcy) and the artificially supported prices seen in bond markets .

In the 30 year life of the so-called junk bond market, the chasm between reality and central-planner-created markets has never been wider.

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Term deposit account #term #deposit,high #rate,fixed #rate,interest #rate,savings,yorkshire #bank


Term deposit account

Making your savings grow

Decide how long you’d like to save – from three months to five years – then once your term deposit is opened, sit back and watch your money earn a guaranteed rate. Our term deposit account is ideal if you want to put away a lump sum – as long as you don’t want to make any withdrawals or additional deposits.

  • Guaranteed interest rates – up to 2.08% Gross*/2.00% AER +. This rate is available on the 5 year Term Deposit – Interest Capitalised at Maturity account.
  • Minimum deposit of £2,000 – Maximum deposit of £5,000,000.
  • Withdrawals or early closure are not permitted during the fixed term.
  • See interest rates tab for terms available, interest rates and how this is paid to you. Our summary box is a recap of our key product information
Withdrawals are not permitted

Please note withdrawals or early closure of the term deposit are not permitted under any circumstances during the fixed term except in the event of the death of the Account Holder (or one of them if joint account). See term deposit terms and conditions (PDF, opens in new window) clause 2.3 for further information, if there is anything that you don’t understand please contact us for clarification.

*Gross rate interest is the interest payable without taking account of any tax payable. From 6th April 2016 we no longer deduct tax from the interest earned on your savings, following the introduction of a Personal Savings Allowance. If you earn interest over your Personal Savings Allowance you will be required to pay any tax due yourself directly to HM Revenue and Customs. If you would like to read more about your Personal Savings Allowance, please visit the Government website www.gov.uk.

+ AER. Annual Equivalent Rate illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

For new Term Deposits – The rate in force on the day your Term Deposit is opened will be the rate applied to your new account for the fixed term.

For existing Term Deposits that are due to mature – The rate in force on the day your Term Deposit is reinvested will be the rate applied to your account for the fixed term. For more information on your options please refer to the letter sent out 35 days prior to your maturity date.

Interest capitalised and paid at maturity – interest will be credited to the account on the maturity date.

Apply in Branch

A Yorkshire Bank current or savings account must remain open in order for the monthly or annual interest to be paid in to.

The terms and rates offered for Term Deposits are constantly reviewed. As a result the length of the terms offered may vary.

*Gross rate interest is the interest payable without taking account of any tax payable. From 6th April 2016 we will no longer deduct tax from the interest earned on your savings, following the introduction of a Personal Savings Allowance. If you earn interest over your Personal Savings Allowance you will be required to pay any tax due yourself directly to HM Revenue and Customs. If you would like to read more about your Personal Savings Allowance, please visit the Government website www.gov.uk .

+ AER. Annual Equivalent Rate illustrates what the interest rate would be if interest was paid and compounded once each year.

How to apply

Use the online application process to complete and print an application form and fill it out with exception of the 3, 6 and 60 month term deposit. Send on to the following address – no postcode required – but please note that it is important to ensure the FREEPOST address is written on one line as:


Along with your application, you should send a cheque for the amount of your deposit. The cheque must be written from an account in the applicant’s name and made payable to the person named on the application form. For joint applications, you can send a separate cheque for each applicant if you wish.

When we receive your signed application, we will process it as quickly as possible.

  • After your cheque has cleared, we will open your account
  • Within 14 working days we will send you a certificate and covering letter confirming your new term deposit details
Apply by phone

Call 0800 587 5000 (Monday to Friday 8.00am – 8.00pm, Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm, Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm)

Apply at a branch

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Nashville Personal Injury Lawyer – Tennessee Accident Attorney – The Higgins Law Firm #free


A powerful legal force on your side Free legal consultation pay nothing unless your case is won millions recovered Click to Call

A powerful legal force on your side Free legal consultation pay nothing unless your case is won millions recovered Click to Call

From the greeting at the front office and then the great representation of the law staff, I felt at ease from the beginning. Free legal consultation pay nothing unless your case is won millions recovered Click to Call

A powerful legal force on your side Free legal consultation pay nothing unless your case is won millions recovered Click to Call

Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers

The Higgins Law Firm fights relentlessly for the justice their clients deserve, no matter how complex the case or how high the stakes.

Are you looking for the right Nashville personal injury lawyer? Whether you have a case involving an auto accident. nursing home abuse. workplace injury, drug company that did you harm or the lack of adequate security against crime, the law offices of The Higgins Firm have the staff, legal resources, and experience to take on even the most serious of cases anywhere in Tennessee or throughout the country. Let the Higgins Law Firm’s national reputation and decades of experience work for you.

The Higgins Firm was established by Jim Higgins

Mr. Higgins began his career in Nashville representing insurance companies and large corporations in serious injury cases. This included defense of serious car accident lawsuits. catastrophic personal injury cases, workers compensation cases, trucking accidents and wrongful death claims. Now Mr. Higgins and his only firm represent victims in serious injury and employment law cases. To best serve our clients, the firm is broken down into specific litigation divisions that focus on particular types of cases.

These teams include lawyers and staff that focus on nursing home neglect claims. medical malpractice claims, workers compensation, automobile accidents, product liability, probate law and employment law cases. By having a legal team that focuses on particular areas of the law, the client can be better served and given every possible advantage when presenting their claim in court.

In addition to a focused legal team, The Higgins Firm has the resources and experience to pursue complicated and high stakes litigation. Over the years, The Higgins Firm has created relationships with experts all over the country in a variety of different fields.

These experts include vocational disability experts, physicians, defective product experts, construction site experts, economists and animation experts for trial. In order to obtain the maximum results for their clients, it is often necessary to assemble an extensive team of lawyers, staff and experts. This team approach allows a comprehensive, focused strategy as we work together throughout the case in order to present to the judge or jury a true picture of our client’s losses and the defendant’s wrongful acts.

The Higgins Firm has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for their clients. In recognition of the firm s success, Jim Higgins is a member of the Million Dollar Advocate forum and The National Top 100 Trial Lawyers. We limit our cases to those with significant damages because we want the courts and insurance companies to know that if our firm is involved in a case then the matter needs to be taken seriously. We believe by earning a reputation as a law firm that handles only catastrophic cases all of our clients will benefit and be taken more seriously.

Most of our clients have never hired a lawyer before they retain our firm and they are not the kind of people that take filing a lawsuit lightly. As such, our Nashville personal injury lawyers understand that it is important that our firm maintain the respect of everyone in the legal community. We realize that our representation is important to our clients and we do not take the trust they have placed in us for granted. As such, we do not take frivolous cases in hopes of a quick settlement.

A large portion of our cases come from other lawyers and former clients. We believe this is a reflection of the results we have obtained over the years. If you are a lawyer and have a case that is outside your practice field, please feel free to contact us to see how The Higgins Firm can help you and your client.

Judge Bill Higgins Public Service Scholarship

The Higgins Firm is proud to announce the creation of the Judge Bill Higgins Public Service Scholarship for a student who possesses aninterest in public service. To learn more about the requirements or how to apply, visit our scholarship page here.

  • I’ve used lots of local attorneys. Mr. Higgins was quite different, his attention to detail and prompt follow up clearly showed me that all of his clients are important, big and small! Not to mention he won my case. G. Chad Baker – Client
  • Mr. Higgins really knew his stuff, and He was always quick to handle any of my concerns. If your seeking fast acting knowledgeable representation look no further. Call The Higgins Firm today!
  • Jim made a unsure situation comfortable. He always returned calls, answered all questions no matter how dumb. It turned out, the last half to be an enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend Jim to all I know. Nancy P – Client
  • What Makes a Great Nursing Home and How to Find It Eventually, many of us will spend time living in a nursing home. This does not need to be a negative or stressful transition. Instead, it can be a

Johnson Johnson Ordered to Pay Millions in Damages from Talc-Powder Trial AGAIN.

A jury in St. Louis just delivered the largest verdict against Johnson Johnson in the talcum powder trials. There have been around 2,400

  • What Happens If Your In An Accident With A Self Driving Car? The futuristic dream of self driving cars could be a reality sooner than many people realize. In fact self driving cars already exist. Companies like
  • 200 Prosperity Place

    Knoxville. TN 37923

    Phone: 865.297.5411 Toll Free: 800.705.2121

    We serve the following localities: Davidson County including Nashville; Shelbyville; Tullahoma; Hamilton County including Chattanooga; Knox County including Knoxville; Madison County including Jackson; Maury County including Columbia and Spring Hill; Montgomery County including Clarksville; Putman County including Cookeville; Robertson County including Springfield; Rutherford County including Murfreesboro and Smyrna; Crossville; Sumner County including Gallatin and Hendersonville; Williamson County including Franklin; and Wilson County including Lebanon.

    Chattanooga Personal Injury Lawyer The Higgins Firm website – Car Accidents, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice and Workers’ Compensation

    Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer The Higgins Firm website – Workers’ Compensation, Nursing Home Abuse, Medical Malpractice & Car Accidents

    Nashville Estate Lawyer The Higgins Firm website – Wills, Power of Attorney, Probate of Estate, and Conservatorships

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    Storage server, high storage dedicated server, cloud hosting services #cloud #storage #server, #server #storage


    Storage Server

    Storing and managing useful information correctly is essential for the behind-the-scenes attainment of the goals of a company. That is why a growing number of both small and big businesses have an increasing need for secure, powerful, and affordable storage server space for keeping their useful information.

    Fortunately, at Alnitech we are committed to providing competent web server and storage solutions to assist our customers access the right tools that suit their needs.

    We provide an extensive range of state-of-the-art data storage solutions tailored to fit your application requirements, budget, and performance thresholds.

    Our storage server plans

    At Alnitech, we offer dedicated servers for rent. And, the servers can also be used as dedicated storage servers. These cloud storage servers could solve the storage problems of businesses, especially when bought together with our reliable backup service. For example, a rather big customer could purchase few servers as web servers and one as storage server for backups. Furthermore, since we offer storage servers in different locations, it would be an ideal offsite replicated backup solution.

    Depending on your specific requirements, we can offer a dedicated storage server plan that sufficiently meets your storage solutions needs. For example, one of the most popular options is the Dedicated I plan, which can be slightly modified to fit your storage server needs.

    The Dedicated I plan is normally shipped with the following default features: SUPERMICRO E3-1230 v2/v3 8GB with 1TB HDD. However, it could be configured to have 4x4TB HDDs, which gives 16TB of raw data storage or 8TB of mirrored (RAID 10) data storage, or to have 4x512GB SSD, which gives very fast 1TB storage solutions.

    Why choose Alnitech’s data storage solutions

    At Alnitech, we are committed to our customers’ success. Using only the latest enterprise-grade hardware, we accelerate their data and storage servers needs to generate results that increase their bottom line. Importantly, we ensure that the data of our customers is kept safe and secure. We frequently monitor our storage server infrastructure and replace faulty drives and disjointed processes before they cause any damage.

  • Excellent service and support

    We have a team of well-trained and committed experts who are passionate about all-things excellent. Your storage server issues will be handled quickly and professionally 24/7. Therefore, you can forget about your storage servers worries and focus on the things that really matter for the realization of your business dreams.

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

    At Alnitech, we have built our business around providing quality and unmatched hosting services to customers. Specifically, our impeccable storage solutions offer high availability with peak performance at all times for your web hosting needs. We have invested in end-to-end network redundancy to prevent data loss from taking place. Furthermore, our sophisticated load balanced storage server clusters guarantee minimal downtime of our servers. So, you can rest assured that optimal performance will be achieved, 24/7/365.

  • Customized storage solutions

    An Alnitech expert can assist establish the best dedicated data storage solution that resonates well with your needs and preferences. We’ll set up a data storage hosting solution suitably customized to your budget and storage management requirements.

    Furthermore, we can assist customers build clusters on top of our storage infrastructure. We offer private 1Gbps interconnect between our servers that would allow connecting multiple storage servers into reliable networks by means of network protocols (iSCSI, Red Hat Global File System, Microsoft Cluster Shared Volumes, Oracle Cluster File System).

    Buy our storage server solutions

    Do you want to get the best resources for your storage servers to meet your present and future needs? Do you want to maximize the value of your business by preserving your digital assets in a secure and affordable storage solutions environment? Do you want to boost your projects with high storage dedicated server solutions?

    If any of the above captures your needs, then you are in the right place. At Alnitech, our storage dedicated server solutions are designed with the needs of our customers in mind. So, you can rely on our quality storage servers to unlock your potential and move forward much faster.

    Today, buy one of our data storage servers solutions and you will be amazed with their consistent and reliable performance. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity!

    Why choose Alnitech?

    1. Staff
    We always know how to solve problems of varying complexity.

    2. Data Center
    We always trust the reliability of our datacenter.

    3. Solutions
    We always offer a solution that reflects your needs.

    4. Innovations
    We always follow new technologies and develop new solutions.

    5. Honest pricing
    We always show the breakdown of final charges before you pay and provide complete product description.

    6. Customer-orientation
    We always work with you to find ideal custom solutions.

    7. Optimism
    We always believe in success of our customers

    8. Friendly communication
    We always communicate with a smile.

    9. Openness
    We always give you all the facts.

    10. Partnership
    We always treat our clients as partners.

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  • High risk merchant services #high #risk #merchant #services


    Forging a Successful Partnership
    with Mastercard

    Learn How Mastercard Enables Commerce and Helps Protect the Interests of All Participants in the Payment System

    At Mastercard, we are focused on enabling the equitable and secure functioning of our state-of-the-art payment system. Our rules and compliance programs are designed to drive business growth for issuers, acquirers, merchants and others while promoting reliable, safe and secure commerce for all network participants. To keep our constituents informed, we have developed an e-learning platform which makes it easy and convenient to learn about our rules, other standards, dispute resolution process, and compliance programs. All modules on this page may be viewed free of charge.

    Rules other Standards

    In today’s fast-paced world of global commerce, Mastercard’s rules provide direction for business and operational imperatives to all participants in our payment network. Our rules and other standards are based on principles that enable rapid evolution of global commerce, while protecting the integrity of the network and the brand for all stakeholders. This module explains what the rules and other standards are, why we have them, and the principles that they support.

    Customer Compliance Programs

    Mastercard is committed to preserving the integrity of the payment system and that of its brand and its customers’ brands. To that end, we work proactively and collaboratively with customers to grow business while minimizing risk. Mastercard’s global Compliance Programs, which are the subject of the following modules, help to achieve this goal.

    Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) – addresses illegal and brand damaging activity

    Excessive Chargeback Program (ECP) – monitors monthly merchant chargeback-to-transaction ratios

    Global Merchant Audit Program (GMAP) – identifies merchants that exceed Mastercard-established fraud-to-sales ratios

    Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants (MATCH) – provides acquirers the ability to review certain merchant risk information before entering into a merchant agreement

    System to Avoid Fraud Effectively (SAFE) Compliance – ensures issuers are timely and appropriately reporting fraud data

    Questionable Merchant Audit Program (QMAP) – investigates merchants that may be engaging in collusive or otherwise fraudulent activity

    Issuer Monitoring Program (IMP) – evaluates fraud, authorization and chargeback metrics to identify issuers that may not be adequately monitoring their portfolios for risk


    DCC is a service provided by Acquirers and their Merchants which offers the Cardholder the option of paying in their domestic billing currency when making an overseas transaction. This requires transparency – ensuring that all relevant information is available to the Cardholder at the point of sale to allow them to make an informed decision on whether to accept or decline the DCC offer. Please note that while DCC is not a service that we provide, we have a devised set of rules and regulations for any Provider, Acquirer, or Merchant offering DCC, combined with a Compliance Program aimed to monitor adherence.

    DCC – eLearning module – Overview of the Enhanced DCC Compliance Program

    DCC – Compliance guide – Guide to help your organization to be compliant with Mastercard DCC rules.

    Mastercard places great importance on the accuracy and integrity of transaction data that flows across its network. The Data Integrity Program monitors transaction details to ensure accurate and clean data. These efforts inform authorization decisions, reduce exception processing and improve cardholder service capabilities. This module presents an overview of the Data Integrity program and the benefits it brings to the network.

    Dispute Resolution Management

    Mastercard processes billions of transactions across its network every year in a manner that is safe, secure and efficient for all participants. A very small percentage of these transactions are the subject of dispute and require resolution via the Mastercard Dispute Resolution Management process. Mastercard has published a Chargeback Guide which articulates a set of standards that our customers can use as a framework for their operations. This module presents a high-level overview of the chargeback process at Mastercard.

    The Merchant’s Guide to Chargebacks: Top 10 Things Merchants Should Do

    It is important for merchants, large and small, to understand their chargeback rights. The following module articulates ten helpful ways merchants can minimize risk of chargebacks and best position themselves to respond to a chargeback request.

    Partnering with a Merchant Service Provider: Things Merchants Should Consider

    Selecting a Merchant Service Provider can be a challenging decision as there are many factors to consider. This module outlines proactive steps merchants can take to help them select the right service provider for their needs.

    Payment Facilitator Program

    Mastercard created the Payment Facilitator model as an optional Acquiring model which allows a Payment Facilitator to accept Mastercard and/or Maestro transactions on behalf of multiple small merchants called sub-merchants. The model is a cost effective way to offer Mastercard card acceptance to merchants with very low transaction frequency and/or volume.

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    Leap Payments #high #risk #merchant #services


    Simply Better Credit Card Processing

    Providing customers and clients with a convenient way to make credit card and debit card payments without being charged a fortune for every transaction is a challenge faced by retailers and restaurants. Let us show you a better way to handle your credit card payment processing. Learn more

    For professional service organizations such as Doctors, Lawyers, Consultants we can help you simplify your merchant services. Our credit card processing solutions allow you to accept payments in the way that your customers prefer. Learn More

    If you re an eCommerce company, it s critical that you are able to accept credit cards online without having to incur outrageous additional costs. Leap Payments can get you set up with a solution to accept online credit card payments for goods and services that is easy for your customers and affordable for you. Learn More

    When it comes to setting up credit card processing for merchant services for personal service organizations such as beauty salons, wellness and fitness businesses of every size can access to the same rates and services formerly available only to larger companies. Learn More

    For businesses that spend most of their time performing services at their customer s location, such as contractors, technology consultants, repair and maintenance industries; we can provide you with wireless access to your merchant account credit cards, so you get guaranteed payment at the end of your job. Learn More

    Some business types are deemed risky by banks processing credit cards for a variety of reasons. We believe that your business deserves a chance to prove itself and process credit cards. Learn More

    Lifetime Rate Lock

    The best merchant processing companies believe that caring for customers means keeping costs down and never increasing your rates. We guarantee that the Leap Payments rates will not increase for the life of your account. No bait and switch, no teaser rates, just simple, honest pricing and the best merchant services. In addition, we offer Interchange plus pricing, because this is the most transparent way to process credit cards available.

    Customized Solutions

    When choosing a processing solution most business owners ask: who has the best credit card processing rates? While rates are a part of the right answer you need a partner who understands your unique needs and tops the comparison lists of credit card merchant services companies, so you know you’re working with the best. Based on real credit card processing companies reviews you’ll find Leap Payments A+ Better Business Bureau rating sets us apart from the competition.

    Unique Customer Service

    Many merchant credit card processors look at your business as a mere dollar sign to cash in on and they lose sight of honest customer service. The true value of a merchant services company is revealed in an instant when you search credit card processing reviews online. Unlike our competition we’ll know you by name, not by your account number. Our support is 100% US-based and available anytime you need us.

    Cashflow is crucial to business success and for our clients we ensure that you won’t be waiting to get paid for your credit card processing. With Leap Payments you can rely on receiving your deposits promptly in order to keep your business running smoothly. Our clients attest that services like next day funding is why Leap Payments is one of the best rated credit card merchant services companies.

    Need help understanding your monthly statement?

    In addition to our commitment in being the best merchant account provider for your business, we offer fully integrated and customized solutions. We’ll explain the true costs of accepting credit and debit cards. Our experts will review your statement and show you how much you can save. Providing small business owners just like you with the personal service that you deserve is what has distinguished us from so many generic, less visionary credit card merchant processing services.

    Our merchants’ credit card processing reviews say it all!

    Wine Country Farm B ]”

    Spanish Valley Vineyards
    “As the owner of Spanish Valley Vineyards, a small family owned and operated farm winery, I m used to being treated as unimportant by the big businesses that I deal with, but my Leap Payments Rep [ ]”

    Trium Wines
    “We are on our third credit card processor and Leap is like a breath of fresh air! I recently received an email that said we were non PCI compliant and gave my Leap rep a [ ]”

    Contact us now at 800-993-6300 or complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you. We know that there are lots of credit card processing companies, but one call to us and you’ll be telling your friends about Leap Payments.

    © 2017 Leap Payments, Inc.
    Leap Payments is a registered MSP/ISO of Elavon, US Bank N.A.
    as well as Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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    Alternatives to Iron Fortified Rice Cereal, baby foods high in iron.#Baby #foods #high #in


    Alternatives to Iron Fortified Rice Cereal

    Baby foods high in iron

    For many babies, iron-fortified rice cereal is the first introduction to solid foods. One big reason for this is that iron-fortified cereal helps reduce the chances of iron deficiency, since iron stores start to become depleted about the same time a baby begins to eat solid foods. However, there are plenty of other options to consider that can ease your baby s way into solids without risking an iron deficiency. Speak with your baby s pediatrician to determine the best foods for your child s needs.

    Breast Milk and Formula

    If your baby is formula fed and still gets 24 to 36 ounces of iron-fortified formula a day, he should not need any extra iron in his diet, so you can start him on any age-appropriate solid foods you like. Likewise, breast milk contains enough iron to sustain an exclusively breastfed baby, so if your child is still primarily breastfed, he may be getting sufficient iron from your milk. As you increase the level of solids and decrease the amount of breast milk or formula, you will have to add other iron-rich foods to your infant s diet.

    Meat and Eggs

    Some parents start a baby directly onto whole or pureed foods, skipping the baby cereal entirely. Meat and poultry are excellent sources of iron and can be pureed to suit a toothless baby s feeding ability. Egg yolks are another good iron source, and they are easy to mash with a fork when hard boiled.

    Vegetables and Fruits

    Plenty of vegetables and fruits have iron and are suitable for babies. Mashed sweet potato is a high-iron vegetable that is frequently served as a first baby food. Broccoli, spinach, kale and asparagus also contain iron and can be cooked and pureed along with a small amount of rice. Dried fruits aren t usually safe for a baby when served whole because they are a choking hazard, but you can puree stewed prunes or apricots with brown rice and a small amount of blackstrap molasses for a homemade baby food with plenty of iron. If your baby s primary iron consumption comes from fruits and vegetables, make sure to also include foods high in vitamin C in her diet because vitamin C helps the body better absorb plant-based iron.


    Iron supplements are another option for babies who can t get enough iron, but they are rarely necessary in full-term, healthy infants. Giving a child an iron supplement when he doesn t need one can increase iron levels to a dangerous level, so give iron supplements only if your baby s doctor has prescribed them.

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    High Risk Processor #high #risk #processing


    Connect with us


    • Home
    • About Us
    • Online Application
    • FAQ s
    • Affiliate
    • Ach Processing
    • Employment
    • Check Recovery
    • Blog
    • Contact

    Welcome to High Risk Credit Card Processing

    Looking for a High Risk Merchant Account? You ve come to the right place. We are your one stop shop for high risk merchant services. We work directly with over 25 banks and have been in business since 1995.High Risk Processor provides high risk merchant services to ALL types of businesses including mail order, telephone order, MOTO, adult toys DVDs, adult membership sites, adult content sales, direct marketing, infomercials, dating website sites, online dating sites, travel companies, telecommunications companies, timeshare companies, Viagra / herbal supplements sales, subscription services, membership services, membership clubs, tickets, airline tickets, MLM, multi-level marketing companies, bail bonds, pawn shops, water filtration systems, high volume merchant accounts, high ticket merchant accounts, international merchant accounts, bad credit merchant account, credit repair, credit collections, electronic cigarettes, massage parlors, financial planning or consulting, real estate seminars, stock trading seminars, check cashing companies, rare coin sales, detective service companies, electronic book sales, digital download merchants, outbound telemarketing, inbound telesales, penny auction websites, sport forecasting or consulting websites, weight loss centers, anti-aging clinics, firearm sales, gun sales, hair restoration medical clinics, jewelry sales, recurring billing merchant accounts, continuity business sales, free trial sales, companies facing high chargebacks, companies that are on TMF also known as Terminated Match File or Match List and all types of ecommerce industries. If we haven t listed your company or industry, don t worry most likely we ll be able to approve it. We have a 99% approval rate.

    High Risk Processor can help with your High Risk Merchant Account needs.

    High Risk Processor represents over 25+ different processing sources to include US based banks, Domestic Banks, Offshore Banks, Third Party Processors, ACH Processors, and Check Processors. Whether you are looking for one merchant account or multiple merchant accounts, we are certain that we can accommodate ALL your processing needs. Regardless of business type or volume, we ll get your account approved quickly and keep it running smoothly without any volume caps. Let our staff of processing industry veterans find the solution that s right for you.

    Contact us

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    High-yield Money Market, high yield money market mutual funds.#High #yield #money #market #mutual #funds


    High-yield Money Market

    High yield money market mutual funds

    High yield money market mutual funds

    Choosing the Best High Yield Money Market

    High yield money market presents investors with greater opportunities to earn high profits at lesser risk. Yet, newcomers to the financial market can easily get confused with terms and will often mistake between the high yield money market account and the high yield market fund.

    One type of investment instrument in the high yield money market is the money market mutual fund. These are offered to investors who seek for low risk investments but also want a high return. It is a fund where several debt investments are pooled together while allowing liquidity on the investments. Investors can easily withdraw the funds any time. Providers of money market funds must maintain the net asset value or NAV to $1 per share. A money market fund that has an NAV under $1 is called “breaking the buck” which is rare. In the last 20 years, there are only 2 instances when the market has failed to meet the $1 NAV – in 1994 and in 2008.

    On the other hand, high yield money market account is a savings account that is liquid and earns interest but with limited withdrawal and check-writing capabilities. A minimum deposit is usually required to open such account. The rate offered in this account is variable, meaning the rates fluctuate over time. Aside from banks, credit unions also offer high yielding money market accounts. And with that, investors should check that the banks they applied an account from are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and that the credit unions are insured by the National Credit Union Association (NCUA).

    In choosing a high yield money market fund and account, the investor should consider the fees and expenses involved. Expenses should have a lower impact on the funds and must not exceed the interest earned. Monthly fees and other relevant expenses may hurt the fund and could produce a negative net effect on the funds. Yields should also be considered which come into a form of the interest rate. These rates reflect the probable earnings that would be returned to the investor for a certain period of time. The higher the rate of the account, the higher return can be expected.

    Shopping for high yield money market accounts are best done online. With the growth of many online banks, it is easy to find financial institutions offering these investment tools. Also, the establishment of comparison sites allows investors to find financial institutions offering the best deals. These sites researches and collects data from the banks to compile large databases of bank information. These pieces of information are organized and put together to create a comparison chart with filtering capabilities. Investors searching for the best high yielding money market funds or accounts can easily find what they are looking for through these sites. Other than this, several tools are also available in websites like this that will aid the investors in determining their risk and their probable returns. Such tools include calculator tools and tutorials. Through these sites, investors can choose from a wide range of financial institutions, as well as a number of accounts available.

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